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Vol. 14 

August 28, 1980 


May 7, 1981 


Hints to dispel those first week jitters 

Nm that higH seliiMi l« out o{ 
the way. most peiwlc an raady 
tn teglii. tlwtr ciMlege cvrwr 
Bui «M iDMH Ukm* Utile 
deiall* ttmt tmm m trivial yei 
so nagging the ftnt («w dayi at 
icIiooF Like wherf ti tlif 
Hbrai^T llM! cateleria" (Itt 
MWUMltngMiitcr'' which park- 
ing Mi ate tlwlefti and whtcti 
are tacult j ' 

MMt o( tliMC have tlmplt 
ancMra aiiil dctalM' tntom*- 
ttan ean bt oMaliMii to a 
nuintwr ot places <iii rampui 
The mawi mlormation booth is 
Idcaleil in the foyer ot Bldg A 
where general qw«tioti.« can be- 
aiawered H there is a spet-ilk- 
qUMttun cwcenWiig wurse*. It 
la iMil to ciMiMll a cMuaietor nr 

a niMn'bef nf Ihectapartment 

Mere are • tew helpful hint* 
that can make those tlrsi tew 
itavs of college a bit easier 

Where li the lllirary' The 
lihrary. complete with lull lime 
reltrance lltiranan and plenty 
f( nmtrvt malertal. is on the 
•Mnnd floor alBldgF Current 
magailne* and itewtpaper 
mlcroftluis are avaUoble for 
ftudent use Any student with 
u ictivily card 'may check out 
Itbrmry materials lor a 1-week 

Where are the €«wifcllng 
centers located' In an eltort to 
more elfectlvely lerve 
sludenta. counseling service* 
are offered from thn* Student 
OcvelofiiiieBt Centers l<M~ali>d 
tn Bldgt h. D and I Each 

center is lUrM wltli (o«ir or 
five ownaekirs and matntalni 
tnlortnattan on occupations and 
generil college selection for 
une by all ituaenti Up-to-date 
transfer information is also 

The Bldg A cluater lervea 
Ktudentt involved in the Com- 
nunkatlons. Humanities aw) 
Fine Art* Division, Physical 
Education. Athletics and 
Kecreation Division and the 
Special Service* Division, 

The Bldg counseling 
rlwter will lie responsible lor 
Technology-. Mathematics and 
Physical Science and the Life 
Science and Human Service* 

Business and Social Science 
will be housed in Bldg I 

Career Program* are located 
m the following buildings: 

Faahton design and interior 


Child Development Dental 
Hygiene. Eleclronir 
Technology. Horticulture, Xur 
sing, Architectural 
Technology. Operating Room 
Technician, criminal Justice. 
Dietetic Technician, Fire 
Science Technology, 
Mechanical Engineering, Park 
and Grounds Operation 
Management and Rcfrlgera 
HOB and Air Conditioning 

Accounting Aidie, Banking 
Finance and Credit, Food Ser- 
vice Management, Legal 

Secretary. Marketing Mid- 
Management. Medical Office 
Awistanl. Supervisory and Ad- 
ministrative Management, 
Data Processing Technology. 
Eiecutive Secretarial Devetaj)- 
menl. Journalism, Legal 
Technology. Material Manage- 
ment and Real Estate 

Where is the cafeteria? The 
cafeteria is located on the first 
fhxjr of Bldg. A, It opens at 7:M 
am and serves complete 
breakfasts The menu includes 
eggs, pancakes, trench toast 
and the old favorites, 
doughnuts and sweet rolls. 

The cafeteria is open 
throughout the day and serves 
hot lunches and dinners. 
■ f'teusfiumlnpage:^- 


William Rainey Harper College 

Vol HNo, 1 

August ?« 1980 

open to 
public soon 

Hawer"! 'he*' recteatwnal 
lacll.l!IH will be «en for public 
we hcglMng Sept. n The 
(acSStos. lM«;at»d in Bldg M. 
will he open to the communtiy 
at vanous times durlnil the 
week and every Saturday after- 
noon Hour* for the facility are 
as follows 

Tuesdaylam t*»am .S 15 
p.m. to lO': IS p m . Thursday 7 
am to f a.m. 5 15 to in 15 
p.m.: Friday 7am to » a m . 5 
pm to 10 pm . Saturday I 
p^m 104 pm 

Tm«»«y»;»pm toiopm , 
1liiiiid«y7:»p.m to IB p.m.. 
rrtday 7 n to id p m : Satur 
daytpm to4pm 

Registrstidn Still 0|>ea 

Counselors will still be av.ailahie lo offer assistance W selectUig 
courses and arrwigmg schedules today ami Friday t..J«t«" rfgistra- 
tlon continues in the Bldg A lounge until 3;.» rndiiy alienioon 
Although tmtH nmttB will not be known till neil week, there was ..i 
marked incre«ieifi enroll.m.eiit this semester i Photos by Uri Lynr, 

Tu««day J pm to « pm.: 
Hfednesdaj 7 am to 9 a m , 
ThiuTidayipm to«pm Fri- 
day Tarn loSa.m Saturday l 
pm to4pm 

"tlMday T:» p.m. to »« p..lll-.. 
7:M to ■»:» Joggtiif only; 
Thursday 7 38 p m lo 10 p m 
Friday 7 30 pm to IB pm . 
Saturday 1pm. to 4 p. m 

The tactlltle* will be cbMMl 
on the toiooiiig Mm: Nov T, 
Nov ». Urn, IT. Nwv .30 and 
'Dec. S, 

Instill tin 

IV«:"«»ideiil wel«im«« 
paff 2 

Senate elrrikms 

P* V 3 

P<Kil opening 

page 4 

Membership open in 
special activities group 

Homework and studying are 
only part of college life 
Whether tastes run from 
astrology lo political science, 
chances are there is a cluh on 
campus to me»-i individual 
needs ("urrenlly there are B 
jciiM- clubs on campus. 
Several ca.reer areas have 
started clubs in addition to the 
religious and special interest 
groups available to students. 

Special Interest clubs on 
campus include the Astonomy 
Club, Circle K 'it service 
organization!, the C 1 A D 
Club ■ an organiiatlon aimed at 
deaf students' EngiiKwrlng 
Club. f;«>lo0 Club. Interna- 
llonal Students. Phi Theta Kap- 
pa ' a scholastic honor s<x:iety i . 
Political Science Club, the 
Spread Eagle Ski Club and the 
Video Production Club 

Religious groups currently 
open to students are the Bahai 
Club. Catholic Campus 
Mlnistery. and Seekers 

Career areas that have 
started clubs include the 
Association of Legal Students. 
Data Processmg Management. 
Food Service Executives. 

Future Secretaries Aaaocla- 
tion. Harper's Baiaar Club 
(fashion design). J AD HA 
(Dental Hygiene Association >. 
Operating Room Technicians 
Club, Phi Theta Epsilon ilaw 
enforcement). Sophomore 
Nurses Club. Students Organli- 
ed for Child Care and the Stu- 
dent Nurses Association of Il- 

Membership In the Hart>- 
inger and WHCM the campus 
radio station, studio theater 
and the speech team is also 
<3pen to all students 

Each club on campus has at 
least one faculty advisor For 
more information on any of 
these activities contact the Stu- 
dent Activllies Office, Bldg 
A.taS.est 241 

aacquetball and Swimming 
classes are now available In the 
Physical Education Center 
Registration for these clause* 
will be possible through August 

Open Recreation times for 
use of physical education 
faculties will be posted In M 
Building beginning September 



Harbinger revises style, redefines policy 

Times, they are a changing" And in order to ketp "P 
«ttli ihe ehanuina trends, constant revisions are 
MMWiry. ThM tlw Harblnier deemed ll nec«ii*ry lo 

I • •eimiplMt overt"* and tum and a K'h««llt_«< ;#••<;; 


rt Hit (luallly of tlit 

•ill remain fair and aCGwalo. 
Mewt dirtctJy conewmni *• 
It cotiinii»lty 

Iprtority Club 

news and 


la ttm "U|Meoiii'iiig 

VaiMtit (acets of student life 
will be hl|iai|>it«d to th* 
(aaiure icctMii of IHt Harb- 
liiair CuiiiiiiM deallag «<ll> 
■Mite and penonality outlines 
•I vttmm lac'Ulty members 
ctn .ilM be inuiMl in iWi leC" 

Onct again «iuat atlenllan 
«ttl lie glvan to Imtb men'* and 

_^ ,Tj^ inorla. Wll«lt*ef 

Intramural uilorma- 

iitg sporting itMtl will 
Bwn marc timwrtnilly. tlie 

pafit Hate lieen »e«rT»Bt*» to 
lNi«r Hit tilt twie ol tnlortna- 
tton edewd In a typical a-pagf 
i»ue, page 1. I and I will be 
devoted lo newi feature 
itorlet TW* *►!! otfer readers 
a variety of iniomathm per- 
taining to general Uudant life 
and cover campus bappcnlng* 

■Upcoming- ilstlngi wttl tie 
featured on apge * with page 5 
being devoted to claiwHled 
advertising and general 
nones Edllortali win be given 
space on nap Mhe "ronim" 
ptgc. -VJiMMilnta." a wtclion 
dtfiM In Mtcrs to Uie editor 
and gMwral opinion will lie 

And. laM but III no way loasH. 

iporti can be lonnd on page » 

/knottier new leitur* ot the 
Harbinger is *« From ttie 
desk of -Miliimn 'found on 
llie editorial page t This will be 
•mien on a rotating basis by 
James MdJrath. Harper presi- 
dent. Don Stanabury. vice- 
president 0* student adtirs; 
Karen Keres. faculty senate 
pretideni and Jolin MalHowsltl. 
iludent trustee Topics covered 
m the column will pertain t<i the 
general campus community 
New viewpoints and perspec- 
tive* will be offered by those 
partilcpating In the coluan. 

Letters to the editor are 
welcome and will he run as long 
as thej are signed The Harb- 
inger will accept no unsigned 
letters names will be publiaJi- 
ed with each letter 

Ideas, •beiber from studtnts 
or faculty member*, for 
sinne*, pictures or overall im- 
of the Harbinger 

Wllh the cnoperatlon of the 
students, (acuity and start ot 

nupm College, the Harbinger 

can eontame lo be the high 
quality newipaper mat it is. 

Wendy M-Winkelhalie 

President welcomes 
all to Harper College 

From the 
desk of. . . 

School days 

tt'a that Une of yw agata^ 

llMriay on tJie 

James McGrath 

Harper parking lot policies set 

tm MMiBLA stroianovk: 
Bidwtilng parWiig regiila- 
'tinai' it gmnfl lo mean more 
ttan luil a mttt wartttng to 
violalnn this (all. according to 
Kevin King, public salely chief 
Thrte major 'pvlitag no-no's, 
vt emmn to diM Kevin King 
and campus securlly, are per- 
ions parking In the 
handicapped medical lot*. 
wWMMt permits to * so ; pant- 
Ma . In UK lanes, (ana* villi a 
yellow «urbi. ami Mudeats 

pmrklng in the Jaculty-statf lots 
OmerAy. m warning will be 
given tor these three major 
violations VWatw* will Be 

Issued a ticket lor five dollars, 
payable to the Villap ol 

In the past years there has 
brcn trouble wllh faculty -stair 
tots staff and faculty 

m«m.bert get upset when 
stndMilt part in their i«s and 

put MSMin on atudent*. Tbere 
are (H itodBBt parting Ws on 

campus wmth iMves students 
no reason I* use a fanilty staff 

Drivers are also urged to obey 
speed limits, put parliing 
illelers on the inside of their 
back window*, and park in a 
lined space » no angle parking i 

■■During the lirsl iw two 
weeks ot school we will have 
eitra personnel out to help 
students.* added King, -but all 
iJiey rrolly n««d lo do it read 
the signs :' 

The beginning ol a (all 
imncilcr at Harper College Is 
alwaysan exciting time Retur 
nliig faculty and students ej 
change information about sum 
mer activities Sew students, 
faculty and »la(( are welcomed 
to the Harper College com- 

The l«» «i year at Harper is 
off to a fine start Full time 
mjuivalenl ifTEi enrollment 
al the end of open registration 
is nine percent greater than at 
the same time last year Klnal 
llgures. ot fiHin*. will not be 
available until the end o( late 
registration on August » 

The Physical Education. 
Athletics and Recreation (acili- 
1 V Kuilding M > l« finally ready 
lor lull occupancy this fall in 
eluding the long-awaited swim 
mmg ptiol and racqurtball 
courts Buildings I and J. the 
other new buildings on campUE, 
arc fully scheduled for buslnoaa 
and diUd care 'courses.. 

My tlnctie IkmUs go to all 
who were Invotecd in (all 
regwratlon Regiatralioo o( a 
larje number o( sludents «•• 
pos.-sibie only because of the 
olanninK. patience and (lex- 
ibility of Harper College staH 
and students 

Several administrative 
changes have occurred during 
Uie summer Former Director 
of Admission.s and Regialrar 
Donn Slansbury has been nam- 
ed Vice President ot student Af 
(airs Dr Charles Harrington, 
(ormerly Associate Dean of the 
Business and Social Science 
Division, to now Dean ol In- 
slrurttoo Prolessor Larry S 
King will serve as Acting 
Associate Dean o( the Dtvlsion 
Martm J Ryan, or the English 
Department, was appointeo 
AsaKlale Dean ol the Com 
munications. Humanities, and 
Fine Arts Division 

During the summer. 
As.s(Kiale Professor Kenneth 
Jaut* of clet ironies technology 
received a Fulbright 
Fellowship He has taken a one 

year leave or absence and It 
now In Taegu. Korea where be 
will teach at Kyungtook Na- 


Wllh the beginning ol the 
semester, many students will 
be seeking ways to get the most 
out ol the college year, bolh 
academically and in camptis 

Support services designed to 
help students succeed In their 
academic programs are 
available with the opening of 
classes These include tutoring 
services, learning skills 
laboratories, and remedial ol 
ferlngs Both new and return 
ing students can find these ser 
vices beneficial 

A full schedule of college ac 
tivitles IS available to student* 
at Harper Many recreational. 
melt), and career interest 
eWho are active on camptw 
Students work on a weekly 
newspaper, at the campus 
radio slatkMi, and m produc- 
tions of the Studio Theatre 
griiup The Program Board and 
Cultural Arts Committee work 
to bring programs, films and 
concerts to the Harper campus 
Both intercnileglate and in- 
tramural athletics are 
available to men and women 
The .•several choral and in- 
strumental groups o( the music 
dqiartment are open to non- 
music majors as well as the 
students enrolled in the music 

This semester can be a busy 
and productive one (or 
everyone at Harper My t>est 
wMlies to all students, (acuity. 
and staff members returning to 
or beginning their experience 
at Harper College 


WlUlam Ralney Harper CoUege 
Al^nqulnli Roa^leRoads 


Man KiOl KirmlilUiH 

Nora Nwlun, Hikr Simlna 

Nancy KaralMbnii, lUnn JoOnoti 
OoRifliy Plnvano 

. r ami nn»i »« 
mm *U Jiiailw iin'|ii'il»i'H «r» awo I 
gl Uw vrttar aa« aal Mcasurtly Itaat I 
«( 'Ike 

■r 'iHiNa kMbr. 

■ rrtda|aad| 

_, . _ . N» 

br pitMtitt nar'turtlnr iti 

liirauUMicallwr-awxiii Moorw 

TM MrWntW' *WM »- 1«M- >'•■• * 


' ree handbooks SMMt \tiWWf Catcn- 

.,rs ad MlKteUl MllBllll«*i 

e avaflalilt lr« »t rtarg* In 

,.:• StlMlMIt A«llV,ttM«» OtUet. 
BIdf, M». TlirBi«»mii Uw 
(MriW. CDMUll tlw iMiilaltai 
aw*, and fii* «Mkly V^- 
1 Evcn(.i Calciidar for 
It tntormatldii 

»enate elections 

SliMlem SeiMUf electtons will 

«• Md Sept IS aim IS tnm » 

L m to i p m In the BWg A 

mmm wKl tram 1 p n>. tn t 

) m. no tJie fWJ Hmor at Bld« 

interettied Miidcntt mitst 

complete a (teetaration »( c«»- 

JiitfKir avalMIe in the Studtnt 

IlKtlniltc* Office. Bldg MM. 

IrompMt* fmnm miiat he lurn- 

j studcm Sanm te Imoiiifld 

l«it]i UH alhicailiig ol MiidHt 
^ctMly lit (undt. afiDtwIilg 
cii* aintf|jMiliati«n cHatten. 
iiimiiipiiiiiiiiiit ftudents lor 
toUti* eomuitltees and 
,1-CTlwrtat and wcommendtni 
|c)>ai«Hi in Urn coUene pollcte* 

which af(i^-t student We. The 

lint Student Senate niMtliig U 


Stiidentt who qualify lor a 
degree or certiticate for tlie fall 
IW iti«e«ter mmt peUtlon for 
iraduatliin by mldiem. Oct 
n Graduatloo petttUJiwi can be 
obtained in the regiitrar-i ol 
tice, Bid| Al» 


Cljeerleading citnict will he 
heid Sept 3 and 4 from 4 to « 
pm InBldg AI« Tryoutswill 
beheld Sept 5 at the same lora 
tnm Interested student* ihould 
aitend the (irH clinic lor mm 

Speech leam 

Is i»- 

■pMCli lea* 

tervM: li pmm •*«» *' ..^ 
lalk The team h lii»nl»td wtth 
loreniirt (alter dinner ii»eak 
inc. story telling, oratory, loi 

promptu and sale* speaUng. 
dramatic interpretation, etc ) 
Interested rtudents should con 
tact Tom McGrath leam ad 
vitor. at eil 184. MS or 287 or in 

Plilt tickets 

putt theater tickets are 
available in the Student Ac 
tivities Office. Bldg A3». The 
tickets are available at M 
apiece and may be used at any 
putt theatiw Tickets an good 
(or sm months. Limit of four 
per student activity card 

WHCM radio 

WHCM, the campus radio 
ilalton. Is looking (or interested 
people to serve on Ibe news, air 
•nd music stalls Any in- 
terested students should con- 
tati Sieve Pryor or Jeiry 
OoMilein. BIdg AXtl. eiit «« 

Ice cream social 

The Program Board will 
sponsor an Ice Ci*am Social 
•nd Mini-Concert. Wedneaday. 

Sept 3atll Mam IntheBldg 
A loinge The annual event 
leatures ice cream sundaes tor 
to cents with free cntertaln- 
menl provided by Chicago 
lolkslnger. Lolse DlmlcelU 

Peer Counselors 

The l«»-«l Peer Counselor* 
have begun their annual fall 
membership drive Peer 
cnuHMton are students who 
aiiict other students with quet- 
tkHis and problems students 
may encounter al Harper Peer 
Counielors work primarily in 
IDe Peer Counseling Center, 
but they also spend time in the 
three counseling centers on 
campus in buildings A. D. and 
1 They participate In various 
activltiei ttironghout the school 
year One ol the nioct satisfying 
activltiei In vm was the serv- 

ing of coHm and hot diooolale 

during finals week 

Peer Counselors have a train- 
ing p«(rlod consisting n( two 
evenings and one Saturday 
They niect weekly and are ex- 
pected to commit at least 10 
hours a week to the program 
Students who become Peer 
Counselors may be paid (or 
their time or they may earn up 
to three hours of credit Any 
student who enjoys being with 
people. IS seeking a way to be 
helpful, and wants to have a 
great time while he or she gets 
to know Harper should pick up 
an application (or Peer 
Counseling at AM7 (A Building 
Counseling Centeri Frances 
Branllev, Peer Counselor spco- 
sor, extension «3. may be con- 
tacted i( you have questiona. 
Applications should be relum- 
ed by Sept. U. IWM to AM7, 
directed to Frances Brantley 

Tips for success in 
those first 'frosh' days 

iCMdnued from page I ' 
Snacks are avaUable all day. 

Which are students parking 
lots? Of the 13 parking lots on 
campus. 10 are set aside lor 
student use Lots are 
designated as either student, 
faculty, medical or visitors 
lots Anyone parking In the 
wrong lot will be ticketed by the 
J»uhlic Saletv Oeparlment The 
lots, on all .sides ol the campus. 
provide approsimatel) *.7» 




rrtaai. Supt S wnk HawHd aad 

ht '*»■■ at i p.a- In BMf JM.. Can par- 

. I Willi daaUi. GantaB^r* ■•■""• *"• *■** 

tnolB eourtaay of PaniDMBit PMUM. ) 

When can students receive 
help if the cars wont start •■ The 
Public Salety Department will 
lend Jumper cables to students 
However, Ihr student must (ind 
another car to jump the dead" 
ear There is no charge lor the 
service but students must leave 
their drivers license with office 
personnel when cables are 
checked out 

Is there a doctor avaUable tm 
campus-" A physician Is 
available every morning in the 
Health Service Office. Bldg 
AM2. Those wishing to see the 
phvslcian may do so on a walk- 
in basis In addition, the Health 
Service provides free throat 
cultures and pregnancy. 
vweral dlaeaie. tuberculosis, 
■MM ipot laMa are available 
The oWloe Is 0|»en from 815 
am to l«p m. Monday Ihrouglt 

Thurtday and from t.ts to 4:10 
p m Friday Aspirin and ban- 
dages are also avaUable More 
information may he otttahwd 
by calling the office at ext 2M 
or MO 

Need some help In a clan? 
Visit the tutoring center on the 
(Irsi (loor of Bldg F Students 
may receive help in almost any 
course from the personnel 
here For detailed informatlan 
on the service call ext .S39 

Wanted. . . 

Athletic team managers for 
all men'i! and women's sports. 
These volunteer positions can 
be obtained by contacting 
Athetic Director Roger 
Bechlold or Martha L Bolt at 
J9T3000 Ext. 484 or 4€6 Ex- 
perience Is not necessary 

Student workers to act as 
supervisors for the Gym- 
nasium, pool, weight room and 
racquetball courts in Bldg. M 
Apply immediately, in person. 
to Wally Reynolds m Bldg M 
222 Early morning, aftemooo. 
evening and weekend hours are 
available. For more informa- 
tion can »7-lI«», «!, » or ««7. 

■OOM f0« 'W ■' 'jmrnarptiVM Vm 

.1** arw C«u M C ft«lw«*tth'. W WA 

DoCiialni'lMurt: t« ">. W 
iBcwu nwwr *•>« «>•»»."■" ••' 1" * 



Howard lohnson 


• Evening lioars 

• Full and part time 

• General restanrant work 

CaU fur [■tenleif: 297-9618 

Earn $5,000 

Harbinger Business 
Manager Needed 

MmsM swans smii 

«, TlwHarMntar. AafMl'Mt I 


Reynolds is back - was he ever gone? 

Valiy R«yi«>tds is hack Not 
tlwl hi was evur gwir. mind 
you Bii« from rumors that 

abouiMled wct Jh» pas* sum 
mrr, am might hivr thimght 

the (;<»<>r of Intramurals 
and varsity basrtMli fOiifh had 
to«*n (ir«d Irom tolh ,fH>sl* Nnt 

i »'ii»n't ttred." said 
R«yo»lit» --rm fired u|» tills 
ftmt liut I wasn't lirwl "" 

Th«p ramews were spumO to 
wtaffi th* Board »( Tru»lt«i 
siKitdown a praimMl to mthc 
the pwl lime cwrdlnatw post 
a tull"ttnw occupalimi It W'list 
ttM rumwed t!»a« Reynolds 
•wild Mit return a» v.iit<4it> 
liasehalt wach hccausf he 
didn't get a full-time post 
Agam. notw 

■■What happened *a» thai the 
Board (liti m>t ha've the money 
t<i create the Ml lime poni 
t«m, ' ■ «td A»l Athletic DireC' 
lor John (jeleh 

Reynold* hours »» t,l liave 
(wen' rt(lu€fd from SVtours a 
wtvk he put in last year to HJ- 
hours a wt-eli Thai a I>«»aus«' 
the I'nidget, while slightly 
larger than tt was last year, 
(lues mil melud*- a la.fW* f rant 
that II did Its) year 

"There *a». soi'm* moncv lefi 
iwer lasl; year," fxplairifil 

Reynolds, '■and the Board gave 
it 'to the Athletic l')epl to IM-Rtn 

an lntram.ural pniKrain. " 
As CI , Reynolds joh has been 

made easier l>y the completion 
ol the M huildttiK pruject i^lso 
to Rryrwlds" advantage, is the 
year ol ei,penence t>ehm<l ttim 

■■■We tried to tune last year as 
an input year," tm »atd ■'We 
kiMiw lite pitlalls nl whedulmR 
aiMt kMW better how to use the 

O'ltenlimes last year, liaskel- 
hall wou,ld conflict with Indwir 
("M''"*- "■"•"■ hoi-kc) , and bad- 
minton during CIpen IJ) m Thai 
won't happen this year 

■We've sel aside time lor 
each activity m Mie framework 
of Open (iyiTi. ' ' said Reynolds 

With the opening o( the swiiii' 
mint P"-"* and racqueWiall 
courts. Reynolds will 'ikiw tx' 
able to offer ii full complemeni 
of activities to Ihe Harper com 

The one settiack h«»<-vi'r 
w-ill he the cutbacks in r.inam/ 
ed event* Many of the lour 
na,raent» spnnsinretl t>y the i,:*l 
last year,, such as the flag- 
tmtltail louToamenl, the floor 
hoc^key league, and billiards 
louniev , ni,n h.svc to iw scrap 
pedtxvaiiM-iii me;rl cul 




ficilit* schedule tor Harper College Students, faculty and Staff (1.0, required) 

f ItST 8 WEEKS BI6MS SEPT. 8, TO OCT. 17 (Ni»te: Pool mm S«pt. 2) 



Friday 12 1 p m 

T'uesdiy. Thursday, 

fridjy 7.30pm-8:30p.m. 

Saturday 1 p.m. -2:30 p.m. 

I2 1p.m 

121* 730 10 p.m. 
WetSnesday 12 I p m 
Thursday 12147 30 10 pm 
fdday 12 3*7 10 pm 
Siturtay 14ptn 
SiMitnini Pool 
SitH 2-Octl7 

Motiday 12pm 2pm 

Tuesday 12pm .}»m 4 5pm fepm 

Wednesday 7 a m 9 a m 

Thursday 12 p.rtt7 p.m. 4 5 pm ■£ pm. 

fiiday 7a.m. 9a.m. 4 12pm 2p.m. 

Saturday 1 p m 4 p m 

Ratouelbal! Harpei faculty. Staff and Students may sign up on a first come first serired t)»srs for use of| 
the racqi.-ptball courts at a reduced rate ot $5 at the following times: 

Tuesday imt Thursday 1 1 a.m. 1 p.m Sifn up will tiefin at 10:4S •.m. 

Friday 1 2 pm 3 p.m Siin up will befin at 1 1 :45 a.m. 

Mso. b) paying a $10 fee. Harper faculty, staff and students «rill Imetlie rifht to telephone lefisttr fo4 
courtl. Call m times will tie Monday 6 9 p m for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: Thursdir 6-9| 
for ftidif. Saturday and Monday 397 3000, x 467. for Hirper Personnel and Community use. Courts m 
•MillMt al the foilowinf day and times beginning on Sept. IS: 

TiMlaf and Thursday 7 a.m. 9 am and S IS tOlS. Friday 5 pm 10 p.m.; Saturday 1 p.m. 

Weight Roam 
Monday 2 p.m -4 p.m. 
Tuesday 2p.m.-4 p.m. 1 7 30-10 p.m 
Wednesday 2 p.m. 4 p.m 
Thursday 2 p.m -4 p.m. & 7:30-10 p.m 
Friday 12 p.m 3 p.m. A 7 p.m. 10 p.m. 
Satutday 14 pm 

Finally, an open 
pool .... sigh I 

mm a year ol detayi. 'the 
•wtmintiii poni Is finally, cum 
pletely. and unequtvtK-ally 
Itnldted W^ell. alm«t 

Tfce pool i»ai» to be the gem i»f 
the tS « million M huikltng pro 
)ect supposedly completed last 

Mike Bambach 

. . .on sports 

M Marly a month belure its 

. Mnwevrr. a teak wan 

Ml tlie pdol'i. ilrainap 

Th« Ai'hietit 'Pifiirtinftit 
reschMtiM Ih*: fNMl to apm by 

When January nilM amind. 
hovetwr. tlie 'M«ali w^s sifll a 
prabltm. So the AD postponed 
the pool's opening until tlie e«J 
ol April No such luck 

rinally in .line. Harper'* 
Hoard u( Truiie«. accepted a 
■mta 111 <of partial) eoni- 
pletlon from the contraelnr iflm 
was hired to h«tal the IMNi'* 
wound. N'ow. tarrloM w«1<l 
War ill. the pool wtUopM Sept. 
1 Sigh 

The pool Itself has become 
almost mystic No me is quite IM« or why tlie laak .ai>- 
peared In the draitiiitg .MMl 
I .Porict who ahdt M - wMo iM 

'TIM leak. «» illK«w<erKl 
whMi somnine m/ueM that the 
pmili ■mm liwimg alnoft 'three w- 
rtit*. of walrif per day It wa.» 
especied ihai 'maybe an inch of 
water W'lwld be Imt per day 
simply betauiw of evaport.*- 
tuiit Bill certaimy not three 

How m'iKh water was hMl 
w«tr»ll is not known (or sun 
eilhcf "1 know «t loat many 
ikauMadji ol .pIMna,." nMI 
Fred Inden. Hawter •( 
Recreation*! *M Alii'lctte 

Facdity. * but I don't know ex 

acUy how much " 

lie contractors were hdd 
iniynmfcte tor repairing the 

leat Iwcauiw the school didn't 
yet own the pool This present* 
an MerentlnR legality t mil 

the iMMrd accepts the cwntrac 
Ion nwrk, either in a stibstan 
till Moplelion or (tnal comple 

tkin, the school does not lei>all\ 
own the facility, Itavinf rejuir 
and repair coil* to lilt conlrac 

SfM if a leak should reap 

■paar within the .neit year, the 
Mintrarlors will be reiponsiiile 

■|0r rvpatr ami costs because of 
a one- year guarantee (or war 

ranty.if youwllli 

h\\ that remains now ia lor 
the to issue an acixp- 
tanee ol final compMlai on llie 
new "final touches'" left. Ttat 

So Me pool la tlaiitlied. 

"It*> h««n lime consuming," 
■aM 'DtMi Mlste. dtrevtor ol 
pUgrairai^lilani. "hut it's a coia- 
plM building And the more 
comitlei the bulldlnit. the more 
complex the protiiems ' 

Tliere were also probtens in 
the liandtiall courts, wbidi are 
due to open by mid 'September 
and a year late 

it seems that three of the^ 
court* befan iamtnating last 
laar ■One a( the ciMris wt* 
iamlBalinK fro.m its downcoat. 
and' the other t wo from the base^ 
coat- The contractors have 
since recoated th«f three courti 
and have assurett Mistc llut no 
lurtlier lamlnalion will occur 
If lliey should. Harper has a 
'(•••lear guarantee on all ill of 

Tht' 'boanl Is tipecM^ lo 
lane an acceptance of sul»tan 
Hal completion on tiie courts 
and the year long 
will finally be over 




Tlie iwtnuning pool (above 

belHa its r^Mlr iaat laU (below 

■ iwln clan laM Tucaday i 


_ . The pool wlU apan to tt 

latoTliid and wtU ilfiial the conaptaUoa of Ult«&.l 

.... ^^^.-.^L^ik -J. .-Ji.— ^ ^bLia^b. HwaBOMi BjMMk Tha VkitM 

nrvjeet turtad thraa yean ago. The poei a _, — 

«t 11 months becauae of » leak In the drain leal 
pool was loalaf aliBOBt SOO gaUont BO hour beeauae c 




Building V redesigned to house 
sculpture, and ceramic studios 

•nil .mill, ita^Miiall. imip.-.'- 
ciM' tmktnt nmg, I.' will, 
|MMn l» tic a itUnft an J 

Nrt t« .iHii, Hill tl mm 'U*M 
i» Muraie m Vm tunfciciwi! 
ma. ate as a p(i,j.^|,-;,,) (tdn-ji. 
1100 facvhfi.' ..i'.Tf': .;;nK tn 

MitJ»»l Brtmn, .,, >..n,!!r pf»- 

fBMiir or art atwl .(ie(»*uii«it 

Bnmn wttaiiigiiM tttf » 
ttrtiif III liw «.(■• aqum lirt 
cwwiilti *i. a iiiitiiD tor 
iciMptBiiSi. eisMHiiei aiiit rtrer 

"Ill tlwr iMtiMliii. pfucp,,*, 
both WiJliiim ftmm nwl Kwi 
tJatiflMjfn wartiMli wm mr ' hi. 

TlW' «<>¥*■ .(,.;,. I Bi,,},^ n,,,, 
iiiv'on usi, iBiji:-h tnorr ipatr 

» liui *t «M Have ■ prtimary 

' ' ' '.< -.1.11 

*«l4mi, WH) tiratiiig iMMUti*. 

♦*»nirti«», »iitall tasimn jiim) 
lailirn-»l,kni arp oHwttl tn wii- 

> ■•»* • •am-ln llama 

•■fa»r mini tor .iiwtiiit c[m 
$mtm» wlitt* m(ml to 1.,. knit 
miml Thcr.. h. .ilM a ttfmutr 
nwiii ...f ,■,,;> m|,l„j ,„^ 

MflTlH .>;.,! II.: 

"We h,r. ' •if,.) 

B'u(fai<iii[i(ifii,> M. 
Arts I rum tht' ;, 


I'V ft* Uii I, J, i ^ „,,. , ,,,, 
■'!>.:"■■■■. .iaita«ii«»ii»to*nut 
t I'm II iiimtaolltriog " 

' -' 'th a ««!wWn-(|;i 
uMit> tor idi'.r ' :!' 

ing and ■ -■:. 

t:»B t»r' IISKI !'.- ;; 

' "'-1 flB:».h ilftpli. ,■'■ . 


"Sfiwtol ;,iiti-i-;,,n. ••... 
gH«H:Hl»l- 'vi'.-l, „,r,i ,, 
Ot l'^#' ^ru.i«-r ,i 



Wltom Raifier Narftet College 

m 14 io 2 

MAWTENANCn; WHSmiNBL put the (MDilna 

5epteroi>B 4, im ■■?*. .'""! ' '■*«^'» ■»!<*• i' Th» buiwta, ., 

I f«llllll«l«l« lalHm^ Hr>.mh.. .-,■ * 

t nMM'Cnwlaqr'liI M«|Mr OHkift^ ■ 

Area comm. colleges gain from sliding 

*«• omiiKiinlly mOmts. 
tunm m9iitlmmt a itnr|i lit- 
mm» in. (all enniHiMnt dw lo 

UK l)«I»'IItMI1l. iD- 


I '«iii«ii»iiBclal» altrtMc tlM 
tiKifauB to the traitttlniial 

cnrOllliMii. pii.toni.: tn a tticif 
wtW) hi«tt 'wmiiliiyHaiit fitw 
and it sttiJIiif •cmMr. mltoit' 
e:n.rffl».roeMli (»m?»!Hjr tn,. 
emme. W.mpts. Kluin amt 
Oikliw Cttnimiiiiiiv Ciiiirie* 

atw MitatM4 iwreaw in sum 
niur DclNKii rejUMrattoti 

"•TH* fiiainier incrMsc was 
due In tin? umimy. Fall Ttme 
EquhateK tfTE* ««llm«t 
•a«ii|i«per»ml It *ai tiniil- 
tjf UMBt slMdB'Ms *te aw mosi 
aDMlnl by mmnpktf'ttmtt 
il»y tea tin* tar »c1hm»I. " hmi 
Jnhn LiMM, fl'ifvcliir til pljwo- 
lugwl runtjiri* 111 H.»rper , 

'TH** aa «wall iij- 
rrta*i'<iJ«.S|wrwfH tn Hamrri 
lint »w* at fall n-gisirattnii 
nils rwittltmj m m « ,i pi-nnt 


i',.5« »ti*<leBi,« had sigiwj lip intt. war Wir FTP uillv 

thenni»e,*,>f,ci,„,:i pereeni mcn«ase 

Haiiwr w.i more 

m-eiiuelhan.' . . ■ nirolt 
ment hokis up. .wectf ti),. (.-jj.; 

rnrollmetit reached ;«•» 7 

railwr iiMft tlit lasti' . > . 

ur>» rtjv o( 

ll.avni.(i JU.SI M-itir,) ,,;.[i,|„ (,[,,,:, 
rifu r..-. JM. .,.,„« i-a:mp«& awl a 
'"'•'■' ' "' thf \il«. 

'■''■' ■ 'fl litiildin 

S*<*ie. iJaklun f,|, 
11 pfrrcnl mere.:- 

mm' •■•■ !•-. ■ 

l.hi>i . 

lino m 


. .•.lit! 

.Ml » (.lerwnt 1.11-. 

Harper student attacked in lot 2 

l""i- ' ' 1 ■• .::. ,Mi.. '.-. 
ha^t 'Ml It', *:■)■. ..IS 1 *■' ;;■ - 

Itiapled ra|M.:' ■•! ..i .; > ■..■.n ,,j..| 
Hari>ei'«.«l«iii.,.i'r :....i ...,-,-k 

Tfce aciiMbni 1. •■- ,- i'..-,.i .a^ 
«har, oisiliiiiin III.. 11 1 :•..! .,f,„ni 
■ )«*r*.«i|<I.,, Bll.,1' Ki-i ,., .lijfjKr 
•llMlnrt Frulaji Biormn.| m 

r.iiiig tot 2,. aitjacmf !o Blrtg 
*tTor(|: li:i rrp. ■■ 
man held a knileoi) tr 

(TPijsc In atWtlUMi to (he 

wwmy. ofdcral.', al l.litliton 
•altrttiulf a hfaw ao (.'j)m.pai.iin 
JUmmnrint. the switch to |hi> 

mew v,,i..i| I,, f.:i,(,(Ms U) therr 

Oiie to its siMirp tncreasi. m 
wrollBK-nt Uarpf-r had to go 
i>f( rarrifius tu dwl spacp tti 
hou.!* all r<iiirM.s .4 s a result 
Hawlhonw kn-al.-d in 
W]M*:lmi!:i ar.<.i Barniiiiton and 
.%<*a«imtiuri5 Hi0i Schwls will 
«er hith eomwumg edut-atton 
and cr«.tlil c-oursis for Harpvr 

.Sldii- ,11(1 ,1- hased (III the 
"""""" ' ■•■■lenls enroll. 

•"•' "f " ■iHlcriis there 

'■' ■■ tl CM 

■'.h\ i>( 

i:I fi:*rct»<1 lipr 

■'I I'll. 1 11 ►•'" irithe 

, III.. 11..:- 11 .y,<l 

•'*-a.riiiii !he 
Uthough there 

• ■((. thenf 
■■ Ni the 

-■"-■•■ uin, II 1.11- mun K, A H;>rper 
rtudtnl or aiHMMe wltlj m> 
caiiipos cftrmerlliin*. "Tfwre i>. 

reman: • 

■There •... ■,.:!. 
of parkiiij: i i:,;. :;.,.; ,..,,, ,.,. ^ 
lifferenl it i-plfiv merit " nf 
patralmeri Weil be walfhwe 
ihe parking tot,s m.i>re rkiitrtv 
Dol ontj lor hiin but fiir the 
.Mtelv of studf'Ws ami larmij 
meintn-rs. " heiart 

Tht o¥|.rall plan tcir tncreas- 
*A |Miflilii|. tai fMitrol will mean 
a d«.-ri.a..M> m the ritmiNT «( 

1( the j»ji 
t; a ra p u s K 


I. 'i! 

tll.r ; 
In ( 


«npt«d rape V^ fi^mpt ,v.-urr-i , , «• *eeli m parkna lot '■ 

Z.; iT^"*' -"'•- ""1 viruha.en K* w« i,« *,« „., 
UHMiltcoiBrpdO'tlor teentiirt dodbiiwjeam 

I'lii'fit ()riitj.k-i 

Wh.j:i« Hiiey will iwt receiw 
«.ale Hid for ihis wmwirr until 
two years from mm. the rat 
l€W-, 1*1 retain the (uilinn eol- 
l«ieit at reKlslratum l.,ueai 
feels that even this amount *H( 
nnt l*ew»SlS to(»v the .kJ 
dttinnal pari \\nw larunv 
Hartwir *a» hrced l.i hire tn 
im** the ,n««ds nf students "II 
'*ill be a tJRhl hudg<>t tn kiwp 
''•■■' >'''i' 1 i!iM> aliened 

^iffi'iuKh Mad fiKures are 

■"■' i-'i"*n for Ihe [all. it is a. 

• ■' ' '■ ' 'h'" fli"' <harp«M m- 

■ ' '■■' ■■ ■•I'l' 1^1 ihe transter 

,<ni,.j pro. 


Best rape protection knowledge, common sense 

WMit Hmw cr* M ham aiut 
fast rales lo prevMt rape 
•<im«i stioulil Itmtwn h(iw lo 
miet t( ih<f rttualiiMi ever 
•niM. No amount o( wtf 
MMlM tftmmi w ■••UacM 
ipriyt"" will c^w rtpiact tiw 
■Rtttt filuable derensrs 
kiMwMgir AiKl citmimm tcnw 
Alitiaugh iif. licttm* are 
wwtuwi. rape i* a crime Uial 
tiMiuid He a cwwru of all: il i» 
not a crtine a|M>«« an tm- 
rtniifcal:. II IS a erime agaliwl 

Actwillni to llH! Palatiiir 
|>«llc« (Irparlraenl mntif 
mmwn ncupr rap* by talkinK 
Ihan by llglitinii Bv KOiiiB 
•long with ttie aMallaat. potsj- 
Me vict'iim can buy tlim until 
iniy tfan Tract $aWy THIS ap- 
pmcn' inv'utves nothing W li>- 
maw penonat danger or 
make U» »iiu»t«Mi wor»e li is 
rMMniiMtmtwt that wonwi talk 
tn iMftr mamma. iBln Mi 
trast. mtm 'OmM' '*>>■• *"'* 
the (mt «ifffMiiiMy «ar' Mcaiic. 
An Mhwiate M liito' apDriMicli 
It UMt. tt tt Ms. tlMf« h »litl a 

Ont wieliidtartallwi is to try 
lawtlag Anotlwr is to tun« the 
IWMl and induce vwnlting t>]i 
itiekMf OK IwcllliRcr dwwil. 

Ift .ionie caacs. 
> or tngtiten olf 
owever. It ccwid 
alHCMMt httn to become mwe 
vialMl m m4tr to irttanc* the 
victla. If ilMmntUiaiiGreMii- 


H How 

tag iBiv help experH reftiin- 
mend "that women wreaiii 
'Fire" as the unparallekil 
means of att raci inB attent ion 

HowevTir, il i» not m«n- 
m«^Ktn» that mnmtti physieally 
rwiul. IHf IS t«> ln»porl..ant 
tHWt talil bmk It instmct 
stiotiW (or«f rwistini; Ttw 
woman muit try lo physicatly 
hurt tier issalltn* The groin is 
a ptrWfUlarl]* vutneraWe aira 
A Otep goucr to the corner ol 
tJie «ye or a sharp push w ith the 
he«l ol the hand to the mm are 
niher atternatrtei B<il,h re- 
()uire coufWigf^ and skill. If vit^ 
I im» gel the chanre lo ili»at»le 
theosKallanI rwn' 

Thert are a number o( oll»r 
ways o» prateellng onesell and 
e*«ryone should Iks awanr ot 
their potsiMe merits, as well as 

Straglitnf - It may Mare him 
of( but it could also work 
against the victim lntmw> 
flruggllni may wtar the victim 
out 11 may also make the 
aMallant more angry or sei 
ually arouse him which will 
deHMt Uie entire purpiise 11 
victims know their attacker is 
alone m not carrying weapons. 
stnifMUng inlgM make sense 
Tilt KBl danffcr m this type o» 
aetttMi It that once a victim has 
itarttd $tr««|»mg, they are 
committed Tliey should ask 
themselves it ihey are willing 
to tight hard enough to stop him 
and If they can really hurt 
someone else 

ir U It someone's natural 

reaction to light, they shouW 

make sure they know how Sign 
up lor a sell^fcnie or martial 
arts class and get tolulty In- 

Wea|Mi» - Sl«l oJ the »o- 
cajlett weaiHuis cameiJ by 
women are kept in the purse •■ 
the Hnl thing they will drop if 
someone gratis Ihem. Even il ii 
victim manages to grab a 
(timb. keys, or knlle (rom the 
purse, ctiances are n will t» 
taken awav and used against 
them The best weapon against 
any assailant is to think quickly 
and clearly 

Rimnlng - This ooulil work 
hut il could also go awry One 
should run onlv il they are sure 
they can grt to safety without 
hemg stop|x*(l t>y ttie assailant. 
Since II IS virtually tmijossv 
ble to Identity a rapist, it is Im 
portant to learn how to 
r e c g n i I e potentially 
dangerous situations and how 
to prt>t«t oneself 

Survey the tiuTCNiwIiiig* 
At home - this is the place 
where the grtaiest control over 
safety can be exercisett The 
loUowlng can be used as a 
guide to home prolectlon 

• Keep the doors and win- 
dows secure at all times, even 
If leaving for only a few 

• Install an interxiewer or 
peephole In the door 

• Install single cylinder deaH- 
bolt locks, or if there is glass in 
the door or a window nearby, a 
double cyllmler deadbolt 

• Let anyone at the dtwr (hmk 

mat there is a man present 
i Jt IS allnght. Jim lean 


• Demand identillcation 
from any strangers at tfte door 
Dun I let a stranger in the 
house to make a phone call 
make the call yourself 

• ilon't give out personal in 
lormaiicin over the phone or W 
anyone calling know you are 
alone Hang up on obscene 
phone calls immediately 

• II living alone, use only ui" 
itials rather than firal names 
on the mailboR or in the pjione 

• l>rill and pin ail sliding 
doors and windows 

In the car 

» Always keep the doors lock- 
ed and w indows rolled up 

. If thert is reason to suspect 
that someone is following or 
trying lo run the car off the 
road do something lo attract al- 
ien! ion As long as the car is 
operable, keep the motor run- 
ning and stay in it. Do not, 
under any clrtumstance. go 
home Drive to a fire station, 
police station, restaurant or 
anywhere there are people lo 

lo parking lota 

• Park chise to the building 
and in a well-lit area Always 
lock the car 

• Have the keys ready when 
returning to the car 

• If there Is a breakdown in 
an unfamiliar area, slay in the 
car and keep the doors locked. 

McGratb: from faculty dean to college president 

James McGrath. President 
of Harper College since IVm 
wnt previously an accounting 

latdicr and adminiitrator at 
tlie City l!niversily of New 

McGrath graduated Iram 
b>fig Island f niverslly with ■ 
Masters Degree m accounlmg 

Karin Johnson 

teschet feature 

He started teachiiiK 
York Clly fommunit; 
then taught at the Ciij > nurt 
sityofXew York 

He began leaching in 135" 
"because I .iHdn'l like the 
teachen in cotleic, I ihmugtil I 
could make acttiuMing easier 
from what I'd setn. BducatHn 
dotsn'l have lo >»>ri I t>':inint 
10 ibarc' Ito' 

WtllJ •!»» StWlf.. ■■■ •'■' 


•1 think out ttt the most itn 
portant thing* to iki is leach lo 
be a part of someane eluc' s suc- 
cess I have tremendous 
re»pe<i: lor what goetom in "».• 
clawroum' " 

And lo prove Ihat. Mdirath 
look a class liere, thi» summer 
He look Intiwluclinn l«> Art 
with Ben twlliis li gave me a 
Itti lor w'hai wix>s on in Eht 
itlaaaroom. and I got to know 
lit (Miiliints It also opi'm:"! uf 
a wilntle lie* worlit tor me < ■« <m 
log trom an accounting 
backgrouiut ' 

McGrath left Xew York with 
t change in mind H* sent his 
■resume' to ttorptr ('olltge iiur 
ing then \»lU:m*l se-ifch lor a 
PwsidenI and be t%A ilw )«ib, 

'I (ett I sliituld look tor a 
prestdeiicy." he »atd ■"t 
«tarl:e«l teachiB« at 4 comniuni' 
ty college ami h.ivc jilwa) •> lik 
ml Ihrm I was a«r»vl«t n» U 

ttnois by the general at 
mosphene of the Midwest, the 
()uality of life, the attitudes of 

the people especially ihe 

Td like to slay here Therei 
a lot to be done and I like 
Harper very much There's 
nothing Id rather be or do than 
w»rk with faculty and students 
1 enjoy being associated with a 
conmMitv college better ttian 
a four year college because the 
(acuity ts interested in working 
with and teaching 
uwiertradiiale* They want lo 
be an influence on what the 
students want lo or could 
twcome " MctiralhsaMt 

In his free time. President 
McGrain IS involved m Harper 

by John Donne and W B Veals, 
and traveling 

I gel excited reading poetry 
and especially reading history 
Shelby Foote did a study ol the 
Civil War which makes the war 
read like a novel, he said 

McOraths favorite place 
that he's visited is Jerusalem 

1 went there in November of 
\m I was inviled by the City 
and State I'mverslty of New 
Y'ork We spent thre«! weeks in 
Israel usiiing universtiies, 1 
like .lerosalem because of Ihe 
spirii ol the people and Ihe land 

o{ contrast In terms of the 
modem and the ancient" He 
alio like Yugoslavia "nie 
Adriatic Sea is just beautiful, 
the pure rugged beauty of Ihe 
coasl Of course. I like London. 
Oiford and Stratford, too " 

But if he could visil anyplace 
in the world, it would be a 
return lo Jerusalem "Id vlsll 
all the Christian and Moslem 
Shrines (here and get the feel- 
ing of the history in that coun- 
try, he said 

His goal m life is 'to lie a 
»{«k1 president at Harper " 

When someone comes by, roll 
the windows down far enough 
to ask Ihem to call the police 

• Try to let someone know 
wlien you will be reluming 
Irom the trip 

On the street 

• Trv lo let someone know the 
destination and when to expect 
you home 

• Tr|- not to walk alone, 
especially at night 

• Slick to familiar, well- 
traveled and well-lit streets 

• Walk away from buildings 
and hedges 

If an attack or rape occurs : 

• Do mM clean up. douche 
bath or change clothes This is 
important for collecting 

• Seek medical attention and 
be sure to receive tests for 
possihle venereal disease, 
pregnancy and the presence of 
semen as well as a pelvic ex- 

• If raped at home or In the 
car, try not to disturb the scene 
of the crime until the police 
have a chance to investigate. 

• Try to remember 
everything the rapist may have 

On campus 
There are emergency 
lelephooes located Id each o: 
the buildings Locate the 
phones in each building in case 
thev are needed Numbers of 
the' Public Safely Department 
and the Health Service are 
posted at each phone 

Building V. . . 

( I'onlmued from pagr 1 1 
"With a dust removal system I 
lor the whole studio area to 
maintain atmospheric quality 
and air cleaning equipment for { 
the welding and brazing area" 

Future plans Include com- 
pleting an outside area for I 
stone carving, wood carving | 
and raku firing ol ceramics i a | 
technique which gives special | 
effects with glazing and colora- 
tion), and starting a stage craft I 
class which would involve I 
designing and building sets for | 
school plays 

Total cost for remodeling and I 
e<)Ulpmenl ran to atwut tSa.UOO I 
according to Ms Elainel 
Stoermer. Director of College | 
RelatliHis at Harper 

BuiMint M Schcdult 

F»cilit» schedule ta Hatpei College Studenis Faculty and Stiff (10. letjuiied) 
fWST S WEEKS BEGINS SER 8. TO OCT 17 (Note: Pool opfnsS«pt. 2) 



activities "betwis* a lot *>i tile 
fm-ol'ves around cnllrge -*■ i»t 
■lie* fin w'hieh is enttrlairitn(! 
and cultural rm »upp<'r'i--'- ■'I 
He alw enjoys pl.»yi!u,' 
doubles in lenni- "■ 

reading Shaki-. 

I'M p.m 

12' I »7 JOlOp.m 
iVedneidJi 12 I f:m 
Ihuisdiy 12-1 i 7 30' 10 p. m 
ffid*, ' !2 3*l"10p,m 
Satw'da* 1 '4 o m 
Swimmini Pool 
Sept 2-Oct, 17 

ViL,! i.n ~" 

l,(i»',"' ■ 


Tti',ut»;j<ii 1 

iiftm ip.m. 

I ' ie*t 

1,; Li ='i. ; Mm.lSpw 'iiB'm 
turn Sam i'l2o,m'2pm 
1 (i.m. 4 'B m 

Indoor Track/loaini 


Friday 121pm 

luesdaj Thufsdat 

Ftidiy 7 30pm'8,30o.m 

Satwday lp.m2 30p,m. 

Wtiflit Room 

Monday 2pm '« p m 

iMHlay 2p,m 4 pm, 4 7 ,30-10 pm 

W'Sdnfrsday 2 p.m -I p m, 
Ttiurscla, 2p,m '4 o.m * 7'30-H)i- 
F'lid'. 'I 12pm,3p.m. i7p,m 'iu pn. 
Sail, -day H p,m 

H., ;. .,,-::->!;.' ", S'»H »'ia Sfydentima^viSituponafiiilMmi! Iifstseived 6asistoiuseot| 

r ,:.. ! 1" i.i,:':,::: ' 'V s i fM '.J ■: fi'iJ lUt ot IS it the tollO*mg fim'es.: 

Tuesdai and Thursday 1 1 ami p m Sign up *ill begin at 1045 a.m 

Friday 12 p m - 3 p.m. Sign up will begin at 11:45 a.m. 

Aim by piymg a $10 fee, Marpti faculty, staff and students will haw the right to telephone register toil 
courts Call m times *ill he Monday 6 9 p m tot Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday; Thursday 6 9 p.m.^ 
for httn. Saturday and Monday 397 3000. 1 467. 

For Hwpl» Personnel and Community use, Courts an awiltble at the tolkwmi day and times b«rnn- 

infMSnt. IS' 

•iMt Thuraday 1 am 9 am. and 5:15-10 IS. Frid»» 5 p.m.lO p.m.; Saturday I p.m 4 p.m. 


Facilities open to cotnmunity Sept 15 



Hit new Willtam KalMfy 

Mtrptr Moan, a iiniHwi to 

hdflnr Dr. Vllllaiii HMmv 
Hanarjlha mm wli»'» 


The H«iicr CaMait' tallica- 
lional FmiiMiatiMi ta taHta- 
lioa om aastsli Um ioafd' ol 
TnutMs tn mtiacitloiuil piir- 
|MM«!) made u|> >is mlml tn 
flllMl wttA 
ablilta (or twa 
riM. Harper College 
ntHka a pliic«> thai iiuiMiti 
couM idenltfy wlUi SeMtul. Dr 
Haivar, Mag Uw laUwr iX 
comiaaiNr chIImm and Itm 
preiMNt Hi Hm Irnlvtntljr of 
Chicago, was eniiiM in aonw 
rccogliltloit and nmpoci 

Tht «*«imt at tin; raan ts 

•tegaiit and formal Tlio walli 

arvdomrated «>u a port'rail o{ 

DrHaiMr aMtMOM' * m 
Mgma. Tlia ilH'iiUiiffo locl^Mlit 
two dMriii,. a caMM. aiat a «(• 
tm taMt furrMMM l)| .ita 
ctattf. «Mdl was pimliaiad fey 
iiM fmatmm «»» HW'UH* 
dixMad' % iM' claaa M tflir. 


cMi rnin Arlinfton HeiKhls 

MMiBt Pmiicct and Palatine i 
Tht Noppla iHfiile «)uesten 

wsRiMd the " ' ' 


dtag the pattern Med by the 
Marker family AIm In the 
cabinet ix a creamer and sugar 
let. aiang »il>i ume seafood 
lervInK plecet that belonged to 
Dr. Kaiiwr. These were sup. 
Ity a Harper family 

The mm noM •HI lie ined to 
welcotne guests eierul Ivies, m 
a reception area for leclurersi 

poets »nti musicians who come 
lo the college, and by Trustees 
and Fwundatton txrectori lor 
tttrnal or special occa»Mui* 

lip until no« sludenls haw 
had nottiiai penoul at Barrier 

to atawiate «ith A» Mni 
Elatnc Stoermer. director o( 
Mtlcge relations, points mit. 
"It's ha.rd lo identify with 
Building.^ ' 

Now. with the completion ol 
tht Wiliiaai ftalney Manwr 
Room. ■iMlMi* can letl aloair 
lo Dr. Nanicr and to tht iGiiool. 
SUk* Hm Nam doc* Mong lo 
Hatptr ttudcMi. any ilwtait 
intoraoioiA IB' aoatng tht mom. 

m DtHa (a tanmr CiMR'a 

.t and will be open lo 

May (ram ll..3»-l and 

oaMday. Sapt. i, li«n.Ma. 



open to 

r4f IMk iHmiitS 

Crossword Puzzle 

I Vitunc 

i EaaU 
T SupiMirt* 


l«. Hejwt 

IS Tower 

It Gr.tiiut«r 

IT Bdy'iiuum 

IS risk 

la Cclttti*! 

n row) 

Jl runtliun 
2*. PUttorm 

10. Tr*¥ttuia 





















■• ill 





iii I Bj 




*-. Tm 








m *t 













M Silhworm ^ 

II Cunmnc- 

It. SnwCh 31. Wipe 
1) Piilm't trutt Ji. Sound cit 
14 Butril iMighlrr 4t. Oarnian cUir 

II Alio* *t CmntiHiiiiialeM. Tbe:rr. 

}T Ocwnt 41. nmctur 4a. Noviee 

1 Ir'rm 

1 Htimtn 

4 Supv't* 

s rv«t«i 


1 Fi'ifn 


t. Miowmt 

la T)i»u(h 
II Crstly 
11 Colf-dub 
II Tourhwuxl 

10 Strike 

U GmtLaks 

14 r>ll 

15 Atmonlmc 
M. Netotiile 
It. Gleam 

90 Cnnniinc 
12. Poiture 
31 Lesve 
19 Hindrance! 
M Lencthy 
M Long biir 
10. Inhmliir 

40 lUIiM 

41 ArtKlr 
43. Bmiuvr 

41 Iftaawinf 


V*4*,T %flk« H€ FKKT Plftsnc ? 


^^ ||||^™y,„.||^ ^ ^^W j 



^IWg~ WTIIt IWiflOTOt tt 


or MORE 

• S€f your own hours 

• Learn salmble skills 

• Work with the 
tuslmss crnnmunlty 

Position open as 

Advertising Manager 

for the Harbinger 

^Responsible, self-starter needed 
Call Wendy, ext. 460 
for information 

Help Wanted 

MMM.0M.ri OMMnai • CkKao^M 

tMintii I* * 'Me iiriiia' •> T m i i w u . 
aao i oina— " •*« mmmtt inw^'- '• 
nam tmmr l aa r i w i O iK <«r oao 

w mOwa •upB^'ienwi' 'CWHaieww 

•^ _ . _„ .^ _....... etaimwi. ao 

CM Mil M MM ihtimm,. Ii#i. w M i*M> Mr !•*• kwm iim* 

JMtWt Jlllftom MMgHtaitl 

Ow Mt nwir i«w vkm to •■>«< iw 
itiif. wwcimit. N<au«M iKk .t 

m Ml luck 
Mck'i W*! wiHI'lM M ■« <Mv one 


to aw' I be ■ «s4.M* ann'T at • IH*.. 
I* brlaolnvauaMMMilm^'ftlKicliwI. 

twriw* %ttmm Mn O iiiOP . Oi# Mt> 

lMr> •■•aiMlM NKtwa*. HCB Ckrwri 

Ml. M ttlivm I>«|M 'iMHt*! MMdM 

CiOMKl aon H:im C^vaiww 71*.4im 

•TTtNOaMT Nf f OtO Iw mat «IU«IM 
WiMMal Mann* xwl 'O l O n ikit H « HMcM 
mm Iran i it t ».■< P* * Mm 1 >m 
ntvi « «*. ti » «> Kaf far mw* n 

lariiHiit* Mil «t Mtaak ttrvut ttai 

For Sale 

•ana itn a wi iMaaito. Crtm mmh. 
(.ct<i«*.> t<«<«t>«> ihm cti* aMiiS 

*n«. Mf^ lir 1:10 t h 7 f w««<n0 

h£LP Wanted 

Howard Johnson 

Mi S. H. ^ntfict H., Inflaims 

• Evaning Imirs 

• Fall ano part time 

• General restaurant work 

Call for iitenffw=297-aitg 



On any regularly priced 
album or tape 

WKIi thto coupon 

TMt •Htr ion n«t ineMt 





Tineup Pass Shoppifvg Center 
12)1 Golf Road 

Plipi4i> Tb* HiMrtBllipMf'. 

itaiiliipf. I i» n iwi li i r 4 ifM 



AlHMMC inr »e «"•*" H«p«r 

Cnllcic Studio TTwaler Procluc 

tMi. "(Harleys AuW. *'" «* 
IdlStft, »•»««»« 
IMg. AW.. AiMlM:Nm an ofM"' 
all liitowleil Harper tfilitlill. 

mit ana '•«>"y '•■*••• * 

IcmMmI Mi crew work if* mm 
Prodnctian dales (or 
■Oiadeys Aiwl ' are Niw H. 

(jHHtiMi* iliiiaKl «* <««»«» 

li.IMweliif'111 Theater, Mary .!« 

v'ilib. vm Al». «l «« « 

Ht. or I>«iilgi>er/TB.*ntc«l 
tXfwfimr Mte' Brown, Bii»i i 
nt HHtirK 

«:•»»» will b<f l:i«w"«g "«- 
iliedUitotJ! •fltr airtltiote 
(>i|iiM' (*f tiir MTipt. art' m 

t m Hir Ul>r«r)' 

tesxwial fiiMit I'p tn tlinw 
toculiy nwoiwnendaiKm* may 

Appltcatwns ma* 1)*' n«* at 
the riMiKial Am! ofiiii- Bklif 
AM4 »rier rritisuaHon 

'Oeailline.S«i>t 15 


MManUpn tar MH Ml at«) 
B«rt4im* ntudniite w»iil*i«l. »n 
Einiin«rtiii|. M*tt«in..«tie9. 
Mei-toiiK'it Bnftmwrteg, El«t- 
IrtwiKs T«*»(>i»Niy -"Ml A''- 
cMectural TKi'liiMitogy »rt 
]v»iljiDt( AwanliaiwtiiiUii 
tMm Itwi ami mulnd iMMtlif 
lor «wn«i» •• bt. mmit at 

■The MiHlinal crwerta 1* 
itmm •wank are crnnplH inw. of 
a 'IWin 'Uw rclalHl (Iciinc 
pngraiii. irfisiDtiHUi lu' (ur- 
iMr inWMl courw tn itm t'ur- 
!iwl MniMtter. 'Overall irad*: 
anM wmmigf «f "B" ana *fl>> 
'Smiii if • Mw-pagr itat*- 

ilClll <M MiurMilMHl ilMl 'lint' 

Plitl lickets 

Pint Ihwli't inkci* are 
jH'i»l»Mf HI ttte StuiJmi At 
iivttie* Offtce. 'MK- aw TtMt 
wtets arr af'ttlaltir at K 
ai>i«* an.J may be Hied at any 
Pint Iheairr Tk*«» are (jumI 
t« wx monthi Uinit of hmr 
|irr ttudenl activity caril 

Speech leain WHCM radio 

Tfte spevcti tiain i» m. 
tffwtrt in p«i>p»« *li« Wie t" 
talk Ttie »»•« a l*volv»* »Hli 
torenwcs -aRer dlnw-r sprak 
mil ttorj lelUiiiJ 
prompt*! anil 'W.' 
*mna«c iiH*Tprfi;in<"" m, 
I,nieft!*w*l 'mulwits sliouW «»- 
Ijirt T""! «ff':rjilh, IMPi ad 
«i*« ■ ...••r'HTwiii 

BilliR ■ 


S'ludcnlt) wl^o quality '<>■' a 
*gn» or «r(,if w:ate tor Ih* full 
IJiil s»'m«ti!r mii^t )wiiH"o tor 
graduation by rn.i.if"";i ik^I 
II (Jrartiiaiton p«-iii"ni> '■■>n tut 
(iHatnMt tn 111* f»gi»'» <»(• 
flc«. Bldg hlit 


EnHinnTtnu tim Tectiinntogy 
fttwtents wisbtng tii Hro*:N»n 
tftBir kKwledir »( llie ttcW arr 
uqnt 10 l«W: t.lM> Sugmeertnit 
Club Tht ttrd meettait ot Ike 
)M>-tl a«ad«mtc year will Im> 
Sept Mian pm InBMg UHl 
Fur mare intiirmatwn cMitact 
•InlM Malkowiki. r«t. 1*4 

WHCM. ibr campus radw 
iLalMMi. IS Imiking (or iniereslrt 
fioiplv Id serve mi I he new 5. m r 

1 1 ■.!(,. An. HI 

<i,rt*.teh!t«, BWti ,v;.ii,i-M «« 

Free handbooks 
t .ji'i ''.iitiiff ' •■ ' ■ 

ifm«'>tfr. fiH'Kijc. mi," iniileim 
twirti and U» »»«><*ly goM^ 
colwwl' R'i'ents i'alendar hir 
upilatfd miltirmatitm 


tlie H»rp«fr Colli-Be pom p*»n 

Miwd will Iw IsoKlmg clinics on 
Sept W and U in Bldg M42 
Irom 4 n» • p m Try<»uts will N- 
tii'ld Si-pt 12 al lh«! same l«:*' 
urn. Interfiled itudenls slwuiW 

Senate electiont 

student Senate elect»i>nii will 
be held SepI IS and 1* from 9 
»m tm 2 p m in the Blflg A 
lounge and from 1 p m to « 
p m on ttM* lint fhMir ot Bldf 

InlereHed students must 
awiplele a declaration ol can- 
dWaey avaitaUle in the Student 
Aclivdles (HIiM. BIdg A.W 
Compleleil tornit must be turn 
e«j III by nooii. Sept 9 

Student St-nate is mvolved 

TJie Kid* 
Are AlrlfJif' 
will be 
•Down rn 
day. !)ct>t n 
■I t p m in 
(itm t» a 
wry follow 
ing the rock 
band The 
W'liov" cap- 

wilh tlie allocating ol student 
jictivity fee funds, apprt)vmg 
club and organiMtio" charters, 
recommending students for 
college commlltees and 
reviewing and recommending 
changes in itie college policies 
wttich alfecl sluOetil lile The 
llrst Student Senate meeting i* 
scheduled (or Sept IB 

wirfj as o« 

Tlie movie 

ynittli cul 
(lire rtOect 
«d by Tlie 
Who's mu- 
Mc Adtnti' 
Hon li tl. 
by the P» 
gram Board 


Student Senate sponsors free legal services for all 

SfMle vtll pat 
to (till 

attemoon An it 
/ will be jvatlaMe Irom 1 

W 4:30 B.m. tn the Stmleiil Ac 


lent Ac- 

.'•■I. m»m. 
'pimmm. •»«■«•••»» 

■ walk- in 


The altoritey will not actually 
provide' legal represeniaiioo 
Mni w'UI anawer questions oo 
'HiMtmr imi mauen the <tu ' 
dMl'MM^ Mlvliietbe student as 
to their righ'ts/legal llahiliUrs 

Md ho* their problem may be 

hest rewfved II a student 
dwires legal represeulatton (w 
It particular ca»*. ar 
rangements can be made 

Ibraugb the attorney or the 
Northwest Suburlian Bar 
AsMeiation tor appriipriate 

legal couMcl 

'However, the attorney shMI 
not he renuired lo providi* se»- 
nces to any persim where such 
'•mild present « omlUct ot in- 
terest tor the atltimey, the col 
Icfe and ttie Student Seojile. 
nor m any matter against or an- 
tagonisttlc io the college. Ibe 
Btiard of Truslees and 
memhers ni the Board \n at 
tdrnry will 't* required ai p^isr 
milteli lo |>r<»'ide «rrvn:e» lo 

any persm in any matter 
aga.mst or antagonistic to any 
employee, student oi sisd 

tncmbfr where an atlorsey's 

rcftraacntatlM 'WHlit be likely 
tn create in Im'proprtety 
Anyone wishing lurther in- 

tormatlon on the lervice ihniiM 

contact Jeanne Pankantn, 
director of student activltta, 
Bldg AXM 

Activity fee supports 
programs, services 

The mandatory student ac- 
livily fee colle«l.e<l at regirira- 
tlM mipports a variety ol pn> 
,grtii> and services lo meet the 
MMds and interesii of the siu 

A larfe percentage of the 112 
let' 'Svports the Cultural Arts 
■nard This group sponsors a 
jeries ol lectures, (ilms, con- 
i«erts, theater and arts presiro- 
tatlims as listed in Ihit program 
ImK'hure Stutlrnts are admit- 
led tree or chargett a nominal 
tee lor these programs Social 
programs such as popular 
Wms, concerts, Mlleehimses, 
afternoon actlvllieit and speciiil 
events arc wheduled hy the 
Program Board 

itther programs and services 
supp«rt<!d liy the activity (ee* 

> Inttrcollegiale and in- 
tramural sjiorts. Students are 
*dmitte<l (rt* to all attiletir 
e^en,l^ on campus tipen 
rucreation time is also pru'Vld- 
ed In the physical educaiion 
lacdtty, Bldg M 

• Free- medical wtrvlce. 'in- 
cluding physicians' services, is 
available in Ihe Health Service 
Office. Bldg A;« Students 
mav receive Iree pregnancy 
tests, vene'real dlieair tests. 
Ihraal rultures and immunt»a 
lions .Strict confidentiality Is 
maintained hy lhi> staff 

• Oisc'tiunt tickets to Chicago 
area sporting, amusem'ent and 
theater atlraclions are oHered 
tij students when made 
available lo the Student Ac 

Interested in wrltlns, 
selling ads, photography? 

Join Th« Harblnsw 

faff mMtings TtiMday 1 |i.n 

• Bahysittlng services ant 
available (or children ol 
llarp^fr sludents al a reduced 
rale ol tl dn hour 

• Student publications luch 
as the arts/literary magazine 
and the Harbinger are 
available Iree to students, 

• A variety ol clubs and 
wgantMllons offered (or stu- 
dent involvement Including 
cumcular and special inleresl 
groups as well as the student 
government the campus radio 
station. studi<> theater and 
speech team 

• Short-term loans of up lo 
t5(i lor ten days are availalile to 
sludents tor emergency •«- 

• Free legal services lo 
students on a weekly basis An 
attorney Is present every 
Wednesday aflemoon during 
Ihe semester Appointments 
can be made m the Student Ac- 
tivities Office. Bldg A336 

• Harper activity calendar*. 
cultural arts brochures and stu- 
dent handbooks are available 
to students through the SUtdeilt 
Activities Oflice 

These provide a detailed 
listing of the programs and 
cultural activHies offetcd on 

iMiiiiii'ii|i i lilll i liil f * W »' " "i P " it i 'liiii- 


Public safety the scapegoat in campus attack 

ntlof M«N 
I m m emmm attack at'* MirpM- 
be iilimi on aamiwr pair ol' •Nniikfi- 

It Is a tlmDte 

• nUtmrf, m aetflaw or rrm 

Law laM IMC*, n Haqwr slii- 
!: im was atwiw) in parking 
I M DIM. adtaMM M WMt. m 

ttmnil aMMMl' and nMt 
•Kh M UBkMiwii' aiiiatlanl 

•fiiMd Will) a knife «tM tnrced 

her tntO' Iftf car ForttiiiaWy. 

a» wunan tud ft* $m4 mmt 

, ui IMM m llif ton tiiii .imaiB. 

I acarUifllit'aitachMralt 

But, «i» fourw «*hen (>«ii>te 
I le«n»iiftJif jtllAck, theji mm riot 
mink to OS* <«t «'"' woman' li 
pHtrtctl c'«mi»li«in, » (ttiti:rtP" 
tiM n( Ui« mtucktr or even 
vlial Unw' ite ■«■«* octurriHt 

' 1 1* iw -Wfcm •«• i«*l»r 

1 iiintjff'wwi.tiiiite.i«tetj "'■ 

ticm •«« itamWai campw 
- — ■ - iMi a* (iwy '«»♦«' 
„.i|l sim» UW' campus 
.„ II )■ ii»e tmm ie»i|»c»t 

[lor llteiii 10 *» ■« H » 

tM' nMt tMctMi of 

I Kcttftty to » «ai«Moil 

stall, and (acuity 

,• talari dwtng «»■ 

. At mof »*•» «in« 

I «l the lit^. piHic talhty 'Hl- 


(l«T» can tm ■Mm pairoHing 
virKM ttuMniK and ftmrM 

Dficn areas vttM tlw Iwavietl 
cimmiiratiiin nf {MtapMr . 

Al nl#l puWIf >i«W)' cari 
ir* cnuBlantly pitrntlmg park- 
tii|. im awl campus muh, 
<i««wtii»« 'leftiii Ion* vmnm 

'TJius. ti» arpiiiKat of ""it 
public Mtrty was aruuim ^i"-; r 
•iwWm'i have bttn m j!'j' k 
lacks v»M«y 

Tilt (art nfffiami lh» "biMMy 
syswni" 'fnxiplt Wilkin* »n 
anl town «k pitrkliif ta w 
IHitkltags togrthrr i » mw «>( it* 
niM) effwtivc «ayi! to prrvenl 
allacfc.. And W'lthnut ifaaAim.. 
Ite ktit ««ii|Wii acamitt ai 
lack ari^ kMwM,||r an) com 
tiMMi Btmw., me knii*l€iil(ti* ot 
»wliMis m«aii» of protecHori 
and (tot' cMimn wnw in rf" 
tn aivly 

Kap* ■«» mtemptitl rwpe an 

MK crtnias a«ain»« an in^ 
dIvldiMl. they art crime* 
■liUial ineMT aa a oMt- 

Kvwyone utmM know vjiniiu* 
mean* of p r n I f • c 1 1 ii g 
thvniMflvn wN*tlM>r ii means 
•firoliing in a wK-ilrfeniv 
cMT'ie, intialtinc deadMl 
hxks Ihmwlliout the hrnne or 
carrying k«ys with points it irk- 

ing through IN- lingers 

SiKleiy will always 'nerd 
poiiK. rampus" «itl al'way» 
need public sulety tJeparl- 
nicnts However. I( ••veryocie 
Imik tiwl a lew iMwrs to learn to 
'0fiit4C!t iliamail:vea;r .na atie 

would bwomc overdepeiKlenl 
ontneorganizalKins But. Ihen, 
H peofile km-w hou lo protect 

themnelves and l<«>k a lew 
ntnutes nut tn help educate 
others, who would Ihey have lo 

Student service doors open; 
use services provided 

In a llinc ol incr«a»tng 

uncaplM'iiMnl. rilatng prtcw 

.'IMS • mmr caaillnf MMiMiiy.. 

i It ja.giNNl !»•(« lUat a taw pe» 

1 nit arc ualng wmd iwliteneni 

Altlmugfi iDere was a sharp 

inemaae in lal) nrill.niml 

•UMdi will tn liictvawil 

rvvtint til the MSl two yaan. 

•he 9imr« o( Trwn«» Have mil 

Auntowrlxianl m i.*ir projec- 

1 ioni. eanctrniiiH the ti'tnUiei. 

Tlla Mfleae will n«»t rwciwe 

malt aU m tW' incTeaaed 

I .•nnlllMint lor two year* due lo 

a •!■!• lormuia daatgnad 

wwani yean. ap> (• Help 

pniiafe eotlciica wtih fkwider" 

:ng annilneMx for tht M- 

.-vitahte Mowever. the tiiittoni 

I cotliwIWI (tunng rrftHrallUH li 

taliMit Oy the coHfie and 

._jail ht laed to htrt' .addtlmuil 

;')■ pan-Utnelacullymeiii'hen 

C<m«gt nlllclal» went owr. 
whelmed' wtth the overall iii. 
cre«^« la enrnttiMrnl tor the (alt 
■UDffiler WMIIt .aKpectlllg ■ i 

the FTE (Igures < or lio* ouny 
rtudeiits the college wiwlil haw 

il all w«re enrolled on a lull 
time haiti'i. Thwt. me college 
may he aWe lo add more pro 

grams or replace ttemt cut 
Imm the Midget wtth the added 

revenue, .All ol tht» nsquirei 
careI'Ml itlainini so » iiol. la g# 
twftioa.rd and coimt on a cwi. 
innally .incpfiasmf M'lroIUiirni 
tHere tt no w«y to h' »ur«- tli.;ii 
ftwdliment wilt nwtitnie w m 
rreane. level oil oe drop 

AccommodatHMu im th* add. 
rt itudriils miiit also tie taken 
into accoMnt With an increas 
wg number of students and. 
.classr* there mu«t tie ap- 
propriate clasuroom factlities. 
A| hravo i«i tlte Ixtarit Att- 
dillonal space ha» tieen iidded 
liv «»i('ler'Hig cri"dit and ci|.nllnu. 
mg etltitalKMi «ur»e» jt 
'HawUmrtie SeimtH tn 'Wln«ltn| 
and Rarrmgtnn ami Sctiaum- 
iMtrg High Schools 

Evei,, though It 'M'.-nvs thill 

things are on the upswing, this 
will 't»e a t(> year In that 
tijere is a ItgM t>ud.get lo keep 

AilditHNiat space, supplies, and 
faculty mtui he paw lor while 

«t the mim time .not scr'im,ptn.6 
In other areas nt acadrm ic life 
Kesearehers. college of 
flcials ind tmiiril mrmtM-rs. 
must t-Mitinu*' viil(> t:.»r«'fMl 
icnitiny n( lui'Ure plans .iind 
iMk 'for' the forest ihmigli th4.> 

Hats off to the Board 

{or keeping planning in line 

I ti« ior ajiythlug heyond .1 per- 

■. Harpers enrolliiiemt ; l)»« 

„ m l-'ull Time Kquivalrnl 
I fifiinn- itml up 7 s percent 
I Tltts Inrrev I* due partially tn 

thettatuaoftheecunomy with 

I ttmmtr pcofrit mont a(t«:ted 
I by Ae lUfP unemployment 

1 ram*, they haw time to return 
I Mk Khaal Tl).l*. IS also e« tdent w 
Mr school wglitMlwi 
I: on Full TkH'C Eiiuivalent 
•'FTE) (Igures. rnpill'tneni 
skyrocftMCti .lti)>m:<>nt 
Jncreaseii m state aid came 
'llirM# m mcreaae in 

Harper College iipened ds 
doors for the I all s«-ffieiiter on 
,» Through lihe dnors 
approximately MMN) 
flMlmts. the largest iiiiltal 
ewvllment at the coi.lege' **Kt 
ItS'Oiicn'mg in Illf fall o( iWB 

Slwami* to altCMlaM-e vary 
grMily m age and ediucational 
Inlaratts Harpe'r students 
:r«lfl» In age from It to n-ptui 
ytan .and are en<r«l]ed 'in 
omnie work leading lo a t»ac 
calittreate degree, vocu- 
t'Mnat.'trdinical. pnigrana or 
votine wwrk (or prsiinal im 

The areas t»f Student Adairs 
tMt% liiduile' .»dmi'*»l4ins ami 
records inter col I eg ml* 
a(hMlc».. (InitKMl UHls. iK-altfi 
»er»lefs, stmtent ac'tiviiien 

From the 
desk of. . 

provided and toam how y4iu can 

r li»vol»e<l in activities at 

Don Stansbury 

testing »er»'ice». veterans af' 

lairs .««• student de'velop- 

miT'i each Id you tn 

Hj,,-; .ff IS dedicatetl 

lo pi-iivnimti '.rivHTs and ac 
ll.%-H:les which will enhance your 
eiperiencr jiI Harper tiotti 

«|ii»«nnally m'« 
'WW .ar»! iBlenrstr t ■;. • 
iiihovf areas pb*!*"- •<'■■ 
enntacl *he app'ropt'i. 
lor ciwrWcaliiM of 'llic 




Many ikI'^'"<'- *M he 
nrflanli'ing m tfi.-- nrni lew 
W'eek.i IntercoHeglate 
alhhrttct, lormaikm of tntereal 
C'luha. slu.dent Koveram.c.nt 
•Itctlmis. and various tnwt* 
iponaorei) bv Student .Aetivlflff 
wi'll lie availahle to you as an 
active pjriit'ipant or ais imi' 

Vour e«pertence* at Harper 
will tie lim.lted only hy y««r in- 
dividual desire* and available 
'itme 'We stneerely hnpe that 
\m will hecom.e mvolveil. 
kemember the doors to Bie 
si.,.'ii..i.,i ...rvice area are open 
^t'en«!OUira«e youto 
.... . • '. If ea provided« 

Abraham LIncdIn's 
home at Sprtngfied. U 
Itnois. is the only house 
he ever owned' 

The tint known seats 
were engraved tn mar- 
bh» and pelrified shells 

In Ml and mz, Man- 
i>War". the famous 

race-hiMrie. won » n( 21 


The rotoridn River, 
It's fstimat«l, carries 
J.T() million tons ol s<:i<td 
malerial per year 
Ihrwugh the Urand t'a- 


tWtlliam Haintj Hariwr College 

.Alauntptt •' Koirlte 'Roads 

Palatine. It laMT 

uanf' oi-i 

MOW HamDMil 


Htm i?h»t«i'itai(i>f .ijot-rmiOiij 

SMI . llltl>:H*nqMnM..J«*Kait. 

Marl Hunrn,. Mike Siinkiiit. 

stmei IlitinilwKMi. Kami JoiiMm 

IMiilC:li.sio|iuwrlc, Jell iivira. 

Mmct saeyi-r. •.•.yfir Hlci>ai>wi. 

KM Slcnaicrg, 

iKiraUii 'inrtvai* 

fii*>iiii:it m tt- 

(naawMMi tor ilw nmptr cam»m 
tainpumnntunxy. |MIiIi«I)*0 meUjr 
tmwvl aiirmi l»lnl.i»'t •ml limal «• 

am AU otiiiiiwiH cipntMad an tlMw 
ol Nw mrmfMrnHmtmrnUta l»mm 
1 At naicgis. Il> MlnitBMiralKin. 
tiiciai) m ■twIcM amty »(>v«i.iwna 
alia' miy aii^llIM i« nmm rntUf nM 
amy I* «t|)»«t n> m1.i>iii« am i«ii»i» 
HHhf-KJliaw 'Html t" •lliwd. :!i4.t»«» 

will 'iw .(MaauiMtii roc lurtHit m 

OtrmwiHi rail ST. mill «x< MUorWI 


4, mi 


Harper stttdettts,RTA commuters one in the same 

What dam (Iw ranid Iraralls 
Hi Hm Ymk city. Boston and 

QHIcago tmvt in cwinniMi with 
Wmpm cmieiic" Or (or that 
dialltr. tht Bus or Honolulu, or 
the cable can ot San Fran- 

Wtll. 'Uwrt art noc* Hwn • 

rrv tlmllarltM. 

For itart.Frs. 'Ilw '|Mai>l* who 
UM (he above modes ot 
triOfportation. and who attend 
Harp** College, are l>olh called 

cominuten " 

It uicd (o b« tliat comiwiltiii 

NM w warn )> 

almosl ts as ex)[i«Mlve as a 
ilatc run operation But. It w 
lUI a liest buy when one con- 

Sont commuters venture 
tram me tieiinninR to one end 
And jrel. tliere are ttwiiie who 

are ju>t on lor the ride 

Commuters whose Journey 
will not end with the current 
mode, will hopefully try to 
transler to another mode of 
tranaportatton. or as the case is 
m education, school Transfer- 
Ing is a tricky situation When 
one train leaves you off. it may 
be > 3 hour before the next ride 
In ichool. not every class is 
transferable, which means you 
bought <i (Hie M ay ticket to ride 
And those one wav ttcliets add 
up. one should figure this into 
the total fiscal amount 

Today, both transportation 
ami colleges are having many 
monetary problems Who's to 
Wame. you ask" I don t linow 

The taxpayers you say, 
maybe But. are they to he 
responsible to pay lor services 
which lhf> may never use? 
(Maybe, that is enough said 
about that, maytw another col- 
umn' I 

And when the college and 
transporlationat authorities get 
no monetary help, budgets are 
cut. and extracurricular ac 
tivilies. such as Sight 0*1 .Ser- 
vice are out. 

Strangely eaoulli though, 
collefet, ami •yctemi ot public 
traMportatlMi are icelhg ao in 
creasing amount of riders But. 
Is this new rtdership a cause of 
inflation, or a change in think- 


Have you ever noticed the 
graffiti on some of the walls ol 
trains, or the stalls of the 
balhrooms at Harper'' 

I saw the following on one 
rapid transit nde m New 'V'ork 
City, and I'm sure some college 
student wrote them "tiod is 
alive and well, and is living In 
the Bronx. " and "Jesus, sllll 
loves you." and slill another 
■Who the hell is J R , and who 
really gives a t blank '"'" 

After a quick patrol of Uie 
men's room stalls, at Harper. I 
found: '1-et's bomb Cleveland 
for the hell of it." and "Isn't il 
pretty to think so, Brett," and 
still another "This place 
1 blanks!" 

Run your fingers along the 
bottom of your seat EECH : No 
one knows where to put their 
old bubble gum 1 double dare 
you to trv that on a CTA el car. 
God only knows what life form 
is present under there 

But. here is the major and 
most profound way of looking 
at the similarities of Harper 
College and the rapid transit 
systems ol the big cities 

A tnend and I Ihousht of It. 
and talked about it I'm sure 
you wtll agree with us 

'People come and go. and 
leave cigarette butts on the 

New columnist reviews Queen, Fire/all, Magazine albums 

■•■"■■■•II, I'M 

, • mimr am' 
i^mm cumnl 
I MHk MMle. I play 

Kris Pipenburg 

. . M music 

and the Muffins Ip 

to musk requires 

VUp or ensemble 

MM'* part aiMi then deciding 
II «Ml iwup it a good represen 
UUvc of that genre Or, il it 
npctwnttanyUlngalall Like 
I ■am. I'm siifMly craied On 
la die music . 

U. Mil It. profrain it. llalM to It 
Ml* Iw tht lira time hi print. I 


«■ 'liy M' I* Mf timmm* 
Ow M . H m0mm ar iaeiiliy 

Si mmmn mm to the mt*f 

iHuMiav' ftSnM Ml'WST 

iC Siirwmil'' Wt«. my 
■Mdalttle* mi this planet are 
" " , BalliBi Stom*. 

■Mial, tpact Mcit< int' wot 
■arte and trnportedmiitlc I'm 
ml a l«ii atftciandii and 
dMilci) a>uMe has not yet 
.(HMffd my iranwol Ilitenl:ng. 

CrMiclim l» a scale with a 
delicate balance One would not 
crtlclie the latest piece ol 
aiW Judas Preift and then 
style with a 

by an aid wave 'hand but only 
because Brian May's 
•lib the guitar 
hMl vocal 'ilep. Hit compoel- 
Attack. • is the 
1 amtatned within 
the lead guitar is 
tUlliiR And Freddie Mercury 
Rcii roiigli for a change Thia 
album contains some potential 
Top « material that may 
sicken fans of heavy metal, but 
Uh gmd wrngs outplay the bad 
"tlW'daine" makes me forget 
Hal I iwd to hale Queen ni««' 
than I hjMed the Archie* 
When will these |uyi ijait 
fehaaint old Crosby, Stills, etc 
dlehes Thetr story six muii 
ciani from the West Coach 
muah factory get together to 
manufacture more ol the same 

Their music w ill convince you 

of the validity of deja vu-you've 

heard it all before I don't need 

to go into detail but heavy 

handed emotionless lead 

guitar licks i«ta against a wash 

of acoustic guitars, ttules aod 

deftrCHlng why did-you-leave- 

niel|rics :idd up to a big lero 

Magailiie-The Conwet 


A Virgin Records relecie 

that Is strong throughout 

Magailne's vacalisl and 

Harbinger welcomes 

Letters to the Editor, Columnists 

Submit to Harbinger Otfice A367 

(All letters must be signed; 
names are published) 

lyricist. Howard Devoto. Is a 
"hopeless romantic" a la Brain 
Ferry but has the maniac 
delivery of Peter HammlU. The 
cover version of Sly Stones 
"Thank ¥ou" is a great piece of 
three minute funk that doesn't 
seem out of place with the other 
songs Some may label this 
group new wave but I prefer to 
call It frantic art rock The use 
01 syntbesaers adds to music 
Instead of burying it and the 
bassist is superb Check it out: 

it is both listenable and 
danceable Roxy Music Ian* 
will enjoy. 

Well, that Is about it for this 
week In the next issue I will t)e 
reviewing Peter Hammils new 
release along with one or two 
others Also, a new Gary 
Muman collection should be out 
sometime this month and some 
new songs from John Lennon. 
Wow' has it t>een five years? 

[NEEP art SUPPliES? 

Board & Paper Products 
Color & Painting Mediums 
Drafting Equipment 
Airbrushes & Accessories 

Pressure Graphics 
Pens, Mariners, Ink 

Paper Cutters 





Wax Coalers 

V9IS The big name inart supplies 

I artists designers supplies Sc equipment inc 


4. NM, ■>•■•' 

Hawks face opponent 
Rock Valley Saturday 

Jell Sniilieren tit4 Dun 
MeltiMi: arc imrmiir Mtd SulMir 

hm Ua|ue incaiilcs wttk Mp 
(rwii Jen Amtertoin, lf«ti» 
Mwrti. TwMt MuriMli. «m1 
llMMi. Onran uMIng imn 
lataiM' ami depth... 

AnaUier "unknown quanHtj/' "" 
Tta»kr wa* All-Area 
laal .|«ar at SclMunMrK M 
tiaa'liWB hurt.. "He haan't betn. 
IMC 10 demoniiratt what lie 
can do.." nay* Ellautt^ .M.lckey 
Oa«l«, Toni Jcaltlns, Dive Ud- 
tani Wtmtm ThkOMa and 
■rlH Saaiit rmm out tne 
MfeMim NwkfUtf. TtiM will 
only tell ham well llifjr d» Tkli 

€Ml<t betime.. like tlic onen.- 
iivetme. apnlttein. 

OUTtOOK - TritM ami II- 

llMB V'i.llv>' li.ave i Inclt mi 
lint. iiiKl lecoMt platY. aw) Ml 
In that order So the Hawfca 
hlfh«fl hiqMt are lor a Ihird m 
tmittk place (MM (it a very 
ImiMhiCiMiiartnve. The quartm-' 
.iMcling,. DaeltiteM anil receiv- 
Int Ml ■OMl. TIM delenslve 
tin* and lt»tliacliin.|t are 
MlMamtini. Th« nll^Mtve Hue 
and defenilve backfitid are the 
only real question oiarki The 
kicitoi p.iiif., a* Bttaiki catl* 
It. la 'imsr "airartp." The key 
t» 'Hit liaaDii wSI tie how quirk 
Iht tmlmiefi oome through 

and th« first two p.iM* "If we 
can vtn our tint two |ain«," 
arnfMtatlcateit eitatll, ''w« 
haw an even chance of maktnj; 
the .playoff* 11 will tiC' a 

AH the Hawk* ne«il it a 
tairth place ftntah to qualtly lor 
the poat-feaMn piayoit*. That 
to ilieir MMl, but anything alier 
that would be dillKult, to say 
the leait Look tor a Itiurtti 

ace (tniih and a II con- 
lercnct 'rmrd.. The Hawk* 
■hauld he M oterall With a 
couplt' 'hratka. nayte M. But 
that's II 




Day, Date 




Sat Sept fi 

Rock Valley i Pittnl* Day > 


1 nop m 

Sal Sepi 11 



1 Wpm 

Sat itepi » 



loop m 

Jiat.iiepi IT 

Ulinola Valley 


7 »pm 

Sat. Oct t 



I (Wp m 

$M <kt 11 



l.oop m 

Sat Oct in 



1 wopm 

Sat Oct B 


Sat Nov 1 



Sat Nov « 

RegkiR IV nayofls 


Sat Sov IJ 

Region tV Championship* 


Sat Sov 22 

Region iV Chatnplont vs 
M Innesott State Chamskxia 

HSAO COACH JohnEllaslk 

Reynolds, Szabo; 'rookie' coaches score big 

It iin't nonnally tapwM «l 
llni ytar coadw to ptvtfnct 





year - soccer and I 
weeecaadiedhy "rooklaa.." 

Wally Reynolds loo* hi* lean 
10 • H-ta rtcom in hu l>aiel>all 
coKhIng dehul and Sandor 
Saabo luraed u an it^ i record 
after huildlng (ram scratch 
Mafper'i toccer program 

StaiM's Job Wis moat iningu 
log. Ht' attypcd in and look 
«lHl 'hai iMflii an imrainural 
apart and linM II Mo a 
Region IV runner up Me also 
lintshed second in Coach ot the 
Veor honor* as hit Hawks 
««ind UP the nccond-rankeci. 
tesm la IlliHMt. 

So to say that Siatm has turn- 
eA Harper'* soccer program 
amind is lo ■understate one"* 
ten.. In a stngle year. Stabo has 
ym • taMdaflm. brouight in 
Iht' taleni to haitle as one o( (he 
lap.teaiiiii in Illlnol*. ii-«)u(r«d a 
(MM Mrlclly lor ««er after 
■any condlrts with football 
pncBcea last year. and. lite 
eltoclier. hat gotten new 
uuilkinns fur his »qtm4. When a 
oach has donc' ihe latler. you 
eaa bet ih*( he"* doing 
tomething right 

Siabo !«ni* (o be bard- 
nosed He It. hill in the p«temal 

■ ■ . .' H« Willi yell, ■ 
•tn. Md turn blue during 
i.t«»:iice or a game, but aflrr- 
wanis. he to tiiellow 

*'I Iwliave in winning ami 
having a good time at (be »mc 
time." salit Subo "'Not wmn- 
Hig; at all eoKts Tbe^ only way 
yoii«n|oy the gmnif » il you win 
and m» pbilomiphy i» i» set a 


"I itniMnlcr when I played 
how K M. 10 te near a coach or 
•r hiM not tuat .at • 
iMit U I had any pro- 
blems I could come to htm And 
I waa very (brtunate that most 
of my coaclM. wftfc that 'iway 
Anytime t 'kMl ■ pciMMi ont- 
biem I could come to them, like 
my parents A lot of lines I 
wtiif to my coaches because I 


on sports o« 

came to America from 
as a child After a 

dMliMiitahed career tn high 
achoiC Saafeo went on lo Ithaca 

C(iilMl...liHca. N-.V where be 

was an All Amencao three «« 

neculive (toes 

Then, in l«T, fii.Mttt> was a 
mh-Tound draft choice o! the 
Atlanta Falcons. Tbey wmted 
ta.m to kick, obviousty, l>ut 
nrtea»#d before the r«t|ular 
season began That is when 
Subogot iiitiicoatrhlni 

He «art.ed.a» a looihall coach 
and then, began co»chlng ai 
youtb soccer camps When lie 
.inoved. 001 to. hi* presnw Rolf 
inf lleadfi*! a fe^» ycani 
ago. he was given hts shot, ai 
ihe 'Hawks 

Siaho bw also bad other 
coaching o.(f*r!. He Has Jilready 
turned «lo»n thn-f Xorlh 
.^ms-ncaii Swcer League head 

■i «,j{! 10 Aart I rum 
scratrti II anything is going w» 
tiappen. ' lie Mid. "H's going lo 
hfi|ipen .became I dto it 'ina i( 
it doeiB'l .hafpen, I here i 
nobody Ul* to blam.e ti was an 

Ideal slluatlon lor me to get in- 
to Ididnt have to worry about, 
■well, thi* guy did that before 
.DM." So «halew«r wt.'rt doing 

What makea Szabo so effec- 
(tve as a coach u hts ability to 
relate 'o today's MMtte I'm 
not nal -e to raatlit that Ihan 
are cert, in Ihlngs goinf on that 
were not going on when I went 
lo college " said Siabo "So II I 
understand some of the pro- 
blems Ihey re having now. I 
ran help them with li II I was 
locked away from them I 
wouldn't know whal's going on. 
so tbey wouldn't have the con- 
fidence md faith in me (o open 
themselves and le( me know 

LMI: Wfilr , 

and II 

(Photo by RMkKoluike), 

Bight: Sandor Sxabo pMad 

logallMr a loccar team laat ttU 
and want 00 to score on* of Um 

winnlnpft Mtnna In Harpnr'a 
hiatoiy. CRaln courtaay of 

was a li-day tayoir duHnf apt 
log break that killed the 
Hawks' Mac mie hopes. It kill- 
ed our timing.' he says now 

Another problem was pit- 
ching It «m. 'though., a pro- 
blem maait eoachei' wouldn't 
mind hairing four of the live 
starling pitchers last year were 
freshmen And, as inex- 
perience would have it. the 
freshmen learned a lot. and 

"Freshmen have the poten 
tUil," said Reynolds, who has a 
knack lor the philosophiciil 
"but It is sophomores thai win 
lilies " 

Hrynoids will have three 
reluming pitchers And. he 

lookuig ahead lo baaeball 
"When I look at the talcMt wc 
have coming In here." he says, 
-n kioks twice as gmd as laat 
year ' 

II IS too early to tell how well 
his learn will <lo He wool say 
now But when he doesi. you can 
bet It wtU be the conference ti- 
de II IS his ovencalousness 
thai acts him apart from other 

what's going on." 

'There t« an inltre si(.lng con- 
trast: belw«en Sxabo's paternal 
in'volvement and Reynolds' 
Go-team* " enthusiasm 

"If you want to have fun ' ' n- 
pljiint-ct Rrynolii>. ' umiiavclo 
bav> 'iTigiciunthalM 

ta*' 'ing II you look 

■I out iin.Krn i.asitt. lasi vesr. 
weH.lhal'smy style ' 

Reynilils' Hawks had a team 
batltng average o( IM. with JM 
BBI . and only IS bom.r runs As 
a team, the Hawks siole 103 
bases, (in M games ! compared 
to 41 steals by opponenis 

■'You've gol to lorce the other 
(cam lo make m.Hti.kes.." said 

Reynold*. « larmer Harper 
stttdenl. (irsl go( |.n.vo(v«'rl Mith 
inlramunils la*l lall. Then the 
1-a.rsiiy baseball coaching ).ob 
O'Pcneil up last winter 
Ruyiiolds grabibed. It 

Ills .only pntl'icm lasi year 

hopes, will put nis learn over 
the hump 

Reynolds likes Ihc ag- 
gressive, all-out cKCltlng lype 
ballplayers wbtch fit bis 

coaching style He had one Pete 

Rose-type 'last season in Tim 
Maloney w-tto. as 'Reynolds put 
efluiively "'w.'uula sluic into a 
bed ol nails to sconr the wInn 
ing ru.n " 

M.aloney is gon«! lo ArkaMas 
Slale. but Reynolds still has 
seven returning from last 
year's team, and 'J.") incoming 

Despite his (earn 's streamliiir 
e<l look, be knows he m«y not 
.always be able (i> do wltat he 
wants 'It' ;m>u tuve a lot of 
■home run hilier-i, yoo have lo 
build around I hem II ytn.i have 
a M. of speed VO.U have to ttuild 
around thai. ' he tayt 'You 
u-sfvihalyouhase " 

It IS only (all, but Keynolda is 

Last year, he hoped his 
Hawks could reach Ihe 
playofis Mot improbable, but 
hardly a goal (or a first year 
coach Well, he did il and linlsh- 
ed second tn Ihe NC con- 

Both Subo and Reynolds are 
winners They re dlderent. but 
both are equally as cfleclive 
Neither, though, will rest on his 

"Bear Bryant could kmk 
back at his viclortes," lays 

I always look ahead" 

As lor Stabo, he is looking 
ahead lo an eventual profes- 
sional coaching tob If he keeps 
Ihisup, he'll gel it 

Just pity their successors 


cans, bottles 

& paper 

a comeback. 



^VpiJI W> *nlt!w%tKfw9lHlf9'ti 


High flyin' Hawks looking to winning season 


ComliiK oft m 1 1 -i- 1 <i«''i]iit as 
Hi«rf»r niic-wr ctMch, Sawlw 
Sintw's litgdnt f|«»ilion i«. 
'■ WlMlt (» do atmut .:in i-iirui • ■ 

Tte answrr"* iimm qm-iimi 
0«» mi'fthi i;f«iw,kr U loo (ai 
MclMMl ii lantA^v (a l«lk almui 
a n<atMKi(il rliariipHinshii) lor ■» 
si*om.l )'<-;ir Irani mo'l H» ■«•• 

MIIKl \'f.:ir ClMl'tl Atl t.ljt flu-. !•:, 

«»l y-"" 

Alter ,,; ^vrfunnr;!,: if.jril 

«'r.iitii .1 >i«x'w leam, Sulw 
**'fif iHiji ,ut4 wnn ttmr f»f h'ln 
■,> 111.-; ,■■■ ■ 
.iS.uil^t I'.-' ... 

tn» rii*»> won lUrec ot tm-it 
tatat iMir fttw* (o niniii'lk u i' 
:»•! meutor «>a!!ion nnwrd In 
I'hi- >-.-:i.,i:,, ( ,:ii|1«i, Hal-pn 
itojjtpfi! ■.'. ,,,■ .. .(■■.< ;m()Tri!n!i 
by iU i«if»" ■ . 

l„*»i» ««l I ■'■ 

tV i;h«lI11()l.»r:-. 

natHimal ti.u' -, 
Hawk* ««rn- • 
Mut «J.f>.r 
Mac'imh, i>" 
«» Kn- No .■ 

S» mtfKt tkmV' 
'••ry tail, to near i". . •-• ■■ •;- 
at IHe IMlm:)ts Junior ( ulli-ur 
rjilli:»«», iVfter thai, a luilmriijl 
rmllillf ,i»<«'l l» far U*.i,n(,l 

fi» c»» rvm i*mxx1 thr 

H»»'l«« In aflvjirn-* furtltrr in 

- iiAIIwnl W'l.iri 

Lr*i\ A Ci.ii - ■■-! 

<►( Its M. »!■''■■ 

AIM) M*r"fltl' -". •■* .™i.,..a(J, 
lli<»lr iwijM-., ttfi (rc-ihlB«!l» 

Hot* fai thr Himlt'H aiWam;* 
adef lUat h- -' ' ''i mtfy 

t,.«:l( till' f ' ■ftlmg, 


Aim II will ttr Itlft (nf ».• 
Itawfcs, *spitr a inuilftrv 

»fh«.lui' • ni"" .Jti'i 

DiiPaur' ';il Loyola 

Cwver;- 1 

Thfrr ..... - -i-ft pb>'ii<t» 
ictiirnlim Inwn litrf >«iar*i 
ii-jiri Thf Mtrtttmn til' Ihriw 
KUtsljri.:" ' ' •rn*» »i;nl"l 

hurt \i H»« <li»iM:h 


H«rr !■ J ... ,j 

H'turlWr tJKfcHawk'. 

!''■■■ ■ ' "Wt oiii> 

i)U' k. tm. tli(i' (can 

. .1 tornwr Uul 
.1 . l..eaRU(* .all 
. , -.:'.■. .it H 1 1 1 ri c 
McwltiW'- ' ,.;:"n".; '.r. ,1 ' i:: ..''- 
ai|>llll»t ,r. .-.■... .I- Lj : '. rj, I !. 
alH) mi'in \ii Man.' .mo .'^ll 
Rtaliin t.anor* Hr suHtnrt a 

ktv...*.. Miiiiirv ...i\l s,ornH.' r,h«Hit*h 

?-:i; :■. i! ' 1 .Ji: ,|J«'t tUO««*lllf 

■itu shiifw l« lUrfxiT"* o(M»wrr 
.<.Mll*l MIMHS In^Iituti' ol 

Irt'hnolmity ttif -"■■• ■ 

II TiMtil* Tt'i 'w«:l. 

N'tSlWK'kWtliv r . : - WflO 

*a» back. u.|i to TixW al KuLlluB 
Me*li)*s Tlirrr !..!» al'S«» Thri* 

Small !■■■ ■ ■ "■ ■■' f'llHi.'itk 

• lK>.ca'i . •" "•' 

wiritwe - TUB I* air 

ilttMM* tha) m.a(lr T<M)tl an A)t- 
.Sttle awl Ml flftswi) i.-h<rtri- 
Thai '^-iv'. It all: tU Ur ttw 
stRWig .|MM:fl( Ml l)M> Irani, it lw!i 
tawit: sMrrjiBHicnrt by Ow a*fc' 

ri«m nl M^tIc \Ii01j.i I'ItuI \I..irt|li 

Sandor SiaUo s|)eaiiie«dt> a Micwr pr«cuc« lut week The le«m. In lt» seeoiKJ year, li expected to 

ylMtklgi In NM ennfMcnce (Pboto by Rtcli Knimke) 

r»an Hcymilils arr uarh iTtiim 
iiig Iroitii l«si y«'a.r Wiiii Tckw 
m Gwil »ii<l this *sl«'riJir in Inmt 
fil turn, ti|>|xiiirnli> won't lie atik* 
to wtirc oft™ if at all 

MIDriELD 1' 

tl.ltth*- '> 

(juartfrtMi >> "..)' ■■-.■.i' 

■ '.< 'IMl 

he tod Ijit u.',:u H 

■ h..iN .lit 

th«" twin to tw »n fxcfflfiii vm; 

err |>|.*,(rr 1 think tit 

H nuke 

.Ml'.'limfriran " 


' IW 

m(»;^t !nu>f«'H*"'! 



.! Ilihf 

Ptineh, a nattvi? Yttgiiilavian 
fiirifh sraiJutwl Ixotii frown 
HiKh .Schwj) last yttar and his 
agf. |J|U» t'XpiTI Pin-r 
aul«nalM:aUy makri. hiiii itn- 
twiim"* lt>a«|i;r ■■llr lus jsmxl 
t>ill«WKll,"' saiti S!« 

Tli»l IS Mir of the few th.mKs 
thtHa*k!. larknl lasl wason 
a |UBism.(i., (tmlrol orirntrt ill 
leiw The n^turn o( Antly 
Hottowitki II |{aa.l» ' , ..l<An Prrll, 

I . ... ... , M .. .. ... r >.^ ;. ... 1] 

Will IMW.) 

)«-»i .««■■«,■(?(■ t.parii 

short soccer hi&tory It has 
more otfetise. mare ex- 
periencf and more d^th tliaii 

last vi'ar''i sciuad Tht; return o( 
TinKt to last yrar's (orra Is tm- 
[K»rtanl, but not to ttw point of 
crucial tietause of the Hawks 
uiits.tand)(i« rtef«>ns«- But, 
Nt'aiist' til thf tough sclKHlule, 
It won I f>e easy to duplicate 
last year's rewril In the long 
run. however. Harper's 
schedule wit) be an Mge .simply 
tuN-ause the Hawk* will have 
playtti so m;:inv i»«m1 ufifKiiunts 
that lhp< -lo haughty 

toir.lesi.c- if they tin 

JUKI, get tin!) !..ycK on their 

Harper tootbal] kicks ofheamn Saturday 

iKlJIf Mi'lKiii 04%]NllniAi'ii<ll 

"the ll»n>i'T 'l'«)tita:l.t H;«k» 
rraehed llie p.lni» id aircrss 
la »'!». 'Tilt Ha«:k..ii mm thr .\4(" 
lille, lit*' Urgion tV cftanifHm 
alii||) ittnc'. Atid wiiTC' rai'ikfti 
'Mii'HalhiM'lllit at t::h«'i'taM>'.iii the 

TI»tH wa» i™'i> years iiio 
B».ii,Ht> »od hard ttmi'* h»^' 
set .IB 1 jksi ytat' • »ni;iin) I't 
IMNl 1:0 i i in aiiiteremi* i> 

».lth«..iV.t'i '* .nnlft^? 411; lh,r«.«. I 

r'lOd ;■','.. I :. . 

*('"rf .1 

Boll looking to 

M. ^y 


l»g:r ! 

juruiiir .(I'Ki 

• p,:re1 !t>u 

tt'., " 

'■■•*■ iTi the »ctit-r"''- It their 

.'ight gaifli-- .'ig the 

<:..!. "Th.e .Ha»k» ate still 

tiid 'trtwitilme. hut it Ihtt I'ntuhmcn 
,■'.:• .. . "'"i ''.nfcshavrashot 
• finish Trit-Mi 
. , J'., iwrt-nnjal 
.. .<•■:• ■.*!!. .|<.i:. ■ 
, ' , ..Ml p. JO- ■.. 

■ i"un<Kn*n. h) p.oji.- 
'•» Hawks 

<JUAHTERBACK - ,\ thou 
.,.ri.ittvtTi-i-ni (».II..r -mlti the :.ff 

..*h!,iiil'i itrpr 

!"IM> lllplll Of 

■ 'IIO* •Min 


i«:i ii«l 

r. .|. Hitvii: 

trshiM>ii. «ii«I agam. thf- key ts 
hem lawi anil how much they | 
can pnoducif. The answers 
sWortil IM" right away and a lot 

Freshmanish," says Klla.<ki- 
Thr line is average sur, but is I b\ «-2. Ml pound Jim 
.\l.urau.s)(!.s, who is from Fortd 
\'H"W This 1.. a big question I 
markfven with Miirausltis Or, 
at Eliasik pul.s It, "an unknown | 
tjuanltly ' 

RECEIVERS ■ Very Mnmg. 

". "-. Mark Hud,son are the 

.r'ci' but there is still 

- '-kulniai]. Jel'f .Jenwn and | 

Ron Iwdley This group fwrll 
one ol the strongest pogltioiiii.<i 
the team A lot of talent, and i | 
.lot ol depth 

ever attend '■ 

strong, ni.eai'1. :nc riiki mat 
e«ts nails at breakfast T»cl,l« | 
.lulian Tucker Rta.d 


Board renews space contact with IXstrict220 

Tilt Itoird at TnrtMt 
wat » trnttt- 


Itgnc cfwut mnfMi 
I BtRlnilwi HiiH SdMMl 

Miiii, apwiiiMi. tuMt. ■biwi 

tfuc W ii flVpMt OEWil .idlOl)! 

DisMcl M. Tlw dMrlct Hm 

lir Mt of ttt 

twfltwiag Vm 


ptfimil tor rentaJ ot 

Iftt iHtilll MCl MfVlCtS 

ni*Mi by mtmi DMlftei a 
~ «l 'Oh 

• Cnainiiiilljr CotUft 
mmci m wm mmmm UN 

• that tlti Bsrrtaltim lacUtty 

hourt :|l f i,iB.I* 19 p,ia., Mm* 

«««%' i»f lilt' rftiptctlft 

• tacH itWricI t* I* Mil 
hannliM Hit ttlltr dliilrlct for 
any cWw nrnitttng Inm thf 
impHMMlltallMi and operation 

or tiiit agntiiwat umi, 

• lilt lalflcn o( tlM liigh 
idianl |>rlnrl|>al ot Diatnci 230 

•Ml the office of the IXnKtor ol 

CtotliwiAf E«teilioci and Pro- 
train Strvlctt at DtstrMrt SU 
•Ui be KqMaailMe (or tlw 
optratloiit wilMii' Um 

'OUw mttntfi mm WIU M 
llic Ai|Hl .mtMUia lacMtd. 
the ftttftetlioii ot a t««-ytar 
■(reement «llh Um iwrvlcc 
Employee*. Interna I tonal 
t'nion. LmiI II. Tbt laliMM 
previous romraei aqplml July 
I . Uius raUfkailon by tlw bmra 
of tnutet* before tbc mm con- 
tract couM take effect 

Terms of the new contract In- 
clude a 10 percent salary in- 
croiM ttrthocwreiil year and 
4 It tl iMfntBt. 'iMfiitM' fbr 
IM143 (lifMniliMl o«' Um yetrfv 
CooiUBitr Price Index as ot 
May 11. IMl 

In other iciMMi; 

-Tile board .appfioved • niax- 
tBMm of tio.m tttr talaiy ad- 
|iiat«cnt( to the Teacher 
AMDCiaie staff for the IMMI 
ytar. Tbt *»a0» lataiy 

IH9 IP^rlll 
Mr .iM4 btMl' lltlli' f* |1I,IW 

itr n II tMti CMilrnel at ir.s 
hours per week However, two 

salary range* wlU be tm- 

ptaacnied dlltlni the current 
ytir. Individual piaetinent on 

tlie mift la baaed upon tlie 

cndMiUala of tbt aaaociate. 


- taoii A (HA or lew.) p,iao- 


- Itanit B (BA pte 10 mbi.) 

- Acceptance ol the 
Resources Allocation and 
Munagemenl Plan (or Com- 

niumly Colle«es tRAMPCCt 
Thii Is the (ilanmni dwumenl 
rtijuired each year by the II 

Ilnoit Board of Hifher Kduca- 
tioo and t» ihc tteslc lor in- 
quests to the la|iaiatiir« lor fun 
ding The capital request for 
casiu) (muling Is contained 
within the docMMi The docu- 

l« a long range study 
focusing 01) the ipecillc tunc- 
IMiRS of the colteiiie. an m- 
amtnatlon ol the Iteicllons in 
terms of past and present and 
an effort t» determine what 
direction the«e funcUons should 
lake In the future 

Board of Trustee approval 
was needed before full occu- 

pancy ol Btdg. H would be 
allowed Last winter the walls 
Of the racquetball courts show- 
ed signs of detamtnatMo and it 
was quasttonablt a* to whether 
the walls couM stand the hard 
use of handball and racquetball 
play Repair work was done on 
the walls and they showed no 
signs ot further delamlnatlOR 

durtng the la*t (ivt month* 
However, In the event of future 
delammation which requlet 
repair, the areas will be 
rvpairal and surfaces reseat- 
ed In addition to eKiendIng the 
guarantee from one year to 
two. the contractor took out a 
125,000 bond covering the 


IMtlliam Rainey Harper College 

Vol 14 No. 3 
Septemhedl, 1980 

Health Service has open door; 
free tests, counseling available 

King: No leads in lot attack 

tevestlgalon have no leads In the attack ol a lf-|ear-old Harper 
student The attack occurred to parking lot I, adjacent to Bldg M 
during the second week of classe* 

The assailant was descritied as white, medium build and about itn 
years old He was last: seen wearing a peach colond; tee ahtrt and 
blue Jean* 

Anyone having any information concerning the attack Is asked to 
eootact Kevin King, public safety chief, at eict 311 or rommander 
IMwrt Ward at tbt Palatine Police Department. JSII-2111 


Sludmits who wonder what 
happens to the activity feet 

they pay might want to take ad- 
vantage of the Health Service 
localMt in Building A Free 
medical counseling and treat 
mcnt for minor t]lncs«es are 
available to all Harper 
iliMleiUa The Health Service 
also sponsor* three blood 
drives yearly and a health fair 
each s(>r ing 

Tests for pregnancy. 
mooonuctesu, strep throat 
and. tuhtrcalMli are available 
as »rt the diagnosis .tirwl treat' 
rnent ol vfmjfal dls«»a:se. The 
.Health S*rv«i-e empba»ti.e» the 
fact that all visits are kepi 
strictly conlidi'ntlal 

The center offers brochurn 
on Health concerns such as 
alcohol, cardio pulmonary 
muscitallon. cancer, birth 
control, pregnancy., vencnal 
disease mononucleosis. 
allergies and acne. Group 
counseling sessions are 
available on topics luch as 
smakini. sexuality and weight 

student* can pvrchaae a M- 

hour accident and sickness in- 
suranet policy at the center 
This bocpltalliallon policy Is In 
elfect from the date of pur- 
chase until the following Fall 

The center Is staffed by fully 
i|uallfied registered nurses, 
part time physicians are 
available (or approximately an 
hour and a tialf eacli day fund- 
ed by Mudenl activity fees The 
staff diKtors are each affiliated 
with one or more or the follow ' 
lag hospitals Northwest Com- 
munity. Alexian Brothers or 

Suburban Medical Canter 

Support services for the 
disabled are coordinated 
ihrough the Health Service 
Service* Include readers (or 
the visually impairi^d, testing 
assistance and note-taking 
Disabled students may obtain 
medical parking premlLs at the 
corner when they preatnt 
physician's request 

Lwated In Bldg Am. the 
Health Service is open Motulay 
through Thursday R: IS a.m. to 
Itnio pm . and Friday from 
« 15am lol »pm 

Fall art exhibit at Harper 

.An an exhibit, on display un 
til Sept 3(1. will feature the final 
projects of Harper students 
from the spring class ol moo 
Lithographs, sertgraphs and 
other selections will be 
available (or viewing 

Oct «-24 Harper will present 
a University of Illinois Art 

Faculty Kxhibit which will in- 
clude prints and drawings done 
by 12 artists Irom the Cham- 
paign campus faculty 

Both exhibits will be on 
display on the second floor of 
Buildings C and P The exhibit 
is open ilurittg regular college 
operating hours. 

WHCM: rocking campus 

Of 'JKFr BVffiRK 

WHCM is alive" The st:udeni- 

run campus radio station has 
been rocking ihC' canpu* (or 

.Althoitgh there Is no to^rmal 
radio carwr program offered 

at Harper, students can gel ei 
cellent broadcasiing ex- 
perience from working at 
WHCM The station i« ainoitl 
enllf ely siudeni run but thtre is 
an advisor who m.ore or less 
"tells you to put your head hack 
ui the trials window . ' ' 

AI:lhough Iht station llielf 
has survived a decade ol rock 
and rail, the wtnng Has not 
Soae wiring ninimig through 
eaniiMis bulldtnp was ten 
years old also and had to be 
replaced However, some o( the 
wtnng in the caleterio was 
myilariiMaly cut in seven dif- 

'—-' The coat of 

I wiring 

will be' abuwbed by funds pro- 
vided through the ttudent aC' 
tiwiles (ee 

Stall pMitloM' are open to 
anj' Harper student w'ho car- 
ries at least three credit hours. 
Anyone wishing to secure a disc 
jockey or englneertng '[njsltion 
IS rfi| to perfO'rm a audi- 
Hon Currrnl officers are 
WHCM arc Sieve Pryor. station 
manager. Jerry Goldstein, pro- 
gra'm director. J'lm ftusch. 
chief engineer. Greg Stone, 
news director and Kris .Ptpen- 
'hurg music director. 

The station operates through 
money athilted them from the 
Student Activities Fund Much 
of the *'i|'ulpment used in a nor- 
mal broadcast day were 
donated by IKBC radio in 
Chicago, many of the records 
and tiiie*' used arc received as 
priMMllmal material. 

I playi a varMty of 

m'USic throughout Son ot a 
cross between formats ol 
Ctiicago FM .stations. .A typ.|cal 
broadcasting day goes 
sooiethlBg Hkt this 'ilhe format 
is Illustrated by conpansons to 
t^hlcaio rock stations'* 

wan to Warn TopW-WKFM 

M'a..m.toll a.m. 
Album oriented rtH'k-WtL'P 

lia.-.m to I'p.m 
aduit contemporary WKQX 

ipm toJp m 
Album oriented rock-WLUP 

2p.m. lo4p.m 
progressive 'rock-WXRT 

4pm toCpm 
aifuit contemporary -KXQX 

• pm totopm 
album oriented rock-tWLl'P 

lilt alat mn btgin* its day at • 
B.II. and continues tUI U p.m. 
MlMiday through Thursday 
TbedaybeglnaatSam onFri 
day but ilpa off at i p m For 

A RAHE MOMENT, it's not often that someone isn't mann- 
Ing llw tystein at WHCM The campus radio station enter- 
tains students throughout the day with a variety of rock 
musk comparable to several Chicago FM stations The 
broadcast day begins at 8 am and doesn't end till 10 p.m 
Monday througb TlMtnday i tlie station signs off at 2 p.m. on 
Friday.) Re(}ueats are taken at ext 237 Ptwto courtesy of 


Senate's main obligation, allocatin g funds 

t»cafli|H»orfiiilutla«; iniimn m - «- »— Md w u w — «* 

"gjgHl^y 0( hOVI (iw 111 111 llllll HlMiMC ' Hl'lij^' 

tiit MiliiNy'liii t ^ ^^^^ .^^ 'EE 

Faculty measures lessons, awaits choices 

At 1 m M tl» ntfirtritw 
tmm. mmtmt bj «» ««w •l*- 
qMitl «il ilie T-sWrtt niiil' «> 
iMiHl fc« the stuiterts' <;iu«' 

wrltt fci» **» colunm And 
IMiflwl ■»<<>>> some iiupMt 
MM* »n* SO""*? p<»a|>«t>» 
<|liiiia ami ««* slwrri iH 

«|. all iMiiw ma mtUml. to wt«r 
TIM! MaiMnfir %' ptarinf 
Mtmma wiBi >l» enncept •! 

T^acliiM. iM>t « '■•»* *««■•«» 

bill tn Urn 'iw? cwK'reH" «»J 
toacMng ttfci* ptoet Iww •» 
nir sctool. 

Sim tut flM .rata Mf writini 
■» * il«H» *lMi IW. Itoiw. 
V« iiMf toitliiciiMiac my itr 
nr it itucwiit, TWi » my 
Mtntf Immh ««««« or «>(■ 
I^Vi ttacMag.. Ft B» wrw 
.ncvtr aMin Iwt mcomm 
miM nOMi'Mt DtMW iw* 

From the 
desk of. 

Rawfl Kifts 

awtw <p( (lie (twiriii; niture ci( 

I dMll •11* M* wllmiwsi 
JIM .hmmm. tUtmm «"*» 
•cnlntietl tmwn Mt| Wmi- 
AM. liit»ii«iciigrt:lE(pf«« 
8Hi*wt to (!»• i«me«cK§ iwt 
Wty i>r mkropiRWWMirs hit ol 
lilAgMiiM'. i«t >'<*■"•""">. t'''* 
ing '.MMlwtla in the mm 
Brtarnwi o( corrreies. ioto 
iuitll.- pTI'iif muMle t# 
imitwilion. fit! Tltrwy, eii'- 

mmmt <i( «rtt»m We *«'» 
talk nt UilWWin «r vaciiioiM. 

Dili of our tilllertl.., BUT 

in::u*>i»t», mr ttpartrntnts. But 
all llM' Kill dnwitt a iMiler 
tiHriw- eich «t( us, •» yciii:r 
le»ett«r, (into- "'H<»« *«1 it *• 
(•r llil* pmr't iwtcli. J* m* 
inW' piM|ite •• l*« m wr 


For »», j«ir liculij". hJive 
eliauM the tilea* **' »«»nt to 
(■•ell j'OUi I 'ipoiit «t*k* pill" 
timg h>({r*er the rtatunt list 
tar UT 231 •■ SBil. t»* tint rv» 
■flM JIM ID elMiS. ilwulcl 1 (i»v« 
elmM><) u raucti Irom M)U<iii 
niiTpjiclifa, in m many tolet 
(win Cluiwer" 1 itww iWit tor 

Mm l»r chok'c l» alMllMely 
rtgdt ' ■ :! Mlllon tml 

fftjui- '-Jrs, I em 

mlannf *'ni select my 
rtiMMM. i'Ul tnayiMF. ,ju,»t 
^itia|M, tliere't «>« <>( jaa in 
mat class fur wlwin Mitton will 
Mng. wort joynuily than *itti 

Chaucrr Sly terror ts 1 won "I 
%et this in y'ou, ami m keep y<»u 

mute tfl vour o*n response 
That I* lltif terror of tejirhitiR 
iwt thlt I will i«'ai-*' her 
lm;au*e ) *m n rummager in 
ttie tliHves of the iilirtry an«l 
'ilM •» plumped nent to some 
lulhur I ■*■» *U|>|»o*e<l. lo rend 
■ I h4ii>e I fli*. hul can '1 pnimise 
y«i< ■ For Joe. Jntin. Belty. 
Jim, I'm sure there are rtteir 
attcoverles oulsiile nf the 
choice* al their teachers Bat 
■m'h» allowed these (llsfoveries 
liwre «r teachers, who ,sh*we<l 
(IE by their choice* that we 
enow' make o«i,r«*n 

So maytw utel I've been 
niimmg a lear is rea,lly a h<ipe 
That you, our *lu<le(its will ei^ 
pami irom, our choices into your 
o«t> We've chosen well tor you, 
aj)(l are silently waiting (or 
your Choi ce,s. 


The Hartunger accept* let 
tens to the eflttor from all 

sludenls faculty and stall 
memlten, Ait letter* must be 
•.iKoe*!, anv uns.,lgnefl letters 
submitted «ill m- uisreKardcd, 

liCtters ovrr I'm words are 
subject to ediling All letters 
should l>e submitted lo the Har 
hlnger office BlClg A36T no 
later than ruion the Monda> 
before publication 

teller to the editor 

Harper stepping stone to awareness 


BwMil Mty li*e>t tit (IKnoiB 
tm ■Nntlhan * ,moBth, gw* t" 
llarwer (or i intk- short o( two 
wteta. and not yet hem |lven 

■y nm trotimg WW. « k«K»* 
mm IM MwtMT Mi't ■tinpll • 
•aliMl tm ■temkmit grawtk. 
bit'B "Miillf tog stunt" (or enii»' 
tiiWil irtMn awl' surencs* 

Oil, many ocea«inim. iw 
UMrt pMpIt uy -"you're ffl,alt'" 
Mg. a Ktfy IINIM' MMJilMi by 
MSnUiii a, iMiaitaii :Biilta|pr 
mm a atait ittlvinlly. fmt 
kMw„ you're gotng tn, have (0 
■■■row UK*" M>met,nn«'' ■* H olten 
iMDift. that tlioM rnrn^ mn 
■tiittenal by fM9»*- '•««*'■ ■«»■■ 

viMtily 'haven't »*t "gFowBtlp 

t;heni,ielves -Cwwing W> *» 

iniwrpretwi at m,aiiy diirtennit 
ibing* m iit*ii*' dltteremt Bi,lii*i 
li',i true, (or 'IIM' 'IMMI pit,., 
wveral AiilMii elwoM cm- 
mintt' CDllept. lilie Harpr. 
,»'ll3t (hey m,a) be irtaiwd. as 
-DtMile-or "JtiUffl"' aiiil,raol as 
,fiH, tr .»«• »Mi 'Is that m 
wmiif ' ,Sman claww iiwl mim 
related situations maybe 
•i«im|«<t ••ipwMi fining" by tm 
■stuflent. hO'»t»'t'r «'» 'the 
tm,a,rt:i« undent mim tturn to 
take amiaiitaiitnl thtt :|Nrs«fial 
Iranew-ork and tt'« ttw smArtet 
I *h<;> use* It to h,|,» beH 

tm«ft9t by askag nuertH**. 
■tMnt aiy tuntme'nu ibt it 

conit:ructi-»» cnllctem or any 
rem,a(*s drawn V(m perwinal 
B«i»*irtemeia'. etc i, ami ,al«». 
«a.kin«, himsell known S>en 
thMgh thtt » a «i»iii,mMity c*!- 
mt. )«t, can ilt'l liiM, as aariiy 
trim 'intm tb«' woodwd)** mt 
OkhiM: m sleeping ihi* course 
by 1*19 1,» ,»ll well ,and jond this 
ttae aiwiiwi,, >« what aobut 
tHc wit etwrae. ana the ne«t 
iCMMler and lieit year" Most 
ot ■our eharaeterii(ic\ ■«««> 
luniied •!»» we wrre younR, 
:ma •« unknowingly will take 
niMM ml them with us "until 
death do us part. Harper f ihe 
'H«Midfr(ut taenlty and statd 
givt* ii» the chaace to tjilie a 
letter »«* at n«riMHve«, have a 

■enie <>( twionging by getting 
involved with any of the several 
eietra currtcular ,aciivitles,. and 
t)y asking questlttns and temg 
apart, we are oHertd the 
eSiet to change «r image, or 
ttewB re«in»tnKt the old tine 
It's 19 to vou. It we could only 
r««|li:e hnw m,uch (i( how we act 
twdreaci to our ■ 'college days" 
•(It be wken with us »to our 
future jobs and into We' Which 
mule will you tjike (rom here" 
V ou mav "be aftle to sleep a 
cnurse liy. but Do ymt value 
your ll(« enwgh to ile«!> that by 
too'' Harper gives us a chance, 
l^t's take that chance' 



WlUtan Raioej Harper CoJleie 

AliMiquln 4 Roselle Roadi 



'MMt'in^XMif , Wtnay leniktMMtwr 

sum* EOnot M 111* B,«mMcl> 

HlWoElllloi Rlt-»K*iHt» 

Uil l»ll«t»M,IIi»r Uin Lj-Mliuy 

C*i»im«MM, MiltrGroMli 

Stilt Rwk Mmipliwl. Mat KbM. 

K'ws Sinrtim, Mtk* Suitiu. 

Nam:; K„«r*6ltJM, Karllt JllMMMI 

Di'nwlo SloJ»none. J«tl Ew*. 

,N«nct MMtr, W»ylK tl«l)*a»u- 


kovum Dorol,liy Plntv»i» 

Ti» h,am«inm:« i» tilt 

'PilWKwllMi inr Uv« mrvtr CwOtm 
CiinpiltnwnmMnii y , [mMIiIimI woctct]' 
aMfM; iunii* WMliyt m» fHwl «»- 
itmt. 411 opMiant »t|W»*i«l m au» 
<tt ItM writer (Ml «« «!#c»it«rlty UioM 
«it llw cal,l»KV, it,i JHimtniHlralum. 
(Kulty « Hudtiii txMy *i)vrni»iBg 
•im apy a«MlllM I* noon FrMiy ititf 
eopy 1> iuBJeel m nJltmn All l«it»r» 
ift-nie'lMlttit rniuM «* H||n«l Nimw 
will H* t>*lH»«> ■'"f '*■""" "* 
inrmidon (■•It »:-*»«! <■«! <« '» ««i 

Vm M«rbll.««'. S«|»t«mb.< I > »«. P«9« J 


Israel tour Free handbooks Scholarships 

During the v„..™.._ -----. 
Harpers Interaattonal Study 
Group will liter »" tn-<lepMi 
I tour tt Bflfl ««» «» "»>y 
UM. ttm ««««y' »<»«■ »«' •"■■ 
~ IT III January 10. 
I vWts to Cairo, the 
^ ol Glia Hid the 
I of Uowx and Kamak^ 
.iM> aenitra wffi Me the 
MhIw «l the Bgyptian pharaim 
and tour Israel exleiwtvely 

The cost o( inw covers 
round trip air fare from 
CWcago. all land Iransporta- 
lion and lours, lectures, ac- 
commodatlons. all hrtJiiilmta 
and II main meall. 
I Enrollment Is Hmtted lo torty 
and a depoalt o( $10« wl" 
ruer^e i|>«ce on the program 
with tull payment dye by Oct 
K Partklpantt may earn 
ther degree credits In 
.iumanitle* US or continuing 
education unit* 

iBttrenled student* and area 
naldent* should call Martha 
SIllMXisen. coordinator o( inter 
national studies, in BIdg F3S1 
wBldg r33Tb.«t »r> 

Plitt tickets 

Pint meatfi- uckets are 
jivailabte in ">• SliKlent Ac 

uvitte imicf . Bidg Am -nt! 

tlckeli are avallaWr al 12 
apiece and may be Hied at any 
Plitt (heater Tickeii are good 
for srt months Limn at four 
per audenlacttvUy card 

rail Student Activity Calen 
dars and Student Handhoukt 
are available free »l charge to 
the Student Activities Office. 
BIdg M» Throughoui the 
semester, consult the bulletin 
boards and the *eeW> gold 
colored Events Calendar (or 
updated Intomatlaa 

Blood drive 

Health Service will sponsor a 
blood drive. Tueiday. sept 16, 
m BIdg A242 tKmors must lie 
la good health, between the 
ages ol 17 and 65. weighing at 
least no pounds and wall eight 
weeks between donation*. 
Damn and their immediate 
(Mnllles will be covered with 
tmcrgency blood supplies For 
iMif* mtormalton Call the 
Health Service, ext J« or stop 
Kytheotflce.BUf AW 


student senate elections have 
been postponed till September 

Mling placet will be In the 
BMg A Tounfe from » am to I 
p m and from 2 p m lo 8 pro 
on the first floor of BIdg. D 

Candidate profiles and opi- 
nions can be found In the 

Sep'ei'l*'" 1» "W* <•' ** •*•'*'' 

.Scholarships for both full and 
partlime students involved In 
EnKlneering Malhemalics, 
Mechanical Engineering. Elec 
ironies T«?chnology and Ar- 
chitectural Technology are 
available Award* covering tui- 
tion, fees and required books 
lor couTiet will be made at 
midterm ^ . 

Applications may be made at 
Ihe Financial Aid Office. BIdg 
AM4 alter registration 
Deadline Sept IS 


students who qualify for a 
degree or certificate for the fall 
iWi semester must petition (or 
graduation by midterm, Oct 
17 Graduation petitions can be 
obtained in the registrar s of 
(ice, BIdg A113 


There will be a billiard* 
demonstration by Frank Ollva 
WcdDMday. Scptembar 17. m 
am llnoonandl 3pm In the 
Game Room Ollva has twice 
held the title of Chicago Pocket 
Billiards Champion The 
demmwtratlon will consist ol 
an aaao«tm«ni of trick and (an- 
«j llMtt. Sponsored by the 
Game Room 

The Chicago Symphony 
Chamber Players will present 
■ major concert Sunday. Sent 
14 al 1 p m m t*'*"!* "*■ ^"* 
versatile perlorming group I* 

mode up of principal pi<ivri> 
Irero the Chicago Symphony 

Harper students will be ad- 
mitted free with an activity 

For further information, con 
tact the Student Activities Of 
flee at exi 113 


50% OFF 50% OFF 

on your choice ot t pwm. cut. 

lint.eomrwJlbraidioa. taciaii, 
mMteum. M waalng, etc. 


tor all cuttomars 
B33E. Algonquin 

[2 ffiifft««llal <3*« W; 



Steven Suvadas ver-.ituc 
pf rtormances of the literature 
for classical guitar contain an 
impressive repertoire ranging 
from Bach to Villa Lobos as 
well as his recent ventures into 
« modem vein of jaii with ar 
lists Bobby Christian and 
Robert Tllles Suvada i» 

..■i..niii/e,i .-.- a complete musi- 
cian He has appeared as guest 
soloist with the DePaul Univer- 
sity Guitar Ensemble and the 
Chicago Guitar Society. 
Suvada will perform today 
froml2 liitolisam InBldg. 



\ui!ii!un- (or liie first Harper 
College Stii-r "■ ' ■■■-IToduc- 
Hon. --Char;. *ill be 

held Sepl ':: - P m '" 

BklK \l H^ ■\uHiiioi» are open 
all interested Harper students. 
stall and faculty Those in- 
terested in crew work are also 
inviiedlo the audit ions 

Production dates (or 
'■Charley"! Aunl" are Nov 14. 

ii.2t and 22 In BIdg J 143 

(iuesltons should be directed 
to Director of Theater. Mary Jo 
Willis, BIdg AIM. exI 448 or 
ze or Designer Technlciil 
Director Mike Brown BIdg C. 
Ml 494 or 285 

Crews will be forming im- 
medialely after auditions 
Copies of the script are on 
n?serve m the library 

Classified Apt, to share 


»TTI)«0(UIT NCIDf for m*» Oi,l*btt<l 

lluooni MtinMt •"« Wliantwto? ft wWtttO 
fintM Vo«i I m i l> •" f- ' '*»' 0' '*" 
m«,n • Mr en •» NW fw "Wt I" 
twrnitw <■*<' lit M«"* ifrK». Bl«) 

A.l<i.t«< Ut 

wn vtO* »■••". "•• —f*Mr Hrat: II 
miM ™ ow 9*n«« cm mm*t*n n' ••» 

<nt>t UOIflMCWIltilHHii 

mSSTcomd m frmt* »»>¥** tiny 
tirp»i»a. •«i>«»»t>». >« *•">». '"' •" 

Hf ED * •Mlw'' Of Mf'l nwrief MM»f 
M> m""»« wntm. coMUjWm. >• »♦« 
iM. rm^ artm t*»n.r«fl» S«' ww >s* 


«M«T«»fWT TO lH*«f , f««*. "«» 

fwtl^^. *D «*»»f* wt'ti I Of Mm* Omtwvm 
*r1 frffltoP Mt<fl1'», m*r tram ilftW", no* tw 
I'll'pNiflw *ii«t in rt«po<l»'l>l» Cill t*' 
a»E«l M«H«»4aH AiUKirBt'll 


J*cfc* t My twtt' mni on a *i»» 
Ont An i**>* tev« turiKM) *o tify hitt 
Jill?,, wifrkiout. «\ch*9M J«c* • W 


Now fftiW Ml** bwrm mwi* twontw. 

jjicti iiin*i> ■irni«ft'«t«' *•• 
ont^OMESUCIt _ ._^ 

DriM 1« rOUR ««•«« *<m« ywj'rt Hi tOm* 
SijCimttHarMnfftr, iMR A3»7 



On any regularly priced 
album or tape 
Wtth this coupon 

TMt olttr doM not Inclutft 






TlfKop Pass Shopping Center 
1211 Golf Road 

Rock Valley Thumps Hawks, 19-7 

rasas ^ag Mike Rita calls it a season 


Onto, (roni: PlMtuuit Vrtltjr 

'Imra, MuiiiiMl tlM' Mawici 'by 

in tlie 

M^IMi VaUty't 


cmi' ta ui as i «id* recwlver 

iMt |t«r and bwauM of tn~ 

iHfMf' Wt iMit lO UM Mtm 111 s 

■Mne w« MC4 Min Ut. 'Iw lliK« 
lor SIS yards and T 

Harper qutrtcrtMck 
Hlba bat tafetn hit bati 

wbo vaa wttA Daft 
Lnth tlw Hawk* lup two 
quartarbacfea, taM iMad coach 
Mm EUaalk: iMlkre laai Saiar- 
dai'i lamt Uiat In quit. That 
laa««t Um Havkt »Uh Loch 
and MUw Chnkiad at the 
quarterback nfiol 

"Friday ntgM be cuntacM 
mti" Mid EliaiUt. "and told 

me at bla decision to quit the 
team 1 tiMUght he was every 

hit M 'lind as Locti. but we 
dMMMlinUch I had planned 
touic<Riba) InUwgame ' 

Acconliag to Ellasik and 
odiar iitayen, Rlha gave no lo- 
tfcallnn ot Us iatmlkMia until 
he 'RNNaded Cliailk' PrMay 

"t thought they were ming to 
start Mike." saM UMb. "He 
was really doing good and then 
they Irid me Friday tbat I wag 

I to start. 
■I knew ! wouldn't ptiy the 
whole game." he cmdniKKt "I 
knew Mike was going lo be In 
there Just ai much If not more 
than me " 

RIha wasn't available (or 
comment than lo Kay he quit 
"became 1 wasn't going to 

'I think it was a immt deci- 
sion," said Ellaaik, "on Hike's 

I In the Itve-yard Itne but 

eaaUy iMMm lereed them to 
end: IMr IS yard drive 

The Trajan's turn at oflente 

m m aw Mj^ y ol l Uetam- 
a tS^yiitf penalty tof n wapor t- 
ty, along wtni aa 't*-fafi rW' hr 

~ "* 'Jim VWIIWllln :|M 


Harper a first t 
Jan's 17 yard line 
Hawk quarterback Dave 

cmavMed two 
Mi llglilened 
m tor a Mai of 
II yardt. On Gaines second 
caU, he shook oti a deiendlng 
1 his 

■mm Omm to Dm lO-yartI line. 
Ilsfver then moved tlie ball 

combined (or a sack that 
brought on a punt situation A 

.MinnI nUira by Harper's B<ib 
i|yk.«aa called back due to a 
dlMif 'penally. 

with a few mmutn remahi- 
mg in the first quarter, the Tro- 
jan's marched the ball down 
the field lo the Hawk's fivl^ 
yard line I»enalties and In- 
complele passes made the Tro- 
jans settle (or a 37-yard field 
goal and a 1-0 lead 

Througbout the rest <if the 
first half, neither tram 

Fred laden gets equal time 

(Note: This Is an extern 
poranenus interview and its 
contents are noi lo he taken 

seriously It i* a labor of how 
people become famous. > 

Fred Inden wants to be 
famous. Actually he is It'siiist 

that nohMiy knows about it 

So i'm giving Fred bis 
chance It's about time, he 

iMls, to Iwt everyone know Just 
hnw tamou* he ta. So Fred, take 

"I first realized I was iamous 
when t was six month* old AI 
the lime. I was drafted by lte«M! 
pro football teams " says llie 
Jolly round man 

But Fred bypassed loot ball 
and proceeded with 
hlMtergarten Yet. a decisioi 
about playing pro ball was In- 

"By the time 1 was five year* 
old, i had la make a declsiitn 
whelber lo report to trulfling 
gradwilc from the 
grade." he says. "Ami 
! the lm.portance of .in 
education. 1 ileclded. to st;u a: 


.on sports 

to a 'laain with a »-»i 

"Now boklng back. I regret 
nM signing my pro contract ' ' 

But theM' were bigger thiags 

"AttiT'llnhMtog: college." In- 

dm. i— eii M wti. t reallnd I 

bad tO' win World War II se I 
eiilisied In the Marine corps 
and. siaglehandedly won bat- 
tle*. The most notable wa» the 
battle of (iroinn's in New 

IM Ihe war was soon over 

M«n. was forced to look ahead. 

"After eiefeating Tojo and br- 

tnging Jjipiii to its Knees. I look 
my f|.|iitg to pro loottM.ll. Itully 

And it is here where Inden. 
after year* of waiting, made 
hi* biggest impact On the 
gridiron or pro football You 
won't (ind him In the HatI ol 
Fame, but the Job he did is still 
recofnlzed as tlie most extraor- 
dinary In football. 

•In IM». I turned an I 11 
record around to a i»-tl record 
receiving a broken knee, 
broken nose, and sbiMilder 

Kol bad Frad. not bad at all 
It was about this time 1 bad 
a vwion »-hile nding my btke on 
ihe outer dnve. that there 
would be a cnmntunity college 
that would sadly need mv 

We often read ol such pwtes 
tlooals having vition of savNtg 
an aspect of Americaii sub- 
tullure We often read about 
bom-agatn athletes Bui. In 
den's vMlttn became a realily 

In IW. William Kainey 
Haiper Coilege was founded 
and Inden, who had hew .In 
retirement from (otttlMlt lor 
eight years, was picked up hy 
Ihe football Hawks, as uwy 
were called, on waivers The 
rest, as they say. is bistorj- 

lnter«stMl In writing, 
s«llinK ads, photography? 

Join Tkw Harblnsvr 


Mm nwstlMn 

TiMtday 1 p.m. 

threatened to score, however 
Hock Valley found themselves 
intercepted three different 
tUme* Twice by Llnehacker 
Jeff Anderson and once by 
niysii|uc Murray - 

IlK Tmlans struck again In 
the UMrd quarter when J F 
Green connected with receiver 
Mark Newton for a K-yard 

touchdown pass. Steve 
Huston's eitra point kick was 
good and the lead was increas- 
ed to IM Ui favor of Rock 

The Trojans scored minutes 
later on another touchdown 
pass to Newton. This one from 
Green went (or N) yard* and a 
1(^) lead. Sieve Hualon added a 

field goal with 6:19 remaining 
in the game to make Rock 
Valley's lead IWl 

Harper's third quarterback 
of the day was Scott Cboklad. 
Choklad came in with a tew 
minutes left and led the Hawk* 
down the field for their only 
score of ttie day Now the score 
stood 19-7. in favor of the Rock 
Valley Trojans. Neitlier team 
scored again. 

Hawk's coach John Ellasik 
had this to say about Choklad's 
performance. "Scott was pro- 
liably the brightest thing we 
saw all day He got his op- 
portunity and made the most of 
it. He had gotten the least 
amount of work because we 
had the two other quarterbacks 
in front of him and he was split- 
ting his time on defense " 

"Best thing we could get out 
of the game is that now the 
freshmen have their first col- 
lege game tiehind them and 
we're hoping they improve." 
Coach Eliasik concluded. 

ON THE BEAM during Uie 
French Natkmal gymnastics' 
team demonstration at Harper 
last Saturday night Cerf. 14. is 
a member ol the IWO Cham 
plons of the French Society 
piDoastics teams and the IMO 
Chainpian* of the French 
FederatkM Gymnastics t:up 
ate was also the 19IM Calais 
chaniilen. The French team is 
a on ■ loiB'-«ity U S tiMir Pbolo 
hy Jim Davl* 


Board & Paper Products 
Color & Painting Mediums 
Drafting Equipment 
Airbrushes & Accessories 
Pressure Graphics 
Pens, Markers, Ink 

Paper Cutters 





Wax Coaters 

yPI^ Tho t>l9 iKimo in art supplias 

artists designers supplies 8c equipment inc. 

What's your dental IQ? 


i)i 'gntng ilDwn tci the DvMliI 

ifvi!J«j* ij* > mag I:>'1»( aray 

Hariwr sttideni cm male »«■ 

■ ippointintnl to haw a (HiUliI 

ClcaiUlit. Ml moutli x riijs. 

awltflildbtt *wl»l care h»v<> 
tMiipatilllwOCfital Hygwnr 
PfngraH Iww *< Hnqwr siwc 

)ilf»- The pnirAKi !• vrf to- 
lein* iiMt l«ltt» tw" »•<*•»» '« 
cMnfiMt a anomt* stuHenlk 
lor a cinwr in lie «mil fWa 
,iNiii also hi'Ipti (Nfvolnti thfir 
■WHly »»> g« lion* »«n oihcr 

stiKlmts wto enler' tlie pn- 
Kram are r^iulnM to tike an 
aptitude test, ACT test, and 
brmg in their high whonl or 

nlleie traHCi1|>tt 'laiinilRlan 
|Ki,lcv « tn ihi- pRH-eiw «»( 
dinnfinn' "They shtmW tw 
wlllini to (levole i lull two 
yMw' to Mi» pnntmm ami 
wthini ete." eoranjwlrt »■■ 
coiirt ye»r»lu«tent Lm Sprauts 

Tl*' first s«m,e«ter «i( the pro- 
gram l»egtn» «llh lectures anil 
cimmt Stwtenti arr also given 
chances to practice on each 

other It s a period ol truiHra 
tlon and practice to get the lit 

lie technicalities right "'Ifs 
like Ictming to write ad over 
aiiiin." said Sprouts During 
the second semester the 
students get a chance to show 
what they ve learned by prac 
ticing on actual patients While 
they work qualified instructors 
watch and evaluate them 

The cllnu: is a vital part o( the 
denial program It not only 
gives the student a clinKal set- 
ting and dental practice but ex 
perlence in dealing with people 
as well Understanding and 
canfidenre between student 
and patient Us a ttrong itital in 
the program 

\n appointment Is a three to 


WiHiam Hamev Harper College 

VdI 14 No 4 

SeptetttberlS 1980 

Senate elections slated for next week 

Student Senate tlcc'tlMi wilt 
bt hM Wmtty •nd Tumday 
Potto mtt tm vftn trim » i-m 
to I p.m. In the Ndg A lounge 
and agau from t |i m to I p m 
illlMBidg. J lounge 

i> are'Caitdtdate profiles 

Iracee Gillen 

in the dental hygiene pri»gr»m 

and IS currently involved in 
pttef al itudirs 

Doug Dvorak *«* 

Allhtiufih she hasn't 
established a major yet. Hati is 
sure of her interest in getting 
ttudenis mvoive<! "1 am W- 
tn student foveri- 
gMtlng Uilngs going lm 
and getting invoivmt," 
the said 

The Human Servtces/LUe 
Science Division Candida le 
feels that a gwMi senator is one 
who IS not there tor the title but 
(or the good ol the student body 
lis a whole, Stie also I'avors get- 
ting out and pers»jnal.ty meeting 
students and dealing with their 
pmWem* "1 am veiT In- 
teresled in dealing with (»«pte 
nasi. »*ial tlif> ;h-t," Hari es- 
piained ■ i ■•"■ .■i,!i.'ncii<c<l m 
organii ! i , , 
netting i IV 

The second year physics ma- 
jor (eels thai publicity is the 

iie> 10 getting more students in 
voived in campus activities. 
"I am running tMwause I'd 

Charles Kern 

lllte to see more students In- 
volved tn aetlvitles on campus 
and utilainji the facllllies.' 
Kern explained 'NoiioereiBy 
icUi anyone i about the ac- 
MvHlei/Iacllltlea available) 
Tlwni nwuid be more publicity 
■bavft thing* like BMg M which 
It about the tame as a CMea|0 
Health Club (or only III a 
y«ar " 

Kern, who works as a physics 
luior in the learning resource 
(■enter, describes a good 
rfnator as one who is working 
hard and trying to do 
something (or the students 

Kern is running lor represen-\e from the Math, Physical 
xwiice and Technologj' divi- 
sion "1 would like to represent 
my division because it would be 
very depressing if the elections 
were postponed again for lack 
of Interest." he said 

T<-!x (srM vfiir Harper itu- 
is running tor the Fine 
Biini,anttle«' and. Com,- 
munictttona Olvlalon neat on 
Hit SttilMl, :lltiMte. She is also 
tawdvMi •'il:h Prnpam Hoard 
Hd Ski Club 

"i was very involved at Roll- 
ing Meadows High' Sdwol add: 
want to remain iwrtved at 
■-' •■ 'per t don't want to be an »- 
. e student' the more active 
1 no«. the 'better person I 
w 1,1,1 tm w-hen I get out lof 
school I ,,'" G lien explained , 

autan l*«l» tl»,«i the ke)' lo 

pmeraltng Mudenl interest is 

to conduct suwrys on v. i nous 

!,.■« pertitning to student 

:■• ae feiils that the bigiiest 

proWem it that people *»'t 

want to in to the Senate wlB 

.h,.f i».*i..n-,t rtets and »»pl- 

Ain't »»'ni 10 

have to st»'r( 

»«'v«,!n,ng Uiein, They (km'l 
know'tfclt «t can make a dlt 
'terence, " she said 

AettiW tn Sludtemt Council at 
furs Ifcrauiihoiii high sctHMii, 
Ciileo (lescribes a good senator 
as one who finds out what the 
p«>o(>,le want and then ,K'ts on li 

and Uien act on h, I !»«• to 
(MOW what tiM people want and 
llMin act on that And we 
tHMte* can't think in just 
must think of (he 
a whole." *tale<l 

'!nv<)lv«ni«nl: is ,impt,>i'i«iii 

;■, in a commuiWy cot:- 

■ tenli don't |i»l tni'olv- 

«i as iney should,,'" liiilen ««• 


C'dlen !• on Cht' Jill«nille tm 

-l want to view Harper in ;i 
better way." commented 
Dvorak, candidate from the 
Physical Education Division 

In his sect»nd vear at Harper, 
,Dvoralt f«ls ihe bt-st 'way to 
become aware of stud(>nt needs 
•nd opinions is to directly meet 

With the students "Basically. I 
plan to go out in the catetcria 
and talk to students and ,iu»t |tt, 
10 know stwteiita," he eipand- 

Aci-wd'liii 10 Dworak a ,»»od 
senator l,» so,meone "who 
kmvii the needs of students," 
He views a good senate as a 
group working logetlier to best 
meet these needs. 

The physical ediocation in,ar 
]or II MV'ktng a senate Mat 
tieciuse he believes it «ould he 
iwieficlal 10 btin, "I brtJene t 
■mM, lit' btntftdal lm layttlf 
,Hi:t> Oic Uttfaiia I wiNiM' Im 
npWMiiiiig. I pltii In atjor in 
p e and with my »li years In 
Uw tthleltc field 1 thtnJi that I 
wouMqUAltfy." he Maiert 

Sophie Hatz 

Driver passes out, hits eight autos 

A major accldifnt involving 
eight parked can occurred last 

•eek in parting lot S when a 
driver passed out at the wheel 
and lost control of her car 

Oeraldlne H'rbek, a part -lime 
student at Harper was driving 
her car Ihrough the lot when 

She suddenly leli from sight 
Her car continued to accelerate 
and ntllnled with eight parked 

Vicki 'lutmpvrt, an eye 
witness to the acciileni, said. 
"She 'Slowed, down and then 
pulled over I couldn't see her 
,at the w'tieel. she wa.s at her 
stdi, .Siiddenty, she was going 
«.rv verv fast She hit the (irsi 
c.T ' -',''Hng Thew'he.;ls 

ii,.,, - •*hich caused all 

the ■=m'At:. and the very long 
tire streaks I lurneti ot( the 
i-ar, ami »'■•"• 'or help ' 

Kev,U'i K,i''i' i,lu'f.„-!nr .jl 

public *.il.:'l';, - i"l ■->■!'■ '!:"!"l 

some type ol ],' 

which is UW'H' ' 

lime CMW m,. 
,one ol her s.„r 
'theol,'hersioin-=, • 

Tw'o of the *)#vi i'.if> I'Liii 
punct'iired ,gas tanks, wtm-b 

vices, and the sttident who 
helped all responded very well 
to the accident," commentetl 
President James McGrath 
"Everyone conceraed respond- 
ed vei^y rapidly, and in what 
seemed like seconds, all possi- 
ble medical attention was ad' 
ministered " 

,Ace<>rdlng to Northwest Com 
munit) Hospital spokesman, 
.Anne Finney, Hrbek sustained 
an ankle fracture in Hie acci 
dent Hrbek was ad'mltted to 
the intensive care unit and is 
being ohservetJ for possible 
head injuries, "She is in 
serious, but inipreving condi- 

tion , Finney explained No 
one else was injured in the colli- 

"My friend saw it. and told 
me about if, " said Bob .Jurel- 
shke. owner of a damaged auto 
"What can you say" It was an 
ace Idem " 

'■It's going to cost a iol ol 
monev, said Bob Brown. 
whose car sustained the mott 
damage "M> insurance will go 
up. anil 11 s noi even my fault 
You know, il'i ironic, if you 
park in the end you're more apt 
to get hit I parked m the mid- 
dle, and look at what happens." 

spew-ed ,gas o'- 
tnio the seem- 

,\I the tii'ii' 
Ritefm.ii"> "i' 
Services not I'll 
has no recoll«tion t>t iiiiy thing 
))ii|i|u>»mg She u,id Ihe last 

' , - i';c renierobe'red w'as thai 
..,, . ,' iir«t and 'Bumh m her 
arm, H'l.; 


Paramedics work to remove Oraldlne Hrbek from her auto alter 
she pancd out and lost control of ber vehicle Hrtxk was taken to 
Northwest Community Hoqiltal where she is being held for obier- 
vatkm Eight parked cars were damaged but no one else was tn- 
lured The accident occurred tn parking lot 5 laxt week. iPlNln by 
Lorl Lynn Guy » Another picture appears on page J 




Student voters a must in all elections 

ABO ilMHild IM' am of the btittmt placM on 
Mk. No, It ts not the sHe of a concert. Illm. 
CtMin social It ts the campus center for 


k k 

Wist It to Uofi M'ltitenis tnHD' 
lallBg • (few Bomanta mat of 
Ikt day tnd tiacome • 

lltrMl wMcr of the UnltMl 

r Wtil, thMV Is IIM coU 
[ In 'IIM' '< 

OllVlOUI o( sll 
■MM Am- .ngMniiig to vote 
Hm upcoming prstlOanllal 
LcRltlsUon concefn- 
mnuitry as a whole 
Ute desk of Uie 
toUieodlce The 
•HhMialc* a cWmb really hm 

Ml OMI 'IniPNMMlflMI UMl KlMEf IliBC" 

Oon'Or Uic oinc* IB Uwlr tote 
OO' a sMialier scale are local 

MaahftMl It 'Is '|j^£ as Immmhw 
last la vote In wcidl ^iliiiliiiis 
and oatasUHl the Mfttii «l 

TlUa voice m IsitslallnB la 


way 10 (M 'SB omcM to 

''■ill iwl' Ml ln> 

I' 'Ihioiita w lahO' 

TMs voice la a 

vaapon aiainst can>' 

_||^2tEw^^ ttajja^^^^Z ^_^B_^JLu, ^ lHW ■UUMHdLlI |h| gjUH mumJIt 


Being unemployed isn't all bad 

I «■■ in Hawaii (or tite ntt 
time 1 am ink mpeniiiioiii, 

tun tt ha|i|M(Wit there tnxiiral 
ly. p«0|>lc cait Hswaii 
"parntiiw ■■ Aijo e*«i though 1 
retura«l :» werks ago. I. liel 
that 1 am snii ivMg In paradise 

m]f bnmmn, Paul and Scoil. 
and I M (or Ha«ttl an a noi> 
sl«|i 7*7 .My parem* iiwl mv 
slater Allsa, (oltoweo <int week 

on an ouingger > l( ym watch 

,'I0( Mswati S-O, you know 
1 1 am talking abmtl < 

My mom Mid, -'er Mike. 
»'« 've goi a letter (or .you . " 

1 said. ooh really, who's it 

"■ totted. " 

Umt«d Air Unas was my 
fmptoyer I wnrkrt parl-ttme 

itirowini around lxm>s mio DC- 

10 cMiainen i DAMN .. i 

'Oil M* partieolar day we 
mH' ■!' Iaff!la|: on our baefct, 
taaWMng . lUe naM Hies sway 
11 '«as aioul m deg. f. and' MM. 
a elMid tn ihC' «k:y . I talked ny 
hnCDcri and sister into riding 

fcy td- 

Tlie' let'ter read 
■alt. to he 
dip e aie ii nnly - ' 

I knew whal il wm. 'Ves. it 
wai a low tvitrr. w tn sneak I 
lliiak in the tttg war WWII, they 

Student trustee here 
to help campus 

April ol oach year 'Uiere t* an 
elsetioB (or the posHion nl siu. 
dent Trustee, prolial)))- ttir 
ntost Iffiporlant studenl 
represeniati** 00 campus This 
itndent works hand m hand 
with Uw Board o( Tnistees, Ad- 
'nttaMralUMi Faculty. Student 
Senate and ntudoitt- 

Ihe Student Truslae iMlley is 
10 represent the student nplnlon: 
hi all lacats ot this in*tiiiit.ion, 
to do this In a proper manner 
they ami to t«c iiKwnied ot 
wbjit the MMldnl's want, and 
how they leel', 

Sekool poltcy. and pro- 
tean he changed' with a 
ftRMg ttudent voice, 
allyou need Is a leadcer lor 
your ctuse. That's ny ioh! t 

The lOuRh Thiiwday of each 

From the 
desk of. . 

John Malkowski 

nnwh. 'Ihe Boa.rd o( Trusiees 
holdS' a meeting open to the 
puliltc. m the ninnuii of the 
campus W* welcome Input 
(rom our audience on pro- 

1 al«) appreciate inpM, and I 
can. Mtwer many owtEloni 
that ymi mlthl have atioul thto 
iMsiltutjim So t»el (nt to con 

ticl me anyltme In Hdg. A-» 
tir dial CXI 24*. 

called II a dear John letter II 

Dear Mike. 

This IS to advise ynu thai 
yoorpoilUMi as a pan iime 

Eamp Serviceman Is bctni 

1 regrei this act ton is 
ieceswry ; however ywu 'will 
he terminated elfective 

And M on. and so M 

I knew the economy was bad, 

I know that no one was llyiir 
the oil jet* And I knew I *b» 
•ut. lermlnaied' Thai 

minds too iclence <lctmw'U.i 
Itlie wroething that might hap 

,pn w Star Wa'rs... ■•Keep .awav 
Iniro me Darin Vaoer. or I will 
temitntleyou "' 

Now. here co'me* the 
strange pan I like heing laid 
ofl 1. as a matter o( (act 
wanted to l>elaid-«H 


My Irtends siudtert. while I 
worked My friends went to 
cooeertii, while I went to »ork 
My friends had more time to 

read hooks. ot.her 'than 'whool 
honks while l worked My 
(nendsiild ■everything.' whUe 

I worked 

Does 11 inund strange 'that' I 
no longer make ten dollars per 
hour' Old you know Owl I (lew 
to Denver to see Ihe Talking 
Head* in concert' Dtd voii 
kimw that I flew to Sew York 
City 10 do ChrMinas sitotipini!" 
IM you know that I Hew l» 
Boston lor a Inhster dinoer'' 

And I si III like the idea o( he- 

The main reason though is 
because this past summer I've 
read hooks tike Jack Kerauac's 
"On the Road." and Ken 

Kesey*» "One Kleu Over The 
Cuckoo's \est " I can identifv 
with Dean Momary and life on 
the road As a matter ol lacl. 
next summer, a couple o( 
(rlendi and 1 will ask a few 
more to join us on the road, a 
US A tour I can also Identify 
with Qilef Bromden. the in- 
digent I Hey, there is »om«>one 
always out there willing to take 
care ol you. even i( ll» in a 

My best Iriend's lather 

already envies miC. He also 

works lor liniied, and Is a t)ig 
shoi He calls me "the in- 
digent "■ 

This ol course means that I 
win have to Jive oil ol my 
parents iSo what' I did 11 
helnre, and It Is a hell of a lol 

easier than working 

i heard «ime sludenl in (he 
calet.eriB say." I fust got lata 
m and I cant lind a joh ' 

l( I could give him lomc ad- 
vice, '"stay hungry ■'■' 

Look, l( you get good grades 
II Is easier to get money, be it 
loan or scholarship Ana you 
have time to read books And. if 
you really want to. you can 
have ample time lo party, and 
your grades won't suller 

M(»t Imptirtantly. you who 
are laid olf. are not alone And 
who says you can'l have a good 
lime- Why Just this last 
weekend t ve read three books. 
It's great. 

1 got my letter in Hawaii, or 
paradise And 1 (eel like I 
brought paradise hack with 


IS I Michael P Simkui 
■ ka the indigent 


The Harbinger accepts lei I 

Irrs to the editor from all 

stuaenls. fju-ulty araJ si,3i{ 
membfrs AH leilers musi 1h| 
slgncil; any unsigned letlerJ 
submitted will hen isregardea 

Letters over 3imi words arJ 
subjet't lo editing All tetlcrl 
should be suhmiltea to th<> Marl 
tiinger otfite Bldg A.W.T ..., 
later than noon Ihe Mondaj 


i^'lUlam Rsmt') tiarijer Cullege I 

Algonquin a Kmetir Roads 

Palatine. ILdOOK; 


Ed'it(ir.|in4'hM>l Wciul^ W'lnkrmaliJ 

spom l-:.l>iw .Mikr ■ 

'I'tiuioEdnw' Hu-li KoknkJ 

AiM I'tolo Eaitw i..orlL>rmGuJ 

('.HKwml Mike (il 

iuaitm MHufer K«ihv HurkJ 

SISM Rten NciMiuim-i Jor Kuil 

Smt Hmlm, Mikr Simkiul 
IkiMii-y KariiiMiint, Kirin .loAnaoif 
OknirliiSlajanovtc, JWt Kven 
Stttti Mij-n, Wk)-n» niradmuj 


M»iw DvriiUi; Piravu 


IMluicalun Idr in* H*ipm CW 
Min|M«icamnuu>.|'iy . iMHiMml <vmsi.i 
ntmpi Airtitg Imitilkyi md final «| 
.am Sll siiinuiin caiimtMI. »t ii« 
•I iNt »ni«r .Milt mA nwaManlt) <r> 
al Mm> cnllsf*. Ill ■« 
IHKiiliy w (mdmi iMKty Adtenisin, 
««t M|>> UnuShm 11 man rnila> i 
c<S)y It 9ui>|f«t M edinni 4U Ullr 
iB-nwC'iiiwr mum ht ut/tm sin 
Will tie imhlitlmt For furtlwr iq 
tl>nTiatu>nriiU]|)7.JM>Fil ISOurWI 

jCohen 'psyched' 
for his students 

1 PBB ilHBnPWmp^^ii 



Cohen 'I stuiltnli 
wKh hiltculc when 

■aklnf (HiMiMMii.. Rmttm.. tlwy 

meet will 

a persMt utto liwi trawtMl' tlw 

Barly Hi hit coUtge caiter, 
rnhm't CtvniM Mciitr told 
nuii.'iiiinMMil|:NM lit'> f$mmi 
iHm to Ml M* tMtaa "'Ife 
toMt tltt daw that there* no 
lucli thlm m • itiipU vm 
!|«I,;'''CHM'HiU. "He gave me 
'.hC' WMliCilaMliiig that ktd* 

ome to edte|» with • (Jesirt to 
*arn Thev re all from M 
Vrent backgrounds Theytlont 
i.nom everytliing the teacher 
^nows and they lAouM never be 

R, atMdale professor o( 

ptycialacy bai been leachtng 
ai Hariwf for U year* Earlier 
;n Ma career he was a 
pmdMaHPfiM lor the ptiliHc 
■cMaMiMi Prtwpect 

Cdtieii graduated Irom the 
L'niverstty of 1'l.ah with a 
Masters Degree m Psychology 
He lieiam teaching at Harper 
palHUnt totlofe Joining ihe 

i like teaching her* very 
much 1 like the diversity of ihc 

When you get into the 
tour year or graduate 
Kboois. tfs different It's 
KUldance more than 
teacMitg at tital point 
because tJie students enter 
with so mucti knowledge 
already There's no real 
challenge with the higher 
level universities 

Daniel Co/ieiJ 

Ai Harper there s ■ variety 

in Uie ages of sludents and thai 
titmorechallengmt ■ 

Cohen likes psychology 
because ' there s ic many 
areas lo study so ihere s never 
any cbaoce lo get hored I like 
l» study why people behave as 
tliey do and in the pncesB. 1 
learn more about myself. 
Cohen saM He t» also in- 
terested in Auhrapoiogi ant 

I'anI himi belp? 
Need • nwni'mile? 
Have a tar to meW! 

Lowking for a 
uiwd bcM)k, 
a ilfmi »|M'«ker. 
a conrert lickel* 


Slutienl f laMifM ads 

iitFREE. Ncm-sludeiil 

ai ialr-3© «>nt» 

a line* 

Call Kalhy Hix, 
esl. 'M# 

'*it nttninmni 

Karin Johnson 

. teacher feature 


Cohen was bom tn Illtnois so 
after he graduated from the 
llatversiiy of I'tah, he came 
back 10 the midwest 'The 
employment market (or 
psychologists in Utah Isn't as 
good as in the targe 
metfOfMiitan areas. ' he said 

They're more adjusted In 
I tah, I guesi and they don't 
need as much help ' ' 

Outsidi' of teaching at 
Harper Cohen gives lectures 
tor senior citliens through the 
Jewish Community Services 
"I gel a lecture time of IW) 
minutes so I try to find a topic 
thai might be of interest and 

CnlMn doesn I like exercise 
Mcept maybe bicycling He 
definitely hales togging In 
the army, we had to do double 
lime I hated il and that's all 
jogging IS Whenever I get the 
urge to exercise 1 f il back until 
the urge goes away ' 

Cohen dues like to read a M, 
though His favorite authon 

are Upton Slnctaire ami Robert 
Ludlum He also eniovs «'!««(•«' 
fiction. "I'd even like to ex- 
perience spac* nighl. If not lo 
Ihe amtm or another planet, 
then just lo nrhil the earth I'd 
like the ffeltng of teeing the 
earth from space and Iwlmg 
the unity the oneness of our 
planet The astronauts wrote 
ahout tiul II *a* really hi" 
Icresiiiig ' 

It Cohen i-oiiM titive been in a 
dlfferenl field, he would have 
llkett to become an artist Bar- 
ring the talent of painting. I 
would love to be an art eipert 
Maybe I would even have an 
art gallery and sell people's 
works, or perhaps an art 
curator " 

Cohen is salisfled with his life 
and one of the things that 
m,akes hint happy is "seeing 
positive results as a teacher by 
helping other people, or at least 
(tteering them In the right 
direction ' 

His goal in life is •'to continue 
In Kpand my knowledge of 
human fehavior through the 
study of psychrtogy But the 
wctrdesi thing he s ever done Is 
to leach psychology "Imagine 
stanlmf in front of 2S0 people 
and telling Ihem that you know 
everything aboui ihe way they 
hehave "h»s,aid 

Eiffht parked cars 
d^aged in lot 5 

I. (Pfeatolv 

BOB BROWN leaves bis auto alter InaiMCtliif tht'lBOHpcMMl «blB i diivw f 
caMrol of her vehicle. Of the tlgM on lomived. IMM nutalMi 'Um BMit i 
Larl Lynn Guy), Sec story on iMgel 

Interior Design 'comes home '; 
enrollment gets a big boost 

Due to adjust menls in 
Harpers hudtet. the Interior 

Oeslgn Program ha,s been mov' 
ed Irom the Willow Park t'enier 
to the ma,in campus. Acco,roing 
lo Ihe Harper administration, 
the move was necessary for 
ke«|>l*g college coals down 

Though no major changes 
haw been made in the pro- 
gram, enrollment has increas- 
ed this fall Seven new Instruc- 
tors have tjeen hired to satisfy 
Ihe increase and two sections 
have also been added tor the re 
quired freshman and 
sophomore courses. 

Jean Pearson, pragrain amr- 
dinator. believes Ihe Increase 
in enrolimenl ts not due to the 
relocation of the program 

Pearson states the Interior 

Design Program has gained a 
reputation from former 
students in the last len years 
and ihe program's increase is 
due in word of mouth ('hanging 

the Iwation has neither in- 
creased enrollment nor gained 
the program any advantages. 
said Pearson 

The program has stimulated 
more and more interest In the 
past few years, though no im 
provemenls have been made 
The two year career program 
includes required Interior 
design courses along with a 
liberal arts curriculum After 
rompleltng their degree, 
students ttecome residential in- 

terior decorators Other 
students choose a transfer pro- 
gram and finish at a four year 
college or university to become 
commercial interior designers. 

Or Janet Friend, counselor 
for the program, believes the 
interior Design Program at 
Harper is recognized as one of 
the best In the northwest 
suburbs For more information 
on the program, students can 
centact Jean Pcarsoa at ext. 

Coaches, Instructors and Students 

for Palatine Park District 

Sports Day, Sept. 27 

12-5 p.m. 

your expertise in iwrestllng. soccer, golf, 

baseball, tennis, volleyball, track, basketball & football 

Call Roy De Mauney 991-0333 


$6,000 FOR COLLEGE. 

Need some extra money iar ajllege? You can earn up lo $(j.(X)<) while 
you're in schwl. servinj^ part-time with the Army Reserve. Unlike many 
part-time jobs, ours fits into your schedule. All it takes is a weekend a month 
during the school year, the rest of your training is in the summer -seven 
weeks one summer, at least eight weeks the next, plus two weeks annual 
training. .Interested? 



4 SKI) 




Hema Rjija|pip«laii will pr«- 
Mnt a prograin of Eastern In 

Otin CUssli-al Dancr >:>ti Tliyr>- 
4»y, S«pt. S ai 1.2:ll> p m. tn 
milg. rais. Tlinv I* no Mlmtt- 

Ttie varfws asficcu «>I Km 
Imllan fultun; and ptit'lMOpMj' 
ham c«p(tar«<|. the totercsl anil 
imagiMiUMii Of Ike geMratMM, 
anil no aa|a«et at tk» Mli' 
cnltitM IS ni«r« tanc'inaiing 
Ulan III muctc ttoma fta- 
jagupatan hm ttem active (n 
(Mc I'oiiiif Attdieims program. 
gnniKitMit umlemanlint 9I. 
Eaxtera Indian muitc inil 
daitcir nrau||h Khmtl ami col- 

lege lerture dance conc»rt» 
She hm perhirmeti all over In- 
01* and h<a« given « numtier o( 
(NcrtormaiKet abriwd a* a par 

ttcipani (i( wvertl cullural 
dtttfawm. l*K«iilif' iHt' IB 
tht tanctnr nl m ma^mm^ 
'Mlitdi iMNtM claiflcat Mlaii 
'diwe and 'iiwilc'. 

SOs fiance 

Hjrptr fttholn- t'afiipy* 
MkiiMr}! Hub a iMMwmg a 
»"3 Dairn at SI.. Tnema't Ae- 
iiviiy Center loraM at MS N 
Benton in Palailne, It, Sept », 
It |>.m The k*''^ ^m <1'I< <>»( 
ttietr ■■sadilie shoes" luwi "p<»- 
iJle tkitis" and the guys can 
"alick hack your hair and 
'p*! your pants." 
'There will !»■ prties (or l»»e 
Iwil cMitiBM. anti a dance cm- 


The price for Ito evening wi!l 
lie:, wltd a Wi cMtume 
.•nd It' without a mttume 


Applications Talent 

Ramsey Lewis will l>e in cwi- 
crrt., Friday, Cn-l ;i. at Dp.m. in 

Bldg M .llaving received na- 
tMnial rwognitmn in IMS (or hi)> 
lilt •■'Tlie In t:ro«d, " l.*«i» bm 
tMiMtanOr 'been a m.a]<)r farce 
nil 'lllf ana of jau Hit piano 
lUtls reflect his 'm.'iiiti'fa<-eted 
background. iiKluding. bis roots 
ii) claiclcal. goipel and jau 
.A'dnlnitw for Harpvr sludentm 
IS t3. Ticket* am available m 
the SlwlettI Attlvltiet olftce, 
BIttt. A -J*. 



Tbe neit Legal Techiii»l<igy 

eimm will be held on Thursday 
SiDt Sat»a.m InBldg .A.MT 

.titer completing the admts." 
•Um apblitation.. interested in 
dlvtduals tbouki contact the 
cmiege Testing Center, ext 
HI, to register tor the exam 
On the scheduled test date, ap- 
pllcanti m.ijst subn.11 a written 
rcnmr .and a statemmt of 

Harper College and tbe 

Chicago section of the 
Ainerlcan Chernical So«-tel.y 
win Jointly pres«»nt a seminar 
entitled "Catohol ' I'assmi; 
Fad or lUtlmate Solutloo" 
TuejNJay. Seplemlter B from 
I'M p. in to !' pm The 
seminar, the first in a series on 
Seiemce and Public Policv. will 
ItteldlnBldg .1143 

The lOur panelists are Alex 
Blnomquist. US [.iepartmenl 
o( Energy. Allen .Kozinsky. 
Am,oco Oil, John Lehman. It" 
I i n 1 s Department of 
.Agriculture and Myron 
Eeamoti. Nalltmal Gawhol 

.^dmnslon is free and all 
M-mmars are open to the 
Bubllc For further Information 
call David MacaulJiy at eit ISO 
or James ,Sho(f ner at »i -Jill , 

Applications .are now being 
talen for .Fall Festival Queen. 
The rail reflivtl wetk is (he 

bigfeat evemii of the lemuBor 
and the Program Board i.t look 

l»g lor tbe one girl who will be 
Queen Th«f selection criteria 
will (» tmsed on appearance, 
poise, and personality .Xpplica- 
llons are now availjihie in (he 
.Studeni AclU' (lies Office A-:)» 


Picture yourself m Tclevl- 
i.lon' Harper's Video Produc- 
tton c'lut) has ofienlngs lor 
meinbers interested in all 
phasies of TV Pro<tuction. no ex- 
pe.r)ence re<|ulred Interested 
persons should omlact t'huck 
.Swan or Pal Pinianski at ¥M 
4S7 or join us al our meeting on 
Wednesday. Sept 24, n a m in 
the TV Studio I Fl III i 

Cousin Cousine 

COi:S.IN COliSlNE will he 
shown Frtdav. Sept ». « p m 
in BIdg .1 l« Its the story of 

Marthe and Ludovic. cousins 
through marriage 'his uncle 
and her mother 1. and their ac 
quaintance Ihiil develops into 
friendship and Iheir Inendshlp 
that blossoms into love, while 
Iheir patient and loving parent s 
lo«>k on In dismay. Admiuion is 
Ifw for stiiiie<i.lJi, I.7S for the 

Harpers Video Production 
Club is looking lor musical 
taleni to perform on their 

studio concert prnducllon 
Musical style may vary (rom 
classical to new w;«ve Those 
Interested shouui contact 
James Bulka in Flin 'TV 
SludMi I or call Exi 4;>; 


A Fulbright Fellowship has 

been granted to Kenneth Jauch 
of Arlington Heights, associate 
professor of electronics 
technology at Harper The 
fellowship will enable him In 
teach at Kyungtook National 
I niversity in Tacgu, Korea this 
academic year 

Jauch left the Iniled Slates 
at the end of August for the 
university which is located 2^> 
miles southeast of Seoul Ht- 
will be involved in leaching 
electronic engineering and 
working closely with Korean 

Jauch has been a faculty 
memljer at Harper unce 1%« 
Jauch earned his B A degret- 
(rom the llllnais Institule ol 
Technology and holds an M .S 
degree (rom the tniversity of 

Former armed forces commander speaks at Harper 

General William C 

Wenlmorelaml. consideretl to 

lie one ol m.odem fiist.(wy*s 

■■Oil controvcrsia! military 

fipm. trili itrewnt his views 

on current military activity 

oejt! W(>dnesd.ay evening 

The teclure,^ ai « 

p m Bldg J 143.. will cover the 

Soviet .invasion and occupation 

1' -Metiaiiislan. present t'.S 

strength and offer n 

■ , ..i Lion of the United 

States forces with those of the 

Soviet t- Dion 

^^■"■'"Ttoreland lield center 

i> i;o.m.m,ander ol the 

iiieil forces during the 

\..i<;t.iiatn War Presldeni 'Lyii 

4)0 B Johnson appointed 

WF*tn'ion"!an!") ("nrTimander of 



lour Dittlngulalied Servioci 
Medals: three campaign rib- 
twits, with IT iMttle stars, eight 

service medals; ttie Combat In^ 
taniri Badge: the Master 

Parachutist Badge (or ill 
Aviator Wings, In addition, 
Westmoreland has been 
decorated by is foreign amt 


Catering events planned 

.During the eleven years thai 
Harp<fr has tn»n on its perma 
itrnt many famous and 
d.i.stin.t;uislied .people have been 
guests of the college and at- 
tended catered functions 
i."harU-> Ktiralt, Italph Nader. 
.Mjffjjrel Mead, Buckmtnster 
Fuller. George Plimpton 
Eliiabeth Kuhler Ross. Ed 
ward Altwe, Lettermen. Hurl 
Ives. Dave Brrtteck. Gary Bur 
ton Stan Kenton. Jose Fell 
I. ..r.ii Hciirl.. Steve .Miirtin. 
I i 1 1 >. ., 1 .A .."..ii and Tears to oiime 
a h'* Ttie catering staff also 

provides refreshments (or 

many concerts sponsored by 
Studeni Ai-tivilies 

M.fflmy tatfTing events are 
planned in conjunction with of- 
(icial HarfKT iiiiit'tions .such as. 
Commenccnu'nl and the stu 
dent Anards and Sports Ban- 
quets others are assix-iated 
with various Harper depart 
ments such as the Dinner 
Theatre package which com- 
liines a Ijulfet dinner wifli tlH' 
annual musicjil theatre pi'csen 

G«ncral WUliain t. WMitmortlaiid jmiinlt bla victat. m currant 
VS.. ■UlHan M,niigtli ami lli« Sovtet invaiton/occupatlon of 
AtglmMMtMbiHity tmlng at t p.m. Ui Bldg Ji.43. I'Photo 

courlaiy ol ttaiftr COtlnft'i 


On any regularly priced 
album or tape 

wnii this emipon 
rtit 'ffter 4m» iwl iiicM« 

anAPilat of ir*i|| i|iHiii|.|| 
■i|piara>iHM iri ■^wp' I'liiwiwi.!** 

Dental students get 
practical experience 

iir pnxMiwt in wMM 
..,..^-iH» pirn* nn it <* 

■ initttTf4." ••yt i-ift 
ra«t«k-H«filt, dtntal hfWmm 

■ (II It ant froftSMt 
T!it iMtnifftiic t» (Iwf* *i ■!> 
tliMS 10 m'ik4> wre ttie rtgM 
|MMMliirt'i*.Ul(m llisqutlca 
bng 'liptntlMM but pMienl 
ttaM^MMgraw says- "Tiwy do 
a gMMt etrtlul j«t> wd wtiafi 
moM imtwrlant tlwy <la il 
bcC'tuw tJuty oaM t*. Mt 


Tlw gMXl Mtrviw uM km 
prico avaitaMe terv at Um 
tteaiat cttnic mate it » v*ry 
Duty plan tntf tlie ttudenlf are 
aiKayt loohMt ior ne* pa- 
lt«ni>.. Any «liiilDfil wtditni an 
tDpolnttticnt <ir mart tnforiM- 
tlon can call tue Denial Clmic 
at ext. SB. »» OKIM iMMin 
art: ilonday-rrHlay.. S a.m. in 
iianilUo4 Xipm 

Voter registration 
on campus Monday 

)Ur|ier la p«rtlci(Mitliit M ■ 

ctMuMy-W'Wr voter rtig^nHMni 
camiHi'lfn. The nUagt wl) 
went m a tetaprary liocallM 
ot rcitslratloti ttinNt#) S«t>l M 

Lauriw Wrru. twralary *" l'>» 
jMUMiiMraltvc Senrletsi' Ot 

tic*, la (MfniUMd as a (mb- 
parart r*||l»lra.r aa4 l« 
aoiliMrMi' to .nnift ngtlr» 
ttan fnoi anr tltiiltia' .iiiif an 
Caafe CMmly ntMnl. 
Tn rt«tilar. a farwn^iiMat bn 

aUilMSlaiMeltlten. l«y«ari 
d a|«. anil mwt b« a reslttait 
i>( a lytarban Ctmk County 
dMtMm prMlncI Naluralu«<l 

riiitcM niiiiM bring naturallia- 
tim '{Mp«n tit ttw rcgMrMMw 

Cttacna nay rtcMer at tke 
AilnitiiMraliw SMK^icti' 01- 
IM. Blitg. Am tnni i^is a.m. 
ta 4. IS p.iii.. Momlay tlmiifli' 

Auditions for theater production 

AuiHtWia (or tlie ttrst HarjMtr 

College Studto Theater PnxJuC''' 
turn, "t'hartey's Aunt." wiU bt 
Mil!«e|)( m 
ma$ Al». .AukMums are open 
all Mercttail: Marpcr ttiiileati. 
■tall ami Caoilly. Tta» in- 
tfmlMi Ml «*»• wort are aim 
(-»f ,,,1 j,v •■.,,„ ;t .. ' <■ , lor 

rhafir- ' ■''■':' ■•• ■'■■ •'■ '■*■ 

IS, ua«<tain»Mi Jti<:r 

<)u«aitiM> dMMM tW' itirMted 
» Dlrm-tttr n( TnuatCT, Mury M 
Wllte, Bl(t|. A IB, em i« or 
le, mr D«i«|iier''T«*nical 
tHrtctor Mlfce irowB. BtUf. I' 
txt IHtrHS. 

Crews will be lormmg tro^ 
mcdlairiy altfr auiWiimt 
Ct)|>i<!t ol tMft K!ripl an> m 
i« m t'ht M>rar> 

her craft on • «Ulliic patMBt. RadiKMl 

■tadanta nd tto caaumiBity. (Phato Iqr 

Scholarships available to students 

Varwaii arfanitatKiii* art »(- 
Iferini ■cltolarfltlpa la tMth luU 
and part line ttudent* 
StiMlcnts wiililng more »n- 
fornuitlnn an. any (iirm d finan- 
cial aW ilMJia contact the 
rinaiKtal Aid Oftlce. Wdg 

ru Wto*ing wWanihipi 

are a»aaal>le to Mudent* 

Tlie Ganten Club a( In- 
vanwa l» alfcrtn* <»« sclwlar- 

iMto' in Ite amwil <>( HM ior 

rrtteria lor a» KtalanblP'- 
Mwt have ncatfcmlc standinf 

ul B awB-aif ■ .1 a. mum b« reai- 
ilciit a( tl« Harper C«»Her 

dwrtct. BiUBt tie *d or 4tti 

.MMrtar atvtail in li«c Hor- 

(Icmwrf Proirain - no *m 

Tti» K.-liii>ari«p may be u»#<J 
{ar tullMM. (MS. book* and aip- 

(tpplfcallini* are available in 

tHe Of lice ot Financial Aid, 
tUtn ^M* A stiort. perMjnal 
itmm ••»<* ««■»*'■ 'nt«rw'» 
and, Mflratmns mu»t ac- 

Daadllae tor ,»iuljinttt)nK ap- 
jill«,aU««i tffl t,be tJKice o« 
riiianriai Aid to S«i>t#ro,h€r ». 


Tlia Hik 0«« Kottry Club ii 
ottering t*o I3» scholarsbipii 
II) li« iii*il hir tuiKon, (m. 
tmto and »uppli« at Wim*m 

II iituilftil* are rwldiiiils of 

Elk Orovc,, 'Under 11 yean at 
a«e and are a tiiU-tliite student 
■I Harper CoUege ttiey are 
ellfibleta apply 

Applicattan are available in 
the Ollice ol Financial Aid. 
aidg... AM. 

Deadline tor appMcatMns is 
CM I. t»M 

The Nelle an<t Jecie Gorav 
Sctmlartblp Fmindation it of 

lartmc tltree lultlon and lees 
■dwlanlilps tor the tall ISW 
lemester at Harper 

Criteria lor wlcctmn will be 
linancial need and caniiateiit 
elfnrt tliiivn by itiKtail lO' alK 
lam itM- beitt grades peaalble. 

AppMcaUoni are available in 
Hie Office of Financial Aid. 
Bidi .A:m. 

Deadline for lubmltttng ap- 
ptlcat»n»i,»tM l.idW, 

'The North Shore Chapter c»l 
the Data Practmins ManagC' 
ment Asaociatum a offering 
scholanlilp awards tor 190M to 
detenrlng student* interested 
in a data pnx-wstng career. 

The criteria tor this scholar 
ship Is that the candidate tie 
within one year of graduation 
and have an overall grade point 
average at t.S out ot * and at 
least a 2 i oul <il 4 in com- 
puter .'data processing courses, 
lor cnufsea already completett 

Ttie canilidale must submll a 
bricl ijipi>.re»nmBt.i»ly I (laees 

written presentation cmfertnt 
their interest in the data pr»- 
cessmi'aimputer imtuntry by 
Oct 2*. imn 

Anptk-atlMis are available In 
the Office «( rtnanclal Aid. 
BIdg. AM. 

The deadline (or iut>iiUtttil| 
applications is Oct 21. tW 

The Business t>tvi»lon o( 
William Rainey Harper College 
and First Arlington Naiwmal 
Bank announce a new .wholar 
ship fund created for full lime 
1 12 hrs per semester i students 
In the Banking. Finance and 
Credit Program Tlie scholar- 
shtp can be used tor tuilloii. 
fMS, and books for eacti 
semester The scholarship «s 
available lor one year (two 
semesters 1 each time llial it li 
awarded Payment lor the Fall 
IIMH Senester will be retroac- 

The scholarship will be 
awarded to the imlividual mak 
ing an application by CM I, 
liW). that receives the highest 
grade point average for the 
fall IWlKi Semester The fund 
will then be used for the Fall 
IJMB and Spring mi Semester 

CN>taln application from Uw 
Business Division office, Bldg 
J J«. or ihe Financial Alii of 
flee.. Bldg A-»4. 

Deadline (or application ik 

Catering events planned I Classified 




tor all cMtanMTt 
833 E Algonquin 

i|a<ii.f.l wf«l<|IA(« Ml 


od'yourc. ._ , 

»m. emwt0 braMln«... laciaii.. 
raianicwm. M •ating. tit.. 

laituun [)> I tie iijirper Players 

Wlile these malor events are 
•ell known to much ot Ihe 
Hjirprr C<.>i!n.munity. many 
otlwr 'ever)' day" IuiicIkms till 
the catering calendar Par- 
IH-ipiinti. m num.eri>us ciin- 
fertiices atiil *o.rli..ihap» tm 
campus .are served a sp«iall.v 
planned ^nwal. Food Service 
a!*.i;> provide re(rt>stitn!Mils (or 
At. m»m as eight - ten meet.|ngs 
11 iity Many larpt off-campus 
grouiM m.ake uie of the 
services, especially on week- 

Jiin Lavey. who a r»p«iai- 
hle tor catitpiia catcrtng. mil 
overtee Ihe many iletaHs which 
range from plant., ■ 
cBHoiBtaed meim and ti.<ij:, ...i 
ranpments to ordering iiowers 
and table linens and supervis- 
ing the actual serving o( the 

AMmigli the larfe aim unl 
■UK fimcltons prcaeni a i|MG«l 

t*at»enge ..i.".. (..wwlumlj lu 
"show off." ttwiie plaitning a 
small event can rest assured 
thai their meeting or meal for 
10 - li petiple will receive the 
saae allentloii to ileiatl as is 
given, to a dinaar tor aw or 'up to 
capacity -i«..p«(a 

For more inIorra.aJlon or W 
■hook a function, call eit .Wl or 
stop in the Food Ser^-ice office 

NO 0^ cimD,u|. 0-.- 

.. .,;^ mr,, ^0 IS «c 
...,.- .... I., i.«iiWt«S 
»TTN Ti,t!»r«. •••". !>.« I<u*«»l mW' 
jjtr'lpftCffl P«! Ah (J.^ Wi.ffjffl' 

taaa mmit n^ k'i«oi •* t»ii«jt 

«1wtflt««H ff^oit «'*f.wt«r*»«wS about ftM^tn 
.tWMi mi rw Muctlw '•< .k.iwl(an 

(»i*flmifl tu Ktifl ■m' *'i'i'h isol*. Pifl #»« M'l 
riwM twm I in (MK nmtf m wt'" •* IwlpHlfl 

Rvifiii m»K*t <■' 1 1 1. W KlMMrM* cm 
it«»i«:r.,u>i 3JH)u'a»i««»m«iir»iet 

iiiia «»*»(TEO' L»l»,nt l« t I»ri0« • 
hKil lurt VKl ««mtrt Can or VI 

iiia SALE ' '.' -I' •ttw 9<>i» 
cwn-x- »,',.j'..i • :. .fm^un 


yet coMaii^ATmm^i- 


Ah,no death stampedes at The Who movie 


It 'I rrMay nfglit. will 
anything IHilittil? 

Will n piopit be trampled in 
dtaWi" WUI Harper Student Ac 
ttvilMs learn from the tragedy 
a( • Who concert In Cincinnati'' 
Will there be two entrances lor 
Mliiiisctaii to tl»e Who inovte. 

TiMW qHHUmft NX pOMMiig 
Mi .my Waki vUt I wai drlv- 
lit l» mrfgt* Bldg. J 
aiidltnnitin. tor the W)m> movie 

I lepi reminding myiett it's 
for the new f paper 

A* I walked (rom my car to 
DMg. J. 1 noticed a lew girts 
ilaMUng. iwliafiMtertngt* a 
MltT «ntii Dggmu Urn Mck 
•mM. ( It litic Ml^ tMwn amam- 
mt W ttiii was some downtown 
■Hfit hmiic. I probabl) wciuld 
MM iBwit • 'iWBMurk. 1 wwlii 
hMc mmti V9 to (tie gtn*.. :uii« 
• iidMiy raiartc skites 'up to 
llM' puiitit MliiMMa nsaii. and 
wU. "All. nimter S, t«o 
nuutei. (orlMmkin|." Bui. Uita 

II nui Chicago. It tai Htrptr Col- 
|«|t. Btdg J. ami girh that 
qwiid time w the penalty bo« 

Mike Simkus 

on Tiusic 

are not m attendance at 
Harper, nor would they be at 
Harper on ihetr (jusiest night of 

I tell relatively safe I did 
ttoaagM lia«i some luspinons 

t 'liol • deep breutli. Oh. mv 
■Mh. I dttMted that familiar 
■inoke of concerts My heart 
began to \mna Where Is 
Public Safety'' 1 thought it's 
not loo late to turn around 
Bui. It wai my awignmenl aiMl 
n was lor the newspaper 

Opening the donrs to BIdg J. 
1 wanled to keep the door open 
enough M I cnuld malie « mad 
daili u my car. il need be I 
iMkad No long tines, no frantic 
1Mb. m swaying bodle*. It look- 
ed safe to leave my positton at 
the door 

How many tickets''" The 
guy taking my money asked 
1 Don t tell anybody, but t could 
have sworn that the guy taking 

my money was none other than 
BtU Stemburg, movie critic i 

•One ■ What, are you seeing 
double. I wanted to ask Or yea. 
Im meeting some friends In 
side, better play II cool, nght" 
But, I did not air those feelings, 
and I tried to rub off the ink on 
my red ticket stub. I was 

I handed my ueket to the 
taker Ah. some more faces 
that 1 recognise And they all 
looked very much in control 
Now, I felt dumb to be really 
worrying about mobs, and 

Kris and MIchele, a couple ol 
swell people were saving me a 
seat "See the garbage can, 

I said thank you." and made 
my way to the garbage can. 
that was sittlngon the seat 

It *ai beglnnmg to get 
crowded in there. It was the 
biggest crowd I have ever seen 
at a Harper movie I tell my 
nulla htglnntng to Increase 1 
llMW It was for the new'spaper. 

damn, if only I would have got 
the assignment to cover the 
Board meetings 

The Program Board was 
handling the whale affair, ad- 

1 soon began to notice that 
most. 11 not all of the seats were 
tilled And there were more 
people coming in ' 

1 looked at the clock, tl read 
9 10 I By the way. the clocks In 
Bldg J , are set to New York CI 
ty time, or perhaps Cincinnati 
time, of this 1 am convinced i 
Ten minutes later panic set in 
Will the people begin to chant. 
"Hare Krishna Hare Krishna'' 
Oh. geei. 11 there is anyone 
listening, turn off the lights 
and start the movie." 1 thought 

Suddenly .Steve Pry or. ol 
WHCM. took center stage He 
said. "Welcome to Harpers 
rilm Series " 1 let my mmd 
drift, and observe all the 
faces" and Dawn of the 
Deal), and thanks (or coming " 

What ' What was that" I was 
not sure if only 1 paid atten- 

tion How was I going to find 
out'' The guy sitting next to me 
was angry enough, be had 
already screamed, "let's go. I 
couldn't ask him "All for the 
newspaper, all for the 

The movie went well Some 
great footage of the early Who. 
And no one stood In the movie 
long enought to get anyone 
angry Perhaps though, there 
was once when things were on 
edge The projectionist had 
trouble when the lime came to 
change projectors, the au- 
dience took it well, no one burn- 
ed any seats, and no one 
screamed obsenities. 

Tlie exit even went well. And 
most importantly, no one was 
trampled to death. .\nd my 
editor Wendy, would be happy. 
Ah. another assignment done. 

I heard though that Harper 
may be planning to show 
highlights of Pope .lohn Paul 11 
recent trip to Chicago, and 
South America I hope that 1 do 
not get that assignment. 

British stars rock the U.S. from sea to sea 

try Oh. thf' first one 
ii'l that, I received mi 
angry mail M. y self 
contradiction was pointed out 
In me. and t subsequently felt 
ltlt« the amateur that t am 1 
heard this voire tn my ^Irep 
"one cannot be fair andentic»l 
at the' Mint lime " "Siobody lold 
me Ws was iping to be easy 
anyway, fiesswhat" In the 
following paragraphs lie 
positive reviews of two 

(aka .lethru 

Kris Pipenburg 

.on ttiusic 

Tull' hasi wtthsuwl year* of 
tnanginR llw muwc icetir 
Some of his albums .reflect 
forays into dirf*nenl slylei 
"Song* from the Wood" and 
■Heavv Horses" were encur- 
sMMis liito a (Otkier realm, evuk 
ing lofesiry (eellns within the 
listener. "TWek a.» a Brick" 
and "A Passion Play were 

written off by som.e as 
awliward and sell indulgent 
pieces of boredom but not 

t>y Yours Truly (or what that Is 


TUMs late* is lined -A," and 
II ts a good follow-up to last 
year s "Storm Waleh " Ander 
sons lyrics look inio the future 
through what he already sees 
on Kanh "Storm Watch 
iecmed to be a warning about 

niKl«ar day*, and contained 

iWet like -North Sea OH" and 

"My Bodyguard" , sensitive 
warm blockbuster film 


Wrttten bf : .Ma Acmrtv 

Moody iMatt Dtllont is the 
SdKiol bully His routine day 
cnnststa of pui.|.Mi naive, un- 
suspeciing kids iniO' 
waatanKMis for one purpMe-t« 
eilort one dollar a day from 
them (Of what he claims is pn- 
tictloii from the ichool 
psychotic ■ Lmdermjin "He's 
really psycho, yah know . ' ' says 
Moody 10 the new student and 
money bag Peach ' Chris Make- 
pcacsi wWe trying lo e»iort 

11iia.laa hard ad)u.«tment tor 
VmA,. limn: his. high. si;bm)l 
mjit wtrt' ip«nt ■! private 
tclwtili' He never had to (ace 
HiMeMs M ugly as thcM' 
C'ven after being intd hy OM of 
llMdy's victims thai .Under 
n«n killed hu brother .in cold 
htaid, he still has proWem* ac- 
eipting these rumors On top of 
that d '1 been spread: amnd the 
ichwi mat LiMtoKM Uaa. 
raped' and. Maltn leMker. alter 
taadwr,. <nar teacher Peach. 
Illi«i«il Inw a teacher ihai all 
of Iheie nimtjrs are false 

ttickv Llnderman superbly 

furtta jtd by New Trier High 

• • -■' - •■»Hw.*iit !« :in. 

Film review 

rumi>.rs This is the reason for 
the oath of tilence that he 
take*. One of the reasons (or 
the stuitaits' of Ricky is 
till nnBliOU* sli-te«l.. fwjr-mch 
Ifame. Ws .siie Is mena<'lng. 
but deceplive. because 
underneath is t young, .wn- 
sitive l'») hurl by these accusi' 
imns Hi> big sue wast the 
reason lor Peach's proposition 
to Llnderraani to be his 
hodyguarrt In eichtnge (or his 
services, Ricky would gri 
money and help with ki» 
hi<im»*<irl« "\iit mteresttd. ' 
was Ricky's reply tUmm that 
sound like a weirdo Ki you"' 

.Actnr-Prnd'ucer Timy Bill 
sMXMMl* In h!ls delMl ai a 
director, lie brings • warm, 
open style wMi eaiHil humor, 
which nestr takes a s,irwighi.ild 
mn the film H» ca..mera 
ohnmei all the problems of 
growing up i ipeciticaliy 
around, high school, w'here th*' 
mol* of all the problems .start I 
without ever dmnirig on cerliln 
detail that would slow down tlie 
picture Instead, he is toncern- 
titb the' brighter sides- the 

growing friendship between 
Peach and Ricky and a 
message which is to the punch 

confront problems directly; if 
people fail to do so always have 
a part m their lite 
"-M.y Bodyguard" a a warm.. 

honest fllm'ihat grapples firm- 
ly with the issues of 'being a 
teen-ager. and fin- 

ding a realistic resolution to 




Dark Ages " II was an angrier 
sounding Tull. relying heavily 
on Martin Barre s grainy 
guitar chording and lan's rasp- 
ing vfical "h" has yet another 
line-up of musicians 
Heyboardists John Evan and 
David Palmer are absent, 
replaced by IJ K and Bony 
Music alumnus Eddie Jobson 
,«»son adds a new twist with 
his plexiglass electric violin 
Long-lime drummer Bar- 
riemore Barlow is gone, filled 
tn ablv by Mark Craney 
Former Falrport Convention 
bassist David Pegg, who sup 
polled on the "Storm Watch" 
tour, makes his first ap- 
pearance on a Jethro Tull 

The new band is light; .Job- 
son exerts a considerable 
amount ol influence • Bal- 
lerles Not Included" starts off 
with a keyboard riff that would 
he at honie on any l" K album 
The song continues in thai vein, 
but the lyrics tell the story ol a 
boy who wakes up and finds a 
new Japanese toy by his bed 
The Idea sounds delicate in 
print, tml on record it certainly 
isn t The kid cant find the bat 

■Protect and Survive' miiSit 
he about the arrival ol a I'FO 
and Ihe giivernment cover up 
that followtKJ. but I'll admit 
thai I'm not sure An in- 
stnimenlai called "The Pine 
Marten's Jig'" contains some 
eicellenl interplay between 
flute and violin 

In general, the other songs 
are about the pressurized 
taiiinrss life that most of us 
clones lead An eye lo the 
future IS always present, the 
music IS always crisp The 
welding of Jobson's style onto 
Andcnuti > o handled 
remarkably well Not a bad 
album by my standards, but 
they're not the Psychadeilc 
Furs, and ihev re certainly not 
The Clash but then w ho sa id 
they were supposed to tie"" 

I "II bet there are about three 
people on this campus who 
know who Peter Hammlll is. 
and maybe five who have heard 
of Van der Graaf Generator 
Thai IS no surprise Hammlll is 
a visionary who has releaaed 

some » albums, about half solo 
and hall with the VtXiG 

Anyway. Peter's latest 
release Is called "A Black 
Box "' Side one is a collection of 
seven songs with individual 
Ideas, side two is a 20-minute 
epic called Flight 

Of the shorter songs, two 
miflM Ml into a genre called 
"industrial new wave " A loose 
definition of what that might 
tie fooling around with syn- 
thesizers and getting really 
robotic while keeping it dismal 
and somewhat dissonant The 
songs are "The Jargon King " 
and an 'instrumental " called 
"The Wipe The former is a 
pattern of harsh, grating noises 
and rhythm loops fronted by 
HammiU's distinctive vocals 
Sometimes there are three or 
four vocal tracks going at 
once all decrying the world 
ol news media and its jargon- 
filled language "The Wipe " 
sounds like a 23rd century 
street sweeper taking two 
minutes to pass us by 

Fogwalking " is an outstan- 
ding piece ol sensory work The 
lyrical images "buildings 
loom up like icebergs on colli 
sion course," -togwalking 
throught the worm-eaten night- 
apple" etc ' match Ihe 
pulsating rhythm boxes and 
snarling sax beautifully Ran- 
dom Holds David Ferguson 
guests on synthesizers which 
are used on this cut to create a 
sound like that ol a cat fighting 
a dog In the fog 

Losing Faith in Words, 
'•the Spirit." an 'Golden Pro- 
mises" are straightforward 
rockers that spotlight Ham- 
mlHs piano playing and crude 
but effective electric guitar 

The long compisltion on the 
second side could be inter- 
preted Ui countless ways IntJie 
past. Ihe artist has been in- 
tnapective. but we never real- 
ly know how much ot Peter 
Hammlll the Person is contain- 
ed in his work Flight" con- 
tinues this tradition of confu- 

To find this record, go to a 
dealer with a good import sec- 
tion Hey. maybe sometime I'll 
review the record stores ana 
save some of my mind lor later 

Punch. ddsulen, maturity .0 lineup 

"Cwiift Ml' ThIiI^', ffiomc wo'""*' 
Millini metm etmett Santkw 
lMl»^ "Vnu'ft ruwitng IU(« a 

The Hawks are irulling 
Trtimi l-O RiMlway tlmu||ii (Im 
llnllulf«i«iJI«l>vMgoal Si> 
Dir, tilt H«wt« havM'l lieen 
■Mr m tniiMOT mucti otrenic 

•"'Oh Tubby, run"" MTeumi 
State A whtsllr oriMln 
aiiaiiHt the HwwKi That s thi> 
thW tlno* TiJW>y Whali llM- 
mallirr, htift' ' quertes Siabo 

Tlw Hawkt Icfl wmgrr looks 
il|i and ibnm hn shoulclvrs ' ' 1't altMcitJi coacb, " h« cail» 

"TtMifi itm't iMk ntat you 
«tre and njii ' " snapi Sute 

II wasn't M.*if Furteh'i. d«f 
He wa* etlt«<l ofln«lfs rive 
(limai and iMk a verbal beating 
Irani State durlnit IW gamr, 
ite M«wli» mana|«>)] 

IniMcaiTrlinn.J 1 

■i taid before tte Msaion." 
said the 2Syear-old forward 

"thai I would score Iwo goals 
per game " He lau0i$ But 11 
baan't worked out (hat way " 

Punch has scored only «jnce 
tlllt year In (act, hts laiie goal 
»»» Hie Kni tiaiper iwore of 

tbe seaiiai It tame against I IT 
in the Hawks! I wm 

But Punch has addejj a jsense 
ol mMurlty. one is teniiptcd to 
saj a|». 10 the Hawks i feet I 
can help tbe team with my ex 

Punch tame to Amenca in 
1969 trom Btl|rjdt. 
Yuiotlav'ta. He had filaypd tor 
tiM prMltciw* Red Star eM » 
the Yugoilavtan teagiie and 
M the league in anntils witli 
IIS over liM gamM. anil Ikat at 
the age of 14 

l*urich ptayeil in the majw 
leaitie. whicb. in Yu|o»iavta, la 

much dlKereoi to our concept 
of ma]or league The Yugosla- 
vian L<eague b (tivided into the 

minori, majors. A. and profe* 
iional itivifions Purtch. 
llMiigb. thought he had a 

chance to make 11 to the proa 
"It wai my opinion that 1 was 

flOMl eniMgh to make it." be 

»»id. "it we had stayed m 
Yugoilavia. I alwayt dreamed 
about It as a ktd " 

Then, in l«9, a fnemi ptT^ 
iMded his father to nime tw 
Aaerica ami work for him 
Purlcb. though, stayed, t)ehlnd 
to Itntah iraile scbnol 

f*urieb'bypa»iieil soccer when 
he gut In America, bitt played 
(Dur years n( fnotball at (:rown 
High SchoitI In tact, be didn't 
touch a imxer ball until he 
Wed. out lor Chicago I'mted 
Sert,. «(»mi ■ pro team, in im 

tte rnmie. ttie team, but a lew' 
monlh*, later, w,ai injured He 

played for the ChK'ago IntefRa- 
tionals In 1971 and m im. 
Purich started hii own team • 
CV United at the Northwest 
YMCA The team went 71 1 
Purich. meanwhile, scored 
three goals and had a astists 

Mow. In imi. Punch, wte 
wants in lie a lawyer, has ended 
up at Harper He came here 
because o( Sanwir Siabo, 
Punch's verbal beating gtver 
They had played together m 
Chicago and Siattu convinced 
Punch that while he was 
preparing for his law studies, 
he could aliw help tbe Hawks 

Purich, wbo will soon be K. is 
the oldest Hiiwk, with the r\ 

■■tt doesn't teifl rtiKcrcnl." be 
said of the ■neneration,(jap'tX'»- 
ween hliiiJieU and bis team- 
m,ates. "At first, t (i»lt they 
were put ofl hy my ex- 

periences Thevre a 
bunch of guys out there ' 

The adjustment to American 
iocc«r hasn't been difficult 

•'Soccer is played on longer 
balls here, " he said There 
are not as many ballhandlers 
here as in Europe " 

Purich has also taken to wat- 
ching the \orth American Soc- 
cer League 

They lM»k as exciting But 
one thing really bothers me is 
the penally shot " he laughs 

"It's a popular sport People 

would go wild over the game 
N'ow. in America, hardly 
anyone Is out there You Jus't 
play for self -.satislacUon ■ to get 
things out You don't play to 
show p«.>otilr how good you' utt 
because nobody's there" 

Bolt tightens screws 
in tennis lineup 

Soccer beats Triton 

1' 'aMtimierf i'nni fiaiie $ • 

especi tram, a leam thai had game, 
|NM'M. smtlei 

,As UH^ iMayen tflifiitMd 
ttwl' Into ll>e locker momt, two 
fiman* cane over to miake 
anmMIt wItt, BlMietl "Mice 

said one "'Yeah,'* 
smlMBinettl '"You too" 
I «|M»lted the Trojan coach 

making Ms way acms the field 

just at 'the team Iws, was reaily 
to l««w 

"Hty coach," 
him Wbats 

t! ■'"' 

I yelled out in 
your .record 

liit#^ Kur jgM### /A? 

Who ii, l,l|,(: f >1 • I <• • I 

tiilchar in haiittwlt* 

l,f' |i.«i|>.<>'M u^»n » t E^ 
» « ji M a B J f> ^ M .« m -:; '..I ^ 

What ruli*p> iMm hiitda 

tkf wemrd (or mi»i potnu. 

•n:irad m • fimtlHill nam,*" 

ilUJI "• 'O-EZE '.Un 

.MltlMj] t>U'l|.|j«l)Ulllj jtiq 

I10»j', (tliixifi « I mt M' 

W' |am« did llir 


lir%K4iio^, liMliM,ni |»la,y' iir 


fofir (,'atMiitat arriiiMl in 




IIWI • |I0* »«l|!i> 



■iWJ (l<il|»«»t(-»Uo.| » 1(1 !• 


1 ,1. V 

|w^«|:d ••■iM.w-i i|,i»»\'» 

in Slllf., 

\^ * \ V 

He looked up and thought tor 

a minute "We were o-3-i " he 
"Thai msut mean." I shot 

back quickly, "you'w i>-i-i 
now, huh " 

Martha boll has louod it 

The women's tennis coach 
wasn't sure ateut her doubles* 
line-up after her team's .V4 loss 
to Rock Valley in the season 
opener I'm still n<« sure 
where people are going to be." 
she said 

But. after Monday's i-4 win 
over Oakton. she is. 'Tve g»t 
em. "she said. 

Pam Moyer and Jacqule 
Anderson. JoAnn Koilik and 
Cathy Centanlno. and .Sharon 
Carlson and Jane liroerk are 
the set doubles' line-up Bolt will 
use for the rest ol the year 

Againsi Rock Valley. Moyer 
teamed with Carlson to win one 
doubles match and Centanlno 
Icumed with Groerk tor 
Harper's other doubles win 
against the Trojans 

■1 was very pleased. ' Bolt 
said after the loss I think at 
first they were nervous, but 
they settled down to play some 
line tennis Now they know 
what It sliketocompete " 

^Micr Monday's win, Bolt was 
mote optimistic 

••We're looking betler." .she 
said, "It was a super match ' 

The Hawks were rained oul 
of their Tuesday match with 
.Jollet. and will lace Triton 
Thursday in an .\*C match 
Northeasteim Mondsv and II 

linois Valley Tuesday m 
another conference match 

Tbe Hawks won two of Uie 
singles matches and two of the 
doubles matches in the N4C 

Pam Moyer and Kithy Cen- 
tanini won their singles mat- 
ches. Moyer by forfeit over 
Mary Johnson, and Centanini 
by a M. 6-2. (1-3 verdict over 

tn doubles. Moyer and 
Sharon Carlson, who Imi her 
singles match to Ellen 
Hetdcnrlcb 6-2. frl. defeated 
Tammy Soppa and Heldenrich. 
«-», 1-6. and 6-1 In tbe Hawks' 
other doubles win. Centanini 
and Jane Groerk defeated 
Soklar and Kathv Swanson. M. 

"I was very pleased." said 
Bolt 'I think at first they were 
nervous, but they settled down 
and played some gixKl tennis ' ' 
1 was just trying combian 

lions we used in practic*-. said 

Bolt I may juggle my singles. 

bui I wont he sure until later 

this week ' 
Boll was very opHmlulc 

alter her all freshmen squad's 

lirst match 

They're a line crew Now 

they know," Bolt said, -what 

It's like to compete " 



Board & Paper Products 
Color & Painting Mediums 
Drafting Equipment 
Airbrushes & Accessories 
Pressure Graphics 
Pens, Markers, Ink 

Paper Cutters 





Wax Coalers 

^^^IP TIi« big nam* in art supplies 

artists dc"- •■" .:-rs supplies & equipment inc. 


Hawks suffer recalled TD's, 25-12 loss 

Tlw liawl* I'mttMll twin can 
laKc «iii«aali«w in ttot th*j 
MuM'vt mm last Siituntay 

Bui me H*»lw. «to'ha« <""* 
•lipiircni. imctidowii* calM 
Dacli Ml pefMlttm white illilHitK 
M two wJJier dme*. ilropiMMt t» 
M » tht' NC »fM!r • »-« tow 
In TtarnlHi. 

The Hnwkt iM mn (lit fini 
tw«i. tim« llw? had IN; tall 
AHer » BullAW pwnl. Harper 
moved M virdi* m l« plays Iw 
their (irsl TD c.»(»|)«4 by 
(juarterhaeli. M** CftolitJKl't 4- 

MoiMNils Wer. Brrtii Sumler 
liUKkM! a piani mum up a 
Itair-yard scorinfl pas* from 
Chnklad to Hg« ei«» Dei»elrms 
Oitnw to »m tnt Hawto a W-» 

turn quarter lend 

tutkliif quartertaek ftwK 
SIteeti made u il-l m a {««■■ 
yani run early m tht secomi 
quarter Ron Burke retiirneil 
Uie eMUing kicluH »ya«ls » 
(he Tlmniloii »yBril-ltiie The 
Havkt drove to the »ulldii|| i«. 
M wtrt sMMMd wlieh a tourlh 
doom past fell inwmpleie 

The Hawks mused another 
scoring opportunity later In the 
quarter when ChokJad was 
»l«i|iped on tourth'<Jo«n and 
pMl at the Bulldog one-yard 

A ImMe at Ih* Hawk etght- 

vart Itne set up anotter Thorn- 
ton touchdown early in the 
third quarter Sheet* hit Hlch 
('arr witli a inur-yanl pan oi> 

(oiirth down to Jive the 
lWI<ditc» a 1:11.2 lead 

Caiey CrlHtn intercepted, a 
chofctaii paw momenu later 
which i»t up Bnc Orasf VJ- 
yard run lor anothfpr Bulld<« 

The Ha»k got a had hrealt 
wtai iirke »eiji, »-yaro» lor 
an aiipanrni touchdown at the 
end 01 the third quarter But the 
pliv wa» called Iwick hecatwe 
ol an Illegal motion penalty 

The Hawks had yet anollMr 
TD called back m the fodrtti 
quarter A cIlo was caltel on 
receiver ,Ic(f Jensen after 
t:hoktad hit Bob Btlyk l«r ■ S* 
yard touchdown play. 

The flMl liiMlt ' 

Thornton's Dtno Ivory In- 
tercepted a fhoklad-pais and 
rriurned n n yards {Of another 

chokUm. In hi» HrM Jtan, 
completed 10 ol B paste* (or 
lis yards ,A«am!H RWk Valley 
in the Hawks opener two weeks 
ago. the Ireshman was good on 
»» of 10 passe* lor l(H yard* 
and one ,louchdown 

Choklad was Ihe So J QB on 
the Hawks rosier until No 2 
quarterback Mike Rlba quii 
Choklad figures to be the 
itarter again this Satunlay 
when the Hawks face DuFage 
Ttie Chapparrals. who are t -0 to 
\*C play, racked up over MO 
yardi on offense In their 25-fl 
over Wrighl while holding 
Wright to under 100 total yards 

Szabo's not pleased 
with winning team 

It wasn't pwtly. but the 
Hawks ! t win over Triton laat 
.Saturday didn't have to be 

"It was a very disappointing 
game' said Voaeh Sandor 
Siaho afterwards There were 
to many things we did badly 
They Just cowpteiely forgot 
what they re luppoted to do In 
certain situations. 1 thought we 
were a belter learn " 

That's pretty Harsh talk 
about a team that's :Mi But the 
Hawks made no one lorget lasl 
year's team deiplte therr vie- 

"Last year's team gave 
everylWni ' ' said Siabo "They 
all wanted to wm This year we 
don't have desire," 

Triton took a 1 -« lead m,ldway 
through the first hati on a 
disputed goal, when the ball 
took a bounce of( the football 
cros.*ar liehind Ihe Harper net 
and into the Harper goal. The 
hall is dead ai soon as it hits Ihe 
crossbar, but the referee said 
he didn't see the ball touch the 

The inlunateo Hawks,, who 
picked up two yellow cards In 
the llrst hall alone, sco,re<» five 
minutes later when Marly 
Ponciah drilled a 2.i-t«>t shot 
from the right side 

John Preil was injured late in 
the hall when he was uninten 
tionally eltKiwed in the eye 
while going up tor a head bull 
That almost set oH a Ixwh- 

Another (IfHt •Imont started 
when Rtck Pills and two Tw- 
jans got into a mix- up in frtml 
o( the Triton net. All three were 

'Die ftawkt went ahead lor 
good midway throufti the se- 
ttmd haH when 'I'orward Mark 
P I s 1 r i scored on a 
tueakaway For the game, the 
Hawks outihoi Triton 22- 11 

Cioalie Steve Todd m,ade 1" 
s»ves Twld relurtied to tlic 
line up before the season 


. . .on sports 

IBM) riBST AB UBMtontKW nylng Rock Valley Trojtnends up head ttrit durtna the Trojai»l*7 

'HM tw tlw Mawki tm «mI« •«>,. ,SMiinI«y. the Hawkt ilropp«) a B-tl hwa to Thornton, i Photo 


Soccer sails to 2-1 victory over Triton 

opener at IIT and made 1» 
saves in the Hawks 3-2 win 
Todd was even awarded an 
assist on the winning goal • the 
second assist ol his career 

Todd got his first shutout of 
the year Monday when the 
Haw ks beat Aurora 2-« 

Stabo was duly impressed 
with his team's turnaround 
over two days between games 
"They played a helluva game, 
he said They deserved to 
win " 

Now the Hawks move on to 
Kishwaukee Thursday and then 
to Trinity next Monday h<'fore 
their home opener against 
DuPage nexl Wednesday 

The Hawks, though, have 
their problems Despite holding 
an edge over Triton In the bat- 
tle for Region IV tournament 
seeding, the Hawks have yet to 
lace Waubonsee. their No 1 
rival lor the No 1 seed, 
Waubonsee has already tied 
Triton IW) and beaten DuPage 

The Hawks also have a pm- 
ttlem with speed 

"We tried to slow things 
down to our pace ' Siaho said 
after Saturday's win, "but we 
couldn't do it We're lew slow to 
use the skills we have We can't 
find the time to put what we 
have into effect," 

There is. however, a catch to 
all of this The Hawks played 
Tnlon on astro-turf which >*»" 
haven't played on tl 
■We're not used to pi, ,, ...» mi 
artificial lurf, 1 don't like to 
play on it " said Siaho 

As thit soccer team witNiard' 
eit the tins last Saturday , they 
were met by three trlt,on,-it,c> 

"■'What'* yoor rrcori-l ' a**,'', 
one ol them lu ,i:nt' 

'■'Oiit-*(!d-ite«>i, " t 
rather magnatilmiousK 

■■'You m«an,'" he sneered 
hack, '-mie-and-onr ' 

.Rather ttuniiwt, I proceeded: 
liMO the V tsitor ' s kn- krr room 

in the r«nn, Iherr was ji 
,niCHa|e on ih» hlafklMaw 
Wtod as ctiamipioiis Hmflim, 
I HMwdercit dim that mean us 

fits in,di,|l,t"r *r were going to 
• in ,■ 

■•■1* ■iiiif kniKk. 

C niii*'i'Niw 

alwiltbetllngTrilon ll ^fuil.»» 

Stt'urday im» certainly nn 
dttlenwt,. On the 'T'ro),«,n» astro 
wrl, the Hji"|«* tmi n t" iiwm 
and won 

tl va<.i\ I ■ 

niucti Bui, It 

..;i,i»..i : ■ i;*- !'Hr fWit 

h,;iill, Triton :i''i ■!«' first 

gnat of the K.4 .-I !«• II '.» .1 >. tieati'd 

ly disputed. Ihougti. t)eci,i',i-->- " 

had hil the I'ootbail cn--.;'..-- 

- the net MM tekUtKeii back 

Into play In any lituaiton * lien 
the Mil Wis Ihe iipnghi,* m a 
football gnaljiosl. the play ib. 
f, III led rtemt So so, however, ,10 
tliw case 

lofyrlairrt. 'h<- M.'iuk--, -.tub 
gle<'J to iJOuncF !',:"'h K,:!idij> 
Marty Pannak scornl lUi a 
•hoi, trow the far right side to 

Ilclbr scotp I 1 

I rushed to ihf 
,..ilcalled Triton * 
i.I,fe|julea goal good H, , 
edlowif wl,«t 1 alf 
and' Ihm aiMed. "I ,»,-. ,,...,... ; 
■see the twill hit the crossttar ' 

t WM, tempted to point out tu 
»nm that he wasn't even liiwking 
,,i the ball when it hit itic 
But 1 thought silence 

itie heller pari ol valor 

The game had tieen playiHl as 
you would J 8<str-Parker 
game, or a "I'ankrc Kr<i Sox 
sho»dl»*n Fnru'.ir.i.lohii i'rrll 
went down » itti an i-w in|ury in 
the first hall nearh cauimg a 
beorh-rlearlns A lev, 
moment* later, Dan Reyiwlii.- 
wa?, eiven ji yellow card Thai 
■,.>■ r.,'.,ri\ ciuseOariol 

■ !:. -iTi.imi half was )utl as 
Diiiff The Hawks Mark 
Pistorio finally put the game In 
the history tiooks with a goal 
early la the hall The Trojans 
didn't quit, however, and came 
at the Hawks hard Alm,OBt too 
hard, thought many of the 

When the game had finally 

ended, three players had gone 
down (or the count None was 
seriously hurt. There *re five 
yellow cards handed out and 
many ol those could have lum- 
en into ejections 

As the teams went to their op- 
posite corners, the lla»k.> 
Frank Binelti called out to ttir 
Trojan coach 

Why don't ytnj teach your 
players how to play sticcer"" 
he hollered 'This isn t liox- 

At that, five Trojans looked 
up as It to respond to BinetlJ's 
challenge It was, however, an 
empty threat one you might 
. PleaM- 1 urn in f J«)«r " ■ 

Greenhouse joint effort of Harper » District 214 

titan n a new graentiiiuw 
juM MlifMl BMr V. not (llleii 

with plants, but with ptpm and 
ecment blocks, a portat>(e 
. tialkboard. woocten (rained 
.ind empty plant pot( 

•TlJe itructun' i« flnlihcd. 
but all th* conlroils an not, to." 
".aitl Ms Sue Hawaii, a IJtstnet 
2U high Khool Instructor in the 
vocntional hortlcultBral pro- 
grim at Harper Ttw •tudents 
fwn llic Iwatlitit aiwl air omdi- 
tiMiliiR tlUMt art working on 
than. sh« said 

The iludent* iearn. 
«werything possible (mm 
''Uililtng and palnliiiK benebes. 

to repairing and cutting water 
pipes, to seeding, raising and 
selling plants Um Sbalrcr 
and I trach the student.<( to Ml 

up a gmnhouM- at rralistlcall.v 
ai they can, "she »a id 

•We have about M students 
romtng Irwn to higlt ncliiiol* Is 
the district evcr>- day. 

"■*e have a two-year pm- 
iram with the studenis cwnmg 
into the program in their Junior 
or innior years 

"We do floral denign. land 
Kaping. Mils, tree 1 D We 
grow Easter lilies and poinitet- 
tias Mer the plants are 
grown, rte studenti have u 

advertite and tell their 

'This fait the high school 
students are growing poinset- 

ttas to sell at Christinas lime, 
but until the new greenhouse Is 
ready, the cmllege has allowed 
us to keep plants In their other 
gr*enh«jse " 

■■We e I p e c t It -the 
greenhouse > to be functionally 
opiirational by the end o( Oc- 
tober and completed within a 
year." satd Jira Niinnl. Assis- 
tant Proftssor of Refrigeration 
and Air Conditioning ' RAC i 

The greenhouse is a 
CMpcrativc project between 

high school District ZM and 
Harper, he said. 

"The difficult part Is controls 
and it i the job i has to be done 

In a workman-like manner." 

■We have done some 
research and have (oiind we 
have to be able to maintain a 
temperature range between M 
to m degrws (or the various 
plants with liie atiility to main- 
tain » degree temperature 
Winn, K is all degrees below ien> 
outJiide," said Peter Chase, a 
part time Instructor In ftAC 

Relative humidity standardii 

were also given so that the 

plants will not develop a 

In short, we had to bone up 
on our botany." said Morlnt. 

"Work on the greenhouse 
project gives the students good 
practical on Ihe lob ex- 
perience Two of the students 
who were working on the last 
greenhoase are now Instructors 
in the program ' 

Nortnl estimated thai Harper 
Is saving about two-thirds of 
Ihe cost by using Harper 
students It would cost at least if done outside the 
school, he said 


Wittiam fiamey Harper College 

Vol, 14 No. S 
Septembei 25 1980 

Ballots in. Senate wheels in motion 

Four students *«*« detied 
this week t*:i fill vaeamclc* in the 
Student Senate 

Thoae elected were fJoug 
Dvora, Tracee Glllen, .Sophie 
HaCi and (Harle;: Kern 

Dvorak, representative from 
the l*hy»ii-iil Education. Divi- 

sion, ptaw to directly iit'Cet 
with st'uitents gain intigM into 
the issues at ham) 

Hat I ran js reprrw-ntaHvn 
from Ihe Mum-sn Services l..i(f 
Science 'DiviS(o<i Her maUt 
concern is gelling projtrams 
ilarted that will directly 

Finaiifial aid available 
through organizations 

VartMii: oriBiibatMM arc oi- 
Itrtng sc'holarshipt to ti«>th full 
Md part time siiidcnis 
Students wlihlng more In- 
formaliun on mts form of finaii- 
tiai aid tltoiiW contact tlie' 
rin:aiicijil Aid Office. Bldg 

The Mhiving schoisrships 
are avaiiahile lo students ' 

TIW' fan Gfmt Rotary Club is 

oftolug l«» SHO scholanhips 
(0 be 'UMd' tor tuttloit. fees, 
bwkt and mippUc* at Wiltiam 
ftainei' Hamr College. 
II iMiali. arC' rctidcol*. of 

Bk Grove, under 11 years nf 
aft and are a Ml-time student 
at .Maiper Colteie they arc 
eligible 10 apply 

Appticaiiosn are available in 
the Wiice of riMnciat Aid. 

'ntMUlM for applicatioii* is 

Oct I. iwo. 

Tht' Mette and Jetse Gorov 
Scholanliip Foundatioii is of- 
liring three tuition and fees 
icholanhips for the (all IW 
■emest«r at Harper 

Crilena lor selection will be 
nHndat tiMd and consistent 
enart shown by student to ob- 
tain Ihe best gradcspwslble 

ApplK-Aiiona art available in 
the ixiicr ot Finnrtal Aid. 
Bldg AIM 

beMHioe for sulMliltim ap- 
pbcatMHistsOci l.tW 

The North Shorn Chapter of 
Ibe Data Proressing Manage- 

<a» Association is odering 
tclMlBrship awards lor KM to 
[ dBKrvtng students iBlcrtsteil 
M a data processing career 

The criteria for tte ictMilar- 
ihip Is thai the camUdale he 
vilhtn me year Of graillMDwi 

.and have in ovcratl grade point 
average of I. S out of i and at 
least a 1 S md ot 4 m rom- 
puter.'dala processing course*, 
for courses already ctfmpleted 
The candidate must submit a 
brief < approximately 2' panes 
written presentation cciverwf 
their Interest m the data pro- 
cessing 'computer industry bv 
Ot M. liiiii 

Appltcationt an avalialtit in 
the Office of Plnandal Aid, 
Bldg Am 

The deadline for submdtlng 
a|i(ilicalloM.lsncl 14. IHM. 

The Busine-w Diiisioii ot 
William Rainey Harper i ollege 
and Firft Arlmgton National 
Bank araioumr a new scholar 
iMp fimd creatm tor full lime 
I U hrs per semeMer s!udenl\ 
in the Banking hinancr ami 
Credit Program Tlie scholar 
ship can he used tor lutlMn 
feet, and books for each 
■ciwMler The scholarship is 
available for one year (two 
semeilcrsi each lime that >i is 
awarded Payment for the Pall 
IM .SanMMK' will be' retroac"- 

The scholarship will be 

awarded to the indiividual m'ak- 
ing an application by CIct. 1. 
tWKt. that receives the highest 
grade' point average for the 
Fall IMMI Stanvter The fund 
Will then be iMd lor the Fall 
tMawt Spring t'M Semester 

Obtain appl'tC'Ctwi. from the 
Busucss O'ivWon office, Bldg. 
J-')«». or the Plnandal of- 
fice. Bldg. A"-.m 

l'>eadltM!' tar JtpiMatKm. Is 

Oct. I.. t:M. 

benetll. lite students 

(tillcn was eiected as the 
Fine i\.rts, Humanttif'S ii'nti 
Com mun Icat tons !)i v is Ion 
tf'presentiHlve .Surveys and 
polls are pari ol her plan lo in- 
crease student awareness and 

Kern, the Math, Physical 

Science ami T....'hn.ii'' nivi 

slofl. repres' 

launch a pm- . 

generate sluilcal interest m 

campus taclities and pro- 


All senators ran unoppnted. 
Write-in candidates included 
Mike Bambach. Harbinger 

.j.M:iris Miltor, and Sean Motel. 
They were cl4i«ely followed by 
Mr Bill, Mr .Sloggo and Spot, 

Pankimti named 

ICCSAA president 

Jeanne Pankinm. dlreclor of 
!il:udenl activilies. was recentl>' 
nam.e<t president ot the Illinois 
Community College Student 
.tetivities .AsHKialioii i ICC 

Ai president, Pa.nk)ni«s' ac- 
tMtiei' tnc'liide dcvcta'ltii the 
iCCSAA constdulion. the study 
ot thons { danceathons, 
marathons, studyathons. etc .• 
and finalliing pfepration* (or 
the tall ICtSAA leadership cun- 

lerence scheduled for Oct Ki- 

Thirty-five of the Ml mm- 
muntty colleges in Illinois are 
m.emt>ers of the ICCSAA wh'ich 
has been a slate recogn.tzed 
organiiatton lor the .past three 
years. The main thrust o'f the 
orgaaiiitlon is the promotion 
ot self-interest and develop- 
ment of students and staff 
merobe'rs throughout the state 

"Student Activities people 
are doers." said Pa.nkin.ln, 

■The professionals involved 
are extremely talented. eK- 
perlenced. well-meaning peo- 
ple who are exciting to wor* 
with Together as an associa- 
tion, we can successfully shape 
our own future and the luture 
welfare of students throughout 
the stale" 

Pankinin serves as director 
of student acllviUes at Harper 
and is currently involved with 
the Cultural Arts Board. 

tivltlat Anoelatiaa M' 

■f llill hi. illiililni liir flan linf iiiiii m w ■iwlm nw ii Inn iif afii 


I a. TIM 


Sssb! Cafe MOW 
quiet study zone 

with Its cmit'iuil. liiiMIe 
.■nd 'iMttls ■mil Hit dRMilnc 
HOlH of plnliaU maditiMit 
tlM cileteri* MKiiis Uw 
ClH' iHt .plMt la llM wortcl 
tuOo mty qiiM. ■tudytog . 
But ilk im^mm: U WuCM. 

•ud Uwy' «il tall otlwr- 

tm i» n i i ii i | l iH ii ii iw ■ li* 

■MMltollV 'if wl MMHUf €MI- IteMMIOlMI'IS'dBttiy'fe 
'^ mtwrng ^m^ ^umm Utt rtiMlaitoM fli^fM »mm «m «• 

itbtlMMlV'tt|iii5iy")MKI" Hd t«tH totd' OHilM'iiiilt'tlii' 

llMililil IHniMlillniiWi H SttaHMfik Umv 'inMla 

■MlMr l» McWIlfi 


C'l^on^ weir'e qoi'a<^ 

of talilat in tlie music ruft nids. But now th« miln mcUI 

forfeit their llttcning ewlir to beljifi dissected to pn>- 

prtvUefBt. fim jm. mmUm quM wa ' 

Ctomly. the scales are out of ttmm tmm m mmf imi i 

l» IwlanM. Siwclal itms Omtm- mrndk In bt MaftMS ilwnlto" | 

lack ad ttirqnM 1111111 bam bwB Ml ■•fiw. 

Enrollment on upswing, college growing 

Bacit 'lenwilir. a nporl 
ptffMml »t llie CM o( neg iitr» 
iMin; gites current enwllmeni 
0|urei and conwsrlaw with 
pnrv'iwi* year» Thi» fi!l. the 
mwt iiMlicatti tn*t lo.nw la- 
dtftduals have mralM lor 
claam at Haifcr aiMl. thai «l these ■tuilnb an tak- 
lai defrw «i*<!tt mikim. Ba<!h 
it tlWfM* tlDurw U tJ ()«rceni 
ahow the enrallmeiiti for IslI, 

Stale sM to Um> C«lle)|e t* tiat- 
Mt on I dUterAit mraltmeitt 
llpn* Inown SI "lull-ttme 

ratanl" iFT'Et. T'hi»i»lh« 
tliat reKuHs when 12 
ilagne cncllt houn i* coit 
Mrad on* ttiU-iime mudent's 
cnunie toad. This MiiMater. the 
dagrat craUt houn taken eqoci 
tM^ liill-tline student loadx 
nis rcpreseiMi an d 9 pmwat 
imanm*' in Harper's FTE over 
M, im. VnOer the cumnt 
iMniiiila. fUH aM ttaacd on tlito 
(■lit enrotliMat «MI bt pM lo 

It Is a inliaaiiW' 'Iti 'fepovt tlie 
en.ralliiMiil tncMiaa and to 
milk all tht 'Mw and; nttmlnt 
wndaala fucvtas ta their work 
■I llaiptr. Many «f you will ex- 
t no dtrriculty in college 
Nit there are occasloiis 
wn (he liwt. student 
mm 'naad a Wtle aslra htlp. We 
al HariMr Coileit' care aliout 
four tucces* In (act. «e care 
enough to place the retpon- 
•IWlty on ynu, Ilia stiideat, to 
•wall .ymmalt nf Hit aaalatance 
available to jwo al. tht' Cnllege. 
laatructnis post ofFke hours 
during whtcb itudenti can 
scbaiWe ippoinlincnis. Tulor- 
iag lirvtet la amiable free of 
dHfgv to all M'lident)!. The 
Laamkig Skills l^riMrilory can 
'Mts. bi devcloitlng 
I alfKtf** study ilcills lor 
«.. SiHlial Devatop- 
t fMilty nanibcr* can bt 
CMCulled afeniM academic. 

From the 
desk of. 

awarded to Asmwlai* Pro- 

la mes McGratti 

carcpt ot penonai pniblenta. 
The many support lerviees at 
Htrper are tnlended lo help 
every itudeni ncccttl and I 
encourage you lo take id- 
vanta.fe ot them at the lint 

1 reported to you laii month 
on the Fulbrtghi Pellowthrp 

r Keiin<>fJi iaucn. enabling 
Mm tn' spend a year teacblng In 
Korea.. He has iig,r«»d tocorrei- 
pon<! ■>■"■ ■' 'r-.f'ne staH during 
the > i-jt M. : !iat you n3.ay sliaw 
hi» riper i<>m-es Ihrotigb 'Tbe 

Campui actiV'tUe* (or tbe 
miMier are ntimenus and I 
encMirate you to participate in 
tbe programs available to. 
itudenis and dislHct restdentx. 
If you haw not yet obiuned a 
idiediile ol cultural activities 
lor the (all you can Inquire 
■bMi coming evmis at the Slu- 

denl ■ 'Uin in Bldg. 

A !■■ '■■.•: If schedules 
available w Bldg^ M list many 
mterctillegiate activities you 
can attend tree ol charge. TN; 
tcbedttle ol open recrealion 
.hours I* aluo available in Bldg 
U and you are Invited to lake 
advantage ot the pool. Iianct- 
l»l|.''raft|uett«ll courts awl 
other aclivlltei. offered in Ihis 

"Challenges. Lirestyles, and 
Careers (or the Ws" Is the' title 
ol i wnlerence scheduled for 
ItM" Ilrst three Thursday even- 
ings m November The con- 
lerence will explore Ihe 

'IT wtfT eeme maoMi &mtim of wr. 

Futurist Movement, wnceptsi 

ol world family and glob«l| 
village and careen of th« 
future that will be meanlngfulj 
in conlributing to solution of 
world problems Questions on 
erolO'gy, world politics, andf 
human reialmns will be ad-l 
dressed Many Harper Collegq 
students share concerns iii 
these areas, and ihe tonlerencq 
should be ol great interest 

1 hope you are finding Ihd 
semester at Harper busy, pro! 
ductive and enjoyable, and will 
continue lo find much of valuq 
al your community college 


Wdliaro Raincy HarperCoUate I 
Algonquin it Roielk Roads 

Palatine, IL« 




Ai«t l>IMiUiEiUt«r 



Mik* B«nl>i 
UmI Lynn Gir 
K«Uiy Hi{ 
Rich Hmquinel. Jor Ka 
Nor* Norton, Mllie.StinAu 
Nancy Karabatsoft. Korln J 
Daniela Sinlanovic. Jcft E« 
Kincy Mry«r. Wayw Rm 
AdvtMr DDrotliy PIr 

pulMleUJin Itr Uw Haiinr < 

cicqit Ourinc bolMsjn mt final i 
ami Ail opinliuii nyrtH 
<ir Uw wrilrr and not nccMMrlly ti 
«( Uw colleee. Ita aOmlnll 
iBcuMy or tlndtiu iMKtjr Adw 
aoS torn tcttnm 11 mm FrMay i 
cam u tiiftlect ta adlMaa AH t>nt« 
ttMI»eillliir mart ta ManM. Nair 
Mil l» puMWiM For liiMwr 
taraiauncati IfT-MaDcxI. MtcirMl J 


Move over Reggie,make room tor Temple 


It AatkriHMiliiay icachtr 
I candy bar 

rliim, hewouWcali 

U nMPLR. "It would 'be a 

MCuiMil btf' wtih • mile 
tomiipllll ^hivM to lilt SMlcr 
of cMh'M*;* HtmiM takt. That 
tyiMliH lit IniarM in Mexico 
and tht nmniMi amimii iMtet 


liMrejEled in 
'his 'IMtf at Alnwr Coilcfe in 
Mt Carroll. Dtinols where tie 
ncelvMi tils B A He lank ■ 

i imn Ml cii Hi, 

I' It I 

denmairalM la ait tlniilHy 
turn ■MMttlng' Utnttldat u 
OM. lliMini|Min«ialt." 

%»i& I gel mlentfted In what 
p«<i|ile icacii II I (eel weak in a 
certain ar«a. I lake a course In 
it I wa nt to Ilml oul whai other 

ifilTii,, viM 11 Barpef » Miy 

( AnUinpoliigjr teactier 

I Siianiili fliaenUy and tt 

jwntntly Hudytnf Cternan. Me' 

IWMWtd :|||t M~A. 



HCM news 

Campus station features 
top rock artists 

tJnHwntilaii de Meiico de lai 
Anwrtcaa and is presently slu- 
dylBf on weekends to Mm hi* 
Doctorate from Southern II- 
linot* t'nivenlly 

BcaldM teaching here and In 
Meiko, Norrls has been to 
many dllferetit placet He 
worked for the Peace Corps In 
Peru, and also m the Amazon 
(or the Peruvian Navy His di|{s 
have taken Itlm to Aniona, 
here In the Mldwett and Mex 

When he wai in Central Mex 
ico, hf uicd to watch the sun 
riit "I'd |D at night and sleep 
00 the pyramtds In the morn 
ing. I'd drink cottee and brandv 
and let II happen." Norrls said' 
He alw ileiK In the nilns in 

Mexico 'There were wat- 
chmen, but you either bad to 
avoid them or pay then to 
leave you alone " 

In hit spare time. Norri» 
likes gardenlnR 'pinio beans, 
corn, iquash and sunflowers i. 
and reading i Wallace. Stevens, 
AE Houseman and B:dward 
Fltigeraldi Presently, he and 
hi* vile are retmilding an old 
(■rmlioiiae they bought and live 
in. He doesn't consider these 
hoMiltt. "they're just things 
thai nick hours out o( the day. 

He also love* to travel H« 
likes new places and new peo- 
ple HI* favorite place is Vina 
Rm "III on the Spanish coast 
It haa lood food. pNid wine atid 

«ood beaches-excellent for 

When it comes to Indian*, 
though, his core Interest" is 
the Northwestern part of Mex- 
ico He i» ver>- Interested In 
European hlstor> and their 
first contest with the Indians 
He also wants to find out 'how 
the Indians reacted with the ar- 
rival of the Spanish and how 
they've changed In Joo years " 
said Norris "I have old in- 
terests in the Altec Indians. In- 
dians in Mexico and the Mayan 
language ' 

All in all. Chock Norrls en- 
Joys hit work and teaching. 

I've never considered any 
other proiession' 




ftira MISex 

pie « 



'Hit IpM 




... the Correct Use of Soap 

Graham Parker 

The Up Escalator 
Pwtt Gabriel Peter Gabriel 

Tlii'llMels Carelui 


Metro Music 

*■**« Wild Planet 

5>«Cir» P'anorania 

TlMEoliliig Stone* 


VanMarntM' CuoHiaiiOiit 


, . . "A" 


Vow Bin miiha httriiiip 
fhm fatiM if you itiali • 
itfiw into tht botll* 
you twM open n. 

North Cwoltiu. often calM 
"Golf Statt USA," hai 
■ORi* 330 tolt cauri*« 

AiMmllni to the US. Oitn. 
of Afrwiillun. th* •nrioi 
Amtrjcan ••ti B ^J2 
of |i«ckl«i • yt». 



f*it.«rir«M" '"" 

\ NeCoy's 

Hmn Of TIm RmI Mm 


Need a roomnuite? 

Have a car to seil? 

Looking for a 
used book, 
a stereo speaker, 
a concert ticket* 


Student clatsified ad* 

are FREE. Non-student 

•d rate-so cents 



*I4 minimum 

Frei Pa^si 

M^/Santfwieli PiirelitM 


INTO $6,000 FOR COLLEGfaa 

Need s« extra tnciwy tm college ? You can cam up to $6,000 while 
you re in 9Ckx»l. scrvmij pan time with the Army Reserve. I Inlike manv 
owl time j<*s. t>urs fits into your schedule. All it takes is a weekend a nirinth 
dunng (he sch<«>i year, the rest of y,w training is in the suttimer- seven 



Vat* *• T><* HarMngtr, 


Cousin Cousine Indians 

COt'SJN COtSiME wtH b* 
alMKtt Friday. Si!pt m, a p m 
III BUc J IW Its the stor> o( 
aiMl iMOmic, cousins 
inarriBge hii uikI«' 
■ RKitlieri. and tlittr ac- 
Uiat (trv«)a|iii mio 
I their friendship 
Into love, whil* 
(MrpMlent aiMi lovtnK parrnls 
iniili tin In diimiiy Admission (■ 
free tar suntenl*. $ ii for tlw 
_^__ .y.^ a 

Mealtn Servtrt is offertng 
free cartltw ptilm.(>nary 
reiiiicUatioo tUiises Fridaj 
'CWSinKs d.<iilng the (ill 
jwnieiter. 'Partjctiiimb mmi 
allewl («• consecutivr dasas 
in ijnler lo qualily as n wrttdetl 
limtrmlur Ttie CItsi session 
will be Md Oct 1. RepuraUM 
w on a fir« cowe. Itrn nerteil 
Iwai in tlw Healrt .Service Of- 
l-AJB-Wl »i 

Hcnia Rapilll|t«lan will pre- 
WM. • pnvwt of EMtem In" 
dlan Claiiical Dance on Thurs 
day Sept mat llliipiii in 
BldK PM There Is nn admls- 

The various aspects of Eoit 
In<t>a>i culture and philotopDy 

have raptured the Interest and 
ImaRtnatiiin* of the feneration, 

and no aspect of this rich 
ciiitiir«' is more faKtinating 
than Its musk- Hemn Ra 
Jamtalan has been active in 

(he TMini! Audiences proitram 
pramolmi understanding ol 
Eastern "Indian miistc and 
dance through school and col- 
tege lertur«-*lanee concerts 
StM' has .perfMIMK): all over lU' 
dia and has gl-ven a numtier of 
performMces abroad >s a par- 
ticipant of several cultural 
dtlciitliiiui. Pretcnlly she iS: 
'Hw iHnecUir o[ an. atadeny 
■rUMii IcadiH clataical Indian 
dance awl music 

Solar energy 

Harper has scheduled a 
"IWar Energ*' ■ Passive Ap- 
jiliealions" wmtnaron Friday. 
Sept B from jl a m td .Dip m 
hi BIdK £107 The seminar In 
eludes an introduction to 
passive techntrjues pertinent to 
rttidential additions or new 
home ranstruction tandscap 
mR. teiKlttK. outdoor patios and 
related ttrlentattons (or plann- 
lni( will i» presented, irriterta 
Icsr passive Msign will be tianed 
on midwest fonstrucHon 
technologies C»» studies and 
worksheets will tie provided 
The lee is MJ which includes 


The Institute hif Manage- 
Mtnt ttovekipffleni at liarper t» 

ollertni a seminar ■■*Kf(i*tive 
Management lor the Office 
Supervmor" on Tuesday ,, Oct. T 
(rom, «:» *.m lo < p.m. This 
srm.inar is deslgiieil (» av. A \a 
.dividual* .cmu-erned with oltice 

management lo Improve of lice 
elflciency and productivity 

iWilliam Jedltcka. professor 
of business management at 
Harper College, and Thomas 
Johnson, coordinator o( 
Harper's bankiiii and finance 
jirogram. wilt he lemlnar 

The ») tuition Includes 
lunch The seminar will be held 

in BIdg Altta. 

To register., call m. 410. itz 
or Ml 

API f- C 

Harper, in nNiperation with 
the .Imeriran PnxJuction and 
InviMitory Control Society 
,'V P 1 1: .S .1. Is presenting ia 
series of five seminars to 
benefit individuals in the 
duction and inventory control 
field Each of the " iw.o.-day 
:teminars will provide general 
education or speclttc review for 
the A P I.e. S, cerlificatloii en... 
The folliwing M»'mi.nars will 

met'i on the Harper campus, 
(romS 30am to4p.m. 

■fnvenlory Manage- 
ment/Planning" Will be held in 
BIdg Ci03, on Oct. 10 and U. 

Shop Floor Control" vflll meet 
on Oct 10 and 11 in BIdg H. 
tdd; ■Capacity Planning and 
Control" will be held Oct. 2A 
and 25 in BIdg A. 242a, 

Forecasting • will meet In 
Btdg C. 101 on Oct 24 and B in 

K«gtetralion fee tor each 

.seminar is $70 which includes 
tuition, two lunches, and coffee 
Four or more participants from 
one company regislering at the 
same time will be charged a 
reduced rate of tw per 

Each leminar will be con.- 
ducted by knowledgeable, ex. 
perienced practitioners Croup 

participation will tie stressed m 

all seminars. 

For more detailed Infonna- 

lion. call the Office of Qinllmu 
Ing Education, eitt SIX 

Fall Fest kicks off Monday; activities galore 

At l*Kipr«ni< Baa.rd i» idM"' 
sMtng Palf Pwllval WecK fnw 
S*|il. SIMM. 4 The activities 
planned tO' oMtrate this wMfe 
rwi||( from iCaraiv tftiMiilni- 
IIMK Mr the conuHltaii. ai' the 

The wmik't KgMMa Mn tUte 

Sapl. 30 .>\. Karate Judo - 
Taekwondo demonstration will 
be. held at noon in the Building 
A Lounge Master Ok Kvung 
Kim. Tlh degree Black Belt. 
and Iwir Mhtr black belts w Hi 
iHMMttrtlw their skills These 
■ifMtt Maw overcomt ibe 
UMMl fap between the miiKt't 
iinJeni and the tK.xty '« rr j.«i urns 
iiiak.tng II poiMtilc 10 perform 
Mlrawdlnary teats with Ite 
1 iMHtv Admission is trm. 

Oct.. 1 A pie eating ctntwit 
v'il tie held at noon in Biiltdtng 
A immte with a IS priw gotng 
I9 the person, who eatt the miM 
in ■ 1.1-mimite time limit The 
•iMif r. 11 sponisured by ■ duh 
M'.or|anl.»tion wii) win an •<>- 

mm I ,j, i | 

giO' fMiSLiiM SMttroo*, kxc 

(!.#•» sir; 

ditional tio tor the sponsoring 
club or organiatlon Deadline 
toapply is4p.m..Sept.» 

Oct. t A tricycle race win in> 
held at noon m front of Building 
A Ktders must supply their 
own tricycle. Twenty..|ive 
dollars will he awarded to the 
w.immer. t» will be awarded lo 
llw elttb or organiiatmi spon 
soring the winner. An addl- 
tionit tat will be awarded lo the 
best co.>lumed tncycHst 
l>e«diine to afiply i* 4 p m Oct 

Pucker up and M g«! A 
walernclan need ■p.lttlng c«i> 
test will be M«M at noon .la the 
Building A IdUiit. TiM mtmm 
w.tlt receive tS. Thediadtine lo 
apply Is 4pm.. ''Vt i 

(KM,. $ Raiinsey i..rui* wiii r* 
in cnncwi al ■ |i m tit .M 

The original Hamwy t^wis 
trio began in liKW )l wasn't ua.. 
til 1MB though, that they 
a<*te*ed national recognition 
with the tan version of "the In 

Crowd " The successful single 
was soon followed with the hits 
"Hand On Simipy" and "Wade 
In The Water " 

Kouies." the mull I faceted 
keyboardist"* latest LP. 
reflects all the various aspects 
of Ramsey's background, in- 
cluding his roots in classical, 
lloipet and laxi Tickets for this 
comwrt. should he purcha..wd in 
advance as seating is limited 
PvMx admission is ti. Harper 
student staff price is O For 
further information, contact 
the studeni acllvltlM. ofltcc. 
eiti Z4,2, 

igiViaMMHT t V*C.*T.|0« .rr^r tcMHI 

**n aim ««f*«***«m #•* Vfc't- *.«"".iifflfl*w kH 

rvPlM m wow i««i,i.*|.n* i# iwf 
Utt* )*< tU' •« tm im *.l%r I 

.-^ -_—. .Jt LID * CfKIKllKI, O..!.: 

%tmm Air Pmtt c«.i.n>«i. s«( n» 
>*ilmm Mm .ci>a*»ii>>. Ik*, ir Mm t«lt> 

siifbtrnt ttsiirim *«»« n ,•,•• 

W tOL ' . ... " ;...;,r4 

Hair Services by Michael 

MichatI Atoltas 


Present this Coupon 
at Appointment 

Sufrty RidoiiCenltr 

G.alt an4> Algonqwm 

Artinfltoii Mtiaifits, litinois 


Oct 4 The presentation of 
Th«' Fall Festival Quwn will l>e 
held at halflime during the lool- 
ball game If interested in 

becoming a conliestant, contact 

the sludasnl activities office 
BIdg ASM. eil 242 The grand 
finale will be a Country-.Swlng 
dance featuring llie live music 
of .lump In The Saddle all for 
11 The dance will take off at « 

.Applications for all different 
contests are available now- In 

tht studeni iclivities orfu-e 
BIdg. ASM. 


The Harbinger accepts M 
ters to the editor from all 
student.'!, faculty and staff 
members All letters must tie 
signed; any unsigned letters 
submitted will be disregarded 

Letters over 30(1 words are 
subject to editing All letters 
should be submitted to the Har- 
binger office BIdg A3<7 no 
later than noon the Monday 
before publication 

Prograin Board Presents. . . 

Stadents (3 
General Piblic $5 

Tickets available ii 

SMeRt Activities Office 



October 3 

p. in. 

Building M 
(Field House) 

TUt H mt mmr- 8«p»«"f» »• "••■ ''•••* 





Drop your guard 
for a minute. 

Evm though you're 
in a iwo-ycar college 
right now, thCTc arc 
many aspects of ihc' 
Army you might find very attractive. 
Mayhc even irresistibk. 

See for yourseU. 


If you're thinkii^ of eventually 
going to a four-year college, it's not 
too early to start thinking about an 

There are 2-year and evenl-year 
ROTC scholarships available. 

They cover tuition, books, and 
lab fees. Plus llOtl a month living 
allowance. Naturally, they're very 
competitive. Because besides helpmg 
you towards your bachelor's degree, 
an ROTC scholarship helps you 
towards the gold bars of an Army 
Officer. It's worth looking into 

A few years in the 
Army can help you 
get not only the 
money for tuition, 
but also the maturity 
to use it wisely. 
The Army has a program in 
which money you save for college 
is matched iwo-for-onc by the 
government. Then, if you qualify, 
generous bonuses are added to that. 
_, — — i . »Ao ^,,r,. ■» miinih So 2 years of service can get 

. ^''""""\"^w"\^Zmo7"on you up to 17,400 for college, 3 years 
in your paycheck .\nd a lo more op V"" "|^ t uiO and 4 vears up to 
portunity in the long run. Since you 11 up.toll ^IW, anu 4 years up ^^ 


It's true. If you join the Army 
with two years of college, you can 
start two pay grades higher. Instead 
of being an E-l with an empty sleeve, 
wu can come in as E-3 with stripes. 

It means about $60 more a month 

be literally wearing your education 
on your sleeve, your talents won't go 
unnoticed by your superiors. 

And starting out right can really 
help you make the most of the Army 


With two vears of college under 
your belt, you can get preferential 
awsidcration for Warrant Officer 
Flight Training. 

If you pass all the tests and 
qualify^ you'll go through 40 weeks 
of rigorous and valuable training. 

You'll earn the distinctive bars of 
a warrant officer and the silver wings 
ol an Army aviator. You'll have at 
least 175 hours of flight instruction, 
40 hours with a flight simulaliir, 4 
weeks night qualification, and 
enoi^h dassrcx>m work m aerody- 
namics, meteorology and aerial 
navigation to last a lifetime. 

The result is a rewarding, 
responsible and prestigious piisitum 
as an Arm\ helicopter pilot. 


Vtliat you've learned in college 
has already earned you a promotion 
in the .Vrmy. 

You can get a 11,500 bi>nus just 
for enlisting in some Army Reserve 
units. C> up to $2,lXX) in educational 

You also get paid for your 
Re«rve duty. It comes out to about 
ll,0(X1 a year for 16 hours a month 
and two weeks annual training 

i\nd there's a special 
program that lets you tit 
your Army Reserve active 
duty around your school 

It's Mimcthing to con- 
sider Because even if you 
went to a two-year college 
because it was less expen- 
sive than a four-year col- 
lege, you know by now that 
it still isn't cheap. 

$14,11X1. In addition, bonuses up to 
$3,(XX> are available for certain 4- 
year enlistments in selected skills. 
Add in all the experience and 
maturity you can get, and you can 

see how the Army can send you bacic 
to college a richer person in more 
ways than one. 

We hope these Army oppor- 
tunities have intrigued you as well 
as surprised you. , , , . 

Because there is indeed a lot 
the Army can offer a bright person 

like you. 

For more information, send the 

coupon below. 


If you're ihinkinn you 

nut:ht"cvcnt:^» further wiih 
your ciiUcge cducaiion. the 
Annv cm help ihcrc, uxi. 

,.,:,,, ■ ' iWOUarranl Oft Kcr Might I raining 

'" 'bi '^SinpcMoSfan.Di^SS) Army Reserve 
Boiw.scs,n(2I'(:) Army Educational Beneliis. 









inih in tiiKiH 

Srndt.. HKIt.HI OPIHmilNTlll^S.I'O Bt)X I" 

.\il, VWNON.N.V lifi"*' _ 




Kansas cooling down, Cassidy kicking up dust 

m m wpr w mm • crwc ■ ■ ■ ' ' ■ ' " ■ ■ = 

^ ffy tC'^fffiMiS Kris Pip6nburg 

on music 

ft" 'Mm - "Oil really fMd.' mmy politi leite": a lilf im 

ll/ll umiiii mlirii rinlin Tiit lii "B'lg «leal." ym tmiy. "Big 
i." 'Ita' aitaai to «U aiMl: dml." I atm- And it li 


M ri 

BlaUie monili. mUmtmmr- i'mnIi. dMck mil 
w '■muM' Ih IIM' Miili MIM lyrtd) W'lt 


•t «MlMf ^ it"..t l li i. » « • 
■nir •( Hmp '••' W 'I 

t alroelly tinet 
■,** by Slys, nty 

Wdi U 

I' I 'IHM. 9 Ma pv*' UnflMH' 
Mily ImIIimhv at UM' a 

Kaatat •tlm«, "AvAa- 

k t ilMap 

Hi «wiH»» tHaOom 

iMit tltow mcan- 

WUll music ITMMIf 

iwT Na. mil band has 
nllid OB Uiatr "ntyla" ntudi 
t • t I a n n 1 1» r t li a I 

Mill ilncv Don Klr 
(tem to ua 
HMtll i4> intury 

Imn Hi ie)r-wi>rili# haa gut to 

lia tlitt into 

mn't nectwar)-. twUi attniint 
Mund thiF sanMf Bolh atliuini 
KKind Uk« Kanitas Uvgrmi 
ompoattHifi. "Tlir Mask ol Uw 
Gnat Deceiver, ' conltniMs the 
■nlHiraaalng lyrical tradition 

TH "Gfiatc''' Hits niific. •tart 
iMt a Vat haae; add a pindi af 
Ktii Cnniaaii and a daali of 
•tyi.. ttat 'piUly: add ttitt 

dal attiactlvmaai. and then 
iHmw In a grain «!' MarcaMie 
far tin Ml of « When tkmiHd. 
dli|ulat your product In a eol- 

nrfnl ileeve that will attract Ilia 
eye o( any nibufltaii I 


'haa OK. Xi 



■• 'Is a Itttk Hal. 

tlie new Sliaiia 
Caaatihr albwa Is adtially 
tMiMMe. Todd Rundimi piw- 
dwad li an naturally It aouali 
ilfet Hoi. But m mluit. r s mkIi 
a Hit «nllactloii or mail: 
Shnm haia't written any jmi. 
W 11*11 tnaled to new vcr 
■loaB at "Once Bitten. Twice 

' IIMI. me 'HnnpIeK "tue 
1 1 Maad" < Talking Heads i . 
"'IWM HelMl" > David Bowie I 
and "It's M;y Ult," a aKig 
rccnmcd liy Eric limiM and 
the Animals in 1M4 Add those 
to some Rundgren penned 
matefial. and. hey. Shaun is 
Iranalbnncd Sort of like Jtffy- 

Caisldy's volec Isn't Had, Imt 
how mudi of It is real* At 1 
half ol Uw vocal* have 
treated 'mechanically In aoma 

way. It'lopia niMKirta tm 
track .10 It's • - -■■ - 

The new 

I iU In the (amlly. 
italons of the old 
dina with taile. 
eWly' "It'll My utt" it's 
Ml MMi to ahoui half the 
at the orl0nal-really 
"Once Bitten, Twice 
' tendi to grate ■m the ear^ 
but that If probably 
tMcaiiic It is produced to aoiind 
tiny. MaylM Todds 
It aaains ttmt mmf tacordinti 
he produces hat that 

remarkable tr«ttlenna to It 
Spector had his "wall of 
sound"; Is this the Rundgren 
■•wall of tin?" 

The title track. "Wasp," Is 
the standout; it is a driving 
<iong written by Todd, of 
course, that is a put-down of 
our trend-shlltmg lifestyle 
Bravo! Death to the sacred ur- 
ban cow. and didn't we all know 
that new wave would sell out 
and he cheapened'' "Wisp" is 
cmnplela with a seml-dlsco 
beat, but don't let that scare 
you away. Hcivln Uct mean 

Does anything affed our 
Identities more than music" 
The local skinheads 

splheiieadt. pliibeads. and hip 
pm have their respective 
■ualoii glares -and when the 
neil ntw mm comes along, our 
identities will shift again And 
who Is left to listen to 
Christopher Cross; Does 
anybody really like that stufl'* 
PerhaiiB I should shut up (or 


Status jeam ads insults to intelligence 

tiaiHt iSilSiliar jaaoa 

IMt ay nMMn mrii all my 
MNb aai K •enhlDt hM* nic* 

•■Oilala Itwio n. ah la la 

WIV' Wnmm UImII IIHHIilll'* ^ 1 
ni¥ bCRI of CMlliill 

Bmt that caul '*hraM. all 

M 'w ni g .<jii|i . «f jjjfWf that 

■Mity 'HI* Hwt IHt "oh ta la. " 
li n HiaUmi agii 'lie an 
MnMpiailMi Ml lit 
■OMFyait. 'It Inr the IM 
~ I the mating wOl 
(II only the " ' 


, . jMnct 

r|iMt."ra'iaity, iiiliilo 
iMi wnaf' 'inat^i'iP Isn't thai 

"tela, whenever you want to 

be a •Oman.."* I ii«*r wanted 

% CHigat nt thli 'MrM, nr the 

"Acilan." haiat a irnt' 

- " § £Mfl nave ^ntv mh^' 

'CMMfnt,, and we 'nwcf fit to 
sae her lace. 

Wbai do ail of the TV com- 
nMrclals add up to'' I'm not 

iun. 1 da knvw .however, thai I 
«■ atwer fewf a ^palr of 


meaning lor that word. tO'li 
KoRvwnal JiMllhallallttaiiHl' ind' 

Probably because ol 

the ads If they are going to In- 
sult my UMeHiacace. Ihe very 
Itaat they CMii have HaMC' mm 
U liawe fstlan all of Ihe 'lahaa 
' phonies of Kotlywood who 
up. who have no 

|aiiw.- Juii' Hha .ail: nl 'Iht' ditmii 

I' M «f tm 'wanhed 

1 really wander loo. win 
would wear designer Jeans? 
itome Kirls. wear the piui'ti m 
ll|hl (hat If Ihe had a quarter in 
her ptrkel. you would t» able 
la tell if It was heads, or tails 
That look, certainly docs not 
look com tortable 

And speaking of tails. 1 
Ihaaght this was the -modem 
watU,' yw IMW. at|ual' rights. 
IX' glint awit. Ut fiM to start 
■«nMa|iiMiciy agih^ 

art ttme people 

till .ilnti hm titg. A 


■te* At iaast. that M 

Hey, I don't care what you 
girls say about guy* wearing 
tliem All of the guys who wear 
them, have always hmked too 

pretty. If you know what I 

I am guilty ol not liking 
daalgher Jeans Perhaps. 1 am 
not normal PerhapR. I am not 

As Henry David Thoreau 
wrote In Walden." "The 

of life Idr man In 

'IMt elUiiate may. accurately 
•nmigh. be distributed under | 
acveral heads of food. 
nothing. Shelter and Fuel; lor I 
noi tii we have secured theae j 
are we prepared to entertain 
the true problems of life with 
tmKloni and a prospect ol suc- 
cess The grand neceaaltv 
then, for our bwlies. ts to keep 
warm, to keep the vital heat in 


liit«r«steil in writinst 
••IlinK adSf photography? 

loin Th« Harblns*'' 

Staff maattags Tuesday 1 |i.iii. 
BMg. AMfTaxt. 4ifl, 461 

mmm ••tt'tBUIIII 



I On any regularly priced 

I ailMmifirtafM 

I wicn hmnI' I 




Tincup P«si Shopping Ctnter 


^ Lai Alt Ionian •Jtparti Mp you 

■dtttan your mm for fht «lnl«r 
[ nwnllis. f njoy IM» tomtno wlnt»» 
I «ith 111* 'hcalthlMt looiimg toioan ^ 

t>rtmn glow fver. You can na** 
)' Mtt heal ion of row Ufa. Tan 
, quMkly and easily 'In 'Ma i>rivacv | 


, turray HMIaa MWMiIng Canlar 

i W. Algamiuin an (*»4St) 



20% OFF 



Tl* HarMngK. ><>«» ii i > «, u, |«|g^ ^|^, 

DuPage buries Hawks, 40-14 

I BiaUk Mm mmty mm 

Alttr taking a »H Itatttf in« 
Inni tMhm Imt Sctitrdty. 
UM MaiAi tra*«l to nitnoia 
Vaitiigr.. Ani m Hawk* ccrtuii> 
W wmrt tm Btiiakcfl for "Alte 

niUitl* Vallcjr It tlw No. 1 
raikMl ttajiti to Illtauia aiMi tue 
N«. 4 ranliail Immi in m cam- 
try Saii Dtil>a|i» htw) coacti 
Bob MelMugaW. They are 
■•ftonie I V is protMilily Um 
•miMl ]iiiihir cdlltge (eain. to 

Mtadiiii Mo Saturdaya 
tttm, howrver, th» Hawks 
liav«« an liiier«sitii|t tttuattm at 
'-ck. Scott CMtlad. 

•Mo look nver th« No t QB apol 
ovtr Dave l,ocl) two wtcki ifo. 
Inltifwi hts kow hHvre ttw 
DuPaUif gMtne and was replac 
fd b>' Tim Tyrrell Ty rnjlt dm ■ 
credttile jol> aialnti the Chap 
parals. l>o»ever. aixt will be 
the pral>al>ie starter aptnat II- 
Itnote Valley. 

Agamsi DuPaie, Tyrrell 
cwiipletwl tour of U pmms lor 
• yante, wliile ruihttm '« i' 
iiife We went with Tim. ' 
■•Id ■■twcawte o( his 
foMMIal. He'i ultv.loal)' not 
to ke yarlM kit ftnl 

Hawks* (4'0'lf struggling 

■ Siabo da* stniguM 

(or miich ot the early seaion 
with an offensive front line that 
hi«^t comic cloie to iii pre- 

t Mt IXKie well (or 
il-j»etf loccer «>ach, 
- .- J leaa tacca Wauttoitiee 

Tlw Chitfi. Iieaten by the 
H»wk» twice tax year, have 
alftadjf beaten Ma.ri»er'» prtne 
rttalf lor the Region IV no I 
rankini - Tnion and DuFaie, 
The Hawki l>a»e alw <ie(eate«J 
TrilM. but haw yet to (mm 

WHtaaat km ammd m 
from »t No. I itigiaii am lo 
ikt m. t i|M IriiM tlie 

The Hawk*. 4-lM. however 
are miprovtat. Aicatnt Truiiiy 
.WMMv. Hiek Puis notched .ha 
AM .hat trM ai Harper won S- 
"t. I'liUiback* Frank Btnetit ana 
(3ina: .Small 'alio Mored for tUt 

"il wata m»od. «,'- uid 
Siabo. "We are pl.aviti:g more 
mplltr ai. a unit We'r* it.Br- 
tlii|loitiowour|io(eiKMl ' 

Aiiil no* a moment loo «Mt 

The Hj*kA us 1.1 I'ace tJufafe 

,W*'t)nrM:iav ■ Wsuhoniee 

'•''■■"■'■• ' ■ ' hm 

N'lCJreeruUiiig. . 

■ mtimmitfvmtmgifsi 


The .poMltMi tar irffniiiliig 
vMaitiiiii range toni a slap w 
the wmi 10 niMiliikiii tnm. Uh 

Triiwi.. lor ctMitp'lt. la on 
oMbation.. All hmoim, 
imwer. ii Tritu ha tmm 
gven a •amtnit. "It nwaat." 
layt BecMold, "to currect III* 
tliualloo or demer meatttrc* 
wilt be enforced' 

Should Triton further violate 
the rMtrutting by-lawi wthln 
the naal: :year. the Khoal wniM 
be .i iiiy iil K Imn wtnnhii.tlie 
NIC •imMHiMf m any sport 
and «mH m ta allowed to 

trouble ipot bad 
been spe«l. "We're tt» slow w 
une the akllli we hsvif. ■' siittm 
Mid after Tlnir»d«vs lie ■■•»> 
eant llnd the ttme u> pm tntn 
effect whit w« haw." 

The 'maro of Puli lo mMfteW 
hai alleviaM mum itl the pro- 

AJtji Jurther 'vwlailon wouM 
mmm m mtm'n cuulston 

That «MMht tipple, bm 
Ihutt It yet anoi:hM' rv »rea 
h *n alhiete' who cfwosei lo at' 
tend a school other than the one 
in hii or her 0»tn«. but In the 
■aiM'CMfcrence. vtolallngany 
ftcniltliii by lawf' Thai 
dapendi on whether (he alhiete 
baa been cont.acted by the 
Kfiooi prior to the declakm of 
which school to attend 

The reemllinf |>hiloMpMes 
m each ichool plays a big part 
h where and how vigorvua lo 
recruit Harper, for example 
does not. as a rule, recruit out- 
of ttateathleiea llMnoit Valley 

They do a good Job of 
recruitmi in other statet, ■ 
aayiSechtold That i a mat 
ter of phllnsophy Our 
recruiting philosophy ts 
oriented In in district students 
We wUI put a majority of time 
recrultHif In-dWnci athletes 
i«t that la not to lay we won't 
fetriilt out-of district 

A fair crois-tection ot 
Harper't actual recruiting 
phUonophy ran be asaumed by 
a qnkk check of Harper's «3.- 
man loolbatl roster 1 1 are 
Iniin in^Wrtct. six are (mm 
oul-of-itate. live from In- 
eonhwence out ot-distrtcl. and 
the Ciil. are oul-ot'ConfereiKe 

tine wit, but he abowed a hM 
that we can be eneouraied 
about " 
Hawk ruiiiilni back Ron 

Utirke gained idS yards on l$ 
carries lo pace Harper's 
niahing attack. 

DuPage look a lU lead on a 
19-yard run t>y Barry RIddIck 
and a six-play . S»-ya rd drive 

The Hawlls came back with 
an eight ^pl..»y. ST^yard drive in 
the second tjuarter io narrow 
the Chaparral lead, 11 7 Tyr- 
rell pitched lo Burke who went 
Cl-yards tor Ihe score 

DiiPage scored anain when 
Mark Certtowiti hit receiver 
Bill Cunningham on a 3S yard 
paaaa lay that net. up the Chaps' 

Lale in the first half, Dan 
rotey rwofwud a temble at 

the Hawk «S The Hawk* then 
went the distance on six -plays 
lor their final TD capped Tvr 
rell's 20-yani pass to Mark 

DuPage scored three more 
times In the Mcond half en 
route lo their » N win All 
totaled, the Chaps' amassed 500 
yards, including »7 on the 
ground RIddick led DuPage 
with »;i yards in only three 
quarters work 

DuPage was the best team 
we've played so tar " said 
Eliasik "They're a sophomore- 
laden team with big. strong 
running backs and lineman 
They Just ran the football down 
our throata Penalties hurl us. 

The Most embarassing penal 
ty came In the third tiuarter 

when Tyrrell unloaded a 
school record 76 yard punt The 
play, however, was called back 
on an illegal motion penalty 
against the Hawks. 

Tve got to be realistic about 
us this year." said Eliaaik. 
■Were probably the youngest 
team in our '-onference this 
season On a Junior college 
level, Ihc difference t>elween a 
freshman and a sophomore is 
comparable lo the difference 
between a sofihomore and a 
senior at a four- year school." 

The Hawks, now 0-3 In H4C 
play, have yet to face lUloaia 
Valley. Trilon. or JoMet And 
with a freshman at quarter- 
back. II appears Elta^ may 
h»v« a long leason ahCMt of 

Wedncadayi and DuPage 
(CW 111 again in the next two 


I suspct DuPage will give 
us a hint tiinf . ' ' ia,kl Siabo ' " If 
we do w«i agalnsi them and 
Wauhoniee. we're on our way 
loa good .season " 

dm advaolage dimnctly In 
the 'Hawks favor i« the fact that 
they will race DuPage. 
Wauboniee and Triton at home 
btf Oft invelltig to r)uPage 

The tiawki, however, have 
not been without their pro- 
blems The Hawks lied 
Ktobwauket last Tbursdav . t - 1 . 
but |ifiMillbl!|f .iilH)iU"ve won . 

"1 thouibt till was the best we've played so tar, 
Siaho -We-re gtltiiig the 
chances, but wt juit. can 'I 

l!?S!^ Hiriw ilirte^^ scrambles for some of his 17 yards agamsi DuPage 

last Saturday T>Tt»U replaced Dave Loch. 11*0 Injured a knee at QB and comoleted four of h 
paaies lor W yards a* the ilawksloM. «-H < Photo by Uwi Lynn G^iy ) «>"'P'«'«l 'o" »' >« 

First there were six. 

It volleyball cnach Lynn Hit- 
chcock ever writes a hook, she 
might rail it And Thm Tlwrt 

That, anyway. Is how iii,any 
girls Hdchcock started the l»n 
volleyball season with And her 
scxteiplet is now IK i>-2 in NIC 
play, after Tuesday's 15 5. !&-«, 
and IM loss lo DuPage 

"We jusi did not serve, ' Hit- 
chcock sold afterwards 'We 
get a chance to serve and wt 
bto* M We've never had to 
worry about serving " 

The Hawks actuilly led the 
third game S-« bahn falling to 

■We had too many common 
mistakes ' said Hitchcock 

Hitchcock look over the 
volleyball program M the last 

— 1 of Aufitit. Only four girls 


came lo the first practice 
Since then, however Hitchcock 
has added six more girls With 
the exception o( sophomores 
Laura Hager and Teresa 
Hcdek, the team is made up en- 
tirely ol freshman three who 
have never played before. 

The team, though, has sieadl 
ly been improving The Hawks 
lost their opening match lo 
Wright ir.-7. \%.9. and is 6 Thev 
then lost to Moraine Valley 1.1- 
J. IM. and 15-5 "They were 
well -organ lied," said Hll 

OflilillCi ■ . 

Than the Hawks (ell to Thorn 
ton by 15-S, I.V13, and IS 11 
scores Consider that Hit- 
chcock had only six girls to 

work with through the nnl 
three ma tchei 

Now she has 10 and a deeani 
starting lineup of Debbie 
DUks, Hager, Karen Kamradt. 
Terrt Bauer. Ann AstFBwakl, 

"We have a pretty good Ihw- 
up." aald Hitchcock, "By neit 
week, well know aU the 
poBstbllltlei • 

Thursday, the Hawks face 
Kennedy-King before facing 
Rock Valley at home next 

Wednesday In a conference 

Against Kennedy -King Is Rll- 
chcock hoping for a minimum 
one-game win We've blocked 
the mosl we've ever blocked." 
she said after the DuPage 
match I think this team has the 
capaMllly " 

n twi 

Recruiting no small business in N4C 

(KOmil'S NOTB: Tte )• Um 

(mmMi In iiMit MM» ^iHV 
rwruKlng a«tt »■ AlMntal* in tht 

RMniitiitg athMM hJii mvwr 

(Men e««y fw Junior «ttl»i!« 
III partkular, Harper 

Willi ttm accent on aUiMtct 
tlial nany xlmolt have taken 

bnwwver. tte rwnittment ot 
■tlilttM ba* ttwoine ■ major 

iMiM in Jimtor cotlege atltlellcit. 

ITB* - Triton, one ol 
Harpvr't rWali in the Nortli 

Centra) Commumty College 
c:i>ntereiic«. wm put «n prat>a 
ttao for recmiting a t^aseball 
player thai «•* lit Harper'i 

recruiting area 

ITEM - I'niverslty of HIImIi 
quarterliack Mike White WM 
dlMl lowed t« play fixitball In 

the Big Ten because o( 
discrepancies In While'* 
academic trinnter (roin a 

Callfontla juntnr college That 
dcclita has since been mer- 
ruled and White is beliifi allow- 
ed tm play until the Big Ten wts 
a hearing about White's case 

The dlllerence between the 

coniMiquences nt Item. 1 and 
Item. 2 an' very larne. But tioth 
have stemmed (rom a common 
(actor ' Intercollegiate 

"In today's time." .says 
Harper Athletic (^oortdnator 
Bechtold, "1 think It's 

Practices fine, 
meets another story 

Martha HoK hasn't Iwt It, 

The women's tennis coach 
tound her doubles comtiina- 
tKMs In the llawlu M win wctr 
Oaklon t«^ Monday's again 
•id again last thursday wtten 
the Hawks bombed Triton 72 

But Tuesday, Illinoi'* Valley 

hurwjil Harper, n- 1 

"it Jtut waitn't good leiuns, ' 
Hid Bolt "Wt ctmWve beaten 

then. We didn't play tai]«.lE. tWe 

The H.iwks., now 14 in N«" 
play, (ace Tternton Monday 
and DuPage next Thui'sday In 
con.feren<'e .m.alches Saturd.ay. 
they Will he at the Cleo Tanner 
InvitalionBi in Sapervtlle 

Against Triton. Pa.m Moyer. 
IC.»lhy Cent.anmo. Sharon 
CarlM.. and. Jane Groark wm 
singles matehei, and Jac«)uie 
Anderson- iloyer, JoAnn 
Koiiik-Centanliio. and CarlMMi- 
aroafk mapl the three dnubles 


hut every maieh |Milting iBto 
pl^y what we've practiced, I'm 
disappointed ' ' 

Against Illinois Valley, only 
Moyer won h^r singles malch 

"M was extreoiely prtiud of 
Pam." said lUilt a( her No. I 
sln0es player 

Bolt renatns statinthly «i|>- 
tinilitic .abMt h«r team's pro- 

real gDMt out 
there." sa.ld Bolt. "The girts 
are really coming around. " 

That wasn't the case Mon- 

"iSoncday* they cone out to 
.pill tennis. Some dayi i 
nander." she wid. Every day 
«t fractlee I'm very platicd.. 

"We do have a vn-y, very 
good chance to advance tt> 
regtonals," she siiid. ".l Ihinlt 
they're understanding the 

Consistency remains the 

"Against Triton." said Bolt, 
"we played some ninslstent 
tennis We were just up (or the 
match We had fewer three set 
match wins, which are getting 
the abHiut e worst out o( us . " 

Against Illinois ^'ailey. the 
Hawks lost all eight matches in 
two sets. Moyer, the ,anly 
H.arper winner, won her singles 
match in two straight sets, 

"We're Just gonna have lo get 
out there and keep trying." 
said Bolt 

neceiaary to recruit You have 
to show an interest in area 
athletet because ol the variety 

o( two- and tour- year schools, "" 
In the N«". there a,re (our 
basic guidelines In recruiting 

• The TH€ "encourages'' ' iti' 
distrtcl recruiting For exam- 
ple. Harper "owns" the district 
including the I -I Mid .Suburban 
league schools. St Viator, and 
.Sacred Heart This makes up 
Harper's in-distrlcl 

» tlie %¥' forbids any N4C 
icliool to recruit from another 
N'4C ic,h«)rs di,s,irict F"«r en 
ample. Wright's in-dlstrlcl in- 
cludes the entire city o( 
Chicago Therefore, no S4V 
school can recniti an athlete in 

• The N4C does provide (or a 
transfer-waiver form" For 

example, say an athlete (rom 
Chicago wants to join Harper's 
football team He would first 
have the Wright athletic direc 
tor sign a transfer- waiver form 
to allow the athlete lo attend 
Harper without violating any 
N'4C recruiting by-laws 

• The N4r provides a 
"charget)ack " For example. i( 
ati athlete who was attending 
Harper wanted to play li;e 
hockey la sport Harper does 
not participate in >. lie would tie 
granted a chargeback allow Ing 
him to play ice hockey at a 
school that does have that sport 
on Its intercollegiate program, 

say for Instance. DuPage 

These are the restrictions put 
on N4C schools m regard to 
recruiting There arc, however, 
many gray areas 

Take, for instance. Oakton 
Would it be a violation o( N4C 
recruiting by-laws to recruil an 
athlete from Oakton s district" 
No According to the N4C by 
laws, you can recruit in aay 
school district except for the 
schools contained in the same 
conference That includes the 
recruitment of out-of-state 
athletes Thai, in turn, involves 
recruiting philosophy 

"What we are trying to stop," 
says Bechtold, "is the other 
schools coming into our district 
l>to«e turn 10 page *> 

BVEBY«aC8«AT,>IIT., . .HMftllndMCta Todd Marunde can't (M the handlcwtlie ball dur- 
ing the Hawki l>-7 ntpnliiff day Imi lo Rock Valley, i Photo by Rick Kohnke I 

Oh, Oh, what to name a girl? 

Women's athletics are on the 
rise And I, ciMisiilered by 
m,any to tie a leading chauvinist 
pig. will be the first to cmlll 
the female gender (or it. 

I will even go so far as to sug- 
gest that women 'be altowcd to 
nickname their teams, instead 
of taking the macho image 
iitoAikent given lo women's 

But that won't (to W'omen's 
ifMis should be closely related 
to thi' nicknames of their m,ale 

1 dOv 'however, have two sug- 

Bam bach 

on sports 

There are «: .i > s i> f 
dtitinguishMg a w«men'.i> team 
Iran a mm'* tmm- 1 meM,, of 

Ftrst. simply place a "Lady" 
in Iront of any sciitxii moniker 
and vnlla. Take, (or eiample. 

the Hawks A simple adjust 

ment and we have Lady 

No svs,tem Is (oi>l-pro«(. 
though, and th,is is no e»cep- 
llon,. Let the Big Ten schools 

serve ,as my example 

Only Northwcstprn lias 
nicknames specificillv lor 

women's teams- ■ Wildkils 

What aticHit Illinois i the Ladv 
•Fighting tllinr't Cit Piirdui" 
I Lady io,i,l»rmakers" i Or Mm- 
nesuta i ,Lady Gophers" > 

\h Tlw nolttlion is easy 
.Vdcipt the sulliK ette after each 
of ihe women's nicknames and 

you gri ihe same result 

Instead of .saying Fighting II- 
llni, how 'bout Fighting lllinet- 
tes" Or Bolierroakeretles'' Or 
Hoosterettes'.' Or Hawkettes" 

Ottier Notes, quotes, and 
thoughts on the (ourth (ull week 
of alhw ir« 

• Oh, iton't ask who'll win 
."iaturdav between the Hawks 
and llliois Valley <Clue - It 
won't tie the Hawks ' 11 the 
Hawks <1« will, I'll try out for 
Homecoming Qii<»n ' The,re's 
your incrniive hoys so lef« 

• While on Ihe sutiiei-t o( foot 

ball I would like to extend an 
apologv to Hawk qjuarterback 
Scott Choklad for calling him 
for the past three weeks His 
name was blurred in a roster 
sheet and it looked like Mike to 
me Besides, Mike isn't such a 
bad name Anyway Scott, my 

• Finally I would like to 
thank all of those out there who 
voie<l for me in the recent Stu- 
dent .Senate elections I 
garnered Hi votes - not had. 
considering I wasn't even runn- 
ing I also finished fifth a2 
more votes, and I would have 
got in 




William Rainey Haipet Uiiege 
Paiitm«. tit I MIS 

M 14 Ma 6 
OctiAer Z, 19W 

Harper meets Westmoreland 
with mixed crowd reactions 

'•OmmOmtii »trriifH) i» Itke 
a ihrw l«|ittl. atMil. OM' l»g ■« 

MIC WOMtRic StMlllk. i W' 

' i«g i» Mr niiUltsrjf 
im, MHl i«ill)r tlw Uilrd 
Mg: Hi mir amtl •trtngtli. A 
•««|MM In »II'J !*g wiU 

dMIlMli* ilMt nimwrt. ti w»« 
Mrtalilv imi !i«rMW!a,3( wtahtn 
our iMiltdiiil pwturf-" mWI 

G f n « r ■ I W 1 ) n ■ HI 
WMtiMKlA'NJ twfore • Mmpr 
aiidlenct »• contlnuta. 

"WllliWmj. «t MM' • •ptllltW' 

tug III niir 'Cwiitry. of all iltmr 

6 f II t r • I W I n I » m 
WettnwnliiMl '" t.piidwito and 
mptrtoteiMlfiit nl west l*i*ii. • 
idrvtrd' :B«it«*» School 
BTMliiatt, once cofO'mandrr al 
lorewtt V'tctnan. and once Ar- 
my am at Statt ••■ g:a»« • l«- 
urt ■! Msiiwr ttai brougM 
MMt pt tlw aiMlltiwe to a ulaiir 
iltni i>vat,i«t, ali to me VW- 
num vtt*r*i> « »enf.»mtni e»it 

Tli« foctii nl General 

WMlfimclaiKt ' s *p«Mli' w a» an 
apfralsal <■( llw tDifrnattanal 
t»»l,ronm«i«. and ol ll»« 
mlM«r> I'lNJay He ■{kiIW' of tiM 
ncMt crwti in lra(}-Iran, Rm- 
lUB Wti|?»Tionof Afghanmlaa 
■Ml pmsMt I'nlM Stales in- 
Mtvemenl in (uture (otetgn at 


Cm Wmlmoreland talltil ol 
• Unmrt Slate's »Bh tat. He 
•am. "On ttite IM. 1 «o«tld My 
MunlMr one ti to awtd war. 
mm III proiftt our 

polnical iJuwieficj.. tfcwt to 
aeliieve itaimilk ami Merna- 
itoMl trawjiillitj. lour to pKt- 
t'Kt our pUyiltat •nvtrmniM. 
hve 10 improw oitr tiawlart o( 
living and to ha>|:p Umm less tor 
tunaie than us i:n««itely 
there art Imttt^ al work that 
male our uta|il«n wt'M) an 
unrtaWy *arm our Metlnio, 
iur e«l*ren'i Wetlme. and our 
cUNtrtn' * children t llMimt ' 
One dmnteani forw at »mrk. 
a t: c r d I n g I o Gen 
Wertmoreland. to i;tie Soviet 
Union, Tht General naM. "The 
Sovtcti' art preparing lor the 
\m$ run, So»te« »ell-iiitere»l 
«cdil«d tn mninuMSl MMogy 
II ttie drtvtng tarw tehiod tlirtr 
action*. In their torce tor »orli 
iMMtarsliip,. tl«y new tlw tjoii- 
tMl a» a Itfe or d»»tl» itni||l«' 
bctatcii two markiNUy m- 
lernni sysletni They i»nrc«»»t 
the I'nili-d Slates as IMr only 
ilgnitteanl otolacle " 

W«l«*r«l»«l went on lo uy 
I hat the recent Salt I! 
agrtewonls will cancel ilie 
nuclear oar poaiihUii)' tram 
realilji H* went on lo nay. 
-Sucti de»«lopaienl rnh«iic«i 
the importwce and (M»'««'al of 
Soviet conveirttenal l«rc«. 
n'htch arr vatllj superior I,o 
min. m area« and atag rmtln 
etKntial to mr ceoMiiilt well 
being And oil li one ol thott 
commodltifK the Soiflel 
i;ni« will ™>l he lell-sufftcleiil 
al this decade't end. they will 
have to hegln tmportlnt oil 
«mi. tlwy IM. •iM.necdoli " 

"We ant id-prefiart'd lo deal 
With Ihe iitualloii, despite the 
laet that the«ll from thai area 
li vttii tit. Ihe loreMeable 
tatiirC'. TIW' a>«'let» are itaii- 
dlng tiv 1.0 eiplolt any rtiinip- 
tlon in that area," said 
tVeiHinortland speaking nl ihe 
currml Iraqi . Iranmn conflict 

Wei(tm»rel.and pointed out 
that rnlted States expendtturts 
Ml the Armed Force* are down 
(■lite draiilcally.. while Ihe 
Soviets have increased their 
■pending by ;i% lo 5% annually.. 
He said, '"U seemi our society 
wants to avoid cipenditures on 
armament, tiecauie ii belMwes 
lliey eonn.:lcl with MCial iier^. 
mtt- Our people must not 
torawt lltil the moat Importanl 
■CHi 'nrvicie a OiweroiiienI 
can prwvlde (or II* people M to 
keep them attve. and In kMp 
then tree." Al that ftatenenl 
■liplaute Illlcd the lecture hall. 

"Aaerica lamtt provide the 

1 1 a d t r * It I p .1 a I d 

WMinortland ipeaktng of the 
overall picture oi tod.ay'i 
world. He Mid. "thf teM'tftter- 
nut to war. Ii tlw hM fflUIiary 

ACMtdUtf to WMUMMMlml. 

every American has a duty for 
eviTj rlgtit wf hive H »« do 
not lio our duty for every right 
we have, we may lose those 

"The police and fire rtepart- 
tntnlt want to prevent crime 
and fire*, but they have lo he 
prepared to fight ihem Our 


GENERAL wnXIAM C. WESTMOREUND. regantod aa one al 
ihc mlllUry'i Moat eontravarilal flguraiMadt. addrenad a mwa 
ol over me p«i|»lt laal wairti. Plioto by tart Lynn Guy 

Trustee Board renews president's contract 

The Board ot Trustees putted 
a propoaal which extends the 
contract .of .fame* McGrath, 
Harper CoHege piesident. to 
June tsm at the Stp«««.l)ei 

MtOrath'» curreni contract 
was. due to expuf tn July 1*11 
The M« contract add> another 
two years i» McGralh'i lertn 
.ud an. I«.3 percent salary in- 
crease. The will mean 

MS^OW per academic year for 

In hu time al Harper, be 

iMcGralhi has an 

ootsiandmg )ol> I am Imprem- 
«>d wilh hi* perl'ormance. " said 
l»ard member .Ian Bom. who 
moved to extend ttve contract 

Although still strong m her 
support ot Mctiralh. Joan 
Kluisman. Ijoard mem.t*r, 
votetl ag,ainit the extension "I 
leel It is a bit high lo go at ihls 

time, htglwr tiMn Ihe other 

ttaff m.erat»ens »t school." she 

commeriled concerning ihr in- 
crease hroughl about by Ihe ex.. 

Other iiituw 'dealt with by Ihe 

• A leane agreemenl *llh 
Wheeliog School District 21 
which »ill provide a nc* oft- 
cam.pus Inslructional laciiilj iti 
the northwest sector ol the col 
lege dlsiricl. The need for this 

Board OK's faculty contract 

IIVWI!.'"*PV wwi^'i irnKIt 
Til..- ''■ 
rulilii'il .J 

agreenirril ..-.i.!': '-n :..!'..■..;' 

lenaie m.i:irl«i.mi .iiii ll i.""' ■■•■'■ 

■ m! pat*.»(r iiitH-.!.!.* i.a.r 

il»r taculcy miemtirTi 

■■■le .ti!r«'.!TH'iJi wclwled* • 

■iiry adilUiiment 

vrrloai pay atf- 

.\,'(f(,i.,) (n the «jm.i.orltv section ItOBi hive also been 


, ii per- 
iJoet IMI 
■.*|.»r> li.n- 
Ti Keren., 

111 Hi' 



no lu 





■nirr Ihe new 
"i-mters are 

•A r got ill ihr 


rnuney Uiat 

■ I'l-it Krrcs 


:..' :id- 

I is 

aiUtttMal instrucHonal apace 
was brought about by the clos- 
ing of Willow Park Center and 
the lalt enrollment increaae 

Space In Hawthorne School, 
SMI Clendale Avenue. Wheei- 
tng. will he available during 
both Ihe fall and spring 
semesters This will allow 
Harper to oiler credit, .adull 
basic education and non-credit 
offerings m a location conve- 
nient lo residents oI the area 

• Acciirding to Ihe Public 

Communilv follege Act. the 

hoard of trustees of each coffl- 
munit)' co.l.lege district must 
establish an academic calen- 
.dar .for the district 

The new calen( includes 76 
Kutructional days to ilunng Hir 
tiill s<!mtsler ami 78 mstrut. 
tionat days in the spring 
se.m.esler. The change from, the 
Mtstiaf <:--i'"'"^->' I", 'tii't a 
single eiK 

iion rait" ■ . • 

etghi »'-' ■ .- '*-'= '■''• 


. -. -1... „ . . ■■ revieu'ed 

.: ....! and the 

i-ratrjjr. Lttt iaiiiilifS Coor- 

.dtoation .Manual was approved 

b> the liiardot trustees, 

" The manyal. prepjireri during 
tlie pasi vear H'lth inpui Irom 
lariiwi areas ol the college, 
will ,t»t> ati aid' In assigning 
space lor eoin:ii»uiiily and. col- 
lege .sponsored activities. Also 
titciuded In Ihe manual are l«e« 

for use ol the facilttles by 
organiialions not affiliated 
wilh the college 

• In a preliminary report of 
final tall enrollments. It «p- 
peani that the cre<lll Full Time 
Equivalent (FTEi for the tall 
semester has met with a nine 
percent increase over the tall 
1ST9 semester and a seven and 
a half percent Increase over 
budget projections. Increases 
are attributed to current 
economic conditions and are 
considered irmporary Enroll- 
ment is expected lo stabilise in 
a long term outlook 

Traditional credit programs 
absorbed most of the Increaset 
However, the largest increase 
occurred in the Education. 

FixMl Service, Health Continu- 
ing Kciuration. German, Elec- 
tronics, Political Science. 
Material Management. 

"• -^keting. Mathemaics. 
Refrigeration, .Air Con- 

......iUing. M>'*i'h. Data Pro- 
cessing.' !i ■ ■ .losophy 
andbegar;, ';"«'«,s 

• A ,2,18 mem,ber committee 
representing a career pro- 
griins was approved to assist 
the college in additional 
ilcvelopmcnl and Improvemeni 
of career education These 
apomlm.i:nis have been m.ade 
for the li»-l)l academic year 
Board policy retjuires such a 
oommtlUw to he net up on an 



Paying your taxes doesn't grant censor rights 

|to'«H«aii pta«M all of thr people all of (lit ttnw. And: 

Hatf^ Coitefl* to nO'Vseqptioa lo this rule. 

Umperiry fllmi it ■ 

pnct 00 eaiBpia. 
Hr Mat M cull 

MiyiMitf to dv vttfe' I 
pttty daay " 

mK^ MkiM 

rg Plenty tf ftalitrt, 

S— vofkilMMM 'Md iKtrnt MV 

. Not only WM 

planned thravgfeoiit the 


«f l» 



Boy THey SwCff A£E^ 
Com'^i-'^'Wl"^* ABOUT 

-Tt> see SfcjmSTHlii/^-.'.. 

J J 

Hm Mrvival of my eommiiiitty 

coll«|«, but cammuDlty 


Studiflti tlMNald Ml 
tlMMteiiMi Iqr ikta i 
voliwiBcnt la prograiB [ 
lat. FUmi »n not only nip- 
potted tbrougli Ux doUan but 
thrmiiti itudent activity fees 

Students, take a break to enjoy Fall Fest 

Harper CeHcp. i ranpilit 
ikat ny tavmrtte wamci htrt is 
ID. Matper'a caapua ol 
cfM U eepeelallt MiMly 
[ ran tai; fa laiMHcape la 

From the 
desk of. . 

Oonn Stanstiury 

Mm MM' pnaant 
ol Ml«r. Il'i 
eidling tine lor our Ml 
tMHtling off 10 iteir daaaaa, tO' 
Hie library, and to meetlnp 
wltb Iriendi and ttcitlty 

IB 'between ciaMwi end 

take time tor par' 
lUpaltDn ta: all (iiat the Collefi 

ha* to offer Harper CoUefe 
celebrate* the amvaJ at fall 
tW» week durtn* lis rail 
festival Many »ctiTm*i have 
already occurred earlier iltia 
•e»*. but several more are 
planned for Mudents enjoy- 
ment Jail piantit Ramiey 
Lewi* will pertom in concert 
timorroir tvenlng. (October 
I); ai uaual, tlcMs are very 

rcaaaiiably priced (or our 
■tiidcnt* and their fuesti The 
home ItMMball lame at I p m 
on Saturday wU) be an eacillng 
ctniaM ^Init J«ll«t Junior 
(Mime, ipadtl half-time ac- 
tlelllM have been planned, m- 
cludlnt performance* by 
Harper'* Pom Pon Sipad and 
Chceneadcnt aa well as the an- 
notmceuieni and 'iMWenlailoii 
of our Fail Pettlval Queen Tbli 
wMner will have been letected 
through an interview process to 
repmenl the College All 
Harper iiudenu. their fimlties 
and fnends are invited to sup- 
port Harper and enjoy the criap 
beauly of th« wMoors at the 
Mint time. 
Satirday evening wilt 

feature a special country-swing 
danee with Jump'* the Saddle 
Band, starting at R p m With 
It* low idmlHlon price, this 
concert/dance can be an al- 
hirdable dioiet right in the 

Most of our students are at a 
turning point m their lives, and 
Harper cares We provide not 
only a sound ciassrooin educa- 
tion, but also a rich array of 
cultural, social, and recrea- 
tional activtlM's appealing lo a 
variety of lifestyles and ages 
During your time with us. avail 
yourself of the programs, ser- 
vice*, and professional staff 
aialftance provided .Maiie "go- 
ing bacfc to college" mean 
more than Just going to claiaes. 

Letter to the Editor 

Students couni days. . . nof classes 

It'* JiMt aboni that lime wtian 
you notice that more studenta 
can rattle off how many mm* 

days lien' .art tiotlt itiMHier 
bn^_ Hum they couM' reeit' 

r^agn. Vccan 

big: "X" thnuHi ttit calwtdar 

day, diwr II*. a whole hui pack- 
ed 4ay 'ilMar to nur "ami' than' 
daaarvar* ChrMaw* V'aeal.lott . 
Jail the simple saying of the 
•orda "Chnstma* vacation" 
ami all of the warn Oought* 
anocMid with' It, w«* inMm- 
tioa •aooih' lo eanry u* llirough 
'Iht tail: MCBi aad' Mic "never 

.Sfellag, ••finHitni. vltBlng 

with niallwaa aad iftaaia, or 
■liBirily ■ 
"8arpcr R* 

•yimqfiiieaB wilh:_that of the 
do you 

■oafoiC' that ioaaon 
actually be caught 
iehool book in his or h« i 
sion. doing soraeihmg known to 
Hi. ai "studying" -which. hB- 
madlaivly upoa completion of 
your fall daaia*. somehow 
MMOme* eltalnaled from yoiir 
voeahulary To study, or nol to 
Harper give* us every op- 
Hty (0 learn, olfertng 
during the day and 
night, as well a* In the summer 
lime, in an attempt lo better ac- 
commodate Its .studenta and 
our Khedulc*. In (act. Ihe only 
time when the "learning 
doors" are closed to us la the 
lemeeler break I propose, that 
we should Stan utilatng tM* 
time by being offered a eaaiiM 
W' take' 'BOUfMa m this parloii. 
Oa 'Bany 'tecaHoat. I've hoaid 
at iludaalt who (all khort at Iht 
required credits < due to failing 
a courte, etc i in Uielr lalt 

term, and then must remain (or 
the iprlng semester This 
piwleuaeiainple is both costly 
and time consuming-lwo very 
Mluentlal factor* of equal 
wctght. which makes my sug- 
gestion that much more impor 
tant lor sorioas consideration 
Many people say aow even II 
such a proposal would be put Ui- 
to ellect. nothing would make 
Ibr Iham to rum their vacation 
Let'* lay this then, - if the sllua- 
llon t mentioned, or anything 
similar in nature, relaies to 
you. wall tkan once you do 
iradHalt, t iliin't think your ac- 
tMic* over that bteak (U you 
can even remember whai you 
did) will 'be carried Hong wllh 
you, as much as those extra 
month* you could gain, if you 
were to decide to take a crash 
eoorie tMiion in 4 course or 
tew dnnng Intrrscssion By no 
meam am 1 tn>mg to p«rauade 
th« entire student population In 

taking a course during (he 
vacation ) merely feel this 
would greatly benefit those 
people who later on can find 
themselves at this unfavorable 
roadblock I'm speaking (ram 
eiperlera-e (having taken a 
course during semester break 
ai another college 1, observa- 
tion and (hose opinions eapre**- 
ed by the proleaaor* from 
scheals which do oiler such ■ 
program They said that they 
very much enjoy teaching 
classes then because of the 
combined (peclnl interest and 
willingMi* to lean on behalf of 
the Itudent* attondlng the col- 
lege at ihltllme In adopting an 
Innovation such at this. Harper 
would then help i« the struggle, 
as far a* the "good guys 
finishing tor graduatlagi 
Bnt ' 


The Harbinger accepts let- 
lers to the editor from all 
students, (acuity and staff 
members All letters must be 
signal, any unsigned letters 
submitted will be dlaregarded 

Letters over ;iliO words are 
iubjecl lo editing All letters 
should be si;bmilted to the Har 
hinger office BIdg AWT no 
later than noon the Monday 




William RaloFy Harper College 

Algonquin « lloselle Roads 

Palatine. IL«II(«7 


Eannr-lii-nicl Wtml; Wtiikcllwke 

SponaBdllor Mill BsnilMcli 

num edlUr mck KghMw 

AM PMUi Editor Um Lynn Gwy 
CurtooiiM MUitOraKti 

aiHInnsllnuacr KalhyHti 

)>*f JwKaM. 

Hon tianmt, MUw Skatai. 

Naacy KaiaMsM, Ktriii JslaiM 
ItaiUtla SUilniavlc. tm Svtrt. 
NMKy Mvycr, Bill (lamMra. 
Dnralliy ItnivHio 

IHllllluUsa lor Uw Huper OoU*oi 
cwniMU cmnmiiMty, pybtMiMl weHUy 
emmol dunng hoiuisys and (mal n 
■mi all oiiiniant cipnsued *re Unw 
«l Utt WTttlrr and not iMKMlswIly Uuw 
M Ikr collrae. its (dmuiutratMn. 
■■cully or Uudoal body Advrnising 
r Is ftoon Friday and 
IModlUng AJI Urttm 
a<M ftr flrmid ^amo 
For furtbrr ui- 
tarmaltonpad W7-30Onr-iT i«oor4Sl 


Th. HvMntMv OeN*»l NM. ri«»l 

Security Stewart's business in life, career 

_ki| level d cduciuon 


Tli«r» what drew Pimnp 
Stewart. aHiiijtni prufmisor of 
Crtinmat JMice. to Haner 


lilt many atMer itachen umi 
tkt iiani«r surr, Fimiip 
Stmm, MMuit pntemr o< 
CrtBUBii Jyutce. I Ikes 
letdUnglMirt tiKt fat iCMrally 

"I lit* ttachini. »I a* levd 
heeaime ift tht tonUiit level t» 
leacM at." jtlewari saM 
"Theft's ■ wUk spectnjin of 
people Some students caul 
■pall wMle oiiient are ven ar- 
ttoiiatc^ in a cttallenie to 
me. ' 

Stewart, who (traduaieO from 
Michlfaii Stale irnrtersily wtih 
Wi maattr't to cnmtoai 

<>^ Johnson 


JuiMte ha* tma lecurity aiMi 
teacWng play a major »t« in 
hi* life 

"I like the field I'm in ] like 
leaching wry much Everyone 
hai vartou* stages o( their 
tareer I consider teaching a 
liigi point In my life " 

ouritig his (ix yeara of 
teaching classes like survey. 
comm^unKj' relations, security 
and safety couraei. Stewart Is 
|»ro»id: 01 iDe fact itoi ht't hMii 

alilt to place a lot of students in 

"This summer, 1 got two 
students jobs with United 
Airltnes security and two 
otheri lotos that started at 
tlLOMi They had Ihe ei- 
perience. ] just helped (tnd 
Ihemajol) '* 

Stewart thtnlis wfcurtty in- 
taresl is really increasing and 
l>y IIMB, jniwth security will 
doiihle •the key to success for 
security inanaicmtni is salarv 
levels Low starting pay is g» 
Ing to attract (be lower caliber 
ol peofile while tlie cream ot th* 
crop who can get more money 
will go the higtwr paying Jdte," 
Stewart said 

Stewart Is very active m the 
security Held He has given 
speeches regarding his Held, lie 
liaa had nwiirlly leBtnan h 

at Harper, tie has set up train- 
ing session with hospitals and is 
currently working with United 
Airlines securlly aside Irtim 
leaching here 

It's importani ihat one In a 
career field get back Into the 
field tiecausc one needs lo l» 
refreshed," Stewart said I 
should get out in the cnmmunl- 
ly and practice my protesslon 
gel bach tji my Held and work 
You've g«l to praclice what you 
leach Whal you i-av in a 
classroom should he relevant lo 
whal the student is going to do 
Ihe next day You can t say you 
were an officer ten years ago 
Itecause the problems todav 
•re different than (hey were 
beloit. My students would be 
getting shortchanged and I 
don I want thai to happen I 
iloDt know when I'll get back 

There's more to Harper cafe than cooking 

Into the mainstream, but oro- 
bably within the next three 
years " 

Stewart likes people and Is 
proud of the lact that students 
feel free to come to him for help 
or advice "Some want to talk 
others want to help If | cant 
help them, al least I can direct 
Ibem to someone who can It 
makes me feel good thai thev 
have confidence in me." he 

Besides being active In 
college-related functions 
Stewart likes Cubs baseball' 
Green Bay Packers football 
camping and racqueiball, but 
he's mostly interested in his 
family im very proud of 
them," he said "I'm commit- 
ted to my family because 
they're first, they're number 


"Wwlever will fill ftm Mv 

According to Cliff Wentr. 
Director of Food Service, this 
quote by William Scarborou0i 
lint appropriate for iboat wh» 
•at In lite Harper caletcrla. 
■We buy only top quality pro- 
*icn." said Wener. "never 
factory defects which are 

Vm umtk u (act, ii ptirdiaa- 
Mi In larfli quantlt ics rram sup- 

&aiat sell qmirically to 
resttnraM*. and tciMMta . 
Fua«iig;iwiiM » pan tram Hit 
•alta and in part fimn m 
fduealteal program 

Wlian It comes down to gMt 
iMd, (houih. its not only the 

Hxid but the ilaf f prepartnt lit 
(ma that counts The staff at 
Harper has 25 employees that 

must serve several lliouaands 
of students each day They 
mu« ptepaiv the 111 burgen 
or the HO pieces of pitta that 
are cunaumed daily Those who 
work lor food services come 
trtjm three different sources 
Some members of (he staff are 
paid adult employees who are 
tratnad Other enpkiyces are 
studenU who go to Harper and 
need a part time job The Food 
Service also allows those 
students who are in the Food 
Service Management career 
protram to gain eiperience by 
working m (he caleleria 
The student who walks into 


Mtiii or Ik RmI Hie 

Frii hpi 


the cafeteria, picks up his tray, 
grabs a cheeaeburpr and 

maybe a salad, then sits down 
and consumes It m lo to IS 
minutes while doing his 
homework or talking to a friend 

deitn'l know how much work ii 
took to get the cheeseburgers 
and salads ready for him and 
other students II requires the 
bakerto get to school at 4 a m 
to make the breads, the buns 
I* the burgers and the other 
bakery item* It requires lood 
service employees to come to 
school and prepare the rows of 
fancy salads It requires more 
employees to prepare desserts 
and other meals How about 
other work that haa to be done' 
Dishes have to be washed, pots 
have to be cleaned and 
CMlMners have to be served 

ttwm after all this work (he 
employees must be polite to 
BiOie students who ask. 'Is this 

Vet according lo siudcnt 
employee Sue Doyle, "It's a 

good Job and the only way 1 
would give It up la if i was of 
fered an art job " When asked 
what is the high point of the the 
day in the cafeteria both Sue 
and Ruth Lacey, another 
employee, had lo agree It was 
the closing 'Closing is fun' 
The doors of the cafeteria are 
closed and you can just talk or 
yell across the n»om. Hey Sue 
have you closed the register' or 
'Are the dishes clean yef' If* 
a time to relax alter al) the 

Only once was opening, and 
not closing, the high point of the 
day Could you Imagine a day 
without salads or desserts'' Can 
ihere be a day in which ham 
burger sales lotal iero» Can 
you walk down to the cafeteria 
•t ID am and find ihe doors 
cloned •• This is what almost 
happened once when an 
employee dropped the keys 
down the elevator shall Lucki 
ty opening was only slighllv 

Want hired h«lp? 

Need a twimmate? 

Have a car la sell? 

Uwking for a used book. 

a slereo speaker, a concert ticket? 

Use Harbinger Classifieds 

student classified ads are FREE 

Non-student ad rate 

50 cents a line* 

Call KalJiyHlx.ext. 460 

**< minimum 

delayed and the day went on as 

Along with the amusing side 
of the cafeteria comes a serious 
economic side Wener com- 
menled that the Food Service is 
always trying to do new things 
and get different foods to make 
eating more pleasant at 
Harper, but there Is a limited 
amnunt of money that can be 
spent This limited amount gets 
even smaller when it has to be 
spent on china, silverware, or 
trays that students don't 
return The amount is also cut 
when money has to be spoil on 
napkins because students take 
more napkins than they could 
possibly use. Paving 
employees to pick up 'trays 
(rom tables is also an expense 
tbat requires a considerable 
amount of money These may 
not seem like serious expenses 
to the average student but they 
do add up and they do limit the 
budget lor food 
The formal dining room 
which is now only used for 
special occasions and catering 
purpofes) was closed a couple 
of years ago because of bitdget 
cuts The snack bar (From 
Porch I IS also closed because of 
Insufficient funds Therefore, 
Wener asks students to be a lit- 
tle more courteous when using 
the cafeteria 

'Harper has students with 
many different tastes." con- 
cluded Wener, "and we don't do 
a perfect Job ai sausfving 
everyone, but I'm very protid of 
our service compared to other 
schools " 


coMPuTte oataaroa ■—r»m m. .... 
•* mmtmn •*» • »» T,i>ino »» 
'fMi Ct'i itt'M n IM 
CRanSoiiV'r M''i> wTiMW. a •»«.«« 

Man 'I l'l«'ft. «M IQ. Wnm«M"s tnri,Mj«| 
w C*i**». I»1'!<I 


*>i»|l»p» iitJim lir « Hl4l"l<7w>« 

t|ir«»i» w<«> «w |fli|l,i„, T^taitt. 

eaM. Wf IL tintf tM^ii wl>fl^ youV't m«tf» «l 

TreiMC ■■ sCHObt omtt-i'^ilmmii 
B.w'l ttia &fov » f w C#i'>D.#fW. Ua Xm 

Ml' Kawa&AKi m ltd * cit^rm^ ^^u 

Mm. *.< ftm. tmkm tei. im 
mmm **»» tmmm una. « mm ««» 

01 B-T»ifiii«-iKif»too*. m. 




BSrSiftlaTliiocb: •',' Mtwli 

"W"* «>•» •'• Monday 1 • K B «< 'ut» 

)tev l« p fn Wfl«n«saav 3 r x p nt Satirv 

msgmtt Ctiif'T.mwn 

IW BSeI 6T, 90M co»«moi> OrM«» 
•.Wact iMa'w tlW >IRM Call SWn 
lit liwar »aat» 

UKT. •Kiii'i Vaila mko &aia caior 
EianKMaoMca-WarmaxO Millar ».a> 
wiMMMat (alM »a«ard CaMact Nar 

ina« a M<ii« f , 



On any regularly priced 
album or tape 




TiDcup Pass Shopping Center 
1311 Golf Road 

Pum 4 TIW WfWmir. O c tl M r I; m» 


Justice Club 

Tri« Crminri iustiee Cltili 
wffl mifti Ttiundaj, Otukm t 
■t 11 :» •-m, m BHl* i»I 
Anytm* imefeiltd In tlie 
crliJilnitl litsiice t:l*W « 
»t>c«i«i« m itieitil. Tfct 
niMi.|pCwill teeut M upcaung 
mants iBcMini a Siuulaji 
Bronclt itWutor i. It »..« •! 
Tte Fores KiHiBrirt - Golf 
■Mi RMilk Koailct CMtMt 
Mr Slwmrt. «i wi « Mf 
Bmn. «t 9 br (urtlwr (n- 



M»r-»t«4 |iil|ic»rm ••» >>•<•■ 
Wn *i«»v»ifi"il .in Krm 
M»«k». Jii»i »• («•»)■ A.m«» 

etwn ifffrntn to |n»f»r 
Ameiici- AltMiipli «> «'<•<• 
II tii Buroi»r mild North 
Afrifi !!■»• faiW. l» (>m- 
'dim • prmiiiet ■• vmcctlml 
■* ii'Un- 

To Mf ewurr tkti pop 
eocm t> |ir«i|»rt» popp«d, thf 
Popcorn Inatiuitc nc<im- 
nandi uimf jiopixii tttni 
havtt qualifWd ft»r tu S^al of 
Quilily l'frfomMn» 

Po'pt'orn hm no *uiia.r, ad- 
dltivant. vvr prnberu'alLVW*. tt'l 
•cofioiaiKaJ . . * iiuarl of 
poi>|wd popc'orn coslt prn- 
tiim p«T tfrvint ■ "'» •■'«'' 
In ti*mt imd low in rilo»i» 
, . . only !» to Sit. i-«lori« m 
• cup of uabutt«r«d pop 
<!orn. Popcorn's popul«ritv 
will runtinui! to pop, ccpc 
cially m Octob«*r ... i*'» 
hjpcom Poppm" Month 


Do juij: mww ho* 10 protect 
jmtmU mtrni •mcImmJ'' Whit 

wtiiritl' Kfniwif cm women 
ilic Mr wll dtlMsc CM) rtpe 
[ire»fntl<»'* Tlwe tw) «fter 
HMtlnw will U .■Mrwimi iti • 
liemiMtnt'tDft nf wIMeleaw 
•Ml rii|M> firewntton |t*cii hf 
IMisetln*'-' ■■>■"" Kui>taf) Mil' 
.Mictoel ,:v...'!ii'< o( tlie E.II 
Gtm* Police Defiartmaiit. 

IIiis pniitrim. siwiiiwl if 
aif Utupm WtMHStntm, wW 
l>t> preieMMt m W.. ■ at It: II in U» tl«iil:»cir Iff* Df 
Hurltftisi! .* Mcmtier'. -i' if>«' .« 
•Iiente will t»e ,»ho'*ri ' '"■ ' ■= -.•• ■■ 
(rf netl-drteniw «><1 fw* it''*'> 
cm pr«ect tli*m*tl*e» (»«. » 

Ol). Tburiili)-. l.Krt. », Delee^^ 
B*t Kiietiinel will alio tie ai 
Harper to «ho» the film, "Hn« 
to Saj' No 1.0 » Rapisi ""d Sur 
vtve '■ T!i» dim. narrmeti by 
rrmdcrlcli Slora!tli.ii iw • nl- 
le|c campus, will *» Umiwii M 
II ;» tm in Bldf A 2«l 
.OetecUve KuehMl will also be 
■vallable to anwtr qucttUMs 
•I Uw GonGlitcMm ot ttm Mm. 


Sludenli who qutllly (or a 
decree or certificate for the 
Fall iW semetler must peti- 
tion for graduation by 
ml«Jlerra. Oct 17, IIWB Gradua 
lion petitions can be obtained In 
the registrars office in Btdg A 


The l»oMtlcil Scltnce Club 
and tlie Uague of Wotnen 
Volert la ipoiwtring a can 
dtdatm ni|lit tealuring can- 
didates from the second and 
third legislative districts and 
fS congretsional represen- 
tative* The forum will be held 
Oct Sal 7; 31) pm In the Bldg 
A lounige Question cards will 
be available (or the public 

im. A.'iiiiiiiiiirirniiilliHiiHiiffiwuwwTOWV 

The film -Up In Smoke wril beill»lwimi«I»eron Friday. Oct lOatSp mm Bldg J-l«3^Cheech 
iChoofl star in this satirlcalloolilt lit pmrattonbroufSilup on rock n roU and dope Admlsaton 
II II Sponiored by The Program Board < Photo courtesy of Paramount Pictures ) 

Get set, go in annual Harper run 

The Harper College In- 
tramural Department is spon- 
soring the third annual 
"Harperthon," a one- mile and 
a three-mile Homecoming run 
on Saturday morning, beginn 
tng at 9 am lor all Harper 
students, (acuity and staff 

Awards will be given to the 
rirst through third place 
finishers In each ran (three 
places for men and three places 
(or women I All contestants 
will receive a Harperthon t 
shirt There will be yogurt and 

orange Juice for all runners 
Route maps may be picked up 
in advance in building M Entry 
Is (ree All runners must 
register 30 minutes before race 
time at the football press box 
nest to the track 

SOU Registration (or mile run 
and three mile run 

9 » Student Mile 

10 (10 Faculty Stall Mile 
10 2S Student Three Mile 
11:10 Faculty Sla(( Three 


You must register at least 30 
minutes prior to event 

The course will take runners 
around and through the 
beautiful and scenic Harper 
College campus, ending on the 
track at the stadium Everyone 
Is eligible to run In both races 
For more informal in. contact 
Wally Reynolds at ext 265 or 
M7 Maps of the course are 
available now In the PEAR 
Division oKices In Building M 

Swing dance tops off Fall Fest 

THE UVE miSlC of Jump In The Saddle will be tmHamA at the couiitri swing dance Saturday 
nigiu The dance befins at « p m aiimission 1 1 

Pucker up and lei go' A 

watermelon seed spitting con- 
test will be held at noon in the 
Building A lounge today 
Oct. 3 Ramsey Lewis will be 

in concert at I) pm in Bldg M. 

The original Ramsey Lewis 
trio began m l»5fi It wasn't un- 
til 196S though, that they 
achieved national recognition 
with the jazz v e r - 
slon of "The In Crowd" The 
successfiil single was soon 
followed with the hits -Hant 
On Sloopy" and 'Wade In The 
Water " 

"Routes." the multi-faceted 
kevboardisfs latest LP. 
reflect s all Ihe various aspects 
o( Ramsey's background, in- 
cluding his roots in classical, 
gospel and jazz Tickets for this 
concert should be purchased In 
advance as seating is limited. 
Public admission is Si. Harper 
sludenl/slafl price is $3 For 
further information, eonlact 
the student activities office. 
ext 2K 

Oct. 4 The presentation of 
The Fall Festival Queen will be 
held fflt haldlme during the foot- 
ball fitamt" 

Th<' grarirt finale wilt be a 
Count ry-Swinj! dance (ealunng. 
the liv* mu-it <.it .lump In The 
Saddle all lor $i The ilance will 

Ttw HarMngv, CMotar L MM. raaat 

Westmoreland offers views on military status 

I Cmlmant tram p«fr I 
mllltjir)' must ito tlw lame I 
call on even man tierv to 
restore ttJe lali toweri, we Bave 
to kMM Omt tall towvrt," 
said WeMiwmlwiMl. 

Juft at Iw was fliililiiiig his 
lecture, a young man wljo idtti- 
tifled hlmxelt later at a Viet- 
nam Veteran. Mid, "you're go- 
ing to ItaTe a hard. lime con- 
vtnclng or retiuildlng, ail you 
can talk al>ou( is one aggreuor. 
tlltre are two, wtiat about lite 
Stiati of Iran, te wa» backed to 

Westmoreland remained 
ralm. and. asked il the ymtug 
man wmld like tne podiuia. lie 
would iliteij to. or inswer an> 
qut'tltons pertaxiing in 

WrstManlaiiil. i{i»akug ot 
Vietnam, Mtd "ttie Vietnam 
War wa» liNgtil (or • principle, 
the TraiMn Ilwtrtne. The 
Am«ncaii ftiMic werwhelm- 
iagly t>acked this ditctrine tit 
Korea. Preitdent Kennedy 
laid, "We will pay any price. 
I>ar<» any burden. «e wiii rap- 
port any (riend. oppose any (oe. 
lor the survrtv al of I iljerty . ' That 
hecaiMmif policy. " 

Hh itMWf man broke is 
agalit lie laid.. "You don't 
know what you're talking 
about Tell them that all the I'S 
pijltcy wai to lake o»er for the 

Board OK's 


mm RAL WILUAM C WESTMOKELA.MD met with some 
dllMitl duflag htt lecture at Harper last week An aiiU- Vietnam 

tsomtries the BrliM Empire 
cwld not handle." The crowd 
called for tois removal, they 
told Mm to leave, or ' "to .shut 
up He left The crowd ap- 

The defeat of the United 
Statct wai not a mililarv one, It 
»i« a polliical one,- 
Westmoreland «»ntinued The 
tragedy o( Vtelnam if the effect 
on our youth today 

Photo by Lorl Lynn Guy 
" volcea hlaoptaiHio during Weslmorelands lecture The 
wwaMarMlin campus by public t ifety 

Don't be left out... 


Voter registration dosas 

October 7th 

( Cwit JMied fhHn pafe ) ..I 

and iMcmlMnf what parts at 

the curriculum need to be 

iwrapwdw: eipi i i ded' or 



an Internal Hmmim: imlc* 
ruling on a panalM plui aai '■!- 
tectlve development o( ttl^ 
d«tt/taculty reiaiiottihtps at 

both a pralktalonal and. per- 
MMial level. 

■We are moat plaaaed »Wj 
lite overall cooperation of the 
administration It a a very 
poiUlve sign and a very 
poilltv* way in which the 
sgModI Is operating,' stated 
.Keret. ■'Bargaining was 
*l«ay« in good faith ■ 

Nam* _ Age Sex 

full Time Student Psrt Time Stydtnt 
Faculty Slatt 

What type of music wouM Where Oo you 

rm like to ttear on WHCM ? listen to WHCM ? 



e*tr Ll>t»ning 


CfflMnlrr *!••••••«» 





f BulMlim iou"fl« 

ttm ¥0um« al tim mmic 

!••¥• B'#n* W Comtmmtt 

Facilitj schedule tor Haiper Colleie Studenti ficulty and Stalf (I D fequired) 


iRtfwr Trtck/Jonini 

Mondi) 121pm 

Tuesday 171 17 30 10 pit) 

Wednesday 12 1 p m 

rhuitdaif 12 II 71) 10 pm 
Fttday 12 317 10 p.*. 

Saturday I 4 p m 
Thitmib Oct 17 

Mondai 12 p m 2pm 

luesdi» 12pm 3pm 45piti€pm 

Wednesd'ai 7am 9am 

Thuridai !2pm 2pm 45 pm 6p m 

fiid»t 7am 9am * 12pm .2pm 

Satifday 1pm 4 p n-. 

Batquftbaii Harper faculty Staff and Students may sign up on a lirst come first «t»ed basis for use ot 
the racqcellMH courts at a reduced rate of S5 at the toliowing times' 

TtMSiif mi Thtindai 1 1 1 m. 1 p m Si|n up trill bi|in «t 10:45 i.m 

Friitiji 17 p m 3 p.m Sifn up eitll begin at 1 1 4S i.m 

Uso. by payini a SIO lee, Hifpet faculty, staff and slutfeflts will Mw the riglit to talt^lwiM re|ister fiK 
coum Call in times will bi: Mondiii 6 9 p m lof Tutidii, Wtdntiday and Thuridn: Thurtdty 6 9 p m 
for Fridaf, Saturday and Momtiif 397-3000. k.467 For Harpw P«imim< iml Community uia. Courts iff 
lailable at the tollaw<n| day and tima ta|imiia| on Sept 1 5 

lutsdiy and Thursday 7 1 m -9 am wA SIS 10 IS. fridiy S p.m. 10 p.m , Sati day 1 p.m 
p.m.. ^^__^^^_____^^____^^^^^___^_^_________^____ 


FrKJty 12 1 p m 

Tuesday Thursday 

Friday 7 30 p m 8 30 p m 

Satuiday 1pm 2 30 pm 

WitfMt Room 
Monday 2pm 4pm 
Tuesday 2 pm 4 p m 4 7 JOJOpm 
Wednesday 2pm 4pm 
Ttltirsdai 7 p.m -4 p m & 7 30 10 p m 
Fndiy 12 p.m 3 p m 4 7 p m. 10 p m 
Saturdiy 14pm 


TIkan* mv tar row '"<•<•«' i" WHCM Pteam Omp ffm turvny m arm o( 
me'tuffes'ion •>•■*» on c#m(>trt or in fht *MC.*< oWce f«o»n AJt9 


50% OFF 

an your ch«ic* ot » perm., cut. 

(Hit, cnrnroi) brawinq. facial!. 

manicures, hot waxing, ale. 

50% OFF 



833E. Algor^quin 

'IxMieiiKtfiotftit yy. 



IN nic 



'«* .i 

..:■■■ at { BiO? Mm* '■•""'f-'^ !...■.. • 

-■,Ii.O } PROF? <>oO;;t ■ ....■.■.■<->: 

' .r ^'O'J L...KI:. ■ 1 ■■•■.- 

• ., . . ■ ' .'' .5TWX ^^i - ... 

c c:...cir i^i^BBWWTt Ki«. &iip-; ck:.-":t -■ ' " 

-.-. / /'' "■ '*Ju? 

O ^ L,/. --P . 0^ 

'- -TO MCNStU.-!' 





JSew York; survive there, survive any where 


"t'ln It^i I'm lii|>. t m titp," I 
liy icirwiiiiwl In Ulc big 

I 'VMlcnd. If you 
f inii km. woulil 

iCffvii'nn.liiM. ""'I"ixi 

ViUUiig tlmigli Ntwai-k str- 
piit iniNMtwiiiimit' wMfcHd' 
iMfia. wiNlit ym Mlnf« ■ ^X- 
litr hM iit]f lawta-lnt at hit 
oMiilt,^ *'m Kmwt tnim m*. 
rnii III. Nw Votli. .now, rm frw, 
rm 'ftw, t dui'l •ani to tee 
your tilMikln' face aigsiin, I'm 

Oltay. iaal mity mt swin ten 
Mmormai, iNit tr> ttitt 1 iMk 
injF TNJ bu* to Uw Pan Transit 

AiithMlly 4mat. Ik Manhatien't 

•Kit. .iMk. 'Tntrt ••i a .guy tK- 
ttHM'tlMi tlwr. 'MiUig nut In- 
'«» «• .MMIt. Mt i«ac:tieil linm 
MV'littpdcM, and wlflHnit aii|' 
r«|wil tor tHa autli«iriu«a, 'Im 
cfacknd a vtal of wititt piMdir 
and tniltM) tt mo his now He 
tooiitd haK>y. iwrhap* wnm 
la a Ml«r word, 
"rm hl|>, i"m Dip. rnhtii;" 
I roMliiw4l my magical 
imyttcir)' lour o( thw blR appk t 
hHl to «alk tram «liii to Mih. I 
cmH have takto. a e«b, but itet 
■■at too MM'. llHtfiO'waife. 

On nni Am. Ill 
law boon tbt tat'iiiif iii 



. .iMwt 


twif »f«n in my Il.»« Tliey (rtay 
titli |irav with two black acc«, 
iMl OM r«d ««, your lyptcal 
deck of piaylnR Mrds. it* 
ttmllar to guetdnf which isholl 
haa Um bail in It In thli game 
|M giMii which card la (be ml 
aM. 1 ca V two guys dra|r I3P0 in 

taiying i iliirt at 
Sati. or a iiutM animal at 

FAO Scbwan... you can t>uy a 
large assortment of watcbe*. 
Mnc*. gtrttor iweaterti, all on 

My budtly Marti and t. did 

Justice to Ramsey Lewti's ver- 
■lon of (be in crowd ' We went 

10 Elalne't. we went tO' Hiir- 
riiis We even went to Oaagrir'- 
IWd't ami saw the macter of no 

! wif wrpwed how many 
peopte mtrt the 'royal 
mm The royal Kom Is not a 

new' dance ienia.Uan, but tl(«p- 
ing on iwrk bencho*. One par- 
tlciilar icmwer wai a gentut. 
He took the Olg tK>xe« wblch 
reWgeratori come in. and 
■cammed It instdc. jHirely an 
act worthy of i,|entiut. 

" i ' m bip.. I'm bip.. r m bip." 
Then there wai the cai> ride 
You wouldn t believe It If I told 
you. 'bul I'll try. The driver 
drove no more than two incbet 
from the bumper of the car In 
Ironl o( ua, and at H m|)h 

Von know bow you have 
always heard that anyane who 
aiplra (0 be an actor or ac- 
t:r«i« goes to Mew York City to 
be dlKOvcred works m a 
waller or waitress'' Well, from 
ny contici. 1 would have to say 
that It w true Suzy Hall, from 
Obio. gave us the (lerlormanre 
of her life, all over my corned 
beef landwich She recited the 
line* of Romeo and Juliet, did 
imitations of John Wayttc, Kate 
Heiitmm. and Jimmy Cagncy I 
would My her rate of succesi 
will be not very grrat, as a mat ■ 
lar of (act. I wouldn't be wr- 

prlMd It she went home next 

Then there was the game 
show in Central Park Three 
Amtrican* a little down on 
IMr luc'k. drilled questlont 
eoneemlnf phtlo.iiophy into 
each other They sat while one 
emceed:. Tbe emcee held a 
telephone receiver and passed 
the receiver around to other 
contestants Tbougb there were 
no prices, the winner was ap- 
parent He got to be the emcee 
of the next game show, and 
drill questions Into the rematn- 
tag Americans 

"I'mhtp. I'mbip. I'mhip " 
Can I say lust a word about 

new wave* 1 was wearing a 
rugby shirt to Greenwich 
Village 5 record shops on 
Saturday Talk about dirty 
looks. 1 wasn't dressed proper 
ly 10 gel into the record stores, I 
wasn't wearing a leopard skin 
ihtrt, or I didn't have on a Uiou- 
sand buttow What Is going on"* 
Is new wave dead? tKria. what 
do you think* i 

I taw two dead bodies (have 
no Idea how they died, all I saw 
were the white aheeti. 

1 rode the subway. Thai it a 

cultural shock If there ever was 
one I was scared once, when 
the lights went out for about «5 
seconds, 1 thought that 'the Ap- 
poclapyse was now 

I saw the new Woody AUen 
film "Stardust Memories. " and 
(hat was a real trip This guy 
Socman tried to convince me 
that be was the anti-Christ 

before I saw the movie He was 
with his girlfriend and said she 
was an apostle, but that's not 
all This couple next to me In 
the show kept lalkmg and burp- 
ing. I wanted to hand him a jar 
of Alka-Seluers. and put mv 
fist m his mouth. 

People is what makes New 
York, and since there are so 
many people It s little wonder 
that the city still survives 

To top it all. on the plane 
waiting to be pushed back 
towards the runway, I heard a 
song familiar to my ears. It 
was that hard rock classic bv 
Cream. "Sunshine Of Your 
Love" But. I! wasn't by 
Cream. It was brought to me by 
the great folks at Muzak 

"I'm hip. I'm hip. I'm hip" 

What ever has happened to New Wave? 

Wow. 1 UKRi|gii the commer 
cMfeullM ol new wave was 
lMd.'tn.CMc»p At 1 entered the 
Harbinger olllcc .Monday mor- 
ning [fie first thing I saw was a 
groaning Michael Simkos. 
freshly belogged from a 
weekend In New York City, t 
greeted the weary traveler and. 
asked what he had teen., what 
he had Mt in the iprawltng 
land, ol the crnle*. fm story 
imnvtlM' aiNl: I decided t* 
Mrap the column I bad 
gffoloutl^ written 

New Wave t» really getting 
MJl of hand in New York ti had 
it* beginntnga out there in IITK 
with (he likes of Televiiion and 
Pattt Smith Now « hat 
Bushroomiod tike radioactive 
fungu* Record »lore* carry on- 
ly what is papular m new wave 
discos... they have new wave 
ttiotblng sections - anyone can 
enjoy the music, but dress right 
(Or the occasion leofianj 

Kris Pipenburg 

on music 

panlt. leathers, wrap-afomd 
sunglasses. "1 kdM .SW" toe 
shirts, .rvery thing you could 
poiaiMv wear lo let other* 
know that, yes, you too. are a 
"new waver " 

Hey. don't look now, bit 
'someoite is m.aktng a tot of 
money oft of this Son of brings 
to mind the rise and fall ol the 
disco Identity When tt arrived, 
to our I'ultur* it iwepi. m-ros* 
the nation' and was led into the 
penult ititra'MiMMiIi'. M'ey. tt 
got eipoture; radio, TV. 
magatines. and newspapers. 
Then, if was IN . .But no sooner 
did we become aware' of it. did 
we watch i( die (>venkMgl!«.Ol 
rhythm, overtype, and o.ver- 
reactlon What else could incite 
silly thousand people to rally 

in Comiskey Park" "Let us 
blow up disco, fellow idiots, and 
pui on Judas Priest armor and 

conquer Chicago. " 

The cork has been puiM 
Imm the 'new wave bathtub. 

New' York has been swampetl 
and Chicago is getting the nin- 
a(f The nc'W wave identity is 
complete and ready to die 

Tbe first indication of rtgor 
iiior1.l> was the large festival 
recently held in Toronto 

•Everyone was there 
man. " Elvis Costcllo. 
Talking Heads, the B 52 s. allot 
the boose-hold names A 
rumored appearance by tlir 
Clash lailed lo .matcriallie 
t jirge-scale com mc>rcial uai ion 
WIS running rampant Follow 
the trail of i shirts, pins skinny 
lies and other treniiy items 

Simkus got sneered at in a 
new wave club in 'New York. He 
waul properly attlrfd [lis 
hair wau't right He wat 

AC/DC gives 'shining' performance 

So AngH Young pulled down 
hit Ktmol boy sMorts m Iowa 
tlM'OtlM'.nl||il. No such luck at 
iMtniMit HortJ'On lift Salw- 

Pmm. the 'Ofiening of '"Hells 
Mis." AafH wat rodttng. out 
the rif'fs that art' AC/DC's tn- 
itantly recogniiable style The 
rhythms accumulated to hts 
IM and the montac drives that 
wfbrote bis body kept time non- 
Mop Not only that, be adils a 
sweaty itTip ttaie to "'Bad Hoy 

From Australia. AC/DC had 
luit retoated "'HigUway To 
m&'" lMl. .jwtr wiMi toad 
■jggir'tw 'Ml. .a, SMC a 

IMMldMdre)> II Ui the bach 

:itM ot a Irlend'i rar after a 

night of drinking in 

B.rlan Jobnaon. S. is the new 
sUJger who s voice is heard on 
AC/'DC's siith and recent 
album. "Back In Black ' 

Johnson has a tendency to 
icream as Scott had the com 
pulsion to growl Minus Scott's 
abundance of tatoos and 
graveled vocals. Johnson 
resembled bis stage attire with 
smisier and sexual antics, 
weariag a tight green t-»hlrt. 
teans. and gym shoes 

Getting over "The Jack." 
Scoit s baby. Johnson had to 
tackle the one song thai most 
typified the former tingeri 

Binonna. Highway To Hell ' 
ecouldn t have done better 
Coming to the Back in 
Black' ' aongs. Jotinson had tt in 
hli pocket You Shook Me All 

Ititfil Long' and "What Do 
You Do For Money Honey " 
were all his own and although 
he seemed lo en)oy pulling off 
lite older l racks, tii.'s own 
.utlsf action shone here 

Whole Lotta Rosle.' a 
favorite from l»77'» "Let There 
Be Eock' gave Angus the 
chance to be handled through 
the crowd while playing guitar 
on a roiHle's shoulders What 
touched heart most was when 
JohMon lifted Angus onto hts 
shoulders «s Scoit had done the 
previous concerts Johnson's 
determination to be himself 
and knrp the band intact as It 
was before, qualifies him as 
much n the thrutt of his 

dressed as a normal lllirMiisan 
spudboy Pretty ridiculous, no '" 
So. let us blow up new 
wave, fellow idiots I mean, If 
you are sick ot all ol the 
pltonlness, blow it up It is the 
music that matters not the ap- 
pearance Does it have any real 
spirit, or Is It an obvious at 
tempt at rasbing in on the 
laletl trend" Is it danceable 
because it has to be'> 

The future of popular music 
«*'ms bleak what is next" 
Hey. I've got this group 
together, it's called The 
MMhomcal Bulls. Wr do high' 
speed cover versions of Johnny 
Paycheck lunes Our guitarist 
lisis bis influences as Klelh 

Levene. Robert Frtpp. and 
Lester Flatt Our haircuts arc 
really short bul we wear 
leather of a different style We 
are the urban cowpunks with 
the accent on tHicksktn 
we'll be pretentious in a little 
over a month, so jump on the 
bandwagon early 


No Ch«rg« First Cimtultvllon 

T.W. Flynn & Assoc. 's 

Atlomeys at Law 



I "Traltlc Thiket OaovlethMa 

Pniok Driving 

Real Estate 

AstaiUiri Battery 

Traffic Tickets 
Penonal Injury 
Work mens Camp 
Marijuana Charges 
Revoked Lioenics 


14 Hour .Answering Service 

Orrice Hours 

3:0»-S;mp,in DaUy»atn-lp.m Sat. 

Attorneys at Law 

Tf* »«w*Mav. OcMMr 1. WW. PtW* > 

We need consistency: Bolt 


The iniii»«rt tm »oiiK«f 
4 iconis Is. (or tht ifcond 
itrat^t twct, cDiiimenry - or 
1 tht tack o< It 

I Clao TtBiiw Invite, the Hiwki 
I mm hUmn i«»» ««y Thomiw 
I M Hi a cantCNficc malcti Mon- 

1 day 

"tt was a total dliaitar." mU: 
Uwch Martha Mt "TlitnwM 
] • Iwk of dmlR til go out. ami *i 
vlMt Uwy bad to. I «■• n:- 
1 OnJ| Jacquie hn4tTtm. 
8li«r«n Cariaoii, and Jan 
Graait eamcd their matches 
I It «8i qMlte a contrast to last 
I Satunlay's showing m (he CI«o 
iTa'iifMr tnitilt. The Hawks 

(talshed fourth mr fmh out ffll 
eight leam* •" of which mn 


'UN' 'diMHM|alr ot Moytr- 
AiitfmiNi rwKhed the second 
round t>ut were elltninalcd l)y 
the lourne) * No 1 leedrt 
iMMm team JoAim Killk- 
CMH Ctmaiilno. the Hawks 
N«. 1 dnohlat team, 'advannd 
.all llM way t» the eonaolatlmi 

••II was a load teanunftx- 
ptftanee," tM Bolt -Ttiey 

eajwl amie *ery good fenn», 
c fiiay«l iume rmn polished 
ttni iiMl I thou|ht we 
repr»«emt«d oarselves trty 

with SectloMi play to Iie0n 

in one week '<W toi. the 
Hawfci. Wiiest. toe has tieen 
themietits They have not 
played well consistently 
A r»BKin may he the fact thai 

the team is (reahman-oriented 

"I can't eipeci the tact." 
saM Dolt, "we're a youngleam. 
We are a young team m that we 
have mostly freshmen, hut In 
actual playing tune wt'K not 
that yoiiiif hecauae tar oT mm 
slit Mrli'played to high sehMil." 

The Hawks, now M tn NC 
play, face DuPaje 'Thtnday, 
tllinoti Central Friday. Elgin 
Monday and Wauhoniee nest 
Thurwlay before openlnf sec- 
tional play next Friday 

'We have not to play good, 
hard lennls.*' cald Bolt We 
riwuld've leveled oft at Thorn 
ion I've got a lot of confidence 
In the leam, but they're the 
ones that have to do it We 
haven't been |ibymg the way 
we should, tal thai ilatesn't 
mean we wcm'l ' 

Amt If they don't toon, II will 
dc too late. 

. college eligibility 

j , ami mufit tram ptim*' 
began Tuetday 

1 • Tun UMln. former haaliit- 

Iball star at Hariwr The 

1 University ol Mimesota was tn- 

irresled M Lotta- But Ualst 

did not hamt filflcleni hours in 

his ma]«r CWd of study H» 

I problems ami IrMi the (act 

I that be had dM rtached Junior 


1 UBflAltTEDatlhtUnlver- 
lm» m ntaiMa^lcago circle. 
lilMt dranaii mil. after hts (tnt 
IqaiMi^irt. He then came to 

1 but San MCHiMdati'tbt total. 
I m kill, niiidiiil f«r .grr**— "^- 
1 iraoiiiaiVflr- 

I UMW kai iranalerTcd to 
Harper edUwiit Moutfi hours to 

Ciiargeliacks redefined 

Chargetiacks which have "m 
ellect whatsoever on 
•thielks. " tatd Steve CatUn, 
director ol academic affairs 

It wai ern>n«)U*ly reported 
tasl week that the N*C provkte* 
tor a eharilhack giving an 
athlete (be opportunity lo go to 
itwither ischoot other than the 
home dlHrict, when that Khool 
has an inter-collegiale sport not 
a part of the bome-dlstrict'i 

Actually, chargehacks have 
no bearing on athletics 

■A chirgfbacli.." MidCiitlin 
■■l» partial sport ol tuition " In 
other words, a community col- 
lege not fflllered by the home 
(liitrict school 

rtie amount of lultton paid by 
the l>ome-dlstricl .school Is the 
dIHerence Wween the in 
dlstricl and out -district tuition 

The community college wUI 
Oder a chargeback only tor 
two-year programs ■ not 


ANTICIPATION Jacquie Andenon awaits a serve durtng a 
women's tennis Indoor practice lait week. Anderwm. Harper's No. 
J singles player, was one of only three Hawks that carried her 
nuritft to Ome iM ta the Htwka W> low to ThoftitOT Monday. 


mhmUmi^iM Mtper. he 


I Big fw •llgiblUty rules. 
IbypMaed Loalsi To have 

Iplaytd at MlnuMta, Usist 

1 would have to ait out lor an en- 

I tira y«ar. hut h« iMMiid ba tilgti 

Ibte'lisjtfk Miw M'|«n 

I undir NCM rata llial m a 

I piayit Hm. Mvt ye«ra lo com- 

IpaMlorloar years 

I Uit« haS' since accwM a 

Itcholarthlp from Ltwii 

lunlverslli In the mmmal 

lAssn ol Intercollegiate 

■ Athletics mATA) Lewis re- 

n alhUile to hiM a 

_____ ji g| lAi acacliinlc houri' 

laftw two year* to eonpele (■ 

iHrtarceUe^ate athletics, maidi 

loMR lenient than the NCAA'a 

■riNMat ol ». By IMS. 

lii Mior year, L^wis will 

Ite competing iii iha NCAA 

iDivtslon U *9 UWi Laal« «Ut 

■have compleiad hH laahir re> 

Iqulremenlf under NCAA 

leligibiUiy rules and «iU be a 

I tenior wder NCAA nilas 

04 C0MPAIUS(H4, Harper's 
laltgy^ tavilrements are 
IrtUUWly Unpla: To compete 
I la InliMaBliiale athletics, an 
1 athlete matt eoniptata a 
I mUttfflum of 19 acadiin:' 
I with a ouataiHi: U 

ti 'Oi' 'ftigiiilt^.""' a 
Ikporfa taaiBn. And ee«n this 

For cuniila, an. athMa who 

. . caapM the 'if rtng 

|i«iaeittf with say, seven 

lacadmlc hours cannot go to 

InunnMr school and complete 

' I r^ ami than 'Cannwie la iool- 

lacddcoile hwifi la auBMaer 
I tehool III onltr to he etlglMe for 

I tke toUowlBg Wofhall saawMi.. 
"Hoil o( our problems that 
(With ellglhiUtyi." said 

Roaer Bechtold, director ol 
men's athletics, are because 
most athletes have (alien under 
10 bourst ' 

TMK MOST complicating 
illuatloM with eligibility artse 
in the 'winter' sports between 
the (all and sprtng semester 
Mmi's haakatball. Ihr eiample. 
Iwglm in late Novemter and 
ends in March And at head 
coach last year. Bechtold had 
two players declared 
■eailinilcaUy ineligible tor the 
aprtag laniester 'because they 
had not eiitnitMml 10 academic 
hflurt hi the WI aammier, 

THBKK RAI also been much. 
hiaa made over the last year 
about 'Mickey Mouse' courses. 
more commonly known as 
physical education courses. 

•Thafs not fair. ' said 
Bechtold. "Today, there art a 
lot of peophi coming back ta 

college taking physical ed 
courses tor the Imparlance of 
physical snd menial health I 
don t think phys ed courses are 

■ We want our athletes to 
carry a full load." he con- 
tinued. •Academics are more 
Important than athletics, but 
take a kid that doesn t have 
what It takes academlcaUy and 
depends on sports lo carry him 
through college He finishes 
school and can get a degree " 

The most basic problem that 
arises in intercollegiate 
eligibility w simply the student 
athlete's unawarenes* ol the 
factors Influencing eligibility 

"MOST ATHUrriS donl 
really kmm. " uid Bechtold. 
"what eligibility Involves 1( 
they knew we wouldn't be hav- 
ing these problems 

Hawks tie 


haimack Jlminy Meworm 
"It's not that we played bad 
We lust didn't get any breaks 
The Hawks have a rematch 
pUist Triton Wednesday The 
Ssrta beat the Triton in the 
IM game ot the year. l-I The 
T*«(aBa, now 0-«-i, lost to 
DuPage i-l and Belleville « 
last week The Hawks then 
move on to play Lincoln this 
■Saturday and a rematch with 
DuPage next Wednesday 

Harper walloped DuPage, fi- 
b. last Wednesday In their home 
uMiwr Rtck Puis, Mark Mota, 
and John Prell scored twice (or 
the Hawks 

"I was very surprised by the 
score," said Siaho afterwards 
•It was an enjoyable victory I 




.on sports 

was vtry proud of this team 
They hustled and pulled for 
each other until the end." 

THE KEY to the Hawks un 
characteristic high scoring 
game, was the return of Mota 
and Puis from injuries Nether 
11 100% yel. which gives Szabo 
a lot to liiok toward to 

Only one Hawk, midfielder 
Mike Purich. ta seriously hurt 
Purleh injured his grom 
against Triton and aggravated 
the pull against Kishwaukee 
He played brletly agalnsi 
DuPage and Waubonaee. His 
relufw to mil strength is impor 

■II he's healthy." said Siabo, 

•he can really help us. He can 

handle the ball and Kore We 

need him 100%." 

There is a friend of mine al 
Harper ( yes. 1 do have a friend 
hero who holds the opinion 
thai major Inter colleglatp 
sports should be cut oul of 
Harper's t>udgel This Irlend 
who IS a Harbinger columnist. 
believes, and rather firmly, 
thai Harper •should "redirect 

Its sporting priorities" to in- —--—--—=^^^ 

elude alt tntramurals and no in 

lercollegialc sports ^ _ , , , ,, 

1 wont reveal my friends name ht has the uncanny abilitv ul 
drawing death threats al the mere hint ol ^fxpressing his opmion 
oaenly My friend s pomt l» to put more emphasis on academics ami 
lake the current emphasis of funding, as he sees it away from 

1 will be the llrsl lo disagree with my colleague li is a narrow 
minded approach to what he sees as a problem 

One must be able lo understand why is he so distressed with 
athletics His favorite rootbail teams Harper Northwestern and 
our beloved Bears have won a combined total ol one game S>o I can 
see why mv friend Is such an angry young man 

Whv he "thinks we should lop of! the entire athletics program 
though l» way beyond my comprehension 1 will however, as he did 
»ilhme.presenlafewofhttpoint» ,.u.„.,„^„ 

• The mam purpow; of a community college is lo stretch and open 
the mind to new educational levels My comment: Poppycock. 
Most people who go lo a community college don't have the money lo 
go to a four vear school or have a schedule such that community 
college IS ihe'only place (or Ihem logo to school 

. Most athletics lake MIcKey Mouse courses that only cost the 
uxpayers money Cut out athletics, and you cut out these M ckcy- 
Mouse courses My comment: 1 am templed to poml out Iha 
alhlcics at (our year schools take Mickey Mouse' courses, but 
nobodv stops the four year athlete Whether athletes here do take 
•Mickey Mouse courses is a fact, or not is another question And 
what does a Mickey Mouse' course consist of? 

• There Is loo much emphasis on athletics today The emphasis 
should be put on academics My comment: I will agree thai al some 
schools, there is a great emphasis on a'^letlcs I also agree the em- 
phasis of a school should be on academics Whether Harper is guilty 
a( putting an emphasis on alhlelics I doubl And does my Irtend 
realixe that Harper is ranked la ihe top 1(1 ol community college 
nation-wide in academics^ 

.What my (riend has overlooked is the (act that athletics serve as 
a recruiting tool as well as an Important publicity tool He lhmk.s. 
Uiough, that II academics were the selling point, that you wouidn t 
need any better kind o( recruiting tool 

He uses the esample of the I'niversity of Chicago; 

The I' o( r has cut back, rather extensively, on Its football pro- 
aram It has put more of an emphasis on Its academic program 
Well good (or the U of C But the (acts my friend Is overlooking is 
thai Ihe r ol C is a private school not public like community col- 
leges and did not fully cul oul lis athletic programs 

t)espitc their narrow mindedness. my friend s points are worth 
considering If only for a laugh He has brought to light two very im 
portant points Mickey Mouse' courses and the emphasis on 
athletics There are vaning examples of both al community col- 
leges and lour vear schools across the nation I doubt, however, 
that my friend, who is rather well traveled, has taken the time tn 
consider bow important athetics are to a community college 

I'm sure i( he were an athlete, none of this would have come up 

Plfa a TMt HarMngw. OrMMrl. Ml 

Classroom and the playing field 


I vwU •tifiltiltly h iteflit- 
«(t by tto Hanfcm Hmm Me- 
mtmq/ ••, "the qualtty or iMt 
nftwmgtltsiMc! ' 

That II a busic. »ftr 
simplKM Minltton of a Mil- 
ctfit that liM' iMctMM. m to- 
dny's iMMfId ol' Mglbfwnmtf 
r«criittliig ainbt|«wi and 
alMtraet timctp To (ollow Ui« 
ttlimilllcatlou* involved In tl* 
•Itltbltltjr of nlleglatc atUMes. 
cimsMar time iwo eiampln : 

• Daft WUuoii. Unlvtrstty ol 
mmM )|iairterl>acl(. Wilson, a 
traiMlai from Fallerion 
tCalil I Conwiimliy Collegi!. 
hiia appaaM a Bi« Ten con- 
ttmct't ruling dtclartnn 
Wllwn Intlliltilt to play lor the 
tttai lilt Big Tf n claJini Hi»l 
mum' 0m m have Ifte n 
acaiMiile liowra to Oe aDie ti> 
tlaiiii MliNir' iiatw, MMict 


,. I hat cnoutflt cnAu 

U play. TKt' Big Ten, Iwwt ver, 
Mwwn WlltW' • mmtm ■ and 

Wllm AMn-t han ttie Big 

Tta't ftouiremtnt ol II 
lit iMMin to acNcve 

WEtMn'i prndlem stems from 

ku tint gam* at Fullvrton tn 

wn llt«tnfe»Ua«niia«tlt«d 
la mm MiMI wMmiiI. atlan- 
illiig a daia. m pHtteti^liit 'In 
mmOm wne ll»»l seraeiter, 
Ht M bit elghi acadtmle 

touri m till nxmti ienwsler at 
ryterton. He tta played tm- 
ttail at rnlliTtoo m Wl ind 
lf», then traiiilwted ti» II- 

The Big Ten. con«id«rin| l»T7 
Wilson's freshman year, and he 
dti KM tiave itm hours needed 
tU' play ball In IM). 

At Ikat politt, Wtlaoit appliMi 
for and «»t. a •natver* fcr te 
Injured season flrini the 
quarterhack eliglfeilty t«r lite 
IM) from th4! Stg Icn'i ellf Ml- 
ty eommitteff, priwldtai tm Itid 
eamed 51 credit hours U 
aehleve Junior ilatust iwhJeli 
he had) But the Big ten's facul- 
t,y reprewitatiw*' '" revww o( 
WilMMi'i rmMMl, lAAhged its 
mM. aMi iHiM Wllimi In- 
stead niwM tMliir' itattit to b« 
eligible for the linn siiaiwn 

m nXlNOIS Circuit Court: 
Jtidge then ruled granted 
WilMU a PreMnslnary injunc- 
floit aUowtog htm to play m iJKKt 
laying th*- ficillly represen- 
tative* could not overturn the 
eli0hitlt:y cMt:iiitlte«"a dM'i- 

Then, the Big Ten ellflWHly 
commltte* cited new evidence 
and declared Wilson inellgihl* 
hecauie Jllitml* had received 
the hligl) Khool transcript o( 
David B Wilton, another •in- 
dent who aitanded Wilaon'i 

The MHie Clrtuii Court 
Judge dttiolvcd the 
preltminarv Injunction. Then 
the Mh tllitrict Appellmi* court 
in Sprmglield retitslai.ed the 
original injunction making 
Wilson eligible again. The Big 
Tw •!»••» Uiat decision and 
noir' wImmi-i eligibility iies at 
at tmit nf Um Illinois Stale 
aifftiM Court... TiMtc haarimp 

What illect doe« the classroom 
have on the playing IMd? 

Hawks tie Waubonsee, 1-1 


Tht« ••m't much soccer 
■ Subo could say 
n't II tit with 

"I kmr* we can play better." 
he lald. "We ihouldve hto»n 
this team a* ay " 

Ves, Ike Hawskl HMNlM'tt' 
hlo«nl.hi> team away. 

Hariwr dominated, the fifil 
hall of iilay. getting l« *»!» on 

goal and. three corner kicks as 
o|i|MM<l to (tve shots on gotl 

and' Ml amtr kick for the 

The Hawk* missed five 
golden chance* at goali For- 
ward Andv Bobowfikt even had 
a goal nuililled late in the half 
«hen he headed In a ball past 
Waubonsee goalie Ron 
Reinhart A Waubonsee 
delender hustled to clear the 
hall out of the goal, and the 
referee's mlHKd the Kore 
htntiic they were not at an 
aiigit Id' ice llie ball crota the 

Chief goal tine 

The Ch.(ef». no* 7-2-2. scored 
midvtav tbrough the Mcond 
hall, hilt the Hawks Rick Puis 

scored with only five minutes 
left in the game to give Harper 

a 1-1 tie 

•*.t"m nol disap'pomted." said 
SubO: "because *e played 
well today I'm disappolnte*! 
because we're not where 1 want 
to be They play well, but they 
turn around and admire 

iliytlike this,"' said 

Hawks fall, 47-14 

0* !? 

^, |,^ , -f;--* „„■ ,^,„^^ ^ _ 2l : iii ' i '" " - :uj::: :: „ - " • i«^ 

.AUMMt- 'HaiKT-s A.ndy BolNHMill Ml a *ot oft agaM 'W.iwl(«iilW,«Mltt Km RMnhart in tto 
HMto t-t tie with Uic CliMk IMI .fiSfilay . Babovikl niNMit ii glial, but tamnate Rick Puis 
icor«d wltli five wliiiilaal* tafbt gaiiwwiiMiii U» Mawkato lie Phoio by Uri LytmGuy 

When th« loolball Hawks host 
Jollet Saturday, they will be 
irytRg to break a four-game los- 
ing slreak 

"They're very big and very 
sirong. " said bead coach John 
Ellaslk. "I don't think they 
have the overall team speed 
we've seen la other teams." 

"The Hawks will be aiming 
lor imprtivement In their pass- 
ing offense and rushing 

Against Illinois Valley lail 
Saturday, the Hawks defense 
surrendered M5 rushing yards 
and iW total yards 

Quarterback Tim Tyrrell, the 
Ihlrd Hawk QB used Ihli year, 
completed only three of IS 
pBHM. for «T yards and was In- 
tereepted three time*. In hi* 
tva starts. Tyrrell hat com- 
plfled seven of '32 pa.sses for 138 
1 ,> and one touchdown 
'.I'.. iM'i-fl improvement m 
•1(1 game." said 
.ra »'.as a little ul! 
J^:;n^^t UIHIOIS 'Vjiiley 
Someilnit"; he'd overthrtiw or 
.ii.derth <-iiw his receivers . ' ' 

\nolher problem at QB has 
lieen the Ijckof one permanent 
stailer Dave Uich opened the 
vfjvin d>. the 'N'o I tignal- 

. ii-r I. II' mm replaced by 
► lad in the second 
isik then went with 

I rri- ! 

u huii\ your consistency," 
^dld Klia<>ik of the 'musical 

ouarlerback' situation. '"Bui I 
ihmk ihey'ne settling m with 

One very encouraging sign 
offensively has been the runn- 
ing uf Ron Burke. Against IV. 
Burke got his second strai^t 
lOO-yard game with 132 yards 
01. 21) carries including a M- 
yard TD run In the Hawks 47-14 
loss to the third-ranked 

"He's am outilde threat." 

Another tigR Ellaslk can 
point to Is the fact that nine 
freshmen started offensively 
"Ive never had a team this 
young." said Eliaslk "Not 
even In our first year." 

The Hawks weren't eicpecled 
to t)eat liltnois Valley, but did 
belter Ihan anticipated. The 
Apaches, the No i ranked team 
In the stale, took a 20-0 lead 
over the Hawks a! halftime. 
Burke then scored on his 44- 
vard ramp and Mark Dahle 
later added a iwo-yard run for | 
the H.swks other TD 

"1 was plea.sed," salll 
Kiiasik. "With our effort It was 
the first game we've had a (»■ 
minute effort Irregardless of 
the result, we had the eflcrt 
I'm encouraged by what 1 

The Hawks, now »-* hi con- 
terence play, have yel lo face 
lOth-ranked Triton. Wright. 
and non-eonlerence oppttnent 
IlUnoi* Benedictine 

"I think." said Eliaslk, "we j 
have a good chance to finish the | 
season strong." 

flight now. one w'ln wouldn't 
look bad 

f uturistics conference set for November 

ltiff|Wt' 'CW 
MnriMW MnicnMtw m * 
•••'lit o( studjrtac tk* 
mmMmiOt tMwM 'MiffiMni 
tat 4i«eiHliic tlw buic tMMH' 
•iiMlillg llw future of UM' 

Wl I ICMIttltS iMld HI (liKe ctm- 
■ Ktttt'Vf Ttiursdays to 
KnvMiilier Inm T tii n p.m. tit 
Wl. KM: 9||ieilktr«< tnm tlw 
Uiilwanity of Mchiiaa Sm- 
tlwrn Illinois IJnivemty anil 
llj'tper »'in i>« twiured', 

ruturiilka i(. « rlMSt •p.M 

Him;' ovlaitiad Dr. EldMfil 

L<K:li.w« (irmletwir t»( 
h«iii.«n'i(te5 jind. cMrdtMitor of 
llM? «i»l#e«m-f fht Fulumt 
llovmicfii Is M intmMilloi).ii.l 
CMftwnrl ot mlivid'Mls and 
o»'ll|ii.ii;tt«iions ci)«m.i.tttiJ ui «•.(■ 
■(frtlm e»tMt.nictiv€ dwiiges in 
UMtay'i world to nwitme u twi- 

'■Futurists. ii.rr lookwe tor 
••y* lo iDflirnw the (utun? 
suci) tiMi II wUI (M! more rather 
thiin IMS humam. I'ut.u.rtst» 
«rr ofitmaatE ciughl Mwwii 
lio(MF.aiid«latpji:lr " 

Topic* coverwl at itie eon- 
(weiiet torio* changw in 
work ptitterw and lil>- slyirs. 

uw of the world's rcsourcw, 
return <il control of Ihf f ul ure lo 
llK people, reladonshtp oJ man 
lo the ennronment. ttwe world 
family versus rationalism.. Hie 
ttalaiK* Mi*i!«>n humanity and 
IralumlOKy, careers thai help lo 
reantve Siiman prot>ieinc and 
liMl«)M!iidi!iiceo( all people. 


WiMam iatnei Haipet college 
PalatiM. Illinois 

W II No 7 
OctoherS 1980 

Project on hold; lack of funds 

Tilt Uipr Sir 'Omk Waw- 
MiNi' i^'iiHl iMa Min pill on 

dMiMM at tltla 

'»lll gr'ant amy alktea- 
tliai, IhtSatt Cnci. Wattralml 

fllMTim CMniMltlM BUM 'li»«e 

an «|iial: >iwiiiiit 01 teat mp' 

Cm OmI Ml' the allocalMm.. 
MttrofMilttan Sanitary 
OMriet of Cool County vltl 
lalit lilt .i>M|Min«lit><lii]t (nr the 
pmilliit' il 'itnd' and itw ar- 
ehttaclwal itttna. Tkc 
PilailW' nrk OMiKt 'tnil .■■>• 

Aarr ttm flMnclal naiMi- 
lUtilitM tnr tlie rvetnatlMMl 

Wirt I 
'tw mrifil iliuMi dttwvloi)'' 

. TUf' Vila* J 
nwrlet 'Hiw MU :iiiailt' Icit- 
laWft oftani M mmwi. fntn. 

"I've taqiMnM. (liMl 
Mllai MMMn ■ml Sctoum- 
InrglMi lliwtiMin'i mean Uiai 
I will net .».;• ta.iii MargaM 
Rim«r co-elia.imiaii nt the Salt 
Creak Steertni Coiiim.lIlee . 

The committee i.» « 
uwlir • Dwcmlwr deadime lor 
ratting, tlifl' rwpit.t«d' tunda wttli 
aMihuMy IH,«H' ^ or tlif ' 
Il@ll.i0il iwtNltd to compMf the 
project secured 

Th« conalniction ol the reten 
mm MiMii on the iMi:rtlt««9(t cot'- 
MT' 'Of flK Harptr canpua w 
mn tl a wrMit ol IIoimI control 
'bialm ivMlructud over tlht 

Tlat' tint ol (lie atrucip** 
eompMcd. «a* 9mm Wo«)dt. 
Unili tke cacvpita of e«iiii<foirt 
italhni. canmtly' lMiii|; wm- 
ptelfld. tht area ti iwl mty 
ot the tl.n(>d mmmI iystem. Iiut 
■ fully .lunctMntng recreation 
■na .tor the ronmunlty 

Wlwr !rtni«i.ur» «te» intiude 

Foundation grant 
advances program 

TMe .Hjrper Ciil.lege Kduea- 
iMMtli rountatiiM hm appro* • 
*4 .« iraai to uit Cniieiit's 
lie ItpaituMiM ««Mi win 
CMta of pm:idliig 

.UtiBlliHi mir aliidciibi .in ntut of 
Marytr's mufie ivMnet . 

Hie _ lystem ol UistnicUon. 

'" I H «fca f wim 
itkig at 
Harper' for werat ytan with 
llw pofHitlt apfillcatkM ol com 
1' ImlnHillan la muaic 
i la currentl'y 
! OTWl pnigrams to 
in mualc cl«HnM>ms 
I tlie eountri'. The syitem 
In Iw provided tiy the (ouoda 
Itoi grant uiti the 

' In _; ^^' 


f4 lor Initial InrttiHitlN, tut- 
Heal: nwiBw, 

' «Slll-|n 


.$ claaa*!, and amy bt 
tOle lo claaa. piano In- 

'"He Hit of the ctMtpuler far 
haalk' itai iniMicl.lon will allow 
tlw (at oily to concentrale on 
helping, tfudenti aaaler tlw 

r millliK III 

ciaiiniiiini. at a tott ol approi- 
'luialely m.mii'. -The beauty ot 

this W'tMie Kytien I* iliat we 
can individuailie any ol the 
ciMn.mercia.l paclta.giia that are 
atattaltle to ua, or we can 
crtaile our '0«n pmRram.." 
Makas uated 

The Edu<:;ational Foundation 
¥Olad In undenmie tht project 
iMlMiilaMy In ortlrr to make 
the ayncB avaBahlt i» isusiic 
itndeiMi* a* pMly m pMalhlt. 
'TkC' eapenM' IhhIi will he 
tepianNi through, future gins 
and gT'ant* rtcttved tiy the 
loundiatton on< tmhal.! ol tht M- 

m ammunc'lng tht graal. 
Educational Foundatloii mu- 

dent Norval Stephcni noted, 
"Matptr CoI'lagB haa an cxeep- 
tkMit Hiaic iciNirtineni, one 
ol mAjt IT conuMMHy rotlege 
it|iMlJitenlii aiHOcialed. with 
llie NaiMwal Aawctaiion o( 
Mioola ol HiMc .Asong the 
nwt ilian m rallcfn and 
litiai aJSiaM: with Ala 


Tit jranl. Inm. tht Bdnca- 

daiiMin' Viii .prow Ida 
1 wii«aM M 'hi- 
itiote lilt piiigna in llw 

IHMI: In all: iMiltglaiia aHocMInn art llw 

mtf and: ear mm fentfand l3oMenr.aliir)'., 

Hd may ht EMUitao lehMl ol MmIc, .ami 

major MlwfiWo acron. the 


""Tt):l* project .11 an tn 
nwviltve profran that 
dtnuinalnieii Harper's leader 
ttip among community col- 
'Itgiet. Since it could not tie 
hwM thnuili '1>* 'Utuot tinan- 
tlal 'MiurctS' avaltahfe to tu* 
Mltge, Uw Fowdatan elected 
to rappofi thii eictilcst 
!rt«WKa Im Haiper ituiltnia . "" 

'Ihe propoaeil Harper site, an 
.treia vmr the .SaM. M'tchael 
€*inel«ry andRte », • laclltiy 
on P.»l.alloe and Qumtiit Uik... 
and one cm the north niile ml 
P'ala.t.ine al Plum Crove Kd. 

Olhtr area* with retrrea- 
tional .facilKlet l.nrh«te the 
Ttiomai Hamilton and 
Margaret Remer uMi.. The 
Ilwn.a» Itatitllion slit, nuai 
Crot'C M .and SiMtli SI . oilers 
(oot'hall. baicliali and nmcmr 
ticldi. The area It ncpected lo 
he complete hy the end ol the 
jetr. The Marga.r«ft Retmtr 
laeiiity '<rlll opn iied hil.b and 
picnic gnwiMii. to the .public in 

Provided the proper amount 

of funding 'Is lecurtid, the 
Harper lacllity will, offer picnic 
griMnds and tuMiilng lo 'the 

The ftiard ol Truitees gave 
ttte Metrnpiilltui District .per- 
mlialon tO'tiuild tlw rewrvoir tn 
Auguit ol If A. The structure 
wMild: «ver apimsimalely ifi 
aerct-:. f*tnBMon w.a.» aisn 
granled lo .allwi' the Village ol 
Palatine accei* to the 
per'ttneter roadi* and parking 
lots 1 1 ami 11 fo that the area 
can. lie uaed' .■• a recreat'ion 

To rtilice Mfper .liibility.. a 

rider *oi»W be attached to the 
policies ol the Palatine Park 
DiArirt Since the area would 

l)e 'rti'ihle from .i.he madatde, 
the Palatine Police Depart- 
ment wtl! pill Ice the area. 

It li necessary lo use the 
Harper parkmn lots, since the 
land east of Qwntin Rd has 
already been loned for Ihe con- 
struction ol condominiums 
The land on which the reservoir 
.ti to be constructed had also 
been joned lor condominiums 
hut the land had lo tie given up 
by the Oe'veloprr 

The conatructmri nt the entire 
basin *y»tem was first .ap- 
proached in IM 

Women's program hosts workshop 

riivth^, ,g.'i,.* u 1. !^ . (.:un'tn(:.'U Jtifl ,ti 

'I'ti'mntions Ol a coropea: rela- 
tionsbtp. It w'|.ll biF i>tfered by 
the Harper Coltege Woroen''t 
Pn'»(frt'm on Tliur»d.ay. Ik-i IS 
"'I lo Z pm In Bldg 
.>i.a I'll ti'4 SO includes 
._...».;.. ;.;i.. .I'ee lor reMdetusfiii 

'Work'Shifp leaden art Rita 
Michalak and' :tlar>' Halpin 
Turw.. The* will .lead .eiierclses 

'i i!'«ffect!vr 
prnoiem mh'ing 

tit, Tures., a .pcycbotheraplst 
in private practice, will help 
participant develop 'Ski'tis In 
tit reO'glhen log rel iil lonsh ips 
Harper inslrucior Rii» 
Michalak will namine the 
myih*., conie mpcif ary 
ireaearch. .literature and films 
dtpMUig Ihe mol.her-dii.u#ler 
bond. To en.roll:., call eit. 4 to. 

Sem.l' leadtrs will li«* 

Outlaid D'Argent.r traffic 
manager ol CECO (.'orporation. 
and Eu.|{«M t Magad, coor- 
dinatnr of our malerial 
niaiiagenient program. 

Tultton IS t7!t whKh includes 

materials, coffee and lunch 
There Is a group rate of MO per 
participanl IF three or mure are 
registered tnjm the same com- 

To rcgisier, call ext 410. Ul 

All day seminar slated Saturday 

An all-day sem.|.nar that oi- 
lers new 'tnsigh'U into the tradi- 
tional concept ol the tccretarial 
poittlim, will he .offered Salur- 
day. Oct n from Sam to 1 
p m in BIdg D. Km ll« Tui 
lion I* fit and includes lunch 
The iM lor residenu m and 


Klolse Peters, career 
development and m.anage'ment 
instructor in lite program, will 
conduct the seminar Methods 
III improving communication. 
aiwrllveMsa. moving up the 
i-ureer ladder and Informatton 

on otilammg the ferlllied Pro- 
fessional Sifcretary designation 
are among the topics of discus- 

To enroll, call the Continuing 
Education Admissions Office, 
eat 41».4U.or»l 

ctaaamnm and class activity jMit 

clararMm and class activity jMit mgrnmiffi lo.:iMve aome fun The B 

optd Mr elMNt tlDM StptMBlwr ■liwa jS«ind«ipMlng. Tht delay 
■triKtla ■filti.iMHl' ■m rMqntlMI. mmU. TlH.|Min| 'bilMiMi to 
UuM'tlmiiiliMillieimk. r«iraMti.Miiii.tlm«i:a]ictt. m. inHtfniM 

fwim class break away from the iradltlonaJ 
Bldg M faclliliea have been 

itat 'cauicd .||y faulljr ■em- 

■llw IMlilt t 
W, tnMo 

vf Kbok IColinlw:! 


Salt Creek Watershed 
project drying up 

Wlltout pnif«r funding,' tlis U|rp«r Salt Cimk Waterth- 
•d PvniacI mi luiB: tntn jMt anotlMr !liolt 111 tlw gram 
I a iptnllty outdiMr ncnatlon. cnmiar for tlw 

deadUiw, tM Salt. Ciwit Sto 
"I* ewnpaw UK prnfact. The 

tfdi • 

I la tlw caaatrwrMwi flffht cnmtiliuitMin naat am- 
Ml anlt and'twoiaiaalty fauaatton owatir ~ 
'' l«atawmilHi|irDtael'fWaialiii|e«attrr«l«nsMMbaiiniillM 
ek «f Satt Craal raaataiK tlwoup the Harper Campux ■m) pro- 
and ptcnlc area right in Harper i 
backyard. It ■wOl .Mat mcamers ot tlw ■nwral coaiiiniiiiKy to the 
In aUKhNl' tervtng a pwiMaa tar %t ooniniunlty •• a 
a. ttic pMa|aciaMiitf ^anaf ata nMta' lalaiaat ta' Ihe'Callaaa. 

'Pictlii* Ian of ■ threat af 
ai' Ih*' ciwperatian and support 

I aul Bead cnnenle cv'tdenc* before taJtuiti the 
" r wuggmt lake a look at the Buaic Woods 
area la PalaHnaaf l«iiwOpaea 'la Dea flalnas. 
Cooeaftvadaaa Aaadamttral hailii,. l^ahtOpeca has been a boon to 
jr af Uie (air ctty of Dct Babies Whtle providing 
r raettallon oeiiter far the amninunity, addlttonal 
I UinMigk heal ranlsli and charge* for 

tanwtnre ot Ihe 'tntncale ovarall Salt Crceh 
d. hiking and ptcnicklag area. 
'Upaa chicr iaqtaellM, M U ttaovefcd thai the pra)ect has vtrtual- 

ff attaiUiatad floodlag In tlw samunillng area 
~ " ' , local mppert Ui vital to 'the survival of the protect 
" ' ' " ■ " ' iti 

ppori a Dfoloct 'Whoae advantages far outweigh 

'OonU lust wy up and die 

Unlike Aiitumn, fruition hasn't set in yet 

Till! nnisic at Ihis ' wtscn ol 
misti and mclkm- fniiiMMst" 
lecins Ml oul of luiie with the 
dlsMariBonlct ol tke itilit- 
*wm«ter cliwnwm Wiiiit 
Kative II twelUng "ill (rail 
•tlh nprneM tO' l:l«» con," you 
iHident* an just slartmi your' 
Mtleg* edM-ttloita. Anil thM 
beginniiiK can tw .1 raessiiy, 
liofll} IfcinK m(J»«l 

Fur euiTiptr. MBit ctudMIs 
•ft nnly now Def liMtitg 10 root 
■'•'«}' at tlieir itudie*. t think tit 
laau^ ul you, (malty leanting 
am t» iMHidtr abeut ui your 
'Mmliig lo develup 
t ■tatcnMnia oat of nrhlcb 
Ideas gro« Y'ou're lieglnnmg 
ID CitglM. |ut( u you'Tf begin- 
nhil. ■ cheiuMry. calcuiu*. 
'ana Cf1iii:tail Justke Concepts 
were vagu* are now 
concrete. Hut you gel. 
truitraied. I ihMk ot one «l you. 
in my ti*»» «t»o n»ally 
understood Ihe itiltemM bef. 
I "In l»"' and ' 'to lay'" and 

From the 
desk of. . 

Haren (teres 

l( I mil)' 9f.rain tor • pin here, 
rew«l.«fit lo an atmwit 'VlrgtMl 
cnn.(usi«i till* Mil dim IJ. alike 
.Aulunia, 'trattion 'hain't ict in 

Strnm at ym .ahaMta :your 
UMlies. It 'truly paint .your 
lenctos w-heit you. ilrap a cIuk 
and w« <ion''t know why Sure, 
wf can gu«» .lofc demands, loo 
many Hours., work loo djlllcutl., 
twrwlom unio itoath. the ubi- 
quitous too many 'haislea. But 
tivforit you tofs It in, think ■ Ml 
«( (h* natural cuuriet ot 'things . 
Ai ym iiegln, college, you have 
tilea.f. nolinii. of how II ought lo 
t», taw Wf ought ti). be:, tiow you 
ought lo He Bui. ~" 

imt'ural courie lo leami'ng.. 
(tmpiic! .ail thciH "iMgtits.^' I 
r«innBl>*r despalrtug 'Ol ever 
teammi Clie Kretii. cyde, that 

hideous .lieast It had no hear- 
ing on my m<a|or. ll was loo In- 
«il¥ed,. ami I would 'rather have 
read more Keats or gone drink- 
I'lig or lust ilepl rn'ore thu 
learn that inaie at m>n.«ense. 
W«l|li'laig the '■ItemaUve '- 
Runi'ing -' I plunged into the ey.- 
clr'Ot reiiplntlon and H ^heei'iiie 
■ Miiutse ttrrvth of HI* to mt in 
'Miilege.. My learning., it taught 
me tw« lhing.s. One, I coU'ld 
lean Ihingi 1 didn't like or 
wouilil never like, and I could, 
fteipite the dire predlcticm ol 

my (irst test pats a .science 

enirie Two. Ihat although 1 
never would 'use ihi* (acts ol the 
Kreht cycle again as long as I 
livMl, I would use the general 
lheon!i,iical and '*t'rm-iural con- 
cepts in the study of Itterature, 
as I leitraed more abiwl the 
ways in w^hlch to perceive 

things II V'ts a dry tune tn- 
■deed. that Krehs cyde pe'rtod of 
my We, hut learning il kept my 
education tram being a shaltuw 

So, while you studenls m.ay 
thinli Wf suddenly ripened into 
teachers, and somewhat par- 
th«migenetjcal.!y at that, what 
we really want you lo know is 
thai knowmg is a pnicess Even 
though ir.s splendid Autumn 
out-s'lilc, *e all must accept the 
protesse* hy which truilion 
comes about. Oon'l abanilon a 
diinciilt class, hecause il 's dil 
ticult. t( you'n in a draugiil, 
'talk to the teacher - we''ve had 
our dry limes loo If you lecl 

(kKidt«d with too much again, 

while we can't dam the stream, 
we might pitch in and help you 
row or at least throw j-ou an 
oar. To he a student is lo 'go 
through proccas(>$ And to be a 
teacher is lo ret'ogniie those 
processes you are going 
through We both have the 


The Harhinger acwpls let 
lers to the editor Irom all 
students, laculty ^na sidfl 
members All lellers mu,si ttc 

signed, any unsigned letters 
iuhmitted will be disregarded 

Loiters over m) wurds are 
subjetl lo editing ^11 letters 
should he sut>miltea to tt>e Har- 
[linger office Blag AJ67 no 
laler tfian noon the Monday 
tielore publication 

Lrlti»r to ifif Editor 

Fatigue is not necessarily bad 


Wllll«rii Raiiiey Harper'Oolliat 
Algomiuin & KojclltRoada 

Palatine, ILmsT 


ltillHr«-CIMcl . Wtnly WlnkdhMtt 

What 'ImniedMely 'CMite*' la 
Kind when you think ol 
' ' conpleie t)i'hau«l ion " * 1 
lues't we should tirst 
dMinguish between what Kind 
o( '"iwtMuttion" I'mi actutlly 
reterriBf to her* 'W'T 'he k.'in'(l 
I'lliii eiperlencr ■' ''<■.'. '.nti 
'ihK'ide lo save )''>-'; '-lu'i.'ing 
Mil) th#' niihl hel'O'rv a I'lnal tx- 
atn,. ■* you,, your tevUiook a'nd 
piad. ''ol ndjable Mr 'I'ottee 
Ikiitar wiKh' die 'Sun^om'e up.. 
And KOT hy running the 
'ilangerous risk, m chuusmg t'O 
R'the'. w'hat should Iw a four 
(lay car trip, inis an O'Vrrnight 
ride Bl'T a beautilull} inspir' 
'tng form' ot eBhauAiUm 'That 1 
feel only eai'lie ipliMi' by help- 
'iitg mm' peapM 'wih 'kll that 
yw know, and' as a ntsalt ol 
Ihiit. he MwMUy rewarded. 

through their new ae- 
inn'ptlshnenti. To Ihost ot you 
who can identilv with this, you 
fhMid 'he aWe to also idcmtl'v 
with 'tlie '"'great hi f*lMn" inlci< 

I only recent jj 'ninru 
volMBlMW' work «l the iiiHe Ci- 
ty Faviidation • a special edut^a- 
tion center t' ool even a mile 
W'BSt o( 'Harper My (asi-lwalton 
ill helping menl'itlv retarded 
•mt cnotional ly il ist'uriwd. m ' 
'pie eam-e »*>•'"' i" ■■' rtiher 

UIMSlia') Wi'i;. ''M ol 

researcti . . ■. ■ ■ ■ :iet ic 
.iKuwders .and Premature ilg- 
tng" (or a term paper. 1 thought 
tiMtiing t co'uid reMl would 'ht 
as infornaiivt as a ehanee 'it 
some tirsi hanil' aih-lee. WWii 
ihiiii in rniMl. I then priKM'deit 
'10 interview .Us Dunninf la 

ftiwKiOMi sMff nember'i at the 
Little City 'Foundation. S'Uhse- 
'i|ucnt to the interview. 1 knew 
rrem whai I saw and heard thai 
[ ''■. .in'C'd to he a i>a.ri. in 

-. .1 i.ftal I -could help, I (elt 

Ml - .' ' '■'-■■• ■' -radingi to 

m.'i i 
pit- . - 

•From 'I 
mm- " 
I a I ■'- ■ 

that i«eo- 




-. 1 


• ' ■■ •■vered, 
; .. ;>«' people 1 
lo vuluiiltTr their lerv-lces. or 
even pMsibly apply for a full 
payini ,|iih. m ""• ^ "•!■'■ riiy 
nuMHltoA, K ' ;ina 

(hone ike then-i ^ - ugat 
haw nnl'j just U'gun.. in the 
wa.'i 'nf KI.V toluntwr work. Ih<r 

mcreiiiBiv incndly staff 
memtxTs, ii.s W'Cll as those 
itndenls placed there. Love, 
patience and understanding 
We m,ay he helping these peo- 
ple, hut to: rd'Urn. ttey give ut 
tM'Ck *!> much m'O're. like ■ (ar 
heller appreciaiton (or 
everylhini we're constantly 
lakmg lor granted, and more 
Importantly, kno'wmg that you 

.,>rE- tiplpmg 'In every >«:: 

'.'i,ir S" if yO'll can 
Lo-getl'ifi- even a lew 1, 
week, to kno'w thai 'those t)(iurs 
are lieneftltng others is quite a 
remarkable leetiog. and as the 
saying goe-s, "E>t|ierlence Is the 
best leac'her.'" 'Try it out , , . 
I» ■ 'volunteer ami nperience 
what t helievi^ 10 be one ol the 
greaiecl fMllnitis m ih*' world 

j',Hol)'y E,KuIler 


Ami Photo ICilllor 
Btmaait Maniai'r 

VltlM' BumlMCIi 


t.'ijn Lynn Quy 

■vtllm Gmw'li 


Jim Kmm 

J<«'« Hionoii. iMike S,linlii», 

\tB€y KwAhUm, Kann Johmon 

t:>iiTiwU $«b tc. Jwrr E,«Kr«. 

N«iic>' mtjin. 8i,ltSi»rrMwrt. 

*1"t»'' t'Hiremy ,l»n»»tiKi 

T'll» lH,KBI?it:'lr:,R tl UK MMifll 
CujMH-aiwii im tiw i'l«r|wr Oi«liiair 
"fn|>u> «>nffl'unit)'. (HiOIMtM *tMjf 
■ •'<KM 'ilurtnii (imliiliyi imiI futi •■- 
jiiK' *i,i d'^iiR.,,.,,. .-.[.-.M^irt ■r>r,U)a» 
o( III' • ' ' .-a.«tn> niffloe 

*'l tte . ■im.iij.lntrji.tloo. 

I«'«llt> m \iM»m WMly Ad'vcrtnlnf 
•ad <mi|' iliJiilIlM' 'U MMMI r-nday anti 
cofy H «iti)i9« 'lo (dtttiia All Lrliers 
HMIW-EiliKir miKt tx- tliiiMl VatiMw 
vtit l» .piMiMlieil I'm luniwr -lo- 

l«imi1!lun c-aU WIT-^MMI «<)it tftll nr 46'1 


History as exciting as students make it 

tl JIM"!*' mmtr m* •»»••• 

WHO is c<«pi««*«? »»»* "~ 

wttn Ihrtr 111*. lh« 

■■■I* wtb Larry Klfig. 

rafHUary Im pw- 

fW Hi' the tew iiMiHc 

will «w WW* •«• te 



to liiatary. 

Uw wtartatutlr. Y«i c«ii !■» 

«m IHi*... U«t wtiiit •» «»•• 

fatar* H ■Nrllli !*€•«•« ••'•• 
dot nail " 

*il«. MMWI. * tt« "''•«*»)'' 

HtM 'i«ril9 «mmi dImmi ums- 

inaiHtaB !■ c«ll«|». *M "*• 
• limory ammrn wwcli »t 
M«»l¥td.»i> "A" »»• '"" *••?* 

iii^Mttr M' 1 dMMM to m«|w 

pM 'M tic a lawytr. 
Mt at ttat tttM, that'* 
tvery mmthU'r wiattiJ 

Ktiic *)•«• Ml »lu«teitt cmiii- 

plaint* tlial ttidHMT *» lK»rta|. 

■ ■ Y«i ii»t taw to make it vmm 

»an," Kim ■••'«*•■ '■' •'*"'* 

'liclMiM' tn iMw Out I have t 

CI .i*i«i to wtalB trwia, 
|tan (Mill mm. mOmtt 
itf nuM art tUm » rsnwilitr 
tiM' im He ol TW>ma& J«««- 
MM tiMl dtat tht tiiird f'lc«- 


will Start 

"rtwii King'! OT» cdllit* 
diin, Hat MUMiiAin a tivrnm 
hwmj' mOm. Paul, 4«iIiiimii- 
"Ht WM • major Inflwtn":* "" 
mv lile," Mill **" *«• 
iiip«. Ht 'iwt tlie at>iUt'y-evcn 

MMMMl a qpMUllM ataiirdl)' ■ 

to m ai ■•««« ami lay mm 
ami tMr, ''Tlial:"t wtmitarM. 
He ahtaft »«ii|i«cttil #u<J«t» 
aiitf I icuriMKt to reipnel t»« • ' 

Klig, «lii> tfttokt Haqier Ma* 
a fuiMr facuKy. t»u|>il a 
tiiiliir)i ciitirit «n« j-tar uijig 
ItotljiMoil mwtet He wW^ » 
nttato lit ■imwto to mumy 

wltlcfc wWl •"1." >* w* 

H* ihmH ■Btofltt sue* ai "Tlw 

Crip** (>I Wrath, Tfce 

W«ii.»Tti*r"' aiMl "8irtl»of a ?»■• 
wn." •'« wa»a tui •wurit.'" 

«1iti> te'» wot ttaclj!Hi«. Wot 
tihM » wad myitertea, eat 
hmtmifma rtUi. attntid i»lay«. 
pUy riiiuelltall an) R{M^nd >me 
it 'hit iumm«r h<im« lu 
Wrtiiiais, HI)* chiM«l i« the 

All tn atl. rnkmrnt KM l« 
lery eoitatl with Wl UI*.. His 
»ilf. hit »•© chMinn awl hit 
fcih mate h«. hiiii|iji' and, h* 
viwtd l*e to t* as good a 
hiiiiBfy teae'hisr as 'tit can. 
'Wliat ete would I want to tm 
Ill* wont"'" 

LARRY KING. p™i«»r ol ^^' ?°^^j!!^ZS ^^^^ 
SJSw puraiie mat Itot of Wtrwt Photo by Jtm Davto 

pot tail' IliiMM Coanit' PUW- tf'' 

,. y , ^.--u. uL^trn' *"fm %2 W* It*' tJ«^'' '^''w 

HAS A spiaAL mm tm f wsi vm 


S0% OFF S0% OFF 

on vMr cKotca ol » parm. cut, 

»IM, eornroll liraldlno. taclali.. 

manlcurai. hot maaHifl. ate. 

on p«rms 

(«>r all cuttomcrt 

833E. Algofiquin 


• ■■ 1 1 "* * *tTJ*f !l3-!t's.*- - 

•n•tliS^'2^ss's!!!-£*iJS*-— — 

lanl hired hflp? 
>eed a ro<»mmate? 
Haven car Wsellf 

u§e<l book, 

a steK» speaker, 
a concert ticket? 




Student classified ads 

ar«> FREE. Non-student 

ad rate-SO cents 

a line* 

Call Kaiby Hix. 

*t4 minimum 


On any regularly priced 
album or tape 
with this cou|M>n 






Tincup Pass Shopping Center 

1211 Golf Road 


Pmm *' TtM HmVnim. OctaMr «. I 



^all Fest 

WMl. Il'i that time of year Theft «■ ■ nip Ui Uie air and (lie leav« 
ire donning iheir naming coali to make the area come tllve wttli 
color And onci- again Harp<T celebraled Hamecomtnc with a *«rte 
ty of aclivmes throughout the week Whether intereUed In the 
careful measured paces of a karate demonstration or the careful 
jtrldes of a runner or even the ageless dignity of a watermelon seed 
apltting contest, there was lomething for everyone 

Reigning over the foottJall game and country swmg dance, was 
queen Trady Malaise while seventh degree blackbell karate master 
Hvung Kim presided over the karate demonstration which kicked 
Jt the entire week I>espite a MM toss, the Harper Hawks were 
-heered on by a slightly chilled l>ut happy crowd Totally forgetting 
manners Walter Hill puckered up and let go to win the watermelon 
seed spitting contest Then Ramsey Uwls cast his magical, 
musical spell over his audience at the first concert held in Bldg M 

Participants in the annual Haiper »-">™>- ^ «""« f»™"5' ™"' '": 
eluded Ron Aubberley, fifth place: Jim Helsler; fourth place^ and 
Roger Mussell. third place Wmners were Peter Scherer and Sue 
Tlwinpion mot pictured* Wmners in the student three mde race 
•ere Scott Kurka and Sue Konesch 

Photos by Lori Lynn Guy and Jim Davis 

Tl» H«rbln««r, OctolMrf. nm. Pag*] 

P||(HI'A» Yntt 


Good music just keeps coming 


mat iMtt DM ■MiMiy Kfis PJeDenburg 

rMi .Iwt witk; nrtaltilv "^ .^ 

iMiar mmit lin't ■ (wdm. 

Wmi iMile '!■ .Ml. ')• utand bf 
Unit II k ■■' 'ft^tanUt iff 
nm. Wiw: I— ic; b IM to 

taciiiMt tmmtmj: Tim iht- 
pOH o( Uiv niisic Is loM A 
loiiileian't metsage or 
(•dinlcal abitty to wtrtwilud 
•Ml Hit CMMWCW: aeeMilliai- 
i| TftMmi. Wliat It iMart Im't aii 
tnapiilMi at wtiai tt toM. 

flMf ' 'Wnn't wlliiig i-tlilrtt. 
Ill 'Wlii RfliMn' LfMwit' conoffi 

on music 

t only mm b tm 
■nuplm. It was perfectly clear 
mat. Ike miiislt w«i tht 
mMtagit OK. 1 11 shut up. tit 
Hum to rtview alltunit 

Tft, Ttngertna Orttm 
■■tat Mine of tlM bwt Hiaca- 
mck til all vorHi. Iltlr IitMt 
rtlvtit:, "tmmmn." tucMn 
latdar' Edgar rnasc on fpUit 
aiNl eieclrlc guitar: Oirli 
fraake and mw addition 
JnliaiiMi SclmiMllIng alto 
flay qpiillMtlMn. Ttw altMin 

ot mtty mm coinimi- 
IMm ; It li iMiewlial domical In 
lee), but never gets tMiigtd 
do«n tn reficlltlon At certau 
nointt It muiMtit like "Echoei." 
% Ptok Floyd Froese* guitar 
itylt II loiitewluit like David 
GiiMNif '* M he uaci mare el- 

LMenlaf to tlila ■Ibun can 
lie a )unfiljii-aff point t« n- 
pioraliont of otiier state* ot 
inlnd. Some munk getst a per- 
wi> lil|li; oUicf ityle* demand 
(Hat the lidener get high 
•Tengram* fits into the first 
daacrtolkm. The price erf thli 
fteoirflf somewhat high. It It 
an Import well worth the eilra 

Tingerine Dream la one of 
the pninter Gennan electronic 

■mMpa. Since their beginnings 
in. IM, tlicy have conllnuaily 
bMU' a pngrMilve force in thia 
ana of mitatc. Diiwn tlirougli 
the years. 

changed Their first few 
albums iZeit, eapeclaltyi were 
extremely repetitive; the ten^ 
tured tynlhettien and cellos 

wtavwt tofletlitr to lorm a type 
of bypnolk dnne - great for 
watching ants carry cnimbt 
back to their nests 

UltraYox Is another group 
that relies heavily on elec- 
tronics Gary Numan'sfatclna- 
tton with tyntbesiiers bepn 
witen he saw this band 

Uttravm toured last year 
wtlh a new Une-up. but without 
having a new record on the 
marltet Original lead singer 
and Visionary John Poxx had 
left to pursue weirder realms. 
and tlie guitarist had gotten 
married. Midge Ure, formerly 
of Thin Uiiy and other British 
aggreptions. came in tu han- 
dle both roles Touring without 
a new alltum may seem rather 
tluptd. not so in this case. The 
tour helped the new band 
tighten musically, and gel new 
material together. "Vienna" Is 
the result Chrysalis released it 

Guitars are m»t tpartngiy. 
the lead melodic instrument Is 
Billy Currie"s electric vjolln. 
All (our members play syn- 
IheilMrs, but this isn't techno- 
|Mp The first three tracks on 
side two are reminiscent of 
another great electronic gorup. 
Kraltwerk Mr X' is 
melodlcally sparse, but very 
haunting The echoed vocals 
and electronic percussion 
create an excellent sound, very 
European -Western Promise" 
has a disco beat, but has a 
stronger melody than "Mr X " 
The lyrics deal with Western 
cultures versus Ea.slern This 
theme also crops up on the first 
.side, in "New Europeans." 

I'ltravox r«>€ks, loo "Sleep- 
walk" Is a strong nKk song that 
has been getting some radio ex- 
posure, and "All Stood Still" is 
M sinister as anything put out 
by Bowie or Gary Numan 

I don't care to over-describe 
or over-review because all ot 
this writing gets terribly redun- 
dant UltravoK and Tangerine 
Drram Mmacil two different 


And alift'a out 





A JOHN CAb.-mv r. 1 .lS niM 


Music by BILL C»NT1 ftT"!l>.i(>"1 hv SAM SH.AW rf. '*•'»'»•" «"»™ « 
WniUM'i. & Directed b-,' ' ' '■ .-IfSSAVETES " "'" 


sides of electronic music an^ 
both are equally lntere«tbl| 
Neither have particular!; 
"strong " messages, which i 
probably an asset. And the 
don t fit easily Into the musi^ 
clatsjflcatioas that bunfcn 

Time wrong 
for right swini 


abstract I 
analysis I 

I'm feeling ll Are vou leeill 


People who are in the kn 
say that this big country is 111 
a pendulum In a Grandfatbel 
clock The country's pomt [ 
view swings like the pendulu j 
to the lert. the middle, the ■ 
and back again to the left . 
cle that repeats itself e 
other decade. 

This big countr)' is twinfeJ 
to the right, the conservati 
point of view Not that bel 
conservative i.s good or b^ 
I'm just thankful that we , 
moving Or, are we'' 

You can easily see thi- 
servallsm in the pt>( 
lashions of today. Men 
wearing 'traditional' clu' 
Clothes like pleated pants. H^ 
nngton tweeds, and oh 
that ever existing 'prep lo 
Women's fashion too, is ! 
the con.<iervaHve bullet W 
today no longer expose tn| 
thighs like a decade or so i 
mini-skirt, nor is the no-U 
look fashionable The won 
fashion of today is traditM 
and safe 

You can also see this i 
vative altitude In our 
clans Two presidential cl 
didales swear thai we m| 
conserve our energy resoir 
thai there truly is an €■! 
prohltim The third presidsnl 
candidate says that there laT 
energj crisis and that the n| 
to conserve is a subv< 
plot. And yet, this samt 
didate would like for u» 
Warren Harding did-to r^ 
to his "Normalcy " 

I read recently that the | 
visors to the two major 
didales. advised them to I 
pound on their conserva| 
policies Why'' Becaus*- 
polls said the Americaii • 
lorate is swinlng toward^ 
servatlsm. ill Is easy !' 
why the candidates don" 
issues; tiecause the poli:- 
they don't have to, 
whatever the polls say. th' 
didales do. I 

What I think the polls 
realize. Is that we can't r. 
to the old days, no malitr 
hard we try <no Amer 
believes we can. only the | 
do I We can't bring back th 
days, no matter how prepp| 
look, no matter how 
valive our football tc;! 
game plan is. no matli-i 
many reruns of the H. 
mooners we watch, tht 
days' ain't a gonna h.i|l 
again', no matter liow hanj 

Now, if only the polls «| 
start feeling it, then th-^ 
didales would start to fee: 

Tkt NwMntw. OcMtar *. WN, I 


[Quality not quantity for cross country runners 


A lack Hi runners dltln't 

tiscourage eriMt eountry head' 
' ladi Jm VlltOR lait ytar. aad 
';is wmtm ttm Hng itny 

Will mtf tmm 
■ar. «Mie «lK>rt of the raqnirwl 
e to offlcUttly (Met a tean In 
s N4C. VUton'i tMi|ict of plac- 

I anyvlMiw in Hw amlkrtnci! 
~ me tint or smiimI wanl 

■en the drain tmtan Hw 
•■son: even tlarted.. 

in onlj five runnens 
M 'Mr, ttc bare mintmum 

! Hk«fe* need to teciutcaUy 

One iJip on wMt imt gram. 
! i)e anlM muacle. and Uie of- 
! rial WMan could well be onr 
-'.r tiM Hawks. 

Vtnun howtver, ta't crying 

ver tiie tiiuailon.i In (act. he 
In enioy Uw «Me wl- 

'"No. I'at Mt dtwiMlnied' at 

turiMit,;'* he MM. "If you 

avc' live imigli '|U)i, you don't 

fed anything rlw. " he said 

"Maybt' it'* tmprewlve li> 

k Mtlelle Oraciiirt. to aay that ■' 

or 99 kida have come out for a 
team, Init U 85 of ttiem are 
drapouti. htppies. or flop*, ttai 
what good are they*" 

One tJiltiH VMMmi doesn't need 
10 umity about is having flops 
on liic croi» country team The 
men practice aome 10-M miles 
■ day and often run on their 

•"TliMi t» one dedkated group 
of kidi They're Ju»t plain Jjoofc 
ed on running. ' ' no*«» Vttion 

•'Tlioyre about the most 
dedicated group of kids I have 
coached in IS yean, and they 
have the attitude to match " 

Indeed, atiimde has been one 
of the key factors a» the season 
get> underway lor the Hawks 

In the t>ul>age Invitational 
held two weeks agn. Saturday 
the team flmsh«l «h out of t» 
iclMiolit. with Tom Placek o[ the 
Ha«k* <Schaumbur( High 
Sclwol ) leading the team with a 
»» time In the .Vmile run 

The Hawks placed ittli-aih- 

»th and tm In the Invite and 

have bten improving with each 

■uccniive c«nte*(. 

In the Maannat opener at 

Danville it mllel, the Hawks 
experienced what Vltton terms 

"an eye-opener" In the way of 
touch competttion. 

■fte top two ninners were of 
.'HJl-Amerlcan caliber and the 
Hawks wound up Slth out of 15 
KhoolK participating Vltton, 
however, fell the eiperlence 
was well- worth the trip 

"Sure, we can't hammer our 
heads agamtl the wall all Itte 
time, but you can only be as 
toui^ as the competUlon you 
run against 

'I couid Mltedtile ut t« run 
against a team like Oakton 
every Saturday, but what does 
mat do lor the Harper College 
Crosscountry team*" 

The following Saturday the 
Hawks went up against a field 
of IS in the Waubonsee meet 
and rame otit of .il with a 5lh 
place llnlth Tom Placek paced 
the Hawks In finishing ISlh. 
Greg CHuk was iTtIt, and BUI 
Bingham I4th In the Oakton In- 
viie last Saturday. Placek 
ttnlshed tint 

Roindlag out the team Is Ed 
Joyner and. newcnnter. Paul 

L D I E 

H A W N 


1 >i A 11/: . .til,,. 


KAKRAK.4 BARHIl • \JUJf\ KA^ tT^i I • liAKRV K-A' 

^.,^A.NL^r^•YVj^.^^uRli^'>^n■^^!•.M Miiiif 

R HISTRICTEIHB^ ,.-.«.. i«mARP7jin __ ^. 


Willis, who has been Improving 
with each meet Willis recently 
knocked 2'-/ minutes off his 5- 
mtle tile in the DuPage Inlvte 

Vltton continues to em- 
phasize the team's attitude - 
It's positive, and more Im- 
portantly, It works to the 
Hawk's advantage 

In tact. Vltton sees this men- 
tal asset to be a third place or 
better on paper In the N4C Con- 
ference, possibly behind 
Wright and Triton Colleges 

The Hawks haven't competed 
againiil Wright this year but 
will get their chance tlUs Satur- 

As for Triton, the Hawks 
have finished behind them In 
two meets, although In the 
Waubonsee meet they improv- 
ed while Triton virtually stayed 
the same 

Vltton figures DuPage to be 
another threat to the Hawks, 
l>ut be feels confident that his 
men will do the Job when the 
time calls for It He feels that 
small numbers add up to a 
closer, more competitive team 

"There are a lot of ad- 
vantages to dealing with a 
mail number of kids." Vltton 
■tretMd. "I can deal with them 
on a one-on-one' basis 

"It's easier to discuss track 
philosophy, and the kids are 
Kiature enough to understand 

"Alto, the meets are schedul- 
ed every Saiurday, which gives 

us the proper time to train and 
to train properly" 

One of Vitton's pel peeves 
concerns high school track and 
cross country, where meets are 
scheduled at all different times 
during the year 

Vltton, a coach of some 13 
years at the high school level 
most recently BfllUiig Meadowa 
High School, tired of the varied 
schedule datet and feels that 
the college lyitem la set 19 
quite well 

However, there are some 
disadvantages to the junior col- 
lege level of coaching In this, 
his second year at Harper. Vlt- 
ton regrets the fact that some 
runners leave the campus 
before he gets a chance to 
watch them reach their full 

He Is not averse to runners 
leaving the school to move on to 
4-ycar universities In fact. Vlt- 
ton says that he would 'cut his 
own throat' In order to gel one 
of his top runners - a track 
scholarship if be ctiuld. 

"I think that the purpose of a 
junior college is to academical- 
ly prepare a kid. not to 
athletically prqiare him Some 
coaches may hold different 
viewpoints, bul that's my own 
personal philosophy" 

Personal philosophy, yes, but 
It's a philosophy that seems U> 
be working for the Hawks at 
this stage of Uie I 

Hawks shell Liiicolii 

Lincoln College was suppot- 
«d to give soccer coach Sandor 
Siabo an Indication of how good 
the Hawks are Well, either the 
Hawks are really good, or Lin- 
coln Is really bad 

Mark Mota scored four 
timet, Mark Platorlo scored 
three timet. Rick Pula and 
Mike Purlch each scored twice. 
and Prank Staelti scored once 
in lead the Hawks to a it-Z win 
over Lincoln lait Saturday 

Piirich was doubtful for the 
match, bet played when Subo 
palled bis first string at the end 
of the first half when the Hawks 
had taken an It-fl lead 

•'Either things went very 
well." s«M Siabo afterwards, 
"for us, or they're Just not that 
goad ' 


Lincoln got off only one ilMil 
ill the entire first half 

The win gave the Hawks a 7- 
li-I record They beat Triton 
last Wednesday for the second 
time this year, M Puis and 
Mota scared twice, and Marty 
Ponczak scored once for 

The Hawks wlU lace Wheatim 
Saturday and Waul>onsee 
Wednceday Earlier In the 
year, the Hawks tied 
Wauhonsee 1-1. Wednesday's 
match will probably decide the 
Region IV North division cham- 

NoCtiargs First Consultatfon 

T.W.Flynn& Assoc. 's 

Attorney* at l«w 



t Traffic Ticket Convictions 

Wltl twapand Your Lleanac 

Drank [Mvlng 
'Real 'E:ita.le 
.Ataault A Battery 

ffrafl'ie Tickets 
'Pernmal In|ur>' 
Workment Comp 
Marijuana (lurgM 
ftcvwkeO License* 


14 Hour A'n»»mniS«!rvK» 

Office Hours 

3:(»-S :30p m Dally 9a ml pen Sat 

Attorneys at Law 

WHpim TUBi 

Football, Soccer 'midterm' reports 

Wkii *t HI next year 

'If JOB' Hon* 

'At .HmiMr iMbill Hiwki have 
'CwapMtii S «f t:Mr • 'Rfiilar mmmh 
gMMi imd M«?t tmnie up on llir alwii 
•eiMl af the itiel; with l;:im«. 

Ttw 'Hawlis thnifll, unilllc th«:l.r op- 
poM'Bt*. trt' iMiiMtljr « iMiii con- 
(tsting 'Of (Mmmm amI' IhmltiMB 
•re kiMwi'to ■«!• nMikM 

H«l V«l«., Ttmrnton aiMl. 

tiaiwrr favc tiie gwinc* $ma$ 
«lli'|MiallM«aiiil tiirM¥cn. 

OH'PHillM in (MftKyiv |« Mug 
hurl hy at lack <>( 'MftrlMce wm. 
Dial tit [tM!'(|<uirlcrtiMlt 

Tlra TjTTtll «a> <c«ll»«l1«i to ia 
(MMtlliifi ttvm a rwtalnK back iiMtl 
That miilalin his ill yardi tail •e«ii 
■gMnii MOm aiMl hto iMKiy i« 

h IMt' iMMitng ilt|iartiiMiit. ifcMt 
ntoklM «alks avay liands ■Omm, 
vtu maflit. H"» knc«i amm. Clmfclaiil. 
k ■till nitltf lag rnim a kin«c inl'Ucy 
HM hMl kifit hin (UMiwit (Of tMMl 

Oa** tiich ean'i tlin* th« twil too 
»*U M. h« can .run (or man yartegr . 

In tkt HaiwlB iwelifWd, mwl «t 
thatr yanlif* It 'CMiilmi, Itiiin thtir 
iffM4 <lMiMi,. RM: 'Biifllt:. Surha ■ an 
'•MmMI. flm«r art im» mm ,|»lii" 

tiWMfllMWI. tte 

Harjwr'* oflcBiivi! ttue » ffr> 
Mung and n«y'M wry "■« wnit oil "" 
That 'iiiM'M' al BM« tilt niMitni can, 
'nui. ami: al. ttiMs ttmy caul Attalist 
'MM iMwtHr, 'lh« teim's Itne iMk- 
C4t wi:f ' .itiarp mi uOmmt 3M vartis 
rwliiiiji to tiK hacks. 

In the re«t»«rii, Haiwsr turn mmM. 
•t Qiif :heiit .InwMiM In Mark HuciMti 
■nd iiDit eiMl Dcmeiriai GSmn 
Bm run »eell«iil paiiww ma have 
Uamls like 0m Calne* ts furrertlf 
Mining an injury htil ttmiU tt* bum 
In. in|^ 'inriii wmm... 

Oi|.|M«iM., llH' Hawk* .line mmimmI' 
a Ml iliatf In the early part nt the 
■cawn. 'bill they've tie*n worklivg, 
IMr vay back. .AgMiwl Jollel. 
'niemton awl .Rock V.a.Eley, tiie ile(cii> 
.■iw tine M M gnrntmr niah on (he 
teain:! and i«««.e<J' to ihn* tiapwi* 

Hawks i7-§'2^ on roll 

Jim 'VacartlMi. JiHi IM. Bltyck are 
■Iw itwuttly laiprning •• tltn.e gma 
m. Balll! trechvim.. Harper ihwlij 
urn m MiManittng backl'MM ncit 
••itwi*. if twy' 'rti'iim 

BariHr'i. IliMihaeken are ;pmlNiHf 
wntf ' dT Clit belt in the leanui... lair 
Anilcniw, atang with help lr(« TmU 
Miirandt anil Sbaun. tteran.. a.r« wnw 
uf tttC' bM. agtiiMi the pun.. .i^gaiiiM 

JMiet Andcrwn anii Mclnac' tMXti 

had (iiiutani!.lng pertermiann*|Kn iMMitm bacfci arnn'i 
reall:y pwttlng Ibe ' praavre' m (he 
re«eif tn ttiat tbey need . 

With S .gamwn of cncrienec under 
ibeif beliii. Ino* fw Ifarpef lo taP' j> 
powrrhoune' .In Iheir rrmaiwiii 
lame*. tlnpcMli, tlW'freshm.cii have 
!!»<•■ HP . If tbay .have, they 're .■oiiig 
In tie |il:aylii|:prelty ntiiHt tMball . 

The «»cc«r H.««k» are !■«. They 
liave Koreil IT times in their lisi two 
ganieii.. That's not too.iibatiby ... 

The H.i«its. h<i*«*er. itHl haw 
three iMkic priMetM ; 

• IncoMisteney. 

• Injuries 

• They ]uH don't iam how gnod 
tliey really »« 

The Injuriet are starting to come 
around Mike Furtch, M.ark Mola, 
Rick Puis. Mark Pislorlo, and Steve 
Crane have be«>n cMiilng otf physical 
protileffiK.. Prank Binettl. Ch.ri:ii Small 
and Steve Todd have alM l>een hurt 
Mr:fimie «il the year Todd. «hn has 
only been (nrced lo make lo saves in 
his Ijisl two Kamet, l.» coming off 

iMMnclttancy ha.k alw lieen nagg- 
'Ing the Hawk*.. :Before waring IT 
tlmec aitatiut Triton and Lincoln, the 
Hawks lietl WauUmsee l..t Belore 
thai match, they shelled DuPage M. 

• 'W«'re playing tietter eve^ry lime," 
laid coach Sandor Sitalio. "We're mislaktt that agalmt better 
gppwliim would be cMly. W^'re 
Making m.tstak.ef that I tbmi#t 
would have ellmlnaled ti y now , ' ' 

The Hnw** have tiea.lem Regtm IV 
Nort.h ' . - ■ .ilK mPage t«^). 
Trtori • .i-l)', and tied: 

WauldMi srr i -I I .Against 
K.l!ih«'iiuke«. not niiiMdered to be m 
good as OuPage, Triton, or 
wauboMM. the Hawk.1 tied t-i 
Against tlncoln. ccms.|.dercd to 'be me 
of the top three teams from. 
dnwnstale, the Hawkiwon IM. So It 
II ditlttult, as S.taba 'punts out to tell 
)M>« good, (he Mawfc* are. 

'The Hawks Itaw «li gaaet re- 
'■nainmK. including rematches with 

Kishwaukee and Maubontee This Is 
how they shape tip to the Itnal month 
of the season; 

SnUCNOnB — Defense in nine 
gaiMW. theM«*k» have given up only 
tUhl goals Todd has three shut ouu 
tUi year Defenders Small, Crane 
•re. la Siabn's words, the most con- 
statent players on the team ' Todd, 
a lact, hasonly had to make IS saves 
tn his last three games, an Indication 
that opponents arenl getting much 
chance to si:ore 

Forwards John Preil, Rick Puis, 
Mola, Plclorio, and Andy Botwwski 
have scored 30 of the Ha«ks' 38 goals 
this year. Puis ha.s nine goals and one 
aniM this year .Muta has eight goals 
BMtone assist this vear 

VBAXNESSES - Halfback This 
position IS still unsettled Jimmy 
.Malnwrm and Marty Poncazk have 
started here most "of the season 

They handle the ball well offensive- 
ly, " saidSubo "II they lose the ball, 
they can't back on defense " Srabo 
will exprtment with this position un 
til be tindt a better defensive com- 

OOTIjOOK — The Hawks are just 
start (n({ to mesh as a unil They were 
sluggish m iheir first Uir«e games 
•II wins, w-ormg only .seven times 
SIncr itien, the Hawks hate tcoKd l. 
C. ti. I, .>, and It goals Szabo would 
like to set mor* S'l and 6 s than Is 
Until the Hawka play some t>elter op- 
poiition, like the kind they u III if ihey 
reach nationals, it is very hard to teii 
jusi how good the Hawiis are They 
will lace Whealon and Lake Forest 
Colleges That may give Siabo an in- 
dication of how good his team is 
Right now, the Hawks look like they 
could go undefeateil. 

Hawks £all short to Joliet 32-20 

It was as If two game* were 
played last. Saturday between 

flK flnt. fliH, «r fittt halt, 
«M. »an.'% MM. '.It-tl^ 

'Tie second game, tielonged 
to Harper a* the Hawks shut 
Mil the. Wolves .IO.4 

Hie. I'lital. towever. »•• a 

dliappoMisg If.-lil' lOM. to 
Joliei The Hg (actor .In this 
|amw was tumoven. 'The 
Hawki turned l.hi» bill iiver 
seven, timies. - three t»y inlercep- 
lions and four by tumtilc*. 
Joltei icorrd their first 
totithdowBS off Hawk tur- 

MM"* Jon' Krt picked oH a 

.Dave ijieb paM and returned (t 
S' yards for a louchdo'wn to 
me the Wol'ves a nuick T-O 

We're such a young team,' 'htrad coach John Eliasik. 
""that the first interception af^ 
(erteil them longer than 'it 

The l'l*«.k.s .drove to the Jotiei 

Hawks' Burke running wild 

<>n any given Saturday after- 
'Mwi. Raa iMk* eait bt lound 
out on dM'ilMMI: Held iMng a 

HAWK. WOJD. Haiper's Ron 
■nilit MiM for wme ol Us 

111 Mptft. Iiv niMd. .asiliiat 

MM. 'k m^ mm »iii>"iiM 

WotwiB^' tHii Sttlsifitey. 
ItyLMtWiiOtV things 

One ol Uwat thinfi might be 
running bead on into a 
linebacker to a mere three 
or hiiir yards, the hard way 

Or he'll he loumt cheering Ml 
leiiii.iMi.|es on and giving them 

Still another thing Burke 
does autte often., is get into the 
npaii (leM and wm his duxltoi 
ipMii: lo ||.ick tap a Ml or M yard 

But one thing jrou w lit never 
Me Ron Burke do It give up 

Rjrke a gradlMle of Premd 
'■ ,!h School, set a new school 
'viord ui the Hawkl 32^10 tota 
to Joliet last Satunlty by 
mnUliig for hi* third ■Iri.IgM 
W yard game 

Burke, aJ'S" rn pound runn. 
ing hack. IS quite accuslomieil 
to receiving honors 
tor bit. pcdormance*. In ton. 
Kt M his team Uilo the state 
playnlfi and' an B-I ret^wd He 
was named all .Mld-'Suburban 
Conference all All- Area. 
Chicago, and honorable men- 
I .ton Al I . State . B.urkt' is ate the 
second -leadtng toliil oltaMlve 
player in Fremd's history. 

Football isn't Burke's only 
'ithial In his 'SMiwr yea.r in 
Fi«nd, Burke was 'MiMd. AII- 
VBL and. AIMrvn in 'bawball 
Me alio lad Ih* area tn stnteii 

'ti.ilillilfS ■ 

We kno'w Ron was good." 

sa.ys bead Idothall coach John 

Eltailk. but we didn'l know 

btw tfM :ht WW. We are really 
happy with what he is doing 
He's eweptionally better than 
an .average player and h'ls 
strength a speed 

Burke, a freshman al 
Harper, is acad«m.lcal1y a 
■opMaoK. He spent his lint 
year of cnlilefe at Iowa Eastern 
ca.mraunlty college playing 
.baseball Al Iowa, be tied for 
the lead tnhaiime runs.. 

"Kigbi now,"' says .Burlie, 
'" undecided about cither 
sport Bui I do know that 111 
take which ever one helps pay 
tor my 'education.. " 

'I'm pretty much satisfied 
with the way I've .been play- 
ing." 'he conimues. "although 
my blocking neeils a little 

Burke, understandably, has a 

great d«al of respect tor this of- 
(ensue tine "t don'l care what 
It looks like out ihere.,"* he says, 
'"'the' bat?k d«tM'*I dD It all hy 
'hloiatll '" 

Otlientive guard Dan Tobin is 
vtiry pleawd ol the Job Burke is 
doing.. ' 'Rven when there are no 
hiiea," 'Tohln lays. "Ron still 
finds w*>'» to pick lip yardage.. 
Wi- ■ re all rery praud Of him, " 

II yard line on their nenl series 
highlighted t>y Rm Burke's a 
yanl run. Dave Whitl's Iteld- 
goal attempt, ba.wever. W'ls. 
blocked by the Wolve's JOC 

Atier Hawk fum.ble set up. a 
Joliei score early tn the second 
quarter, the Wolve's .Rrthur 
,*ddlw.jn *cnl I R-yards. pushing 
Joliei 's lead to 11 4. 

Tbe Wotas added a B-yard 
tlC'ld goal at tbe end of ihe first 
balffur the It-W lead 

Hawk '(juarterback 'Tim Tyr- 
rell, who lud not started the 
game because of a hyperex.. 
tended knee, Ibrew a 3R-yard 
TO pass to Mark Hudson on the 
third play of the second half. 

Tyrrell, who rushed for 99 
yard* on the day. had 'tiack -to- 
back runs ol :» and M-yards lo 
(;ive Ihe Hawks their seco.nd 

Tl) Tyrrell also went in tor a 
iwo-point conversion cutting 
Juliet's lead loSi- 14. 
Harper's Jim Rtadi- then 

went at yards for the iiawks 
final score 
Hon Burke, who rushed for 

113 yards, »t a schoiil record 
for Ihr nutsl consecutive games 

with im yards or more nishmg 

With three 

"Burke has lieen our most 
consistent runner in terms of I 
yardt."" said Ellaslk. The 
Hawlti rinished with 3S4 yards | 
rushing and 144 total yards. 

"We played one good half of I 
football," said Kllasik, "as we | 
Shut the out In the second half 
I'm really pleased by the se- 
cond hall performance, I 
especially since we were down | 
and were able lo come back ' 


Homi Of Tli0 RmI Mie 

• iMtWhM AiailiWi 

• tfi Sttitkti 


•trim Oti4w iJtk 

Rehearsals underway for fall production 

. o..... r» _ ..i_ 111.... iii-i........ «i.i rw»nii.,iT«..h«i>..i r'iit««.i,«» li>rm»ii«. A twHd dinner cuo 

■matt ftrt WW uiMlcr" 
«■) fm tbt f'int llarpor CqI- 
Miipr TtiMM» (itDitiKtiiin,, tjic 
roBi.«l|. (•ret... ■•ciwri<ry'» 
Aillit"" tt)- BradAin TiMMisi 
Prwlwt'Nw <fcit« III* \i>v H. 

);i,2l,2Sil>.:: • 

H*rp«'t ■ •">' '" "•• 

play ItKiJWr urn ^^'^l)' i Bl* 

Gni* •*.liiefc<lM»n"fy.. Scrti 
MuJIrn JtoHwi. MmiA***' in 

ttw n»l€ (il rnarnr>'„ Ri:«H Dorn 
( ,lnvtri»*»* ' a* t»«Kl FmcouiI 
RjiMwrtv, .toM'tucw 'iRoltmu 
:M«Ml(i«'i* '*■ tentw tucia 
i:>"AN(ntiirw. ttw riai aunt 
(.■iinr Turptn Holimann 
BitBlwi' m imj Veriliir' '■" 
liirMi' rSclwuBHiurf I .1- 

'l|Mt:|fIie. ilm Mjliliin 
Proi|i«i > III tl» fwlt «»(' Stepten 

ckf. irian teli» 
m,gK»>.iisSirFtiiw:i- ■ 
.lurk'* taitm Cuthv .w. 
.SchJitimbiirnt, jsKlaDel.. 
Lori FincoMrt'i li»« tm-m-ti 

thf. fn(r ..( Briwwtt , tlw btiJler 

!;<■ i!ii.->, I i-i ..; iliirwT rhfiitn- 
mrtryt ' ■ 

M CMtttWiti'TK'ttninl [lirri'lor 

ln-Hie* <>' ■•'»*« 1* 

ti >«i lor li...,.v> •.. ..iicnt* and 
♦tjil'I. t2 M tor t(i« pyt»lJr K 
vpfttal Dinnrr'Thi'iiU* 
K.i(!r t* iivii)lal>l« lor Uw 

li>rm»n« A twHd dinner cum 
phrte 'With saUd bar will N!0n 
.11 A (t rti in thir dminK roam. A 
nicia Ttwre are a limlieil 
nutiiijer oc tunnci- Thpalre 
KfkiflliJimlt! uiick 
ly Pfr»n.^ ;■ pur 
rllMlng Ihein arc encouraged 
Id A) M) «» early as possible 
ro»l I* I" -W lor Hartwr 
nudefili and stall', UM> lortto 


WilliM Rainey Harper College 
Palatine Illinois 

vol |4NoB 

Octobei 16, 1980 

Sejiafe eiecfs officers; Kern president 

.1.... .!-.««.»» «rt<*»«.»<ii«»i,:i riwmiwiiilMtiwii' concerning tuenprtag, ^ _ . tdiiid, g 


StudCTt Senate ete«l«<l, at 

tl«n 10 head Uie orpoliatinms 

■cluilte* lor ttte IMIMII 
M-ademic |ear Elected to tin' 

.office ol pr»tdtnl was Charies 
Krm wttti SiiitiHto tlall, elMIMl' 

Due III unlaini)la,r<l>' ottll 
v»rlou» proeertores and italies 
of iiw j(il> tmih »rf unsure ut 
their in4)or ||Mte wMite w, «!• 
fice U»ihlftculll»Mj twum 
my mtim goat will he • , 1 •*« m 
ly iNim * oWte II «eeli., ' ' Kern 

MiMttvcr,. (istt dtd extrnn 
the tmmtm intercsi in siitUiii 
«M matiir |wil lor the year in 
tddiiMMi' (A stvenl tmafler 
icalc CMlt Hut aKiiin am to 
0MC (act titat (tie senate iss't 
QHtlt "9MtM III. ' ' mat goal lu» 
Ml, yet: brm tietldwt utmn 

'Wt wnuld tike to work 
Iward a fcig goal t>ul wr 
luvcn't deckled <m (t yet, ' et 
planwnl Hall But as lor tier 
goat as, %'tcc-fMtidt«il liati 
wmiM lilte tu gmcrale more 
student lii¥«il'»*meiit l,i» campus 

*l iij meeting last W«lm«»- 

Inside the 

Paculty Raise 

The f'acuUy Stnate 
ret-einly oegoiialed a 1« 5 
(percent salary increaM 
u I I n college B d 
mintsirators Slutlent 
Trustets vlewpoinl-"yiw 
get what you pay tor" 

After residing in ,Franee 
for n years. ",Mm* Irene 
La\'a,lle offer.* cultural iti- 
.s,tght anti humor l,o her 
itiMtals., pmtft. 4 

Dance Pngr am 
While they may not 
ii,»ces,s,anly boofjie. 
■itudetiis m Ha'rper 's darire 

■ipnriK. lilt; tlMii-t! progf it-in 
will expand lo include 
three neu' classes. pageS 

Cflnc«t Review 
Miss '• The Boss" unhis re 
cent (,'hicag!t> t'"'ur'' Bruce 
spnrigsitwn fans may as 
wpll m»i pay lor Mat,* since 
he perform* lc» •standtng 
only ■■ crowtto whe,r«v»r he 
pt^-s,: |»a»ee 

day , the iwwate addresied luwlf 
til the twuei a( ctinitnrttnK a 
tM!(ter liiuiige area l<»r •stmlentt 
more protrrtion in the parking 

tots ,»nd a cleanei csletena. 
The prolilenis will be m- 
vvaltpted' by senate commit - 
lenhelore'anv actum tii taken. 

The striate abo appiitiited 
wpiPBieiitative* from levrral 
anat to (ul,IUt 'Wats designated 
to that area AtHMiinWJ *,s pwr 
niuitscling reprrwniattve was 
Oanlela Stojwiovlc. with Ricli 
Belanger servinn a* nfp,reiien. 
titive from ihe business divi 

Jt,> trlce-prestdenl. Halts' 
main duties are lo iwenwe lUe. 
committees wilhm the senate 
and act as a lta,.<iiifi hvlween 
other cawpus organixatmns 
iiiwl the senate Thirteen Mm 
m,i trees tall ysder Hall* 


'rht'se committers, tnctate 

Academic Catendar Comintt- 
Ice • This group reviews and 
males rwrodintendatiiwi lo the 
*,ice-pre«de«»t nf academic af- 
lairs concerninit the icheduling 
of semrsters 

AdaliaWiia CMBiiilttae • The 
piifpoM ol this group IS lo 
nrganite. coordinate and 
fvaluair the admiwimis pro^ 
cess lor both the college and 
various atadem jc programs 

C<Hnmtttae on IniemiUcglale 
•Ml MraiMirtl Athletics - This 
com«Mae reviews an* m,ttfci» 

rmmmemlaUim concerning 
prnpoitalt htr aditpUon and 
deletion of varsity iports and 
intramural pmcrami 

Cofftim^ am) PatMt Com- 
■MM' - Those serving on this 
committee handle the pro- 
ce«iures which govern owner- 
ship equity and use of 
materials titd ltj*e«tton» 
onginattim with colleie person 

Cultnral Arta Committee - 
The scheduling ol wllege'com- 
munttv programs repre»«n- 
tative ol the arts (all to this 

Cuitlculuai CunaUlM - This 
body sen(et at an advisory 
board to the vice president of 
academic affairs and reviews 
new program concepts, reeom- 
rnenU* approval of new 
cBjiiei. ctongfi. m entstlng 
prngraiiis and Nggested con- 
solidation o» emne offermgii 

Eaelranmenlal Health and 

SaMy OMniBittM - 'The pitr- 
posr of tola group i» to isolate. 
identify and enumerate safety, 
health, and environmental 
hatanls which allett the cam 

Faculty EvaiwattHi Revle* 
Committee - Thi* group 
reviews and evaluates the 
faculty Evaluatioa System 

GrwiuiUaB Cniun,lttee This 
group plana and executes the 
iraiiiatlon ceremony held In 

the spring 

Letfoliif aaaourcM Cmlar 
AtWiory Committee - This 
,commltlee advises Ihe dean of 
learning resources and the 
slall on the center's procedures 
and practices which affect the 
instructional program, faculty 
and students. 

StadnA OoodiKt Caminltlet - 
This committee hears serlMi 
cases at violations of the stu 
denl conduct code and recom- 
mends disciplinary action to 
the m-e-preKldent of itudenl af- 

Student PublkaUona Com- 
■lltat - Guidelines for all stu- 
dent publications are sel by this 
committee In addition to senr- 
mg as a hearing hoard finr 
grievances concerning the 
publkatUKis. the committee 
also appomts Ihe editor- In-chief 

Vice-President of AeadHBlC 
AKatrs Advisory Council - The 
purpose of the council is to 
serve as the communication 
network between the vice 
president of academic affairs 
and constituent groups in 
academic alfaini 

Although he basKally serves 
a* a Haaon belwwn the Board 
of Tnistees and the senate, 
.lohn M.«lli"w*ki student 
trusiff ^ti'cs^c^ the im- 
portance ol recogmiiiin to the 
senate He explained that the 
senate will have to do good 
things In order to get recognii 

fd and generate more Involve 

I definiiely feel that the 
Senate will make the campus a 
birtter place to live I hope, in 
terms of a senate, that we will 
be k nown to students. " he said 
•They ithe senate) are in a 
learning process and It will 
lake awhile" 

As student trustee Malkowskl 
Is expected lo serve on one or 
two senate committees Unless 
the president requests him to 
participate in other activities, 
the main function of the stijdenl 
trustee is to serve as a liaion 
between the senate and llie 
Board ol Trustees 

"1 have the option of a senate 
■eat. I'm not automatically on 
the senate upon election of stu- 
dent trustee. " he said 

"In the same sense I am a 
jwnalor If there is a complaint 
made atwui the senate 1 am one 
oi the peqjie U there is a com- 
pliment I am also one of tlie 

Malkowskl pointed that 
several good ideas were 
brought out at lasl weeks 
senate meeting i protection, 
better lounges, cleaner 
cafeteria i and by the end of Ihe 
month work should be going on 
the projects 

The senate holds regular 
meetings every Wednesday at I 
p m in the Student Activities 
Office, BlrtR A:m 

Seminars slated for next week 

W'helher it deals with women 
tn literature, managing 
m,anagement time or support 
Inr am mothers, there is pri>- 
hahly • seminar or mini'C«iuriw 
■lltilglliiJ' to help cop*' With day 
'Id-day activity 

Semmiirs, otterwi by variou* 
Harper iirKamutlons. begin 
rtrxi » iwk 


,:Miil<»ruit Management 
Education priBsemts a "Tr8,(lu,; 
anit Trarrepfirtation, (,iper<- 
■ t r «i,n rict ;B Irmn 
■ I ( (I III Tbi* 
>.::ii.iv.,ii .- rtrsignril for 
material mM,jia,gfr» triill'k- aiui 
Irawporlation superv isurs 
senMr triftic unci iransporta 
tion analvsts (hi,|ipi,iig nm) 
recei'vtiif, supervrsors ,a,n:i:l 
Jistribuilon center m,aiMgeri,, 

Topic* to be discussed In- 
clude improving customer :ser- 
vices, avoiding loss and 
damage c!ai,ra», ideniitying 
eiiit reduction opp«irtun>l ir» 
und oriamiing an etfeciive 
iraific and IfaMportaiion func- 


Seminar leaders will I'w 
Donalil n \rvi-iil., traifli- 

manager H' :,nt\-iii.)n 

,iind Eug"'i.. . :^''. '■'-"''!' 

,dlnator ol n.irjx-r ^ miilerial 
ffianagement program. 

Tuition » 175 which Includes 
matrrlals, coffee and luncti 
'There is a iroup rate ol »i per 
participant if Ihreeor more are 
registerwl from ttie same com- 

To ri'tisler rjill ex I -lli', M? 
or '»l 

]MI£#1W I 1 1,MI E* 

The Institute tor M,anage- 
fneni :Developme« is preten- 
rme mil si'ratnar on Friday. 
■ i> ! :; :rii,mH':»»i m lotp m 

l: ,- iiir managirr*. super 
saary. .md administrators will 
allow ine part:,lclpantj lo utill» 
simulations, cases, and eier- 
cises in deweltntini and ,tro' 
plemeatinf personal time 
management action plant' 

ten Porter will ,lwid: Ihf' 
»m,inar He has coniturted 
management semina,!'* a-oumi 
the world for univ<T>iiv 
graduate ,programs and cor 

porations He is president of his 
own lirm, Don Porter 


ruitiiin 1^ Wi uiiK'h includes 
lutu-ti Thr M-nnnar *lll Iw held 
111 Bkln 1 111.1 Ta rft(,istcr call 
rxl lin tli,or ,:»l 


An eight -w'ti-k course nllered 
liy llie Wonirn's Program 
lieums Wf.liif-.).iy Cict Ti 
(mm r ;■> '" •• Ju p m in Bklg 
'■->ri iiM,ll»trict IS lis. 
1,-1 «4, 4". plus 11 lor 

The class will ofler inlorma- 
llon and support lo new 
mothers who lace increased 
respoiaibilllv, isolation, and 
cnange m lifcs-tvle Itistrwtor 
tor tbeclas'. r- Km c'liisamore 
ol, Late JEurif 1-1 

Enroll tiy calling the CoBlinu- 
ing Kduciition Admission office 
ori'cxt 4 HI •4UorW» 


The first career women lo 
ma,ke a successful impact on a 
man"* world 'were W'Omtn 

writers whose novels, poetry 
and essays will be part of this 
literature course that begins 
Thursday, itct z.i from 115 
p m to i p m This class will 
meet, m eight weekly sessions. 

Panicipants will read and 
discuss selected works from 
diflerent eras by such authors 
as Ctiariotte Bronte. Mary 
Wollstonecrall. Virginia Wooll. 
Sylvia Plath. Erica Jong. Joyce 
Carol Oates, and many others 

Included in the course wtll be 
a discussion ol the authors 
lives Focus will be on the 
struggle ol women wrllers to 
assert their own voices and vi- 
sions In an often host He culture, 
announced Hita Michalak, In- 
structor and author ol "Women 
Writers. " an educational 
fllmsinp dealing with women's 
major contributions to 

The Cootse is tioth a personal 
enrichment e.vperience offer 
ing new perspectives on the 
female experience through 
storytelling and an opportuni 
ty to refresh and develop 



Ati. yet* Tlitv' m a qilit 
iMiK'ti irenl INf)'' Slucteiil' 
(■Mters were elni*«l srvwil 
<*«elu ]ti(» «n<} tlw campus ittll 
awaits u |>Mf» fnim ttieir rmt 

S««, M m*<I not tie m ean* 
iliatttring nmr tnilttini tram 
■ (if'liM •!!•)' pint i» 
iDC' csmiMM' Ml- 
■MiitntMin Mwjl Ml. H Mi tilt 
.itomirtBg kmt4 t» inl) MMi- 
tM. iwl a piwra) nirMtuciwM 
l« 'tiMt aifiipM miiid do ttw 
WiCk In flitform afltr ptal- 
(ttrnii. ciirn. camliitait waDtctl to 
Ift ma unit nwl the MiMlanit, to 
t«al<),v unleriiiMd wlwrv' in« 
■Iwtel «at ntiwiift (ram Md 
pi (Mr iipmtiiRa wn ttw wsw*. 

Bill yitttt if all tte jctlvlly 
liiliing pJjice" III MMH ii*i«aif» 
VIM*, tri the canpMT Ptrtiipt 
m the radttuii*'' Or » tl lafcini 
pan at ai"' 

II: !• mtmly up tu llie WMtt 
M to til* 'mutft (toy wtiili to 
Mmiiil ite nwtent b«ty Tlity 
iiMt a ciMKe «l iMiMing an 
■mtmty m* studMil iwHit and 

tovalwig IIM' iMM cait In 
l>iwiiiit yiiam or i»( Jiitt ««■ 
Enrnni to ttat mold 

Year alter ytar, ttm mmt' old 
gnpc has iMMi heiird: the ft'U' 
[lent senate lioesti't tin 
inythinf Wittuin emiirely ne* 
fMMt* jtnd fresh idea*. IheiW' 
irtpM ctiuid tm (livpelM aace 
•Ml' tor aH And thrrr n«*d:n"l 
iw any mm tscws, plenty nl 
mum »*'re taliW IhroiiglNWt 
• (ew semester* 
..lii ;i* t:(»f hike p»l,h 
profxisai ami tumtuig for tlie 
reo|wntnt of the Mdg A :Mliek 
htr twtd Iw remvesitgalMi 
Who kwiw*. with the rae* MmmI 
lit itur onice. iiuytMr a KiluUan 

III (he ""Mmivalilt trnwi 

ciMld De hwnd'. Or Iww aiMiiit 

» otil a i"fmi|ir<imi.«' f»i 


Tnifi. tht iemat»r» hirvr tin IV 

'htM of llct tw • tew wmiti But 
the iwim IniMrlMt (Mug >• wy 
n««l:y eleciMi ofnwr slwuld te 
to Utcume familiar wlllt lilt 
that :IM I* :p««nlitt' 

B.e(ore am eflecttvc derwims 
ci!! '■•■ ■:--.;it:'il<ni any pnipm,a\. 
iif* i.:r -I..! sludenl (npul m 

Alter all.. It t* Ihir sltldMl 
senate ma there are plenty nt 
ttudvnts OB c.affl.pus to (el input 
I'mm AI) It i*lct» ia a tittle 
leifwort and patMiiice Legwurk 
ID ■$tt out then- find met>i: «1tll 
itwient* ami *-■ '.'..•■■.•nce to 
Ititen to all ..': :;;i-.r .ilmost 
endlei* rompiamis o I'e* 
(Wtratctiitt Hieat and m.aylw 
even a few rare compl mieni » 

It tlie Itng Itelii Image of .an 
•iMartiig.*liMfnt lenate .li to tie 
MnkM. It nysi he done now li 
li .CMCMIKI tor the lenate to 
tMgIn M the riftii i:«it.. to get 
fiul and iMKDme viiittte to the 

Tin clmlce i» yours senate 
Billlfr toltowi the same old path 
•Ml' Ml the deadends or 
.far»e a new pall) and overcome 

Biologist quits in 
face of cloning furor 

MH rnmo. CA (CMl - lo 
the (irit test of lederal 
gutdellme* govermriB hiehi\ 
ci«ntr«»v.erslal unm • 

ejtpertntenti, a To 

' ..'ititornia-San Diego tiiciiagtat 

..IS resigned his academic post- 

Ian Kennedy allegedly cloned 
a virus that was banned by 
lederal e n v l r o n m e nl a 1 
Kuldeltnes hetineily quit last 
week, tome nine months after 
npposeitl)' (.inning wm.ethtn<g 
railed tlie "semllld forest 

Students pay for faculty raise 

IrUHMM hiH iti i» within 
ity jwrHa:.. On itiiiiilmlMir' H.. 
IIH MfiJ' iif ' TriMiMt iMMMNial a 
Mtary inerwut *t » .s per e«t 
lar the faculty mi «■ innpus* 

Ttes increase will tost m 
iMnM' apprammately MIl.Mi' 
I' ain mot in dsiagree'Himi with 
lUe lK;.rea.ic At, a mstterol- 
licl. 1 *ol.Hl in favor of it ' 1 lee.l 
BmI wt iM've an oiiWandini. 


f»om . 

raise; |t*t it to Hie« ■ 
LmI .Hay the pro ii- 
Tme CmiliiieM 
ahoM Will studenis .. 

InttlOn W.'.r-. r;ir-...-il ! f i 

seiiiestiT !'">.;i' !!'>;■• 

iitoinit to increaite ainMi to per 
"I and Ibe 

111 SlB (M 

stall here at Harper, ami foO'" 
liMlernt wto ti payiiic for the 

,.\t thai lime., the hoard 
ftgund the iHlltai IncreaM! 
•tmld generate about M«>..ii*iii 
Well,, tttal was long belore it 
was known: Ihal rnrollmenl was 

► .row 1 
gel wliai ' 
up inarni- 
tng htih 

' vou 

nr iiii*. uin. I>r 

paid" II tt kerp* 

Harper m the loti Kl ralecorv in 
ttar court' ■ ■ ■ not 

thir colli!'; ; tl 

leave rhi:- 1.1. mn .nonr 


SOI«l« -TO B'O 

om.^ Seek). it> 

Tmoe Moro 
FDft mc. 

S*THefi Vou TH«T 

V0'«ME A i.nzy4B'eeft 




OtmT CVEJM use. 

ft cmxuLftToa -no 

FiGUCt OJT N«30I5 

.Sho — 






virus ' He cued "irrecon- 
rjla.ble ditlerencrs" with 
iinn'ersKy officials who we're 
■^llgalIng the charge* 
--..I. St him He (lertrd any 
'ft'rongdntng. sa>in(t hi^ ':, ., -^ 
'va* Mees.sar> -m lig.l-.- 

tatn 'things i wani i.t.> .u. ,:. 

S A e X p p r i m r n i v 
Ihemsel'vc- '■!•« the 

'Object o: f.'tinrifnt!:. 

'worry that tin- nsK* oi creating 
tiaiardouf ttew life fO'rms are 


',>„. |.(,...-(-.!ri:'.- -.■.•. 


Signed . .< 
sutimtileii i«ii] r..-iiii 


SUt'J' ■ 

ShlWill i"<- MllHIMlltMIl 

bingiT (ilfice Bldg * 

later Ihan i»on Ihe .Vioniiiix | 

iM'lore publication 


W illkam H4im*> llarpt-t 

.Algoniiuln t. Eoselle Road^. 

Matme, I'LNXtt? 


Itaiio. m rniei wrnay i«inlii!lh«liJ 

*%«.fM *"".r|:|l.«t 

1 ■■ 

^ vv\y itr 

1] \hf H.h.r 'h'" .iCL.; ■. 

ATA 1 'L- '' ,: 1. -1'' 

to tfti V :.!•!:.■: tliU^:? 

1^, rn>oi; r;»i4> AVk 

fntirmation -cm Ml'-Wm wet m* or if- 

T«w Martolngtr. OctolMr M, IHt. Pagi ] 

LetttT lo the Editor 

Testing Your Intelligence. . Are You '"Smart"? 

WUIt Ittatandtiitte always 
mm Mil: over tlW' B»di«l(irf 
dligwi nlwi iwiimc p«rn<i<- 
Mnl •iiploiniiiiiii''* Is II ufc lo 
astufflf th»i (Dc more 

-glailWIDUS" tUlMi. »tlCW:W UO- 

qucit'ionaDly tw ^Hm to liiiMte 
Hiipli! with ttnt grraler hlMiw 
mw. sc*n by siicwiy m tlie 
Mglwr nifigdn [he "degiw tad- 

der"" are I'trtatu <)tfmw »H« 
Iri to tN( l>«*l«i" J*, ttie bttttr 
lifcttytt, iiiMl tkC' flclier ofi" 
portiiinttiM'' 'Wkit i* iimkIm) in 
nblainiiifthM degree" 

"Clefrw." m ttellW'tJ l»y tme 
mmrt*. » tlie eilmil la wlitch 
yM wiini to *»(»aiM) ymr 
iMiwItiliie AmI yet to mciiher 

It tt repmJ«!w tilif iwasiUTi; iij 
inlellecl. or the moilviHon to 
teirn T» rae lhi» ikK'umfol 
ump\y repruMMii* being "(kwI 
»mjirl ' " t\l the same time y«j 
m»v t>e li«»k »ni*rt.." nod yet 
wK-iiiDy txiriiiB or dbmb " 
HAve ym ewer ilirown J ()«rty 
jM iitv-ne<l a cpufte ii( hifbh 
etluc'iil:ei) guci>t» . in hufies nl an 
Mtalaratinc evetiing. only to 
diMdver ttat these penple hail 
the same elte-l on i <m , a* i f vou 
hill taken a muple n( "siwp^ 
e»e""* Whjit went wn:in(i" T«» 
many pttipUt are {cmity oi m»%' 
UR a very nimmon rnirtalcr 
l«*ing u(wii "smartness" m 
the pure acidemic mtwi- 
stiMinnesi ea<n alw tie thought 

Binlogist quits 

( 'iMftmUMt mMil'.|iai|ir J!' 

ntfh. and that tite moral am.- 
bi|ui(ie» III creating awl 

perhaiM lelling tt(e tormt »rt 
leualty topomible 

while diMgreeifii 
■-■ safety of the 
renardi, luve eeM tii ItiSeral 
piMlnes for renmbtnatit 
DK \ eji'ptnneittc as ■ mi»an« 
>'■( ({uielinc dliittlM* lo the ex- 

TIH' (ederai guvernmeni. 
Rioreover. taids mo»i n( the 

The |(i'vernm«tt'« Xaiional 
tnstitutei of Heallti \IHi 
gvidrilneji tmbmik the cltmmg 
o( Kemlilu fores* *ir» uittii 
ip«iUiM» alMiyl tt» mtmy tm^i 

■■• Jaiwar)', iKiuever. tour 
it graduate student) 

reported Ital Kennedy *m 
ctoniBg the banned vinis The 
HBtyet ilty 't BtiMleiy Cetn:«inl- 
t«f ardereil the ctoiitng ttop^' 
ped. and condscaled ihe 

The rommittee hat linee 
fijIMHiWesUrt thit "either Or 
li«ii,n#ily had' Iiwwb the iource 
and Identity of the material us- 
ed to clone DKA copies of ttie 
WMltki liireit firuti. or Dr 
Kennedy. dM' n poor recoird 

fceepiBf or lapw ••? ■ -r- 

ckmeiJlhe'viiu- ! 

In Hi rejwrl, :i-ir !■..•, 
ly Septeralwi. the comwiiiee 
orite'red Kennedy noi to per- 
form any more elomng "unlil 
Ifte Mtuation is resolved' 

But «nce January, the :\a- 
iHmal JiwWijtesol tlealin have 
itberiilwed ctcmlni resiriclions 


Of Tha R«il Mae 

* iHilllfltii jliMilliiMii 
> Imktf if SiaivMbi 

Free Pepsi 

W/Sin4«ieli furehiti 

tmfm nfim Oc(4w iS* 


S0% OFF S0% OFF 

on p#rfn4 

S33 E. Atgonquin 

J»-ii«»o«o*»H 13:1 

. 3f7-0100 

m yvw'cMM'if • varm. cut, 

tint, cof nroll braiding, taclati. 

manlcurm, hot' wating, ate. 

of ill term* ol social iin,an 
tiea. emottonal smarttieKt. ra 
tioinaluiatioo imairlitess and 
iireet smartness, and tlie list 
can ID on 

Pmpit have only rweijtiy 
beeome manipulative mtniM. 
wmmwity known a.* "ttreel 
smart. " I'nfortiinately, Ihi.* 
form has only strengWienett 
over ihe years, instead of 
hiipetuliy farxTinn uff Tons.' 
taint iinef ■ ■ ' .ire 

MM.iituali ' ■) ur 

enc«tirig«Hi) n wcduvonis 
(real lumoul'tn producing. |usl 
ihe right resull* In some in- 
*i i.i.rKX'!». th.r cilrwltiltnii mind 
tan piThaps outrun ttic tMiok 
smart per xon.. Vou see. at timet 

Tto ten on wmllki virus was 
■lifted im the pnwess 
'■That's ibr ironic pari ol all 

ihi». " iay» Ui vviiliam 
Caniamd. director ot M..IH'ii Ltf- 
See ol ltecam.btnani DM.\. 

'"'But wnce it wai tgainii the 

gulMina wtitn he did It 'then 

lie wmM hmt to face the 
penaitiet '"" 

.Dr Cart land »ayt the 

btotogisls could ta permanent- 

!v (' off from MH researelj 

' " ' " ■ I j.nd said 


1.V iria, ii..ii»ii. Hi Ultflt ot ttie 

virus' new legal status... 

The committee *i|.l m.ake its. 
deriiioo on. IWe Kennedy case 
menl !Ti<<iifh ..\moing its options 

» '■ in MH grant*. 

I.I 1 

\<»cl « rooinmatt'f 

LiMtking for a 
iiird bcMik. 
I Birrfii spfakiT. 
a ciwnTl tifkel? 




*^tii(li*iit rlNs»ifit*<] ad* 

art- FREE. !\iin-»ludrnt 

ad rail' -M rents 

a tinr* 

exi. Ml 

*t4 miitimiini 

tieingbook smart ibouldn't and 

'dotan't .always ensure you that 

immediate success For loo 
often IS thai )ot». prom.ol(on. or 
the more rewarding op- 

rrtunttie*. weighed too heavi- 
on araiicmir standing* 
a'inne.. with ■ .tinoiwe 

of oilier . of in- 

telligence AMI .iiv'd\> does the 
■•netMwl smart" person .hold the 
same am.oiinl of smartness 
wtien dealing with ihe outside 
world It dnesn''! auto-matically 
go hand in .han<l with Ihe ter- 
ritory as several people are m- 
elloed to helie-ve. alien 
lion stinuld tiegin Imng f( 
ed on the people showing 
•worldly smartness ' -i whether 

II lie emotional, social. 
manipulative etc 1 I am In no 
way condoning manipulalton. 
as a matter ol fact. I find it 
very disiaslelul it's just that it 
doe* exist and «e shwld be 
more aware of it We live in a 
pe<iple pleasing' world, and I 
feel it s of utmost importance 
lo lie well rounded in all areas 
* including the ones I've 
already mentioned! ol smart- 
ness To have Uie art, and skill 
of being able to interact well 
with those around us, is what I 
see as the key which opens that 
special d«>r lo the richer and 
more meaningful life 
Holly Kulier 

Letters to the Editor 

Harper columnist 
under fire 

What W'as Ihe relevance ol 

M'Ike '.Simkiiji' art.if)e "'Xow 
Vork. survive there. sur\'lve 

After reading the article, 1 
feel that Mike is a i-eal jerk 1 to 

he polite I He u.wd up lialf a 
page and wmli< nothing of 
vjilur li M'Ttin js Mtke 
never icll his back yard his enpertences were 
nothing out o( the ordinary 
'You can ,go to any tug city aiid 
:iee the euet Mme things going 

As a matter of fact a lot of 
the same things go on right 
here in the suburtiis 1 have seen 
(>i>i.>|jif ti.ick a v.ial ol while 
(Miiwdrr and siiilf 11 .into I heir 
noses' ' out on the sln*t,i, at the 
(ores! preserves and frenufmlly 

In bars I also know of several 

■houses of 111 repute' In the 

People looked al .Mike as If he 
were funny not because of the 
way he w as dressed but mainly 
because of the way he was ac- 
ting His mouth was probably 
dragging on the ground in awe 
of his unbelievable ex- 
periences." Especially if he 
was going around saying 'I'm 
hip, I'm hip Icn hip'" Thaiex- 
presson » enl out in the 'Sis 

1 don i hraiw If Mike has been 
hiding in a hole or « here he has 
tieen tor the past years He 
must have a very sheltered life. 

Mike should cheek his ar- 
ticles out 'before printing them 
m the paper It may save him 
from making a lool of himself 
Meri Stew art 

Bone corrects story; 
doesn 1 support hike 


I n*ad wilh interest your 
sloi-y -on P.resident Mrtirath's 
contract in the i:..>ct J issue of 
the Harbinger. Vou nienliionrii 
111 ttie H(W> th.'it Board Meintu-! 
.loan Kmi-. :]:.■'.:' . ..'•'.' 

Ihe (■'■... ..:!..:.■ . .t. I -;.,. 
Ttll.» i> tH.*! ..ii'i-urdfr. ( iirT-i- 

were two motion.* regarding 
Prestdeitl Mrf.;r..ii Ill's contract 
The I.' ■ ■■ ■ 'I made 

(•nlli--.: :ne con- 

Irart inruugn iiini- tii, iJiW The 
vote on thai motion was seven 
yt-s with slude.nt trustee .lohn 
Malkow'Ski abstaining 

The second motion'callei) lor 
a total salary package 
including coot rtbul ions by the 
Board lo a retire.meiM plan< of 
tiia.WK) This salary a.moiiiil is 
ih«" ••>.«i).on on which both Mrs 

Klussmann and 1 voted no. Stu- 
dent trustee .lohn Malkowsk) 

I !«■! strongly that President 
vtci'iiaih has done an outstan- 
.111. If iiiti at iKarper and I am im- 
:.!r.>s4"d with his performance 
■'.U reason for a no vole on the 
-■t'.ir\ issue .1 rrasiiri shared 
<'■ i.slheleel- 

"Is . .,nef than I 

would tiaM..prclfrred. especial 
ly w.'hen one considers Ihe in- 
creases received by other 
Harper staff persons and the 
salaries ol surrounding com- 
munity college presidents who 
have schools 'Similar In slie to 

I. Si. I .an Bone 
Board Member 




On atiy regularly priced 
album or tape 

With tMt coupon 

Tint offtr tfoM net InchMte 





Tincup Pass Shopping Center 

1311 Golf Road 


I*. Tlw 

l«. 1 


Cosmetic surirery ^ cmom caaipu* ai a p «n. m 

Tl» Harper Student Stinit" 
AtMclatJM will sfMiiMr n 
open mM(li«|t on W«(tM:!!MJii> 
■fveninii. Oct. a. m tbt wthjtct 
of Facial Coiinel tc Surgerv 

Dr Wwlik A lianna, M D. 
•Ill pmswiil ajpruiKram entjtl- 
•ri. "All Vou Ever Wanled lo 
Knowr Ataut Facial Cofiseilc 
Surier^ . But Nevw Wanteil to. 
Ait," Included in this audio- 
v'UwaJ prvwMation will tie'faet 
Itlls. eyelid surgery. Mtw 
lurgery, hair traniptanla iltin 
lantiliil >d4!rmal>r>sioiiiiK ear 
■mr|»ry. and cftin tin|>l«i(s. 

The program will be 
pfMoitMtat Harper Comniuni 


Don't miss the tmnh annual.'n ho-"ili>wn square 
(lumee »t « p.m Saturriay, l.lct 
IM in the A Buitding Lounge 
Tlie coti is 13 per person which 
Includes re*re«ti.ments A nm^ 
ktilwtiai caller. Mr Don 
JntWMin.. fnim<;w. will 
l>e callmg the sfjuarei mmI 
leachtag the eswntiat il<p l» 
guarante*' another great even-. 
Ing. All are welcome Tickets 
m.»> he ,purth.a.«e«l ai ihe dwir. 
For nori! inlonnadon rant act 
bmrit Nmy% m Student Ac- 

livHtei' en in Sponsored by 
Harper Tjiholic rampus 

Cat & Mouse 

ThetlLm V\T)k MOUSK will 
he ihcwn at Hairper on Friday 
I'M m at « p.m. in Btdg .1143 

Impeclor Lecbat 'Serge Reg 
gi.ani I an iinorth:>doi. and tKca^ 
nonatly unscrupulous {wtice in- 
vestigator IS called to in- 
Witlgate the mysterious death 
ol miiliw.aire Jean-Pierre AU' 
niOBl. Directed by Claude 
tetouch AdrntetiM. li tne to 
students S i&tatheputillc 


The wward-winnlnf Ktring 
duo mslrumenia lists 
Lynne B.arl(er. violin, and Joel 
S Ferren. viotoncello will [wr- 
lorin tMtay at II" I » In BIdg 

This hu.*a.nd-wite team, the 
Dorian Duo. has appeared In 
concert m iiurupe. Central 
America.. Canada and the 
I'nited Slates. They have ap- 
peared freijuenJIy on radio and 
television Summer months 
have kept these pcrJorming ar- 
tists t)us.v at the Aspen Music 
Fetllvat, Jetinesse Mtfitcale 
and Hanrt Center School of Fine 

Area pianist BartMra Crooks 
Enders will Join the duo for the 
Harper mtni-coiwert 

Take advantage at this con- 
cert bv seeing ihem in Buildmg 
P. Room 205 from 1.2: 15 to I ; 15 

School groups are welcome : 
however reservations must be 
placed by calling extension 243 

Foreign lands 

Interested in "learning and 
•"sharing" knowlede of foreign 
land.s. custom^i and languages'' 
Interested in finding out about 
Ihe Inited States, Chicago and 

' Pleas*' f urn It) fiiix<- -" 

La Valle embodies French charm, flair 

"i'ou can take tiM w.onian mil 
al (he country, but vou can' I 
take the rountry out at ttir 

That could t» Irene l»ave.tle's. 
|phliaMi|ili.y . Mme Lavellr, 
HHMHt profeawr ol FiTm:h. 
raildcd in France (or H vears 
'Wwt .ihe met an Aroencao 
«nd movetl to the states 

""1 like It here I like the 
Midwest." Lavelle said She 
eipecially enjoys the students 
"I like the variety ol »tu.(lents 
we have here. We have return 
Ing mother*., and students Just 
out ol high ichool. there's .a 
KMlc range of students t like 
Bm vartefy from semester to 
aiBieiiei'. Students chanfe. 
The qua-llty changes, the at- 
titudes change Students arC' 
like vintage w-ine Some years 
there's an outstanding crop. 
other years- just tahle wine: But 
every time the leiwatiT tndi, I 
hale to lose them." 

TW» year, aecordtog to 
bvaite, Is a vintage year 
"Tlley have a spark.te Their a(- 
tttuites are great."' 

Mnte Lavelle may love her 
itudentB. but she also enjoys 
and .needs time atone. "It's 
giod lo he alone someiinies I 
eilNt all the doors, lake the 
ptaie off the' hook, have a glass 
al vine and IWen to my trench 
ncords." she said. "'I gel 
hameslck. but it g«ts It out of 
tBjr system 

"B.ut I can't listen to rav 
records if anyone is around or if 
the phone s ringing I have to 
he alone Afterwards. I".m 
ready to face anythlng-mavtw 
it's the wine, though. ' not 'the 
III.USIC. " she said with a smile 

Lavelle. who was studying. 
Rir a career In la* at Faculte 
de Droit m France, hid to 
rhange her major when she 




. . ,lltC*«i 

aovetl to the States "I would 
have had to start, .all over again. 
Everything is difterent in the 
I'm ted State*, the Penal code. 
Ihe cases and so on t w^oitltl'vc 
had 1» unlearn everything I'd 
learned, t was disjt,ppo.inled 
because I planned mv whole 
liit'iii« In law I fought' a lot of 
pHjudlces m school and had to 
work harder to be accepted 
b«!tauaic I was the only girl In 
my class " 

But she loves leaching 
tnsnch. "*Theimport.a.nt thing in 
a language clas* is to lose in- 
htbillons. lose the selt- 
con,sclousness one has 

"'The marvelous pari about a 
language is that you can be 
anjwitngyouwanltobe All my 
Itudtnts have trench na.mes 
that can change their whi'ile 
personality Som«ne named 
Sharon could liecome Bngette 
anexcitingfrenchname "' 

But names can be ■■ funny; 
loo. One of Mme. .Lavelle's 
daughters Is named Nancy. 
Her hustjand wanted to n».me 
her Sancy Lorraine, hut 
.Lavelle Is fro.iB .Nancy , which is 
the tapltal of Lorraine, east uf 
Pan* "To my famllv il »mild 
be like someone in • ' " ■ • 
nammg their chilit 

'When Lavelle left France, 
the not only had lo adj'usl to a 
new country and a new 
rlage, hut to the food as well 
"Corn was tiuile a surjH' In 


JBU| lyi^ji j||p|^KJB|||u^yB|gaB J^L ■■' IhM fllllhiMBIMHIt JlV dBi* 

Lfi »»>t win»»n. emiefti Iwlp fv 
lc««<tt><n> your tki" ■'!>' the winter«» Enloy tt^is commg wMm 
t wM l»«t Haallfcivif lookiTig goiiltn 
' triHft tia* •*•'' ^'ou can nave 

I Mmt Hn at jiow iile Jan 
: ^Ickty aMt. •atilf in int pirtvacjr 
} ol ymir mm mr room 


, iamf tiMf* ShoMinf Cmmr 







30% OFF I 

E.ur<ipe. corn is rat%<- 
anliii.als The first ■ 
put It) front lit me. I ^ i 
il • ■ :' 1| vniti , 

li...Ik ■■! 


I, IS tieen lo 
,"-■ .'ind (be 
, r I 

Mm:' "'il tried (nrt 

racrum: meal when 

she W'j:- ■ .' ■ ' .Mil. ""11 was 
giMid:. It didn't bottler me 
Mcauie I didn't even know 
what a raccoon was. The toori I 
miss monl. though, is the 
cheese Whenever I'm hack 
hmnc Ihey ask me what I want 
lur dinner and I tell them, soup 
and chwse There's such an 
endless variety of French 
cheeses," stie said 

Lavelle may love tier country 
and her teaching and her m.a.r 
nage. hut it's 'traveling that 
comes second nature to her 
"Traveling is my number one 
interest Even IN- smell of fuel 

■ II 

all'.lMT .:(il 

sea. Ihe 


want lo ■ 

seems llki- h vmiiii-i 

my dreams, the 

weatlitT llif 3lmr.ispliei"f Bull 

ha\(- • .1 ;■ t.rfi.r, it becomes 

tWllni.! .:-1> -.|ic ~..ilii 

But even Willi ill) the travel 

ing she does, or Iries lo do, she 
thinks. America is the iJesI 
place m the world to live tn 
"The people are very 
hospitable, very frlendlv ' 
Lavelle said 

lap a taste of Parts to her 
■tudenta Photo by Lori Lyim 

Upcoming/film Cat & Mouse 



DWMMi tn CkMlt tMOMtt 

•■•■aliiad b* Cioult ,lilaiu<^ 
itmnm Mt-t'il* :Ma><pin. San* »»agOf )«n". .»»-» Ajmjrt 
Cmm l>C 
•lytBh, mnimm^ kmrtf, wtnilyiria. dIm* * tjuKi^ ' id" francmo Oramtt. 
■■n»wi>,«»>h*«o,« .•'«iali#ia«ai)h><«ailMMi»«<||ttAmin*<«,i|irin(,> . .AndnM Sorrw, Mlliige MWn 
^Ck«iittaliMC>>">lN«'vidm>«.n||anautliki«.* NtmloitTrrm 

ThtMarMngar, Octataar M. I1M, Paa*S 

Get dancin '/ Harper program expands 



Th»fn:«i»cily *''»• iitudmiis 
will !>• «Wiiif la llw new clancif 
ciMWi' oltemJ m KtiKr t(it» 

0|l' iMtt M«. MiMtore DaiiH 
1 mm the onlv dance cIms <>('" 
(■Mil il HirKf '« *«»«• 
emlil. And even (Ms clMi Mad 
tn urehlemi •twn. snutem* 
were ftuwrt t» imtn m Bldf 
i;, pmilMlll « i*«(|t area 
Iw cm. IMCIMM ttere ww 

Wttli the am^kHim •( BWg. 
M Hmv«r MM oaiy mMmkI a 
tiaoce MiMlM M. the appoftlHll- 
Ij ta olter iiMtre ilaiice damm. 

:|iieiil«t m tlw ncmm} Itonr «( 
■Ilk. M. the daiKt' atiKlta i« 
cmniilete with l«ir mirroni 

I ••eh a te«?t •>*, 7 left high, ■ . 
Iwn hiini. 1 r.J feet » rnchrs i a 
ttnrage »ns anil bleachers 
Tlie fienchers were meant lo 
h« Med tor learhmi pumaes. 
■mwdttig to John A G*l€h,. 
•MictMe (hnn nf |>li)-*lnl 
ectucatioii, athletu-t and 

G'Cich tall itHt the UuUm 
lultills Ita' iMMli at a gftoii 
daiK-e fiiKlM. 'it's tilit buying 
a new car. Vm P' mU anil tniy 
lh# car ttm'i rlfM tor ywj but 
alMwllhiayMr budget. " 

The (toor tn (he »tudio ts 
Manl«i«MMl en "*stac|Mrs."" which 
iMtai. Uiat tht inaM rial uitdtr 
the mild is .made le .f Iw a little 
f« daiiwrs The acwjstic ireat- 
miitt tm the upper ball' ol thC' in- 
iMk »alb deciBned .(or 


Why Wait? 

cnntmlltni xiuiid. ■*With«it ii. 

MUitd would be Jumbled," 
remarted Gelch 

The ne«' itiince clasies thai 
hi've been adtted l.<i tbe cur 
rii'tiluw tneluile M<ideni Dance 
tl. Jiiit and Intnidiiet'ltm to 
Ballet ■ 'Thesis tlasKSi will gtve 
many ttudenit a cbance lo try 
Wiiniethlnf thai imybe they've 
always wanted: It (Ml couldn't 
or didn't haw 'tt» time fur." 
noted Renee Zrllner. dance in 

lellner. who tea.ctjes Mndern 
Darace I and ,iVeri:*»c Dant-ing 
I. eieiTise done In muMc, en Joy i 
all InnBii. o( dance from the 
malted potato, lo the latest 
dllieii. She bai. 'tiifen .« Harper 
mnee Janiia.ry and feels mat 
the nif» variety ol dance 
cta:»i«« oiler lor 

"It ytw lusl i»:anl to movf 
bave a giMiii time and .get to ln*l 
poiitn'e about yourifll., 
WKlern fiance I t» (or you," 

■'Thone m'tm lake MiMkrn 
Dane* I and want to learn more 
Icchniciue .can go on lo Mwlern 
tia.«»tl," she added 

"If. on the other hand., a stu- 
deni wants to learn strict 
ip.-hiiioiifv aloiij with • nw're 
' Inrm o( dance and a 
. ..■ t>l terms., br should 
tike liiitrixlurtlon to Bjtllrt 
Ballet H very dl.l'fln»ll umi wir 
iOCtelv h;i*n'i loiimcti 10 ap 

pfw-i,.!^!' ■ I'f.i iNo a point 

that '»i.h I.H- r,[.Hi^.l:,: up in the 


J Ml, the Other new cla">s is 
for petiple vtm realh ».tnl tii 
get .|.mo dancing ..ind learning 
name new moves Jail is 
chorus line, it's theater, it's 
monn' and it's poppin'.' 

'The toom m damre for the 
pari, fife OT sii years u due to 
the fact thai people began to 
feel that ihey w-eren't in tunc to 
their twdies and they neeiled to 
h««i»me more aw.are o( tbem.' 
■laleil (Jretchen fk'hmal? wht. 

I. (alMivt} TlM toy of ttandag iMt «aly m 
ralw..<lniOT.)i>Miiw' ~ '" 

1 17 Lid. LyM Guy 

WiMrc will the studaiit vot« 
gn In NovcmlMr's atection? 

CiMCkJIIw Octobar 30 Harbingar 
for stutfMit voting tr«ndt 

A BIT AWKWARD It may not be the moM graceful potltimi In Hit 
worlil but • gwd wirmup li niaentlal to any dancer fbeie i 
limber up betore a ballet claaa. Photo by Lort Lynn Guy 

«ill I* u-ai.'tiiiis McxJerii Pjiwe 
II .i.i.;.' .'infl tnlnxlucii'- 
n, '<■■■• '!.!■. s|>rln.g. St' 
■*H() .>[jri.rtl teaching at ll..i, ,,i. . 
last January, ha* a very color' 
lul background She has per^ 
(O'rmett. studied and taught 
dance in Germany, rahtornia. and most recent !>■ 

Both Zellner and Schmalz 
torsee Mine tyi)e ol small per-, 
forming group or dance eusem- 
ble iet'togeltier In the future 
"As of now. It's a big respiin... 
slhilil^ and U'e're not readv to 


PIkM. *toSi *."'»* >«wfl'«* nwi«wli#.r iwdrt 
fE:NUU,C to nv« m m^ »m\» m' #i.tft 

«w* pw* twt itom# ff.w(»njmai> #m( wrrm 
fflfy* B«rr..iigw! C*i' Cr«*t lifPi^fnloo ft 
■l»MH!" -. .•- '■.'•-.i"..;..' 



lake it Hut «!• uill tte looking 
.i! M.tiai kind of trend dance 
iKcs and maybe «e can 
..(Bani/e somethmR in Ihe 
luture.' jddwl Schmalz 

Schmal/ also hopes that 
more students, will look to 
Harper lor dance as well at 
academii- ■--•-'?i-*mn in the 
future ■"! thai you 

can df. ' ■ ' ■ ;. lu being 
aware «l >our taxiy \'ou can 
park your prol.>le'ms at the door 
and mil pick them up until after 

Itn (X.IM»»a«lll! CUTLASS ijupriwi 

P'WwWf St«**'inq b'**tf^ Outkft M«tt. 
I. »•*»** lih.»* f*.i.i» wn**!* "f^dauli AM.'FW 

'Wr iiDx mmm n.m vMiioiiir c«i) 


■n f 0»0 LTD Wmw »■ S. f ' B * C Cwt 

(,i»*t.en m BKUft )«!«•< 

CAN fOJ 'wpA'f j» Bwnr^mwfl ii:««# cw»i» 

ItU*' f' M Ci'^UW CJI1' LOwHifl It w Wi 

No Chargt Flr«t Consultation 

T.W.Flynn& Assoc. 's 




I Trathc Ticket Convictton* 

W III Suipcnd Your License 

Traltn hi. ht't* 
l*(:'l'^ lrijtif> 
U ttrk ni*-'ri.s * Omp 

Marijuiina rtiflrgf 
Revoked Licensf.^ 

.tasaull A B.atlerv 


24 ltt>wr .\n*'wermft St»r\'ice 

Office Hours 
3 iKJ-5 :»p m DailySa m 1 p m Sat 

Attorneys at Law 

Pwm^ Tii#H*fi 


Without cover versions what can you do? 

ii.. ^^.^.«.»k^i.w„M th..mi m iiiKi'MMri mjuiktTili Ham* Infill HI 

II kaa emm » mj JittwtKwi 
Vm »e law 'nwii)' •Mlrini 
ncfe ij' rtillw* on ttw ItoiriMrr 
MiiijM» Altar ntceinns. mim)< 
HtlWMM to -mm •«•■ «r 
md." I .«i iw«liw# WHy mt 

m nrnm •< I*"*' ••*'^ *"" 

C- rtBt tB. g»r«i|«* or 
meiii' Wlw art (twy ii« 


Out |«<iip m (•■»"'*■"'*" 

taiMiill't practttr in • muht- 
m *iMi» '■•"" '■•*)' ••«** 
cnitMl III itw Iwi'ormmt »( tte 
MiMM'ttW'V arrreiitliilt Qujter- 
•iMtj. •«»'«( ite bmt baoiU I 
UTC ictfi. will itruti'itily Mil 
ntabt' U Mt (If thv tMiOement 
uiteM alt II utks cli4(iitf 

Witli moil even t»ml not m 
ilit dim* scurrying to tatcti m 
Omttm «»*'«. '« I* *i«)«wi"« 
IM. <|ualemKy «ltU |i(a.v to a 
■MMMM niK tlut l>i"|»i 10' 
(Mr iMMCiiitlil H«e IS a (>«««" 
ikiiw HUMeftinil cwaitvc, hm 
nai 'irttlni attmiitiii from tlif 
rtilHPMptir Wli»it«i*J»siticf" 

I'tol rawliw ttes t>«i)4 e» 


traoraiiiarv is the iirrwfict' ol 
Oave Olson Dai-e pla,v5 
darnel lliitf. keytoarels and 
taiKWin Vm. ali«i«»n'' 

At «r»i„ when m pmf m- 
iirii»cH«l im and «iO. "ame 

iwraur lwn4.. I WMail|ir*lifn' 

sivc I mean, a bllsww. filaytr 
m n nxk n roll iMiwl" It. iBIIIllI'- 
«,l iMTtepi, gimmiclij' 

From Itie Cirsl <•*»«•, «• «»• 
laiit (Inim iwal. the m»ip 
liliynl ihrir hearts oiil Kach 
«m|> «»» metifuliMisly played 
The jireup hart ikmonsttale*! 
ifttinwthw «» he wry tight. 

rii refrain Iran telling yiM 
whn mlluenced ihtm awl who 

Ui(r> «>uiiil. !*e twcauM- t 

•Ollllin't *»ftt to plTtlUlK'l" 

viwr (ifiiitwn nl ft»mg them 
Hiil 1 »tll 'lay lliat ihry are 
w-ry canipttent and tleserveto 

Their' ort|tMl» ar* qWt* 
■uMl, Mid 1 i-w)iie««t that ilufy 
gw iw a i«|Mi' af •«»* that 
iMKiaitif a (Bvorite of mint. The 
nwet wraaoni itutt ttiry do art- 
kind ot (i»»iii-uii- How man} 
fWup»>i" >''•■■•'■'■! % "Hcv 
jra.." or > '.vay's 

••SI>MW*«l'ri ■•:•(■ wf 

>Ofl Broailwa) tkwMi i even do 
■'Showdown' anymore' 

But, 'itiiii group •■tiuid ralh'-r 
tm plav cover »fr3i<mi at alt 
As a matter of lad. mis 'group 
liueis to play thetr own 
material What arttet dowtnt? 
1 dtrpkire people at (UglH 
flubs that 'Scream out. " Hey , do 
■Wtofe IjOtta Love." or ' tio 
mmt AC'W:, ■ or "How nboiil 
Dome 'Btmsls""* Why di» som« 
piMtpIc iMtii that the gmtiii ply 
Why can't tMey lit happy IHlen 

mi> b) «i»iM> that ■ tmtp 
h,ii,* rrealrtf Would yiw ask 
\in)y Wartiol la (>»i'r»t Ih* M'Ona 

' Anil here's, the rub I wou.ld 
like to say 'Go see Q'ualernl 
ly " But, i caii'l Ni> agenl will 
tMMk (tualernilj Because tlie 
group d(»t ml m enough cover 
vernons, and because ihey 
rHuiw to do the eowr versions 
Uial 'ihe tmkini a|«nl» have 
suggetted, the group has not 
h<*n hired 

It's not the twjk'ing agents 
lault Bob Snenl'lc. dium'iw'r. 
Ml<! ' The boo'klng agents want 
10 make niohcv. They are In 
this twsiness for prolit We are 
a high risk II we were to do the 
copy they want, we wo'Uld be 
less of a risk, and more likely to 
ni,a,ke a prol,tl tor tbeni '" Brian 
Mc<'all. guilJirist, and Frank 
Colletti. batswl, a'gree that ihe 
agMt* reflect the audience 
And llie audience wants to hear 
cO'Vervrrswiii, not originals 

\nii since this real world 
revolvK around that happy 

iMdlUffl the dollar, I wonder 
ho* many groups are out there 


Maytie. this mane aliuucle of 
"you must play aivcr ver 
sio'ns," will slop, and music will 
progress, like all things should 
I mean, arcnt you tir«d ot 
hearing some guy sing hahy 
hahv or the same trite guJlar 
lead lor the hundrndth time' 

S«iroed,ay. <J'uate,rniiy will 
■make It. and mH have to play 
cover ve'rsions But , It "s too bad 
that they aren't given the 
chance to perform their music. 
and not some other artists 
music today Because of that 
attitude, the group loses and 
people who want to see rock "n 
roll progress lose too I'm sure 
Quaternlty will resolve iltlK 
situation, and be In the 
nightclubs and wmcert halte 
where they twiong soon 

If mi mmtm* una •"'■'"«'• •■' -■ 

"New wave" music has arrived 

'New,' wave" ni,usic has dearly 
a,triwrt 'in'enrKtit \mrnt'.ai"i .,'h; 
teptancr *;"' 

Wht'D I iM'fr''' 

,SI* Rut'ords alwii iiiumrn 
monlhc a|i the amount ol iiew 
«'■■*' pwducl |ett,l:n,g in,«or» 
Ulai »ai ,ii»ln;imil Thmi* f^.'--'- 
■IwiiWl. CWie 'by one, mori- .<>' 
(Ml waefced into the Billboard 
tut' luemy-livf', •'« Jackiwi. 
Eh'i. CttHf*. 'Tie Pret'Siders 
(iarv M'iDMi.'Pil'Ben'tar, Talk 
ing itoi«ll,a«l Tut 'Police all »ia*e 
hftd 'upMtt in the covitteil top 
rank,!,. Th» ichie'Wiiitni « 
MMin'M' tttiomwacal and 
:illtM9i thai IHt inteitiMtuyini 
'HlMr ha*, 'itwned' Itwir eari .a 
Unv t,ni "f' ">'■ 'i P'>,'-'"'r''" ■"■■" 

liiiifi ■>' 1"" "''' '■''•":"' "■". 

glA. siiBetimct *e lau|li al 
tmngs '•«' d».l, under'itaiiit. It 
mmti'l mm. ,»P »* 'If* ftr»« 
•ti««il new pwiP' were ipored 

MdlaMW,' iDisiiie" 

'laef'i'ltke i'kioli al tfcmt loif " 

'iMW'IRNps, liidtamaiitlCiMtew 
ate 0,r'iide A *«wgwrtter- <h-i 
have wm,e»h.iil wmttj' 
Xhmt orantt «1 mu»u,: ■ ■ 
.•■li'Ult'lV MMlIt 'ibc 'K'aji wiiu; ui' 
Uie iiofe pf iiiofil,i,ail gnwp's '* 




Clevitr songs, t»i,i,mmabte 
melodiei all the ingredienl* 
(or immedtate luccess t„i«id 
m'usKiansbip. Hey, tftii ii gn*) 


tiiD Siinwn 'swni* to haw 
gotten t,ra'p(Ml I 'fHtn licisrin| hb 
latest "'Tfleko'it, " I miil'ttrei! ,ii 
lew mid eipWh'fis ;•"'' ■>'"'• '''^ 
the ftn)r|il>acln«l»,B,» ■.'■''•- i'' 
'lMlein»»»iiiini-,r«e», wtii.'ti ,■ .- 
lor »*'«f¥oi>e »i 'XM" fi'.',- 
•aitber l:(i'im'*-w' i" k'lii .' 
part-y Ihrow i"i •" , ' '=• 
\umM 1 Urt !"'„i^i, .i,',;,i!!'i- I !' - 
110 't a eriic'fc at 'Iib roiten' i ii,fc,<. 
It tat It III |i>!ttft|, t-edunitaiit 
Van m litm Ih earh %i'i»'eilit(e'r 

: h. I'f.'lt'ii.'ffT' tr,,r, > •■-', rill- 

,,i!,l< I hi ." H;, :'.!. .:,r.i''i''. .1 

lit 'By (,!»»' wiflDtHi'i Jill] vai'iiteO 
Hani. '"M"'no Hi 'that Koawi ' 

■| ni Itn prefio'i,,. , 
cai swear rt-ji;', 
t'ltdn't hurl lief dun. !■» m: i>t'iii»i 
listeiUMi lo. This KOHip rw'ks 
HHbwii ,«t>,aiti,loh , It I." J i'«ry 
ligM tiMch ot m'Usieians with a 
giMHl (ront-pera* Radw pre- 
|Fam»cr» hare drilled it tut" 
everyone thai this is "new 
wive ' Cre,!!' ii iiM mjule rmtti 
lor* *tre,',ii ' (lackagi? 

I'lkefaiB." ."It real y 

Mg No otleaif Hut .she really 
bores '(he 

Talking, Heads are always 
etrtening ,i:wi into new ways The 
aiH,nt I've bean) from 'then ni-w 
a'lMiai IS 'W* o' the Mri'mct-M 
'waH'W '!"' ve heard in nwnih'? rtn-\ 
., r. -.u>!'« '-eiJ to have tuoknl <:tul , 
,■:„-',. ('«» tttey eah't l>e label' 
new wave" 'band Th,i' 

. IfUlJ ,.1 [T, f"-„-", ■' 

,,,t, tree iron; tt.. 'i.:;!i 

lastisl irid has oiie ol tb<! 

•"•;,.r,' unui'Ue vocal rtyles in 
t»i()u,Ur music I'h. h«' really 
wails, Stewart Copc'land sounds 
like BIHBruford al timi», he''ia 
reallv last ,d'nimmer enhibiting 
(luite a l>it nf taste tJuilansi -\ii" 
<!\ >ui(>mers has come a long way 
iinee Krtc Burdop and (he new 
.Vrnmali. 'be i* under (julle a bit of 
creative pressure to fill in the 
sound ol tWs'three-jiiecebahd. He 
ttnl Msl a le«l pitarist. ihough, 
Thii'tait a ,|>»*er irto ginng one 
pcTMi the chancie to hog the 

Xtnyalta Mondalta" coo' 

IMUe* in the 'Win that has been 

deiselop'tng 'Since Rosanne " 
""[ms't Stand 'So Close- lo Hie' is a 
.giMNl pop nm that Ii a safe hi.:l 
(orlOp'Wrad'to GreaMyrlcs to<:>, 
cleujllng a hl,(ib'iC' learber's 
last tor one «i' hi* students The 

|i« '■"i\ , '" 1 ' !■ ' ' 

iiri'i '!,■ iiup' (,"H-"! 

■ ,' 

<*,..!' '■' 

. 1 III ":ki Meads in 

, .,.■ , , n,,1 " !"i,|,. ''It 'f'i*' lUtUI"*- 

111 ,('ai.} nstrniiiK hiusih: ' 1 don I 
think they'd tit iti very well 'with 

t,J 'VIIWU,!,!...! 



»tr s,ii|»h 

'xiMlMi couple ol in- 

'The Boss' proves it all night 

If the're l» a rock "n n* 
hti'ven then Bruce Spri'n,g»te<i'n 

I ,a,m aitaittedly lai^kMig iia 
■ay real iiib|,evtivtly itti Ulf sMbi'- 
tecl, bu! had (imv ddilitjiHWed 
cowiernlng the 'gfirtnfrteen 
legacy. Ihty **f« iiiwtedlatelj 
put to df aih at his *M » optsi 
'ilil hlltt cii«!tn, In the lirsl ot 
I'liw Midi out, 'Shows ■■! the t'p- 
liiwn., Biiiee %nti|i»tt«ii and 
Hie fjmt. Sliwt 'Halm pat out 
tturte aiMt M ha'll hilars ol Mglt 
•Mriy. iiim,ir»l«uph«iri» 

"Hie trt'iid WMtay .awohf 
■IMlMl, "'«iptral',an>'" is 'lo ar- 
niMlly 'itnill out hours after 

■wmm hiftcwiarw,, 'wamiiip tttnd 

and, driMito ,lorih loriy-'I'lve 
mlniitfi III se" ■?'•■••■ I ''i"'t' pulp 
SpniniHi** ''■ I ' '• 'b"' 

ai«tltn<(»oni,-. ^ "■"•«iiir 


WHhout 'the aid >„'i <milke 
iMintiis. lasc'r iNfaiTu.. ami other 
(■ellenl,!*! crutches , Ibe taiisn, 
opemwt with a Cbargihg refldi 
ttoiiii<""'»oriiiof'U,B, "lollowKi 
with '"riie 'Pniwiaed !.«n<i' awl 
■"Tmim iHveniUK Fre«ne'»,i'iil 
rniiii (hen oit I cmild 'iinty 
wiiwter why the cmwd bud lo 
pay Idf'ilie'ustol their seats, 

Point h I a n I 

'■Jndepenilence Day' and 

■"Cheirt Oarltni*' w'ere jusi a 

(to «l the ,»<in|» Springsteen 

irnek' fpim his }usi releaaed, 
.double live album. The River. 

Enuath w,ell-eovere<! were 
M'Sgl (roB ,Springsleeo*'» 
prev'Mut, two alliums. OarkMtt 
Oh'TIw ftigeof Toum and Born 
To Run. 

t'l'iinjiimni'ti *<„«■' 
iniiiiltftit .n^pl.i 

111 . ' ■ ', .'-itii'iH ai 

[I,, , ' !'i The East 

St...,..: M-lemert (o 

S p r < II ., >,i' o n c e r t 

chariwr... ,- ^IriMU'BaiMl 

diiftJiyed the umiiw' talent and 
iiidlvMiMUty '<il 'Mich member 
Hi •wclii • w«y Ita* they ciwi- 
trihuted to the overall etlec- 

lliveMss of the, group 

,11 the end of like c«K«rt. Spr- 
ingU'effi a,nrii,iun,pi"d that he'd 
be reliii . bicago 

■udmeltnn' i ■ .'i'id,of the 


This article i:sohvi«ialy only 
awilher 'iroall contribution to 
the rounlle'SS accolades 
'ihowenul upon Sprm,gisH«n. 
but slmild (be canoniMllon lor 
the' patron saimi ot rock 'n roll 
l'«propo,ied. 1 cannot suggest » 
'more likeii- candidate 

French entertainer 
Maurice fbevaller con- 
tinued li> "tar in movies 

teresimg instrumenlals reminis 
cenl of •■The Bed's Too Big 
Without You. ' Irom their second 
release These display the fine 
musrianship that is miiising 
Irom so much other new wave 
music Some may argue that the 
spiirlt of new wave lies in 
rougb'neis and inexperienced 
playing I I advise them to try and 
argue'withth*! Police 

The nsk has left Ihis style ol 
music The ascension has been 
«iuick the profits large What was 

considered unsafe two years ago 
is considereil highly ciimmercial 
now Wilh repetilion and 
familiarity, the human con 
sciousness will accept more and 
more New wave is normal, su it 
IS rsltier hard m ignore Or cs'-v 
ilejiendliig on your |)erspe<-t i \ t- 
'Neitl week. I'll 'be reviewing 
"Eem,aln in Ugbt." the new of, 
fermg from Talking I IcaiK Sm» i 
have lo ,Ke! Simkus '.. '-nlistiten 

Band leaacr Dulo' 
Ellington wwtinued t-. 
make records until n<' 

Egypt ■ 

Israel Tour 

Prospective study tour 
members are urged lo submii 
$7'.M by Monday, (let 20. to 
reserve a place on the Egypt 
Israel tour 

Due to an increase In air fare 
costs, the package cosi ol the 
lour will be raised by tii\ afti-r 
Oct ai The cost ha.s been rais 

The study tour viiils many 
tile* includtng 'Cairo, th.- 
pyramids. Luxor. Karnak 
Jerusalem. Bethlehem anu 
Galilee Harper wiU award 
academic credit to those par 

Slioes ol Harpers tecen! 
study lour to Egypt and Israel 
will be shown in the BIdg A 
lounge (K-t 20 Details are 
available from Martha 
Simonsen. Bldg F 351 or K 
«7b.ext 285 

nm MwMngar. OclolMr 14. IfN, Pagt 7 

TyjM^«>i4§, . ik 



I ear 


UP THE MIDDLE, nun Burtoci) MtB 
in tlw Hawto n-n IM to Rack VtUtf tarn 

rm«>rd Willi M« UiM oanMcatlvt 100 yanl niihint mine 
iB.a|n.. nth wmtmA. mt Hawkx tat WrlgDt Phm by 

Whjl a dlllennn « year 


Last MMson, the womens' 
lennu team plK'e<l ninth in the 
SJCAA naltmals A year later, 
the Hawks can't even get out ot 
Ihe Regicm IV s«'tMm.als 

The Hawks, who plawd 
I'ourlh out (){ (ive teams, were 
huoyt'rt tn (he play o( Fam 
Moyer am) .ijcqiiif Anderson 
lloyei- reached Ihe final* hut 
was elmimated Ijy Thornton'* 
\o 1 singlfs player Thornton. 
meanwhile, won the .sectional 
and now aitvance to national 

In the rfntjhlei. Mover ami 
\ni:lc(s<in igain reached the 
finals only to be turnwl back ti)* 
Thornton's \i:i I pair 

"We hid nothing to tut 
ashaiwd of " .said coach Mar- 
tha Boll 'Where they play fun- 
damentally polished tennk. we 
make niisiakei That wm the 
diffvrmce It was a ti>u.|it< one 
to handle" 

The wasum i.*n't over lust .yet 
The Hawks, ■ • '■ ■ piay. 

play DuPag' in a 

make-up ol <in f.;:ii-ii(.T match 
that was postponed liecause ol 
rain The Hawks then are m the 
N-M." m«t thi.s weekend 

■• I think It's gotns to be one o( 
thow days." said Bolt "where 
our team is guing to have to 
play ltst>esl tennis ' 

,\ll that's lell now i,s pride 

Women fall twice 
at tournament 

The MarjMT W<i»en.» Volleyball 
team M to Mm twice over 
tht- p,mi weeliMMt at l(lf lale 
..i.ks drop(X"d their 
games to Lake County and 
R«» Valley DuPage College 
was ttw oi:h«r Iwim itml roitntl- 
ett mil the twiitMiiMinl 'itf IMir . 

Lake County pounded the 
Hawk», :»ga.mes 'i- ^ ■ • 
ffl(1S-2. la-tl. and [ 

Rock Valley, a tin ii,»ihk to 
Duftie. ttnk three linJlM 
trom the Hawks, IS-W. IM ani 

■■Ve ].usl (km't play wilfi run- 
siswncy," cowmeiited first 
year vnllejlmH, Couch tyiw 

tiitfliewk. The girls have t» 

'm* rueryoi* else i» 

playing the game and then uW' 
,all llictr ability ' ' 

Good perfo'rmjnces on part 
<tf the Ha*k» were .*nn 
%»ln>w*li,i,. TeiTi B.a,ue:r, Karen 
Kamradi. Thtresa Hudek and 
ijntn Haticr 

The Hawks have eiHii gmcs 
remiinmg and then tilt MC'- 
f ionats. III which they ans .hnift- 
■•!|{ forward to, 

■We've got eight games, com- 
mg .•gaimt t,eam,s that are 
cqua,ll|' utatcUefl," said Cmeli 
IHlcheoc* "We'rt realty loolt- 
lag forward to sB:liona,l,» cause 
that will gi»r us a rematch w ilh 
sonte of the twinui we've 
alre,id> played ' " 



,. - *■; 



-iU isont mm imp* 4 

what aakw .Harper CWteff 
ttck? TlMBenm* l» tht Inlerna- 
ti«Ml SiuitMt Orfaniiation of 
HariMr Cnlto|r matlliiR on 
Thursday . (kl.. tl at hum or at 
6|;m InBtdg: AXH 
Welcome. ('■• •■" ■ '•■,' 




:BMi«MHlt. Iin* liMlnii. Ha 
KalMtus rt ceaif ralUe talltc. 
wlr comet, 

Danci* ensemble 

The I'hicap) ,Slovm,g I'om 
pany. one ot the nation's few 
modern reperlory dance 
emiembte *ii perlorn, ,here on 
Ftiltaji'. Oct, ''IT Two per- 
larw.a:iifes will be pwKMited in 
Stdg J, Rmm Wat »,Xia m, 

The company till ir 
variety otehoreoRi.': 
.IB a prifgram of .■■ii','r:-',i,..r,»i>. 
atwlract. .lyrtci:. l: .,i;;.,:i"c and 
»)u,n'io,ri,M,is oflermgs 

Tti* ta,:>i-pac«i morning pn>- 
gr,»,m. '■)il,o\'er- ■■■'• 'M'l.i.-m 
ifltendisl prtm.,:: • '■ , -. r^-' . 
age children, ,A.(.tiiii™,a.un *> m ■,■.■ 
hut fe«efif«,;i«W' mi»t !» n^.ittf 
in idTanMby ealllnf eitt 24.1 

PiMiie ailnlMiKm to the even- 
iltg p«r(ori»«nce 'is II 'H,a,rper 
ituilents wtlJ ■ ■ • rrcr 


"FOOTBALL. * ' .Marty Poociak 

lalMnr*) ami .Ainh' Bolwwifcl 
talc aim aplmt LIncnIn in Die 

Rawks l,I-t win - th«lr bluest 

IB hislory Ttw Hawks, now T-o- 
4, tM OuPagc M and 'Wlwalon 
U laat: «Mfc,. TiMf tac«d 
'WanlMMuM* In Urn rtgion 'IV 
Nflftli dlTiiiun ibmitown and 
KWiwaukeeSuwlay ita.rtlngat 
Ul an PIMiM toy Lart Lynn 

IL §i^^ ^ 




A boa nantlrictoi mtmi rsacti 

• lamitb of tl (Mt. 

Wr«stltn| practice startt Monday. Oct 30, at 3 p m in M building 
Pliyilcal namM. For mare information contact Roger Bechtold or 

timm Lovdactatait. MT/IM.. 

Pm»^ TM**4««lnt*r. OcNMr I*. ifW 

Harper's chance for 
victory Saturday 

HjirfMT'i chaticti (or ifcrir 
lira victory i>i ttw rniMtm In 
iMUtall Mver kmkta (w«*r 
■ton this iip«:omting, * wKwd , 

SMurtay .tClfrmwn HMtper 
will host Wnghi i:" alien* *' 
iMtM In IMr sMiind to lail 
tmm garmrof Ihe «as<:in 

WngM has a iUie qiwrter- 
biick jna rminmij It-jm 
:lit»*ev«' t'Bej' cloii't |>ro(tn* 

tr «•' |>lay |«hI an) itim'l 
inaleilw tiirmtvfw, I ttiirik m:- 
CM «iil tllil* one. " wmOMmlril 

Tl» Tyrrell will be the pnt- 
tMlil# «taiitn| iiiMrtMtMCi (or 
llw Hawk*, wltle Scott Ctakljiil 
lonks (III with U» kmet tii}iirj 

QlttH«<t :iila|fd titily l'"t 
fsmn «> lar tliit sciHfw 
hwausr of the iritury tie suf 
lerwl e«rt) in thf ira»on 

Demetns Uame*. Hiirpefs 

A !' !I" H>S tight ewl will tM! 

!).M, k on th* Ddenslve aqurni litis 
wwK Dyrtng the Jtiliift gum* 
two W'celu a|i>. IttnttM m(- 
fCM<l s twtstol shMfMir at]4. 

|HWm» t* tlMI.. G«IMS WM 

ni„v./l I.. ^l..^.•Il^.^.■<•ml 

I . • .■>! ita hrii 

in-: . ■ ••i; the 6*11 

m tm- ■ • uT Mat* 

Hii(t»<iri ■■ fiver m 

■«Hherl.iM<...' '"-11 

Alting with Ciaities and Hud' 
iim. Bot> Btlj'k a»'i<l Jetl Jcuiten 
a4il even more drpUi in 
ttorpef » reeeivers 

with M this talent. MartNiT * 
«Ij pfcWem Irnmn l>t(«»r 

Their qu;(rtfrt)iH'iif> 'ifeti'l 
the Nrsl (wswTN Jiiid cati'l 
•iHrtls m tfw hall irt» lh» 

rtie cMi-heo (ki an eicetlMK 

).(* in Sf'''"'L'. i'- prepwed tor 
thugaint'- •'.li'-' MtphoBimre 
Caines. "tuit uur tmn ntfMal 
mittiikM i» ilie flehl hurt m 
■■■Wf make things hnnlei on 
euniel ves than it stoultl be 

Saturda.) atternoon the 
Hawk! should have an e«»y 
nine sf ll, awl they ihouM (Nf 
•Me tti pass iheir «a> «p »nd 
do»n the (leld The iinly pri>- 
hleffl. t» ifHthB I he twill there. 

TIte game kkks (id it I p in 



World Series Brain-Teasers 


i.,..,i..t .'.rt. ' 
ll.i..ti,iJi rlui.. 
LU H..H'' F*#t.d 
'.. < I. Ill J'IMI 
I'hr«f i«'"i,«*i'mt 

rir*l *eon» »• 





If th«T 

1,1 L«^ 


i» fl:rmt i«m». iilK>iJ»h. il>»r» 

»„,, „,. ,1 ...l.r.i K.„„..-h»ll 

n,,'. ., f ..;l, :.....- "il'l ' "• 

,, -, , , ,, ■'... r, :'''•• ('■«wtt 

f#t *l>'fwrr* U'- your 

»«!(! rr«j«ti, Icwk on •*' 
h,»ek» "( •(ttcitil'V itttrkeiJ 
Ht-(- i,i"i- <■' wnn- t.i 

I. 111...! • ^i. 

Placek No. 1 Cross-Country 

OWen. Iml m the niaie of team, 
fpnrt athletes, major iports 
■cMarships. recruiting and 
eligjbimy violalMim,, are the 
UMtiviituaMeam •tptrt athletes 
Tiim Placek is hanlly anexeep 

plaeek. a wetmman ti 

HtllMr after ipendmg a year at 
Wtttern llUnoi*. is the Hawk* 
Ma. I cmta-fiitiBtf y runner and 
tm a Icflttmatt iM at Alt' 

■He* gill a food common 
itnie apivmach to runaiiig; 
Mf'f CroM country coach Joe 

Vltlnm He-i a good kid lo 

Have around He has talent, 

PlactI flartail rwMni a* ■ 
lufininan In Vlrfinia Tlien 
beta*' hi* «(pihoniore year, he 
iM«e«t to Sich,aum.l)urg He had 
an UBCvrnlfui junior .season, 
but, as senior, Plarek was Mi 
Mid-Suburtian League. Alt- 
Oi»tricl. w»i undtfealied. in 
dual meet*, and. net the 'Schiio! 
record at Schatimiiurg's 
■(nnner coune 

rrmn ailvice ot hti coach at 
■fcliauinlMJrf. Ptaeek *ent to 
•talent We»tem, however, 
dldnT have a crosn.couolry 
team No*, alter a year m*iiy 
trom corapeiitive running. 
Placek » at VlartwT 

Placek ha» had a decent 
year He Marletl tlie WitMit 
with a .nth place nnwh at Dan- 
ville He Inera I'ollowed with 
Ijlh. 12th, 4th. and Hit place 
Imishe'i al WauboMee, 
Dufaae. Oafc,to.n„., and the 
!,,„,„,.,. ..1.,.., I........ ii.-iMaiiiier- 

Ibrrn , ..rsatthe 

Oikt., I •> here he 

••I tmt tB hi* aivimon and 
Iwitli overall. He iintshied the 

•7 love it. I wish I loved U ms much in 
hi&i school asldo now. In high school, 
you practice, practice, practice. In col- 
lege, it's ra*"* individual it's up to 


lo«r-«He couri*' in ai mimiK's. 
Hat This Saturday. Wavt-k will 
lake the Hawks in» the con' 
terence meel al DuPage 

Regional* are a week Jrom 
Saturday, tollowed by the far 
ihage 'Open and then the 
MJCAA (inals. w:here he needs 

to IWtW: tn lite top lilohe All' 

Ptacek was tiirneU onto .ntm»'- 
ing by his older brother "He 
tricked me into it." »«y» 
Placek "He told me. 'Why nol 
he the O'lily (reshman to ftlrt 
out tour years ol cross coun- 
try "" So I went out tor the leans 
So did nor i:>««,her Ireshman " 

Bevond this seaKin and his 
iie»l two years in college. 
Placek .has sel no immedisle 
running goals. ' ' 11 you're really 
lalenled. you can try out for the 
Olympic* There's always 
marathoning After collt|i, 
though, you run mainly tolttp 
in nhaw . * " 

What drives an individual, 
ttke Placek. who runs li'Si 
mtles a day to stay m peak 
shape, to com,pete m a sport 
where recognition » spari*. ll 
that" "fVrsO'nal v»a,» more 
lh«n ,a, " .say* Placek 
-ll would l)f nice t.i lift .1 
icliflarship to * lour 'year 
- ' Your triendi: .Ittap .y w going 

(00 You want to run as hard as 
them, txTaufte you don 'I want 
lolet them down," 

There is more strategy to 
running than condltwninK 
» conditioning is the key 
to 'ninniitg 'You can't go out 
loo tasl or you'll burn younell 
out Vmi 'have to paw yourself 
Vou try to gel the runner in 
tntnl Of you." says Placek 

tlost ol running, though, is 
mental 1 1 takei endurance and 
del''ati'on (o f'lnlsh a five- 
mile course as 11 A:ie« condl' 
iwning If you're Ihinking 
well,"' sayi Placek. "you're 
.running well 

Despite the lack of reCiOgni- 
tlon, the continual iratnlng. 
running is wtiat keeps the 
unassum'ing Placek going 

"I love 11." he says "l wish I 
I'O'ved It more m high 'school as I 
dii nnw Koi a whole lot ot peo- 
ple .do II l< « habit you te«'l 
'guilty If V'ou don't run. or you 
get out (if 'Shape It's nice lo 
have Ihe leeling ol tx'ins in 
sh,ape ' 

Kight Mi'W, .Placek Is aini'lng 
tor 'iwo things: Alt American 
and' ■ icMarshlP'tp a Iwr'-year 
•W'hool If he doeS' both, he will 
have jceomplished' another 
goal "id like to save my 
pai«nia some money . loo. ' 

Heprabahly will 

Hm *n MBiMliled trip)* 
p,lav *'*er hi^#i» nmtw 
in '• World St'O" «.»mf"' 

...ij.»,' i>p'-\\ ii,:t>l 
tm ,)•• ■«"<!> MK'i -"11 
III aiii'B'W W>J <"41 "' 
ual'twitt ulii'flKiJf; Mjq] 
'I no' iP'd '■aifMi'UiiM 
"•!HW otui**en put' 
ma '.«ii»tP'iJ| P<nf(«*JiD 
■»it.i« ''I'A 'UaM'SNV 

Which plJ>v.-r hm ti.i (he 
mart H»n» «un» in World 


1|'|IM pJiK1«*i (till ftflfOI) 

'.,«.'*'i(uw ^ '1"i",V *"*N *Mt 
,.. ^|:)U«|« «ai|.»iW' \w"* 

.Mmt^ Mim^^ |ifOc«'i|'»|si 
puw u«Ju<«oj'v |*ipyiO 
JO iMnprjnuutii ^'Xuinl 

Uio.'t •>t"*'''t> K'irMO*) 
'•l«tl|,«<ri| •..>"! O.LV 
0"| »MI|»iO.-«3%' M.-i,'\\S\V 

SBEVICC The wwntR'i mlleybaU icam ww lor llw Bnt ttm« 
■UKctaatScfit. !4 with • lS-5, lS-«, 7 is. and is-u wtn over Kaimedy 
Ktni In Uie ilftt match ot the leaMin The Hawks. Uiough. baven'i 
mn UnM. Phol»by Jim Davii 

Tie is symbolic of Hawks 

It wasn't thai Hie Hawks tied 
OuPage 1 I last Wrtnesday 
that bothered coach Santlow 
SW'bO', 11 was the way ihr 
'Hawks wound up lyine 

'"I (tmi'l know *»);jt i»i> re 
thinking aiioiii ' ' ' -ii'io 
tiler Si u Thorn).' ."al 

gyve the rhat>i' '"' 

with the fl.l^»w.^ ll waini.'l 
Sill's lautl ' N.;;it".' .'id'de*! "ll 
•.t* 'I goalie Siev«i Totld's 
taU'lt He's just nol taking 
(iarte like he slMwld be " 

'The Haw k.s then' went out and 

tied '* ■ The Hawks 

amW" ■ " • 

The loss to tiuPaue was a liijf 
Mow to the Hawks Harper had 
buried llie ("haps' cirltrr ,m. .the 
ve.»r. ll t> The In' 1'iort.H because 
il leaves the Hawks m a must 
w I It situation a g a I (I s I 
Waubonwe tor the %o i 
the Region l\ 
three weeks The 
'ii.r.. ii> u<M Wat*ta»m»»e 'earlier. 
I l 

The ti* IS tym'h«H'le of the 
^swk . ^ ' ' 'ser seorwg 11 

goals m li'H'i «ins '»<", wwds 
ago '"> 11 over 'I'l'ilmii ...iml 1.! J 
over tiiKolii .' . Ihe Hawks have 
managet* only three goals m 

ihisir last two games twth 

lies aod that ikies not ihrlll 


"1.1 we think consianlly 
throughout the game.'" said 
Sjijbo, ■•we should he 
undefeated ' Hut, he added, 
"Thcsf Iji.t'in.-. art^ sitst tuit 


tn . - 

scorv iiyi ''H"'i'irn sM"..!)t \4t- ^t,iiui 

around ami admire irurselves. " 
The Hawks arc. ot course', 
better than the team thai ({ol In 
the iHJCAA Mi'dweil Kegiimals 
last year before falling .hi 
What Maho means .however is 
that cnmpareil wilh the caliber 
of national play, the Hawks 
aren't thai good Miami Dade 
S<wlh, which won last year''» 
N.ICAA lllle. recruits players 
from "th«T wunlrte*. That » 

itmmi year 

. ,.li 


been a 

Another lie would tnosl likely 
knock them out o( the No I 
Region IV North playoff? 
tiecause "Waubunsee. »-2-l!, h«i^ 
more wins and fewer ties \ 
win over Waubonsee aiu: 
Kishwaukee another Regioi, 
IV North rival, would give the 
Hawks a better Region IV 
North record 

"If we heal Waubonsee and 
Kishwaukee. " said Szabo 
■•we'll be seeded No I But i( 
we play like we did against 
DuPage. forget It ■ 


fares well 

The Hairper CoIto|r SiMwcti 

T»*m etBif iMne fn,n, e»»m- 

Ft": W it Iltlwiis Stole I'Mwt- 
Hlj *Wi Mterai narfci or 

Harper's Sandv Kuppu'l 
rnwivml exceUenl " and gmxl 
tUings in 'infurmadivif jp^ait- 
inn. ""Jl itrtH r«*tv«d' gWKl 
ritings in itramatlc llteriityrtf 
md (Mwfrj' tnicrpremtiiMi ud 
Drnms Adami rweivwl gml. 
•.ud fair ratinp In .(leriiiailve 

.Mjttoei Mtittsr rtcet»»«J 

*mtm MMm mm » mma 
ptoee awani hir ptmnaiiv,, 


AewrtHng ici J*n McCraih 
nffmeh am*, the mmpetttton 
tn mmt categories »a«, toti 
notch Bradley rmvcrsilv 
jwejit Iheswwpitatestrtiptiv ' 
He weni m u, enphjin thi4 
Hkrp^r team meiahern art 
iwvlcei tiMl uie iiMimamm 
i«r¥«d a* an ImportjiM leant- 
Ing fJtperieiM* ftir them The 
toim will travel «» Ball state 
UiUveriiity it»r aaottier tourua. 
.mint m Ntivemtoer 

Harper bookstore 
prices comparable 
to chain stores 

Save gas bv shopping at the Harper bookstore 

Prices on ten ftems were checked at K-Mart, Venture 

and Chandler, a slationery store in Wheeling 
The prices, were found to be fairly equal, with slightly 

higher prices listed in the stationerv store: 



WAtam Rainey Harptr College 

Vol 14 No 9 
Octo«)ef23, 1980 

Educational Foundation institutes 
student excellence program 

Haroef Colleie'i e<iiica> 
uunal PmuMlatlmi' InttlMMl an 
"'Award Inr bMHtra " pra- 
te " ■ 

•t t amm mm mm cm mi 
■MUf al .IMMT and te 

■ant i« acadtmiei. co- 
amcalar actfvuitt amt cwn- 

iMy. a waeial am 



iMMn Of CfWUt. 11M 

«■ cmw tujtiiMi, tNMika. 

hmra at dirtdnra. tor Mtaction 

"Wf lee this award as 
part of our continuing 
•(fort to demonstrate 
the excellence In tlw 
Harper program and 
to recogniie the 
students who are 
achieving It." 

af nanty. iMMika a:iui 
eiliicatlMai cqulpmnt to wp- 
ptanttil the Inttructliinal pro- 
gran* at Harptr Pituda which 
have l>eefi donated toward rtu 
dent iclwlarships will be used 
loauppon the new award 

Appitcatlon deadline lor the 
•ward II ym IS Applkatlans 
are attilatjte in the Pinanriai 
Aid Otri« /Bids ASM, 

Supplies are bought at discount prices and sold at the 
suggested retail price, said store manager Pat Furtak. 

The profit is small and usually goes back into Inventory 
or into paying (or the cost of returning unsold items, Mrs. 
Furtak said 

Genetic Bacteria Growth 

flpv a' JfwaK'il' tiff faw'tce 


by tacul 

serv'tce itiper- 

a eM ipMMMt. Ap- 


<jf adi(>Mlnr«ltlH!| 
stodenta, ailwliiatralork. 
.iMMlly and staffl members 
fhtti' Mnnmittcc will Iw reip<in' 

ta Hm knwlatiMi:'* 

iMlMla liaflaiitiit their sr 
Mini' itir al: linarln the ini 
lai' MniMlw will Ite tl}glt>le to 
apply tor the scholarship Ap 
plicant* iwisl be a (uti time Mu- 
(Jetil with a grade point anerai* 
ol 3 J or litglMir and niiit Iuvf 
completed M hours of cmrm 

mt Educatimwl FmiMiatiMi 
wat'aitiHMMlii miaasatsi 
Iht etMum In piwitiini at- 
eellent rducalioaai op 
portuotises tor diitrict 
retitkiii* In the paM. the (nun 
ifatta has received 0tif smI 

(Cm - ,)ti>l a lea yean api, 
"genetic ei^nMriitg" bnuglit 
la mind InafM at super-human 

races, eacapid lethal hactarla 

plahiflst ]ok- 

ingly put it, "iriple-taeadMi pitr- 

pla itumaten." Masy o( those 
pmapecta and tears - as well as 
■MM icrlous cnnceras about 
tsiaty ~ arc sttll widely 
disciiased. But already the in- 
taat Iwlinolofy of gene splic 
ing, also known as recoinbinsnt 
DNA, liai produced a 
Hwrgashord of useful and im- 
portant Itemf 

Bacteria -carrying stowaway 
genet from otlier species have 
tieen CMSMl iiMo- producing 
nutrients, tnlt-freeie. 

iD'edically-valuable substances 
like Insulin, and tite starling 
materials for the industrial 
manufacture of paints, pcr- 
lumesind plastics. 

These living Isclortes have 
the potential to do for medicine, 
industry and agriculture what 
the calculator did 1« the slide 
rule F.nvironmenta!ists argue 
they might aiw have the poten- 
tial tor creating viruses and 
germs, and thus dtseaies. that 
medicine won't know how to 

Al recently as March. ifTii 
Indiana I'niversilv (orum on 
the safely of recombinant DSA 
work, a' science Journalist 
■doubted that certain potential 

At long last! 

Gmi tklngt mme to those who wait and the Hawks 

wailMl long enough for a football victory. S«e paget 





beneliti of recombinant 
research would ever 
materialiie " 

Two years laler, research 
has overcome many of the 
obstacles to making insulin out 
of bacteria Kussell Ourbin, 
spokesman (or Eli Lilly * Co., 
lays. We exoect lo test biosyn- 
Ihetic insulin m patients before 

The techniques developed In 
basic research labs are already 
finding Iheir way into 
diagnostic hospitals Doctors 
ire employing eniymes to iden- 
tity human genes They hope 
that, in ih«' words of the tniver- 
Bity of .Mlnoesota's Walter 
SaurtMer, the techniques will 
help bring the ■ (urther refine- 
ment of definition and 
diagnosis o( genetic defects " 

And last June, the US 
Supreme Court helped bring on 
Ihe age ol commerciallv- 
distributed recombinant D.VA 
products Ananda Chakrabar- 
ly, now of ttte University of Il- 
linois Medical Ce'nter, 
developed a bacterium that 
could help clean up oil spills for 
General Electric, then his 
employer GE refused lo sell 
the bacterium until it could be 
patented The Supreme Court 
decision ruled thai, for the first 
lime, man-made 'life Ibrms" 
can indeed be paten ted 

The ruling is expected to in- 
spire more commercial ap 
plications of genetic engineer- 

Although the Supreme Court 
decision referred to an 
organism thai was not con- 
structed using recombinant 
DSA techniques, bacteria- 
carrying genes ol other 
organism!^ may fall into Uie 
category of new hie forms. Said 
one noted gene splicer, "The 
main benefit will be tor 
lawyers They will be repreaen- 
ting companies while the courts 
figure out what the 



At last! Scholarship for "open" students 

Applawe. applause! Al last there Is a Kholarsttip 
■peclflcally desigMd (or second year students But the 
l>ig news Is that they do not have to he children of 
veterans, in desperate need of rteanelal aid or even 
eorailed in a certain pragrara. 

X/6 K6\*€^ H6AR6 OF 

n* KariMr (MtanC' BlItKa- 

'iMwliit cM9Mt<t tlwlr hM fmi 
ot cati>Miliin al Haifcr 
Than arv Miri wnrtl tlam- 

*um. am lum m tw net. IIS 
polil av«ra|i' miiiil Itc 
) Mid milt* ton <tl IH' 
in ctt-cufiMilcr ac- 
UtWaa 'iir cnainiinlty mtvim 

l«ll Uie MM texwrv of Die 
MCMd !■ UM' Imi Hum iM' wiMlar 

Ml 11m 
lit llta ip- 
lUeanu PtiuncMil m»A ana) 
■nnlUnMU in * caruin program 

apt fvqpiltwl no innrw than riot 
I aquada •( a M^arpcr MM- 

tlwjr an 'iM ennXM in a certain 
fngntm. not purwtnt • wrtain 
ana <il Mirt or itniMi' dw mh 

imM: ttnnle eodHa «<. Ii)i Die 

ifwum itiould Itaar In nlnd. 
tiMl wlitlc * fliMlent If In .kUMI II 
iiM' UM nacfaarlty mean that h« 
la Ml 'having imili'lt itw 
flnawW flbllgalliaa lnimtv«d 

II la Inqwlant Mr tlhnU^ 
wpattatlnM' tn aMkr ihoa* ol a 
certain herttagc aaaiaianca mti It 
U ctpiaUy impanun I 

•t flaaadil aH. IM afenve all. It 


I or liy|)aaaf«l wttan the 
lurfel arc b«<»g doled out slni{>l3' 
r thrj' can aftord tchool or 

ir the aehnlanhlii Ol>- 
Ihejr have abwlutely 

notiuni to loaa- And If thqr gaUi. 
tuition, Ixxifc, tuf^y and padiia- 
tlM f«c* tat the ipring acmaaitr 
«1U tw met by the foundation. 

The loiindaUiui i* quite sincere 
tn Itt cftortt. In order lo avoid 
"cheating" one Harper claw out 
ol the ctiance tor the Khotaratilp. 

• ipaelal award was •atabltahad 
tor those wrapping up IS 
mmetttt hours of credit al the 
and ol the tall atdMilw And itm 
•choianhlp la Ml. ■Mie talaa Ui. 
the pan Idea 'Owtwil be hne to- 
day and not tooiomiw; H wlU he 
an annual award 

While there II ittU a long way to 
go tn (Inanrlally assisting "open" 
students I those not Involved In a 
certain program, etc. >. thU U a 
small step for the Coundatloo and 
a fant leap for ihoae struggling 
10 audio ooda meet in the toltlan 

Groups make accreditation evaluations 

TlKs wed la i. particularly 
busy and i.iii{M.rliH>t oite tor 
Hirprr Oillegt Three gntUips 
o( fiMiors tutu etini* lo the 
cam.pus to Mi.alce MTrvdlljiitm 

The evalualMw team Irom 
the Hmik Central .^tMciiitioii 
ot fiilleje* and Sefimdary 
Schaiolt was m cam{>tt* (rom 
Honiny fhmt||ti< vitOntniay 
Ifflr a re-a«>creilti,.*tton vi5,ii 
Harper College wat the first 
Iwo-yewr instllution. in Illttiols 
10 rvwtve uni)u.iilitleil lull ac 
creditatwi in l;m. only six 
yean alter it-n liiumllnf North 
Owrai %s:MC'iati()ti actreitita 
two u gtMtn to the tnstltutloti as 
• ttMe. and attestt lo a high 
level ot pertorniance in all 
area* oif operatlcm. The tm- 
portance lo the rtudenl ot 
Harper's ilesignatim as a I'ully 
acsndRMl college is rc'tlected 
III Inuferalitltly ol credit to 
tar-yaar iHl]tiit.MiM. aiMl the 
Mill rcfant ■i¥iii the cer- 
tiieate or aiiiKWla degreei 
earned 'herc' 

Serving on the Sortib Centnil 
.AaMC'iaiton evaluating learn 
were . Or t)ait.M. B 

From the 
desk of. . 

James McGrath 

i,'r».tW'di!r. Prewdent o( West 
Virginia !4on:hern Community 
fill I eg* , I>r Charles 
McDowell, Ilepartmcnl Head. 
Cuyahoga Community College 
Dr .Rtihert Kicher, PrrMilcni 
Southeast C.».inin:iin,lty College 
tir Oeio V- Dllagyi. Vice 
Prcsidenl. Xlacomh Couiily 
Community College: and Mr 
Raymond J Slltb, Eieculive 
Dean, Pima County Cotnm.un.i. 

The team met w Ith the Board 
ot Trustees, admlniitratorii 
and representatives ot various 
areas of the College:. The 
preliminary report of the team 
will be .compileltit .and itnt to 
the college by De<: I 

The set'und group, a team of 
five .pemms from the Illimis 
Communiiy College l|.i»ard 

1 1CCB I in Springlield. arrived 

on Wednewiay lor i two-day 
UeciiCiillion Visit. The ICCB 
ct'ituaiion Is tradiiio.nally 
schethileid concurrently with 
the North Cenlral AssiKiatlon 
vlsH... since both agencies are 
re»ie»in| the ColleRc as a 
whole Members ol the ICCB 
team are. Keith R. tape. 
Ilecognitlon Oftlcer; C 
William Cotms, Finance and 
.Audits, Charles A Hempstead. 
Site .(ind Conslnictton and Stu^ 
dent Services, Dennis W 
llowland. Instruction, and Pen.. 
tiy \. Wiitlhaas. MIS and In- 
stitutional Studle» 

In addition to general ae- 

creditatton ol the College, 
leveral ot Harper's programs 

are eligible lo see* accredita- 
tun Irom professional astocia. 
tions The third evaluation 
team, on campus from Monday 

throufh Thureday, represents 
the National league of Nurs 
ng. EvatuaUun team memb«n 
are Sylvia Bdie aM Mom 

They have heam Obwn.ln|| 

student clinical experiences 
and meeting with students, 
represcntalives of the Nursing 
Program and facully mem.hers 
from (he various divisions 

The Nursing Program Is 

seeking accreditation for the 
tint time As more nurses plan 
to eantinu«> study at fotiryear 

mttiluiion», accreditation 
bei'omes imptirtant in assuring 
Iranslerahility ol credits earn- 
ed in the first twoyears 

This week also marlted the 
start of the second eight -week 
■cssta ot classes Late eiiroll- 
inent H»r the second halt of the 
semester continues through 
this week 01 particular in 
teresl this session are the many 
eight wee* physical education 
classes availble in Building M. 
Siudenis may also wish lo visit 
the division office to find out 
about hours set aside for 
rwreatlonal use of the fine 

There ire ifiany Interesting 
programs, lectures, and films 

coming to the campus during 
the remaining weeks ot the 
semester, and Intercollegiate 
athletic matches are underway 
in leveral iports. 1 hope you 
will continue lo enjoy the varle 
ty ol activities available lo you 
at Harper 


It was reported in Ihe Oct 16 
Issue of the Harbinger thai Ihe 
"senate holds regular meetings 
every Wednesday at 4 p m in 
the Student Activities Office. 
Bidg A:136 " The correct loca- 
tion for the meetings is Bidg 
Altlc at I p m every Wednes 
day All students are Invited to j 
attend the meetings 


WfiUiim Katney Haipcr College 
Algonquin l> RoseUe Roads 
Palatine, IL 

.Letter lo the Editor 

jcijXkf-'ij..s€5s ■ iOfto. fj'i. 1.J.IC Qdours 


Eacuies. encuses, excuses 
'Hi*' word itielt l» seldom 
fvcraitd. tMt rather iis's the 
Mtvlitaal nieaning that WMs 
pul»eri»1 inCi'lht* urowrwl T'vi- 
,|ei ■■ ' 

«ipi»ining. *ni sir m,; r*. 
oiic IS itial ""• 

E.xcuie«.. eHuici. excuses 

those iell-create<l detours i.ii 
that daily game ol tile 

i'n sure a day itoefo't |i» by 
.at Harvier. when sometaMty ts 
privately toymi' "■■••••■ ""• idea, 
"1 wonder il s" ■. la-- 

tureon campu- ,<■« it 

would. Iw ..great .it Uui group 
'1 peilwtti here also." or 

'tvcn, "wiutd taking weelily 
visili hi that coniplrx in- in-. 
iiorporated .into m> rnuix,' ' In 
.itlOft CSMS, Ihow iileas * ill re- 
man exactly that, private 

tlwuahls " Vou don't risscrvc 
itgiii to com,plaln aliout 

. ,. mailers until you openly 
iiitm.ii to yourself that you have 
tried everything in your 'power' 
to put such a sttu^stion. thin 

"Iwtng . ' ' ot lingering m 
to il " in the conversati'lMal 

I have thus lar written four 
consecutive ielters to the 
editor " 1 obviously had 

something I wished to share 

that being expressed in words 

I had atmi m:i|ieu lo pas;-> iiloiiit a 
me», wnich was presented 
through the consistencv oJ my 
letters, or "between the lines" 
one Wight say We .should all 
learn to take advantage of any 
avenui! opened lo us. in this in- 
sianc* tiemg the cam.pus 
.nifwspaper This Is the ideal 
place to write aboul that ex- 
pertent*. idea or observation 
yni had just last week 

11 yiiu have >omrlhing, on 
your 'mmd, wincti vi,iy i«i is 
important enouitli to put in 
print, well then lei s hear it 
This 1* your school newspaper 

an exieniM voice of yourself 
Most eMuses, no matter what 

form ttiey take are cneap. You 
may say »'hal a poor English 
sludenl you are, ymi jusi can'l 
leem to' lonnulate your ideas 
on paper (Jh. so you don't have 
the rirnc II it's important 
enough !!■ v.m make Ihe lime 
Man.'. .1 lime you'll iioi ice that 
the same leeling has crussi-d at 
least a doien other minds, but 
nolhtng was .said, and as a 
result, nothlnit could be done 

We should start using the 

energy which ts so wasielully 
spent on "excusing ourselves," 
and use ii procliiotivpiy by 
working towards making 
things happen 

Hollv Kutter 


-sjniruKJiiur Mikf B«ml>*i'hl 

ftmtti Bailor Hick Knhnkr I 

,.U»i esniii Kdinir LonLyMiGuyl 
Curlotiolil MHuGraKhl 

nutnm* MamiiiT K aihy Ht> | 

Slillt , .liK htm. N"' . •■ . 

.Mike Smkiu. Kant 
t>iini»u siijjjmovif !■■ 

»ili<Ky Meyer, i.|ll Slerntwr u I 
«lv'n«f tl«n«ll«>i PlrovaiKil 

ni. HARBINGER i» lh» >tui<nit| 
publlcalimi fur in*. Harper Col 
eamiiuc rumni unity. iMiblltlMd wveklyl 
•inspt (luring holMayi and nnal n| 
inis All milUiini cipraaaM an ih 
ol (he wlltr and aal iiiiiiiiiilj i 
ol U» mllege. lu admuiiaraUBiJ 
laciiiiy ar fluOenl body AdvenutnJ 
and cmiy dtwdluie is ixxn Fnday an 
(-■i|>y II ,ub)Ml 10 pdlling All Lell«n| 
toOif-Edltor mu»t DC ftlgned Nan 
wlU be puMiUifd For (urtlwr ln| 
ftjrmaHor i-ji!l 397 wion rjit WO or «»I 

TTw M«r>lm»r. Octabf M. IMO. Pagal 

U • 



Laserworld is more than a movie, more than a 
concert, more than any laser show 

tnsMJe a speciaify designed theatre complex , 
you. the passenger, will be taken upon an i 
imaginary deep space voyage created by some 
ot the top visual effects experts m America 

Laserworld was credted in the spint of "Star. 
Wars and Walt Disney s Fantasia" and 
Mission to Mars " The voyage features 
realistically created countdown and blastoff 
sequences, spectacular laser illusions, original 
sound effects and music faithfully reproduced 
on a specially designed BOSE SurroundSound 
Speaker System Musical selections include 
Mussorgsky s Pictures at an Exhibition,' 
Battle in the Snow' from "Star Wars." and 
Pink Floyd's 'Blue Sky " 

Every performance is created and improvised live 
No two performances will ever be the same 

tas«rworld flight schsdules: 
Friday: 8:00, 9:30 fi 1 1 :00 

Saturday: 1:30, 8:00, 9:30 & 1100 
Sunday: 1:30, 7:30 & 9:00 

Tuesday thru Thursday: 8:00 & 9: 30 


44S-U11 HOIsHte Shoppmg CwKw 

LasprworW « rnnvementiv located withn an hour s "' 

cirivp rrom anywfiere ir tlie Chicaqoland area Take tne ,, 

f .siwvmwpr F.prpsswav e»tt at Mannhem Road Sbuth Ujm nqht K 

'■■■■ "■.■■■•• ' ;; IP tci LaserworkI || 


Trees, canoes, 
mushrooms - all 
part of Davis 

Gfmifii I, Gemim II. Super- 
Iretr and Hat(-I)ead an? Jus! a 
lew ml Ihe irees thai surreuntl 
•Ichii Davis' hiHisf 


acres ot •*i«>fieii larnj in I aHc 

\'iHa "II was easwr to name 
the trM"* when falkinu at»u! 
them wilh my «iff or the con- 

While travejinn lo Wisconsin 
one day to kxik for wme land lo 
byild <m Davis and his wife 
riiane, came across a parcel oi 
land uhich s*)m«»ne was sell 
ing at a lo* price so lh«»y dec Id- 
edlobuy it 

"Thebming wasexcelteni It 
worked out lor the l>est Ijecause 
a contrartor was goinn to 
Ijtilldme all the trws oiiwn and 
put in a ro« of A-frames."' 
Davis said 

Davis, who liat built many 
thinf(.s around Ills hnmit. found 
the plans for his house in a 
magazine and mo<llfied them lo 
preserve the trees Then a con- 
tractor built the house 

Their poo! m the hack was 
dugand filled t>y Davis i love 
lo dig." he said The pcml 
measured Hi x ;C x 7 'It wa> 
m> Spring-.Summer pruiect 
thi). vear ' 

He also l>uill t.he warmmK 
tiouse by the pond, t'wo decks 
une around Ihe pmA and the 





other jui'.jiiit , 

Harper since 
graduating from, l.o 
masters m Spanish H.h (jcr ,;■, 
fun, I rn)i,i) the clases Ttii're 

are pros and cons on all levels. 
t>ul I think a community college 
IS the place to Ije " 

Davis Ixit-ame inlerested in 
Spanish in his senior year in 
higli st-hool ",\1> mother sent 
rae lo a St Louis College J'rep 
school. There w-ere some Latins 
taking courses who would 
speak In Spanish among 
themselves and I wanted to find 
out what they were saymg " At 
the end of his senior year. 
I'avis ^)JenI three weeks in 
Mfyn'i and then went back 
every summer during his col- 
lege years 

Now. titough tte doesn't like 
to travel, except lo Wisconsin 
occasionalh "In college, 1 en- 
joyed traM'Sing tH'cause 1 didn't 
have any ties Now. I'm happy 
at home with llie animals, the 
trt-es and the water " 

When he lakes «';ilk.^ through 
tfii- ■ - - ■■■er 

1(1 V niih- 

tlj :il- 

various 1-, 
hav,- !,„■ 

i>,:ii,--, i,'n;o'. - his 
tcachiiie .iri>l his 

,.,, .. r,i...-i^. ,jhl,. I,-, 

^s, nil icc- 
■ canoeing 

..nil liunting for 




lllliioln ll<-ne<llctln<> C'alla>|t» 

Sunday, October 26, 1980 
1:00 - 4:00 p.m. 

Registralion at SchoU Science Center 
D Refreshments D Campus Tours 
n Faculty n Concert 

D Coaches D Museum 

Want hired help? 

Need a roommate? 

Have a car to sell? 

Looking for a used book, 

a stereo speaker, a concert ticket? 

Use Harbinger Classifieds 

student classified ads are FREE. 

Non-student ad rate 

50 cents a line* 

Call Kathy Hix. ext. 460 

*M mininxujii 

iiiiiiiii i iiw 


^i^S =UpcoininE: 



Annt'riC'Maii MKrwr Uwl tJUt 

tin ii n tlh^pf' wwf W' ■2*!!' > *!■ mn 

Wgo, bill tkinj Hrr <wtll:IH:i III' 

llMiiilii 4ti MirixnnjtJti. invw 
pnnviiilMi %«!!# wiijrl:d"'Hi Lu'itcMi. 
tupttrwiiirw !birD'ii««TJM(*« «f«,nii,. 

l!«fi» ^;il Ctt'dHf if'f'ti , fi«»'iilfi*!ii)' 

)llll|.Mlt4l'iOlilfi'. tMI'V'W^ttOA.,. l<l)«IN|in 
Mull tw:|N#f'i*'Vr f IprCVtUiiWft.. 

TIN"' rtrwif )'«H(;mi lur 
»**m|«il*„ ijj'.»( wit 4c 7"* (wrr 

''' J*' mj iuianMiwir' 

' ' -itwiil, miMvv iIfmi 

<'iu<ri||[],r Jm. iu tmi iirmiiuitMit 
t.i> ,i*hi«imclliNi.if I :» ( 1** • ii I m I!- 

TBlSil (Jl.lF JU'** It '■ > I "ill ii''i' ' ' ' ■ J ' ' 

wyi!'*!' ag,*'*""' iti-i' «'! ■'!■ !■■ ,.' 
•Ilir »i|f r»i* W *€m»icl' iw 
AftHitoM «»'' r«M:c!#'ii' w<«i»i«m.. 

iliwiK' lf'i<¥ii'»'fi!><i IwK'V'W'ii^mf t|i!t'4i> 
umw t4. t:;'««:iHil .. ivi«ul' «««'4:il E>h'#'t 

' 'i{iCrt:'tilll:| tmnniigkii. 
dr M4>i y> Ibr «n¥mi«m4rM.Jii 


M'vtnf eftecttvcty. icIacUng 
Iht most fuel eldctent car. Im- 
pnving inveJ habits. •n4 
ip«liilttniB« a car praprrly can 
•aw a aMtnimer as mucli as 49 
(KKciii or » cwMs a nallan of 
gaKl'twpurcliaaiMt ^ 

H 1 rat C i 1 1 1 e n Driver 
kuMtmrn Vimkttmp$ «lll tw 
ptocilMi trtf »( clwtite tn tlw 
greater Chlca|» area Ttie 
•nrkitapi are •poiisored by 
(he W'lll County educatMnal 
Serv-tce Region -ESR' with 
lliianctog from the RejMiMl C« 
.Ikt ot (lie DctMrtiMil wt 

Ttie W'lirltilwp Md liere at 
Htrpcr will he on Saturday . Oc 
lotar B Irom » lo ii a m. . in 

eut. Et«. 

:M' a 1 1 h e <• J' E a c u- it 
luicrintetitlent of the Will 
CMiit) ESR. and Ken iohnitwi., 
Blreictor of fonsen-atton Pre- 
■nntof the WJE Refwnal t>(' 
flee. Mid tlW' worfcthop par" 
ticipaat* *UI receive cust sav 
lug. iii:|arm.attoii coiicerniaii f».r 
letetlian, ilmtnit i.i>ehni().M>. 
travel habils. and CJir 
iminlaiaiire Itel cmild edect a 
am wdwiion o( from » to « 
|(ere«mt The award wmntiig 
lim '-Driving oil Empty'" will 
eoiH-lude the workshop 

To register .lor lh.l» free 
wiirkihop. ca'il ett liQ. -Ill m 
m Call exi at tor Hitorma- 
tloh on. the other t 


Seekers I, a chapter ol Ihter^ 
Vartity fhmttian Felhwt'ihip 
hai liegun Action tiraupi at 
Harper Each ,\rti<»ii Group In- 
rarporatm the elements o( 
prayer, ttiarinf, worship. 
BlU«-.ttudy. and Ml.ut«nt 
Groups Di:eet on Tuendaj at 
12:15.. Wed:ii«iidav at noM. 1:« 
and :> w Ml Action Gmup 
iMeilaia art Mil tn BMg. 


Jean Michel i::.(wi>te«ii, am of 
tamed ocean explorer, 

Jacquec-Vvei Couiteau, will 
lecture at ttarptr iwit Wednct.- 
day.tki » 

CniaMeai] hat had a lifelwig 
«iii.niitmeni lo the explara- 
tlon. understanding, and 
pireiervatton of the ocean 

The Wtleof his lecture, "Pro- 
ject (♦rein Sk'arch," re'fer* to 
an e'iped.Mi<m 'he le<l lo remote 
Wuvulu Island tn the South 
Paclfv Tli.rough photographs 
aiMl turn. Cwcteau will share 
hi« adveniurei tn this troptcal 
paradiM and discuss nnan's 
preieiK'e m marine .ecologies 

The lecture will be held in 
nidg J 1 43 Admlssloii Is free to 
Hariier itudents with an trtlvi- 
ty card' Public admlMlon Is 
H » Call ext 24J lor fuHter 


On any reS'Ularly priced 
album or tape 

Tlito 0fltr doM not bicMi 

TIncup Pass Shopping Ctntar 

1111 Golf Road 

ioWng Mtadowt 


Tickets (or the Harper 
Theatre prodticlton of the com 
edy 'farce "Chariey's Aunl" 
are on sale beginning Monday 
Ckt », in the Student Ac 
tivllles Ollice. Production 
dates are Friday and Saturday. 
Nov H, IS. 21 and a at S p.m 
inBldg JU3Tlcltets»ret2SO 
for (he Public.' II SJ (or Harper 
students.'sfaft- A special dinner 
theatre package Is offered for 
the Nov 22 performance Din 
oer will l>egin at 6 p m m the 
dining room, building A follow- 
ed by the performance In 
Building R at B p m Cost Is SM M) 
for the public, f 7 » for Harper 
students staff Dinner theatre 
tickets go <)ulckly so patrons 
are urged lo puidiaac early . 


The f ilm ■ ' Dawn of the Dead' ' 
will be shown al Harper Thurs- 
day, fict X) at 8 p m , and Fn 
day. Oct » at g p m and mid- 
night In Bidg. J lU Admuiiion 
Is tl Sponsored by The Pn- 
gram Board 


In order lo qualify for a 
Harry S Truman Scholarship, 
students must be enrolled In the 
fall iHt as a full time student, 
junior year at an accredited In- 
stttution of higher education 
and pursue a baccalaureate 
degree program that will 
prepare him or her for some 
aspect of government service 

One scholarship per slate » ill 
be awarded Each scholarship 
win cover tuition fees, books, 
and room and board up to a 
maximum of IS.iMK) annually. 

Particulars are available tn 
the Olfice of Financial AiA 
Bldg Am 

]>eadline date for application 
Is Nov 1 . IM) 


The student senate has plac 
ed suggestion boxes In the 
knuckle of Bldg D and in Uie 
back of the cafeteria The stu- 
dent senate would like you to 
put any suggestions for improv- 
ing the college or complaints in 
these boxes They will be 
checked at the beginning of 
each week 



50% OFF 50% OFF 

on perms 
lor all cutlomcri 

833 E Algonquin 

^ 397-0100 

on ftKit choice ol a ptrm, cut, 

tint, cornroil braiding, laclali. 

mantcuret. hot waxing, etc. 

The m^im% 'inttti ««• imieiMad tn liJB. 

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I Trattic Ticket ConvKtMM* 
Will Stupend Your Ucanae 

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Real Eslatr 
AiHull ii Battery 

Traffic Tickets 

Perscmal Injury' 
Marijuana Charges 
Revoked Ucense* 


I* Hour Answering .Servk-e 

Office Hours 

a:«0-5;»pm. Dally9a m -Ip.m, Sat. 

Attorneys at Law 

4r9 ^ 

i iy ill — l l l ll—H 

Til* MarMnoir., OcDMw n. n«, Plftl 

Students hurt in housing crunch 

(CfV)' - nw' Siiurday Hluil 
mf .IMlMil pDiM. rrais tMl 
nnrMlm eourtint tlK new kida 
on cainiiut. Hnriag lo «»» tn 
Ikif .inr Imun to nglstcr. And 
ml. tiiNgli •!>•«# tn llM' dnrma 

QnHllin: WUcii Me at ttmm 
fiMltof 'iinivfirftly tite ismijr a 
recent phenomenon, ye! 
ttirtatens (o btcome »t 
faatilar •• the annual 
hiMMCaaiing wteltntti * 
_*lt««r: The Mouslni 

Bora M th« late iw. Mt In- 
tanl hM' prnvolietf teaimrary 
chaos on m:Iioci1s acraa* Mk 
cnuniry From Mame to 
Mtexm, dMHis are full limt- 
ing tlw unliKky cramiml into 
fliiwreoiivifted stiMty InuniM, 
1 cbanKcd' to trtplea, or 
tmM nomt In sme 
eans. Uie Uicmventence lasts 
'tat onlf a lev weeks in other 
•dMll W lake* montta to cure 

At the I'niverstty at 
OklalioBia in Mormin, between 
W and tB trvihnen received 
noiieat thM ihej would t>e tnpi- 
Mi up >h raomt normally In 
ItaMed l>y jiiit two iiudcnts 
(KMcn are ihackini up with 
retMent advisors who »n 
uiiiiiUy pDv llefMl to ilB0e» 

audent* at the Unlvtr»tty 
vi II0K .Mmkn In Mbuqiierque 
mt^Mai in mmt previMtiy 

m) hr stiidyint Cots 
ha*e heen moved into (hem, 
Ihouih: thai I* only n;p«ct«d to 
laia icvenl weeki. Tboie who 
are now livtnf In triples 
ortftnatly designed tor two 
iludenti went given a letter 
when ttley arrived on caniwis 
«diM Mated,. It may be 
nacctaray to nainiain ttiti (rt- 
plt raoni tlaiu* lor the re- 
mainder of the Ml Kcmeater 
and perhaps lor th« entire 
academic year " 

Texas AAM hMMlng ot- 
tlceri over-dooked ftudtnt 
hoiitlni at a rate 3W percent 
higher (ban last year, leaving 
W) students temporarily lieing 
tlutled Into ttody carreli or 
overcrowded rooms 

And lite list gpm on and'on. 

Tbe reaion tit mat "universi- 
ty admiitutraton have been 
unwiiling in create more open 
hiMJstiti for the itudenik. unct 
they linow ii won't pay otf tn a 
lew years." sayt Dan 
Ncilenbeck, houiing director at 
(He IJnivertlty at Oeorg la 

"If they were to construct 
more dormi. tl wouid be ftnan- 
cial suicide because the an- 
ticipated enrollment dt«p<i(l (i 
scheduled for any year now 
Once that happens, the ichMl 
may have problems filling the 
ipacec. and thus bic iii<oiiey,." 

"We were always bumping 
Inim each ntber, " recdts Ste^e 

Eckel*, ■ophom.ore at 

Oklahnm,t wbo lived in a double 
with two other roommates last 

year - It didn't do much lor my 
studying 1 juitt teit that 1 had 
nojpr.vacy " 

T»e bousing eruncb Ha* 
baconte a problem o( mteh 
napttuile that studie* have 
already been completed 
analyilng the effects on 
■tiideiils W'ho lived In tern- 
l»orary units, or were crowded 
imo imall spmm 

M only have the Mtltl IM- 
dtng* produced evidence of ir 
rtiatlon ind bickering, but 
some students have mt done as 
•ell academically as tliey 
miglit have under more nomal 

Ed Spencer, a hMitng of- 
tlciat at the llfilventty of 
Delaware, recently concluded 
ail examination of iludents who 
lived In triples or tn tem,porary 
ItMsiag wch as lounges or 
tl tidy carrels, 

"'There seemed to be no 
significant difrerence between 
the grade point averages of 
those in temporary units and 
the students in regular situa- 
tions Mowever, the averages, of 
llie ones m converteil spaces go 
up by a greater percent over 
the years after Uiey le«ve that 
'Situation, <Hig|e«t'tng. 'that they 
would hate iMe better tl they 
'had been, is nmial rwnii," 
Spencer saya. 

Ue adtta thai those living in 
triples or other temporary 
space* wind up going home 

'm«ire (reiiuenlly on weekends, 
don't get along with their room- 
mates, and become ver>' ir- 
ritated with the univen^ily ad- 

He points lo a recent sludy 
done by a soclologis"t 
demonstrallng a thUtlng 
coalition theory.' " According lo 
Uiat hypothesis, when three 
people are siuffed into a crowd- 
ed situation, an alliance of two 
roo.mmBties .against tiic other 
occurs Research .«uggest.s the 
phenomenon laps over to other 
social iiellinga. 

yet most houitttg officials re 
main adamantly opposed lo 
constructing new dorms They 
insist the Situation Is under con- 
trol, that t«m.p«rary units are 
not counier-praductive, and 
that the anticipaled enrollmenl 
decline will remove the pr^ 
blem once and lor all 

"We've had this problem 
housing shortage* lor 
time, and it usually goes, away 
liter a tew weeks." sayi 
Charles Fredreicksen. Iowa 
Stale University's housing 
director "I know oi those 
st'ud.M ol witat happens to 
slwlenls In temporarj. housing. 
t)ut we've seen none ol that 
nere. ai'id besides.. Diey only re- 
iiaiii in tlMie units for a lew 

On the oilier side, however. Is 
thr curinus and puziling 
stattsiic i>l ihe rising percen- 
tage «l sludenitcomingback to 
live in the dorm*, Instead of 
seeking olf-campus housing. 
Housing officials proudly al- 
Irfbule It lo the excellent pro- 
Kramming in the dorms as well 
as the removal ol restrictive 
rules which forced students ot 
leave universilv housing In the 

Thertf are less rules about 
alcohol and bringing women lo 
your room .Many rules are now 
options Many lelt because they 
wanted to do things in their 
apartments that they couldn't 
do in the donna, but iiial's no 
longer true." said Fredricksen 

if that's true - and other ad- 
ministrators echoed his scn- 
timenls - It seems logical that 
perhaps the anticipated enroll- 
menl decline will be offset by 
the rise In the number o*f 
Iludents who want lostay tn the 

'That is certainly a factor 
housing oHicials had belter 
look at instead of just the 
enrollment predictions." cedes 
Dale Meador. director of 
residential facilities at Western 
Illlnnis University." especially 
since inflal ion. which has caus- 
ed students to seeli houiing In 
cheaper university dorms, is 
not going to go away 





11)1 Ofifliitiif of our Mw itore nrnns m- 
cellent part lime oppottumties % »om' To 

learn moit itwut the eicitini ntw positions 
miitblc with ByRGEA KING 


litai%'|.bMM|'lii« $;-.'" 



NIMTt^HOITtlSfS <w<M Warl •• « 
Pw0t mmmfimn .i^un f 'TO.! fnttft 

rPliUr*".* l*fflM<J*.f '.*i.*0(;fj»' T^ypia,^ ^ 

tlFIOOO&t .,..-. 
p mmr bftkm * t'tm 
I w mjnjm 

MM Mtf : 1 BfHriaiK. MM in 'WKmIM. 
Ciaor »m »m. • ' i M«i. I'-t t» .|«ri«i , Jti 
apaaMM. p«t • ciowiw* wtiuamw 
|.14'%. «ii*iei .»ri«c)(j«« wH Otttmt 
«*IH'a»*Ji»*'*f 5 "ifWUffl 

ft jo«ii. naavii'm rirt," 'Sim 


JOai ON IH iXf t «iw>iw t'ortv No r, 
j»>;»«;t 'ttiilrft titlllOTi y«t 

HlflflWnVH' Tf mNN llllliumiH' IMD W ESmPpT 
SIWB ll'M W WlillWiMwIil*,, JBliiffiMli* CMWt 

0..1. »m mt. fM antlM. WM ilinii n 

wo l« Cll'1>>]M] 

OECORA'ivE t^tf- 

' *ii *.* • " k — *i«j 

M a*aULCi -wb 

IvUr ,» in 4n,iit til*rior «, ■• t 

CMirai LEUlMis »!>«■.«',.,.' < 

««iitf iiLO ••S"»~«S»St'«u>i.c" MI 

L.Owf P«m 

pioHit* KPMjiisr ■ " T ' 

araaTKE'HT to smtaf -im r 'x".)t 

mtiBtm «•••• £i»t»>t ♦».••» mmf i"> m« 

tn U>l Itirie* mm ."•«.' !• r|«.nr*n> t 
"" ' " £*» '•*: t»H»fl.|IH«rl M: 

IfiHISBE !,™Si::IS.. Af J?...5 

l-a? KML f ai«.l .-mw »> .w Mill mt 



■'A. TImi HHrlMiipMr, OcMMMff' XH VMH 


Talking Heads -Brian Eno music 

Lssl w'Mw I saw .an inlfr 
vltw »Mi TJiIkil'iil llratlsori nflr 
«f (!■■ ' '■-.( 

■•tm* - ■■. 

think ..■■ 

jrri! ; 'r. ■ > 

Hrart iiiuiir !-« i>m- u< Etioueh' 
jtltlKHiiti- rtn'hm ^ pr-.trat 
(bf bt|;fir«[ t'lrmrtit .m.i'-n: 
(lw Jift ml -I rue I Uf f 

Hm pnmtar Brian Eon 
wct'ii'tl)! nsiuriieit tmm Xfntu'" 
Tl»» album. ■■Remam m 
Immi,," could alnitmt ttt ralkit 
m Kne ■ Dm'id Byrne rotlsfxir s 
tlM, Tliry s»iarp"»Titi(i,ii . . . ■ 
at niMl. Km|*. witti tu. 
Ms'KMM IcjilHrtni <initi"„ . .... 
bttatliMi. Inwi, 'lify-!»«Miirt 




.terry H.irn:wrt 
Ha* Jinjinne hrard of ►;») 

flKT it10,(.f til ICHI .,l,ri" (IIM 

Rmji" Mucilc «ml pn>gresite(.t lii- 
i«i tmmft ih» mii»t aciivr tin 
Iruntc fii,pfrtiBf liter t«)a>- Hi* 
influrntf can t» heart on "Re 
'miMii 'M Unlit " 

r : . ' ii<:> (inly ailillllonal 
■.:i Belr* 'played 

^^■ih :. lewk sM|»|l*ri' OB 

tinrirK guitar, ami •vaiii^ 

hvohed'fSo what; 

where'§ eferybody else? 


ftnlap linvmati Jiut llameit 
ptJivmn tmr nil Eitra IVrfU*- 
*""' ■■- ■• ir'i'tudr Rulwrt 
f'.»iiiTi,ri » ..,, .in are liamlled by 
Byrnr .»,nd Sc«.a Hen- 
dry « The th.ri:» Mn({erii crcalt 

»»«.cUHng akin >< ■ ■■ - 

diasl». M:cgitlM''< 
call .iwit-rtmniii.sf K r - 
The core ol' tln' 
rnOTi. .Byrne 
tiMilfl Tina Wry miiutn 

Thte alfcum Wid* M«ie lo get 
Wo Tlierr '- iiU'tf -» iiil of MJut 
tildllatlllMJ ■■' "' - -'I' -r Brimvej, 
■taikg with ..1 iur.iv > ilosagr ol 
(un'ktne** .^tttr my ear! 
l>«:a.iiie accustomed lo I'he con 
sttDt rl»i»|t|tnt. If' ■ 
joyeil Iwteiiiai to th 
•icapiideto Pei>na iiiw i-.u «. in 
a (rt«fid"» car. we beard "The 
Great C'yrve" twice T(m» power 
of tta. »nf .at any volitme ta ap 
imreiit . Byrne lends I wo (rartrc 
p.itar KikiB tliat I am flill 
wmevhat ttiuble to dearritK- 

Ttir lyrwi* call [MXtlicall) lor 
•omeo lo m-rvi- nw »-fir(ii hv* 

tllM't look (■'■ ■■< -I'i'i.', I ■ 

tm* .Byrtii' ,-. 'M i'ltit', ;- It' , 
ant to Itie uutIiI (wit.v Ihey 
aiMili iwiiall)'. of alienj'ttoii 

iiaebatMiul i«-iTi).ilr :>.;t;(ial!> !<h.i 
weak lo even recoRmre" and 
"tlie gentile «>Ila|»iiii <>( cver> 
lurtaee . " ' Doom sd a > "' A ii 
evol'UtliM in the human condt' 
Hon'' Tlie end ol a rrialionshtp' 
If you are li)tr>f!'ued'. the h<-f! 
idea I, can offer t* to tm\ th<> 
record and t:.hi(t,'k it nui fur 
i.,nii-v.-ii nci I rust me. I (jUil 


>{ art and the 

HtMdi perseveram* tn pursii 
iiif It are eyirtefil in the lyrics of 

"Hmi^c* tr; Mot,ion Kor a 

long!!'! ■ I '•■!! ■■.ut.hout .style or 
giacf !.i -..hoe* with no 

■ ''.ither.'! knew 
■ n ilw nghl 

plan.'! kiii'W I'd b<> aUe in do 
*••'■»»■ things ■■ Art ntek ts Itack 
• - 1 tiose mteresl ed m siting 
and Itenrtng an uousiual per- 
former, cheek .out Warmo 
Niira His voice has gol lo bt- 
;iie n-toM vflnatile vihrato on 
■ "r.'ir>t the Wa/ appears (re- 
iiitis around ihi- 
' •■ Oof such t'iub IS 

H;irr\ H.ijx'.-i', out in f'ary 
They ilon't do ojver versions, 
but the hack >w hand 'The 
OeanmK Ladies i did a rock 
version of BoW)y (JoWshoro's 
"Honey " HiKhlv origma) 
ihingfc are happening .all 
around Befon- (his funis Into 
an imitation of (hat wonderful 
piece of Journalism. ".Wa 
Nufjenl's Mail," I'll shut up 
rih. hy the way I heard iickets 
are all sold out tor ■■God's" ap- 
peamnce al the Rosemoni 
Horlnm a taise prophet 

I'm sure. .Sound*- like a lol ot 

Where wMI the ttiMitnt vol* 
go in Novoinbvr's docllon? 

CImcIi th* OctolMr 30 Harhingw 

for ttudMt voting trrnitf*- 

Kunettii It; \ 

.1 I'l-nki -.I'l-iirli. 
■ ■ ' iiTl Itn- 

-*'><"•' • ■ ■ "•«'n .aadi 

li«.klbi''i ai.i.>..,.> 
•Conne w. «ey *mi'1 warn 


'We'll »r.'. 

iht'iii ; •■ '•'■■ 
ihink I'tto 

t care 

I care thai the luys on the 
(MMtali team are out tliwe 
:Mt their iM-st I care that they 
live up three hours a day to 
practice I care tlwt th»y are 
aiti (here playing. »*ll* risking 
POM*) ntwy 

I care, loo. almii. the soccer 
tMm. tlie eriMt oMDiinr teimi.. 
women"'! IcMlK, Ike praluciloii 
of "('tmrfey'i Aunl." the 
Barptr Orehestra. tfie choir 
mm tlie Ws at WHCM. Get the 
'pMure'"' I care ahout aiiyMw- 
•ho IS involved at Harper 

I rwtpurt their mvolvMiMim:. I 
riH|l«ct thiiit litey give up fpart 
tine to make Harper i hcticr 

.All of the pfMtlt 'V'lto are in- 
'imlyMl. m-ake Haner a .Iwtttr 
plK» l.i::i attend Wi(l) alii wf iMt 
Ktivttm gwing on, It's IM lo 
take a hrca'li (rom the Ixwks 
(iBif .».«!.> 4 ■ f*iii If n'M'ine would 
fi I ■ titer* 


\ ' SMIlt iMMMt sny 

■•Ol'halt 'tCBIB Ittws. 

■ .*■■■ ':|'ie 
^. . .' MI. ^ire 

jei»- ■'■ • "i'ii:.,-i ■•■ill ...if'n lit 

lie here But *v 

' "Ligli. It .gets <:)tilte 
I'l.i It seisms 'no on« 

pii> - lo o(ir e( 

forts \io tnore than a hundrwl 
people iiHriid a Harper tm»tl>all 
.i;,!!!'!.' 'ViK'iul twenty at a .noccer 
'I I . I ' ' >■'■ live M a women's' tennis 
malcti and' imt m num st Stu- 
dent Siioate iHMiCiiigB. 

All of (IS wlw an tiiv#veO at 
Harper, (wl al ttmes thai "no 
one cares -VikJ .ittaytie thait't 
trwiMi I hope am 

II you can .not ■'i.tml a piiMi, 
ail. • taiibatl or sarcer 'pl«ytr 
II IJiey won neiKl time you « 
then., tf ymi i^an'i attend a 
r*cil«l by the rhoir, nen lime 
yoiiiw a mem,her, ask ho* ll 
went ,t( you hear som.eth..tnK 
you I'ltte or diriike on WHCM 
five them a ca,ll II yuu read 
nwielliiiig in I'lW' paper yoti 
dnn'rilke, n'rllieijk, 

TlMM of us IwiiI'vtil «inild 
Ilka I* :itir [rom. yoi) We cam 
leant Imt from (he crii icism of 
our p.eers 
inMitfcis. ana 
rcct tliem 

tf you've got tlw- lime, gel In- 
¥«l»eil Get' to know soraetme' 
else besides your cloi«" inendit. 
.Vnd geiimg involved t* the bMtt 
way Wvineel i»e* people 

M, you ikm't have lo gel m- 
*'tilve<l,, nor do you have to sho'w 
cip al every Harper fu.nction 
i'oti don't even hirve- 'o like 
what 'We are doing, iii 
that aikug t<M> mw-ti 






No covarl Moit driwki 9f* 

Wtt covri ■••r A Win* 50* 

FtlDAY OCT. 24th 

fRIOAY OCT. 3 1 St 






MITT mm (XT. 31 



'^.fOA THE 


Hawks clinch top spot 

by MIKE BAMBACH b«cau«tf ili«*\ recetv^Mj ■ byi 

TH* H««Mt«'. Oe«*w n. m>. Ml* ' 


mm M ■md M wtin over 

WmlMMHM aiMl Klitiwiiukce 
iait niictk. the mumt imm clM- 
elMNi Iht Ne. I tmd in next 
w**k'» R»g,i»l> IV Sorlh 

tltt aiuinst tHiU) teiitlll. "TUtt 
«m witlMiut a diMiM rt«C' Ofsi 
neff*r»aiKe from everytwrtv 
illM y«ir." »•»<!. c«»ch Siwlxf 

.■{■aliii. Ovvrall, ii *** m'' 

I'lMMl '|i*rtiirnim«:i> •n <■ twa. 

dn wlitn l;l»i' ■• ' 

»iul MarK l'!sn:>rni «-i:irru ml' 

iolmwiki ami: Rkit Pub t-iich 
■nMm):t»() tmls in ilie Hawks 
4# »m ■ I tJMjuiht *r pl»)f(J 
an rxi'rllent i*m*," said 
Stoto' ■ ■»'« *«W 'WW' »w'> '*' ■ 
tcr toiiB ' " 

KMwiukci!. MW *■**, wiU 
(ace WaiilMM:<ic«. mw l-l-l 
mt^imOay for i»» No. I wrt *"» 
tiM |>J*y«»t»». •»••«* Harper 

Tt» H*wk». me»iiwli«e, 

ctow nut their regular season 
Wednesday against Lake 
rnivM TTtey wonl start poM- 
Mttos ptar until Nov I 

Hawks 4th in N4C 


Siind.1- ■■ry over 

Kj»ti'wauk<!-T «i.™ .....atW tjy an 
Injury to rouniir goali* Rick 
Cartam Carl»n, who made 
Kglit saves In the game, «•- 
tained * «S)f»fussi<m after ii e# 
ItiMm Witt) Pub. a* the Vm 
»eT» gO'liii im n iosm Ml. lat* 
IB the «xma IwK 

.S«:l»tof kn" •"•ai'twn in lor i"(i«" 
r«t <i'f ttie maldi fttit uttfr 
•jr* C»fis»oii' «» jujmitteti to 
f49fl'H,«»«s.| Coniniuitii' 
HMMjU). Me WM riitosHl Alter 
twatmeBl imw Suiida'y alter 

A twneh-ctoirtMii mdtee ,iN> 
ocairred tn ttie final mtnutr ot 
Ite game. *()*i> iitetenilrr 
Fmnk Biiirttl wjs Khtni-d In a 
Cotigur (oward Btin"' 
ftuck. and the 
roiinten!<l'Wlt,l».*pu.m.-i> omrtii 
puni'tied tack i«nitii>t »» 
mv'I. No one was hurt in ttte 

AiMinlni ttie Hawki win tlie 
■teglM IV North playo'lis. tliey 
woultl titen. advance to llw 
KegJon IV iif jaate> tourna 
ment The NJIAA reglooata 
•oulil fte next lor Itie Hawks, 

'Tte ^tNtMn't l«iii.ti team 

clOMd out iMr IW' mmmn 
•Ml a 9-t hM to DuPaiie. and » 
(ourthiilK* tmk ■! IIM N« 
me«t lait week 

Pant Moytr mm accMid In 
UN No. I lUiglW cnmiDeUtlim. 
jMi|it)t AnAmiii wa* (uunii in 
wcond siitglesi, ami Sharon 
CarlMit took fourth place 

In (louhl**. Moyer \nderion 
llnMMMl fourth m the No t 
tkwtiies. .loAnn Koilik and 
KaUiiy Cenlaaino were fourth in 
iMMid douUcs. md Carltoit- 
J'Mlt Grotfl *ere third in the 
N" ■» doable* 

\ e playeil MiWie pwl ten- 
Mid coach Martha Ml 

U was territ)h ddflcult « was 
windy and cold noi very good 
ptaytiiicoiiiiHiona " 

The Ha«k« fintiD the year 
with a 1-3 conference record 

•nd a S-S overall mark These 
gals never gave up. said Boit 
•We kept running into Thorn- 
ton. They're No 1 all the way 
Ifenuflti. We were down alter 
MCttonals. at II was tough gel- 
ting 'up for the cwiilcreiKe 
malch " 

Thornton, whwh heat the 
Hawks M) in ttieir conference 
match this year, won both the 
tectional and N«" meet* 

looking ahead to next year. 
JoAm Koitlk and Jacqule 
Anderson, tt» Hawks' team 
captain, will be coming hack 
nent year Moyer t» a que*- 
tiouihle returner '"We're go. 
tug to hulld Inn here." st'ld 

0tt.ild.inK M »rhf€Julr 

||CroM:il«.TOWneM».KIl it «*'"., a™* rtudenta m.iiy «»i tn» 


II »pm 
It onpiii 


. i.Mp.m 

. 1 unpm 
« wpm 
I'Mp m 

tl (Mum I o«ipm 

T mpn .>.;i0pm 

Fnday na«|>m :>:Mpm 

: (I) p m . »■ (» p m 

Saturday I »»p.m I «pm 

Mdfiday U'Wp.m .l.Odpm 

T««ld«y JlOBiB .»:MJII1. 

I..l':a>pm ..2:Mp.m 

S'(»p m ■« (»p it! 

W«lmiid«y IJ (H>.pm l.inpm 

Ttiiir»4iiy 7'(»iim Stun am 

11 nop in '1 «:ip m 

j «ip m .•> 'wp til 

Krutat U (Wpm i aip m 

Sal unlay I Mpni * M<p m 





Mi p m 
■HI p m 

ii.i I* m 

"" \ • 

'u I) 111 

; .1^1. rn 

' iHtfi rn 



I (>i» p m 
1 mip m 

i:» p m. 
■ p m 
.1 (J m 

•I p m.. 

•> p If) 
.11) p m 

M • turn IMH. Hfil .Mfved lum 

l«r oM. o4 Ihe rne<|iie(ha,ll 1-ourl.i 

•(. i fiHluciMl rile of K H 'per hour»(oM.owm(|(imc» 

TUMday and Tlninday ■ t'l » 

■ n .11 m pm Sign up will 


rHday . tJ « p m .1 » p m 

Sign op wil.1 lMr.K.ln it 1 1 SO « m. 

Alan. t»y paying a IW fee, 
Harpvr Ucully. stall, anil 
tludent* will have the nghl lo 
telephone register lor courts To 

reserve cmirts for Tuesday and 
Th.ur»dgy. c«II M.ijnday ITonil'lIl 

pm .» .imp. m. To rwerve courts 

lor Friday and Saturday, tall 

Thursday from '6.«l p m . 9 W 

p m . .W. 30011. Est *6t 
For Harper penomiel and com 

inuDity use. courts are availaUc 

».|. lh« lotlo™''img lini.«* 

Timday and Thuiatay - .rm 

a m . * i»> a m and i 3H p m. 

It .» a m 

Friday -!>'(» p m fOupm 

Saturday - 1 oo p m .4 ui p m 
Court limes are renerV'ifd o«i »ii 

hourly t|.aMs 
The tellltles will he clowil da* 

to eonl'llcl*. amd athleliic eoniesi'k 

M ihip liiiliw'ing dates 






:M p tn 

■ III pro 
: HI p m 

'! '» p m 
•• 'Bp m 
7 mp m 

t . :w p m 
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■» 'W p m 
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My. !*•«. I'l "ri"->'i.'»> ['•■>:' I*' 
imdTtiorsda), IVc in 

For turtlMT inlormatioo stop h> 
ihe recreation office on the se 
cond floor ffll Building M. or call 
'WT..DM. Est .<WT 

SCORE! ito% ••MimU 'm) t«dl» ata- M«rt« )>ii iMnMl |iMi ■lal^ 

Vitton 's kids set tor state meet 

The kids arc all right That is 
for this weekend s Region IV 
crosscountry meet 

The Hawks, led by Tom 

Placek and Bill Bingham, will 
be aiming lor at least a fifth. 
place llmsh at the state meet 

which will be at the Schiller 

Park Woods Placek and 
Bingham wUI also he trying to 
(juallfv individually 'or the 
NJCAA national m'ee* 

■•| would like to think the kids 
would be shooting for the top 
I'me." said coacb J« Vllton 

Anything lower than that 
would be a d isappoi nlmenl 

Placek and Bingham finis.he(l 
IWrd and ninth respectively ai 
laM weekend's N+r conlerence 
meet' at DuPage Both won .All 
SC honors Placek finished 
the five-mile course in 21 .II, 
while Bingham hntslied wUh a 

Placek said Vllton. "has a 
realistic shot al a berth for the 
national mi*l. which will .bt 
held at tour de Aleam> IdaJio. 
In iwo weeks Bmgham, mean. 


while "has a reasonable shot ' 
I would tx disappointed it 

wr don't get Ta.m in." said Vll- 
ton "If Bill qualifies, 1 
wouldn'l l» surprised But I 
wouldn't he upset il he didn't 

Bingham has been the 
mvslerv m.iii lor ll'ic Ha'Wks 
this year "He '*;i.* ■« I'Wtiofty 
*hen' be came twre." said Vit. 
ion "l think he was an 
underacbirver m high schiiol 
Mavlw he 'was laiy, ot maytie 
he iud an altitude proliiem He 
has laleni, if he just puts bis 
nose to Ihe wheel He's 
blossotned this year 

Ed.loviwr, Gteg fisiek. and 
irack man Paul W.aUis nwind 
out the Hawks' Ime-up 

Wallls. Who finished !Mlh al 
Ihe NIC meet, could be con- 
sidered the weak link In the 
Hawks line-up He s an 
outstandlni track man. said 
Villon -aul he doesn't have all 

the tools to be a good cross- 
count rv runner " 
.loviier and Clsiek mean 

while, (inished a respective 
l«h and i:ih at the conference 

Spoon Hivcr Danville. N«: 
champion Triton, and Wright 
are etp«'ct«l to fight it out lor 
Ihe two team b*'rihs to ihe na- 
tional meet 'Realislically," 
said Vitlon. "1 don't ihink we'll 
finish higher than fittli 

Tl'ie H,awks chances as quail 
lying as a team to the national 
meet would have been boosted 
U transfer Ron Theherg was 
eligible to run Thrbers 
transferred mto Harper I'rom 
Anrona Stale, but had only 
nine crrtit hours ■ one hour 
short ol the N« * s eliglbtltty re- 

The Hawks have a final meet 
scheiluled at the earthage In 
vltatlonal m Kenosha, Wwcon- 
sm but thai IS pending on ho* 
well the Hawks do Saturday 

Hawks down Oakton 

We can heal them I know 
we can' eommentetl l-ynn Hit 
chcock. the first year volleyball 
coach here al HariHsr 

Fortunaiely that s enactly 
what her team did last Monday 
when the girls topped Oakton 
thrw games lo four by scores 
of tS-1.2. IW. and 17.15 lo win 
their second contest of the 

The Hawks, w'ho have Im- 
pro'ved nearly 7i»% since their 
•eason opener, had no real pro- 
blem in controlling the game 
over Oakton 

Harper was lead by 
fr^'shman Ten Bauer whoserv.. 
eil for l« points., '7 ot those which 
.were aces and eolleeted ft 
spikes throughout the ader- 

'■''I think Ihe girts learned 
much about themselves,' 
staled Co,ach 'HilcbciX'k, "They 
really wantetl lo win and they 
went out and vi'O" il ' 

Harper couliln't m,inage lo 
get a handle on ihrngs m the. 
Iirst gam* and lost by a f«*r»«( 

is 11 
In the second game. Harper 


look an 11-4 lead on Bauer's 
serves and spikes by Darlenc 

K iitiifi'SiiJc I 

Oakton fought back and took 
a 11'. II lead hut conslstantly 
good serving by Theresa Hudek 
gave the Hawks a I'l-l'J victory 

In the second game Bauer 
serve<l (or five consecutive 
points, of which three were 
aces, to give Ha,rper a »-« lead 

Hu<lek got thecal! once again 
and served Harper to their se.. 
wndwtn, 1.V.8 

In the final game Harper Iwik 
a T.W lead on spikes by Bauer 

Oakliim itaged, a c<imeback 
and look, the 'lead late in the 
game by a score of LS-n 

Three ace se'cve* by Karen 
Kamradi however, gave the 
H.awk"(th.rtm'.i)vH-i«r%' 17- 1,1 

1. . . , .>u;cs 

lui;. . ■•■ere 

by lei 1 h.;ju*-i .'Min .\"^li <Msikl. 

Oarlene Kubmskt Theresa 
Hudek. Karen Kamradi and 
Laura Heger 

The Hawks travel to Hlinois 
Valley tomorrow (or yet 
amitlier tough match 

"We re going to have to slay 
very eonslstant lo heat them 
and we cant make as many 
mistakes as we sometimes do " 
said Coach Hitchcock concern 
ing the Illinois Valley game. 


Pum t tMt HfMmir,o nn >tr a i*« 

Harper beats Oakton three out of four 

Hit •ciiMti' s vMtytall ttam 
at Hiipcr otBt§i CM 


'Hit ll»t lWn« II ihii ihey 

luiwit hipiMMl' liisl }m"'» win 

npeiM<il.lif wmimiti'Wi- !m.imt 

■Mit M' Ik*' immm lait Mon- 

Sccamd Ift Itiit unc* day- om 
ol pnicitM. t'lW' t*rl& k»»« im- 
pnvwl^ thetr p»>tJii abiMy 
Marly »»%. 

HiM. wwl pratiatily tlw iiMMt 
r««ardini «( tbet« ac- 
ctnti'liilincfil*. IS ilul: IIM9I! 
,|iri» Mw iU«y«J. iiipthtr,. 
tianwl. a imii ifcai ana iiaw 
katf wirjr niueli IuH' tlmuglMWl 

TMt' ftar Hatycr 'itai' m 
rtturaug '[tlayen tniin la*i 
jeani team and' taeH. M en- 
partaMt and woMittsteni-y 
'•MiB Is imm idltra I'Nrtr M- 

; thetr l-» wwd, llie 
r Hawk* are stiti a Itapfiy 

■■Ha haft M mwlt twi ia 
praMcaa aad eMr^ifctnt cte 
«INM '<m'm ((i|p!lli«r ' c«im 

mrwiwi irtilUBaii ttar T»n 

I . : ,ttlend«l Fwad High 
stt;i.i.ii ;j»i; year ami. •m 
se)Mi«i » iliV ce-enptaiii m 
Hie min -tialt iwn 

leri wM iilM |)(aii»M .|ilay- 
litt wfHwiitl M Hiiriwr. I'dlnki. 
itat Uh' leiim nj» laiiiMi mor* 
lilent Cham tteit rtt'wd »!»•«» 

"We Olive Wi more ihaii 
*e'«« Iwem ilMiwtmf, " <im^ 
Bfuled Che ()m>sic»l edtiettkw 
i»«J«r "We've wver (ilayrd 
totemcr.. iMt 1 (mall)' ihink 
we're toarwng lw« everytme 
eteplay* mmi whai. itiey're » 

Aminling to H«d Oaeh 
tfiiii 'Hiichdirt,, ■"Ten ts a (an 
taslk- ptaver She is a |>owerlul 
iptker and ilw lu» ■ wry deact- 
h serve " 

Darlene KuDUitki ■ 
MMilMMii! iTom ScttaumDurii 
Hilli 'SclMiol i» another kfv 
player « Ihe Harper allack 

"Ererjrnne pretty much 
iHMterslands earti MNtr and as 
wc dn that we can Mp each 
otliar Ml . " stated Darlen* i-mi'" 
centtng the team t (te[in|it 

ataiot each (Utter 

Darleiie, an accuyncmi ma 
)i)r, » onenl lheto]:> ■ • ■ - 
the leam howf^^ 
platewnl w'Wt >iMt tiifu. u-j 

'" I ' vf atl caftlliia damaite lit 
my icR tiiw.anil (t. glni wt all 
lh« time,'" latd Darlene ''H 
can Msally allert tny ploymg 
aWW'T al lime* I can't mmp as 
high a* I awally dm and ( can't 
put liHa't power Ma my 
sfilket ' 

Three <it Harper* wlher 
playen on, the Mj'uatl all come 
Iniiii Cunani High Schiwl 
Karca Hamradl, Ann Wwrtt. 
ami Laura Heger are all 
treshwen an th» yean (earn , 

Aran .tatttnli. one i>( the hap" 
pieil p'Uyeni, tias Ihe bariJett 
and. (aslcsi tplkc on (lie leam. 

ftccurding to Ann. We all 
fei alMii) great and we're 
alway* lau«hwg. trying «» kttsp 

■i'm. defimiely gnmg i» 
reiura (or next season. I love 
the game too much to give il 
up," ttatwlAnn 

.Aitroaki can t»*»l slate the 
Iriendihip value »( the team a» 

layinii. Tte irteodihip and the 

clooeinesi at the leam nsally 
■he.lp« m the gume*. iwcause we 
know that we'll all he "rving to 
help each other no 'isatter «hai 
the score ts ' 

The player tttat keeps the 
team.'* spiril Mlling high i» 
Laura Heg*"r. one ol Ihe l>e*t 

According In Cmek Hit 
chcnck Laura is one of the tap 
prospficis tor ne;i.l seatwi 
Besideti hrr bumping talent., 
Laura could possibly be one ol 

Oespitc Laura* playing 
laleni she also hat a very 
vahiahte talent that keeps the 
team playing bard Her latent 
to moke the team happy 

i tr> to gel them up iluring 
'Ihe games especially." says 
Laura "I( the team is apaet 
during a game lis niucb 
harder (or them lo shake o(( a 
mwiake than it is when they're 

im basically determined to 
make the leam winners, and i( 
It can I be done m score then 11 1 

tm- to m.ak;e ibcm winner* in 

Other player* thai add So the 

happy crew include Theresa 
Hinfcii. Judy Abemalhy and 

Trudy ltl.alalse. 

Theresa is a top server (or 
the Hawks and helped ihem on 
to their last victory 

Mb Judy and Trudy are in 
Iheir (l»t "years of volleyball 
and are improving rapidly 

Ten Bauer says this ahoui 
Ihe team s allttude "Were all 
very close and we try our best 
so even i( we lose, il slill (eels 
g»od lo know thai you did your 
besi •' 

Coach Hitchcock, who is very 
pfoud ol her team, lells her 
playen lo go by Ibis bit. "]( you 
don't win but you gave your 
best, then actually you did 

II that itatement Is true, then 
despite their poor record, Uioie 
girtt have been winnert all 

Hawks 30-6 win 



f Bambach 

on spiKis 

lim Call 'It a alaiiiliter 
Bceawallwai Hui Die r«i(lia.ll 

team.'* 'Jii-* win over 'Wrt|W 
Saiurday ii more aliKlilcaM 
ibu tha (act ihat II «aa the 

Hawka tint w» if tlili.:iH«i 

Conaiiliirttila.' i ■ " ' -^ ^ 

• 'tjuantnMiek Ttm Tyrrtll played onl'y IH «nia.rters »|«iii»t the 
Hmm. m mmkmi Itma of ilx |Mim« tut S3 yards and one 

' " ' TD'pa>calM'liackhtc«iM#o(a 

alM played lutl l>« i|Mrt*rt ol the 

tor l« yards an ID came* and ei 
tOO-yattl ruafcinf streak to lour gamei . 
IHt tod IM Wrtgni dtdn I craifc mMfMd until the 
TIM' an*a IMM .MI'MC candidate Reggie Tay-lar to 
loir ywtli m ltt«'.eai«l« in 'iBe ftrst hall, and m.)nua-IOur yardt on 
nvtCwrMt m tut aMiMd 'ItiM lor a iMal ol lero yardi.on I* carriea 
'Tluil't imitrcialve 

Yes. the' .wore cmi.ld°ve hem iMrt tiuit tht 114 'it Kaa :m one 
can nnli Ikk his lor liari irhopi in 'iptciiiatMNi ahotit what m.l|ht 
nm iMMMI. 'II MuMl coadi Mm EliaalK had lell the tint, string in 

The Hawks gained in yards total m the flnl hall and the tirft- 
itringpr* scored each time they had the ball The second leam was 
aiM* l» move Hit Ml aUo,. M wii unaMt lo score. 

The win a<affeMl Hit Itowki second' comlerence win In iwo 
MMMM.. n* Haatka ihat 'Out Rock Valley, »-«. in thetr lone M4C 

i 'ktttMth: .a Jtt«lr«liiti««ion lor tb« Hawka. who are m* I -i m 
ennltrwre plav Bui II waa inevilaMc thai. tn« Mawks. 'wlih as m'ueh 
youni Uileni a* they have, would find m opponent the.y could push 


Vottiig tataii have been Harper''* buaiwords alt .season. *'«. Ihe 
talent la (here. B.ul II htlNCt moatly lo (rnhmen And 
'That ti Mother Nature's 'drii law o( athltlfcs.. 
•are :m.latalief in the Hawks' wtn Thaw neri' M 
I, and f 1 pcnaltiei. The Hawks 'were hit 
■Ml: M iMwIliw Uir IM y.tnU. That hurts 

iut lilt •»§ WrlgH.. 'iwl DuPage or Illl«>ti» Valley or Triton.. 
vliieh would hury a team that (umbled seven times and was 
ptnatlMd W more time* in the same game Thtt.«as Wright a team 
'IM had «urr«nd«red' trntt mtnit i IM> w tmir confecimce iotacs 
thcMawka >i l&> ) had 'in 'live conlerrnce IMIM. 
.And j«t. Hit iBlat,alie« didn't matter. To parapiriie a tini»-»orti 
-'iraiiM iMwyoii'llajrtht gant.. 'r*«licther you. wtn or 

i»iw Wr«#M iMt StfuRlay Photo 

MWK QU AKreRBACK Daw l4eh roUa out m Harpafa »4 «ta 

Hawks roll over Wright 

A.nd the Hawks won .- Mg. U iMg.. In tact, tlitl ont olfictal asked 
the teorekiwper to M tht i«n«»»«rd clocii tlcfc all a lew eiira 
'MKondi alter the whiMI* iMd 'htcn. 'hhmi. '"Thia 'la a rwl." the rel 
said. "Tit* !».•( «'« emii:, 'Thay iWrlgtU't haf«'l (tot' anytfcini 
yti " 

That was llM nine rel that gave 'the Rams' Chris Borlek a 
touchdown »Hi HwMwnda lelt in the game.. The Hawks had i.topptd 
•rlilil m vm ennaaeitlvt 'plays at their one-yard line helore' 
Mali'Mnl «wir tar'Ult mm. 'Hal. '•««! Iliai mattered 

Wtmrn Ihe 'llnal' |« wtrnded, there lum'pitig up and down, 
no hugging, and n» carrying 'Eliasik oil lUa IMS. 'Thew wtw j'liil a 
lot of «ro.Ues 

-nil* li onl* lilt 'htfUiiUBf, " » Wclier Dnvt mm '""It *.a* a 
iMal. iHin affttrt to • VM «• iiatrvcd. " 

'■■'Tlie lint vin la altwafalilg,*" aaU .BlUialh altarwardt. "ti mak« 
practice more tat.." 

Pun That'"* what 'reaUy matHrMf. .And 'Ml' IwUbalt Imm 'Iwd 
aort luB' Saturday (h«n lliay'"»t had. all wmam 


The Harper Hawk* will pack 
uP' thetr ItMiitball* and travel lo 
North Park College ii«l Mon 
day to tackle the Vikittg^ in a 
'niM'<'onlC'ren€c game. 

The Vikings »r» a very solid 
and sound loolball team Since 
North Park is a l<iur year 
school. Harper should see thetr 
(reshman or Junior varsily 

The Hawk! will be Uying high 
going, 'into Monday's game. 
tapeclally alter the beating the 
Hawk* gave lo the Wright 
Rana last week Harper wm- 
pleiely dtimlnated the game 
over the Rams end strolled 
away with a *I4. victory, the 
(inl of the season lor the 
Hawks The Hawks ha.d 
chance* to put 'Several more 
points up on the board but Iwo 
of Harper s louchdowm were 
called back due lo penalties 

Harper took control ol the 
game (rom the start On the *e 
cond play o( tht game. Hawk 
'iMenalve back B.rtan Sander 
intereenteil a Rain paaa at the 
.» yanl tlitc «>hl<!h led u a n 
yard londiddwn run bt Ron 
Biirkf Dave Lock kicked the 
tiM pBint to give Harper iheir 
Snt lead ol the game. 7-0 


Murules later l.ock added 
another three poinis to 
Harper s lead with a U yard 
Held goal 

The Hawks recovered a (um 
tile two plays later and scared 
again on a IT yard touchdown 
pass I rom quarterback Tim 
Tyrrell to wide receiver Mark 
HuduM lo make the score l«-<> 
In lavwrol the Hawks 

With leas than one minute re- 
maining in the quarter, Ron 
Burke's *l yard run and Mark 
Dahles 1 1 yard run and W yard 
lanchdtiwn run gave Harper a 
LM tead going Inln Ihe second 
quarter ol play 

Three plays into the second 
quarter, Jim Vaccarello got the 
call and scored on a 11 yard 
touchdown run to (intsh 
Harper's scoring at *M( 

Later in the second quarter 
Ron Burke bad a » yard run 
that put blm over too yards in 
the game Burke increased his 
own record ol «iosecutlve lOO 
yard games lo (our in a row by 
picking up las yards on 10 car- 

Burke along wtlli Tim Tyr- 

nell. watched the resl ol the 
game Irom the sidelines while 
the second string players took 

Throughout the rest ol the 
game several line per 
(oraiances were lumed In by 
dlllereni Harper players 

Hawk defensive backs Dan 
Groce, Brian Sander, and Dave 
liedlord played an excellent 
game and prevented the Rams 
(rom scoring any touchdowns 
by the air 

Wright had the ball at the two 
yard line with a first down but 
outstanding defensive work on 
behaK <>( tht Hawks prevented 
them (rom scoring 

The rams scored their solo 
score with time ivnning out in 
the fourth quarter to make the 
final score 3M with the Hawks 
up on top 

This was Harpers second 
game in a row that the running 
game compiled over 300 yards 
and had a total offense o( over 
«i yards Harpers going lo 
have to do more ol the samr in 
order to top ibe Vikings next 

As (ar as the quartettoack 
■ituation goes, it looked better 
laat week but it's sUII up in the 

^ r, 



William Rainey Harper Coll^ 
Palttine Ittinois 

Vol H No. 10 
October 30 1980 

In Harbinger poll 

Carter: slim 



AKItougli he wMiNI. WW by ■ 

I am marfin. »l lilt i»r*nd«i««l 

I MtcMns W'*re WM UMlay. Jw- 

mv CiftcrinHli.|Wtlie'«tmiflr 

riii iiMt itiuprcaiiiiMi. IM t*.. 

I» a uriw '|i«ll emulurtrt b> 

ltti« Mirtolnier,. Cirtrr 

gUIMllI » IxitWtU ml tht vote 

»«h. RepiifaltMn cimdk-liir 

I R«i«l<l Retgin iwl' InAv" 

dnnt caadtiliU' Ji*ii Anderwm 

I •mil rwwlvwi H piTitiii In a 

IW«1 l,»tM»n»r«*r» Ed 

It at»«>"i Part* em 

['"iiiilt Barry CMuncner wtMl 


Harbvnier suff iii«int>»':- 

'olM. (Hily atuOMa ngtil<^t'<-<:i 

•> v«lt Mi mlM' niM: to vote Ml 

llMlM JttMlllllIlt 

-If tht ttocUoni 
■ iHli MUiy «:|M> woiild pm 

lir«te tor' <»*!• mm* Jim- 

I mj C«n«r.. KoMlili iMWIUi and 

|j«liii AndersM or tlie »tli«r 

-nam partj cawUdiWt. One 

1 rmnilrta eiglity five sUnJeuW 

T«im» votmg (« C"«t«fr cttnl' 
:iis raier© plan ami P*** V^ 

roriiimct •» re*fons lor 

V aalliig llww bmmt tm him 1 

I Itfet mM. Iw has *»«« an«* *•••» 

" I'l IHItg to •!» ■( rlTClut 'iM 

i.iiir««jitntB»fe« "■ 
I Hill CmOif. i l»' 

I think thai rrMitl»iil 
ICamr tm * 0iaA mmtvf 
•llfl H*» fctlttr thai* 
Mgiwi't and' Mr^ A^ndiniiii 
IciiMMi*'! h»vt tm." MM. J'lm 
Willntf. I« aii4 in »l« 

(actors mtliwjwiiii 
ling t»)t I'artCT ••«• 
I RwHWB'tiipiiiwn* <>*l tiw ISliM* 
.latt Amlemii'i p«riy Kftto- 


•■rd. be a«aiMt Andenon 

or Mia iHMti ami I 

IduagTM w«'it ■<■* «(' Itoagaii:! 

MniiMis M Carter b l)i« Miy 

ten; eonmmnwd mmtr 

iBiilcik a l« year old 

«ti# rastilfs tn 


■t mm • Mai. MM)r llw 

I dnn't kmm. 

t and Reaitaii 

•■a. a mm actor m iw'li pr» 

ItMttyMlita.MMi'F**'''*'*' ' 
"Fraiillf RaaiMi' acaiM n« 

Campalgii *80 

the Chlc»«i» Sim Tlmts (Tnea- 
day. Oct Ml Carter mm tn the 
lead »Hb #3 percent ot the 
vote Reagan wail in cammaiid 
of 41 perteni on the vote aod 
Anderson trailed with 12 7 per- 
cent . 














a J percent 
:tt percent 
72 1 percent 
M 2 percent 

:n n percent 
47 9 percent 
IS 6 pertwil 
47 7 percent 

11 percent 
14 1 percent 
a 3 percent 

.aml'litMyf aM'iltMm 
earn 'tm tml k a 
iHMUMM." tiild' Oiirii C«HI»». 

"It awiiii. ttlt he ha* dnne 
aretly |b<mJ." c«ni»eni*d 
tCiallin AMawn, an tn year old 

fictor* ln(lutncii»| Ander 
iM voltT» **T* hi» tinancltl 
plant. envirMnenial platlorm 
ami cl«»»er ttalanced bu«J«f t 

Carter It Incompeient, 
Reagan is ■« unipaUfled war 
moniter and Anderson is the 
mutt <)uaUtted lor the )ob On 
uip «>i that he s the only one 
with a itrong env tronment plat 
form »aii» Kevin BiHterman 

I and Carter * finan 

^ d«i't make any 

,__, nwyll just make the 
tademt io*eniii»e»t (loot mm 
loaM and BO* up the Interent 
rate."' said B year old Bernte 

vM pmm 

'ih «CiiiiMk' Heat aw not 
fliliictarcd. Thty're Inm the 
'Mf. I «anl Bttiih teCu Jiici 
knock on Keagait " coin 
mented Suun Rotich. a M 
year mid tophnmore at Harper 
■ Other* wlwg tor Anderson 
eit» their dislike lor the other 
candidaiei •» their reaann lOr 
Mpportwg Andenon 

considerini the chiJkw 
Anderion would be the only 
tngical «iiitlet • enplained Curl 
Ackman. SI' 

Reagan t* too old and I don't 
think that Carter «» doing a 
good enough }0t>. ' iatd Karen 
Maiucha in 

•'1 like Anderson a little but 1 
can't itand Reagen and Carter 
We'll have a cioaer balanced 
budget with AnderMn ' Rick 
VtMr, 1*. 

"It he dropi out ol the rao«. I 
•111 vote lor the Libertarian 
candidate Ed (lark. ' explain 

••» volt m Andanon m not a 

lotf (1.1 ( .Hfier." commented 

1 hale Carter and Reagan 
Mares me.' lunmcd up Scolt 

Reagan supporter! are turn 
tag loWm in hopes ol a better 
•conomy and consiitent lorrign 

-Caiter :had hii diance. His 
foreign policies are not conals 
tent, * stated a year old Jim 

-llopelttliy he will make the 
economy better. " Mid Ginny 
Warmack. II 

"My wnly r««Mn It thai 
Carter hat scrowed up In the 
past and Andenwn is too 
llheral. eitplained Tracee 
GUIcn. t« 

'Hes lh« b«»t of the bad 
choices.* said Dehl Meniel 21 
Harper voters are in agree 

ment with %olers m Chicago, 
the suburlis and downstate. In a 
Kceal straw pmll conducted by 

On a national scale, Carter is 
In the lead with 42 percent ol 
the vote, Reagan nelled •Jl per- 
cent and Anderson trailed with 
12 percent Five percent of 
those polW With undecided 
(This IS according to a straw 
poll conducted by Tline 
magazine, Nov 3 issue The 
poll was conducted Oct l4-lt. > 
However. Time pointed out 
that m order to win the eleclion, 
a candidate must nel at least 
27» electoral voles At the time 
the Time poll was taken, 
Reagan was ahead in elec- 
torcal voles with 246 to Carter's 

"But many oJ the leads are so 
slim that Benublican pollster 
RotieH Teeter estimates that a 
mere swing of three percent m 
the National popular vote could 
twitch states with 2(10 electoral 
vatc»a remartable muniwr, 
Esianllaily the elcctioo l« tum- 
lag out exactly the way many 
political pros always Ihraugbt 
It would' so close that almoirt 
anything could decide the oul- 
eome at the last minute," - 
(hmrge J Church. Time, "Bat- 
tling tmwn the Stretch. ' Nov 

■lUlor-s Note; HafDIngw atalf 
Mike Simtaa. Mtkt 
„ Lorl Lyon Guy. Rkfc 
SUlSlcnitieri. Hlka He- 
Cailhgr. Karla. . 

Candidates views on higher education 


It thC' e<tueatia« pollclM of ■ 
''-.iitaii fraaidancy tothiwed 
' .e of tilt' Raaiaa candidacy . 
|uu: iiakl lOttr years would 
Iteature less federal interven 
Itlon in school policies, less 
lletleral aid to Mrlwols and 
Istuilents and. more ttatt and 
,,1 ,....,. I mt. The most visible 
. •.-p.artmenl of Educa 

hough the Washmgton, DC 

■.■iitlon comm.unity was by 
::.eani united m its a()pro»al 
.,>: -ne new dtioartment. which 
Iwasotflclaily Wn last May 1. 
Ithe're now stems to be a 
iierat concurrence that 
iroylng the department 

woutil he at leait. a syi>> 
Meat tor education 
"1 think that itatemenl 

! promising to dismantle (he 
ilepan.ment > struck a nerve in 
a lot of people," proffers Tom 
Dulfy. president of the 
American Student Association. 

Terry Herndiw. eitei'utlve 
dlrKrtiir o( the prti^ farter Na^ 
tional Eihfc-alton AsKictatlon 
1 NEA > wtiich was (wrhaps the 
most msulant •dvoc.ate of the 
new department, isn't sure he'd 
»aal to keep, the aiency il 
Reagan wwi. "An educiiiM'in 
deparlmenl u«ler a President 
Reagan n OTffl.elMng we'd have 
» think I'wici* atiotit, ' ' he says . 

"It might be easier to let (he 

depariRicnt go. " he adds 

■The campaign's •education 

ruadlnc: Reagan's January 
policy statement on education 
asserted he wanted to ".ma*- 
imite control ' o( school policy ' 
by parents, teachers and local 
school boards' by translerring 
responsfWlily lor funding back 
to the states In other words 
riplains Reagan deputy press 
aide Ken Tow rev, "states that 
•anted to continue (ederal pro- 
grams WOU.M have lo raise 
lanes tocally " 

"A good deal" ol the (ertera! 
fManctal aid, h«ndlcap|HHl stu 
dent., and afhrmative action 
program.* "wjHild protoably 

continue. Towrey adds But 
Reagan would probably con 
vert some ol the money spent 
on them to block grants, 
which would «o to com 
munlties, whuh >nitild spend 

Financial aid: The 
Kepuiilican platform pledges 
"to enact tuition tas credits," 
an aid program that was re- 
jected in 1»» In tavor ol Presi 
dent Carter * plan to expand 
grants to mtddle income 

tjuality of education: Iteagan 

and the I ' page section ol ttie 

Reputilican plaiinrm that deals 
with education agree that the 
federal iBvemmenl w respon- 

siblefor low quality learning 

As Reagan's January policy 
ttalement put it "Since 1982, 
when firferal aid to education 
began prestudent costs have 
increased and test scores have 
fallen virtually in proportion to 
the rise in federal spending for 
and control over education " 

Reagan fails to note, though, 
that the largest single aid lo 
education program In 
American history was l>egun in 
June, 1144. when President 
Roosevelt signed the G I Bill 
It gave aid to millions of 
veterans altendlng college 
Staodanlued test scores peak- 
ed In llNU. mne IS years after 

PW« !• TO* MwMnfw. OcMwr M. tMt 


For your own good vote Tuesday 

UK fioniMr. TIM' .lung mralttil 

lmm»«tmll-mm<lmmaf<'mm- »m tmmm »»J^1 

I'M aw «M iBeiNt of m$. 

Letter to the Editor 

Technology could be ultimate destruction 


Tht tmMtt •M|»I*H<M» of 

"imifMc engimwrmg" |iv« its 
iwtn tile mo»t pnwerM «r) at 
ii»h. lo ♦ark •ttti, wt»(le 
staiiittatiMUsl,y istiiMf; titem * 
OmMj mtofum. dradly «imi||Ii 
In 'pei1ut» "hall ati" lis ei- 
liwliwattfi til lilt vtrjf pro- 

In Itic Of ulier tSnd tim ot 
(he Hartirentef. m. arUcIt' (ImIi 
w'KI) w iM'ig li»t of ItotI) mwllcal 
and cfivtninfflMtat Mit|iroM>U» 
IwnuM' of mwij ■■itC' |BMti<- 
milvMciw TW» fwal b«t H 
MliiwkigleM oria»(r<l ttttcu 
( o'littlicr It tMt cleaning up oil 
')|iltti and isrUagt. I>> m«ans of 
eoiyiliw. !|iM:|l»an insulin tor 
Aalitlto, ItK pradwtiiiMi ol 
'Iwiiiaii inwfii' iMniMiM*. ilw 
rlitiH' « nt* •i»id«r (trefCill- 
«!' Wwterwi, Which iiitacta a 
ureal varntv nl virus?* nd 
■iligiil alM' aiiMiie mhiw tyfiet 
wl cancer, or a imiwr Mamt 
•tin regard to birth defwts iinil 
IBiMtlieait)' riclated <lt:M«ii«><> > is 
ImleMl slowlji coming upon un 
Wr night cvm (w Miit, as sm- 
tii| ouirsclvK »i.arTlnf In otir 
anB Micnce flclMin novic 

I ItttI tkal It'* dnwwtifit Im-^ 
p«r«ll¥t that '•♦ tmiBwiltatfljf 
tcamlnc ll» ilaitgenMi sute ef 

iKti whicti art the risuli rat 
■anctic nunl|>iiiat.M>fi. We imwl 
lakf tiM ptDpm precaiiMdW 
Mw. b«tart mt p»m «ir awn 

pl«tuR «r ti'vini In, what enuld 
b*. a dtilraitttvt world. Am lo te 
tspettieil, ite Sufirvna Court, it 
In the very pro-re »• ot 
■IMiiiMIni to cwiat>ll»h ritcld 
liraiiaiioni. so quaNtied 
"uierf" will not titciniie 
■»t)u<icrs" t»f ihii hiaMi 

I'lt'llc.i'r ..••'.( 

aiwavs or pl!f^^it "ho arr cum- 
(H-tip<l to in agaiinM ikr 

■ «>■ rtem , ■ and will !»■ found m - 

pcVlniciitinK, with (jrtiellc 
mintiiulalion in wavt thut it 
Will be tlarmhll to ttic umt and 
hit aiffoimdinga Wllh this 
Bonwirainfil ntperttoent ation 
ol pn»-*plicinn. can c<,ini» 
i'raak'msteln'tike mtitatioiK. m 
«f €oiild ttien rontrol what 
lOm atir olfiniriiit vmM take 
on AtnMi Itko a nMM: )n 
njiurv. we would Ixi* Mt to 
"compiiie" infoT'iitaiion with 
regard to nir cMlil's IQ 
.|iii)-i>cal aiifxnraMf, or an> 

i»thef ordir" <m *ad waaloil: 

to ■•(m," 

As torclgii as tMs may mind. 
w» 'wonld alao- M> aitte to lakt on 
taiurts tharacttristK* of otlwr 
aniinalit, etc. hy rwofnliinacil 
n\K 1 David' Saatkit This 

wtwid. lA addition. enat>)e u» to 
pndupe' more nfitilstlratMl 
wcapoMi. Iwmte. and liM Idci' 

Ctatag. 19 witil now. has only 
IMM v'mnttl m the fictional 
t«u« 'Woody Alivn In 
"Slwiwr' and "'Th* Boy* Fmin 
iraiir'i Although the cloning 
pwcedurr slill hasn't (wen 
■perfwtrd. the topic is smw tw- 
tng snni »ith a ww-llctMoal 
What jt*ut 'long Icrtn tm- 
■i:t:atloni> o( "vitro lertitlM' 
Hon" ' Wtiicti can help those 
wiMim whoM (alloptan luttcs 
sri* bto«:k«i ■ cioeciaily tl coin ■ 
biniijw:" 'Mginwring 

m*ii»yrc- .m not win 

linf to go [ftniugri pregnancy 
nilcfit rtioaiM' to pay iinolher 
woman lo bt a iiirrosatt 
mother To whom then, does- 
ihlsbitby rightfully ami irgally 


WHat altout It research In 
voNtng the ilctel(i|i'iii«iit of an 

artificial plactitta la -Mcurvd. 
wtti we be dictatMl w that aomt 
at the bottle baliies would to 
twrn a» worker*. otHeni as 
»nklier». and yot others s 
ihmaers"' Ail in all. this 
manipulatni of genet, a in 
tart, the manlpiilalton ot life 
Where cloning and related 
are** are concerned, arc wc 
permiHtil ihi* ryghl to tamper 
with our cmifi'inmciU'' Cenetic 
«Jer(»|,opment has siiy rocketed 
to the point that ii has prixtuced 
ii wide range of recent ftndme*. 
lu h<»pelolly "prolong" lilc I 
stitl retnaim wary as to (he IKc 
■we're trytoi to prolong, it 
genettt; eiigliMWrlnf :«»l.s in (he 
hands ol' the wrong peotVlr 

Holly Kuller 


Tlie Harttinier accaptji let 

ters to the ■editor' from all 
sludenls. faculty ami staff 
nemhers >\ll letter* must tie 
signed, any unsigned letters 
M^mllled will tie disregardeil 

Letters over M0 words are I 

sutrject lo editing All letters I 
should lie submllteil lo lb«' Har- [ 
'hinger nltlce Bldg, A;K nol 
later titan n«'»n tlie Monday | 

Early registration 
lessens hassles 


WHIIam. Hainey Ha.rpi!r«:til'lefl(> 
MgOMiuliili Kosellr Roads 

Palatine, n.«i«i7 

fr,dit«'t"rr>'ilTW't Wriitl^ Wlfiltplhifcr 

Lse Harbinger Classifieds 

wCBl Bifvw IMelpr 
n'Ccil s ponmnuiiif. 

tiiwd book. 

'ClMiC'ffl IICBVI: 

Studml rlasfified adt 

an> FREE. ^on-»»«dml 


a line 
Call kath^ Hit. 

*M minimii'iit 

Harper ullcrs current ly 
enrolled rtudenls a»i opportuni- 
ty ID choose their classes for 
next seiii-ester and register 
before th«" Christmas break 
'Tilt* give* peofile lUe first 
rhoi-cc (if all courses and alwi 
enable* students to avoid 'Ibe 
canlmion and 'iMif. 'l-inei at opM 

The priat-oiite ol ill the da» 
ottenng* win be p«it,ed' K-ov 10 
in the cMT'idors adt-acent to flw 
stuiJent tievelopment fenters 
m Buildings 1 1'>. and A. Begln- 
'Ung Nov U. cMunselo-rs will be 
a*ailMblt in the halls oulsl-de 
'the Stu-d-eni 'Development 
('"niters to students on 
(he appropriate rmir^i* «*lec 
I 'ions, gr.! -■ re- 

ijuiremenl*. •■' -'■'■ »l» 

aniwtr i}wf,i......i.. .it»ot»t 

From the 
desk of. 

Donn Stansbury 

*ic,<ii*''t"-*itff'-- Uu-rtft''' WU-'-'i 

specific pro-grams ur help with 
transfer information Tbey w-lll 
.have all the necessary (o-rms 
Alter visUing M-ltft the 

co-»insetor* anil selecting 
courae*-. appiHnlmeni card* lor 
registration at the computer 

lerminalB can Iw picked up in 

'llic Registrar's llffice, BWj!, 

Take i«-lv.-int.n(!e <it ihls early 
regisiratii'in pcniKi--and have 
alf'vour dreiMons made belore 
Cteitmas. Ttjen you can 'really 

siKirii EOiwr 
ywi pn..!i-. I, iitiM- 


tun JH'- Ko 

|in:-,,i- , 


Kirk Nillmt' 


Mi'ki: Gnm-* 

Tiw ''K >• I.WF • 
piMica-liim m III* Hitrper Ciilli 
amput ionmiuiiitj . puliltiKi!*! muMy I 
-tienftl iliirin* tKM»n tn^ lm«l »«- [ 
■lu Ail ii|ilniiMi-«)i|inu«] iif i->m>*- | 
0-1 il» •■«(!» tlMl not nn-fimrUy iltmt. I 
Kl l,lic ttii»i», M» i4rainnir»i«in F 
tioillj or itnatnl IM)- Aav«rU»ln«| 

»>|)> -IS <«lit«i U> niaiiii. Ml. LMMn-l 
l*»<Ular n»ii«l Iw illiicil. '!lnHi>l 
-•Hi t» pulilisMH Fm brtlwt ii> 1 
(•■rnMMin celt Wt -mm ml Wor 4«i 

Letters to the Editor 

TMa HirMngw. Oclatar ». IfW. Paga I 


WM: ARMTtai Mmls li • 
mmn |Mi)dMi. MiiiMiiie tti 
hwd mmi vi ttm darfcwtn *Mi 
t wtw cut mnikie ilt ttie 
I witlNMi conilic- 
tti!t«tlkaii)wW"t intimi.. 

PmlAmtia] candtilttt* 
pMit Iteir (ittli to aliiHKt 
ev«ry living, .wtil W'lio cm «at* 
In AHMincs. Pmi liriMn tn 
burtiniifc MWM .grotipi' tci 
cttinle gmipt «•<) ennwr- 
vitiT«t In til>«r.iitt. the 
proiidMlial nmlMttt iwuifi 
III* vUm tnm om »!* I«i 
•imllicr to eiptun' miltloiis ol 

lolei a* he twetp* atriM iht 
muntry iwi rraieiD'licftiig a 
nane or faci! 'WUm (b all tin*' 
$up(M»rtiv« KMturet Miip? Mm) 
Itktl) on inaugurstlon day 
wiMttlir wilt be|in IN; ntti tour 
ytan of his lite Mng prctl- 

te aiw may hav« alnwily 
•Wty HUttacd. llie prvsldcnti 
l«l» » not Jt urnpk iMtk. Tliert 
are' iw •l?>t|li( forwanf ttmiiir 
MiMn 10 tlMF Mtwns pro 
'MMitt. Tilt' pnlileiiit ot iwr na^ 
Hon mt ttrgt mm) ctrnplei 

S**«riil: years 'M«| lo tie ipcitt 
(0 Imiilcmmt any toni-nin m*- 
lOT fMitlcIek that will dlr»et Ihc 
maXirity at <:wr vested imere»t» 
at Americans Bol. there it a 
ealdi to all ihew polictes wltieH 
•re xuKiMl to lie guiding our 
nailoiial inlereMn Al (he end ol 
thrte years «l hard »'orli thew 
pDltCMM W«vei»ly tiigiitly been 
Implemented many 
American have mt neen manv 
«( tlie l>tntri««l results from 
Uwn. mi II lit tlKtton time a 
great time I«r diMge* wid new 
|Milic'>«* ^People' open their *Mn 

ma tfm apin to iciiat la of- 
tered only to shut them apln 
after eleetkin day and alt mm 
pretenses of the elected can- 
didate are realiied But. there 
II even hope lor false pretenses 
• MSt election .yeif < new can- 

I really leel tl it a stiamr that 
our Miciety Ut let down alter 
each cicettai year It we eould 
only get someone running 

tor presldenl who would speak 
tMHMsUy and not let us down 

alter he is elected Someone 
who, during thetr campaign, 
will sa) they will do their best 
lor America without making 
false promises Someone who 
will say he will try different 
means toward a hopeful soJu- 
tlon Someone who wil not pro- 
mise every living person in 
America the best solution 
which will not conrilrl with 
their interests, and then fall 
back on their promise alter 
they are elected 


Anderson rep, Jeb Busch what's the difference? 

> ditrtiii. the curly 
fmMitt fi it mk m. f t*t Infoi'v- 
" Hi Ml Ml alictlan campalin. 
tlMl tttctlni campaign »u lo 
M Mtn Andtnon elected into 
Im' Wiiur Hmm 1 Ml tbat it 
•iMl4' It' iTMt l» have .AmtBr- 
«« or .as Andittion reprcM*-'« cnnM sneak at Harper. I 
lilt tht* wouM he gnml.. not juni 
tor Anderson but tur llw 
students as well 

1 imind out that iMC' pnftf ' 


activitiea ntn aad 

way I* dii' this wt« Mj 

uiai the' 

nt' pro-Andenon. hitl wmm 
mafe M the topic that we 

iImmM noi he scared .into voting 
the tradll'lonal two party 
system That an Iniicpendeiit 
vote tt ml waatcd What I got 

When I asked why noi, I was 
told that Harver was a coater- 
valive sdMo): and would .not. 
iMiHliiM mytMng. like N.. 1 was 
aim MM that I tmU t» 'to one 
o( the tchiMi gmaa and maybe 
Uicy might be able to do it hut 
ttiaiilie did not think M twhenl 
her if ihc radio station 
11... I wi 

told m When ) Itlked to a per 

'M» at the radb station < whose 
nanc'l won't mention • ab«it it 
they Mill me they would be glad 
to I nketl (he railio station 
because I leli that the station in 
a way i» the v'ffl,ice of the 
sl.iidents. after iill II la funded 
With our Muitent dollars, if I'm 
right So 1 ieli things as they 
wen)' and dlil not raise a hig 

Amind a month later I found 
out that Jeb iuih was to speak 
at Harper ,ieb Buah' t» the son 
«l Oeorge B'uah.. ye» that's 
right., the tame George 'Bnah 
thai IS muling lor rice- 

president on the Reputkllcan 

What I would like to know i* 
why eeuid a Bwh rcpreten- 
tative tpeak at Harper and iM 
an Anderion reO'renentative" 
Why wasn't equal time offered 
lo Carter. Clark .and CoM' 
Boner" Was it tiecause the 
Keign people had friends al 
Harper where It counted or 
•as it liecause certain people 
al Harper wanted to hear from 
the candidate that they tup- 

Harbinger attitude toward 
Westmoreland offensive 

Aa • .Harper student t 
■Ntltl' iittaMI hy Iha attitude 
(IH MatMiipr' lowardt 
■I WaMUMfctewt's ,^"' 
paarance aml'iiicef li. 

One wowlart SI ilM' moraltty 
.al uvitiiig ami: ptiliig one ol 
MMilta'i :gr>l 'war rnm.tna,ls 
'lt:ip«ik ai a pulitic iwutuiton 

This, man was nupontihlc lor 
.niiliiple alrw'itits and war 
olme* under intemalionat law 
and the K o. r e m: b u r g 
Under hi* com-' 
one out o( every two 
Sooth VletMMiMe *■» bitcd.. 
maimad or UrcMj) retocaiaii 
to VS cMicMlraflMi camps 

i"»ir-alegtr ham-lets* Hit 
orOers sanctioned the Mtura-- 

•Ik aiMiMer 

ol elvitaHi, iM 'iiae al miiions 

ol gallons of chemtcats to 

itertUie 30 percent ol the land 

■ i>r South V lelnam causing 

'.J hinh delects • He hat 

returned from, deleal and 

•'.'ice to pe4dte mililansm 

, ine uittm,'ate sotoltnn to 

America's dectUMg |>ceillte to 

the world 

Thia unn ■«• w uMWMMlly- 

hatod Ihal ht waa uMhlt to 
speak al Amy hasei tn the ta,te 
Ill's West,mMirl.a,nd. with the 
cnnservatlfe turn the 
Am<erlcan populatiO'n has 
ItiMi. apparently now feels he 
can lliow hit face M' coltege 
camipuse* Three cheers for the 
V'letnam vet who dared 'to' Of>- 
poie the general's militaristic 
insa'nit\ It is the Viei„na,m tets 
who .first hand witnessed, and 
•ultered llrom this illegal and 
l,m,ia'Oral war At least 
MUMhwty had the pia, 'to ipaet' 
IkM 'the loflc that is 'Ittdliig m 
ever closer to nuclear 
.halacauat: "make' W'ar to pm- 
vent war " 

The publication of ilit 
MMagm Puptis hat ihiwii 
itM: jpifeniiitM mulMiiaen 
IIIK' 'VMiMiniiiiii laiK lied 
mm ami wer aga'ln. PMlow 
Americans t»o not fall lor 
Westmoreland's CIA estimate* 
and phony projectioos ol alleg 
•d't -mimary inleriority The 
lessons ol Vietnam and more 
recently Irani it that over- 
whelming mditarv might in 
defense of eorrupi dictator 
■Up* wilt only create hatred 
and hMtlMi- lor the Itnited 

Slates. i>wr real security lies In 
the 'detC'rmined p'UrsuJt of world 
'disarmament, .and recognition 
of the .rlghls of all nations to 
their own forms oi government 
and conirol over ' their own 
natural rt!sour«M Thit kind o< 
loreign policy will make 
frtamfc, knatcad of enem.tes far 

Mary Waller 






I! On any regularly priced 

II atbunriiortapt 

Wltll tills. 


'VLIW jyfl|jL|^^ ail^^,^^^ ^^i^tL 

I IIH ■HIT ■*■■ Ml 




TiiKup Pass SNipping Centtr 
1211 Golf Road 


Now do am $et me wrong. I 
am noi knocking Reagan. Bush 
or Jeb I Just want lo know why 
etjual lime was not given to the 
others II anybody can give me 
a convincing answer maybe I 
will but it hut I doubt It Mike 
maybe that Is why people do 
not get involved at Harper, 
because it Is too • conter 
valive ' Whatever happened to 
students rights' 

is>r>enuiM Grave) 

How to tell Republicans 
from Democrats 


an. the 


1. Oel. 1... 
to remain anonymoua ) 

Iletnocrala huv most of the books that have been 
baiMd mmtwhere Republlcana form cenaonhip 
commlttoet and read them ms a group 

Democrats give I heir worn-out clothes to those 
leas lortunate itepublicans wear theirs 

Repuhlirans employ rxterminators I'temocrals 
flap an bugs 

Demttcrats name their children after currently 
ntpular sports figures, politicians and entertainers. 
Iltiwitjiican children are named after lh<;lr parents 
or grandparents, according to where the monev Is. 

Rcpulilicim lend to keep their shades drawn. 
although Uiere it seldom any reason why they 
should Democrats ought tn. but don't 

Democrats eal the lish thev catch Republicans 
hang them OR the wall 

R^ublican boys dale Democratic girls Tliey 
plan lo marry Republican girtt. bol feel thevre en- 
titled to a little fun first 

Republicans sleep in twin beds-tome even In 
Mparato room That is why there are more 

No Charg* First Consultation 

T.W. Flynn & Assoc.'s 

AMfWiyB al Law 



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Assault A Batter) 

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Revoked Licenses 


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Office Hours 

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Attorneys at Law 




In order to qimlWy lor • 
mgrt S Tniwan SclwrttnJiip 
UiidMls iiMiM tM enrolM to tt<« 
(all IW •• • Ml tune ttudent. 

junior year at an •ccredited in 
itMton ol hi«l»r education 
and pursue ■ barcalaurette 
degcte program that will 

nftmte bin or lier lor MNne 
JHMCl o< invefaiMel Mrtic*. 
^m icWawmpiKC Hal t'WlM 
Iw »«arded EacH tdi«laiMi|» 
•til cover tuition. He*. teWM. 
and raont and tioard op t« a 
iiMxiiiim of IS.<wn annMlly 
Particulan art avaiUble tn 

(tie Oflicc ol FtaancM Aid. 
Sld« A3C4 

DewUtnc date lor application 
IsNov IIW 

Suburtjan Chapters at PEO 
are oljering financial 
assistance for several 
sitidciits attending Harper (or 
Uie ISIIMl academic year 

Criteria for application is. 
Good academic standing and 
Uie student should have been 
ml ol school at least two 
mirs and returning because 
«{ a change in lifestyle or 

rinal choice* will be inter 
viewed on campus following 

awlkation deadline. 

Deadline date for ap|>lica- 
twnslsNov 14.1980 

Applications are available 
in the Office o« rinanclal Aid. 
Bldg A-m 

Ski Club Meets 

The Spread Eagle Ski Club 
will hold Its first meeting on 
Wednesday Nov 5 at 1 :» in 
room 131 Anyone In 
lerested is welcome to attend 


The Engineering Club will 
meet In ffldg D Bl. :■> p m . 

on Nov 1 10 discuss National 
Engineering Societies 


Tickets for the Harper 
Theatre production of the com- 
edy farce ■Charleys Aunt" 
are on sale beginning Monday. 

(Jet 27. In the Student Ac- 
tivities Office Production 
dales are f'riday and Saturday. 
Nov 14. 15, 21 and 22 at «pm 
In Bldg J 143 Tickets are t2 50 
(or the Public'll 50 for Harper 
students/staff A special dinner 
theatre package is offered (or 
the Nov 22 performance Din- 
ner will begin at 6 p m In the 
dining room, building A. follow 
cd by the performance in 
Building B at 8 p m Cost is 18.90 
for the public. *7 M tor Harper 
students staff Dinner theatre 
tickets go quickly so patrons 
are urged to purchase early. 

Emergency procedures alert Nov. 4&5 

On Tuesday. Nov 4 and 
Wednesday Nov b the fire 
alarm will be rung to alert the 
campus community to the 
lound o( the alarm and to the 
procedures to be followed In 
case of an actual fire The 
alarm will smuid at approi- 
imately 10 a m . 2pm and 7 
p m on both Tuesday and 
Wmliieiday Thli Is only a 
a llrill Please do not 

evacuate the buildings 

For ones own safety in 
case of an actual fire, please 
be aware of the lollowing 

1 The sound of the alarm. 

2 The exit routeis) to l>e 
used (rom the location 

3 The disabled persons 
that are nearby (acuity 
members are responsible for 
seeing that classrooms are 

completely evacuated . 

Emergency procedure 
manuals are located in each 
division as well as In the of- 
fices ol all administrators 
and co.<>t center managers 
Additional copies may be otH 
talned m the office of Dr Jim 
Perry. Vice President of Ad- 
ministrative Services. Room 

THE rUM -roiil Hay" wlU be 
ttown at Harper on Tuesday. 
I4av. 4 at ia:» am ft il:» 

p.ii., M 'IMg. A-141. Stan 
Aeal«a| award wlnalng 
'Chevy Chaat. 

b Int. Sponaored 

bjr Tl» r>rapam Bm ' 

TiM mismniG^ ^. _ , 
itwulif T at I p.B ta mm. 1 
avaMia la ilM StudHH AcMte 
lor Kaipar sttidMla, M lor tlw pobUe 

far tlM coaetrt are 


50% OFF S0%OFF 

on p«rms 
♦or all cuitomart 
833 E. Algonquin 

llmllfsamlDfRtt Sli 


an your cMct of a par m, cut 

tln«, cnrnroll braiding, facials. 

manlcurai, hot waxing, ate. 

Interested in writing, 
selling ads, photograpiiy? 

Join The Harbinger 

Staff meetings Tuesday 1 p.m. 
Bldg. A367, ext. 460, 461 


||pi|iiii||iillilX «i 

TYw H«r1Mn9tr. OdMw- an, mi, Pa«t f 

Reagan^s idea calls for funding control 




Hhi pMMcriltlc pMlm's 

, a Utt 'Ml 'MMMwlltjr 


«f Hale 
L«iiit Grant 
that tn nijiiiy 

cmncvfn inr mm 

UH a«liii.Mitr*tioii 

■■Dm iiMct tigmuiK"" 
onatrMiMinal Mmum. 
'Um Caftar camfi^n'i 

tut rttocaliw lo^1"»«« 
HRHHly 'iipfiii cwNxitfii fot 

umMmI," MUtSIVM 'LMntn 

if' !■' GMWmi of Pnvaic Col- 
IMB Md' 'tliMiwnlty Sudmils 
:|ii 'CMW. IM adHa dtiln't 

'iiij^H^M«p' **l j!iiiHi'*t lii iiiii- idtacvf 
■Imani |Mi lit iMil vmikf' 
mmam at the 'trnprntmrni vl 

imrj Itadiwalb, ArMinr «r 
~ retottont tm tlM 

tijr iMe NBA-iln ^mtal to :iwai 
MliicatiMi mtufwrn oMlacWil 
Hi Catkgr Prew S€f¥)ee 


flilka:; Tlw DemocralK 
DlatlMrtnlavm "• fttadjr Ui^ 
ttmnf In talara) cdueaUon 
Mppon. alniMt at c<|iiallaiiiK 
tundlnt and anMmuBiiH Irom 

ftMweW aid; While tup- 
INNtlag ">•« aid lur private 
■dMwIs " tl waul* to wttMraw 
II tor •egreialioitlil 
aeadcmte." i TItt HeiMMtcaW' 
iHwt'VMiMt to ammt eftat* 
W' iwntw ta!i-«ii«ii|»l •talus 
l«r Brtwalt and rcligiaus 


tint MlniiiMratm Mm es- 

IMMJM tlw «imMlll« Hi 

afitlable to 
ItKimie student*, and has made 
middle- iiKvmc sludents eligl 
Die for fedef »l aid programs (or 
the rirft ume Ai a budget 
meaiure lusi iprlnf . it also cut 
ISO oft each National HncI 
Sludcol Ijtan U hai 

AffMibikiaii ^tlmi' 

any tederal action to esiahllsh 

-agency thopi' In public 

ic*«ili." CirtiTi ■««|f«rt lor 
leaclien uniat to MMiiiMian' 
ed Both lUt NBA and ttit 
American Federation ol 
Teacher* -.AFT* -- Uie W«» 
larttnt unmm - iK canipalin- 
tng for the president 


Education obnenwn ae«iHe 
John Andemn of iaconsMen- 
cy Eduardo Woile, lobbyist ol 

the U S Student Asaoclatlon. 

wys AndemMi "tnda to vote to 
anilieflM educational pro- 

iHl tiMn vitM apilnit 

"He'haa done 'Ihii." cedes 
Bruce VwtL •diBlnntrative 
asatstant al Andevaon's Houite 
ottM* But Poal Mcs no In 
com latency in Uie tendency 

'Without that initial 
authonzaltan," he •ays. "the 
pngram wouldn't even get on 
KeiMf . irtliuttkat oTMn Mr 
Andcnwi) docMit agree with 
hmdlng level* and prlorlltea in 
Mndlng provisions ■ 

The AFT gives Anderson a 
meager » percent righr 
raiuig on education and labor 
mma. wbilc the NEA asaeaaes 
liliii al 11 percent aepresen 
lallvta or both gmipa complain 

voles on moit editcallon MIK 
cane up 

Andcnon has one policy 
paper on education Among the 

fluidlnt: Anderson voted tor 
the creation of the Department 
of Educillon. aid to handicap 

pad Mudanlt. and' new voca- 
tional education programs 
However he voled against ap- 
propriating money lor thoie 

naaaeni aid: Aodereoa says 
that, as president, he would in- 
craaie tlie amounts of money 
available under Basic Educa- 
Itooal Opportunity Grants and 
the TRIO program (or dlsad- 
vanUged sludents While his 
policy paper notes a "renewed 
commitment (or work-study" 
programs, he has voted against 
forcing employers to pay col- 
lege sludents the minimum 
wage (or part-time jobs 

Observers like Tom Duffy of 
tlie Ameriean Statd/tex Aasocia- 
tlon say Aaderaoo's opposiUon 
lo military registration haa 
helped his campaign on cam- 
p<l>. But Duffy now senses that 
"students are becoming more 
cynical about Anderson" 
because of his lack of specine 
statements on education issues 

Lockwood: a secure, 
comfortable futurist 

"HumMltie* IS a manilon 
with many many rooms 

PiyclMilog}'. muiic init art are 
MMW M^cctt o( It," said l>r 
IMwnt. Lockwood. profeswir 

tackwMil. wMo was bom in 
OHiw ^and «•« His tint eigh- 
tMn jNMn tlwrt, «a* • cub 
npimr M HMg Kong belorw 
iWlliillH'litMii tl'Mitad Slates 'lor 
a 'eoHilt '«luc«tiM. ai Yale 

'■ m:udi M'Ofe to 'the 
ert Uitn la the 
Ml said. "In (lie' 

I'd III. la tin omr- 

trwHlMlMll IW' tic tMOpk IMIl 

in lad Mr letaBini; Die 'PM Ml 

oidllBal* gel tome money In 



rd cover sports 
cnwlB and m ihe c«eniiigi>. l"d 
■olnllie'tlMiier " 

Alter iraduaung IMfii Yak 
with a tiachwlort degree, 
Lockwood jolntd eonicientlou* 
iihjecton 'C0> 'hecaui* "I ia« 
Ihe iwao'ity ol wtf CO wa* an 
•llermalivf mt\^ lni*ead of 
laMng Ihe army '- He »•» <l» 
iai uMtul iMnpi Ukt wortong 
m. matal HMfliala. plaiit'ing 
MMi laifiiMiiii vft aiur HW' 

Alter l«»r years o! CO, be 
spent two years with Ihe RolMsrt. 
Skia Chorale in Sew 'Vofk, Mt 
Uicn went to writ his Pit D la 

HiManltiflB at lli«H|»: »att 

With ibat interest at Mtait. 
L^Kkw'ood Mtd, "'Sociologists 
.lay we "re al an tncredMe )«nc 
Vm «her« there will tie rnure 
chanie in ihe next len imn 
than. w«''<w Imd In Ihe last. 'KM 

In respect to Ihat. Or 
U>fkwo<id wnl4», ' "'When m old 
world IS dying and n new one l« 
■Inigiling lo iw' born, pniphetir 
voice* ««ke Wiemscives hejinl 
Cnplieis have always bad a 
nMi#i line ot it becauae they 
bnni to iht level o( con- 
■eloiiinets ideas, that we kno'* 
to ht true, hul would rallwr 
repress or ignore Thtfj leW m 
thai tot the Hr»t time in hirtory 
•e have ihe capactiy (« 
Mderate all human We and 
ipell «t cenaiB changes which 
m.usi be made' la the very' 
Murt' It iMiikind is t« sur- 
vive " 

l,oekwood.. 'Who hai 

teaching hare ■!«« IW saM, 
•I'm a great Ian ol rommunilj 
colleges The Idea ts 
marvtiow. ll presents s»ich a 
wide range ol prograns. " 

He previously had taiiglit at 
eommunlty colleges lor fifteen 
yean In illnnesolii. Michigan 
and New Vork 

"'teaching i» lun I hai-e a 
vrrv nigh interest in w'hal !*■ 
teaching Cine readon 1 like be- 
:Hg a leadier is because I ilon'l 
liavt lo tic. In all other proles- 
slom.. you have to learn to lell 
noniruths Teacher* are not 
more moral -Ihere'i Jual nO' 
poiM » Ij-lng Tliere's noiliing 
lo pin (ran Ft." 

When be"s not teaching. 
l.*rt:wood collects slide* of 
every nature and lybieti lo .add 
to bt« rnllectian. which already 
flit* two III* cabinet*. He uses 
miwl ot uiem inieadiing 

tie tin loves lo iniv#l "In 
t:h» tasl tin years, I've visited 
the <faiv'M. t'nion. spent iwo 
sum.nier's In Japan and 
wandered Europe and 
Ifortli Africa. " 

A* lo.r bis tiinre.. Dr 
tockwood plans 'lo contimie 
.leiiching "It's a ciia.torl.ablw 
' ng lo Aay m what you're 
"''he said 

Futurist registration open 

The .Harper College lutnrin 
Conlerence •HI he held on. 
three »uccei«iw Tbtirsday 
tvening*. "im « W and » in 
H.i( E'lW wx'" I"**' 
Millers, lilm*. piinc) dliC'US- 
jSiia literatun' lable .snd. 
mWilMins (mm ihe lloor. par- 
tktpanl* will be pondering (he 
•irld'»'uneert.ain I'utut* 

'lie. 'Iini i««»ioii. Hov *, will 

involve an overview »i 
hym.aniisl ld*i» and 'rtraiegio. 
'Tbe Sm iJih session deal* 
•lib the "'0obal village'" or 
■'•family -of -man'" idea, a 
ncopilion of our necessary in- 
lerdependence il the world, 
wiile level Th*' final msion on 
Ko« li> Is coDMraed' with 
futurist careers 'that will he 
evolving in the yenrs |iist 

Senate Notes 

In IIM' last issue ot the lla(t>.. 
ngtr, Hicb Belanfrr's name 
was not. tflcluded la tbr article 
wrMen about (he new otriceri. 
in itudenl stnate ielanger will 
•erve a* Student 'SenaK- 

Meetings meet* .every Wcdne*. 
*iyat«pm InWdg, Altic All 
siatteiit* are welcome to al- 


Ihtiiiilmt wnate 'ha;* 'plic- 

.Ml .|iiii|e»i.n»ii buko ..... ."t 

kwiclfe <»!' Btdf. .0 and in the 
buck of the caleteria The siu- 
deiil lenai* would like you to 

Cam soige**."".* *«■ '™"'™»" 
tMc.eelli|e « complaints m 
IIMK IMMI.. They will be 
chf«*eil .at tte 'btftoning ot 

• •••• 





Chilton Research Services 

71S Wist AliMMii InC Arliiflii liiifMs 

flik ft— aiH 

.Mlin ll« l«l»v*«*H ilallili'eiwiil rrm nmion-. ivKMng i«»rk.i ««i««rcl> 
C»m»«'>'«»"««.eii*i«l<tH»l«iiw.i«i''«»« w.« ••'■>••» <>'' »•>«'•' IX""!"^. 
EacKKnt IraMna IW M«»t tmrmn <m M«rkt(tns. *«rar>itK<». Com. 

•niifiicctiont (nal All '>yiM«.||i in*iilc canMd mm*. 
Mw..w|.H«<«. >n»<tt<«a. •■larlence nel' rwHlraa. 

Oar, wtmif. tm mmmmm.>mm ■ ■ a i i a ais- * mirtmum m m ii<i»ri.|» •«* 

^*'^" ft ' r^ iJlg.iWi..W .»m€.WM 


I ttw»i *m»|*iart "Wl *) ''.e> f'it»t 

i#««M«^.M#t Mw^fflMw nw%^ ^^ttam u*' 

ahead., work ihat will ht-ij. 
retol've rather' thjiii intri: 
(he dUficull problem* lacco t-y 

lleicauM! of Ik* li.m:ited .i|wc« 
m BMg.. E-M». those planning 
til attend. iiIiou,l<l regwer far 

my or nil of ibe sessions by 
nltlng Eit .11(1 or al the Office 
ol <.M.inumg Education, Bldg. 

,. ft^.-i .»..*« V' ,. bath. V I LM a*'«a« " 

.jao..s tm mt. H0 

MM' WQME<t> 
JOaSOM IMiel- *<Mrk«<. Fvatg*. mm 

m ._^ „ - i_ ^ — i.^ ii5r«, (jjai 

j«r*«T.iiiifi«t ros«*«i mi.i«!i»>i 

™ rtrw^w: i''l>l. «a '" .'H«.MI «J>1.'>H<1. 
, .W1.»I*M1.***' C'te**.'. «.«.».r* dfcowl I'A-'Wtt 

in L,**i«i t^ttvh 0rm «*•'' *i> t'twftyriiwl t 
AMmp*% r:f^%'.. .(.#<'! So*. W.«lf « .# .Htrih M> 

■•• fit Ciioit !'•; 

DiC0i«T>V« tl£CT«)C to".m 

Wmtt •'!». timvtftt nn 0m to ciu^, 
trmif IB, t«n in Itffl 

...» ., .. «i,«.| t..,l«>.mr>t »0« imltrm 
...IimnMM Ml _. . 

6jiTA« iriiSi* 14 nw wr »»ur ni 

»fM|»c.< ».>••» Ml js*'wTom 

mii'-'itlO ''nH » l»f«l» tri«ii Mr. 
,,«.»» <**(Tt 

sKji ««*» *«^'*n'y 11* C*iJm**ll: 

cjuaao MAC KIMS u.j .l.«hw» iiis 

Itumui' „ _ 

'»» CMIVV f.i.»Htni emmtim. inal 
mn >w»» n.n vm c»iiiw«i . 

.MOUSE FOR RENT -B«.>»i«MMdMn !■« 
tm*'' •'» •«<«>»« (v-tgi C A . Urfi 
^ trcNvv •.'f^ •» af^t^«nc«& Mpiralt aMif 

iM >tM>v 'son itKmr*^ tm mrt «■ 
ii»i»K». MM "w K* wMfw? on Pal 
.►«»ii«at..Mi.a; a.auw» i mj-, — 

Pin mif imSmamnmifimmimm 
'LOVt V*. 


,iBif''"ITfflStiiTs:'f'S3SS«1 . .. 

»i*«« •*» m> l«*» » mta • •mhiiiI Alt 

•••It. *•• atltHMM CvttC )=r<>l* •< HI 


I ft eOOl TAILI mm •! * b.» Ml 



Numan brings sense of bizarre future 

WKii gnM anttoipathMi 1 
awatltd Gary Numan'i ip- 
iranc* al tlit Craiiaan 


tlMfe> attU!' Wonii Incy stand 

Is Muman's 
lie? Would 



aiMlicr fceytNUirdlst wbo also 
plajreii fuitars and violin For 
the rniM pan. llwy all stood 
itlll Their rolKWic appearance 
pushed Gary Nunan further in- 
to the ipcitliilM 

t to a mm m mind-Mowinii 
IM 'W'al Mtpt to iimlaud'^ 

HjMpta' mat ihn. tm^ 

attracts' Ttic new wave look 

more rampant- 

I M^Wt •«• 


pradledy every atr'anitw. 
And stranger, and tlranfer 
Didn't mmi skirts |o mit in a 
hlaM of anii-seitsm' Ap- 
pannil^ nol:. in the safety pin 
"" SlMiciM. 1 Just did not 
MqrlW I vatn't wear- 
I hladt-or hot. ptmk. 
nerlaitt. "Anyway, I was there 
M ipUrtt. if not correctly al- 


We arrived late and niwed 
the evening pertoraiiancc hy 
ChHM Oti well; flHwe who I ask- 
ed isfomcd me that "Clont" 
was a weU-piclted name We lat 
M (Mir fitui-nw acata and 
awaited the perfonnanM. 

From the rise of the curtain, 
this oincerl packed a hlgh- 
eneffy punch The stafe set-up 
was awe inspiring: two 
ktylMianlists were enclosed by 
little booths M either side of the 
•la|t. On a higher level. In the 
nnler, sat the (tnimmer He 
was flanked on that same level 
hy haislst Paul Gardiner and 

nan's stage personality 
Isn't marked hy between songs 
patter The eiilent of his verbal 
contact with the audience was 
thank you." He doesn't smile 
much that face is enough to 
make a tasting impression on 
anjone Song afler song, he 
»Mld strut or writhe across the 
stage like a snake, fixing the 
auifienee with a blue-eyed 
glare, no David I^ee Roth 
aunsense, here During 
■■M.E.". from the ■"Pleasure 
Principle" LP. Gary was per 
ehed 0(1 a platform above the 
drum kit, the alienation 
described tn thai song couldn't 
have been portrayed in a more 
efficient way. He was clearly 
all akme up there, like a 


Something should be said 
here about the lighting The 
strobe panels all over the stage 
were impressive, in either red 
or white Overhead lightmg 
was mostly for a highlighting 
effect, both systems created a 
futuristic backdrop (or the 
somewhat cold music 

Gary Numan s music is in- 
deed, cotf* Multiple syn- 
thesiwrs tend to drain songs of 
their emtttton ; in this case, they 
are the emotion. The material 
from "TWekon" stood up quite 
well in concert: the album 
Itself is somewhat of an aoli 
climax to the last two 

Some interesting toys were 
included as stage props: during 
"Are Friends Electic." two 
cubes with heads inside them 
rolled about the stage, operated 
by remote control Gary sang 
•Bown in the Park' from his 
seal in a remote-control space- 

car A shock ran through the 
audience when It burst out from 
underneath the drum riser 

■Ves. a shock Concerts these 
days are a contest in "how to 
shock the audience" So many 
people attempt it m so many 
ways -Igg) Pop, Utopia, Peter 
Gabriel, etc .Sometimes it is 
more of a sham than a shock In 
Numan's case, it worked and 
seemed appropriate 

Another (an and 1 got Into a 
discussion before the show He 
took off his yellow day glo 
glasses and asked me If I 
thought new wave was part of a 
counter revolution Well, what 
other revolution is going on. 
that this one could counter'' He 
said that his parents thought 
the style of dress and music 
was extremely decadent He 
himself said that 'this is very 
twenty -first centur> 

Well, all but the mini skirts 
gee whiz, this is culture 
Some of us are sociologists at 




U<t roV DUD5? 
in B REAL VftH 


WHtM DJVft' 5T0P? 

Tattoos: painless (?) decorations 


•if» nm tm ymfn tmtm and 
you have to iJccldc If you want a 
ktoo or not ■■ But tt Is a IKe 

tlintilwMMia. Onc« It's then, it 

itajit- T«Bi a o« '» ««>' » 

tarn m tNttlMif it on. or » It m^ 

cspcBSiv'e. «i><t tlie ikM «)i) 
iMWcrUe the tame. 

CMUm » Wto » • l»ni>ii«i 
,iialMMnt. m mt. can My 
wtm « iti onc' or wM dnip'. 
Jtiit knowina is ewiuflt. ami' •* 
'One man Mid atier ht tM a M- 
too, •'Ttumt win never bt Om 
ianie aflwln. '' 
Once dec'tiM. ttt* fantasy li 
y M )IC tttDttghl (nil and 
laMraianenl reality Tat 
1 ■■ detlncd as --tncertMf 
,_jBl iliMter the lurfaM ol 
Mfelit •! a Immm Imtng, l>y 
img wtU) a nteiSe or oUter- 
I, « at to produce an mtldi 
Me marl » t^pmt viwWe 
tliwii«>i the »lHii ■ acwrdlni to 
tht Crtiiliwil La» PncoJiire ol 
Jati i, isn 

Tattomiig B Wteial twin* the 
wriM and atevc tne ntck tlic 
only citntliiiMiHj mpomH areas 
(Hal ih> 'Dol: haw rooM for 
ciiwrni mt nlmt and. cannot be 
easily covered la Illinois, you 
must l>e U year* old to get, a 
laiioo The lef a,l age in Wticoii- 
■in li t». 

CanM ciNiiMerailtM' tHotild 
be given to ttie tattoo artist, 
what his credentials are and 
How hygltftic his operation is 

Be able to talk to the tat 
iMUst Be al>)e to tell him exact 
1) what and where the tattoo 
should »« LooH at tht- sheet* ol 
"Uaitf on the wiJIs ol the 
itiKlki » the design im t there. 
a latwlal can he utilkd enough 
M iM an eumple and eltlmr 
fMNtlc it or ImprovlM. See 

{ilwto|raplis ol his work and tl 
pocalbtf live examples Know 
ing someone who has a tattoo 
from a particular parlor alio 

There should l>e sterlliiatlon 
equtpnieni lor the electrical in- 
struments ThetatlooiitilMiiiJd 
be ill good iH'aith and have no 
aktn abrasions or h« niMkJng 
while the tattoo is being done 
He ihoMid have idw|uale space 

Take notice it the artiti 
waiMe* his. hands with tnap and 
drtei them on mdividiMl twtl* 
before starting a tatoo. 

The sit in will be cleaned with 
goap i or ali-ohol i . shaved, and 
rubtied with alcohol One or two 
needles, depending on the lilie 
and type at deulgn. will be used 
The ouiliner. 1-T needles tn a 
group, and ibC' sliader. I-II or 
niiiire needle* in a gnup. The 
hmUm in itaMd in ntm-toitc 
ml. 'and pNtttd' under the skin 
nne-elghtti: to one^siiteenth 

(.India Ink., um^ tn ho^me tat 
too*, which arif often reworltetl. 
contains chemicals not made 
lor tattooing) 

At about » punciaren a le- 
cond., getting a tattoo doesn't 
hurt, more like a slight hum 
and almost a tickle There i» a 
small draw olDliiod 

Alter-care la a necestity 
f:omplete instructions ilMMld 
be given. B.a»icaliy, it is eaaen- 
Itat not to bother the scab, the 
colors will tw Ijrtghter if you let 
it Heal naturally Clean with 
■MnM twice a day and apply a 
Miedleated skin lotion unlil the 
tattoo Is healed, within 3 to 10 

Before the electrical)^ 
powered needle, sa 

ihirns and sharp oonei wwe 
used to make tatkws Cutting 
the skin and ruhhtng In 

ptgpients was another proceaa. 
The earliest tattooing datai 
back tn ataii iLmni B C Kgyp- 
tiin niuniiiiies from that period 
were found to have blue tattoos 
Captain r«>k made note ol tat- 
tooing in bis journal of ITK 

S^Om Webb, tattoolst and 
auimr of Il1»s 'Pualiing Ink" 
iSlnioB t Schuster' estlmatetl 
that as many people who own 
Oievrnlets and Fords have tat 
toot. He also considers three 
tattoos as *Utl experimenting 
and anything tmM heavily 
talooed.. " 

There it Mill a :it.lgma sur- 
riwndtng tattoos, though Not 
around here," Greg, tattoo ar- 
list at the Tattoo Company of 
Lake Geneva and whole w«rk 
appears tn "Pushing Ink." 
smiled wryty 

Located at W: Center Kd 
and open daUy HA except on 
Moml.ays. Greg has been 
latiooc for 15 years He won't 
do ottscenities or Nazi signs 
Neither will he give a tattoo to 
anyone Who Is .staggering 

Of the clientele, » percent 
are women, tlie mi»t pipular 
design 11 a !>utt«rfly while for 
men It is a panther. Somttuies 
a stencil is used for dcl.aflcd 
designs and to m.ake eiacl 
copies of another t»(lo«» 

the prices range from l>» 
stars to IIU parrot.s and select 
designs that are done in more 
than one silting cost ra.or«' 

Oscar Wiide said it .simply 

One should either be a work o( 
art. or wea r a work of art. " 

Hawks face Triton 

The Women s Volleyball 

leam wilt travel Into the sec- 
tionals playoffs at Triton C«»l- 

lege Saturday 

The Hawks will face Oakton 
Allege in the first game of the 
elimina Hon playoffs, 

"It's going to be awfully ha.rd 
because we're going to 'he wiss^ 
.ing a 'lot ol our players," mm 
mented Coach Lynn Hitchcock, 
"But I'm glad we're going to 
,pl.ay Oakton Instead of Triton. '• 

Two weeks ago. the Hawks 
topped Oakton three games wit 
of four and Harper will try to 
repeat that performance Satur 

Triton and Wright are the 
other two teams in the field ol 
four and the top two teams will 
advance on to the regtimal 

Harper will 'be suffering a 
fatal h, in tlie ser- 
lionals The Hawk squad will he 
missing sophomore Oarlene 


Kiinmski and with an injured 
Ten Bauer 

Last Friday the Hawks fell to 
defeat at the hands of Illinois 
valley in three straight games 

Harper commanded 4-1 and 
i> 1 m the first two games but 
lost their fight and the games 
l>-6 and 15-13. 

The final game proved lo 
hold the same fate for the 
Hawks as they dropped it 115-7 

Darlene Kubinski had eight 
points for the Hawks 
throughout the games. Theresa 
Hudea had seven. Teri Bauer 
had five Karen Kamradt add- 
(!d four while Ann AstrmkI 
rounded out Harper's poiats 
with two. 

Ann Astroski and Teri Bauer 
each led the way for the Hawks 
in spikes with four apiece 


Y AN ••!!'¥ Bliim 

•ilMt AN MOW At 

sunsHiric A exPBfss 

, Let Wie su'Wan t».(*r«i iwlp »o<» 
tomUHon rour mm lot Mm •m'ter 
mon'W'S f nioy '►'H comtfifl winlar 

) wtf* mt ti««ithi#it lookmji goldan 
lirewii fliow ever. Ypti can Mvt 

I Iht best tan of yom HI* Tan 

, fluitlily mtwl eailiy m tfte n'rivacy 

1 of your own %ur> room 


.Surrey Rtdfl* Ihopplnfl Canlar 
. Algonqwln ««. (Sl A M) 






20% OFF I 


Unbeaten Hawks 

M nil 17 fJlV 'fllnvAYYfi 
utiy itir iiiityiiiis 




m, Bambach 


on sports 

it «ImI uncMT cnadi 
r Stabnliat iMtti «tltUi| 

'At Mcmi*)w«r caadi k 
MM Mt to«i. wilt ■» f artMer w 
&m vmit-wmmm plajmlb Iton 

"•l!iil«s th« MlWTieen at- 
cura. "" saM Staibo. '*w« stratilit 

rinrt. Umt Hawk* vill havv i* 
Mai «ilM*r TrlUm or thiPi(e m 
a RttiDii IV Nnrlli .ScmlflMl 
Tin Mawtai have twrten Triton 

Ml «iic«. while t>»,ng theChjip- 

naralli Tiw liawkn will Imbi 

tilt winner at the [tttPage- 
Tntnn match •! II) 9 an 

ilMiM the MawKk wilt. 'Illty 
•mill ««N»im to Uw Halt, m 
HcKMi) IV plajroflK' Thty «mM 
Bla)i lite KO' t ranlitd man 
InMi. the Hafmn IV imtth 
UMmey . Th* N« 1 ranked team 
ftatl tlw HmtH, KWiwiiiiket or 
VaMMWn. WMlil' then play 
am tto. I ranttMt mtmd trim 
the South the winner's at the 

miiWmI Ihen incet in the irtate 


The italB etw»pl« mmM 
then hie*t Ihe Mliin««la. 

MlMMirt, and' Michtipin ttalw 
ciMllV'Mint at the NJCAA 
lildwaai regtMals. whlieh 

iatbo Dupe* that 11k Hawk*. 
•Midi tUilMtl the war at <M>-5 
■Km- a I- 1 tie with Ukc rarMt 
lait WcnliwwlBy. udwanet into 
the national laumey 

"1 thtak we're mucli hetlcr 
than the other teams around," 

Dm diMipMitniinMl wai uie 
MMilier of IW the Hawfc* en- 
dured "It's jdil one M llMMe 
things,;" uid Suho.. "We Just 
h«lMiiMtM||hliKii I'd rather 
ha«t llat 1km toe we're gfi- 
tlag hultar. 1 tuat hope we don't 
gat 'ilala before the ptayvlti " 

A hrtgltter note ^ live Hawk* 
■«v minlnaM tor .-Vit'ttate 
freshmrn Mark Pwlono and 
Rick Pulit. piu* stophomora 
Prank Bmnettl. Steve Todd. 
and Steve Crane Pul» is the 
Hawks Irndinii scorer with i:i 
loals aiKl two assists Roth 
Todd and Buinetii. meanwhile, 
wcr« nominated lor Ait-Maf Ion 

Buildinn Mi Mhediile 


laipni «:30tiii) 
I aipm 4 Mpm 

t:Mp.n> '*:)OpB 
««tn*ali)> l:-l« -t/Wpm. 
"nunytay l:]Wp.n. 4 'Kip a 

7".'iopn« •t--iopiiii 
Prtita? Uionpni ':i'Wpm 

7:Wpiii '» mpm. 

I Wpm 4 «;ip.m. 

"" Hiirpcr fiicuH) 

■talt. and ■tudenls m^ay sign up 
M a MM eoBM. hfal icrved Diiti 
l»r uae o< the rac<|iwtball rtiuris 
■t • reduced rate of •& 00 per hnur 
■I tlw tolilowtnt I imes 

■d Thunday " li <w 
IJ"W pm Sign up win 
I at 10 
Friday - ;:: oo p.m. - 9:0* p.m 
Sign up wilt twgia at 1 1 » a m 

AIBB, tiy paying a Itfi lee. 
Harper (acuity, tiatl. and 
•ludenlB wtU have the right to 
MaplMoe regl»ter lor i-ourl* To 
reacrve courts (or Tuesday and 
Thumday, call Monday trwni « 00 Toraaervecourti 
lor rrlday and Saturday, call 
Thuraday (nim d'W p m » «i 
p.m iI*I-]««. EiI.MTi 

for Maifar pafioniiel and com- 
niiinlty wm, cantla an availalile 
Tuaailar aai Hiwiliy • »M 
■ m. - »;li>'a.». aiMl"f;)0 pm 
}-Ma.a. - 


Cmtn tuna* are reacrved on an 
hourly haala 

The (anMUn will t>t doted due 
10 conBleta and atMatlc conteali 
on the totlowlng dalei : 

Friday, Mov 7, Saturday. Nov 
I. Tttunutay. ^■iifr ZJ through 
S«,|:t«nliiy Nov IS. T*ur»day 
Bee t, Friiiiiy, Dec. i: Thur% 
day, l>ec tl. Tueiday. r>ec t» 
undTtujnday. (■>»«■ in 

for hirt.her m(ormiil>i» slop l»y 
the revtaatMin oflkT on t.h* w 
comI tiaor of Bulldtng M. or call 

■m-»m. Kit. i«T 

NOW YOU .LISTEN HERE , Maipar'a rrnnk Biaoetu aiid • KMnrMikm ilaitr ate It ub 
RMita«« •la. onr dM'Caugui. A fWM bnifet out,. iMt M «M «M iMit 

Hawks roll again, 38-6 

TMt wetkii m,m nueiitHin 
ti: Why do the Harper Hawk* 
•ait till the lad couple games 
ot the neason tielore they start 
10 play (Mid, MMHid. aolid (aot- 

Lait Mowlay. the Hawks 
traveled to North Park College 
and trounced all over the 
hosting Vikings, :n-« 

This was the second straight 
game in which the Hawks com 
pllod over W points while glv 
log up a liilUc I points tn both 


Ron 'Burhe hsIcmM hts ttw 
yard rushing game streak to 
five games t>y compiling IM 
yards, also a new school 

Quarterback Tim Tyrrtll 
nnhml tor I IK yards 

But the thing that the Hawks 
didn't do was turn the hall over 
once I'nlike their other games 
when the Hawks give the ball 
up more timea than Uiey have 
It, thia one was different 

"We had lou of offenie and 
no turnovers which is a sign of 
maturing. " commented head 
coach John Eliasik 

Ron Burke and Jim Vacertllo 
each scored two touch<lowns 
lor the Hawks while Ttm Tyr- 
r«ll and Scott Chokland each 
added one score a piece. 

All In all. Harper gained m 
yard* In Ihttr romp white glv 


Saturday itternoon the 
Itarper Hawks will play thdr 
last home game of the leamn 
against the Triton Bulldogs 

Triton is ranked fl in tlie 
state and ts in the overall cotm- 

Harper liii't ranked on the 
•tale poll, the country poll, or 
even the North poll for that 

Triton has a huge back field 
and they can run and pass the 
ball as welt as any itHn they'll 
ever come acroaa 

Harper has a couple good 
backs a quarter back that can 
run but not pass, and a lot of In- 
eiperience In their oflensive 
and defensive lines 

Trtlon kiit thdr last two 
games and really needs Ala 

Harper won their last two 
games and is nsally playing 
like a very fine football team 

"The key to this game Is go- 
ing to be our defense.' slated 
Coach Eliasik •» the defense 
i»n play a niijKmsihIe game, 
lliM I think we've gni a mA at 

Harper is going to need great 

performances turned m by 
Michael Davis. Tom Jenkins. 
Kevin Murray. Dan Groce. 
Brian Sander and Dave Led- 

They arc all defensive backs 
and they're going to have to 
stop Triton from making any 

Lincoarkers Jeff Anderson. 
Dan Marlssac. Todd Marunde. 
and Jeff Smithem have all been 
Improving greatly and have 
turned in fantastic per- 
formances lor the pait two 

The Hawks defensive line is 
going to have to get some 
penetration on the Triton back 
field in order to ilo very well . 

So back to the main point 
Why did the Hawks decide to 
start playing good (ootball In 
the last (ew weeks of the 

Well, the Hawks nccalMl so- 
meone to puib around and give 
Ibem confidence, enough eon- 
fidcnce to |» out and really 
push atwuMfiameone thai may 
be goodTnton is good ' 

But come Saturday attemoon 
when time runs out in the 
game, look for the Hawks to do 
Just a bit better and then give 
that freshman team ■ hand lor 
a truly remarkable seasMi en- 

Placek, Bingham qualify 

Harriers Tom Placek and 

Bill Bungharo qualilM tor the 

NJCAA cross-country meet 
•llh lifth and 14th place 

ll»i»h« al the Hegmn IV m^eet 

at Schiller Park last weekend 

Placek Imlshed the .i.l m'ile 
course with a time of »:(m 
while Bingham llnished with a 

time «J .28 V Both earned A!l„ 
Stair honors 

Spoon River and Triton 
qualitifil (or the n»li«>nal meet 
■s (turns Hirper. m,eanwhile, 
imtshed Iltlh out of 19 team's 

'Tlw lids did a fuoer foti.'^ 

Crm diilnf 

said coach Joe Vitton "ril tell 
you, If we had Theberg or Mar 
tin. we wouldn't have taken 
two. we'd have taken a team " 

Ron Thenerg and Todd Mar 
tin were declared ineligible (or 
this seastm Thcherg is a 
tranafer trom AriMina .State, 
Martiin qualided for last year's 
NJCAA meet 

Placek and Bltighani will 
letvi' n««t Thursday (or .next 
*«><>l«"n"li tiiiiionai meet in 

Cour de Aleanc, Idaho 

(jrrg Ciszek finished 2Mi 
with a 27 Z1 time Ed Joyner 
(imshed al 2K 21 for 4lsl place 
and Paul Wallis finished ;tnh 
with a time of 30:K lor Harper 
at iast weekend's meet 

The Hawks have a tenlalive 
meet scheduled at the Carthage 
Invite* in two weeks, depending 
on how Placek and Btni^m do 
at nationals 


Cousteau lectures on Wuvulu voyage 

Onf' MM Mirdly maltC' n 
mind lrit> lo 111* SMth P^tiftc 
to two and a halt hours flat, bui 
tlMMt twnplt aUendmg lh<> Im- 
till* on Octottirr 3 cjiij* prrtl> 
ehNW t« It. Their host, « 
"pilot." for Itu! evening wm 
JeMi^Wcliel Coutlavu twn nf 
rtknown W(Ma eiplorer 
JtiC()i>e-Vww. CkwittMi awl 
«iual]y itaicaM 10 Uif wa 
Md tl* luliirc AHlMiuitii the Ice 
tm* WIS enlilM "Frotcct 
Oeewi Sfurch." partlctpanls 
«tn gtvtn the oftportunily to 
tillage in many other 

Mr, CouitWMi. Iwing tlie 
froal (iwaker Ch»t hi ts, )>«iiiii 
tlie ttctur* With a rather 
drainvttc apfiruach. Huw much 
"•■lor" li really at our 
<tti|MMd* In vtew of what pM- 

pie moy Iwlieve, ilw UMal wait- 
Uty of water can be towirf in t 
wile cup. ■ihii »uj>iKiiiedty l>e- 
Inc our life wpport syiCtem 
Nlnety-oine percent of that 
water tt laJt water, tod the »■• 
luWitK ! percent is morily 
eaaip«Me<) of gas, chemivals. 
tk An adverttwinenl tor a 
wat« (liter devtt-e. you may 
lay, a commercial it it not. but 
a ■■newifcriof* to emflron«ei»- 
tal awaronou and {ireparatta 
for our future Receiving quite 
a (e« "C>ah»" and "Ahs" from 
the awlMmce. he gave u» a few 
moments to apprectate those 
fUrtiBg facM, before beginning 
our Journey lo the South 

Wumltt, a tiny Island In the 
heart ol tlie tropical marine 
111*. IS where the eitpedillon 

wa* lauiKlied from Jean- 
Mtchel Ciiusteiu. along with 
several people chosen from all 
over the world, now share the 
Wand with a total 'populiilion of 
«4IJ people. They situate 
themielve* »way from (he i.n- 
duatnal plants and villagers, as 
they respect their privacy. 
Dwellings were iHilIt oft the 
gratind In order to tale ad- 
vantage of breete*. while also 
attempting lo deter animals 
from entering This particular 
structure also provided eitra 
storage for equipment and 
other l>elongings Immediately 
upon arriving, deeo curiosity 
set In. and it wasn't tno soon 
before the w.ater v»a.» rippling 
and the land showed vanou.i 
tratli Predictably, they 
became quite attached to the 

Wiabilanls ilNMh tliC' yMpIc 
and animals) and learatd 
much about them Gathering 
coconut* and fishing were the 
main activities on the Islaml 

Coeonui milk and fish were 

eiiaenlia) to their diet, and so 
these actlvittes governed a 
Kood parly of the day. 

It was soon that time to start 
malting their way hack They 
didn't leave empty handed 
though, but left with cherished 
memories of the people and 
those In particular with whom 
they developed special rela 
tlonships, an abundance ol In 
formation, and a movie of the 
waters oft Wuvulu which we 
were fortunate enough to be 
able to view 

The film was shot at slaty 
feet of depth and examined tlw 
most prlmllive of animals 

■(sponges I lo the most 
sophistlcatd 'the fish< %o 
words could honestly describe 
the color and tranquil Ity which 
was prevalent throughoul the 
movie, and which the camera 
•0 successfully captured 

Everything 'fish, plants etc i 
appeared to be movin(is in such 
a (ymmetrlcal fashion that at 
limes it se«!me(i appropriate to 
subtitle this picture "Wuvulu. 
the water ballet show " As the 
final scene found Its way from 
the screen, he concluded wiih- 
■ Think about this world, the 
world of each and everyone ol 
ui Preserve it. so our children 
caneitjoyll " 


William Raifiey Harper College 
Palatine Illinois 

Vol 14 No- 11 
November 6. 1980 

Futurist conference kicks off tonight 

AtenaiMlMi: Alfldp. Unlwnt- 
( I ( Michigan 
Klts/Bnclnetring. wtl.l 
particl|>ants In the 
session of Harper's 
hitiirtt conference tonight at 7 

'taMglit'* fertlmi, the nm in 
« Hfflm of three, will explore 
the worldwide futurist move- 
maiit Alrldge, a lecturer In 
humanities and engineering. 
will present an overview of the 
movement Sharon Alter. 
•asoclate professor of history 
at Harper, and Robert Boeke. 

iciate professor of physical 

sciences at Harper will serve 
as panelMs tor the tesalon 

Discussion will locus on the 
history alms and concerns of 
the futurist movement, an in- 
ternational framework of in- 
dividuals and organltations 
committed to effecting con- 
structive changes in today's 
world Political and en- 
vironmental implications of 
alternatives suggested by 
futurists will also he .addressed 

The second sowtlon of the eon 
rerence is sclMrtultd for Nov 
t:i I'he main thrust of this les 

sion win be a concept of a world 
family and global village 
Discussion of aliernalive 
lifestyles and appropriate 
technology for the future will 
also be included. 

In the third aenaion, set for 
Nov », future carters which 
will provide creative op. 
portuniltes to contribute lo the 
resolution of human problems 
will be discussed 

Other speakers s«l to address 
the cwiterence Include Carole 
C a r m i € h a e 1 . .Richard 
ijwtwiKMl and DavIO Tiedmim 

Carmichael was selected by 

ElMiny magazine as one of 
America's 50 future leaders in 
lilTlt As careers editor for the 
Chicago Tribune and author of 
a twice- weekly column on 
careers and thie job market. 
Carmichael ts recognlaed as 
one of the nation's career ex- 

Professor of Humanities at 
Harper and coordinator of the 
conference. Lockwood was 
born in China and continues lo 
be a student of the evolution of 
that country, parttcularly how 
II relates to the Futoritl Move- 

TIedeman, professor of 
education at Northern Illinois 
University, has published 
numerous books and articles on 
counseling testing and career 

In addition to Rodney 
Bonlad. professor, curriculum 
and instruction, and Linda 
Tafe! instructor, clinical 
technology. Northern Dlinois 
I ni versify . .) Harley Chap- 
man, assistant professor of 
philosophy Frank illlver. 
assistant professor of sociology 
and Molly Waite, associate pro- 
fessor of political science will 
serve as panelists for the con- 

Caeb of the sessions offered 
will involve comments from the 

panel members, a film or slide 
presentation followed by a 
discussion between the 
panelists and those attending 
the session 

The conference is offered as 
a service to the community, a 
forum where the general com- 
munity can learn about Ihe 
worldwide futurist movement 
and participate in discussion of 
the baste issues arre<:tiRg the 
future of the world 

Issues to be c«>vered in the 
sessions Include: 

■changes m work patterns 
and lifestyles. use of the 
world's resources, -return of 
the control of the future to the 
people, - relationship of man to 
the environment. - the world 
family vs nationalism, • the 
balance between humanity and 
technology, - careers that help 
to resolve human problems, - 
interdependence of all peoples. 

The conference is offered as 
a service to the community by 
Harper at no cosl lo interested 
parties Due to limiteil space, 
priority will tx given lo those 
malting reservations in ad- 
vance Conference reservatlOB 
forms art- available at various 
spots on the campus Reserva 
tlons are also taken at the Of- 
fice of Continuing Education, 
ext -liu 

Crusade campaigns 
through Nov. 14 

Harrter's annual Crusade of 
Mercy campaign kicked off last 

rnday and will continue 
through Nov H 

Those who wiitb to contribute 
during this time, may do so at 
varius soots throughout the 
campus Students may make 
donations in the cafeteria, 
bookstore, library, counseling 
centers, health service, game 

room and television area 

The maiiirlly of contributions 
stays In the local community. 
One out of every four families 
In the area uses at least one of 
the services funded by the 
Crusade in one year 

last year, the Harper com- 
munity donated 13.386 to the 


Growing through art- 
Jack Tippens 

-Teacher Feature, pg. 3 



Looking ahead key to the future 

MmNM wm m warn Itt "k ^iwpyim ■ mm 

"■■■■■■'■■iiiaiiin," tmt pi. • aiMiiiMMiito nwi 'IIn awuD caitinv 
■■'■■ t iiii l it i il Hii i tm mmmtmm^ -mw^m^mm. 

Kyungpook University a far 
cry from American system 

iif4tt frtiit lit 

(mm K] 

■•lHIK* 'liitlijii liMti iMn «er 
im w««fc*. OaMMi arv |Mi| 
■•II ■ml I m ftndtna nut 

•dMlWtl kiv ItHi MM |H» , 

tlw*' Wofiing ( 

a Ml. oMirr 

Vm |»M|>le tmu «ort fmt4 
'■ml bof iMHin, Many art wnrk- 
iDf (nm Miiriie ti> sumM r The 
■cMtr Is wil-tcwmt mmI' b a 
■MUt 'lnifMiant cilttn. Whrn 
jwiUBlef a datarMdi. alt wm. 
'••natinit vmti imtanuy wim 
I'M. .are dim in ttie hall wu 
«wi»# ■ e«mrt««)(K ta* jioil a 
■■tJiMKl min-fting. Pre(esii»if or 

*»«1« Iliew irt m i»ii;n»lj 

■tiKtmli aim mi ««« li fliitl' 

•act tmmt ami l<-( daii a waal . 
Ynn an eiiwcteit lo bt 
avaltoMe (w Miiiitoiii aijytini» 
irnffi • an until «» p m 

Letter to the Editor 

Tijiii » a vtff im.pi»r(aiit 

taittit iMwJtictiii niMer bm m 
jj2»j« to iim; a Unc- 

■favt been, laaming wr>' 
ni(liiMiii«ry laniguage. I can 
mm tmttm at iht iwal 
maittt. |!W tai itAtcr dliw. 
HOM., Mjr -iMtiii; •thMii ynii- 
and fm art wctamw' miMr- 

Tlif EJ«ct;rtMl EagtiMerlnit 
Department it iiw lairf 
or all Tliey Have «W fl- 

are to liMir'Ston buildlniDi lor 
daclTtai tnfiiM*f,mg almti 
TMi a Ikon tiMtr itiraugh mmm 
late awl ftMiid all tlit laiM 
filiilpmwil tor KLT In latMe 
ipanutv S(«e m it Aiit m 
anginal Hiww, niett (rowm 
rm }m* tos imn (MitnMaeiial 

t »«•• «aten in the lacijUj 
caMeria t»H(» now am! the 
IWMl 1* iiuite sulMttaaiial Tain* 
m liaci (M wiup rilM wilh 
tpiMdi-Uke iirecB* and n4 
Vm*t- 'tmi iwantak*. «lired- 
iM cWMWi and kimctii with 
rt» an* barley I crbuld not eat 
It 4i) hecaime ttie belpinp vmn 
tno icnermif .. It wai. e«,pen»lvif 
Ifctay. ■» hon Thifi,ibm«i''(! 
(Inllar «ir C -i <:««»• It did t»ile 

I alM) amnRed ti» rem a car 
ll»l« Sunday tm wmii the tmm 
and Mwic Uilereslinf lights on 
llie way Th»r» mt iwlrnt 
tcwplea. neavatlMS. and 
■umiM to' tut on uit wi*. 
iaw' ■»• MM' ,piMMiia nf tie 

area, and It liW'kt very 
heaultfnl My toadiitig nmm- 

tant. Im Sang Wa. m atting as 
wr fulde Ibr (bu trip We pur 

ebantd tmititur ittapit ol ih« 
area w» are rlMimg and 
dwcnw'fetj that (oreignerf 
eaMMtpnrcbaic naiit will, this 
MMll 'AMatl it:.f«Wlv Only 
Karelin cltucM. are •llitwvd to 
haw tljfiB' Ami th<»y nmti sign 
(or them Thit it unilerstan- 
dibl* »»(» they can tie uned lor 
clait<»e»tlne opvratloni 

Car rental u alan«i strittiy 
m a nlleage batl» One day 
ciiats iijoo hon ■ about lat 
plui itti with m kilororter* 
lr«e a Utile mure than 
•GOMomy rate* back hnmr (^oi 
an inlernational druer s 
lieencf ai the lad minute, so 

■m m luck I cm drive 

inyiell I; 


The Hart'imf(«' a<rcw|»l« W- 
ten to ihr frtltiir froni alf 
studenli, (acMlty and stall 
members All letters must be 
stfned. any unsigned letters, 
■ubmilleil 'Will be dictvgiMcd 

Lei'tera over aw words .are 
iiib)«rl to etlittng All letters 
should he submittt^i to the Har 
binger olfice Biog AJ«T no 
later than nnon ibe MiMKlajr 

Hello in all and will wile 
again to let you know our 
adventuras on Itie trip to the 


UO' jmu ((*{ thai jou baw 
jjiBileli' contri^' o( y«iir lite'? 
Da iMae' (i( yw who aMweftd 
ym." I'm wry happy i«r yw. 

int nwrt IS no piiwi th«n Ibr 

Cwntaiiiitaiiy'tiirtliMr rw 
ftit.'iil in.. -inMB. ilH' itan of 
"»icfc'*b)» 'tmiar' It' Urn yMn 
'Of ntl.irciiMm, a muntltit 
ninnlMir ol' Hikiiimm,. imolvtMi 
around our lltet, will be made 
by 'Bttiera,. rnni eiaiiirtwm. in 
the t)uM:««s (illlet to hamr. 
■many |i.laB» la Uii kinginin' 'in- 
folve our fHir(:Kipat.iM. mm. m 
•%■ e«i.t •» paiiieifMiiif' .■ the 
• i fn HHOH' ol tMcM iilanK"* I 
iMTt 'mimm' It's a* 'iMidi iIm' 
M' .HMraict, .at It la siitlitiii 
'IIMI' Miilt I dtcitkM: .maker* *■ 
.bMlar iitlnriiied; as to ilw ttm- 
'MlMittat we want .'to make 
i«ra hnk to llW' Iteata' 
tn '»!!«•' ol ikia,. 

Theater board a missing asset 

nt )t|KiMinf: 
ra fHOammm am 4mim 
m UMBi hf HIM' 'MtiMi'; Uin 
'I* iriltti^-illrMH .of Ibt 

theatre defuirtmeM Being the 
director, wh«i mcmt righllulty 
«|iat.ttM than be^nelf In dwldir 
w1«l(* nbows OmM 'tm ptr^ 
•nniied' V'es and naybc 
M. «IM UiM can llMMe people 
do 'libo cult ilMinel'Vei -biiil'" 
tltog artnsiwi"" yet liaven.''t 
been In tine nroduetliii ami Hill 
ite't think they ran .act ie«<en 
•flw taking eilenilve awriwi 
in a«»ng antl theatre • '" Some ol 
iibem M|M tt> taking ihe 
kC'rtDi: Ml. a rnifila' ol it-Httcs 
prmr to aiidKlMis and. itcuiim- 
ng the tmgt and cKpraaiowi .la- 
in iheir head*.. bill fMcn ' 
Hat. to t» an .eatlvr w:«y to start 
tn 'nie> may iMtie itm. a |»ti»... 
(hKtitm. or imd' a efflain ■fimj, 
•nd tminwllately took a iptclal 
interest w a Sfecillc rliaraetor'. 
or mhm* hMlIM M tarty 
«i* aiMlcr In tliai play. 'IM 
llity anwrnriitMly became 
iliat pnun lor ttut two b«in. 
~^~ H^ ■ 


WUItani Rsinry llattttr C:oHcg« 

Algomiuln li Rosetlc Roadt 
Palatine, Iteom 

riMig liie 

dnsam .ol. itiey want: ri' wry 
much to portray that 
'' Well, the chanres 
are 'wrj' illm that tbe show 

'Ibey haw tn nliid will be 
amongst (.boat put «n at 

BcibtJtlwaln'atlilict. l useit 
'lo PMHi 'WtMy ibi^Mgh the 
paperi wheti I lived m New 
Vork lor any c«fi call I oiuM 
gel ray band* on .Mv paiience 
Ilnally pant iifl when I N'came 
atniialed with same of Ihe bet. 
ler known iMeatrc group*. .Alter 
laMlIng liUM a ft*' fblw with 
IMM' pnlciiiar gmup, t was 
Mk.ed II I irantM} to he listed as 
one ol tlK candtdates un f«r 
election lor the "play scieclMn 
t»mmi««ie- lor ihelr uiwoaing 
mmm To he aikcd.. was (|ull« 
liOBplimentJir} in Itsell At the 
n*!i1 iMiard meet.)fig. enougti 
wMm came m'y «ay that 1 was 
"■"""'-*. iMm my Involve- 
vWi Utla IHeatrc com- 
I, 'I bi 

a Miuation wherebi the actor* 

and aclreaws were gtwn the 

npporlunlty to put their iwt 

cents in when it came lo chooi 

Ing neil year's pomlhie produc 

twins The Board o( Plrectors 

ol course, had the linai say ai 

to which playi would lie "per 

l«i*«l. but II » great lo realbe 

that here you W'ere, given the 

chance to pick those plays up 

tor linal coniiderallon I f<iund 

Ihi* to be a rather uni<|ue tiiua 

lion and privilege to be lor 

tunaie enough to Im a part »i If 

•nythtng this technitiue would 

help the theati^ department 

here al Harper, by brwging in 

lirfer audiences, giving those 

■budding actors and ac 

lijiaes' the green light, and 

why not give the people an 

alternative o( being a part, via 

Ibis play selection committee 

concept, rather than perform 

ing in those shows which are 

•ejected lOrlbein'' 


I.WO EiKKir irsi-nwi «..-iBi» wit,ic,,iijak» 

rt.» edtor .M>lMfBl>.|)ll>*ch 

• BOUor nwk NMMr 

ikMl (•iMiloMllnr LontynnGuv 
rmoMih MikeCinwii 

'BuiMm mmmtft Kmhy n* 

St»n .JorKm. Nar« !^»rl«n. 

lililr!Ktnilru» lij|]linMMl, 
Bailttl Wotmvlir. ..IHI Kvcn 

"■••"'' " 'r Bilisiiwnimr'i. 

M*!""' ' •■■iiiilliy PliwtMo 

T»i» lli*.IIBf%'Gli:R .ki til* „. 
IwWk:*!!!,*! for ll». il*.tftr CaL,,^ 
rtmiw cwwunlly, iwblisNed Mtkly 
«««IM aoriiit MIMay* imj nnai m- 
um. M ti|Mii:iiiii« oiiirraMO an mm 
.11 Un v.r«n'.iMl..«M inmaMrtb tiMMc 
<M ui> cniictf. ns iMmliiUtratkiii. 
(•euu» OT •ivdmi 'Soay Mvcrtiuni 
Mil' mm liMdlliw !• iiMii rniliiy .and 
n|>)' It *uh)cri u «lltliit. All Uttiar». 
iMbr-ISattw muM i» Mgnnl. Hanwa 
*UI br .nuUUdMl. For lyMnr io- 
infMiium can m^wm nt lio «r l«i 

TlwHarWngar. Novwnbcri. I«W. Pag*3 

Art allows growth change in Tippen's life 

"Art II a stale of t>e<'«miit| a 
■!■*• of growth, " ta Id Jock Tt|» 

|MM, UMNiMt p^ttMH" Of 

"Tcaclitiig ti not my ItMlmc 
ambillon but I've worked ban] 
enoug)! al it so I'm never 
tatialM with what I've ae- 
OHiinUibMl in it It's fhe 
ciuifMB|c.. Each year Is ■ 

Mw talent 
•, «)I0 itudled at Kent 
Uaiiftrttly. has been 
I art at Harper tor 1 1 

Kli flnt Merest In art pro- 
bably surfaced at age eight I 
didB't have brothers or sisters 

•^■10^ Johnson 



■o I was alone ■ lot I had to 
entartatn myself I read comic 
books and drew airplanes, 
eara-typical things for that age 
I guns my power of otiserva- 
Uoo was a little more accurate 
than my peers because I had 
more lime to observe ' ' 

I It not A UMlnw 
iPlwto by Lorl Lynn Guy) 

j BibUl o n with Jack T1(>pcos, 
V qmit MtHIM Willi wbat he 

mHo ait daww at Harper 

NoClwrg* First Consultation 

T.W.Flynn& Assoc. 's 

Attorneys at Lav 



S Trsmc Tlckat CmwlctMH 

Drunk Drivmt 
Retl Kuala 
AtMuti It Battery 

Traffic Tickets 
Personal Injury 

Workneos ('Oinp. 
Manjuana Cliar|if 
Revoked Lleeniai 


M Hour Aniwering Servkie 

Office Hours 
;i;t»-5:Mp m Dailyfta m 1 p m Sat. 


Alti»rm*ys at Law 

Tippeiii kept his interest in 
art through junior high and 
Mgi) school and decided to pur- 
sue it In college He also Kept 
his Interest In drawing cars 

Most of my work relates to 
can. " Tlppens said, "but lust 
the surface of cars My paln- 
thtg and drawing of cars has 
essentially been of 
Iragmented views of the sur. 
(ace You don't actually see the 
car What you can see is an im- 
age from the reflective pattern 
of shapes, colors, movements 
anH activity l like active, 
enargetlc images" 

Both the Standard Oil 
Building and Al Johnson 
Cadillac in Tinley Park display 
pieces of Tippcns' work He 
also did a painting of a car for 
Ben Rose Fabrics, which is his 
favorite "There's a lot o( im- 
plied energy and movement In 
the reflections on the car," he 

He still doet paintings and 
drawings from the slides of the 
cart>ccause "I still gel a Joy out 

of it •' 

Tippeni, who worked at the 
Akron. Ohio Art Institute as a 
curator, doesn't have a favorite 
artist 'I can't have a fiied 
favorite artist because then I 

"M ««• tinw I 
tkt mflinacts on tiM. bot 
turn thsrt'i tw iraiiy You 
anipt) bscHM ( portiw a) 
III iDur upwiaKti If I cti- 
tiis ityli turn jmi on. dMs 
Mm* n I put ckiBCt lea 
Witt In inflvMcad bjf it. ' 

iKk TIpiMni 

find someone else'i images 
that excite me and I switch It 
goes in cycles When I haven't 
SfCTi a certain artist's work In a 
long lime. I get excited over 
that style or artist again. " he 


As (or any particular in- 
fluence, he said "At one lime I 
understood the influences on 
nje. but now there's loo many. 
You simply become a portion of 
ail your experiences If a cer- 
tain style turns you on. then 
there's a great chance that 
you'll be inlfuenced by it ' 

In 1969. Tippens started 
teaching art history here, but 
switched to studio art when the 
program grew 

"Teaching studio art re- 
quires both institution and in- 
lellect You have to lecture and 
also react to the students work. 
You teach on an individual 
level. You're constantly mov- 
ing from giving miormalion to 
ehciting information I like 

"Studio art Is not solely 
dependent on verbal com- 
munication, but also growth of 
visual skills That is difficult lo 
teach and that's what makes 
studio art teaching so ex- 
citing. " Tippens said. 

Interested in writingt 
selling ads, pliotography? 

Join The Harbinger 

Staff meetings Tuesday 1 p.m. 





OTHE* fOlStlf I 






Iftf-VL//' ^' ^^ IN SCHAUMBURG >v 




f»0torln§ yew faiforltm radt btmd$ 

No cover! Most drJnics 98* 

No cov*rl B««r A Wine 50* 







iismi m iw HI Ki iin 



Pam*. TtrnHmmnmr. Ma w i nH Mr «. w 



J Anderson will be per- 
forming Monday. Nov 10. at 
noon. In lounge BIdg A. 
Anderson, a native ot Detroit. 
Michigan studied mime In 
England under the renowned 
Goetlrey Buckley and received 
tail B.F A Irom the University 
Of Detroit His playful freedom 
on ftage allows him to keenly 
mimic such subjects a: discos. 
McDonald's, smoking pot. 
Evelyn Woodi Speed Reading 

Dynamics and pay toilets. Ad- 
mission IS free .Sponsored by 
the Program Board. 


A Woody Allen Film Festival 
will be held in BIdg A dining 
room, on Saturday. Nov is at 7 
pm Films shown Include 
•Sleeper." "Bananas" and 
Whafs Up Tiger Lily " Ad- 
mission is 1 30 Spomsored by 
The Program Board. 

Harper honor society 
initiates new members 


r Iht (all Uieater produetliMi "Cbafln'i 
IM art Nov . 14. IS, » and a at * p.a. k 
■■i Matt; n.M torllM puUtc. TIetata am araOaMt In Um 


student Senale will be runu 

Ing a |Mal imanMnanl to raise 
DHMMji for aw Craaade of Mer- 
cy on rvMay. Nov t4. at 1 p m 
in tht laine raon. All in- 

M» Doug Dvorak or Tracw 
GtUen tn Uw Student Sanat* Of- 
fice. Bldg AW or tip up In 



J IIS. TIctala an It J* lor Haiper 

- AcltvltlaaOMet.Bldg.AaZ- 


The Student Senate 
tlmi box that was In the kniKkle 
of BMg D hat been moved due 
to lack ot raiponae. It is now in 
Bide. J by the vending 


Phi Beta Kappa, a campus 
honor fraternity, initiated 120 
new members last night. 

Initiates Include; James H 
Adamion. Robert Q Amery, 
Shirley A .Andren, David A 
Asmus, Nancy J Baker. Peggy 
J Baker. Bruce D Bamelt, 
Kathleen K Barton, Margaret 
M Basch. Diane Bellas, 
Jullann Bock. Mary J Boler. 
Lisa A Bordeleau. Todd F 
Bracy. Suianne K Branding. 
George S Brownlield, Jane D 
Bryant. Donna L Buckley, 
Dorothy A Burchard. 
Chrlitofther J Carroll 

Mary B Caniso. Diane L 
Chap, Betty J Chrysokos. Lin 
da M Conrad. Ronald C Cud 
derley. Josefih F Delaney. 

Eric Binford 

lives for the 

movies . . . 


he kills 

tor them, 




li?WlNy4BL4« . SVLVIOIABd 


■ 'I'll it!')lPHIiliP5 .18 ((?AlC>SAf4N 

i.. -. ■»i:. SVlVIOIABfl 6fO«,f & B«AUNS!EIN PON HiM.'iDY 




Kathleen Depukat, Philip E 
Dewey. Florida Elselh. Essie I 
Gentles. Vivian H Gibson, 
Donna M Gilski Carrie P 
Gorr. Jeffery S Gutowsky. 
Lucy E liamel Janis J Harr- 
ington. I^retta E Haschka. 
Carol A Hembrey. Alice T 
Henningsen. .lacquellne L 

Carol S Holm. Uean B Hop- 
pesch, Berdelle J Hotn. 
Josephine C Iwen. Leonard L. 
Jajko. Sue W Kalin. Deborah 
C Karas. Kerry J Kenning. 
Micliele H Kirkpalrick. Joyce 
M Knable, Joan Koelper, 
Henry M Kotlinski, Jac(|uelUw 
A Krupockt. Deborah A. 
Kyllonen. Susan T Lamb, Bar- 
bara J Laubenstein. Michele 
A Law, Denlse L Lawrence, 
Karen L Leno. Phyllis E Lit- 

Karen L Lo Vecchlo. Joanne 
Louie, Jeff P Madden, Mary L. 
Mamoyac, Donna M Matters. 
Kathryii J Maver. John H 
M a X e y . V i r c g i n i a A 
McDonald. Geraldine A 
McNeely. Mary R McNeely. 
Patricia .Vf Menges. Anita M 
Meliler, Holly B Meyer. 
Carolyn Mills Ra.ymond A 
Molltor, Dick J Mosher. 
Rosemary E Mulligan, Eileen 
I Mullin, Nancy Murphy. 

Ronald L Neggers. Ellie 0. 
Ng. Barbara L Norris, Jean E. 
OMalley. Charlene D Ogurek, 
Marie L Onesto. Sharon L 
Perik. Judy L Plazyk, Mary- 
Ann J Rash, Sandra K Rhine. 
Wayne K Riendeau. Krtstlne 
M Rodgers, Cecily G. Rood, 
James J Rose. Charles A. 
Ruegsegger. Kathleen M. 
Scherer. Ann M Schralel. Jac- 
queline D Sedwick. Christine 
E Simmons. Jeanne M Smith 

Kathy A Snyder. Lynn B. 
Stains. Joan M Suerlh. Donna 
J Thels .Selda R. Treiber, 
Karen -M. Uyechl, MIkl F. 
Valukas Nancy J Veenendaal, 
Randat! T Vyskocil, Germalne 
w ;i ■■ I- ••' c k f , .Mary L , 
I- Lmda M Webber, 
^ ('Idler, Linda Welte. 
..,,,^> .. Wenzel. Colleen S. 
Winkels. Willa R Wmler, Jean 
M. YouiiB, Temie Zabarsky, 
Karen Ziemann 

Opening Soon At A Theatre Near You 


with your 


Suggest them 

for 'Teacher 


Submit names 

and departments 

to the Harbinger 


.. ■ i i l liii i i i liii ii 

renal. •>■••* 

Reagan visited suburban high school Friday 

B vWhS ffllHIil 'ifiJni?WB 

«i ■«tl •• PviFtaimt 

iiiMiiimfcMiiMAii gi^^Mi^ji g,|^mi|j iilii^ VMtft 

Oct II. lor 

drak. «l iNiVto: hMl liMd ii|> 
wMttdc tht iijiiiiiiinliiiii am- 
MiMi; awaiiiiig mmtmc*^ mt- 
rival. AMMRwMMHir IW paw- 
pit a— 'ti wai_ "fW ly Mw 

niaat «l Ha' faallns. laavtag III- 
lla man Mr' HM' pnarat mibllC' 
Rmtm mm. baiMC* right in 
with ilia flan an Carter's 

•Gonontc iMIlcy. tail lit* apark 
In mis ra% were It* caio- 
patinlnt onurO* iimken trwn 
old tclevitloa frteniis ot 

Rtagan's. -MCh pcfWNialltiei 
m n year Caaar Rmncro 
itormer maUnet MIoll. Rfk 
Allen ( country western jlnner i . 
Robert Conrad < A Mju) Nan- 
«t aoanc" J> "me WiM. Wild 
WaU" <.. anul.DaciI>«liir« ( "The 
MMntnraa of Onle ami Har 
i«'*»"«awl-i In addition. 

' sal figures as U.S. 

Ulwe Jottn Porter, 

__„ .™^, ntatlve l>anald 

Wten and Stale's Attnmey 
Bernard Carey. e«h oHwH 
tbctr own entouraglng words 
M last. Reagan took the plat 

tomi and was welcomed with a 
variety of signs, cheers and ■ 
gift of a high school athletic 
Jacket tn Maine Westscolors of 
blue and yellow. The applause 
grew even lonaler aa Reagan 
slt|i|ied olC hla Jackal to put on 
hi* mm sweater which bore hla 
Dane "for preslilent ' His (liat 
target (or Uie ■kUl" was Carter 
economics and dmihie digit In- 
(latlon Then otitllnlna Ma pf» 
posed tax cut. he Illustrated 
that m Wl. 'M and 'IB. under 
his admlnistralton. there would 
be a li> percent cut In income 
tax ' This la oiilj a reduction In 

the Increase that Carter has 
hunt in. during the past four 
years" 'the only Increaae 
In ipendlag will be an Increaae 
In national defense We muit 
preiene world peace ' ' The on- 
ly time he actually told 
MiMlaala to "HMen up" was 
•Imi approMliiig the issue of 
Hit dralt. 'Itoafan submitted 
Ma atand «i Ike draft and 
reiMiatml thai he doesn't 
believe In the peace time draft, 
nor la he for the advanced 
registration for the draft Ac- 
cording to Reagan, a volunteer 
ailiUa will work if we can 




^^B IjmpBCBIllllll 


Science Graduates 

M iMlk 

II ffwtwm. Ik.. lacalM' is Mtniloii Negiti hmm. i 
iwT tf • fmtm m Cargaiatiaa. mMi i MaM 
,. caMpulif Sciaiitt muff •««• 'mmtm • mm»m 
MW awiWMM ■« l>t iiMl#>i« MMr '» 
,„■■ . ,„^ „ MiiiiteitiBBt. 11 Mdt«iBB iB«lai.|iimiW fairtiw. 

.-...^-^JZiii, ohgh if ckaMwiii lad an iatiia«liil 'fMi»M"W* 






'Ok. 'HHh* ■wagF- Iwiwa tM BMg.. V la dnttg tta* 'llMtl 
ii.jiiitlla'eaaMra.'aii0ciMt|«are]nMar«i "^ "" 

Kawf an atiplan* tail* ate reiactad m 


,j a suiuble nnandal ar- 

ranflonent where theae j 
arlll get paid a worthy ai 
for their job 

Twenty minutes into 
speech. Reagan a 
rupted by a couple of obvioiM 
Carter fana. Breaking away far 
just a monMnt, M laenilif 
rtaiMNided. "one ol the irandir 
(III things about this cniotry. la 
that everyone Is entitled to an 
opinion " He then concluded 
Uiat his major objective over 
these next four yean is U> "get 
the government off the backs ol 
the people" 

dates set 
for Nov. 

students who are currtatly 
enrolled or wImi have been 
enrolled previously (or college 
credit courses may register 
early lor sprmg classes, bcgHi- 
nlng Wednesday. Nov 19 and 
conlinuing through Tuesday. 
Nov 25 

Counselor)! will be availaMe 
lo assist students with educa- 
Uona) planning from 9 am. to 
noon and l to 3 p m Nov U 
thimigb the 19 m the halls out- 
iide the Student Devek^niant 
Gcniars located in BIdg A-M7, 
Bldg O M2 and Bldg M17 
Counselors are also availattle 
in Bldg A M7 Student Deveiop 
ment Center from 5 to » 3*1 p m 
Monday through Thursday 

.Siudenta wlaMiw to reglaler 
shnuUl lake their Educatkiial 
I'lanning sheet to the Adaila- 
sions Office. A 213 and pick up 
an "appointment to register" 
card. Cards will be available 
hegmnlng Nov 12 The cnili- 
puier terminals will be open f 
■ m to noon and 1 p.m t» i 
pm Nov 19 through Nov 2S, 

Omiiselon will be available 
and computer lermtnals will tie 
open for evening students In the 
cafeteria area from 5:30 pm. 
to B 30 p m Nov 24 and 25 No 
appoinlment necessary. 



I On any regularly prlctd 
I album or tape 

I wimtiito 

TllJLli mMmUP' ilillUMII MUHV 


TIfKup f*«ia Shopping Cetfttr 
1111 Golf ROMt 

urn OOQM D*aT •!« |x»«r Hlmrm^ 
«j»r !;<intt, *(r t»«#t>»>«B« l««t Oil. 

(i.iW. fi. H,IHorl«l<l»t» C»l.l ■'%■ 4 

(J t' .:'»•■» 

*m ». tt L f J rrtrnom quMf In w^w-.^a 

1..^,..." ...*.c. » ciuOfwi*** Will. Cir^ .1*- 

(.*M M^ . .-**^1<«<»p itl f.«ili*! 'ina 

IfAiS itHMOUe w»<n« m>c!i.n( likp 
W».M .. ti'»3l4} 

OtCO«<TivE f KCTSIC cxvicii 

(IrwIKi •H<i umL>lalM 'in. «(*il«e««n|. 

•rjaii u». c«iin»:Si« __ 

rot taiE IWrto Sqi.l|>«<"«. I:«»' 
CMtnw. S I C Ml TanMaOit '«• ol I 
His mutt tvoylhKiS •>» S U \ 
><ltir S;l«>m UU CUI PM al f 
fOKSALC l»»«.lin«i»«. KirCW]l*wn t2S 1t74Ut 
rORUlE llu».(irt#il**«tl<ll><W«»l»l. 
«'•«' Wl»tt. VKV HtWh a *§rm Lite MW, 
>1» KliUVMk tar Rill 

na coavfTTf - litttiiit bm t-t^il 


» m mm. nfmr a MM. IM Mrai. Can 

b MDIHIIM PIBWH|| || jBi . QWWWff W W J^W^^^^ 

iMirtft^iitTiaiiwi m»mtjiSi^ 
■lavirit DMiM li omiMs.aaift a M 


Un-oh, I Utlnk I'm gtwina cry 
And you'll wver Mlvvo why A 
lun is leavtno us. no. Iw ts not 
lemiiMlljr 111. he'll no longvr be 

This mm totltnl in in« wIm«i 
the Genunl mtniwiiitB walked 
right ah«nr« me while I was wat 
cMni ay TV This nan talked 
U ■* wkaa tb« Apallo 
•■mtanli'iMttiBtfclnit "large 
iMpalir muklMl. " hy wallttng 
■i UM mmi. wklic I sat and 
wvlehMl' on my TV. Thit man 
talked to me vhen Jf K was 
tailed, when Bobby was killed. 
when Mwlio was ktilcd md t 
watciMil M BIS TV This mm 
talked to nw Amu the chaotic 
ConveniMMi o( 'M 
oil my TV Tht» 

"And that's the way it is" 







nan talked to me about 
Richard Nbion'i (lasco at the 
Hralergale Hotel whtir I watch 

•a on my TV Ub eaiy to 
underhand why 1 fitrt trytnf . 
tm I ii"* Who II Ihtt m*n who 
»!»«](» talked to me"* 

Walter Cronkit* 

Yet. Walter plans to retire 
thtt year Thi» wax hti laat 
PTMsMentlat election coveragt 

And, t supiMite hC' wanit out. 
Alter thli year'* race. I dnn'l 

But I cant imagine how 1 u 
feel when Walter Cronktle will 
MH be there to tell me what is 
going on in my world Sure. 
Dan Rather flllt m for Walter 
and does an ade<}uate job, but, 
he'» no Waller And when 
Rather does rill in. 1 always 
ha»e known that Waiter will he 
back But. that will not be u. 

Richard Mxon told Bob 
Greene recently in the Chicago 
Trihune, thai in order lo get 
elected President, "you have to 
be *ery nice lo Walter 
Cronklte ■ Nice, you have to 
ihlne hu cutr links I mean ihis 
man Is closer to God than the 

Pope 1 11 bei Walter Cronkiie 
gel» more fan mall than the 
Pope, any lakers'" 

It'll be a cold day when 
Walter step* down from his 
Ihrone al CBS 1 wander how 
many people will turn ott their 
TV § when Walter says "good 
bye,' for the lait time I 
wonder ir they will watch their 
n' turn Into a Uuc dot. like I do 
whenever the Cm» bat In the 
bottom of the first 

And when Rather does lake 
over 1 wonder if 111 be in a 
state ol shock when 1 no longer 
«e. "The Evening News With 
Walter Cronklte.' on week 
nights when I come home alter 
an exhausting day 

Mayl>e Waller will say, "I'm 
mad as hell, and I'm not gonna 

lake II anymore" And then I 
he'll announce his candidacv 
for president Oh. what a happy 
day thai would be We'll get 
reports eveoday from Waller 
from the Oval Oftlce or the | 
Rose Garden 

If he doesn't, i don't know 
what I'm gonna do I better get 
a tape recorder and record a 
couple of news shows with | 
Walter lor history 

Say. "And tha"t's the way it I 
Is, " lo yourself You can't lielp I 
but to sound like Walter! 
Cronklte when you say It It [ 
comes natural, Inflections and 
all! ' 

Geei. hand me over a tissue, 
I think I'm gonna crv And| 

Joe Jackson records another winner 

Whe-re I work. I have ihli 
rhftp tiltlf .portable radio with 
a rraily poor' antenna t mr;in 
ih» thing t» neatly liad Wht'i-c i 
wwk. tlMi* Ii* no WXKT. Ml 
WJM, iMl: Itairdly my good 

V«« sec I ,haw tO' either 
listen to the »aA> .and predii-' 
laMe H'tMc m WKFII, or the 
goMi oidhitJMd-liy n»ck and n>li 
on: WU;.P' Or WMKT It really 
get* ilreMifflc . a trip through 
any record «toi» will reveal 
co«it.l**». new artif li ■ yet the 
only thlnf n«w' m our giant 
ra<:k and roll station* li Pal 
Bfoatar or The PoUei Ah. Ig 
norani-t is hlM It .has bnn 
niMlia since I've tuned into 
•tXP MUtt torced to' listen to 
me cMMtpaied pngramming 
on the Mighty Met" and The 
Uiop" has made me appreciate 



the rtigtil ratllfalwrn ni ijtiil 
station l"ve even jtme .» lar as 
lislening In flass.lcat music on 
WFMT I mean, hey iherc t» 
something to hear In that 

lliere ts MflieOiug lo hear m 
the 'new Joe Jackson ilhom.. 
loo, "Beat Crai')'" |.» an tn^ 
credibly cynical collection o( 
songf guaranteed lo move 
something primarily the body 
But don't niss out on the (yrle 

There ts (|Wle a bit ol social 

commentary on the game o( 

real liir inside this package 
The title conies down hard on 
kids, this song ought lo be 
analyied at the n«" • rn...,.n...,tf,.( 
theklc*|.PTA.|^" .,..'Ii 

and rotlers ai(i» ...'sc 

things t AHodht" .kid-s lodJV 
ttty'ri! all ih«' smiic. alt (huie 
dni:g». they can't to* *aiw 
'Tiityve ail gum* "Seat Craiy ' :MNig has a 'Strong h.ini ol 
ngpt: ill ti. It am, the mmJ 
tor Hit fcn ol the album. 

"■!»r«pIJ'y Boys," on side two. 
IS a rip at all of the good- 
lookmg, no- talent .pn-ople in the 
entertainment bii todav It's a 
driving tune topped by 
Jackson's non'Stop vocal at- 
tack Listen lor this one on AM 

Thisie superficial deicrtp 
tion* ot .«mgs don't go too far In 
conveying ideas, 'perhapa 1 

shouM sjty that Joe Jackson 
and his hand write songs alKxil 

people Thes* are pnmanlv 
character sketches "The Kvil 
Eye" .Is tfom l.h«« pomi ol view 
Of .1 teen working m ii meal 
shop. 'W.'lth;p«fiple 'watchinK him 
all of the lime At home he gets 
out tuns mA voodno dolts while 
Isilenli'ig lo The rram,p,s on the 

"Ooetoi'j'nc" isatwui a man 
trustraied with .ws woman 
friend »hc's always lowing 
causei and going lo demonstra- 
tions, rtiusimg to be "One to 
«n« He doesn't feel like wav 
Ing a banner 

Jackson (wuld be waving a 
bftftiier. here »y making in- 
telllgnt songs In a unique 
musical style, he is breaking 
free o( the binds that reslrlcl 
some artists What Is amazing 
!• that his ^atlmiiM :icll. ceruila- 

ly something IS wrong 

Hey, there is some new heavy I 
metal uul Some of it Is good,! 
and some of it is really terrible | 

Randy Hanson, who used lol 
do very convincing tributes tol 
Jim: Hendrix ha.'s put out al 
record on Capital It is strictly | 

(or (he head-bangers, hut at I 

,,..,.... . ... .,,^ 

' •■- the othei new| 

eii!;. ■ iHjw-luud s«Hci 

stakes Kurget il 

What were youi 
albums ol this year Wniel 
them on a piece ol paper with [ 
your name on It. and drop It off I 
m the Harbinger office It's on I 
ly November but it seems tol 
take a Ioiik time to make people I 
respond Us sort of like drugl 
tolerancy levels with some | 
people, It hits you nghl away 
With others, it takes ages 

'Elephant Man' warm, sensitive story of life 

Kc'ver More hat a 'movie 
dared to unlock so many feel 

ingi like that of the warm 
magnetism created by the 
"Etohant Man" The tilm 
Itatli doesn't single handedty 
polnl thC' accusing finger at 
vlenfen. Mowever. ii loftes 
flewtn lo nHstam.ine thMe 
tiiMt when they coutd've been 
gfelliy ot '"eiploiiatiiHi 
the».iielvwi.- The '-elephani 
■an" Is at very imm;!! a »■) 

It's hit traMy dMIiured 
head' and other Wtmm ilelor- 
ffl«lic«. which ctiiiMt the public 
to see htm. as rather 
anlm.altslic. somewhat 
rctem'b'ling an elephant, due lo 
a Irunk'like distended (njntal 
hone which practically covers 
■le eye That is exactly how he 
IB Viewed upon, like that ot an 
' ani. In a cage. In a 
ihtk I* m cMuni. but 

rather a 'hemiMii) human tetng 
tranped inside a monster-ttke 

body John Merrick W'as very 
much alive in real life, as he 
WOK lo skilllully portrayed by 
John Hurt in the movie. 
.Stricken w 1 i h 
neurotibmrnatmls <a genetic 
dlaeanei at birth, h'ts head w.i« 
nearly 'doubled in sue and laclt 
Ing any definite shape Over ttl 
pfiwiit of Ms body ,rem,ained 
covered with enormous protru- 
sions of skin which a.pp«a.rMl to 
be '"hanging" from htm. 

It's shown from, the 'very 
outset, how a man has already 
capltailicd on the elephant 
man by displaying hini m part 
of a treak show in the cirrus, 
Mark Treves . played by An- 
ihony Hopkiivs', a" proniinenl 
English surgeon. Is immiediaie' 
ly engrossed with the caged 
human and with the idea that 
such a .being, liies m (act, exist. 
Uore noticeable. Is the sym- 

pathetic eve that wants to hree 
the barred "human" (rem this 
inhumane treatment He 
then arranges lo have him 
bnwghl back to life at the 
honplial Yet. he uin't oHWatly 
admitted until the board pastes 
a "wanlnoiis vol.e." thus per- 
m.iti;mg John to continue Mving, 
In his present tparters. As the 
story pmgreiwes. viewers are 
no Iwigw .wared o(j by Mr. 
Merricl(-s appalling ap 
petranct hut iniiead taken in 
by his inner beauty His identi 
If if griduallv fccaplurd 
timigli .NCh visits by high 
■icHty people, and especially 
by a leading actresa lAnne 
Bancwlti who spends time 
reading lines from Romeo and 
Juliet • with John She adds her 
own (ouchtng line before she 
herwif nits, "you're not an 
cMtanl man at all you're 
a Ronieo" Althmi'gh viewers 
witness the surfacing of his in 

Idllgence and warmth, rever- 
ting back lo his old life seems 
unavoidable, thanks to an 
employe*; who horts a wild par 

ly one evening m John's room 
and pndictahty charging ad- 

There has already been a 
great amount of controversy 
attached to this movie. 
primarily being does this film 
serve as a peep show for its au- 
dience"" It li nol a peep slww, 
nor should it be taken as "jusl 
another movie." This Is a 

strong piece of film which willl 
inevliably find a permanenlf 
place in our hearts Its most] 
unfortunate how "beauty 
found its way into the Englii 
dictlonar)'. for standing simply 
in terms of "looks " II 
doesnl already know thlsj 
movie will sure make them| 
realiw. that external beauty 
isn't worth u damn, wilhouti 
beauty from within 

"People are Inghle 
by what they don't 
land I John Merrick 1 

Tlioinai Ediun iiittoduiiad ih« uw of "hahn" at th* 
flaodtid ttleohont convmialion opening. At li« 

IMtopit would pntict phon* calls with Mioh phfsiti ai 
"Art vow rmdv to talkf" 

Hawks fall to Oakton 

I '||yJCMt.|lnllV 

■ Tate twi' pUti awl «>' "- 

. - Ttini l» tilt !!•»*«» ref «•»■■ 

jm «•* ■" *'*•■'« "••*"■ 
CmM nrtMrrtiic !•" >»• 
^^«M«ii-« VnOtirMI tMlil tMW 

: tte llit«».s. ifll ftcMlll » 

i,-^ ^a„,« out «( aire*' %ot 
•, what imt BlgW "111 a 
,i aettmrnattet- 
' (irla »tll *** *'■ 
; wm a 1-1* mmt*. (■•«' 

■iHMiiW to tuxip *" '*■"' 
mt* htm tonUi. Iwr HKirt. »< 


, inM <Jia|(liy«t 


:g«l Ki .lisrve oni"'- ■■'"*■ 
.,gmm tile wttif 
Ttli B*un. on*' 
«■■#» .riWMI. I«>l»e« to; ■■"■■'' 


BftM. tn 'UN' WamU Kamr 
'^ , a iitM hndietp . nmm* 

i.jctet, muMwis m •«■"''•■ 

iMMMi»Siianli]t"»l«M «'*"< ' 



\M 'tn «U. *«■ Ham» wreu't 

I nenilF ttiwr ■fttonl. '••• 
I. E»n>« 1»«> <"» rt**"""! 
.;..vef» linint tht pwliiii* f»«' 
:• MHl to imafet fMMl' «w ■!! 
. ir iMWiBttlwil.^ Tap »»•»•» 
,1 wtll 6t rtt'iiwlni In «•«' 
. ;,r» twin iiK-tn* T«rf» Bawr. 
u Astrwilii. l-aw* '■'••B'"' 

Ten •lllib* ta*!"! l'«"'*iri::I 
4 IllllWIfcl* ,\lK'.:ni«Trn<;<- 

nrftilmii*. ■««*•»"■«>«• 

■«• kfMl' t0 (Jier T'- 

■caiaiit pi*y»m ""■ 
I iffit 'di UK tetiw top itp '"«■'■=' 
icn md smtert !■" tw 
■tiiMl' l<iM. Ttrt teida t(w 
I la #ik«i vtllt nu for tiMc 

H«l|iHi| Ten mil m t** •»"«•■ 
Ing (i«|Hrtll»P»l *tll' ■>» A* 
IWMiill AUK »■ mmUm « »• 
I tup ifditri •««' «« V 
falllt ■•#« » ttat ■«»■ *• 
I mmMy iMsewmo «* «• 
Mst lit «*« em!"""**' 
Antt'* wtufcnwi*"* «■' "™ '*' 

«OW| ililHW »•«""»• A"" f 

, ir»<litiw ««« CtHMBi Hl|* 
leM ma wii afW mwrt m** 

J piiwer w tht ttowto' tn '»* 

|utl-.C»ll»««*«*<W' . 

uuri mm. » «•■*•■'*,? 
iMi CM*,. *m Mtm 

I 'iiitl 'iMMin to aM, bun - 
■■ to tint Ha«ki 

iHimini' In* »»• «**•■• '** "' 
Iwrnl one <>l ll« «!»«««» ■■•»* 
jBllimouihewiUid; . 

TrwJ* MilMiw hJ"* »•■«'■*'■ 
ptajtBl'the tame of ■ 
iKelwt this w»an *■- 
I'll twe coMtiir' 



Ojirtiiit . ■ • • 

-1,1 in«> J. '!!;•■ •'■ - '' ' "■','■' 

ti!*;> J.'i I* '" !''"'■• ''■■ '■"" 

jiwi* WKiil i»«n»'«>*'. •"■'** '■'*"■ 

;>••■ IB mifce (te ««•» *•'« * 

,,rogni«i. i*« W"""!' «"* "I' ■' 

i:»Ml tte »•«» top **"«■» *•■ 

uiher iiil»yw» ii>*t >»•• 
[jljycd («' «■ KwW l««t 
4»»»ii bill •«"* ** P"' 
tirii»«im« «'»•• *'»•'' i«™* 
Dirtemr' Kultiiiiski. Tli«e»« 
HiMitlt. Kuwro K»«r»*' •*» 
.lulls Atoniiitli}' 

tltrten* cams »«► «*•' «*«*» 
l«i» tn llMt «»•«« l>ul •*••■ 
tti«t »ttUi iliwill* lH*l *• 
Hmm •*« t«*tt| • Dtrient 
ts M*' (M »l«e l«i»» top *P*«" 
ami. (i(l-toiin«J plsjw* SHe in- 
itlMli'Oii .•iMiMl«|S«JtHern it 
linHk (;»!«»«> i» JanitM'j 

Hmmm w«s tlM MIM' ><«' 
Miter toe tii« jmi mum* ■«•* 
e«iU. iiiiialiji if «»i«i«l «"»r 

ItaftM •■■•■ am***' •' '*•■ 
»«n* top iiB-roww! pliiiers, 
"MHUhl* MSJUKMt •* Hw'iwr »«i 
KawJi ewtW h«''t *T«loDint 
htrsril tiil» ««■ •' W* '«* «■' 

(«», liinmr""" »'"* 'M»*«'f''- '" 

aW:H)ltlMl K... ■ 
■fijiDK, «1lll a(>'-' 


_, SiSi^nSHiZwm tm t*«tt * art rS^to • tuie •tiiiutoi 


Mlcfe. 1>M«w wrt 14m «i*iy- 

Racism in nicknames 


i«y*J Priac* LnHJIniM. '»■»« 
i»i Mrcwgli lira, tlhnmy »■ 
•IfMKdiit u Mnitord |«n« m 
nii«i«ti* . _ ^ . 

VIIIUmu. tl: liiriied <»«. »■«> 
bcM taw* »n»'i IM *l«»Mim 
Hl» rl»*t tniuni* It »te*<M 
ttmn Irutn •««« ■"•• *«'i**>' 
(niifi allitr* Rlt'tord tymjtn 
ttofl Slwforcl ■» (>r«tilenl I at er 
m4«te4 WrllKiiTi:' nt\ef to ap 

^". liiintt" »iir 

.l;|rt« «l)llil|. H» PUK^*' •*" 

iiewr* Dt tiw Sianfort N«w5 

,„ ,,„. ,.,,,„ ,;.„; ,, 1-1 ll«V»r 

«tM> »•* rt«»rt»««l* nil 
p;ri»¥*iiiitrt« *r<wil>«» *• 


"" Tlie C<>»e'H ol ite ■•""" »'*"*** 

Lyma •!*> cMtH** W» «»w« 
SUM)) at ttoriMW «0 ih« 
WMten'i tottbutt t««iii. TIU* 

•M CMi* H«tii«cifi nm 

acaMNi »» • c«til«|« «>lle)f'»«ll 

met agate. **!>'» "'" 
,.,cirt, tM teii« ••» » •»= - 
miaemt: TIw temn «ia» tii>r'»' 
fld irtrtlj tlJiougJwml *« 
MM aiMl sliouMi tM' MWtlni 
■trill to Mut 'jfe*r* •»■ *'••' 
«IMirifM« iii»4 witli mtmttfcma 
m will tw. M laaM ikn* vie 
mm. <M noR <l»ii ttm year. 


't Mlip '•<» 

,.„i.,, , .,,., 1 .«(; <i«i»r 

\ .ii'h *• *••"'"■•>' 'W*'"*'!**" 
' orw" (to-" •«'' ' *' '"•■ *•■■"■ 
' - 3««l i'«Hiiiit rO'M'' '"•■ "faB 
„ «l:<f iml: <!•»«'»' *n "* prw*'* 


.joMW'in m. m a «> 


,,mr li'cartnt .jjiitl'.*!"" ■"'' 
■ ruHst " 

Btytrs demtes. "tfuweBirni 
N«a«' i'-JeHell a* '» "'tW'""***"'' 
niJesaum ' ZIrtxU « m »cl »« 
miitrmet Mlf«»aii w»» to» 
(ilitrtbtiiwl t»-*trti l» !»«•' 
unite the cmii* 

'•( hmtn't Bit* liny mtm*)' 

JWwU am<S .hi* " *up'l»rtrr 

Alto Smilh ■ who 111** wof** 

Mitt Ztubtll M a«t »»u.r«««' 

t»t»i««i'» "" IMnk PrttCf 

UlWiWl w«*' It* **'■•'•' "* • 


'«milhs8yi!t'ii»lWillia"'>* "'* 

.■'5, ji)t«rego.. "i* » teader 

• cnwrnwuitf . tM Oiere 

.,.. . .-.ome 'lealoiuny amoag 

other ImdiJins THey pA the of 

(tclalt at Staiilorrf w Ret rid ol 

hint " 

■ M«il ol t3m tpOmm «i Man ' 

lai-a ire fwi" «* "* "'"'**• ' 
iiebelMiAl*. "The'y dWt hav't 

• riahl le raalte a decisum 
itait lais" Sam* mm tor 
Lyntan *l» ttttlmatelj '«d 
make itw d««t*li« m »» "'• 
niariit ••■I'Ttme* U|«i"»t. »>»* 
maw-ed on »e (teW !»•*>« O""' 
'l,,'»-m.»n '•'.»* p*'*'!' IS**!! '** S'tan- 
I'ard " 

Tljey iU'liue 'hal ••" 
«':h»»der w»iii"t an iMulltog 
rtemifvpf "H<''5 1 Cammn tn- 
Llitin ' " " "' 

'*ill.,: ,. ''"" 

ma ftaiti'i| n-m-\ ■■»- »_ '"wt 
mat *wt ilniiten lwi"» 
A« tar •» racisia » concern 

cd '" Zleftell arKues, 
Dallas OwlJoy doesn't oltend 
'Tiiiiwi*; ihe Mliwsnila mt«e 
$mm't 'irfleiKl *«««' *' =*'■"'" 
il'liia*lan (teicwi. *e IP»' •" 
('Bu#l up <n trym'S '» ,*> 
rvery'th'ing for ihe imtiorltj' 
Smm there''S a urtmawimt* 

But tl h I V e r • 1 1 :y a * 

inlrfstratcra 'per»l»l '» '*•*»■! 

■■• • .-, tymW ai. urawpan- 

...,.,.« .imijid be at 


Prr:^. i+'i .-"....1.1 ■"'■ ''.^'^ '* 
.re€**'n' '. - -^ ' ' '" ■ '' ' 't ' '^ ' 
the rally i» tu> ....iiupte .'k 
m.a»to! which ■ iil'tamti'e tr 

..lrm..:inlna to «T«ips of pt<ip^e 

"jl W3'!. in»ua.tut..(ii 

iwmc 'permio at the gtllte P* «» 
rtrlpei or cairy a tamaha** 
iMliir the 'inflmsiw ot tii|i»r. ' 
nalntaim Grafe Ktmm u 

'11.e««H.. a Pa.iul.ek!*o.«' in- 
dtanwho works in the «**'« "* 
\mvt .American.! al Dan- 
mouth. «« '*•' *• '*> 
l.«a|iM' Mimfi prior fyniW 

D»rt:.mou'l.h. *e eiplained.. 
*a» toundwl. '«>me am years 
uo as a school lor Indian* and 
ana nsi'mwlit- Bui imiil iwt. 
w'hen. It Aed *» Indian mascot., 
it had (craduated only » SaJwe 
.toertean* m those aw yean. 

Presently "we have now a 
student body whKh dwaa't U'i« 
tti* syiiit>ol. t>t>t m alianni that 
uses it hecaiiic 'It «a» in tm 
whem Ihey weiil w imlMWii."' 
Kewell nayi 

I'K spite ttie rf.idopllon 
pape-rs tiled t>y 'Paddl*. the 
alumtii .|.ro-ui), Newetl 
otoiierves.. "ifi .not. all that 
political an *'*''."' '" '^** »"*" 
gests thai fe« ''" ■ i''!'!r''iis take 
Fadd'is, wtJii'l-i .n'-" ^'.'int* I" 
alioUih the uiuversitj's co- 
educatio'Bal system. ser»ii&ly 

But the problem » a common 
.one. Setiell 'say« M2 'secondary 
and pjidi-secoiidan' schools 
•mind the country ui« some 
wrttt'V of Indian miiK'Ot 

No one know* tow nuiny o« 

ttwue jchool* Mvt flmppeil 
inoH iMncdto. or how maiiy 
have beat) preuured to re- 
adupttlMsinaJliar changing 

iSonictlBiet KiMtols keep In- 
dlatt m maiwtt. but try to 
wnethem down tn 1977 Florida 

S.tate replace •'■Savage. Sam.. " 
a iludenl drened up a> an ia- 
dian a'nd liKiied to enlmrt 
crowd* from tlie itdellmes, wlllJ 
a Mimewtot 'le» oiitragiwi* 
Seminole Indian tmage 

Memtwrs ' ' ■^•■mlnole 
irtbe, which iveopce 

owned the .i.tale o( 
Ktorlda. endorsed the idea :)i 
tht thane. wblcU was couceiv . 
ed 'by the tootball coach's wife.. 
Trtbe members have even 
...i;-wft iiulhenttc tribal clothing 
(ur the WW brand ol mascot, 
who ts supfiosed to repre«e«it 
the revered C^'Uet Onceola. 

'■•Everybody loves him." en- 
thuse* » sp«ik«*«i>.an tor 
FSil ■ s sport.* deptrtwent "He 
leads the ten'in out. and the 
cniwd goes wild " 

0( the racial que'.stion. the 
s»y». "We've never had a pro- 
blem with that." 

Thev did at Pekin Htgb 
Strhooi, to which Chinese- 
Jimericans Irom Chicago 
traveled in If* to take issue 
Willi «* Klwxil's «year-old 
unotllclal nickname o( 

■■They didn't demand 
anylhlng,' recalls school prin 
cipal Art Keller "They only en 
plained why this Is 
derogatory ' In response 
ltell«r liegan gradually to 
nliBW out lift of the name, 
eiilniimatliil th(« fall in the ot 
flclal adMitHm of a new 

nickname. 'TTieOnigons.' 

SoiMt m Undents rallied In 
proliwi. A doien ol them con.- 
dticted a three-day boycott of 

.rtmaw 'B'ut Keller .is 
ed to see the change through to 


"It W'M not a name **■ coulil 
U.M freely," he says "They 
could use il here, but studenls 
couldn't wear garb wild 
■t'hinlci' on il and goelsewihere 
and not 'b«' ridiculed." 

■'Attar . I* racism »t»"*.>-"" _- ^ 

Hawks down DuPage, 5-1 

.j|.|,K>n; 1 1.1 !},..''! ■. . ;i..■il'''■ 
'The\''^l■ ■ Harper ! tt»' '.«.>>.> 
'team, up liere 'that has a chance 
to beat B..>n.-ville " said 
Sewton. ■'■■ '■""■ '*""' 
Bellevilte ;=. ji-'- -..*• "-.i-»«' 

■ Thev are a good team . m m 
Sew toil "t a«. l»I»rei«li!d 
They pliayed. a »w.«.rt. g»n>« 'to- 

win. iwi.^ «■ 

Newtim 'was parlicul.ariy im- 
pressed with Pals and goalie 
Steve Todd, who w.a» called on 
K. make only four nave* Sat.ur- 
dav The Hawk.* dominated the 
Ch'api tn tlie s**! department. 

■'T'hf'ir goalie is terrific,"' 
aid Newton "He could play 
,i.rnwhere " 

SiMJUld the Ha*'Hs win the 
state title, they will advance to 
the NJCA.A Midwest regtonals. 
which Harper will host And 
right now. that's the only place 
Todd and the rest of the Hawks 
want 10 play 

Mfc i-ii II M WKL^m, iliiiMiuMhlili—iM awi {U^i^^^^gm^M^^^ m .ukHUI 

Hawks stun 
Triton, 34-29 


lN»lr mlnrts 
'■muni Trtton. ticaliiiK 

" ■till mure of 


ftawk» ««nt 
I on tntn otiat mm (he itttn 
btfl teun in Um: ulinii. ■nd 

cMBc MM M lie ntis «Wi • 


HiMr mm M lay qnarrvr- 
kack Tim tyiT«ll thnwitfwut 

tto gaatC'. fymll •ccmmind 
wmmamt M«f Uwir 14 pmts^ 

wUh HifiMr' 

idoni ipj 

I fwrter to iviMl Um 
■■fi» I B the wlnnlnf 

IMittral' MiMiB luriwl in «i- 
cclltti |t«rf«riiiaiicct 
I yards to wl 

a '■■« MwMr Mason, nmiimg 

uMMi'l haw fittiii 
««c«lt««t klcelilBg ptr- 
1 tt fey te M- 

vaMlit ill 'lilt 'Hamk't 'wMnry. 
ilnft. NwltMi caiifit flwf 
I Inr '19' fsnli- n* (!«•■ 
liacft tacka. in the 
Ml lt:il.vk 
t a paN M Uie buKUslnf 

Uiai tomt mn say wis ih* 
Un«5« rwiepiiuri tbey hare tver 
:)Mn. Qui'Ce a cMc'h. Dave Lett- 
ford r««c»>«r»il a (iimble and 
liiid M mterccfXton lati? m the 
rwnli qiMrter that wt un th«t 
Hawl » winning touchdown 
Brian Sander made a lackte 
hehtiMi tlw lin« of wrimmaitv 
on a fourth down play that tore 
ed Triton to give Harii«r th« 
liati with lets than « aMMida 
rcinainlnii in tint game 
It was a ttay lor supentars tn 
■ of the word tor the 
Htwkt For Tritm. it was 
Triton'* ikNHit started on the 
I play or the gaiM whan 
■ aiaTtert>ack Tim Tyr- 
reU ran m yards tor tli* flnt ol 

On Trttons third oHenstvi; 
play. Pal Go» caused a fumble 
thai was rucoverwl hy Harper 
at then yard line 

Mtnutes later Ron Burke 
•wml ammd the ootiMe lor 
amUMr Harper touclMlowii and 

Mlaa was the next team to 
•cact^ V'IrgU flead Kored on a 
mfmi ran to put TrtUm on Uie 
•eonbaanl. 14-7. 

Harper Im* Uietr next drive 
ID yardu In 11 piny* that 
resulted in a two yard 
lauelidown run by Ty rrell to put 
Ihe Hawks out in (rant X)-T 

TrilMi came up with one 
ntore towMMM betore the 
dnt quarter ended 'lo 'Biilte Hit 
Hw* la-l* ici (avor of Uit 
eaeh lea.n •oorcil MM' mm* 

In the (Ini half of play 

Warpcf 't totR-hdown came as a 
retuK ot a t1 yard past tram 
Tyrrell to the big tight end 
'Demetrius Calnes 

In the third quarter Tyrrell 
and Burke were both sidelined 
•Ith shoulder tnjuries 

Triton picked up a field goal 
and a touchdown in the third 

itrter to take a narrow lead. 


With MX minutes left m the 
game. Dave Ledford picked off 
a Triton pass lo give the Hawks 
tlie ball and a final chance to 
pull off a victory 

CNi the (Inal drive Tyrrell and 
Burke returned to the game 
Like magic. Burke's running 
and Tyrrell's leadership took 
Warper down the field tor the 
winning score 

Burke rushed (or 62 yards on 
the last drive The final blow 
««Bs a ID-yard sweep (or the vic- 

Harper will travel lo Wright 
Crilagc lor the playoff game 
that will decide Ihe Ilnafcon" 
ttrence' standings. 

'Ilia ttawki' topped Wnghi 
liina '««*• ago (or their (trst 

NO. 1. The Hawk! celebraU after beatiBa Triton M4I and winning 
UM "prap' Iroin the TraJana In tha anmial Battle of the Profi. Photo by 
Rick Kohaka. 

Hawks put it 
in Triton's eye 


Is there racism in nicknames? 


1 you think.." ac- 
Is'l Lamar ThO'mas 
rmwil ot 
I pthend to 
■•■fMet M'iehtian .Stale 
Hy .ailiiilitlitrataiii la' 
• 'iMle' altlnaaliw iclian: 
|itingram.s more aggMi«l*«," 
"l( Uiey called the Waahlngton 
ilMlafeiH the "Washington 
ffW at UK Atlanta Bravaa. the 
'Atlanta WM'Pi''"" 

Bill flial «as more than 10 
ytan ap, when' civtl rights ac'^ 
'Ihrlalt useil 'sporti teaiii 
licliiaaita as. pa.rt al tMr 
IfMd' attack on tmtil:iiit.laMlli- 
ad racnw The .activists, in 
laet. fCfircd a miniber 'Ot lur- 

■Stanlurd and Dartmouth, lor 
example, '(urrendered "in- 
d'lans' ' m their nickname* out 
o( respect to Native 
.Americans, who char.ic'teriii>d 
'theamntlla'tion as racist 

Y'tl no*', often yta.n alter th«' 
rhanfet and after the activists 
who (Orced thent lia've left cam' 
.puses, some restive tradl-" 
iMmalists are trying to bring 
the old mascots hack. 

At Stanford last month, an m- 
surance talesman named 

Ui<rry' llehell staged a rally m 
lavar of rasioring the "In- 
iliaat" name to Stanford's 
sports leams, and brtngini 
back a character named Prince 
UghtfOot to ride horseback 
around the l«M(.balt stMlum 
At Dartmaulll. an alumni 

group called Faddls is lol>hying 
in (avor o( re- adopting the 
K'hool't old Indian mascot, 
which was dropped in 19TO 

And at Pefcin High Sclioitl in 
Pektn. Illinois, ait adminlstra 
lion attempt to nd the school 
once and lor all of the 
'nickname '•("h.inks" inspired 
about a doien students to pull 
0'(( a three-dav hoycott 'Ol 
classes last month. 

Stanford's trailitionatMc arc' 
probably the boldest The 
unive'rsity had dropped its "In- 
dla'ns'" name - event'ually 
replaced tiy "Cardinals" - in 
im. W'btn it also quit it..« prac- 
tice of allowing the lull 
Prince Light loot to 
I around the playing lield 
Last (klober however TImm 
WtlllaiM.. the man who por- 


Hawks advance to state tourney 

"Everythlig is beautiful.." 
.■aM soccer coach Sudor Muho 
allat' lito main'* »! win over 
ipnTagK mm. I|mWM the 
'Haiita few mis 'aiafeaMrt iiate 

"Hit mala 'llSig aMaiit tiito 
».,." SMho, "is that we 
il. ot It wi'lh .no inlurlet. 
We'rcife ready as we'll ewer 'he 
•argallldowmatale " 

BrIaiKleii had put DuPage 
ahead. 14 with Mtty M secondii 
fHie m 'Ihe tint hall on. a penali- 
ty kict.. Slaw Crant then 
■cored' an a pmiaKy shot., and 
lt.ict Pil* Miared on an: .aiMsi 
tuiMi. Oane to give the Hawk* a 


Puis scored again late In th« 
lirsl. h«l( to give llarfwr a t-i) 

Mark II Ota and Jim 
Maiworm added goals im ihC' se 
eond t»th assisted by 
Puis, to give the Haw'k.» iheir I- 
I vM;lof| margin 

'The .llawks, now li>">>-r>, 'witl 
(act' Lewii. It C'larl Friday In a 
■U't* se'mi (inal match .l.«wls 
a Ctark heal the ttawks. 'm tor 
ttie' .state title last year The 
llawks wilt be 'hoping tO' 
■vcnegt that luas 

SiNuM 'UM' Hawks win. .m- 

ilay. thej. 'would advance U 
Saturday's state championship 
m'aldi, roost likely against 

Bellevallr will be. is Subo 
will tell ym. i-ery tough. They 
are \o 1 m tbt- it ale and No « 
In the aali'O'n Headitig IttU) tlie 
iljite (liavoHs iliey stand at H- 

••II we wm Friday, fit 'he 
happy." »alid Sjubi'i ■■BelltvlUi; 
will tie lough 'But we play tiet- 
'ler 'Whet! we play against belter 
'Mm* ' ' 

'Dupage coach David 
Srwlon. whose team played 
Betlfvtll* .»nd Miisou'ri powws 
ia;era'm'ec and Floriisatt 
• I'lMseturiiM iMfK* ' < 

When football closes Us 
season Thunday night against 
Wright in a meaningless 
Region IV 'playoff game, the 
Haiwks will ha ve completed one .^i^r - 

of the (tnesl turnabouts in •* . . .00 SpOftS 

Harper i^iorts hl.stor>- , " ""■ 

The football team got oH to an ^^ S start and i( Iwiked as (hough the 
Hawks were not going lo win a game at at) this year Then came 
Wrt#ii the NtC's Gel Well card and a »-6 wm 

Then, last Monday, the Hawks rolled over North Park's Jayvee. 
J»-« Boo Burke rushed (or 165 yards while Tim Tyrrell added 11« 
more yards on the ground. 

Nothing, however, will match the Hawks' 34-2» win over Triton 
l.»»tSaturda\ Unequivocally nothing 

Four day* belore the game. Iwo Hawks said that there wal "no 
way ' Harper would beat the Trojans Oh, not that they wouldn't 
want to, but this was, afterall, Triton 

The Trojans had been the No 1 ranked team m Illinoti for the first 
live weeks o( Ihe season They were also ranked No M nalionally 
Only Illinois 'Vattey. which was ranked as high as .No 2 nationally at 
one point was as awesome as Ihe Trojans Then came a 44-40 over- 
time win over OuPage A losslo Nebraska's (reshman squad follow- 
ed, but then a Jl-H loss lo valley So much (or the No 1 rankmg. 

What made the loss lo Ihe .Apaches worse was thai Illinois valley 
had lost to OuPage. knocking Valley from the NJCAA Top 15 

So, heading into last Saturday s contest against Harper, the Tro- 
jans were M overall. M in the N4C tied with DuPage and Valley (or 
first place A I* was riding on the HarperTrltoti game, (or ihe Tro- 
jans. 'anway. 

Bui the Hawks, IT poinl underdogs, were up Triton Isn't Just 
another good (oottiall learn . the Triton Harper rivalry is as intense 
at IS Ohio Stale-Michigan, as Triton would discover - fast. 

Fidy-flve seconds into the game, quarterback Tyrrell ran 6»- 
varils tor a touchdown The Hawks led 7-0. 
■ Three minutes. 10 seconds later. Burke carried it-yards for 
another Hatper TO. The Hawlts now led, i4-ft 

One minute, 40 seconds later. Triton scored cutting the Hawks' 
lead hi 147 But. 3 4« later, the Hawks scored again on Tyrrell's 
Iwo yard run lo give Harper a »-7 lead 

Triton scored with 1 46 left in the llrst quarter to make It TthH 

Tyrrell hit Demetrous Gaines with a 19-yards/ TO pass early in 
the'secoiid quarter lo give the Hawks a 28-H lead. Triton, thougti. 
scored late tn the quarter lo make 11 »-» 

The Trojans Itien drove 74-yards In eighl plays lor a (teld goal It 
was now tt-£). Hawks 

TriiiMi went ahead tor the (Irsi lime with 3:37 In the third quarter 
on Virgil Head's ll-yard TD run The extra-point misaed. but 
Harperlrailed » 2». 

Tvrrelt and Burke both missed all of the third quarter TyrreU ac- 
tually missed Ihe last 10 minutes of the period, but without BurJte 
and Tv rrell, the Hawks could go nowhere 

Tyrrell relumed (or the fourth quarter, hut there was stilt no sign 
of Burke He had injured his left ihoulder In the second quarter, and 
had not been seen since. 

Tyrrell could not gel the Hawks untracked singlehandedly. 
however, and the call went out tor Burke The sophomore came 
back tor Harper s second possession o( Ihe final quarter The 
Hawks opened ttie drive (rom their 20 Burke gained two-yards, 
Iheo Tyrrell threw an incomplele pass He then hit Mark Hudson lor 
.!» yards to the Hawk 42 Burke then went 24 yards lo the Trojan 34 
Another incomplete pass tollowed Alter that, it was all Burke: a 
sil-yartJ gain to the Triton » a nine-yard run to the Trojan 19. and 
then, with fi 4a led lo play, a l»-yard run (or a touchdown Harper 
.led 34-29 for .good. 

Trilon aid march to the Harper » Bal. on (ourth-and-two, the 
Hawks held. Eight plavs latet. Triton had Ihe ba.ll at their own 41 
with JO left to play Trojan <}B Dan HurwiU threw a screen pass lo 
Dan Jenkins lor a six-yard loss The game was over The Hawks 
had tetleil mighty Triton. 34-29 There was no joy m Kiver Grove 
that night. And you can take that to the bank 

SMHi: nri Ml wmw 



E«f lisl 112 

wtim II! 

IHwlVt I ^ 


Current audit policy 
threat to college reputation 



iniciiiltl! 202 
' iJI.M:il 
rifsicit Ed. 163 
1.1. 1:2S-10:1S 


Harper'a class audit poltcy 

plat** lh« coltegi- s upstundrng 

rcimtaUon among major m 

iDWIiflllt IWI-Wwfhooi year, 
the audit vtHkr w^as: "A sl.u- 
dml dMirtni to iwltt a cwirsr 
wtthout crMtt must, at the time 
or regmtralMJii. rrcrJv* ip- 
pmti from the instructar or 
ilivtsMHi chairman and the ap- 
proval a! (he reftstrar An 
audaor cannot i-hange his 
status III that o< a cnnlH fludent 
mr can credit for tlw audited 
CMtrte hC' eitahlulied at a later 
dalt " 

Hmmm. In the Iff77-if7ll 
aclMMil year, the audit policy 
chanted and rematnt m effect 
The current policy state* "A 
itudent who wMes Ici audit a 
cnurse may do so by rall«wing 
the regular reglslratMin pro- 
cedures or hy completing a 
o( icltediile forni prior 

In the wiuidrawal deadline tor 
thalccninte Stud*ntiwlllt>ere^ 
quired to pay full tultton and 
tees, and will receive the grade 
ot If tor the course ' 

"Students mho wish to 
change form audit to credit 
may d« so by completing the 
change ot schedule form Ij) the 
mid'iMiai at the MmeMer 

In other' wottii. a itiMtail 
could take an audit grade 
without the permlcslon ol the 
Instractor A studMt may alio 
onl to take a grade ol audit ti\ 
place ol the grades ol 
wlthdrawali W 1. or non 
altciMlaiictt N t 

Each of the major Iwlllu 
tiORt amtacted indicated that 
the audit grade meant, to at 
rnd class a» a listener recei» 
lug M> credit ' Each university 
(tmacd the word, "attend " 

Eaitera IIHimUS University 
went «i far as to say if in the 

opinion of the instructor, stu- 
dent eiposure and effort ex- 
pended In the course deserve 
the entry ol audit, the student 
will receive the course entry, 
audit, on his permanent record 
Hnol. no entry will be made." 

Currently at Harper, the 
audit policy makes no attempt 
to put a limitation on atten- 
dance lor the grade o( audit. 

If Harper ts to maintain the 
tine reputation it his amongst 
major tnstitutluns and main 
tain levels ol academic e« 
cellence, re-cvaluatlun of the 
audit policy IS necessary 
Harper. iMl is to he a tclMOl 
which oilers the universality ot 
a two-year program anywhere, 
ihould have a policy nt audit 
which Is cwiiMent with the 
major universltk« 

Neiit week: The contrnveriy 
ol the audit policy on the 
Harper Campus 


Mlliam Rainty Harper Collefe 

Vol 14 No. 12 
Novemtei 13 1980 

Harper earns seven year reaccreditation 

If'WBWWWIHItBJMJW!. ■**» g» In atWItKm In 

ytar naccfwliiiilwn 
Iniit Ik* Narili Ccalral 
of Ctttogw &M 
Tllt aiaoclatlon provides 
lortlje nuality of 


||mI» 'Ot th* instttutkin < . tweut 


-■■■■ilWljr It m«in» tt«« 
eititfll-iM tMltr can te traaatet' 
ni :|t' 'iMller KtiMls." said 
:Bflin Bateh. clialrnan ot the 
:llaiiiiw Board ot Tnistew. 
"Wihwit tl « wwld itin 
afvrale as a iclinil' 'hut other 

KftalMiMt' iMina trout 'die 
mmmmm tIaMM in* campui 
m ■' nrM dar ftaccreduaiion 
tmm... tl»' MW tociMed. an 
awtnll t>ti«ction ol tlif 
pIMcal pliiit and tdtsRlews 

The liitarvtMn '- 

vtmm «l Maifar mm laculty 

nanilMn, adminMraion ami 


lit a*w>cl«tiM renewed 

r'i accreditation l«r 

evalnatin' '(cms visited 
Kverat pngfaiM to 
atudent clinical ei 
awl meet with students 

Oat ¥ltlttn| evalualMn team 
nprwwtwl iic National Nun- 
:||g AiMC'lalion The nurainf 
gNgram l» seeking accredlta 
linn mr the liru time Since 
more nunwg studcntt plan to 
ciMinue their educatiMi at ■ 
iMr year inmitution, aecredita'- 
tton would 'insur* the 
tranaleralMllty of credlla. 

A (tveperion team from the 
Illinois Comniunlti College 
Board, '.K'CBi Springl'ieW, 
ipMl t*o days at Harper on a 
mcagnll'MM vlall The KTB 
cvaluatiwi li scheduled OMCur- 
rently with tlie North Central 
AaaocMMNi v'isii. ttnee 'hoih 
Ȥmt!>m rctlc* tiW' 'OiUcte a* 

•"Since community college* 
ar* lacing deellninf cnratlmcnt 
and financial instability, it's 
IriaccredUalioni really a vote 
ttying that we are in pretty 
gmd iiape " said Barch. 

Tie evaluation learn alM iwK 
«tt tUc Board, ot Trwlcct. ad- 
mlnittraion and :r«|»nacii- 
tatt«M tan variMii' arMw of' 
Ike cnllcir n ordw M eomiXIt 


• iMm 'CiMiiiMlt r«|Nift. The 
nlloilnari rcpoK. ii eipectml 

hetwupMeliyDec I 

Haiper College was the tlrst 
tvw-year institution In lllinoit 
to receive unqualified lull ac 
crwUlsilMi in ISTl. si« 'years, 

North Central Aitneialinn 
grants aceredlta.tion: to a col- 
lege as a wMe and attatts to a 
high level nt perlormance in all 
areas ol operation, 

■ The importance to the stu 
dent ot Harpers deiignation as 
a fully accredited college ii 
retlectwJ in translcrat)llily of 
credll to tour year tnstltutlont 
and the high regard given the 
certificate or aaaacMa iignw 
earned here." Md .Jane* 
MeGrath Harper president 

Serving on the North Central 
Association evaluating team 
were Chairman Dr Daniel B 
Crewder. President ml We*t 
Virginia Northern Community 
College. r Charles 
McDowell. Department HtMl. 
Cuyahoga Community CdUigK 
Dr. Robe'tt Eich»r, PrMldmt, 
SMtheaft Cmiwiunity College , 
'Of Den V. Dilagji, Vice- 
P'residenf. Maeinb County 
Commumty CMMfB;. imI' Mr. 
Raynuind J. StMB. Bxeciit.lve 
iJean Pima Ciiimty Co««wil 

•w- if'tnlbuiiiii 
iJF lii>iMllllipih' 

Memben ol tlie ICCB learn 
were Keith R Upe ttecogni 
lion Officer, C William Coona 

Finance and Audits : Charles A 
Hempstead. Site and Construe 

tioB .and ttudaat Services.; Den- 

nil W Hmiiland, Instruction, 
and Pemy A Wallhaus. MIS 
and Intttiutlmial Stiidln. 

The Natloaal League of Nurs- 
ing evaluation team memben 
were Sylvia Edge and Dokirct 

Harper speech team 
fares well in tourney 

Second tuiurisi session tonight 

ne aecond seasion of 
"tMiMfM. lilMlytot ami 
Cafwrt. tor tht "ims".. a .lutunai 
•oaleMiee. a M .flir' T p. n.. tlilt. 

DlmiMMi «'lll center around: 
the wo.rid liwiily Topics 
eavered at the session are enn- 
irepi* of (he world l' and 
village and a Mi at 
naie lltMlylM 'and. ap- 
pnyrialt tediniliitr tm ih* 

.Panelists at the Kewwi. .tnctwde 
Harper faculty iii.ea.|itr't 
Karley <"h.a.pman. anlMMlt 

Smlemnr philMoptiy : Frank 
Hlver. p<rvtM.ti>r 
iKl Walle. 
Glait prnfeiisor potttlcal 

The main .speaker at 
lomght's tessioa will be 
Rlcha.rd tockwiKKl. liiirper 
pnnetior ol humanities iimt 
comllllllliir ol tlie conierenee 

Th« tlinal tfaitwi ot the eon- 
ferm:e will tate place neat 
Thiirsdiiy. Nov M Futurt 
cartiers.. which will prwide 
crwitive opporiwnitie* to c«i- 
eribuie 10 resDiitUon .iif human 
pnililems. will be the main 
'ItwMi of IHe diaeuiaMin. 

aMdHM tnr CM 
■ton are Caede Car- 

michatl. .careers editor for ibc 

Chleaipi Trlhtiii*. and David 
TMaaa proleMiir ol educa- 
tion at No'rtliern illinols 
Onlvertily Panelist.* con- 
tributing ti» the' fe«.|M are also 
laciiHy meinheB of Nortlwm 
UllMilt Uhivertity. RiMtoy 
.Bnrn..»d. prtie*«or curr'ieulam 
and Mstruction and Linda 
Tatel, insiructor clinical 

The .mmfertnct is ottered al 
no charge » a service tu thr 
coiH'munit.f t>* Harper College 
»« advance mwrvatiuns are 
mmM. The MMlana will be 
h«ldmBldf EM. 

The upeech team earned 
rcspeciabie showings in the an- 
nual Ball State linlverslty 
Aquarius TnumamenI 

In the competition, held Hm. 
J and a the icam finished no 
lower than iiitii place Andy 
Hupfiert received a tncond 
place and two tMrd-|llace 
ratugs in informatlvt ipcak- 
Ing Keith Peterson received 
fair railnp in the same 

b the novice pcrauaalon 
caMfory . Dennis Adams reach- 
ed the finals and claimed sixth 
place He alto competed Ui 
alter iUiaer and tnpromptu 
speafelng whare he received' 
fair ratings 

In novice poetry. Jill Zerial 
ranked lecond. third and fifth 
in her three nnmds of comfieli- 
llon while 'Shirley Turpin earn- 
ed a first, iMond and flttb 

Michael Harper, who receiv- 
ed a first, lecond and lourtli 
^ace ratmg. lell slightly short 
of reaching the Imals in the 
category Turpin also fell short 
ol advancing to (he finals in Uie 
aovtta poetry division 

Mr Tom McGratb. speech 
coach, pointed out that 
members of the Harper foren- 
sic learn are up against strong, 
well supptirted four-year un- 
IvcralUes and travel con- 
alderable dutancea to p&r- 
tlclpale In various tour- 

It t like a Utile league lean 
going against a professional 
team But Us going to get ut a 

Elece of the ball when we get to 

" However, at Sagamon 
State, our next trip, we'll be In 
our 0W7I league and ■hotild tare 
qalte well. "McGratb said. 

HarpeF football 
wraps up season 


|rlBpil»TlNi H^rtMWpW'. 



•4 Faculty evaluations still a campus farce 

BMUad tat Um htart of 

MlMirtria. Now. once every 

(tmeater the admioMni- mtwum»mmmimim.' 
lion let (he •tndanta i > ia w t»iiiii il i n WI |i i i M»wi 

cwcltMlt'liw IkiHiljr. Wliat 
lilo4 and g««4 a<i> 

■lalitratlon c«*a irutttd M 

UtiM)^ 6CWI6 WILL 

BdP otrrli 

flLL THIS Ovr^/Wb 
WIU. R^O Til 

And. with Um> tic«i)tlaii of a 

M. MgM p«*l|ll« wlio ■*«• the 

matter Kiiiie llKiU|M. they hail bcHevtag tiny \ 
Ike camput hypnotliad Into lyemraRar 

Take the trauma out of transferring 

A pwd portion o( (.tudents 
Waw electc<l tu eoiiimue their 
schooltng. upon successlul 
rampletton at Harper Some 
h«)d no «Jea m» W which sclwol 
tliey will tramler ind yet 
others appear to have ttieir en 
tire tiiture mapped mit tor 10 
they say 1. 

Tranitemng. il properly 
pn!fiare<l (or should tie i plea- 
Mht and tulttlUnd eitperietnTe 
too' nttin however, ttudcnts 
(all I* explore tranalerrlnc H it 
ihould be. and cMKeq^uently. il 
ttien lunm into a matter at 
rtiky l>ualnes» THere are 
(pecdk- guidelines. iJ caretully 
Mlo«ed. whieh can ullevlate 
the needless tension creeled by 
the entire t ransterrtng picture 
SludenLs should (trst Wgio t>) 
directing a couple »( questions 
towards themselves Mainly, 
what universily or universlliw 
do they hn|»e to altenit two 
fmn tnm mm In *iew ot 
(hMC lelMNlla' ielectcd. they 
should candidly atk 
Ihemielves. il lliey are really 
ipproacninK this on ati 
tflealietiic level What aixwi be- 
ini (maneially, atailemicaUy 
and emMionally 'quaiitM lor 
admlMlon to tte partkutar 
Tran«terrto| i» m often 

though' o ■ *^ Il e I II g 
synonymous with "the losing of 

credits." that some studmts 
may remain reluctant to Uie 
wliole Idea tn general People 

can only help in deflating this 
concept by laliinK prifventive 
.actton for'th*; luture now. and 
not tomorTow when it's too late, 
lt» never loo soon when it 
comes to molding a eoncfete 
lulure for ones self 

The lint order of hastaew ti 
a visit to Hldi AiMT IIk 
couiiieltui, center GO THERE , 
So matter what university m 
mind, one thouldn't have thr 
least bit or trouble finding It 
amongst the vast collection ot 
catalogs Study and compare 
the courseiv having already 
tatien. with those accepted' by 
the school as listed in the haod- 
hooli If no itich Information is 
printed, lake advantage ol the 
counselors ' it's now about ten> 
who's job It IS, to keep up to 
date Willi a particular universi- 
ty Although there might not be 
a counselor covering that 
school, other counselors 

spe<:ialliting tn different ma- 
jors* will be more than happy 
to work with those individuals 
10 preparing a "sound' 
schedule "SouMl" meaning 
the most basic of schedules 
which neneratty IraMtere wnii 

little problem, to a 'series ot 
sthools Too many peopte 
readily assume that once hand 
e<i that iltploma here at Harper 
1 1 one will automatically enter 
as » Junior, and 2i the coursei 
or degree will transfer as a nice 
md neat package As after con- 
tacting a variety of schools in 
the state ot Illinois. < including 
the liniverslly of llUnoli, Nor 
thern Illinois University, 
University ot Chicago and Nor- 
(hwestem I'nivrrstty > . It was 
diaeovered that they had a 
somewhat ditferent story to 

Take the I' of I for an exam- 
ple, many students expressed a 
deep Interest in going there At 
one time, the IJ of I didn't an- 
ticipate any major setbacks 
coftnecled with those students 
triimfemng from junior cwl- 
leges Times have ditnied. 
ud so has their position on 
transfer students They along 
with many other schools, have 
bcto,me increasingly .selective 
as to what courses they'll grant 
Cfe<lil towards, and 'hose 
they'll put in t,he ' 'reject pile. " 

Mr Ron Marks, ji counsetor 
•It \ort,hrrti Illinois University, 
cautions l,how Individuals to 
the' "'ekeeptton*' of the "coin^ 
pact traiialerrmg rule " There 
:,!'■«• lour special cases when 

students will mosi often, than 
not, won't be at>le to transfer 
directly into Junior standing 
The business, music, nursing 
and physical tlierapy pro- 
giams, are those areas of study 
which can present a large pro- 
blem In transferring to Nor 
thern Probably due to the tact 
that here we iire mighty selec 
live, and don't only take into 
consideratton grades as the key 
Influence, l)uf several required 
interviews 1 physical therapy 1. 
passing highly difltcult audi 
tlont ) music ( and must apply 
before Feti 15, IMI lor admis 
sion to the (all semester • nurs- 

".All of these special cur- 
riculums. including business 
don't allow many spaces lor 
transfer students, so there can 
be no settling in those bemg ad- 
mitted For instance, under the 
nursing program.! there are 
only IS openings for those 
transferring to that field ' ' 

" A , student can either write to 
call us to that a handbook may 
be sent to him The handbook, 
containing general college In- 
tomation. also 'focuses on the 
eourtes. which 'Nort,h«'m 'will 
accept It Mmeone wants to get 
on the spot Inlormation. regar- 
ding Ihofe courses accepted by 


The Harbinger accepts let 
lers to the editor from all I 
students, faculty and staff! 
meml>ers .All letters must f>el 
signed any unsigned letters | 
submitted will be disregarded 

Letters over 300 words are I 
subject to editing All letters I 
should be submitted to the Har- [ 
blngifT office BIdg A367 no I 
later Ihan noon il.e Monday f 
before publication 

Increase or not^ students still ahead 

Shoolil, you prepare lor 
■nmher tuition increase next 

In April 1 began to leani' of 
Uw mtm facet,* of ati institu- 
'tlM S4i«ti as Harper, Durtng 
lliat pertod. as a Trusie*-, I was 
:r«wiy'»g many fom,plainii 
MMC the propowd: ll increase 
III tuUioii, 

thMtry tide ui thai \lm ideal 
,c«ilc|t will reet live a talk a( 
It'll tiMioQ iTWi, titne iltf (icTcnt 
•oureit*. state tawc, communi' 
ly i«es and luititin The mwey 
IniM will be equal from all 
three sources. 

#1 Malkowski 


file tel ol 

Tbe ItiiM curreat Kgurei: I 
am able' to iMMtent will he tnm 
the nrn-tm taum year Dur^ 
mg that year Taxes equaled 
fti,2»,sn, 'Slate Apportion" 
ment wpmlj-ft »i,|'»iwv Tul- 


With 'Iht Riutei, pmenteil 
tuilun was «% of the total In- 
come, Tultiim is 3„l% totow 

1 ito realtie 'that our lax m^ 
coime 1* ,at the bottom of the list 
'■hen compa,re«l across the 
,rtate, 'There are two causes (or 
that, one betng t,ht.> Funding 
Pdrmala from the state, and 
(wowlty «r ewnmunity tax is 
low We caniwt change the tun 
dthg lomDla from the stale. 
that takes the lUinais State 
Lecistatiire and to raise the 
taxes II lake* a Referendum 

Impossible due to the current 
economic situation 

Currently we pay Its per 
senienter hour In more current 
Itgiires, this gene'rales about 
21 « percent of the total mcome 

Sum. no one wants an in- 
crease in tuition, but we cannot 
raise commttnity taxes over- 
night and we cannot tell the 
state legislature to change the 
lunding formula 

So nexl spring when tbe 
Board wants lo raise your tut- 
ituii (ram tl9 to lao or Rti 
remember, We are gettmg off 


William Rainey Harper College 

Algonquin 4 Rescue Roads 

Palatine. lL«a«S7 


MlnrtiKkW WMdy WIMwIhike I 

tUantUliar lMlkcBtnit>arli 

nMlMllir RictKohnte 

Aial l%ilffl Editor t^ori Lynn Guy I 
CiltaMMlH iMlktCroK* 

ltaaliiMit,M«Maer Kaihy Ha I 

Stilt J(x.Ko»l.Nor.Non«i, I 

MlleSimkuH. Karui Johmon. 
tl»mel»SM>)»n<ivlc, Holly KuUfr I 
KrllPltlienbtlta, BUI Sternbwg. f 
AOvum l>onillV)'Pin<v««j I 

Tlur WAKBMflER Is the Uudrnt I 
pidtiimMtn lor a» Harper Cullrgfl 
CilaiWisranimunily. pumuMd wrtUy I 
•Mtfl durum holkljyi and nnal e» F 
•IDS, All opInloM nprewed art Uioar I 
allili wnl«T aiKl not nvce««arliy Ihoael 
Of Uw orilcRi!, u> admmiuralMn, [ 
lacully or ttuaatt body Adv<!ni>ing| 
am copy HuMtUae Is noon PrMay and I 
copy I* tuliJfCI to adnnm All Uiirn^ f 
l^the-Edllar imiil be Ufrad Sainn| 
will at piailuawl. r«r rurtlwr in p 
Innnauancalia? xwnt ««>nr«»i 

TlWHarMiigw, Nvvwntarll. iiat, Pagaj 


H a wv at Uk. 

> fciMiy to iMw, to 






■ Ml IMI 

Ito Ctwrs* F lr»t Conmittatlwi 

TW. Flynn & Assoc.'s 




WorkiiMni Comp. 



It Now AwniMnng Ser» M' 

Office Hows 

JiWI-SiMp.m. Dally 9a.m-J p.m. Sat. 

Attorneys at Law 

Thompson 's lifestyle 
one of total fitness 

It'i linimttaiil in an aerofeias 
claii to try and work all your 
muscle* Thai's why w« have a 
warm up. titc imduraiKe work. 
Uw toning and Ittwiithentng of 
the muMlea and the cool 
down," utd .Sue Thompson, in 
structor of aerol>ic dance 
claiMs and mother of three 

ThooiiMMMi. who (cache* here 
pan time, comet from a very 
athletic famMy and Is very ac- 
tive herself She really likes 
what she Is doing Its the best 
thing for me.' she said, and if 
1 waan't teaching It, I'd be tak- 
ing ctaases on It '* 

While at the I'ntvertity o( 
Iowa. ThmiMMi knew she 
wanted to teach physical 
•diicatta 'Theres to much 
pMeatial in the field I can't 
think of anything Id rather do 
I love my Jot* I love working 
with tbt' atudeais. tt'i lo rewar- 
. - .- .y claaa Is djf- 
Thwe't inch I croas- 
tcctlon of people And the 
ttudmts nay not always ex 
lierieiiee physical changes but 
thtre's aJwayi psych^oglcal 
changes They feel they're do- 
ing something worthwhile (or 

Aerohte haa haoi araiind a 
kmg tlint haeanit W. It anyiMiig 
(hat pronolai Uw mpply and 
■fat mtypn. Aarabic dancing 
'la jwil MK ana. It increases 
year cardiovascular en- 
durance "Aenitiic dancing has 
an aerohlc emphasis bill it's 



total niiMas all aitHnd. ' she 

The aerobic dance got 
started about six years ago 
■ Originally when I was 
teaching part time. 1 was 
teaching adult education for 
district 214. in the evening It 
was called Sllmnastlcs That 
was Just an exercise class. 
Then 1 began using music." 
Thompson .laid 

In the meantime, there has 
been more and more aerobic 

"With my students. I use 
some of my own routines and 
some from other sources." she 
said. "1 watched 'Soul Train' 
the other da> and picked up 
three movements that I'm go- 
ing to use ■' 

Thompson said she has more 
Ihsn itio routines that she's 
choreographed 'They're all 
original The tong makes a dif 
ferencelome Music is the key 
I'll work around the song Some 
routines come quicker than 
others If I know where I want to 
go with It " 
The routine for "Cad- 

dyihack • came quickly after 
•atlag the movie She knew 
MMlcatly what she was going to 
do with it 

"Thafs the donct aspect In 
me Hike to create" 

But Thompson doesn't Just 
make up things with no pur- 
pose She always has an tnlen 
tion in mind -The Blues 
Brothers Give Me Some 
l^vin" is good for arms." she 
said '■Usually I can hear 
somethmg in the music or III 
have somethmg m mind lor a 
certain iong." 

In her spate time, she studies 
and does papers for a 
physiological and cardiac 
rehabilitation class she's tak- 
ing "Primarily, the more you 
get into a field, the more you 
want 10 know" 

.Any other spare time, she 
uses to work on routines. "I 
also Jog when I can but 1 don't 
want to make II into a competi- 
tion thing People make the 
mistake of pushing too hard. I 
run to build my endurance. It 
makes my Job easier," Thomp- 
son said. 

But she likes to save her 
energy (or her three aerobic 
dance classes on Tuesdays aiid 

"I really enjoy working with 
ritnets There's so many 
avenues you can work with ru 
always be teaching some sort 
o( ftliMti becaute fitness is not 
going to die It's going lo be 
with us always" 

''Got a car to sell?" 

Stniieiil elamifiMl adt 

UK FREE. Non-sludcnt 

ad nt«>SO cents 



Call Kalhy Htx, 


4 UGMtS 




SANOwiCHis a 

OTHfC fOltllS 





■ IK immi MIHMS 


*J^°J%\S^ '^^SS^^ IN SCHAUMBURG >v 





tmmtvHng r^tr fwfwhm r»€k bmnd» 

No covri Moit drinlcg 9a« 

No cov«rl iMr A Win* SO' 


I"4« Tin MMPnpwiflf'P'''- 

' II. i« 


Student Senate 

The Sluitonl Seuatif ne«di! 
Hire* nMrnibers t« reprettni 
Oufti »nd OrRsnixaUiiiii Any 
pmmm liittretted. wtio is 
piMCiilly an icllw member of 
a club, ilMiulit contacl Uie Ac 
tmttief Otncv. BIdg hm. en 

Bl«iod. drive 

The HMltt Se^^^h» will <i9» 
«r a MntMl drtve. W'e«lii«il«y. 
•till It (torn » a ml* 3 Dm 
AIM.. Dmmn aixl tUctr 
a(e lamltlM. will tm 

II II illli ■ ■III Hi^. ttMMM. 4kf 

vravninv aflpn'Ui 
7-41 'iHliiiiw. weigi at mmM 

.|«| 'pMHit MHl «■» «tDll. 


mm MormatMHi. ple«at 

1 Mt or Mm* by the TliniiltiUFiviiiir 

Vm u am nanki$nm mmm 

■llfrMCii** ••«■ HarfW «•■- 

nmntty t» tnKiiHt Jn allaiw i 

Thanlwglvlng Ecumentca} Ser 

,_,■ *^ II »tee on MondJiv, Nm H, at 11 

WhealOn College ,,m m Bunding a Rwm 241 

The Ihenw o{ the nerv ice * i II 
be Kivini Ihanlts (or the gUl ol 
IjJe. cammunfty rCTunlry "hd 
the gllti «f the earth Thta l» be- 
ing planed by (acuity from the 
MmIc and Orama departments 

Crusade campaigns 
through Nov. 14 

Harper I annual Crwade ot 
Mercy campaign ctmltnuM 
tKniughNOT I* 

Thnte who «t«li In contrltnite 
dunsg mil tim«. may do lo at 
v»nm wots IhTOiglJOut the 
campm Students may make 
dmatloiK In the cafeteria, 
bonlittikre. hbrary. countellng 
center*, heatth lervlcVi game 

niom and teJevtston ar«a 

The majonly ol contributions 
ftayt In the local nimmunlty 
One out of every lour (amlltes 
m the area uie* at l«a»t one of 
ihe tervices funded by the 
Crusade in one year 

Last year, the Hanier emu- 
munity dmiaied U.m ta> llic 



a«fh llw Scon and l«ie JaiMMW. In uwiMit imimi. laliwiad 
that MMiww-iheH eati omiM fotaMW MsriTC. 



HiMper sttideitt.t are invited ' 
It't a (|>ccla) program tipM- 
lored by Wheaton College 
BSU .Students from both cam 
putc* have joinUy parlicliwted 
In other meetlngi with • gnat 

"You've (fot A rnwHl'' » the 
tliaat lor thi* event at 
tthentaii College, Saturday 
Nov l& at 7:W pm The 
meeting tilll be held on the 
third floor of the collinse * »tii 
dMl etnttf The program will 
inelwie stnglng. Christian 
lelliwshlp mealing oMfrtemls 
making new own and a special 
tmphasli* on. wWM 'hunger. 

I( traMportatlMi li needed 
meet at the FinI S«pl.ut 
Church of Palallne. WD E 
falatine Kd.. at «■ IS p m For 
more information contact 
Shirley Phllltpa. BWg ty W or 
est. ilM or Pat Davidaon at CIS- 


jH«r^r College 7^e.tre 




The engineering Club will tie 
meeting Not 19 at .1 pm. in 
Bldg D.-ZI.1 Oiscuuion will 
center around National 

organlMtkNia anil Mcietiet . 

Film festival 

A Woody W.len Film Festival 
will be held *< Harper Satur- 
day. Hm IS at 7 p m. In the 
Btdg A I>lning Room Admls 

mm It I..&II. Spontored by the 
Program Boant. 


C/krIeys Aunt 

Fr. * 5a.t 

S--00 trt Jns 

By Bra<>dan'fiMi«t«a.& ' 
MJ50 fti/ie 

$iso 5fu«(enH/5tt«T 


laSO RkU «1.50 SMe-d-i /SMT 
for t/c*«f * tinik: Stodent As£. Office. 

-391-3000. e* J^*2. 

t»*.»»»«#*#<»»«i#«# * ^»#«i^««iaw^«i»»#«>i#H>«»*«<#«t#«#«>»»#««#»*»# « #w»*»»#^ ' 

Chevy Chase fi**"^ "»*" Charles Grodin 

Noil Simon's 




Mufc: 0, MARVIN HAMLiSCH . .. - RCKiEB M HOTHSTEIN p.i.;.Hi><w..vDe.,.9r'Mt>y GENE CALLAHAN 

"PC'MBnM HMQ ytariJ :l ■ i..i. .. ■ . DAVIO M WALSH a-iw d, NEIt SIMON ■ . ..... BASTAB 

[..» ».,..,.•..■ > , F^ AY STARK t>«:i..atv, JAY SANDRICH ........-._..-. -i..™ 

Coming This Christinas 

Avoid transferring trauma 

Ttw HarMngar. Novwntar II. «Nt. Paga i 


tiwy maj waiil to 
caU lllt)TS3-ia00. which Is the 
aeaileiiiic idvlting of(lc« and 
will aDiwer or at leasl try lo 
nmmm, amy quMtiwu you may 
imft. QUMtlMM lo which they 
dan'l know tlw amwen. they 
will refer you over to someone 
who does People here at Nor- 
Uiern art more than willing to 
hajlp tlMne p0itik tn itrai^iten 
ing mil any coniuiion they may 
ham •bout our achool . " 

wMIni! to tramfer 

Ulk not only with 

but to friends 

and Instructors who 

may have great Instfcht on a 

coltefe. either by attendinf it, 

or knowing people who have 

Probably o( the utmoat Im- 

portance, i> direct contact with 
the school Itsell Moi by phone. 
but by letter 'The proof of the 

pudcitng" is in the signature 

and not a voice Mail them a 
complete list of those course* 
having already taken, and 
Uxme courues yet lo be taken 
Ask lor them to acknowledge 
thme subjects which •wiU" 
easily transfer to their whool. 
am! now "should " One should 
never make the terrible 
mistake in feelinj; lnhll>tted-to 
whom does this future belong 
anyway, it's certainly not 
their' 5 Make sure that a 
signature accompanlet the 

No one could overly slrets 
the tremendous weight that a 

formal evaluation with a 
signature can ulllmately 


Check the cataiogt. 

-Vlfili with coumeloni 
Talk iivlth those people hav- 
ing already attended the cot- 
lege, or perhaps even teach or 
work there 

-U poasible. visit the campm 


-Retiuest a formal evalua- 
tion (With signature) from the 

All of these stepi must be 
followed now The sooner 
they're done -the sooner one 
can feel In control of his future, 
and not in return, have It 
control dial. 



mm tiieidkqc 

OF • Still Pioneering! 

■»«»««■ Mtioe 'Of Eflucation om d( itit •nation's oifles 
pnak' IsadW's coiiegn. is tottoy vm\% the SElwoh 
pionwiiftfl in «HK*onai adrtncemwt P»H ol am mmm is 
tu OM ImJitioii' whi* o( » » '■ : >- IS iiwcMiiioii' 

C«iinn«il>onMui«yl)e»t»»a't>uii- tuutx;iti«iuijfle Since Milwwl 
CoiKoc ef EducaDtm «as I'OunM. •» Wk m nave. 

WB HeipcO ImM' liK: M Chaflo lendBipntn 
1M Ofwetl m Biikci Dmwmiiatw Sdwi 
19R CO'touMM itn! Mvy Cone Nufnify Sewoi ai huii fmat 
im VkM m 'M BacMor ol Educatm «Qi'te m tiiincH 
tK? Btgun I masters prpgiam m eilucalim 
IMS PlaxO a i«ad>ng \m -n m ma San pi'doiafn 
t97Ds QDefied addiiianai tampusts m ChKago am! LomMd 
tixJiy m m ptonee'imj caiw rtyea»n»t m manf Wih leacrw educatiw, (any 
ctiiWhood otJucalion, iii«ai assislant iiatmna, htimart setvces and iiDtral aft l»a(l ('ieWt 
itie emohasis is on laM mM aopiManon, and Itial m itselt is ptoneering « arton Our 
tiomm inBiratiip pofliams cany eflucalion rigw into ihii «w*pUce to tesi and lampef 
ynut ntw kKMiedgf!. so pti butid cuitidme wilti rampeience 
Suopon Mtties tor students aDound piar^ment serace. ttnancol anistanci' piogiams. 
nwdia c**B, mu*ple campuses, iiBiafws «* coimpwief seat* laoiiMS. ami, ot mwse. a 
faculty of the tiighest calttei im fmt youisatl Ibe HadMiMU pwmenng aipencKe' 


-CdOO - fVAN-.- '••- • :MBAHCi Ann; ■ : 

I would 1*0 Tiofe information 



,2840 Snetidan Road Fvanslon Illinois 6020'1 
31? .:«)fvSl50 

TIM WCISBURG wowed his atMUence wttfa tlw magical SMmds of 
tlw fluUl last Friday evening. 


wn OOOGE OART •r'itt power ilmr^ng. 
powtf t}r«tLn «tr condliWMnfl Rig Om 
II Hill m-m tl WO Of bwr olttr C»tl ««» i 
p m .< SH rm 

FOa SALE :• IMtfroom quM "^ Whrntrnq 
CMarRunsrt* I :(>«!» ['; Cttr Q«r«4C, *H 
ipplkarH'ffi, pooi & iitrbt^ouw Will conttdtr 
\V',\ cwrtTicf Pi'mcijwH only OtyUm* 

(•ii)«iiriifi>r>iim amw im 

tEAIS KENMOR,E ■•■•■« nKMncMt 

iw» M ClIlSniKI 


hTmilmt m^ intlwlattd *fn 

»u™tOr«n»« «», tillJUJ 

'M RAMi,lES, nm4\ lincng ch«in hn,t#riw 

11 IB m,iit, itltf .or .» »0K H» Urn C«H 

Turn t( >]« MZi 

euiTAR LESSONS l,!> nv hlH Xw I'll 

t»«r,'h row ««ry1'«K« ttKv w*rt *0 lt*rn W* 

P'0»P«<:1 *rt« *J» 1«J'3, MVh for Torw 

E0« SALE 'itdrto loortiiriwl l»relH«>' 

contfltiw* 8 l,C «1 Urnlil»*t lop Of !*"» 

Hm mosi •v«rr'*'»''lfl, i^Mi B \ » Vtrrlun 

ijltrtor %nHm MM 1*11 Ptul Jt W ««•• 

FOIt SALE Hl,.43 orM«>o« ^"'? '-I4l»n 9D0n 

lor*»ior! IIS 1« «t-W 

■•ORSALE Rug &mt(lok«lliltM|»klfll, 
&r« While, very rhKh 4 w»rm like ntw, 
IIW «IM)»Mk<lJrB.II 
n« CORVETTE IWmilK »lu« T To»l 

Block Leotiw Inlvrwr 4 gpood Gaotfcon4» 
Iw Coniocl S<M II ■) Mt 
im TRAHSAM, Block or Duct vMour M 
lorior T Tow Comolololf loMM M«« St" 
EKOiM'contfitlon Contact Bill alWDMl 

WAHTEO-CUITARISTS lood oml Rli»tl>m 

Sui(«ri4H noMlcd to compittto Rocti A Rati 
.or^ MultOe wllbn^K} work S«r>ouintut< 
oin« till Tonf it II» »TSI 

fwll tn<»o«ri lkiTi«oOftit<<onii«vailabtt Appiv 

tf IN **ort 

SITTER 'or 9 yr old twy naatjitl Irom 3 m 
pm we««dav» Aopro*;'motily TU hri p«r 
w««i H M Pf-r hour Oworfunity to ttwdy 

Ml mt«i aytiiaow v.m >k pwitMHiim 
Call Sim Liami a> hoitk m lin or •* 


f A*. M'lto m»» ha«« lumtO Ifit frtaay hn 
rou Tittlilla,lo*t«l«iio 

*> 'j S0rfyTr*i,j Wire I* (U** too^iti^t 



On any regularly priced 
album or tape 



Tlni ivnHr mmm 1101 mmiiimmi 



Tlflcup Pass Shopping Center 

1211 Golf Road 

R«>lllng MMdewt 



on perms 
for all customers 

on )H)ur choicv of a parm, nil, 
tint, cornrofl braiding, facials, 

manicures, hot waning, ttc. 

833 E.Algonquin 

ilmilnwostol Hit 53) 


fwm*. tlwMi ^H ir. m t m i m r IX MM 


There's a long four years ahead Mr. Reagan 



Out 4l 'Mf ' Mm 'MIhi 
CUM MfMi 'Ptniiji, 9$9 imMv 
aUft, M«i<>' t tnuld'cftii fMii 
■•ytag iitllo. '-If* tii« 
Afvctlirp**' !>"■ the 
AMnriyiNl. Now "" 
TttM li> Mltlc ddwi): m 

"1 Mn't M IM, I luM wrule 
M mft Ml tlw cilMli of the 
inana liMilaniy Funny though. 
nty pliane Itain'l bet n making 

I to 


"Sh, unv H Umhw '«■• ittUv 


tlM. puratinlfl idMnc' eail 

.laiM 'IM toni. I «•■ Mntnc 
m tktok 'ini' ImMl. wmwrnOn 


" If up. tHtl t 

tt |«t «ifll m ' 
lUnt. and' I «i| 
'UHfe'i hmmum on IIM 
turn." i»mm ilBii't m 
mt. We ilW' i 'HI 
ffstcm In #i#lMiiiil'. t 
■ Um^, and kMW MM Mumam 
■iHtatNitlMlliM. lI'ilmnrWiG. I 
.lad. m mmm la ;gM <« ilie 

ly the 

I't pt man' Uiaii two Bteitt 
f... IpkkMt Uf ' llw ncelvvr 


••Mite' Bid ym 'lm»f lf« 
greit Now. t'n laming up for 
sure Reagan will KiMe sure 

the military wttl tut iironit 
ThiniiofH Fij!lit»nt«iv«r there 
(«jr our cwmtry I can )Uit lee 

njFicll •eannf thaae 4ttm 
Mijea Hej. Sfilie. T<m itUI 

II was m\ Inend tnm i«it 
rord Yes. yourlyptcal gungho. 
eoliege itudent Mr actually 
wanti to go to war He strongly 
fdentlttes wHh Hemmtngway 

"Ym. 1 m «tlU home Umt, 
'lake It cacy on u* Vuu rioIlM 
ol emtrte that Kc<m:1;:n mun't 
'hetuctectwl. 1 mean, ti'tnotot- 
neial iiiftll Hi* electoral «>l,lefc 
A W can hifipcn. you 

■MMfi iM UM' ImilaCH 


I MuM 'liiM' a record ptaying 
Ml. '!!•' iMKlifnnnd. M I 
" "k'l make It out. I said. 

■Hojr, what l» the imiiic .you've 

"Gmi, Mike, dno't be dumb 
youll he hearing II ■ lot now 
Uok.. don't be w 'down. .Ander- 
MH neiw Mood a chance . " 

I iwMle the tame exit at I did 
ihe first time, another phone 
call wai. watting 1 left my 
triend lutening to hit Marine 
Corps MartMng Band, itlayttig 
■ ■ Halls of Monteiuma ' ' 

I had a good ni«Jit o» »1*«P 
that night Hopefully. 1 was 
haviaga bad dream 

1 woke up. and found myiell 
HI the Harbinger olltce There 
were a tew long faces, a few 
tmllei 1 walked up to the 
■Oinettnie ipana columnlit and 
laid. "So. what do you think'" 

Im moving to Rutsla. I 

want to be on ihe winning 
side Thai 1 all he had to say. I 

And thai it how Ihe day alter 
want. Ihal te. of courw;, until I 
MI limiie My brothers Paul 
ad leotl. draft ball lor »ure, 
■aliMt after walchlng Walter on 
Uw evening news. "Whsl does 
It m mean"" 

I Mied at them and replied 
like the TV commercial l>e 

seen 10 many times, •'Amiy. 
Navy AlrForce Marines " 

I will go on the record as say- 
ing, "I'll give Reagan a 
chance" In the meantime 1 
suppose II will be lun 1 can't 
wait to hear all the jokes about 
hit 'mommy' Nancy, or jokes 
about the movies or even the 
movies themselves, that Ron- 
nie did Even the remarks 
Reagan makes off ttie cuff 
should make good reading. And 
1 thought Saturday Night Live 
was funny. I can't wait til I 
hear. "And now live from ttie 
Oval Office. It's President 

But. then again, the surfing 
team idea sure sounds like hia. 
The blue skies The warm 
Pacific water splashing In your 
face, geei it gives me goose 
pimples thinking about It 

I'm reminded that when 
Pre* Jefferson look office, peo- 
ple said, "he'll make whores 
out of our daughters and 
wives " I don't think that hap- 
pened I'll have to remind my 
"Apocalypae Now" Inend In 
Olnver. of that fact. 

Anyway, good luck. .aimoM 

Who knows what music is anymore? 

•f .MialtT Or. .iHt. bad 

fn t|» 

«|»el over your highs'" 

Tiwttert maUunclloning' 





•HI "BlS'lanr" tuaii Into 

■••r brt'tn when your 
' '"wn dni •larta. yoMWI'' 
'laMfcieoiiiM 0( Mling 

.■ali'lH. mn itm this punuit 

.1 kapMmtT God. you're as 

la. .nmaic In the 
Jevel. WOodfMd 'ha* a lomr, 
I piece of m.uiak 

■Hoi the lime Evet been to the 

doctor? Chances are. you've 
never notked that there it a 

Heady atreain of nucic Inaidc 
the watimg room. 'W'alk 
'HMugh P Mwng. you'U 
music. RacnatkHi to Hie 
ner* Hey. yon. can't |it 
w'ltiMMii niiialc. In. Bit 
KverjMW I've bow to has a 
iiitnMm. jukaiiok bltrinti why 
b .It always "B.rai» in l^ockel *■ ' ' 
Voii drove to iMrhool today 


aad played the 

atone with cou 

'M m.uitic circllRf to 

brain tt's really cottony 

y'kiowr A nice car with soft 

seat* and WXRT 

You stopiwd in the cafeteria 
to do a coffee W as that muffled 
coming out of those 
ers music'' Surely It 
■ft loo loud, but II was 
there Major Toms a junkie' 
You attended Psychology loi 
from where you sit, in ihr back 
row. you can sec al least six dll- 
lawil coocerl t-shina on Ihe 
hMk* of young dudes Ijrt « 
i«.. whit were lhey'» Rush.. 
nak rioyi. ft.) R.E 
CDOUewafon. .AC 'DC. .Journey 
and some fool with a Specialt 
liCkel And now, are you going 
to tell me that aiiiaie doean't 

Weil, I hop you do it really 
doaw't. A mm seconds ago 1 
got on Uie lllNMK with a friend 
I'll give you one guets as to 
what the subjecl of our conver- 
It was sort of like, 
wbal IS new 
wave"** Who really cares'" 
When thi! whole place goes up 
tn names. Ihe vinyl will melt 
andthe guitars will bum 

Jagger and Lydon have both 
said al one time or another that 
•rock and roll has 00 future " 
And Ihe fans all wrote into Roll 
Ing Stone and ioid Jagger lo get 
his demcre oU the stage if he 
thinks what be ihlnks Oh. they 
take II lightly so seriously 
"Lydon" Who i» he. some punk 
or something^ " 

Since my picture appeared 
above lhl» column, I've receiv- 
ed loads of feedback on music 

from everyone and their 
brother So far most of (be 
readers like this column, but 
-tkalSlmkuahaaaiiittogo I 
dmt know a dUng about art. 
but 1 know what I Hie ' ' 

This weeks column ml^t 
have made you laugh Maybe 
you agreed or pertiapc you 
didn't understand The other 
day, someone said to me. "I 
want lo learn how lo play 
guitar Don 1 bother, because 
there will be someone tellUig 
vou to play softer Or play dif- 
ferently Use Icelmg or don't 
play at all There will be a 
critic there from day one Some 
idiot like me 

Music Is everywhere. Give 
me 1 sedative And tell me 
about your favorite albums of 
IMO while 1 drift off into a Iiuid 
where no one has ears. 

tt^^^ ^^^^ Sma ^fl^^^^^^ ^M M^B 

fiir ly iffvralir 21 










Major-college athletes: 
what price lor grades? 

^^ M. Mf tlie Mm 
m m OatrHma campus 

'"■••orti rtfnrm 

J*fim^ in the 

!■ of am wmn .into-. 

amictlct •canM In 

rtcmt btatory -iMgiiis to 

Tlie r«i«ialliiiM-<i( cwKhet 
IMiif atlilaM- traiiiartiWt tit 
IMIK' llMir' tttgMity to play. 
•I lelia* ncgiMttng ailiMM' 
MbicatUint. and of ctudcnti 
recalvtaf cre<JU for mm- 
exiitent couri«»-hav« mm 
i»r»a<l to more than JO cam 

blame tlic mmtu eamam m 
m adulta who ma tht w^m* 

'""■"■"■ 01 Uie MudHila' wtm 

■lit Sh*rer and otiirrt 

(DagnnM Uie diaaaMi a$ more 
than lust a lack «f aeailMnic 
trainmn TlmgMkmtmttm 
must ivarn mart about 
pnoniM In aociefy. lo that 
Uiey can both adjuai to Uw 
rlgora M coitegt Hit. aad alio 
K*IM any temptauoos to ac- 
CTpt matrnal ot>)«:ts In rrtum 
But U» Centtr (or Atbletet 
m am "Wieae 
kt ■llMiKiil to ac- 
<«|»l «Mmw material gifts 
■bat an alltMl in mtm for 
'Mr amnnMni at a ctfrtato 
school Sine* the world of Inter 
collegiate athletics It big 
m tkt nwarda of em- 

sports In society, spending a lot 
at time on the negative conse- 
qiicnces of the ncent fl«Ni oi 
As aqMclcd. NCAA oKkials 
who currently run 
dmj'l Uke Sacks 

"aie lottf to i*€j the 

mm. »hlle evefyont else oMa. 
a firee Mdt," ^aiaerta Altai 

Sack, a ioorti socloiiigM ai 
the umvfraity m Hmt Havw, k 

one Of tiM' :iMiit ambttlmis 
rdof». gmiiM. the Centar lor 
AlMMMf KIlMa. rormd as a 
lt gali_a ,ii4 ptycbologlcal 

e«"«waitti| «t«ler ftw protpec- 
Um tmm alhtatet,, it alma to 

^t'Oolltge aiiiMes the same 
tIgMs as tvoryowt else, " Sack 


••111* only way to mah* the 
mtm (mm is to let the 

atWelet nctive money from 
llie coHagia,- Sack aays. "It 
■hoiaM he lilia a IKw and oom 
niMt« «|M» Umr can have 
lehools tM tor tittit services " 
Mowover. Sack detests the 
fiUt lie lays attiMei feel when 
man accaptiM gifts,. 

it s wrong when Ibey acctot 
gm» How bypoemieal thails 
•h«i at llie same lime (bay see 
eaaeliai and auiletic dlrecwrt. 
ami wen university presidents. 
nwlng all the benefits.' Sack 

Wnijie Oulie. the eiuHiman 
of the Big Ten ronference. calls 
the proposals ot the Center for 
Athletes Rights "toMiMy out of 
the realm of poiaMlties" and 
"aa upside-dawn look at what 
nwids 'lo 'he 'done /'* 

Dave aavMt, 'athMic «rac- 
tor at Providence College, said 
such an overhaul of the system 
would be a total degredation 
of the integrity and per 
lormanee of it " He adds the 
feiuli would be a lack of spirit 
and hustle m college athletes, 
similar to what he says has oc- 
cuied in the pro* 

Duke and Gavttt, as well as 
other athletic directors, sug 
gest more studies be done 
before determining solutloiit. 
The ihnM of their phOiwBliv 
calls for lehools to regard 
at atndrals fint. and 

*Coliegfi ilMNild pa^uire 1..I 
mmm iB hUh. 
Boi pw. IJ .lor » 
sail Cliiei stMicr. 
of the Chica|o-lias*<l 
AtMelet Im Better Emicalion 
•■nUi way we wouldn t wind up 
with a lot of dumb locks who 
grxtiMit and arvn I g«a<i 
enough to go to the pros, or 
imarl enough to pursue 
another profesaion/" 

Sharer's group has organlied 
summer camps for a lew hun- 
dred b'igh tchwi athietaa man 
before then enter collefl. % 
simulatittg a realistic college 
envlnminent, Sherer claims. 
atlMea team to^ adluw to Iha 
world el claaattiidifliani*. not 
<Mly praeticw and gmia. He 
believe* the camps schedule of 
classes and sports activttle* 
cnndltiMi the atlilctcs to "bet- 
ter dctf Willi' the ha^rtl-MMd 
eoaelM wtm .uiMy want lo get. 
ithleJic resulti iMn them " 

"THe whole 
dMMiaiaii.ltes the athletes. 
Malw (hen ftie) tike animals 
ttw can you blame the kids 
when It's the people at the lop 
who cauat' the probtem'"' he 

To cairy It* nmsage that col- 
lege •ttiMe* should be "profe* 
iionals and not amateurs, the 
center Is mimg up offices in 
Ctilcago. Los Angeles. Boston, 
and Mew York It has applied 
(or a I1M,«» grant from the 
Carnegie Poundatiwi. but bas 
j»et to receive a final response 
One of Its mam chores wifl be lo 

CM) a national guide to col 
^imorti, whii-h m-iii give pro- 
■pctwe athlete* an. outlook on 
lehaais" academ'ic program. 
lameral envicottmenl. and their 
eoaches" attitude toward 

Snit being organized the 
center plans to make an «ten 
sive display of its activities al 
an upcoming national conven- 
tion on the *ludy of sports 
sociology. In Denver The em- 
vent km will analyze the nrie of 

the college has lo 

.,w.=: .-...— *' '"""rtng thai 
tlwK kl* fM a degree, m 
educatlnit. or else they would 
loat their granu. • Gavm says. 
AMng the mm popular 
niafiM''iilliHMI»y NCAA of- 
'Mali and mImmiI' oftictels and 
jchool repreiettlatlves ai« the 

• fieete athletic scholar- 
illl|iio*er five year periods II 
an alliMe has not received his 
4mm after live years, his 
■cfolafihip can not be awarded 
lo an incoming freshman This 
would supposedly motivate 
coaches tog « players to class 

• Every whool should be re 
quired to appoint a faculty 
committee to oversee 
academic performaiKe by the 


• lieallocaie the large sums 
o( money awarded lo st-hools 
appearing In postseason bowls 
or tournaments 

• Intreaie the penalties for 

But Sack insists mtk 
changes are )ttil cosinetic, and 
would not be adetpately en 

'All they (the NCAAi are 
concerned with isexplolttng the 
athletes These changes would 
just make it harder (or the 
athletes to pfnsper." Sack 

Defense^ Tyrrell 
kept Hawks going 

■Mcn taig ■■aitn lor the 
Rama, a fumble recovery, and 

an attitude that took the team 

(tght through the game with 

■pint to spare 
t«MI»rd'! lofi notch ptr- 

foiiBaace could have been lop- 

pa4 by one thing il anything 

and Oial would have been Ron 

Burke topping the im yard 

mark for the season 
Burte came into Uia game 

mt^ m irafdi lor the goal. 

but lie waa iuirt hi the .SKoml 

iparter of play and was forced 

to fialih the aeaiiiii with a total 

o* »;* iJ^tag yards lo his 

credit That alone sets a new 

Harper record A truly 

(aaclnattng season for Burke 
Tim Tyrrell, the usual leader 

on the of lenalvc squad, eouldnl 

aaem lo get a good grip on 

thlnp throughout the eoune of 

the game. 
Even though he icored three 

touchdowns. Tyrrell said. "J 

think that this will be 

remembered as the wont 

pme I'veevery played ■ 
Haiper's leading receiver 

Mark Hudson, watched 

helpl«a«y as lour paaacs^ sailed 

high over his hmut bi the end- 

lone. Four louchdown paasest 

Maybe the Hawks Just didn't 
care Jf they won the game or 
not Not thai they came oul on 
the field with a deleatisi at- 
Uiudc. but maybe the Hawks 
had aoMtlhlng ajae on their 
minds besidH bcattog a team 
that tiny had walloped eariier 
la the oeaion. Maybe 'the 
Hawks wanted to have fun in 
their last game of the season 

1 dont think thai I've ever 
laughed that hard in my entire 
life ' mated Chip Gatto coneer 



nlng the bus ride to the game 

If having a good time means 
of tht game Uial itidi E3k 
teams pourtof on to die iMd to 
g« a piece of the rougbett ac- 
tloa they'll probably ever tee, 
then Dave Lock must bave had 
hiaselfa great time. 

Everyone on the team had a 
gnai Ume And as far aa 
Harper was concerned, ihat 
meant more than the score. 

Coach John Eliaslk may not 
have molded them Into Smet^ 
bowl conl«nder.s but he 
toot a bunch of boys, 
them how to acc^ 

ahMg with pride, and hum* of 
all how 10 have a great Ume 
while playing a great game, 
with Hne great friends 

And on that alone, the Hawks 
have made a winning season. 

Hawks tall, I-O 

tofiiHMif Inotnoifif 

•cored a 12-2 win over Lincoln with the first -strina mlistna aawh «f 

didhst year It was just one of those Sngs * **" 

Maybe. But il i jusi not (atr Really, Im afraid tfa not. 

Loss an injustice 

Cmitmmil km Hit t 

ihose pmea. ' said All-Stale 
goalie Sime Todd 'We Just 

didn't gal any breaks" 

Iiidcad. But otic game where 
the Hawks gM all the breaks 
was when ttiey downed Lincoln 
12 2 that was only eight points 
tf-wpr than tti« football team 
sroied thai wecKend < thCy lost 
'to Joliet. 32-» I 

In the Region IV qualifying 
malch agamsl DuPage. the 
Hawks fell behind l-o before 
beating the Champs", i^l 

The garni wat marked with a 
IllUe conlroviT'Sy when 
DuPage coach David Sewlon 
said. "They're 1 Harper » the on- 
ly team U(i here that has a 
chance to Ixjal Belleville But 
'hey won't Belleville It too 
..wesiirae It Harper plaved 
Belleville .» timcai. they might 
wm twice '" 

Newton, probably tuflering 
rrom a touch of sour grapes. 
had a Iready absorbed a M loss 
10 Bel tcviiie earlier In llie year 

But his comments set ofl a 
fire in Ihe Hawks I think 
we're going lo win." said Jim 
my Malworm Just for 
revenge " 

And so the stage was set 
Ha rper would play Belleville 

lor the slate title and the right 
to play In the Midwest 
Regional, which Harper will 
host this weekend Wouldn't it 
be lahulout If the Hawks could 
qualify for the national 
tourney, and In front of a home 

Well, someone forgot to warn 
the Hawks atiouc l^wis It 
Clark Actually the Hawks 
needed no warning Lewis & 
Clark had beaten the Hawks 4-1 
for the stale championship last 
season Thai in itself was 
enough motive for revenge 

But as II turned out. it wasn't 
enough (or a win The team that 
had been riding talent all 
season waiting lor the big 
break had lost to a team, that 
would eventually lose lo 
Belleville In the slate tlOe 

■Us like this." said Todd 
"Last year's team had a lol ol 
luck, but not as much talent 
This year's team had a lot o( 
talent but not much luck " 

"We weren't supposed lo lose 
Friday, "said Bin neltl. 

Said Siatx) "It was the same 
story We just couldn't Uke ad 
vantage or our changes It's 
just one of those things " 


II. mi 

Hawks fall 1-0 in state semis 


In the ■onw WWi o|i««r 
abnnit twO'aiM)-* twit m<i«ll» 
■■■, Andy IMOM'iki .Kored t«o 
Sb aMl Hlk« Purtch added 
. scnra as (tie H««ks 
I tlie llUnoli InitUtulc of 
TtdMter. M. Tht fiswis 

Jug mamcnl in tlie 
giMM. a moiMot whtch would 

itiiiriiiik tomliadwi* vk ll» 
iwk'i MMiin - Jotitt Fnlt liit 
vm vm^am twk* dnriiig ilw 

Is bow llM Hawk's 

I tall FrMiy ~ Mly 

Hawks fell to Uwis k Clark l-(i 

knaektng Umm out of ttir state 

61*101111 and a pwiibte NJCAA 
IMwMl Reg MMial playoff Sfxit 

"I UMUglit If «c icored one 
fiiaL" said coach Samtow 
SialM), "we would win We 
played an eiwllent game We 
•ere tiy tar Uic tietter learn 
IlsjuslontwfthinellHiifi ' 

Lewis li Clark, despite Iwing 
atitilwl l»y Harper 1 3 « . took a 1 
km Uie Hit mlniite of iIm lint 
liall. That Md up tor a U«is i 
Clait win. 

"I'n very disappotnled (or 
(iMsse guy*." said SiabO' "I 
maUy (hou0it we could win it 
Everviine IhnuKht we could win 
tl I m still very proud Of thtltl. 


mougti ■• 

It IS onJy perfect trnny that 
the Hawks, which finish the 
year with an 1 115 record, were 
shutout in their only lo» 

It is atM perfect irony that 
the Hawks were tiealen by the 
pnliletTi that has plagued them 
ail i«a«on int'oosistency For 

• The H 

Hawks *D' 
keeps *0* 
on the move 

lWICl«P»h II#1(HBpB»4, •#'Bi|IWI'I^""" 

nat waa lh« naw ol Ilw 

E(or Harper last week a* 
elaaed out iheir seuan 
• ».14 pwBdUlg on tlw 

! Hawk* beat Triton l-l 
tor their lourth wm of the 
leason But they lell t)ehlnd M 
earlv in the tin*i hall before go- 
ing ahead for good "II was a 
disappointing game" »aid 

-. .• 

Ilw iftsmt ckxNd iNit 'Oh 
Mawka waaon wlih a 4-1 

Harpar datanaa H 
•rlHi Samlar h ati tm te- 

Chip Gatio got tewgh wlma 

liack sacks in 

Jenkins and Dai 
iiK aach picked olt <> 

1 pik to tna iHiit and 

f ' 'IflHtfl aBulMVtf » 

luiiVifttni'ble msmmn IB ttt 

Marper win and braiaad ay 
quite a lew ol Wrtghf* affcn- 
live players. ^_^_ 

cMaa la tke M fkat 'IMift i«tr 
lird pm. W tnnt Ma daianalve 

•lakaiig on to, three tip- 
nan that could have 

,^/ iiM*ta«fe.t-t. 

SMbo afterwards "We played 
a poor game of soccer There 
were so many things we did 
badly Thty just completely 
torgol what they re supptjsed to 
do out there I thought we were 

•The Hawks crushed 
DuPage M in their first 
meeting o( the season, but tied 
the Chapparat* 1-1 the nenl 
time they faced them I'm 
very, very proud of this team," 
said Siabo attar the first 
match it was a wry disap 
pointing tie." he said alter the 
second game I'm very disap- 
pointed " 

• The Hawks tied Wau!x)n»ee 
II in their (irst meeting of the 

season, but beat them in the se- 
cond meeting. 3-1 "We played 
i very poor game," said Szabo 
alter the first match "We 
sbouldve blown this team out 
nf here" Mter the second 
match, whicti was after the M 
tic with DuPage. Siabo said, 
■This was without a doubt the 
best perlormancc Iroro 
everyi>ody this year OveraB, it 
was our performance of the 

Triton was the only Region 
IV North rival the Haw Its beat 
twice They beat and tied 
DuPage. Waubonaee. and 
Kishwaukee They alio tied 
Whealon and Lake Forest 

"We should've woo three of 
imumi m Mge 1 

Hawks loss knows 
no poetic justice 



. .on sports 

Onlv Monty Python's Proces- 
tion of In]uatice' skit could 
describe the soccer team's sud- 
den exit (ram the state playotf* 
lasi Priday : 

It snot fair 

It'sjuat not fair 

ll'areaJlyjust not fair. ^^ 

I'm afraid it s really Just not fair ■ 

The Hawks, who hadnt tost in Ihelr IS regular teaian matches. 
Ml to Lewis i Clark l-O in a Region IV semi-final Friday, klUWg 
tielr hopes lor a itate Ull«, and. perhaps a national champliwiship 

•We played an eicelUmt gaiiia." aaM coach Sandor Siabo *We 
tal coulijBt iicore- We should've be«n up M at halftime We were 
dtarly tht better team Its just one of i hose things " 

The nlayera were }ust as disappointed We weren't supposed to 
lose FrWty." saMI Frank Blnnettl, who won All-State honors "We 
* really thouipil iMcniM win state. ' 

We had our ehuHNa," said Mark Mola. 'I misaed three ihots I 
shouldve made •• "tfs like this." said Steve Todd, who also earned 
All-State honors, "Ust year's team didnt have much talent, but 
had a lot Of luck. Thla year's team had a lot o( talent, but not much 
luok. We Jtial dktn't get any breaks " 

It (I perfect Irany that to thctr only hiaa o( ttie season, the Hawks 
were to be shut out 

But. you see. the Hawks weran't auppoaed to lone. They were sup- 
posed to win l^wis * Clark was »-7l , nowhere near their finish of 
last season And the Hawks, who were IM-I last year, were sm^kw- 
• d to face BelleviUe, a team ranked .No II nationally, for the (tale tl- 

'.e and a N JCAA MMweat region playoff berth 
Belleville was luppoaed to be the Hawks obstacle Not L«wts ft 

lark But it didn't, as history will show, hapftcn that way 

Belleville won, which it was supposed to do, over Wauhonace la the 
..ther stale semi-final Then they beat Lewis ft Clark (or the Hate ti- 
tle and Iht NJCAA playoff berth 
Although otfleially over, the Hawks aeason is not technlcaUy 

ver Harper will host the NJCAA Mtdw«at Regtonil ami hoy, la | 

hat ironic 
- Its like we ahmiM he there, but w» re not because we toat," a«M 

Rinnetti, struggling for a description 
To try an analogy. It wUI be like a person leeUig an ea- 

tiojrfrlBnd/glrlfrtend with his/her beat (ricml: It llMNlId be you hi 

)ita/har place, but it's not 
In stmiilar Itrms, It's gonna hurt 
This has *mm m Ironic aeaaoo lor Uie soccer team This is a laam 

that has had IooHmU aa Ita primary competition for Harper landom 

< whatever your naint Iti This is a team that had gone s-o-l before 

a» toothall t«MB had «ven won one game This is a team that had 

iMdni tatem all latann watlliig tor breaks; this Is a team that { 

CmlmuK) en m* ^ 

Hawks close with 35-14 win 

Mr JKIiBi Kiuwl: 

the aatpr Nawks mded. 

thMriaaMMitaat Thuriday with 

a vKiory apinst the Wrtght^ 
nans at the Rams honw dmk 

mm iwfct eama' .Mo the 
IHnt nwdiag MM yard* to puah 
Ma waiwn total ov«r 1M> 
lamli, Burke, however, was 

lilt in 'Iht sKwat quarter ot 

rand: captured only <• yank 


others, wasn't ooMniM bf 
Harper's oUtiMit. Tht Nawt 

tiaU at«aral 'liaiM' In Ihia eon- 

Dave l^fiird and Brian 

Sander lead the way for the 
defennlve attai h by picking nil 
two mierceptioiB apiece and 
•no tumble recovery apiece. 

Chip G atto had thrae quartar- 
back sacks in fiie game that ac- 
counted lor Z7 lost yards 

Ail in all. the Hawlts had st* 
Werceptlonii and three Itimbte 
recoveries agumst the Rams 

ThO' Hawks olteflM gaftcmd 
a nt 'IS otfenatve yard* 
while Jim Vaccercilo ran lor 
m yards and one l«uchdown 

Marpart llm acore came in 
Iht heftnidnt ol the second' 
ouarter when quafterhack Tim 
Tyrrell ran tht bed to (Mm. ««» 


yard out to give Harper a «-<) 

lead Dave Lock's eitra point 
attempt was good to pit the 
Hawksout In front T-O. 

The Hawks n«t score cam* 
as a reault of a Jell Smlthern 
imereeption Jim Vacceretlo 
look thahall m from two yard* 
out and that along with iiiv iwn 
point eonveraion gave Harper a 
is-tt half tine lead. 

Wright came out into the »e- 
ond hall throwing the ball On 
IMr Uiat Maacaskm the Kams 

passed the ball down the field to 
iheir firii touchdown of the 
game and a ISO score in lavor 
of the Hawks 

Dan Maclsjsac recovered a 
tumble momeols later on the 
Wright ihrtie yard line to set up 
another Harper score On the 
next plav. Tim Tyrrell went In 
fH»m the three yard line to put 
the Hawks up on top. 21 « 

On Ibf llrsi play of the lourth 
quarter W rtglit icored on a a 
yard touchdown paaa to put the 
score ai 21 4*. 

Several minutaa taler, Dave 
Ledlord intercepted a Ram 
past and ran tt back 19 yards to 
set up another ol Tim TyrfalJ'a 
three touchdiowna In a>e r 

A«w Tyrreirs 
that put (he Hawks up 27-14, 
Chip Gtlto . icked ihe Wright 
quarterback iwo plays m a row 
for a los* of over » yards 

With 3 :i3 lell lo play in the | 
game. Thomas Jenkins in- 
lercepted a Wright pass and | 
ran it back it) yards to the | 
Rams 3% yard line ()n the nexi 
play Mark Oahle ran 13 yards 
to the Iwo yard line Dahle got 
the call on the next play and 
rolM into the endzone with 
Haiper's flul score ol the | 

The Hawks held the Rams on 
their last posacsfton and won 
the game 3S-H. to end their 

College deficit knocks off intramurals 

Wm§t wiM 

J ft wno 

Wlial Mai gnnr (ran 
Mirptr's ituflc-teiiicat ictivltf 

tlw (tan tooltall Itaiw. Uif 

Mlltardi (ouriiiiinrnt. ilit 
iMtTMfllMl. ttw 
and itiv 
lilcli «tri» wen 
aB •( (hI' Gil ara w viMrt to be 

Ut pcMrtdt' HMnt 

'it' iiitf ■wiura) Bvaptmii 

r W Imiic* a 

'M^ Waiiy Rmnolda. 

prtimt' taruir in Uie In 

laM year 

rw una imt. MMjmMa haa 
KM It al 'llM'Sriwin IM •DilMt 
la*l |iear M'.|Mil kipllMr an In- 
iranMn) imfnm. It *»d btm 
lafNd ttmt a tull (ta<- titr 
traniiinl imliloit wouM De n- 

iMttM liuriiig tiw last liMt||cl. 
mMttniDt, M M(liiAg oc 
(•«rr«<|. •irtramwu'l eoor^ 
diuior " lays KtymU*. "was 
m «d«M in a {tilMllMCIwrl 
t^' Iliitlwaiita4titatay'«wtlit 

Aitemadly. tkcft tiam'i 
'twM mueli of a prograia ttiii 
}Mr Indeed, miM at Ike »€"■ 
ttviiies m based ■fwtind 
Harper '( mutli-mllllon dollar 
fadlit} "When we talk alxMt 
Mlrtinwalit now," eiplaim 
8«ynoldc. '"we're talhioK atmil 
Uie ladMy our (irtorily ts 
pkl tut taciMy open to ttie 
I iMl train mpcrviKirs 

TJietB are many r»a»4M»s lor 
Uie lack at intramuritt pro 

■r'ama ipmiiWMl iiy Eeynolds. 
rnt, and: alwajrs loremoct. is 

TIM' lutranural iwograni 
PMtlMt m.<m inm Sitatcnl 
AdMtlM' Out «l that cuaifli 
the talartet liir the wpcrflMirt 

wlMi iff araund the' jprw and 
iNlRlit ramti wtwn iitynolds 
isn't, and lor the lile|i»rdi 
Tliere jire also W'lire luper 
visors* tni» year, which is 
'tinderS't-imlaUe with the' addi- 
tMm «r UK' rMiiMthad cwrt« 
and Eh* sirtBiiiiliig pool . 

Amither key w'Im analyzmg 
the tlliMtion. 11 the (»cl that the 
Intramural program didn't gel 
(111 the grmnd until Mid 
tietolier o( last fall This year 
M started (mm Day I 

TheWfini reasim, however 
is the cm In fitynolda hours 

"If'Mti or (Itu < supervlsiaH • 
witrk (ilte in 10 hours p«r 
week. " says .Heynolds 
The reason lor hi* eut In hours 
IS ■(am. simple The tack of 
oontractural lundt. the reason 
Rtfnoldk was atile to hold down 
B lioiirs per week last lall.. was 
due to a grant given by ihe StU' 
danl Senato to Student M^ 
mmm (or Bit imramurai pro- 

iram The grant was lor t&.m 
Ktynolds can't help but (e*l 
tnjstmted over not |ettin.g the 
Ml-lime mtninurtl pncitlon. 
Hut he has mi sour grapet, 
'Which 'Is tiest .shown by the lact 
titat he IS still •■ Harper 

But unlll the school can cure 
lis monetary pruOleins ' about a 
tiWO.W) dellcit 1 there won't be 
any signtlictiiit changes In the 
intramural proiram 

Reynolds still hopes to qiMir 
aor .snme ot last mr's wc- 
nsatul activtlleit There .!• a 
pmg-pong tourney and a ra- 
quetball loumanenl in Ihe 
works now and a basketball 
league Is being planned (Or the 

'1 would Itlie to see the school 
gel Its monetary prtiblemssolv 

ed." says Reynolds 1 think 
the students will respond lo in^ 
iramuril programs I would 

like m^et: tte college make a 
commltmeni to the intramural 

program Bui jmi caif't i 
mooey you don't have It's 

Irustraltog ior me because I 
know (hat there's a market o( 
students out there that would 
respond to these proframs " 

What Keynolds Is hoping (or 
is a program stmllar lo the one 
al take Forest "They have an 
outstanding program." h« 
says What they have Is a 
supervisor wtia assigns 
students lo run certain pro- 
grant That t a great learning 

One advantage ReynoMa and 
bis program ones haiw It M 
t>uilding A problem had artMU 
earlier this semester with the 
raquetball courts People 
would use the courts, which 
cost students IS per hour with a 
Student Activities card, and not 
pay the lee lor using tbem. "We 
couldn't monitor the courts 
Cwilmm) on fiBf * 


William Rainey Harper College 
Palatine Illinois 

Vol.HNo. 13 
Hmmbufin 1980 

System hits no snag for spring '81 registration 


Early retiitration pro- 

coduiW' turn Ml M 'i«l> in 

"'We"W'Ma»dcda(il tm com- 
puter car* tta o( Tuesday 
attemooni and the procedure 
seems to be running 
said Anna Har 
__$'. a representative or 
Tltt early regiiiraimn 

lysiems. which catirs lo cur 
really or previously enrolled 
full lime students allows 
•Indents to have their choice o( 

•toMoa m a schedule ad- 
«MimgMiii.'lo MutS'Mle Interest*. 

"It alao prevents crowds 
laltr on," commented Har 

Telephone regialralton 
which IS Often inm January ^ 
ihnugli 'T. la nlM open, to part 

lime students. This system lets 
ihem phone in their class 
schedule .inilMMi' ol doliig lo to 

"We are going lor speed with 
lelephooe registralion Us only 
part lime people with one. 

maybe two classes," said 
Kathy Sesere head o( reglslra 
One* having completed their 

educational pliniilni dMet. 

students may pick up an ap- 
pointment lo r«gMer card at 
lite AdmlMlons oKlce Bidg 
ASH The appoinimeni lo 
register card indicatw what 
lime the student will be able to 
get computer time and com 
picte the regislrailon process 
According to Harnhberge, the 
cards divide time spent with 
each student 

Sinfe volume is the impor- 
lani laclor in phone in rogWra- 

llon. phone operators try to 
speak to one student every 
three minutes Sesere points 
out that as classes ttegln filling 

more lime musi Itc spent with 
each student 

(In campus personnel will be 
used to operate the eight ter- 
minals used during early 
registration while I!i operators 
are needed during the phone-in 
registration per uxl 

Facidty reaction to audit policy 

Picutlv ovirrwhelmingty 
called lor .1 change m Harper s 
audit policy which ihey termed 
anything Irmn "biiarre" lo "a 
travesty " 

Doctor Kichard Lockwood. 
pralcator ol humanities said "I 
would: (awor a policy titat wimid 
mall* a student after lour 
weelts. etlhet withdraw or take 
the elaas lor credit 1 don t 
bei.ltve In the audit system. 
■. tliere is a cul-oH point 

Lockwood and other faculty 

said Harper's current audit 
policy leave* a false' impres- 
sion' on siudeni's grade 

The ;nolicy . which was chang- 
ed hi the I»m'l«? school year, 
stales that a student may audd 
a elaaa until the last day of 
class In Uie semester The 
lorraer policy rrqulied that the 
instructor or the dein ol the 
divisloa approve o( a student 
taking a dais on audit. The 

current policy states thai Ihe 
fludenl needs no permission of 
any kind In order lor students 
lo audit i;lasses today ail that 
Ihey must do is flic a change ol 
schedule form wiiii Ihe 
registrar ol the college 

Hurper's policy also diltert 
from many other colleges, in 
that. Harper 1 policy has no re- 
quirement ol attendance Many 
college* leave the decision of 
audit u|) to the individual in- 
stniclort Instructors make the 

decision as to if the student had 

attended class enough lo earn 

the audit grade 

.lionn Stansbury. ■Vice- 
President of Student Affairs, 
said that tlje policy was pro- 
bably brought atiout because 
Ihe ' administration wanted 
masimuffl "retention" ol 

When the policy did change 
It came uimn lirr from the 
(acuity ienote. Ctl Tieiney. 
associate professor ul Engllah. 
pointed out "The change in the 
policy was made under the past 

Bui the Tacully .Senate had 
asked informally (or a change 
in Ihe policy this past July 
There has t>een no formal ap- 
psal by Ihe Faculty Senate, nor 
has there been any action on 
the audit policy by Ihe ad- 

Stansbury added "The audit 
policy will probably be changed 
soon I would not fight the 
change ' 

Doctor Frank Smith, assl 

pro.lessor of English, a strong 
advirate for the change of the 
audit policy, thought that the 
audit polKy was "a real com- 
promise o( standards We're 
tellinf the appearance ol a stu- 
dent taking a class and getting 
credit for (t As long as we have 
Ihe .grades ol W '■ W'Uhdrawal ' . 
and's I Non '. Attendance 1. *r 
don 't need « third grade. Etlficr 
change the standards, or 

change the t ranscrlpt ' ' 

Doctor Lockw(M>d potntod out 
that students who do not attend 
class should have a grade that 
reOects that situallon. not the 
audit grade. And. if a student 
receives a grade that 
represents attendance when 
the itudenl has not attended, be 
said it would be "a terrible 
travesty " 

Originally at Harper, and at 
many other schools, the audit 
policy wa- and is supposed lo 
DC used to explore new 
academic areas Dr Smith ad- 
ded "An audit grade has a 
positive connotation, in that It 

Cws thai the student was tn- 
siilve The W and N grade 
can have a negative connota- 
tion when the student transfers 
lo another college So, the slu- 
denl says, why not take the H 
I audit grade I " " 

IJoclor CHmald Sedlk. pro- 
resior of management, said 
"The audit policy may have 
connotations later down Uie 
line " He added. "But we have 
the alternative N grade And, 
we are being more than flexible 
with II There is no real need to 
use the H audit grade when 
»'e have the I wo alternatives 'Of 
W and N 

Sedik argued "Some students 
really deserve the option ol tak- 
ing a class on audit It is iin- 
fwrlunate tliot some students 
iirr al}usin(; it II tiurts Itie stu- 
dent who IS ir.Miig ici find his 
iicademiciimliaiioits " 


What happened to the intramurals 

"Wtejf, lloiif We m* puftlftg togtOm m mtramiml 
mchtootbatltmm Wtamjoltif" 
"Ymh. whMt M riot we ttsd last 'smmmi. ' fteoicntlwr 
I we won loumamentf" 



f Itm iirt Mr >yp* ^ mtrasiurtl pro0-ttn MtM m 
I pin at.lta Mtalalatralan I* iImwii llir 

■■■> Dili: m iMl' itaiMii' #>*■■ to **■* ^yiicBi ■• 
■•■■•■.■lllailigpMHtal Um Miiitait. U la dcM' 

Faculty evaluations - an instructors viewpoint 

WlKa l:'ti« MtMr ot Iht 
ltM%ii|Br, Wend; WMtlhi'lw. 

m •twMtt tvniiialiMi. ai) tlril. 
mipmm wm u igitaied ' 'iMre 
we in agatn" I'm mn WeaOy 

mm rater wrpiiMd. w I M«r" 
ly ftniot« iMir wtth a bairaf r of 
|Mt|ien. Eobcit Pnotll's <u- 
(limally publtsIM Hud)- ol tlw 
'ttlKtK «if v%'«)tittton iM msiriiC' 
tM. llhe Faculty EvaiMiton 

|IWl»W'CmiIHltllt««"» ' FERC'H 
MCiiiiiHiMlattimi on e«jilttii- 
IMl pMccCMt at HwDer. atag 
•11)1 M raptct (tri! expllcalMfi (if 
llie hirtwry ot Uie FERc: ixici- 
tmn over lt» warn Jilit Ilie 
(tiTvious day., Illlie Stmikiis <il 
tlw HarMipr caiiDit «e i« aaH 
■bout Mtidcst naluiitiiin. ■»! 
at that time I gave Mm a lut of 
(awItT ttt lalk t» Btli Fwst. 
BA' Bwhe. Bob Powell Jan 
$a*in Kdm Trunk. Joliit 

M'Uchra an Uw IM. got. m iwielv 

kmccr itial I said. "Aik my Ml 
MlM(Mltlly-"tM'lltrtlj'M " 

VM l*t, tllBr»ti»n!, mat »tu- 
dant tvalnation t> wraethlng 
'M taMlt:y have Itmti mwlM. 
anflMl. M. and enciiuraiied. 
•ul «Mat Wendy and Mtke 
MttiMd to b« asking was ' 'thai 
larin on (acuity et'tluatwi 
w«"re getting in our daaws ' i> 
tHai tlw Mst possMe way to 
•valuale tisactien"* And ami't 
Mine of lliose (|uei>tMn« 


B.tit III'* lnifMrtanl Oial tiw 
ilualeiii* (»e aware of tJ»e 
liMiMir ol tacully «valuat«it «t 
ttt MUmge, in order to rirct ol 
.Ml iiiMlBnt.aiKl Ite lacult)- at- 
llludt. .aiHl lltM tM'OHlly. lor 
iM' laotHf tO' c«iiiitiiiitt;ate to 
llw iliilMia our (Mctnik wttM 


Fm lit' all. Um faculty 
Hinhirically '*mn at Harper 
IMMI 'Under attack tor the very 
«||l^lllti' Htat 'make wt ami 
Maclim. At manj:' (>( you knn* 
'IN tmm a nt» .•dmiRi.itratMn"-^ 
•ell, IMC M Mrs w«. I>ut Ml ati 

'miiiMi-atiim 'NMtMtMMl to llw 
MHMtitiM Ttw aint ol' Om ad- 
MKiJtraitiin ewverfti will) UW' 



aims III the taeitli) and. t'lw 
•Imlenls. We're Here 1.0 teach 
tlMy"re to iidminlster ''whieh 
BieaM making learnlnit easier > 
and' UM tttldeilti are here l<» 

Iliil.iMd«t f*».luati<w in the 
{Mat «M ii»e«J as « |X)litical 
••■fMMl. Tlie Inrm't then were 
dllte'reiii iialk atoui dymh 
qiue*t ions' < bw were riimpuled 
and analyied. and then (he 
Kore «a« tied t« pramntlont. to 
salary, to retention, to iioJitio 
At beat, the syxtem inade o( us 
capom awl (Wilards .*t mnrst.. 
and (ftii. i» not a nice thing to 
say aiMMit our (acuity, it made a 
lew ol ii» cmmterlell* Koliert 
PDweU'i nationally inibliitied 
study ol ■Indent evatualion 
ftiowed a dismaying corrwla- 
tion between the gradw a 
leaclwr donated, and the Mwret 
be bartered from his smdent*. 
It wa* a liiKeT reatiutiM. 
Wart the "besi" of ut. under 
IMt aid tystem ot ad'mmistra 
IM and evaluation, only the 
■Mt »hre*d. il'vtn the 
HMMttary stake*'* 

DM. tliank Cod and a pnitM - 
sMoa! (acuity, the *'hcst.." as i> 
Itl' wont,, wa* J'uat one tu (wo. 
Itwreat'Ol the lacuitv cft.aileng'- 
ed 'I'IMII' in the FEKC tuidtea to 
devlae a cytlem of '(valiM'tMni. 
'by sluitonts that addreswl UW' 
'imlileiiia. The FB'Rf com.mlt- 
leet I leryeil on had studnttn, 
adminMraton, and faculty 
We determined that the pur^ 
pMe of evaluation. M evalita" 
ti'im (* not to 'he a iMally 
miwlogi'str venture. .» lo iiii 
(ifove uwlnictiiiin A further 
*erlei, o.| «jU'ril.:ii'«M the.!:: 
eiMfiH' tt'hai la 'Inatrw 
llOB''"' !'» a not alio the nliritj. 

ing of " ' I he "how" 

the "i I seen (ill 


Then, after "t'nsl.ruclwn" i.s 
uwte'nttond. the w!»te smarmy 
range ot ••improvement'"' 
cmMt 'Into view nir example, 
t limw m.y 'rtiident'S aren't 
treinehdounly challenged by or 
»l.'tm.i»tted 'With or even fond ol 
the irimmar and punctuation 
uaill lewi upontlwi'm I admit I 
don't like dangling |ta.rt'icip.le.s 
or playing around with 
genitives either in mo»t case* 
But they hate to know it'- 
gr' wtlh its (tmrade 

.punctuation ts a iwceMary 

tool. But If stiMlents 'mark on 
wme for'm or another (hal "Ml 
everything in this Murie waa 
mteresting" or whatever, does 
that negative wore on my 
emlualwti devalue the meril of 
lAowing the basics ot the 
mother tongue" Furthermore, 
the 'itudent* have to know 
grammar, and that body of 
itmiwledge cannot tie castrated 
from my furriculum no matter 
bow bO'hni; we all agree it to be 

What atiout questions on the 
lorm whieli deal with the per 
SMatlty ot Ihe teacher'' Cer 
toinly. we all learn best when 
•e tense a earing, committed 
MMdual Is guiding us But not 
all commitmenbi are restricteil 
to the students: the teacher it 
also commute*] to the field In 
which tie ii leaching -And nol 
.all tndtviituals are avuncular ir 
witty, or gentle of tpeecli, or 
'n.ild ol manner, or eiclting In 
front of groups In fact, some 
Indivtijuals get sick., or bum oul 
for a week, or find the biannual 
confrontations with grammar 
or whatever ta.ilng .And 
m,ay'be'. the iMtlviituat student 
and the iniltvMkial teacher wtrt 
f.a.ted (0 bo:re each olher to 
ilealh. whxth Iwredti'm shocks 
at.hcr tndivutuals who find Ihe 
leacher chaltonglng and the 
studeni stimulating We lacully 
are 'nol abstract dlMem,lnator5 
(it kiww'Mjte. W'f are m 
■iividujkls Btt! tlie 'Ides »[ 

cnaracteristics on a Stan- 
itsnlliert form is, you're right, 
M'end.t MiA .Viike. ia.ugh.Bble 

1 mutt move on to my ctnielu- 
ston, however, I don't Intend to 
cl«ie off ol student 
evaluation of faculty by thjs!i4^ 
quela Faculty are chary ol 
son»e ol the aspects ol student 
evaluation precisely liecause 
we know our Individual 
students. Can a slutent fairly 
evaluate the teacher who is 
Huttfcing him in a course which 
the student and d<ies not 
'Spent any time studying"' vm 
the routine seatcmai filling cmi 
'Ol ii,aindardtied forms t-vcr 
'■Mke thane nm distmcilont 
among the large lecture class, 
the lab. the elective and the 
regmliar Can studefits in their 
llm semester of college fully 
respond to the responsibility of 
mature evaluation of proles 
stonals'' Can sludent evalua 
tiont done on an Institutional 
basis ever result in the improv 




The Hartjinger ,MTppt« ici 
ters to tt»e etiii'n inmi all 
students. Iscully aricl stall 
members All letters must be 
signed, any unsigned letter^ 
siibmitied will be dlsregarden 

liCttrrs mcr Am words ari> 
subject to prtiling All letter-^ 
should be *ubmtHe<l lo Ihe \Ur 
binger office Bklg AM7 tio 
later than n<K»n the Monday 
before publication 


Wllltam Raitwy Harp*!- College 

AlRontiuln k Rosellr Koads 

Palaltne. lLli«a87 


KWar-ln-CliMt WeMyWInkalltalie 

SfMHtl Rilltoi 
Ant mMitoiSdlKir 


Rick Hiohnke 

U>n Lynn tluy 


K<lll> Hl> 

Stiff . J«iK,itn,N«ra Norton. 

MlkeSunkiu. Kinn Joluuoii. 

(>«>liilaSt«i«iK>vlii. Hntly KMIcr 

Krl«l>i«|tailntt|t. BUI Slcrnbcrf. 

.UiMr IMralHrl'Innranu 

rti* HAKBIVGER IS the itmlcnl 

liuktKtiiim lor Uw Harper Oottaac 
camiMJt amimiinity. (MOIliliM) wMkly 

•■Mill itunitK M>U<l«y* aMi flaal <■- 
•nit *1) iiiiiiiMni cspreiiiMl are UMMf 

ffit Ibt wrltw'f and not n«Kreft«sni|' tlHiae 
si' Ik* collrgc, ill tdniuiui'i-atMB, 
l'a<"UJ.(y w iluilcnt tody A.ilv«rlliM( 

(IK) «|>y Oraiillnr ti mmn Friday and 

a|>y ti KibtKl l» «l.ili.ii|l. All Ijstten 
>I>-Ul»-Edmir Btinl be ilfnMl Hamn 
will lie puMulMil Fur lurUwr in- 
tormallimc-aliWT-JlolKIMi MrwrMi 

Mixing bobbies with profession asset for Waite 

"1 Mnt pvM' m iMWlai I 
waoMl' t« I* .iMki mmtii 
wetmm^ it's mil. MaillMl I'w 
alwiy* tiMiii mmm utrfU 
Mnlly Walle. aMoclatt pro- 
ItMwr of pAlltkvl icJMCc^ 

U itiDi schoo). Watte uiliilHt 
<*■■ «lwj>>-s trying to dMida 
MMMn imUi ami political 
icimife. "t dieii At MM t'ln 
i» ttacMNt I ilMCM II vat' Uw 
nmre Inlenssttni ol the two It 
Alva;* has ciianflng event* I 
tiMMiglM. ttumtien wmM get 

An MilHienciiif facH«r 'Out 
miglit Jtave •wtywJ Her *ct- 
itwi cmM ta*t hfwi her 
aadnnniii!. Watit gra* 'up to 
jfifldlt Wirt alw ■iMiifci :!• 
■M 'MHnwtlMtitl matt hmemm 
the i:miail Naimni ami tlw I» 
•lenwUKlirtl Twle Ceater Her 
iiaila. inmM arMWl mm 
■alia: ijMsiMatartn.. Anil 
Walle Itcneir went In Indwieai* 
tmmtm htr )wiior and »«»w>r 
ymn in hi|tt kIwH. •« ■ 
loMlgii exehjiiiiit' tlMlMt. 

"I lUiytd with as ImliMCtlait 
laiMly ttw thrw m<i:iHhi I 
iMiMd^ilM iMguage a» »ell as 
I eeiiW 1 gave talks lo Rolar) 
eltllffl I evfu met the president 
at thai lime. Sulianw who was 
■ vtf) imiiortaiit leader 
Walli said I think it s a uni 

model Illinois Government 
wlilcli w held in Springfield 



and at- 

Alt Umw (acton, she thinks. 
tsfMMMl her t» difterent p»tMi 
M the «wrl<l and dIMrcnt 

Hut Waite Mtttea Its Itafd 

Inr iitidMta here at Itariicr M 
daat '«Wii gMal m lorelgn and 
eniiiparinve pnimct m tk» 
(Joes "We're in the Midwest 
and we're ml ei'puiard to them 
• great deal." she Mid. "We 
dMi't have inamrdtate tiMlMrt 
•n 'pMMle' tma iorelgh (Mw- 
tftas. 'jRiKleMt .dMt hava a M 
<it 'iMkinMMl in this Md 

Wiitr think* icttlni studenit 
involved tn outside activities 
would help though 

The Model Cnlled KatUMit 
htid in Se* York every year is 
unewai. "Thi' MoiJel i;N realty 
give* people a chance ta 
emerge themselves m ililferent 
rultures ll puts th«' students m. 
to a .foreign environ,m.en» to see 
and (eel internjitional protilems 
from a difterent persiiet'ttve 

In the Model IN the 
students have to negotiate and 
bargain They have to mamlain 
tlietr country » point of view 
They have to know Ihe tfttica. 
11"! a Mai amtrgMMe ea- 

AKMtMr.iMli«lty muM (Mr the 

"Hetv... itudents 
MfWatlve districts They have 
to act at Dcmocrali or 
Republicaai They prepare and 
reiearch certain Issues like 
nuclear power or ERA They 
learn ahout the Isnie* then 
wheel and deal to gel then 
pasMd. The tscuet help the 
Itudents get Involved In what 
Ike Ktate is doing 

"It'i a real diallenfc In give 
pwple the eviwnence thiwgh 

the Model UN and Model Il- 
linois government.' Waite ex 

Political fcienoe It goad 
preparation lor many careers 
such as business, law or )our- 
nallsm according to Walle It 
can be important to set a con- 
text, bul If on* majors In 
political science, they should 
mloar In law or some field they 
can combine (t with.' she said 

In her spare time. Waite likes 
to play tennis, ski cnts cMiitry 
and travel 

She enjoys combining travel 
with her career "Political 
science Is so Interesting lo 
teach You can see it in action 
and you can get Involved In it. 
No matter where you are, you 
have an interest that's perti- 
nent to what you're doing Vou 
have a chance lo increase your 
knowledge with each new 
place So whether you stay put 
or travel you tan get involved 
in politics 

'Everything Is relative. I 
like to travel yet it fits in with 
•ballleach " 

HawB superb as 'Trivate^* 


S0% OFF 


liaalaiparMi cii^ 
I* nai laaaiiiB* (ac* 

80% OFF 

(Ml perms. 

'Mr all' e 

iiiMiiMwMba'tt m 

^ ]t7-0100 


What happens to a .youn^i 
«man who. alter U year* of 
living in prltKiits'i 'ilioes. 'has 
suddenly («ind .hanelf "eye to 
eye" with the real world'' 
Ctowned al birth -.Iiidy Ben- 
lim,in, I CoWie Ha*n i, she wai 
bathed each day in money. 
pampered with the finest ol 
things and was crowned in l«ive 

Always under somebody 
etie't wing, she remained 
naive lo everything beyond ihe 
front door, and so thought it 
was only normal thjil everyone 
else d'id ai Judy did On ihe 
wedding night of her second 
marriage her guardian angel 
slipped from the picture, with 
Ihe heart attack of her hat- 
band Never being trained In 
anything, and not making the 
same mistake o( moving nack 
tn Willi her parents again, 
what's a gir) to do" 

Why not join the army'* Alter 
all. 11 hat yachts, con- 
dominiums and all of this plush 
living and you even get paid 
for It Those were the reasiur 
inf words of the amy 
recruiting ollicar. and who bet- 
ter to tpiM" 

When arriving at the haw. 
•he was nearly lutlacated with 
military tmpntonmenl Not 

Film review 

lalting much ol a liking to the 
made up Judy, from her high 
heels lo t,t»e red painted finger- 
nails. Captain Lewis i Eileen 
Brennan< wetoimed Judy to 
the base with her first assign- 
ment. U scrub the bathroom 
door using her loothfarush 
leleclHc.ol course I 

Goldie. guperb in her role, 
made a beautiful transition 
from -prtncess" to an "In- 
credibly dedicaleil worker " 
Through the lormenl of 
rallllary life. Judy s royal like 
character was able to shed its 
skin to a stronger and more 
capable individual While at a 
nighl spot with her soldier 
girlfriends, Judy's heart was 
immediately captured by a 
hamlMme French gentleman 
When time came for actual 
•sttgnmenls to be handed out. 
she "retiueated" to be llown to 
Paris where she may purine 
her military work, and more 
importantly, try lo pursue the 
relationship with her French 

J udy ends up getting eniangl 
•It with MOic OMtajr •itualions 
In her hi^lrlfwl'a cnmpany. 
From iMeltiif Dp «M Captain 

'Lewis, who lia.» been intimately 
ijpylng on them to cleatung up 
his dog't accident, lo dying her 
hair bright red she has turned 
Cinderella to his every whim- 
sical desire When talk of mar- 
riage enters Ihe scene, and 
ttefore any such plans are 
cemented, he Insists that she 
sign a special document. The 
document, which he must first 
translate as it was written In 
French), outhnes that if the 
marriage were to ever 
dissolve, Judy would not be en- 
titled to half of his possessions, 
including the magnificent 
home of which has been tn llie 
family for several generitioat. 
Hesitantly, bul willingly all Ihe 
same, she signs 

Ckildie Hawn and Eliecii 
Brennan take the audience by 
storm Eileen Brennan's gutsy 
Captain Lewis carries her 
viewers until that moment 
when she delivers that very last 

A Airy (ram riches to ragiT 
Alot really, hut a tale of rkiaa 
to rags, and again to rlehit. 
Judy, by route ol the military 
life, became a stronger and 
more intellectual individual 
This movie not only gives the 
audience quite a few laughi, 
but a worthwhile message as 




hlO'CMrg* Firs* ConatiOatifln 

T.W.FIynn& Assoc. 's 

'iiiiliinffiM M UOT' 



ITralfle Ticket Convlciiona 

Will Suuand Your Ucmiae 





.ihinauli a BiiiMf )' 

.PtfiMial liiiiiry 
'•arkmen* C«at!]iBMui Chafga* 
Mevuketl Ltarnet' 



Offleii Mmn 
'J : 'tm-i ' mpm. Daily '» .1 . m • I p . m 'Sat - 

T.W FLYWi ,-\ss<""M' 's 

Atl.«.t'i'nc\s. ..ll l.;»w 


^^ ^AtittHOMT &SHOW 10UHGE| 





ON out 






Fwturlng your favoril* 
rock bands 





ll'llCK NNill i 



•*«•■«. TD* HwlMnaw, Nmwnbw M. tf« 

Baltic emlse 

Vtkmg shiiB. run" iMiacM. 
medicvtl wallttd ciitM. A 
Bjiltic erutat apMiom]' by 
Hanwr CWtege will visit l:h<;9i(> 
rtttt and matiy »o« Th* 
itlKlj lour, sch*dii,l«J from 
June i-». IS ofwn to th* public 
However, reservation should 
be maile by January 

Coal of the priiftmi is tIMi 
Inr the Itinlted number of dmi' 
Me riMm and It Me Inr triples 
■nd quad*. All rooms have 
private (•cilKles. Included In 
ttic co8l arc rowd-trt)) airfare. 
•II MtnUt, traitsters. and bafl^ 
flUfC' handlUiit. Shore excur- 
aiaai, tips, taxes, «nd college 
tultloo are in addition. 

The Itinerary is available 
(rom Martha SimonMn. Coor- 
dinator i>( Iittemallonal Studies 
al Harper. «xl 215. Bldg F3S1 
Evtryone intemted is also 
urged to attend a tour meelinc 
will) (Jldes and a film of the 
Victoria. Jan 11. S » p m the 
Board Room in Bldg. A 


L«« Koiiow. Special Services 
Division, will present a (ree 
test (ailing seinmar. '-Prepar 

lug For Final E.Kam, ' Ot 4 

The session, presented in 
Bldg. A «i. lit will cover 
ineni«H? strategies and test 
taltlni froeedures The preaen- 
taltai' will learti ledifiiques as 
welt u cover laetlitkli to 
reduce fliw let )■ 
The lOHMM ts f T««:, For i 

ciiintact Kotow. Thanksgiving 


Sleeping Beauty 

The ftJm SLKEPiNt. b.I-:ai 
TY win he shown on Thursday 
Kov U at 7 p m in BIdg J H3 
AdniMlon is II m SponMred 
by The Program Boanl Irtni 
the kids with you 


The Harper Campus .Ministry 
Oub IS spansoring a Christmas 
program, Great Day In 
Bethlehem for the itnlor 
clt;tt«Bf at St Joaeph'sHomein 
Pilallne Volunteers are need 
ed for tht- Christmas pageant 
Singers donkeys, angels, 
kings, queens. Mary. JoiepU. 
shepherds, cows, doves, sheep 
and narratorti are nee<led 

The practice schedule is as 
lOllowi : 

Dec, i, Tuesday at 7 :»p,m. 

Student Activities A:h.> 
Dec, 4, Thursdai.' at 7 M) p m 

.Student Activities A .us 
[)ec i>. Tuesday at T::» p.m. 

Student Activities A:i3,i 

The play will lie given on .Sim 
day, Dt'c H at 2 pm at St 
Joseph's Home 

lAll students are welcitme to 
Join us f'Tf fiir'hcr mirtrmrt 
tinn. plea- ' ., ■ ,-••■■ , ,. 

,FlyBn, Cin :;,,!■-, \li , .,;.-; ,:, ■■.,., 

deni Activities, exi Hi. 

Harbinger rates 
first clasSf 

The Harbinger received a 
,ftrst class rating for its 

coverage ot campus events last 

The award, glwn toy 'the Na- 
tional Scholastic Press Assn 
and the Assot-iatetl Collegiate 
Press, rated the paper as tx 
cellenis m its spiirts cover»,ge 
and m'usic reviews 

In com,petitl«n with other 
Junior colleges publishing 
weekly, the Harbinger was 
awarded three marks of 


disllnctioo These marks were 
given for editorial leadership 

and opinion teaiures. 
appearance and visual' com • 
municatlon and photography 
art and itic ust- i,i( ,Kr.;iphics 

With few exceptions, the 
paper is pleasing to the eye and 
easy to read. There is a wide 
range of topics, which are or 
should be of ,c<incern to college 
students," said Sue ,Mura*«. 
contest judge, 'Tbe' paper ha* 
eieellent action photos 
especially on the sport,s page, " 

lUi' MM OaiT Mm iwMr itMrini, 

iim ntliM. tl,M IT tmi aftm CatfiHir i 
*-?_«!„,?»:™» _ 

!Oi"^*M.t""l !!<••«• VIM w 'Miiiiiii.' 
CMV Mm mm. m MM. !•» cir olrtM. St 
■MlMm PM a cMHama (WrcirnHMr 
tiw*, tmtrwcf Maclpw mtf. D»»fim 

StcoiiT I V I i 1 1 cf iTc "7o* n¥ i 

Wrtpl«ct»i«.jm.jit«iri,,, pm>»amm 
•!»»(Or*i|i I3S, cjii sj*_j_i_« 

'il tAMtCia. >«•« <Jmillt'eiitM!/'Mvl<lr 
II IB otrt mwm II MM iigg, (im cm 

fiuma "uuoNt ^uh^'mi »«»' 'i-n 

(•■en rdu wywiM you want tn iwarn *» 
wgwt And 4»; to nth- turn 

WS UU- iill«. Griw'ilWuiti t'lHMMitlltl, 

«*■ wiwt, 4wy "Wrt a ••rm i.«. m» 
tug m:M]>M«lortill 

iM' COtVITTf - wwaWc SIm, t'Tnin, 
■i«k iMDitr Mwar <,|imii, eaM,csndi' 
Nan, CnWctti,»t)W«K) 
im'''fiUMMII .- Blict X KKi"ilnir"iit 
•vMr T Twi Campitmi loMM Mui« tall 
EKCt!lw*tundiniw Cmt»c^8iti*rll34«J 
•MitEOIUJirAllliTI LiMin)nv>"-< 
auHvmt "«««■« to cDmptatv Hock t na<t 
nm4 MlvwrMwll!ln«tOMlrli S«rU}w«mvt», 
tlim c»ll Twj jiBUllJ 

rai'laii"' liiraEO'scHwtiMMcrtiM., 

I LaTow IV. Wn. Mi na, rmm ONLY 

Itt mm. 1 SuKtr UTouf, |ll«tr, tactllaM 

oMditMi. tiKti iia« «iii mm"f ' citt 


fOa i»i.i Burt »in,l Sort, ttlSM w 


Pdt sail. B,rown, w.m.K ttna C'*»rr. %ot%. 

' ■imol) m nn 


Pustort of all deno,minatin 
from churches of the \orth« • 
*iii-iiiri« iirpst'nt a Thank,»,)^r. 
iTitt.'il Servii-e, Mon 
. , .'•J.mBldg Mil 

Thf Harjier Concert Choir 
and the Camerata Singers will 
alM part,icipate in the pro- 

The sen ice is scheduled for 
1,1 a,m Refreshments will be 
nerved afterward 

The Champ 

student Senate raised 133 for 
the Crusade of Mercy by spon- 
soring a pool tournament laat 

Winners of the tournament 
were Chuck Delel, first place 
Don Clark, second place and 
Mike Dudo. third place 



Ofi any regularly priced 
album or tape 

With this coupon 

This afftr dots not InehNlf 



TIncup Pass Shopping Center 

1211 Golf Road 


The Program Board Presents 

Survivor & The Pack 

8 p.m. - Friday, December 5th 
M Building - Harper College 
$3 - Students and $4 - Public 

For more information contact Student Activities - A336 

Got a favorite albom? 
Let us know! 

Sibiit your cboicts for 
ii tip tin atlwRS of tin 
par by Noviffllur 24 




Drip ly Htrliiigir Offici A367 







TI«tH»r«B(w. N<^«mb•♦ X. IVM. fam* 

Revelations from the radio conference 

'McfeMt up )Mt •Mhind al IIW' 
Ligraia KathiMl RmM Cm 

WMCM. 'Ok. Iw IfelMIt 'Hi fN: 
•iW dM't kMW. t IMIIW iV 

nagH* IB *ft>y '9>* tar*' *>' 
Mmmt. Hi ■ammm m lanUiMy 
■UnC Mb •Mhh. I Dtek iIm 
■Mli«t'«IKM, thty call mc 
tht wiilK dtrtctor. h4 




dlna the icim wltn "««« rtal 

ilHjays" smiles I hope (Iwy 

~ too dliMlliitioMil t>> ttie 

iwwmin D«il forth by 

:Mlir.«f UM .ipwlMn at Urn 

' 'llMl radM I* a 

iwiliiMt »ltM huge )«•* It 

likca to rat people SooMr or 
liMr, .Mfinit iMliM-iirtui*' 

m^tt%m nM iiMmW :lteMH *' "nUP JlMHII i IfflNMiP MV <PlliPliliPPr I1P¥V1 HI 

^^SSfflmmmmTS- niMMi^ «» Mum •wiiiii* 


HUirt (ittlMi 


'tMniitofMM wtha 
■lioi-" Tht I 

dMitertd. Al tlw 

I Joiin LiBdceiHr i 

'Willir lialng IWUt. 

in I OMd the aagnvatlMi ol die 
tor? 1 BWM, 

)«t. rut' only « «tii](l innkle. 1 
tft #u'it«l ttout the mitttt 
tlielt. unit pit-ture >len'«i, m4 
new trealnicnts ot aid waft. 1 
don't care aDoui •dverttiitig.. or 
rnarlietiiig. tiive me a set of 
hanililWMt aiMl cm. ilw npet! 

VmIi, I •■• Mtag raiti. until 
111*' .Bcaaloii (e'tiunng 'Bo'b 
CHim of WXRT Tl»:ls guy 
ifKifce M ■ language that any 
music iddictlon emu could 
uaderitaiid.. The toptc was 
"bow to run a mualc Hcpart- 

IIMtt "' 

Naturally I vii ta*ctnate<J 

vitti WXRT'i system for deal 

lug Willi ntar mwtc. 1 had 
alwiyi •raiMtorad tmw (hey 
maintain i h e i r p r «>• 
ircmlvciMia, hut latp 'Wltttln a 
wmat. It I* a delicate proceat: 
their de^jayt m^uft lie mualcal- 
ly aaeaM, (town to tkc tmatleat 
■•III*. 'The tnclia prafrain tlietr 
own itKiw*. but follow a tame 

Mt 'Ol |iiidellne«.. A lot ot It 
ilciieiMlaon the time III day The 
morning lain 'Wlll rtly more oi> 
'mellow kings like Steely Dan, 
01 Trairic. wlille Itie night peo- 
ple explore lite other aide o( 
ntustc the one IM niglit even 
hevome tear)' 

Anyway. I l«M betl«r Here 
was B«l> Celms enloylng the 
radio builnes* And. yes. he 
too. (t a vinyl Junhie I thought I 
was hwkUig In a mirror The 
panic Meld His lifeblood 1* the 
music Surely there mual be 
mom in the ratracc lor one 
more walking Information 

fMMbiy not. tliougti In the 
nlHJa country, Uiere are only a 
law "WXRT'i* left The 
crealJvllj involved wltli pro- 
gramming has been drained 
away Ttie pofwlatlim is happy 
to wallow in ihe pre 
pragranuiMil and lotperaonal 
senttHancies ol rMllii ascimMi 

by almoatevf rj .WR station 

CAIlife radio i> widely ae- 
ccfited ■• the aliematl?*. A 
malor task of almost all college 
slatloni is the lestmgout of new 
artists, that would never pick 
up airplay anywhere else up in 
the pool' room, when the TV 
liB't too loud, you can hear 
WHCM If you unravel the 
music from the culture and 
drama blaring from the tube, 
you'll hear artlsU with names 
like Nuclear Lovers. Sector 17. 
Flash & the Pan. Ultravox. and 
The Normal, etc . along wlUj 
the already "great " grau|ts 
prescntted to everyone by tile 
ttauon they tune in at home 

OK, pull that soapbox out 
from under me before 1 get 
rtally stupid Uyola was great 
fun, only one person blew chow, 
no one (ell down the stairs, and 
we even learoed about radio. 
Next week, I'll resume the 
record rev tewing job 

American students shortchanged on education 

rm. utMl' and that's a lad. t 
fouatf out that I'M been 

chenMl. Ny cdneatlon has not. 
bcMi iviMil It ■mmM lta«« been 
mm t «•• lit: Mfll WiMOt.. 

itai m lilt basta ital It prwf d- 
:«!' a "gDod edMcat'M. " When 1 
In tf'**'i*>*r tctool, my 

. _._ji'llial ll.i«wil* 

«4 "lam WIT 'Ml In tiliicaliiMi:. 
mitif" *M«»« «<*. •'»' <*> • 




■It tMd 

Wberi' I had tougb 'riastes in 
mallteaialics and •elciice. (Mc 

Well, 'the fact is. we all 
.gradualed. irwn Amencu Mwli 
MliMli. and. have bteit «r- 
tUMI with And yel. 
w«' petelwid very dldertw 

I have sat la i 

teachers Itave asketl l( we kaew 
.luch and such, and only a few 
WHiid. ralM their hands There 
is no 'iMlform'tty. amongst us 
itudeMs II *eem.s as ihougli. 
that we (wv.f no! been taught 
iron) mir grammar .snd high 
.lebools. 'Kimetliing we should 
ha've been taught. 

M.iiiy leacien at Harper 
hiW laM In mc '"So many 
iWliinla MOic H college 'tunC' 
IttMiIly I.II.Ker.ate ' Some, have 
never read a elasalc literary 
■afierpitt* Time* have 
eliaugeil,. .and I'm. not wre tl tt'i 
for tile better 

How IS is poaalMe to be in col 
lege without a gmO iMnmand 
of 'the' Enatlah language? How 
k It pdMile to be in college 

without a command of 
mathematics and science^ 

Recently, an instruciiir al the 
I'niverstty of Colorado had to 
give his stiMleiits a course in 
basic geography because 
" student* could not show where 
the dtf tefwit conllneots on the 
globe are. And 'Students ooutd 
not show where each state was 
m relation to another " These 
are the states of .America 

After speaking with our 
newspaper advisor. t>orothy 
nrwvano, I have lound out that 
I ve never had a gbod. rigorous 
das* <m .gra.m.mar t do not 
know how to diagram 
lentencM. I dtm't know where 
to begin t was to a "-col'lege 
prep prograa" at my hip 

■cbool, and I did pretty well 

I can only imagine the pro- 
blems of some of my Mlow 
students I am not saying tlial 
I'm a good writer, tit's ap' 
parent 1 still need a good deal of 
work I. but so many students 
suffer from bad grammar. 

1 don'l know where to attack 
my previous education It 
makes me mad lo think that 
I've been ripped oil Kspecially 
now. because in order (or me to 
write effectively and achieve 
good grades from college !»• 
itnirlors. I've gni to play 
"eatehup"And that is not my 
fault It Is the fault o( the 
ediKational system that was 
to i^ve me a "good 

Harper's *'Charley'8 Aunt" a well-done production 


TMm'laHIl bad ll» "Maude 

IMHleal.pRMlild.IMt, tt'*'"Au». 
tie Maine." iMt now Harper 
Collage Studio 'Theatre 
•nteats "Cbii.rley'* Aunt.' a 
■«l|«rtMii, lant-pacad coot- 
wit ttttmli 1*0 word boys. 
Cltartqr .Mil lack. ' 
to unlorgal.talile antics, in « 
ID' Mcure' iheir rtiai.k 
wlltt. the gtrli. lUaf'M: 


And how * ttm' pMMit 10 
i» iHaf ClMfiatr't mti la Hit 

MMMIMI Ml AM. 'Km lMan.s. 

.art • MMM mtam M»rt as 

w«m .am eim^it %aaw^»j*. ** » 
'lanHy' few 'lifMi 

nut. ttntf UM' 

wealin and naius «tic poniaats 
which carries that .ataii'iglity 
m.agnefic lorvc Her mere 
pftatnce is .also. Mlapeitsibie 
■• It in cipct^ted thai she will 
act .aa a cliaperone to the boys 
i.u.rlng their amorous 
But this plan ool- 
lifnia ta: mta air whan a 
lehipaiii arrives infomilng (ht 
btyfl.<illiardilay 'Thinking tail. 
m IMr IM. ttity literally cor. 
OCT tuMMrly i.a. MUtapa nf 
'ihelrti iala.«iilnf .aa.Cliafl«gr'i 
aunt As li ~ 
Babberly now 
Charley's aunt.. 

. I dttiMf 1 

I cauilil htiiHNlt tn an 
,,.„^.^-w.iit iivi.nff .lien. 
IIM: ireat fnnay gmertted' 
lif KaMierly, has :heen .ar.- 
iWlealh created by Robert 
[>om.. wlio wiia perfedly cast «i 
iht' role. BqwaUy matched In 
strength. Is Bill Kelly's por 
trayal o( Jack 'Chesney, who's 
gestures, .esprensloni and com- 
pMt maiienng ot the BaglMi 
iMad art' »t' theatrical f-'— 
dlenti for a flue ,ptfi 

amt'l 'I* to .tttrtwl i itd!; M' 
tlwii ItH lit MfficuKy of ad- 
ilaf varMtf It Km conaisltory 
nrStlreliaraeter Scon Mullen 
tCharley Wykehami has 
definitely succeeded in putting 

M. Wt htal in aacli Mtne, a« 
oppoatd 'to •imply "lilcfidlng 
in " And Laurie Ann Turpin. 
cast a* Kitty Verdun, had total 
coninl of htr charadtr and 
)ust the precise aecent which 
her role demawM 

Mary Jo Willis, (acuity direc 
lor o( the studio theater, chose 
just the right people (or this 
toMpany and }uat the right 

■taglng to Miiilement that 
ny I^tplt who worked 

on the set should also be com- 
plemented for the ever- 
glowing elegance and charm 
which dominated the s^Uge 

Drop by on Charley's Aunt" 
(or a game at who's wImi'**" 
and an evening o( laughter The 
last two performances wlH be 
given In BIdg J 143 tomorrow 
and Saturday night Curtain 
time IS « p m and ticket ar- 
rangements may be made by 
Stopping by the student ac- 
tivities office BIdg A3M 


fmmith»»mmmm~ AAw 

Cmm^aftltmii . 


o iT -wue, 

TMrtr 'Gac;«r > \»«(y'TtD 

tiaoo ftN fCiD''W 

Do n cwwtY ^ 

jwwnm mwm ■fmr 

v«*»ir HMB cw«i»uefi'oM' 

«wlo 'N*i> mBuiSk 
. > — ^ii»es mj^ 

So Twrs 




|MB|||§4» !■• IHMMHBillpBf • WlW<WWWy^^^fc ^^^ 

The very best of Fall 1980 


. on sports 

. j«l' 

_ iww floc tbii colunm vill 
<tadiealt tiMll to itit Bet* »' 
ran tan 

Ttiettiia)rtcortl«rll»t««B ^ 

•gort* (women't ttilBit, ., 

MiMB'i vnlMMli wectr, Mil ftMittwffl) ww ■ «mmi( n-n-i So 

ITT- wm ■I ff' «B Tlt'f"*"! — M«^ 1^ — *> ""if* I*"* 't* »°- 
---- tiiillll«i«i.lliiV^lwtlM'ipalll#it 

i -ttH afeiicit; tl)t MlHiii Umm't 34-» up^t *"> °v<''' 
" ^^l«l at tummt. »». but Ui« Trejani scored a 
»«■—■«»•■ «..Mlidown 1« tlw UiM quarter to take a »» lead 
MM Smhma p»««»«i- Tiw. »«» «««*•' »« «»">«** '» p'?/' ,•*" 
'■mm, •«• Mi inlUMl mtkk of Hit 'MOMMI 'quarter and all ol tlw 


I mmi «tti an. Inturwi ahmiMir. acnftd on a l>-]rard TD run lo 

rt Ct Mawfea a ll-» wte over TrtUm, The Tn^Jaia 'went m lo wto 
naif IMte Willi a tM3 win over lUinot* V alley 
RnancMili waa Uit Mcctr team s 13-1 stollacklna oi Uncoin itUt 
(IWerenl Hawks - Mark PWorlo, Andy Botuwilit. John Prell. MIkt 
PWteli, Mtrii Moti, and Rick Puis - acufed In the game Coach San- 
dor Siabo nM m» nmeli ol the (Inl ttflnc tn tlie tlrit halt, alter 

■mi ■■^■■■■ra. tM pa* - Very tauflli cholct. Ron Bwhe 
MAtdCr m yai* aRalMt lUinoH Valley - the No 1 team agawM 
littlHll laM year - but the Hawk* loct to the Apaches. 47- 14. Rick 
ManotdMlMina fMla againat Uneota tothe iawks 12-2 win. but 
llaik IMa. aeoiwl. liiir Itnw. Don't Imm enm eouiitry mniw 
t*» Ptac*'»'lii«i«tlH**»' «■•■«• ""timw*!!! iBrtt. Plf«k_««- 
pMM tiM CNnOt eminc In under 17 nmiiilM - hli bwt time o( the 

—^ ....^ - wMmoI' ■: iMM. Mm Burkt'a ilagle- 
rtewtl of m yaf*,, «•■ HM-eiiM»oitlve H»-yafi 
and hla aavan TD't, uMilli put Mm <n a nRli<|ilact 

•IMlDM' aeorlng U"t, g»«« Bwke the nod (Or the trnt 

-jiiiet'Of Hit Mtoiii' 
Don't ftwfW. omen, loccor nallo Sle»e Todd, dtlender Frank 
■ --'"■-" "---afniai 

Btnnettl,lorwanl Rick Pol* -afmaHtAU-Statt 
Id croaa^wmtry. Tom Placali and Bli Blngbom made AU-NIC 
~ AU-Stala honor*. Tlwy both reaclMNl Uw NJCAA enw iMiitry 

toaaa. art Mh: will 'bt 

ihe •omen's tennii 

I |tar Both narrowly mliied 

In Mil. irlaii Dnnitar and MUte Hagm, made the Matt goU moei-. 


■MHl IHMMMM - No problem hert . either The choice it 
f^ffZ ^iiAfciM*. TtiB Tyrrell. Tyrrell took over at darter aim 
tilt Kawkt ateowi IMIW and, aner a slugglih ttart, M the Icmthalt 

laaM l» liar wttM ill (Mr laat lonr ganiM.. Hla beat fane wai tl» 
IMllMll.'l«MiB'll4ti«tata«ar'Trtttn.. Tymll'iMMatd tor more llian 
m yaitli and imMw twyarda more. 
Ilitt meoit Mm. aMMt l^mn la tlie/act^lbal ht )• a ("Mbmaii. 

HflllitliMAntJtI'jWM. 1*11 Ron Burke And you can bet they'll 
finiili.btMnrHiaiillii|oWaMiieord. . ,. . . 

KMHTOHMIil, IMM - A lot of teams trnfirDved. The loot- 
Mt iMM 1-7 in im to «-S thl« year The Hawks got otf lo 
aMnart, andi hwlwi m If Ihty wmildnt win a game They lUiiih 
ed with IM, »•.»». and M-H win* over right. North Park 
Triton tint Wrtgil. ■flin. It is IntereiUng to nolt that Ux lootball 
team acowd at leant llpotota In each of Ihott tour wte and no more 
than JO points in their (IvtlOMM. . . ..^. . 

Tht volleyball team Improved 100% - from one win In 1«7» l» two 
wto to mo. That may sound mean, but the women's record d» t 
tadicale how much they had really Improved Mo«t o( the team «aa 
Diaiie IB of Iroilunan - there were aliio only 10 pla>ers on the team 

Tht Mewr team al» made aomt progress - from an u-i-l record 
la T» lo n-l-i tn m - but tht team didn't go anywhere in ihe poat- 
leaion playoHa, wMcli nakta thttr ttaion a bit of a diaappout 
ment In two yean. thou#i, Ihe team ha* a B-M rtcord You cant 

fMwiMf onpiff f 

Small (uppar left) dlracta the 
Hawka olfcnM; Demttrlua 
GaiH (iwar rtglil) hwda la a 
Ha TyniU pa»; and Mark 
looka tor daylight 

Frosh, football program on the rise 

With the lucceaaful entlMg «r 
tht' tnolbatl season that the 
Hawks had one wmiid tiave to 
he craiy not lo be saying. "Just 
wiail till nent year!" 

The pait wtion was won by 
taperlence, 'The other team* 
had It and we had none Well. 

«•' hid some but nowhere near 
V much at tilt, other M:hool's 

Laat year. Harper tiad n 
.ntiuRiing tophonwf e» Irom. ite 
pfcviMa waMMi. "imi ytar 
Hairp«r has the ehantx to IMd 
48 wptenores.. thai I* it they 
to .rdium.. .And why 
i"t they' 

Working tofet,ber ttiev ' vr M 
more talent than moni ot ill* 
Mltr teoma they played; It 
liqi came haok. warftwl at. It. 
•anted, to win 'had enough and 
vent out and exectiteO things 
properly, the result could be a 

peaaible cMilerence AampMrn- 

At tht qaarltrttack spot. Tim 
Tyrrell. Scoti Choklad and 
li'ive Lock Will all b^ threats li> 
opposing defenses. Each 
poiaeiws certwln oulitandlng 
qualities olahility 

II Chokkd manaee* to stay 
healthy lor neitl season, he'll be 
flvwg Tyrrell a great <Ji<«l ot 
com{ict.lltiin lo go agaitut. 

Rm Burke, the teams .ntcnrd 
hreaker (or the jxist mmtm hy 
ruiMag lor M yards ftiid. five 
ciiitweul:tve IM' yard lama 
will alio bt' rctunini! for 
I of act Ion 

Burke eamt oul o! Frcma 
Mligh School where he net 
sDvcral records that prohahly 
•Mil he hroken for some lime 

'Burke wiH give the team, the 
speed on the outside once agitm 
aiMl will hopelully carry on his 
pocWon of making big play* 

AIM' r««i.mi,ng to the ronntng 

pos.iiioiB will IK Chns, 
MarkOahle aiulBohBllyli 

Sainl was a powerhouse tor 
the Hawks las! ■ieaton. He 
caat In the .game*, when Burke 
WB* iBIunsd or wben Harper 
'ntoiJM someone to lake 'the 
lurd shot* and then domg il 

IS hurt In l.he Triton 

,. _.-J lat out ot the final 

ciimtiiwt 'against Wright. 

Mark Dihle » aoMherescep- 
tloMl ninner thai the Hawk* 
w mtte using a lot neit season; 

tiahl* started showing Ms 
runntnf lalenls toward tl>e ma 
i(>( m* »ei««m m games »gam»l 
Wrlnhl. Triton awlXorth Park 

Dahle •111 give Harper the 
lultbark latent that it will he 
tiMJslng wilh J'lm Vneiarello 

Bilyk displayed mo,re laletit 
m a paiiser Ihao a powerful 
■ Md. bt w:Ui be adding 

depth to the Hawks nest season 
when ihey nin their hacks out 
for short, passes 

Defensive bocks that could 
possibly return lor neil season 
would he Mickey Davis. 
Thomas Jenkins. Kevin Mur 
ray. Maurice Wfflien. Dan 
Groce. Brim Sander. Dave 
.Ljffll'onl. and Shawn Doran, 

Harper's defensive backlield 
started tn get tough in their 
tinal games and shows great 
potential tor next year 

Harpers linemen w«n the 
real ttattto* tn ihe Harper vtc- 
mrits and a great maiortty ol 
thdie unknown heroes will be 
returning tor neitt .season Ran- 
civ Brown. Dan Fo'ley. Dan 
Tohln. Reggie SHas, Jim 
Murauikis. Pat Croas, Dan 
Schlesser. Dan Basker, Jim 
Wright. Brad Pilgard. will all 
tm helping the Harper caut* 
next Mason. 
Tht Hawki will really he suf- 

fering In the linebacker posi 
tkm come next season Harper 
has good talent returning but 
the problem is the quantity ol 
the talent 

Jeff AnderMn: Dennis Kraus 
and Todd Marunde are the only 
returning linebackers the 
Hawks will have to work wilh. 

The Hawks will be getting 
live retumttig receivers from 
this past season and not ver\ 
had ones at that 

Mark Hudson led the team ;i: 
yards and reception last year 
and was selected tn the All- 
Siaie squad in his sentor year of 
high school. 

.Along With Hudson will b^ 
Brent Stinkard and Joru 
Sklilman Both possess enou)Cii 
talent between the two lo give 
HaiTier the big play whenever 
they'll need It 

Roger Baron and Ron Dudley 
will alio be returning to the 

Tm HwWntir, N«>»»<i««f «, m* ^•■•f 

Swimming team ready for 'new* year 


Tyrrell a success 

ptimn Mvt HMn 

ed tlist iMilllMl liMire Uian mux 

Tim Tyrwll Im» Im« ih*t 
C>liyer Hunng tlw p«t leuon 

AliNii *!* Tyrrell, Djiv« 
Loch »im Semi a>iikla«l have 
tmn Om other two pliyen ihal 
Hive Mten loolong it me 
qaartertack ptrntloii «iit< 

•1 iMinU u»«»€«fc^-i»'<t ■•«.♦■ 
MM ninneT' «Mt that is what he 
ilWMiM play iieiit yttr« 
riti filing to iiiij nuaner 

Uci." :|I«I«J Daw l.m* eon- 

Tj'itt'H stMted the mmm owl 
■I the rannug titck positMii 
Md that IS as igiMMt ah eipliM- 
ttM » my m » wHy Tjrwli 
w«t the wcoiiil l»iMll«f tnwiul 
puier tor llw li»wl«.» th« year 

Tyrrell (>l*ye«l nmmnt buck 
(or'Conjmt Mtfh Sflioot in titt 
ituMor V'cir In Ms .HMltr ytm. 
Tyrrell MiRaMl « knee mtmy 
in (he nr«i pir»rti« ot !»■ 
leMWfi and was form} In sll <Wl' 

Tyrwtl ««• »• Itatwtr to 

play the lail batlt (MltiMi lor 
ihe past tcason. however a iMk 

jit the qudnerbatk «p4M. giive 
Tyrrell a shol at the Jot* 
Dave LiKh stjrted out in the 

siartlni poMtlMi tiiit lost tt to 

thoWail^ aw»ltl*<} itKt the j* to 
Tyrrell after he suffered a knet 

injurv in the ■seamtl game at 
the seaMii 

Since then. Tyrrell has !ie«il, 
the top periornwr lor tlie 
Hnwks and has heen cotislJUltly 

I thMk that It (Ml mt 
lid tide to underctaMt Ihe poai' 
Imh audi tde dillfereat types at 
laltMt iNCiM to do the |oD,"" 
tUtitd. TyrreH wncerntng hii 
pla^tni aMllt)' "But nm that t 
■uwlerrtand U tietter, 1 ttilnk 
that I'll Iw a lot better next 
season ' 

Agtlnst Triton, Tyrrell 
pla»«d. one ot hi* best alt rouod 
gantes by cfimhittinii 'hn rumV' 
ingandpiHtng l«■•-"'' 
,2I«yartl*aIld.sM«■ . 

"Tin hMgral imtenuai an<t 1 
llllllh lh«t il he DiTltt <■ 
thlngii, mot* (WW Ihe •»(' leaioii 
IMM he'll I* a tine qii«rterb«-l 
MM wMoo," itaied Coaclt 

()•«* imM or ArliniiM lli«|D 

'SchMl played the position ot 
qoarterbacfc tti the last seven 

games, of hl» senior year 
Before that, t^Kb wm a tlar at 
ttw defenctve hack poci tton 

-Dave i* a fine <|iianerb«ck 
Ijut he never had a rhmnce U> 
prove tw« gMid he really is 
unlike hiyitlf." ttated Scoti 
Choklad *ealtn« with l-ochs 

At Arlington L«-h passed tor 
.■M yardt and ran for another 
Jim janli. He was selected to 
(he AII-CM(tr«fiM team and 
tlMC' AII'Are>» leam in his MnHir 

Thii pact fooibtlt ataMiii at 
Harper watn'l the tent lor 
IjOfh Dave didn't wt iny 
Harper records al the quarter' 
ttack poilfinn Iwi he showed 
great promiae a» a runn- 
ing lulitMck 

Dive alM ni.ay have Imnd a 
mm poiKion at the team*s 
place it Icher In .a game against 
the Wright Ram*. Dave l«ch 
added t ip«mts to the 'Harper 
iieurt mliiiiw aiut alio hit (or a 
IS yard I'leid goal in the gim<e., 
1 rather long and accurate kic't 
lora Iwck-up iiuartertiack 

TIa othtr ltaek>iip i|uarter" 


When the swim leam opens 
their IWiMI seawn Saturday at 
home against Lincoln, il could 
mark the beginning ol the best 
tint-year team in Harper 

The first year program, 
headed by coach Steve Eul. has 
ail the ingrwdienls tor success ■ 
a facility and lots «( I alent 

01 the 12 swimmers 1 1 J men. 
nine women i. 1« are from Mid 
Suburban .whools Arlington 
and Schaumburg llnislied 
eighth and ninth respectively in 
Ihe IHSA Bwim meet last year 
Three Harper swimmers are 
!rom either Arlington or 

Wc have a real litmog pro 
gram said Eul, who will dou 
ble as both the mens and 
women's coach. "This area 
lends to be a hotbed for swlmm- 
tng .%" the swimmeru who 
have come here have had ex 
ccllent training and coaching " 

There «.rc lour l»aMc strokes 

in»*lm.ming free., (ly. 

and back. Swimmers will 
spccmllie m as many as two. 
Some are being convened to 

Here' I a breakdown, by 
event, of the IMn-Rl swim 

no meitley relay - Eul calls 

Todd Mussell h\(, 'premier 
Brcastrolcer ' ' He's the only 
one I've got" Musseli, Of 
Schaumhurg will loin Jim 

Pingry < fly ' and l..>ave Maday 

Sprinter's - Mark Waks and 
Mark Gougti arc E ill's leading 
»-yard men f.imgh is also 

Distance - Mike Sheridan 
wilt handle the m. and 
I Wl-yard events for Eul 
"He's an escellent dtotan€» 

riy - Eul cat'ls Mike Soja, 
John 'i:wyle and Mike /.wierski 
••eicellcnl " Soja., from Elk 
Grove, will also handle the W> 
Individual Mtsdley chores with 
Sola and Ptiigry 

Backitroke - «<.w,gh and Ma^ 
day .are good "They can only 

100 Medley :May - Watch 

out I think were going to 

have a terrific relay team," 
says Eul I hope to take this 
leam to nationals " That's a 
mouthful for the usually soft- 
spoken Eul Soja, Zwierskl and 
sSiendan are easily the best 
relay team In the state 
•The women that 1 have are 
very good," says Eul. "but I 
don't have enough of them. I 
need three or four more swim- 

Sprinters - Donna Annen, 
Tern West dale, Pam 
McEacbem will handle the 50. 
too, and lOO-yard events (or 
Eul Westdale. Annen and 
McEachern. who is probably 
Euls most versatile swimmer, 
will also be on the WO metlley 
relay team 

Otitaoee - Dana tMom and 
Donna Gawell will handle Ihe 
500. 1,000 and 6,ih:ii) yard events. 
(Jawell will jom McEachern. 
Anne, and Westdale on the ¥» 
relay team McEachern will 
also be doing some distances 
andeven a little diving 

Backstroke ■ Marcy 
Lo^^asha and Audrie Haubert 
will double as backstroiieri and 

Omiook - B.ul is sott-spoken, 
but he IS most soft spoken when 
talking atwut the women's 
(earn "They're coming along." 
he says 1 don't know what to 
expect 1 need more Iwdles ' 

As for the men. Eul need not 
be sotl spoken, although he re- 
mains guardedly optimistic " 

1 hate to say that they 11 win 
all ot them, but I wouldn't tie 
surprifsed I'm very high on 
them We are very strong and 
fairly deep ' 

Depth IS surely going to catch 
up to the women, although the 
gals .should go far strictly on 
taleni The men won't be as 
fiiscepliWc to the lack ol depth 
And I 'h e y have talent 
evcrvwhere It they have a 
weakness, Eul hasn't yet found 
it The Hawks. In their first 
'season, could win a nation,al 
championship Don t count on 
III, but don't cimni It out But do 
expect the Hawks to win the 
state and advance some In- 
dividuals to the national meet. 


Fast-break key for 1980 
basketball Hawks 

It Mil' OtWin' ever wants 
to finl im iMMtwll carw 
over, Karptr coach HngBf 

Bechlold wotfd more ilian ap- 
,Ai ••• 'IHc CMC in »». and 

III yean »a*t. the Hawk* are 
agi.ln lacking a big n,a» thai 
can dtinlnate the center 'ipiit. 
To alHtlaie ■mm* presauire 
with kt« .S'liorteomtng. 
BeditiM:'! taaiB wl'i ruB. and 
nMi iinil''nMi 
Aifo ■iMlnt tpun 'toll' ,]ieir'i' 
is gnardTliB UtgM.' 'Who 

was pniaWy the best ptrtl 
Bechlold h,is coachtd at 
'Hacftr He icl the single- 
season aid *in|le-fti»e 
records tor aisaMi. and' was a 
,aecond tean ,M,l-Siai)e choice 

"It's very dlBioiilt to repbee 
a player of Tim LO'fi**' 
caltiier.'"' says ifclilohl '"'Ht 
«H' ■ toHter on tn«' ewtt, 
Thai's •oniethtng ••try wnin- 

ll«c,lll,aid, 'Who was ■* leuh" 
male <il Wall FrHtirs oii 
.Soullwrn IBtBWil' sn basket 

'ball cfci'mplnn » i:K7. «IU b« 
'Starllnc !'*'■> tresnmen at the 
for*«fd ipiils. and another at 

Tin iMO-tl HaW'kS' will (*li» 
.much 'Of the style they did last 
teaion fast-break attenses, 
and a eollapslbie t,Mtr defense 
to key on opponents big ,nieii 

'Here is a 'hreakdow. hy pwrt,- 

Gnartt '- Kevin Murray, •>' 
loot"l 'guard trom Barringion. 
'«dl start, al the 'poml "He's an 
'ewelltni shoottr and «orti,s 
hard deteiisively He needs to 
impro've w thai area, and he's, 
mi'ktiig anettort tu miprovc 

Dave 'Strawn. ,1 i<-'')rr"'r' 
trom 'last year's ;"' i'> ; ' 
teaiM. will start at ihr utner 
giiirili sfxil 'He's tenacious, 
aggn»«lv'*, he gives the (liclie 
iiMpfreent " 

Pmhlnt Mwray an*! 'Siraw'O 
tor starling roles are MS'i* 
liiimC'Mon', sup I,.eui:,H, .and 
,.lero» l-eww "*'«• "'"»•■ ""' 
h«**' guard* '•■ni ' ■"^^•^• 
eal,lh«r,"' »«"* Uechi,.,';: i,'„.i' 

Cafeteria Game Machine Special 


TO' redeem eO'Upiiii me attendant at 

Finbaii Machine from 2-4 'p.m,. 
on >tni»niber 20 & 21 

Whatever happened 

to mtrsmiiii^&is • 

•■it mm0i" Keywidi My*. 
IHal pumttm tali Unce N*n 
•BtvutMl wttn llw •ddttkm ol 

tatkt M •§<* at Umf tltrte 

RtgtM aw. RwmMi i> plajr- 

lai (Nit tlie year, u to speak, 
iMping thai the Ititramura) 
iMiriltMtor wtll (Mcnme a full 
tinit pMttMW ncKl tall They 
ila need to tiirt lometMK)) to run 
lli« intrMiira) prognin ." tie 

i Ititnk if* great tor 
eterytxxly Seventy-fJvc per- 
cent ot itudeni acHvites fees 
gnei back to tlie students in Uie 
torni of supervising tolaiie* 

Fast-break key to Hawks '0' 

Tyrrell a success 

.CMMMMtf *im WW / preily in 

task Ml llH' H:a»k mmumI was tlwkU 
iht «I9 'PMT m IM' MWd lanifit 

tlHtfS|«l:|lK|«tlttal)M>n iMKMfl 
Ml lll||t.:MlMI. <illl. t JUMUt Mfcaptt 

:W«lMMy UW MK HIM (Or 

, rii.9»; hw; 


cewRHiM. 'TUn T|mll 


Hlfl) ScllBWl i 

tlie AW-Coiifereiice 
Ui quarterback talents, He 
«a* al«i mmta to the Ail Ana 
MIUBd tor lUa ibUtty at tlie 
'Maiuivt lMM:k position 

CiMklaiii ttmm fm aona IJBO 
rot* la Mia wMor yMT. iMVly 
IM al UWMW yarda. MM M' 'hit 
All 'State wMle re««l.wr Mark 
HudiM. who alio played al 

JaailM 10 the 
la tit slate 
ptayoffi hetere they were 

rh(>kia<t playcfl' only IH 
ganiA of lilt ati a aa titfem he 
■.a* jwMlntd Itir gpiMl 'Wifk • 

prelly tmpmntvr martui 
Omklad •wi xt> m n m- 
lor III :^ar«ta. two 
ma, and only one tn- 


Choklad hi* one tiig tdm 
over tooth Tyrrell and Loch, and 
that la 'liiat Oioklad tat played 
'ke't »o 'ftraagtr to the spot 
one other thine. *>* >f(M t° 

Tymil and Loch botli like to 
'run a hit but. Oioklad wtll Jiiat 
•II la tlH pocM. aatf watt for hit 
rMMnMtt'lO'tpta lip the field.. 

Nail MaiiM Cvaeh Ellaslk 
»IU have iliree dlflerHt talenta 

Ont; TlBi TjfWtl with hia 
■mpUI. 'laat ipMd tad occaahmal 

T*o; Dave Loch with hto 
hard nuimiiig up the middle and 
eKiremdy good Ucklng taleots 

Three. St-oK (lioklad with hl» 
patience to at in the pocket to 
watt for .hb receivers and the 


ftth «j>ertem-e and choicw 
like ittat. the Harper Hiwks 
will he (towing uvrr wltl) talent 
In a MiKKM that realiy tsurt 

Best of 1980 

«r have hettcr halance al thai 
ponltion. ' ' 

Beditold calls Monektim hit 
neat defensive player who 
■"nmi, the offeniie very well " 
LeilStl":! »tiOfflt.lng ahilHy fives 
BecMold the twury ol using ihe 
♦ I lophomore prtmanly 

ftfwafda - Freshman Tin 
Murray and freshman Cnti 
Meyer wtll ilarl at the forward 
ipoti. Bechlold calls Murray 
■"A very iwmplete hallplayer 
He plavt all facets «f the game 
»«rv well. He's experienced 
and anticipates well on 
delense I tltlnk he's going to he 
a (tttlhig intliience on our 
lean " 

01 Meyer, Bechtold says. 

He's very fundamental as far 
■s delense and rebounding 
He's also a good passer "Right 
Miind Meyer and Murray is «- 
fi Mphoaore Fernando Go« 
'He's an outstanding player 
Mt can play good offense and 
defense. He's the type that can 
KMtrala the quick offense 
shalllartowhat Logiszdtd The 
fast-break style fits htm well 

CtBlar - Where are you Ar- 
ils'' Cost will start at center, 
but will probably be replaced 
eventually by 6-3 sophiamore 
tiemetrtus Gaines Gaines can 
}ump and has the board 
tlren.gth Bechtold wtll need to 
Ignite the last break Alter 
D"» been with us a little longer 
and learn* the plays, he's got a 
g«id shot to start.," says 

Alsu al center ii «■« (re»hm.a.n 
Keith Miller. "He's a player 
that needs more «Mtvelopinenl, 
but he has Iht raw material lo 

htcMte a inad .player." says 

M.lhc Bayless. a returner 
from last year, would be 
puihing tor a starting role The 
l-9t lophomore is ineligible. 

OntMk - The talent and 
ipkfcnets and lea.m spee<1 are 
there How (at t.h« Hawks can 
go witlMHil a big man to combat 
the M or b 10 centers of their 
SC OTponenIs has yel to be 
seen. The Hawks will be forced 
10 collapse much like the style 
of defense NBA teams use to 
stop the Bulls Gllmore The key 
Is rebuundtng Unless the 
Hawks can pull dovrn some 
■rebs they won't be able to get 
their fasl-hreak offenses un 
tracked which could spell Irou 
Me .Speed, and overall shooting 
ability, are the Hawks 

While rebounding Is, at 
Bechtold says, an unknown," 
the Hawks inside delense is 
alio iiuestlonahle 01 the live 
playcra who Bechtold will start 

in Harpers opener against 
Oakton Saturday twily Goss is 
taller than fi 2 The Hawks will 
need development Iroro Miller 
and Games »t the center sptvl lo 
tree up Goss to play forward 

The depth at guard and for- 
ward IS tremendous The 
balance at guard is better than 
last season. "It's hard lo say 
over the long run," says 
Bechtold. "ivho's going to be 
the better guards " 

Tlie big three wo watch ool 
lor in confenence play are 
Triton. Illinois Valley and 
.loHct Tbe Hawks beat IV 
twice last season, lost to Triton 
twice last year. kMt to MIH 
twtoe last season 

■I feel we re going to be com 
petitive," says Bechtold "Go- 
ing in 1 feel positive It all 
depends on the strength of the 
other teams in the S4C " 

The Hawks are good enough 
now lo win nine, 10. maybe 1 1 
games And if tbey can slop op- 
posing big men. anything can 
happen How. if tbey only had 

Want hired help? 

Need a roommate? 

Have a car to sell? 

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a stereo speaker, a concert ticket? 

Use Harbinger Classifieds 

student classified ads are FREE. 

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Call Kathy Hix, ext. 4iO 

•$* mmiroum 


be too had l( you have more ties Ujan loaies, 
Caadh ol M yacr - This Is the tougliest choice Tht atcy way nut 
bt to pick the coach that had the btit record of Fall » that. 

1. wouMn'i be difficult Aamher wiy would be lo pick the 

adwat leaim made ihc Mggnt improvemtnt over the last 

waf . AfitB. Uial wwild bt' fairly easy , 
•wtr coach Sandar liaho waa a natural pick lott year, when he 

tank his first vear team la Ihe stale tinala and (he NJCAA Midwest 

Roflloiial, This year, the Hawks had a helttr regular-season record 
-1 !■«« - but tht Hawk didn t gel out of tht Matt playiiHs 
Poolball coach John Eliasik gels the nod on tht beat Improvement 

of bit ttaai in one season. The Hawk* started alow, as you might ««- 

Btd. at a tmtanan-orttnted but 'Uwy taint bacfe to wtn their 

Martha Boll's tennis team was ninth in the nation last year And. 
allhoiifh her women weren't ntar that mark this year. Boll did ■ 
grtil Job Sht took another trtahman-oricnted team and took it lo a 
credible M remrd Most of those freshman will bt Ktuntlng next 
year, giving boll a lot lo look forward to, 

Lynn HItcheaeh didn't take over as 'wmen's volleyball coach un- 
til Ihe summer I iiiipect her team w<mldve been much better 
cccard-itiie' had Hitchcock gotten tht )ob .laal spring. Another 
lnilMBa»«rlanttd team tht womtn tialiMd. wife two wini - one 
bttttr than last stason. But. agahi. the ttam was better than their 
record indicates Hiiclicock has a h»l to look Ibrward to In mi 

Jot Vltton has turned out thnt All-A»«rlcan nomiaees In two 
vein This vear the erosi country coach had the pleanurf of tutor- 
int Tom Placek and B.1II Bingham, Last year It 'warTtldd M.i:rtlra. 
Nest vear'' Only Vltton knows that 

Gary Glaaabnak took tht golf team lo a fourth 'place flniiih t.n the 
SK and turned out two All-NC players-Brian .Dum.ler and Mike 

" V& Iht itason of rail iii» is looked back upon, 11 womt bt 
rttntinhtrtd as a vlntagie year B'ynt*ureh.>ditsninmitliti 

., Mc , ..-irdialty invitwl to ,-silen.d an 





.s vTi Ki>.\\. in; < i:mbeh t* at. nu.w. oecembhh 7 

Northwesl Campus Downtown Campus 

Arlington Heights 430 S , Michigan Ave , 

10 00 am, 10 A 00 p m 1 30 lo 3,30 p,m 


srmatlon. call 253-9201 


For more information, call 253-i200 or 341-3515 

Tutoring center: an aid in elevating grades 


TUMUlf? W)M fwcdt K'* 
K'vtty •Mdtol at lluiMr' r«l- 
!«■• 1$ entUM to thii km tm- 
vkt. (riMs imiftiie •Im an 
igodMl with "f s" mn tKamt' to 
"C" aeiiic'vcn vMa •rent 
MtlitM vitli tlMsir f railc, 

IDt lulortiif emitm U a^m 
MoMlay Dm<>|l< Frtilay Iran 
l;llam «i»'li|>m. Wmaaif 
UlMigli Ihwwtay. Mill M:» 
MM. Ml 3 p'.M Frktajr. TtaM 
are Ult ttrnm In whtt- li Uie l«ir- 
nlnf lab i> oltwully ii|MMd, 
atUMuili IMMT* v*o' aMordlng 
wltlt Hit littof'* indtvidwu 

Tutorirm Is olfanil m virlujtl 
ly twry nan» • aJxMiJ •»*> i . * lift 
i MMlaii'ty rullni llMr muracs to 
M alftml. tf mcMiiti rmjuests 
■I* ^inaili tar • iif«ciflc f iib)«ci. 
■mi K pnfeaMy wM't bt long 
bulHf* a tiMr' can be Urotf in 
(hai amii. SlwlMit are aahtd iw 
call est. SJW to rfMrwt imm 

Frw luimii aay bm talm 
jiway il nliMltmii tall to cmmply 
witb UiC' cMXClMta. iMM'icir 
makinf. n (w tattt tclMiltiM' ai>- 

MMtiiM'.il. iinleis cancelled at 
M«i low iMiun prim to a 
IciMn. > Esc;c|i(la« are fM* 
Iw Hint m »r ather p'n>t>teni . > 

Tlie (.'"•I maiM rum a telt 
bwiir. viuite all iestiMt 
'ttHrtaltcr run a )wir iwur A 
undent, may unly ht hvtped a 
lalf Iwur IW wiwk in «ac-h »ub- 
Jact bttiig tutored There are 
loecial ctrruimtanm. il rirti 
WeiHieil. aiKJ okJiyett willi tbe 
IMnr and Uw> pertoa being 
MiMWi. when a ttudent may 
"III la* oit anoUier studenl'i 
ItlfOi) Mure than three 
iMtnts wisiung to "til tn" on 
the' ftme neintm must flnii. br- 
ing u|) (be mailer with Mrs 
O'DonneU, the tulonng coor- 

to drawing a general 
ctasHttlcatian tor thofe students 
utitltlag the lerviee, both the 
tularsaitdMrf tl'Donneil were 
iflrielly approached, only to 
ilKover that "general" w as Ui- 
appnipriate bccaiiae there it a 
definite varfaty of Msof le who 
lettalored Mn OnoMllbad 
rategortied the itntenla into 
lour ma)or fcroutm 

•ynung adult tgem-ially low 
.ac:M»v*n. gntne in college 
itlrceity 'rom high K-bnoD; 
• (Mar ttialMiiii (people wto 
•R SMiiliii back to ichoot. and 
have a dimeuit (tme adiustlni 
to iiM' new eiivinoinapt Iran 
how It wan S ^ar« aioi: 
■ returnloi women 'high 
acbiei'en, but need to build up 
tbclr Mortdeneei. •Iweign 
tludenit I •Hose native 
language isn't English, and a* 
a reautt. espenewe a "culUire 

Bob Brandt > biology tutor i 

*aid Irom his experience. 
Student* wh*> use the center 

areni really pmpUf with l«ar- 
ninipmblems at all. but rather 
need tfiefr confidence built up 
In (art. the irony in tutoring is 
that all I ever do is rv-explatn 
the student's notes to hini, the 
notes thai he himself look In 
elaas " Brandt added. "I Just 
want people to reallie that 
»e"re mtt m feet lalt heeauie 
'«a lular. tat are |ic«rt. and 
'KiidaMs. JuM like tliam and 
we'd like to lee them ito well ' - 

Students who (jualify lo be 

tutors must have received an 
"A" at Harper in thut course, 
or have obtained at least a " B + 
" (rmh aiMUllier college. The 
tranacrlpt nr proof of having 
taken the course must be sub 
milted directly lo the tutoring 
renter along w-tth an appllca- 
tinn A degree. In a particular 
Held, alio qualifies a person for 

Payment lor tutors i» 
distributed on the basis o( ei 
perlence. Also required for all 
potential (ulnrs. Is a reeotn 
mendatlon Irnm the Imtrurtor 
al the course in whlcti he would 
like to tutor Granted that w 
mcone is given the opportunity 
to tutor, some helpful tutoring 
techniques will be brought to 
their atlentlon This Iratning 
has proven not only lo he 
beneficial (o the student, a 
tutor explains, but lo the tutor 
as well Tutors hawe found it 
eupcclally helpful to inlroduce 
themselves to Ihe instructor! s 
of that course before its one 
professor see* it as> (Iddltng 
with bis students minds ' 

What are some of these 

lechniqiies employed by the 
tutors" Mrs tt Donnell points 
out that It IS highly advisable 
that the tutor obtain a copy of 
the syllabus from Ihe instructor 
teachinK that course This way 
tiie tutor may prepare In ad- 
vance for the student's upcom- 
ing meeting Brandt conctudet 
that professors will occasional- 
ly ask that the tutor Introduce 
himself to his classes, as this 
personal touch seems to really 
sway former "onlookers' to 
the Idea 

Once hired, tutors are re 
quired to go through a formal 
eight-hour training program, 
lor which they will get paid 
Tutors will learn the im- 
portance of eye-to-eye contact, 
learn to examine the exact 
nature of their problem, ap- 
proach It on whatever level 
Willi which the student can 
easily idenlKy. be made aware 
of any symptoms indicative of 
a leanning disability problcin. 
and tan then be refeired over 
to professional people trained 
In that area These are only a 


William Rainey Harper Colleie 
Palatine. IIIimis 

Vol U No. 14 
December 4. 1980 

Anderson rep. denied, Bush ushered in 

A Maiyer Callege m 
•-ftilig to have a rtpment- 
:!ve ol precidaatial hopefiil 
:>Hn AMlvKM ipeaft iM' cam- 

me lMI"llial armnaaoMilBliad 
I ainadi been 'made for a 
representative of the 
Reagan /Bush caint>al|)> to ap- 
pear on campus. 
Student Dennis Qravel 
WMpll appmvat tram Jeanne 
I Pantanlii director of student 
»ctr*IOl«, lo have tb* reproseh' 
tat(«« address Harper 
students. According to Cravel. 

Pankaoln' tuned down hit re- 
quest an the gnnnda thai 
l-larper Is a cnnsenattve 

"ilM' toliil m» the tchool 
wnuliln't spownr a speaker 
tiecausc It was a ctmaervative 
school." Gravel laid, 

Accnrdtni to Molly Watle, 
political science .instructor, 
(jravel's request was deiiM. 
■pparestly ai the sane tine 
Pankanlt) was ,making. ar- 
ratifeaettlstohavc a rcpreneii- 
tative of the Reapn./Buiil) 
campatgrt speak m c am'pi:' 


.Pankaatn (UatM Gravel's 
claim and cited Hie coltcfle It 
tOMrrvatlve in lis views, 
Howrever. P»B,k»Bta faiwdl 
recall any such incident, 

"I dmn"t e»en remem'ber Ihe 
iiadent, I would have him 
the same as t would have told 
anyone the pldfellMt the col 
lap bai coneemlng. poUticil' 
eanpalgii'ing." Pankanin uld, 
'"] can say he is 'not right 1 
voted for ' A,nderson, I would 
.have wanted Mm on cantpui., ' ' 

M ,apparcnt ,mininden>ta,tt- 
lliig' .oanc 'between .Pankanin 



H'fttfr ttiry may not tir Mttrk 

^■■". ^'■.- *'> . '■ yef. 

', .':'.■■ ,.' Care 

ciiHatm mrrr li'mmj in S dip 

M^UmptM m t .series at swim 
.Imhhm oTftmi hy aquatic* 
rfajsps' Atjuiilu-y "fudeiltt 
.1(1 J tiDti udrji-y^ ,(,fi tiled 
f-wrenla and cMMien lo a 
w,ri!* 0f 'immm rtMtiMrf' t« 

M-nnaifrt ihf rkftiinm i*l'Wt B>e 
' (!MI- 

ani Crate! concerning the 
group sponMrlAg the speaker. 
"Supp««edly. M'HCM I the can- 
pus .raiit» iiMteui •» going 'to 
sponwr Any potlttcal' caa- 
(tldat* hat lo bawe a sponsor." 
said, Pankanin. 

"'When t said it should be 
tponinrcd, by a club, t meant 
IhMC IMed tfi the guidebook 
specif icaJly a club not receiv- 
ing a large chunk of student ac- 
tivity dollars. WHCM is .not a 
club , II Is na organuation ' ' 

Gravel denied WHCM was 
siMinMirlng the group "The 
tlilnf was WHCM was not going 
to sponsor it They were go.lng 
to help nut - get microphones 
and ipeafcer* - mt officially 
■porisor it, " 'G ravel said . 

Alihoii^ she does not recalt 
the inclMnl, Pankanin teds 
(hat, acting in ber 
capacity, she would have given 
Gravel a list of campus groups 
eftgltile tn sponsor a speaker 
'I would have given him a list 
of clubi and advisors I don't 
recall the tocident." Pankanin 

Gravel never received ■ list 

or suggestkin as to where he 
could iM a sponsor "I never 
got anything, he said 

Jeli '8«ali,. Mb of vice- 

pnaldcnt elect Gmtft Bush. 
aditrcaaed a Harper' audience 
Ocl. M. According to Pankanin. 
the Pollllcal .Science Chit> spon- 
sored his appearance Walte. 
political science club advisor, 
said thai Ilie group did not in- 
itiate Bush's appearance 

"I am not sure exactly how it 
was arranged Jeanne 
Pankanin seemed to arrange «. 
Maybe they used our name but 
she arranged it It was a kind of 
last minute thing." Waitesald. 

Pankanin said she referred 
Keagan/Bush campaign of- 
ficials to the club alt,er they 
made a request to have a 
speaker on campw. 

"They sponioreil the pro- 
gram When someone wants to 
sponsor something, a mass. 
political forum, anything, I 
refer tbem to the appropriate 
club. I contacted the political 
science club, ' ' Pankanin said 

Harper policy is that any 
political speaker appearing on 
campus must have a sponaor. 
Any outside groups sponsoring 
a candidate must pay the col- 
lege a rental lee for the use of 
space Any students wishing to 
sponsor a candidate must find 
an on-campua group to sponaor 
the event. 

Head soccer 
coach Szabo 

Pat* L Tlw MarMnfir. 


No signed cont ract, concert cancelled 

^00 CAKf WiW 
feM ALL 

r/ie Revitalization of the Community Collegi 

'ttw W'lLUAII ftl' RAMPILK* JH. 

TiM 'MMMMiKir ««l:legt i« ttif 

iMt «l llw Mtor mhm iMttlu 

tlnni. wi'Di liir r«|)actt>' in 

ne tilt ctttling edge of llw 

Inr AnwrKw mcM}- 

*tlM" 'Ml)in IKf llM MdiMICtliljl 

iMntnierKlMi I* iiwit tnm o( 
INilille U|licr iNliirattoii and tlw 
cliM* ■■inciilwl wtili thM 
(ailwt iirc: ciitit(.;ap<iriir}' 

fi'MM. TnMlllliifial l|> Krwlef' 
«i iiils»l<int-*iiil-|:n'«i» 
st«'ieiii»iit'i aii'il 'fttilt'ltc- 
rclaiiMi* lniiafCfi' iki' m( tagm 
In Rwct tlW' cxttKKMMj and in- 
pIM' nwili dl uftMn. Aiacrk-a 

m «• citcr ttM ilM't. malar 
iMMk art tiawglni. that ean 
to 'pMwttit nlalyati M' tlw 
nw«»l and. nvtiatitstMii w( 
cMUMiiilyottNi** TiMvaK 

• The ireitly iiicrea*«4. 
niuiatter o* ••iii« »iilv«l[y 
dirterntntd hi iil>iai(i tli« 
ee#M«le >d'w«iilain aftd 
itatai tMiMtlte «i' MflMr 4MM»- 

• incnatiiiig 'iiiltiim tvMWM 
wUcrtliM llw ncMittntnda- 

> «l IKt CarmiMr CwiMit 
I U Mat UMliflM and 

•inleaill itaadi'tntaied 
.)ir«itili iittcily into tli« 
coMmiWltr'ntltpi tirrv iti 




tr*ii'-l«'iiit cmllcgti t'lid 
Mtf «niUn to li]iMier'«M{ Ideal 


• Tilt lallw iiC a Mc* Mac- 
MiW tllMWI«. m tit*' mytli <■«' 
( atllwnoe ef«lct 
r«>ff •dttmimik*' 
1 of' filiicaiiiici 

■ MlMUllllCMieilt 

•f" rtlirMg fralffHiM*!*, 
•mlnn 'dIm irc' diii|i)iie«t «r 
llNN* «lKM» ikin* art MMiMt 
and' wto n«cd* rctraiiiinf. 
Iltwral arti B A 'n Ms WMl 
Mciflc anacr trsBiiiig. tMl 
ilt piNiliii iiinilKr Id' 
In iHtral wiMi' vaiil • ««lil 

t IHI llMi innrv and iiiarW' 
art c(il«rliti|t uisiiiu- 
tlHii. Hi' 'Wgtof ediicatMi hm 
alnadf liai at «ttnr«-*M» «l- 

lid. iMit llw fiirwnt ilatWK* 

d0 nut tetgtn to nsflisci itie »- 
creait winiaii w l:h* 'Hienl 
ilM^adc The proprtion 0)' 

ymmt women <'ll to ti yetr» 
aid.) Mtcatteg tntitrMl. to •!- 
i«m'd)'Mi c«lilc|« lit* 
AjcriKilM'Ml. Cdlltit wmumI' nt 
tlie ai"* will dcniMd txteiialw 
nirtitytkiniJ wterm* and (*r 

MM*! HipMsllOlHl tlWfMMMIt 

III ttittr nrfrts i«»n *d ihoite 
■|irt»'Kiusly en:n»Hed' Ujiwart 
iMUitlltv, MiuivalcM *tat'W. 
miMM arcvM t(i all artia nl tUe 
ciirrwu'tii'm. »*re winiiaa 

teacliert llKW* art imly tlie 

iNRinotng. <i( m tnmriiMM* i»t- 

SiMMf nei|MtiM and |m- 
imal««tr dti«rMiratlng.tdiica- 
tl«Mt Mil mclat tuiartt ar* 
e«ii«i|i»r«,ry reallliet lor 
xmm Aitierkans. (wrtltiilart}' 
im mewlieri <il mlmirHj 
grouiis Ma»ivt mumben «il 
^MinK p#«>i)le, targtly cmicun- 
Iraled tn urtiM arcai. ;ntlM lie 
Uniuilit mto tlw inatMtniHt 'OC 
MK-iet} thratigH ■tiec«aful 
lidiJcatiuMil iMerwoHMM. 'Tlie 
atlamanre It ttW' dtntaHHIMt 
iM a iKinnaMni Mdcnrlau. Tlw 
wptoilve fuR-ul, eeniiiimic. and. 
fdlliical aMM*i|ii«MM> id' tucli 
'iMgMitt ii*r«!«t talnail)) wtii 
iniifr way < wnM Iw devsumt 
Mil dtiiit>c" mdetj- , 

Prwiari* ■cimn to prrvunl 
criMs Ihrauglt |Kt»tltv« in- 
terveniira ktocild liicltide 
cartfiily (tlanned m<d in- 
fleaenltil ei|ianti<in nl 
oiin«iin(iy-«lletf wrviee* t# 
■MM. llM ntal Mttdi 111 dliad" 
fiMtofed' fmillt. .PngrtiBt n 
'liaaic:-tkltl» trailntaf. fiiU 
prtvanllon. mi nturtii' 
tweaniiit aiMl mlatiMl: vnca- 
ttRial. .ifMcWtiatlnMi are :ib-' 
Mliiit tnHiniial* and IMei' 
milt 'IM' rMt'dtnated witn 
MiiiiiMlIng, •d«Mi|. carttr 
or^iMtatMt. sMl rtltrral and 
|ila«iiietit sen-wet 

PMnctlanal iltiltracy. ryr- 
itnlly pMdMitt. niwl be at 
iMtM and 'larpili titinmaied 
Tfcat •HI mm prwimialy 
'deiirtfMI MtaitMn tit 'wmwii 
mm. m&i nptit temtt tu itw 
•yMem liiii iitr flianc« tit Mr 
f t«f It and reap at leaat KMit at 
«• tlenel'lt» *';»«lli in llw 
clientele Inr higlMr educalMin 
ewBing from thoM tnan 

cipalad ntlltane will have 
jMictliw (Itwi- and lnng-r«ngi> 
effect* im llw future of cnni" 
nwitity calleMe*, and will 
ilgiuteantly IncnaaC' 'llw nit 
Md innucnct mi tfimt cnl'lcgni 
in ttwir cnmnunttlH . 

Tlw ulcady 'decliM of MiMdl*- 
tltai eciMwiiK Md anettf 
Mill*, tweaint itf (tiratyiinf 
wlUttiM and: tlw •cwNMite 
dewalnnii «( tlie Mit two yaari. 
!■ dtalNngliig tlw ii:HM«ail'|f' 
(talilt' (Mindat'lM uniltr inititu- 
thwi at Mgher education. A> 
m'liUe-clati fanllM natkp 
ttwir f'inaiwlal (irMrttit*, a 
ftwnf mtgratiM of tliaiiiawll 
•I ftwienii eurrently atiending 
wiMilt awa^ tniBi 'home w lak,- 
ing place. The iiudentt 
'primanly invniveil tat Omm 
mdying lor a bac'helw's nr 
carttr dtgret wlw are mm 
'dtcMIag In take (heir tint two. 
ytart at a meal tow-ootl imtttu- 
l.tiM' Klillt 'IMng .at .Imiiie. Tlwrt: 
11 lutlt iiiicatlMi that 'iwwt of 
tlw nature tiew-ftar Inntliu 
tkami. can rtadlly rvpand and 
:Mrf kse large numben nt tlwic 

nanenl laywd'n and nrfti- 
ed ptrMptwn* of the IMii* nl 

hlut cotlar fntx have Imnighl 
mm awarenett. of the need Iw 
hHHer-ttwel Iralnmg The 
munalitr of panple going dtrect- 
ly lr«in Mcnndary achMl to 
tnlit wfti decline ai the demand 
fur ikitl* requiring pmt 
'Mcnndary eduealtiin rtwn. It is 
aiM elenr that wwrteri whnae 
■k.M> tamnw ibwltle nrlll 'tv- 

quire addmonat training Com 

raiinity cnlleM. tndu«iry 
IocmmI ilnw. Ihtlr in«pu«n, 
will have tn cnllahnratr more 
eliiiely with Itfmr organlaa.. 
tlnns and iiMliiatrief tn mwi e(- 
iKtlwIy the training netds nt 
Iwth groups 

Tlw tncreasefl c«'pect.Btwns 
f J older pimple 1 who now make 
uji the largest and moat rapidly 
groniing negmcni of the popula- 
imni wltl dem.and a new 
so|iht»tlcation and MMttMIr Ift 
their need* amltRpectatioiiS'On 
Ihe part ot cotninuiiity-Mllege 
leaden It wwld be naive > and 
dangerwiti to aawime tuppart 
ot iMiltUtMM at higher educa- 
'two liy nMtar people without 
real Insight and widely 
puhlieiied rwponses to thetr 
developing education im 

Such cmMlmtnt will not 
come easily Optimal 
availabltiiy of ■erv'let*. and 
naxtimm effort by faculty and 
tUft memberi are the 
minimum mpilrcnienls An 
Klapltvt f Hwuid be 
ntlartd at lleiillile and realitttc 
tine* in eirally aceeaat.ble loca- 
tiont both on .and bit Ihe cam- 
puK and (killed uie ihnuld he 
made of sorb new technologies 
a..f cable telrviston. the 
microproceMoi- and the 
vldeodix .. among nthera 

The critical decade ahead 
muat lee tht< developmeiil of a 
new: c'lais of a(l«.lnl*traior .tn 
tht community cnll«gei.-an 
academic nroiiiMlnnnl with 

Mpnisiicated management I 
ikttls. tocially and politically I 
aware, and responsive lo the I 
community There will also be | 
a need lor protcssMnal public 
relations and marketing citorts I 
that will present the insliiullunl 
accurately while emphasiiing I 
the benefits o( its programs and | 
The coming of age ot the ex 
community college will I 
the development of new I 
ilbllllles toward youlhl 
Older petipw and academic I 
and career -orienied students, a I 
greater involvemeni ol women I 
and memOers al minority I 
giwips. and a dynamic pro- 1 
gram of comrounlly service T 
Such an instltuiion can really I 
Wad the way to new democrat ic | 
vistas tor America 

Wmam M Randte. Jr former] 
auMMt vict-chancellor lo. 
eduCMthnMplaninng md dirrcj 
(mr of tefe^ommuwiiitions aff 
Ct(ra/Wfa Communlti College.] 


tarilllam Ralney itarner Catlege 
AlganquMi t RnMlle Roads 

.patatnw, JLmm 

laWar-mciiM . Vmm WMMOiriHil 

Letter to the editor 

In .reiponae In the November 
» WMw of the Harbinger in 

PIS'i K' I mil .nkUfCn VJI "' 

I her vww nt the ciirrant 
student cvaluattoni of 'Itatper 
teaehtng penonnel. I was par* 
ticutartty upset to learn that 
thcae amres have or had In- 
fluence over such serioitt 

Mlliig and in need ot improve 
laant. However. m.tsuied. as 
M* Keresmdlcattdlthadhetn 

In the pan at Harptr. It It not 8 

.eominKtive lool, but hai 'the 

polHiiat ot being a danieinis 
I iMMitfer II Kaifar 'Studcnla 


of otir lO'' 

gmng. I 


imad proimly' an. cvahia.* 

twa l|. a wlat _.., 

toot, a baroinet»r.. a vaMMe 
avenue to Improve llw 1 
of waUnctton U U la 


Uin Limn Guyl 
MiuuMltir KMkyHb 

Jot KmL Nora M 
■MiiuMii Mtlaaai'lc. ftoUjr K* 
Kill Pfcpalllll l, m tttatbrrt. | 


fWilieaUan Inr nti 

'IB. diM thiiwi pkft 
iluiM. MidtnilyM^ 
as I taking into coo- 
tlw lack of per 
and validity many ol 
mdoiitf unettions hadi 
used as conatmctlvc 
lania, and not as a weapon 


M la* OTMcr •■< oM MeanMy tlMMr| 
M ntt ftlf. ■> il wumi ili 

baay A4vcni*mi| 

PilMbtKI«>ada«« AIIU<tcr*.| 

■ ■a— mam a* il^id Nn 
Mcti MtarM 


iKorbel applying research to improve microwave 


i )ust love whjit I'nt dotng. I 
love (lie MiMtenii 1 lliorai#iiy 
■aloy teachtng. " Dr Suun 
Karbcl, prnreiior a( 


Kwbci. IMKIM' llvt dlltorcnt 

|i*ycliiit«i||' clkitia, but 
rtmuli pifiiMkm was bar 
prunaf) MwMl nwn iIm *M' 
>tu#lii| HI B^rlw U'ntvtrstty 

Mit lie •■nml Iwr .ni.d uid 

lantMiglit ■ ycar^ 

Slit then taught tt the 

Mverally of Artuwiuu where 
I betan raMtreUnf the er- 
la of ■krawavaa on rat*. 
She ceotlBiMd her reeearcli for 
welve yean. She fbund Uiat 
iiw rats that were aipaaeil to 
t&e nae levtf at micniradla- 
«• afe aspoaad to. 
"At IM. they 
[ tealy hj^pe^'hcltve, then 



they were normal, then they 

•tit'Shiiilah. They were more 
•iMilenaraiid they hail more 
leatnUig ptobiemi They alto 
were iMFe leUure prone and 
more ftreiied. " Korbel said 

Or. Korbel has bad several 
articles published on ber 
reaearch -They were publiih 
ed In psychology and biology 
jmnaia," the said 

"I Mt I proved my point 
altar twelve yaara of rewarch 

M now t Juat apply it I basical- 
ly wanl li> use it lo help form 
standards on mtcnjwaves In 
this country " 

In wn, t>r Korbel Joined the 
Harper itaff because "it of- 
(ered good factlltirs for 
research ■■ She enjoys leaching 
here and thlaks her style of 
teaching was Influenced by two 
prolessors she had at Baylor. 

"One was a statistics 
teacher I got tht organiiatlon 
In my classes from him 
Everything 1 talk about is 
outlined and every semester 1 
either totally revise or partially 
revise The other professor. 
Thompson, was always up in 
his area of teaching No in 
tonnatlon was old \nd 1 think 
It's Mile to teach students old 
stuff." Koftwl said That's why 
•he is ctinstantly reading 


On any regularly prictd 

album or tape 





TiiKup Pass Shopping Center 
Tin Golf Road 


In Schaumburg, Golf & Meacham 

Thursday, Dec. 4th 

Country Rock Night 

WJJD-WJEZ pres«-nt» 


il.96 cover chargr 

Friday, Dec. 5th & Saturday, Dec. 6th 


Tiekem tS.WI in advance 

B'Ginnlngs now open 7 Days 

Sunday, Dec. 7th 

NOCOVtR. >0 >11MMI M 

Every Monday Night in Dec. LIVE ! 

Chic«©o's Best Team - Automatic Bombshells 

I'nmedi.i'etY tollowlns NFL Football on 3 Giant Screen* 

& lights 
Sandwiclies i 
Oilier Edibles 



in the 

HooHttii Conniofls 

SlM^ng Center 

■; mi West of RT 53 


material on psychology 

In her spare time, she eats 
and sleeps "I don't think I ever 
caught up from graduate 
school." she )ok«<) Shedoesen- 
)ay water activities such as 
swimming, sailing and morkel- 

Korbel also enjoys traveling 
•I like the ruins o( Egypt and 
Greece, but I also like Africa 1 
love animals It I wasn't 
teaching psychology. I'd pro- 
bably be a veterinarian " 

Her favorite animal Is her 
dog "It's an afgban hound I 

love afi^ans from my love of 
the Egyptian culture which ts 
where atghans onginally came 
from" Her afgban' s name Is 
Karnak. "I wanted all my 
afghans to have names thai 
began with KA I went the easy 
way this time by naming him 
after the ruins in Egypt" 

As for Or Korbel's future, 
she is going to continue 
teaching at Harper "I like 
teaching. That's why I'm stay- 
ing If I wanted to. I guess I 
would leave but I'm doing what 

Harper Crusade 
contributions hit 
new mark in '80 

Harper College students, 
classified staff, faculty Local 
II and administrators increas- 
ed their contributions to tite 
Crusade of Mercy by ua per- 
cent over the 1979 campaign 

Thirty four persons gave a 
Fair Share gift which means 
that they contributed one day's 
pay or more to the Crusade Of 
these persons, twenty-three 
Fair Share givers are members 
of the classified staff 
Classified staff members also 
tripled their contributions over 
1979 Karen Morgan solicited 
six Fair Share givers, while 
Santiago Gutierrez received 
contributions from KM) percent 
of the persons contacted 

In addition, contributions 
have been received Iriim the 
student Senate pool touma 
meitt awl the eleven "Changr 

for the Crusade of Mercy" 
canisters placed throughout the 
campus Harper staff con- 
tributed t7.4(M to the Crusade. 

Staff who gave "Fair Share" 
include: Shirley Acks. l^a Bar- 
tow. Lynn Bocage. Sue Brooka, 
Gwen Brown, Ben Dallas. Bar- 
bara Deer. George Domer, 
Betty Flynn. Joyce Hill. Bill 
Howard, A. Farrell Irvine. 
Debbie Kurowskl. Jan 
Langdon. Irma Lee. Dam 
Magno, Jim McGrath. Liz 
McKay. Rita Michalak. Karen 
Morgan. Janice Myers Judy 
Nossem. Liz OConnell. Joyce 
Pemberton. Lora Redmond. 
Ralph Rohling, Kathy Setser, 
Richard Smolarchuk. Tom 
Thompson. Hilda 
Tomaszewsll. Michele 
VanLooo, George Voegel. Carat 
tack. Mardia Zaroora 

up some 


No Charge First Consultation 

T.W. Flynn & Assoc. 's 

Attorneys at L«w 



1 Ttafflc Ticket Canvletlfliia 
WUI Buapand Your Lleanae 

Drank Driving 

Real Estate 

.Aasaull ii flattery 

Traffic Tickets 
Personal Injury 
Workmen* Comp 

lUanjuana Charges 
Revoked Licenief 


14 Hour Answering Service 

Office Hours 

:t mi-'. H)p m DailySa.m.-lp m.Sat. 

Attorneys at Law 

W8(l» •» Tin ntmwHUlffm'w I 

Stiidents reap many benefits of tutoring center 

l««.. aiBiiag many jioWm 
wittuitil by Mr* ODwnnell' 
itiieiMl «l»i1im U» iratataf 

Htapir »»««•• liav"'n« «■*'« 
liMCfl. WMw'tng pruitrtm ta tJ» 

•ttt*. Mn O'Downell II- 
Miitratei. to» ftlterrt tm «l«>i*f<f 
On) inmil>»r o( stutlem* «. tlie 
Miirtiii progrmm omiiartsl 
«ltli: li»t year's* (ifurw. Th# 
IMcrit gdvenimetit pays for 
rvervwv aofldnf mtkr the 
tmoiilll »«»««. The center is 
IumM mmt0. Bie KducatMM 
■I hmla •** ttw stucitiit 
'Pla«tifaii*a|i' Gniw StuiletiU 
are. titrtftirt. required w gh* 
Iteir mtm atcurny num.ber 
•lieif lliey ■Ign. up tor ihe pr» 

Wtlat Itaipiicw ■• tlXM wlM> 
aliD fail -wwrtng"* « *>«m'< 
matteir i( a studenl praclicaliy 
"U¥«" m l»ie tuloring center, 
tltcrt wHl alway* be » haraJtut 
»»r»tiidentsiitoiuit can t get il. 
■aid Mr» O'DwimsII It » iw« 
■to tiittin fauit, the fault of tlw 
imtriKlurt'. m that of tlie stu- 
dent.. Who'* taiiit la it Uwn? Om 
mm firfi iMgiii by aMlriliif 
m ittaMm. «M» tatbtn 
Wummm (a«e«awilng Mar). 
An IlKwe itiMlMti tafeUM a 
"conrst overload" thi* 
• Do ilMty *mn a part 
Wt '' - - . 

ilMi aboiM vtewtng anf 'alliMt 

tier «iiidtritl.aiidliig" THey dalm 
lliey're at » "■deail tnd."' 
Ttwv've Juit pi to pais Iht* 
amne and time ti wt. 
Mrs. Evcntwn rec«m.ftrm.* tbal 
II may he 'thai Um«" to re- 
«¥ eettal* prtorttlei 
Wkletl i« moTf Importanl to tlie 
»iiidi»iii..-|riti!i»j s "T>" »t d 

potttUt "f tn ,1 ii;t-^^ 

aecau»e !li*y muM rush 
Ihrowgh »c(w»i in l.h«K twti 
y«r»'' OR gelltag an "A" or 
■"B" and spreading the couries 
mt over » two »«id » t>alt yw 
r? T<» have a dtplimia ts 
bitl tlie gra<(« ar>- 
itir de«'kinii factor as to whrti 
collejte oiif may transfer, th.) 
is If they ,i)rt working under .- 
traMKer program. 

"Why do itudeiit* IMI llial 
they .ha¥e to get an aaaodatt 
itegree in two yean"". ailMt 
Mr*. Eveuson . . -"Panrnti. 
put presmre on the stuAmtn to 
get their d<>gree and giet out to 
be Independent' If yo«i're laK 
IR| tno much In Khw>l. mi] 
then do«nf poorly in a couple ul 
elaaiet. they wonder whafi 
wtwii. Thii c»n v«ry easily 
CMH: tlw student* to gel 
imlrMiit, and even enough lo 
drap .ant of caUatH! " It seems 
thai too many people are in too 
of a hwT). and In some 
«iU be an iodica- 

fcsr In be en- 
tirety lupportlve of the tutorteg 
program II really delights 
thMn to dtanvcT' •tndenta of 
UMr't taking thC' liaie to aci- 
llw' imoci, and havlnf aay dlf- 
fleialt material elaHfted fci' 

iht lomlag iMiw . li 
landa. ITMo by Wla Sarial 

them Instructor Dominic 
Magno. mathematics division, 
tald. it's ol overall benefit to 
the student A peer can 
■ometlm«t put tl Into words so 
thai llie atudeot will better 
nndantand It, compared with 
tlK termtnojogy used by the m- 
itructor I'm very much sup^ 
portive of the iMlortng system ' 
"It dMtnt tmOior me If a 
tutor MrodwM a new way to 
■olve a particular probltai." 

■ i n WHi T IC i l n li ial ii mm ewgtv* tmattag !■ any a tada ^ i 

on lilt flnl flaoe of BMa* W. IIm e^Nw Is WMfpoMad iiMh 

liaid Magno. "as hmg as the 
answer Is correct. Although no 
short cuts should be taken when 
explaining the mathematics 
behind aproblem " 

Atst. Professor Judy Miller. 
English dtvlilon. added. "I use 
the tutoring center as an in- 
tricate part of my Eng 101 and 
102 courses The individual at 
lention one receives at the 
Mnter has proven to be very 


Students, in the program alto 
speak highly ol the service. 
Said Ivorna Hunt, physical 
education major. "I believe the 
tutoring center is really suc- 
ceaaful. in that you're working 
on a one-to«ne basis, and this 
lets you clear up any problem* 
you had trouble with In data 
Too often though, students are 
'scared off" by the tutors, 
when many times, we end up 
making friend* with them ° ' 

II aoaco *r titoi 

It StngHi 4* Ffagmwa 

M Pok* nanda 4* Aaan'Bliy 

M tmoDm' SO i 

catmm S9! 

S* AuMarr » Flavor 

.at Momiailon MUkh 

nrrri- rxrB' rrur 

I 'VCfi: rcF.i: tXFt 

nt'iipn rrrx trcr 
nrnccrE rrrx,rcc 

or: cor rrcrcr 
nnnEr:.:rr(r ror; 
^CKC rrrrrricr.^ 
n«:iH c:rrpr:rr; err: 
naocoDOcr r.crc 

CEO ci:ctiicr.r: 
nrPDOr crncc 
BcnoErt: protcrr 
nri'^D ~crr ccrnr 
nirific BficE crECC 
■rrrE CDUC rccc.i: 

HAS k iPfOAL mm m first time 


S0% OFF S0% OFF 

tar all cusloMwra 

■33 E.Algonquin 

{l(n«l«<»«*lolRti Ml 




with your 


Suggest them 

for '^Teacher 


Submit naiDM 

and departraents 

to the Harbinger 

BIdg A367 


9m SAif 

$ti ft i:;,*i' wyp-'n &m'^ ** «'*§* »' fifWi. 
TYI^IHG tiOVtCe . W#nir v4MM"l ttlprHMiKt 

nil FiiittrftD flwu. w'fiM'ii ivimrm 
AM-f M f:mmm. tHwp #*«*■ mm%. 'X 'nmi 
iaw<r&«n««*»if Cull DOW s*v™ 

rtmifW* r 'If" " ' '■* ■" J" -■ * f '■■ ' ^ "■ ■ ^ J " "'■ I 
QUE EM '^: -' 

rtOUSI OH UKl TO ttINT 7 bdrm ntar 
A-iipim Ski L(Ulg« in BurhfiQion. wwam'^^ 
for >a wt**. «»' wfffkfi^n C#ii Wi IWS 

ifncMiv «o«TE c*HtO:, PS pa, ac 

foil ^Aif -n v^.n^'f^n iX. cUnip, AC 

imiiiill ■,;■ ' ■ '*'^'^ *6.:f''> 

fON ■.».■•» *Werr« !_(■-■ 


fm Mil. nMKifiwt Sikpoariii %k!,*. l«)ci«i I 
SaiomiMi u* mima*mi mm strMW 'tmt J 
rm:r»1W ^ma «"" .'■ *flwi 'Mttd A««^(« tti"^ 

wfi1hfvunff44Wi»ni>iAlt !0 Vtrv 

Sot a favorito albttm? 
Let us know! 

Sitait ywr clwicis for tin 
Up tn litais of io yoir If 



Drop Ir Hirtiafir Offici A367 





I tn Ml artist) 

Tha ItorMngar, Owwnlwr 4. 14M, Pan S 


Calif ornians need to straighten themselves out 


CiliUmiiint m mn. ttmeh 
'Hi, 'Min miiMl. niatvhat 
todimitaia. Caltdmiant are 

IB'ftke I'M !kk:k.. 

tiiWoraliiM Itvf m (em gnit 
tdt. »u»d*r tall ieqwota' 
'StfmtOi hactemdai, *mt JW':.' 
foiMl'ftii' Csli'lO'mians dr, 
B'MW's, Mercedrsi "" ', 
pnrsch**. Rotis i'(i". ■•■ - 
Vollmt|eiii.', "» fte'Vji, <im,l 

Cill(fr»*«ii» have tta whitwJ 
Hi«th, the feronioi ^ktn and tbe 
UDiMtMl nair (. jiiifornianS' 
H««e the voTst slang iii 
An»«rli:«. They my thmjjs Ulie 
"iMiy., 'lUiM. '■ or "hn-' I'H* 
:liuia."" M •■hey. Itlir man, 
dlKfc." or"h«i. I'te man, ilikte. 
IlkewO'W " 

CalilnrnlaM Ml tlial th«y 
an M perlect harintiiiy with 
naitirc CalKftrnlaii* arc 
"wturr ' ' 




'''ifiriujitiifat '' 
uprrw* 'ami rt»l» 
i.j,rM AM Mlas. ;ii ; , . 

Caiilormaoi roller ^k,,!!,- 
tkale Dmh), and hang glide 
t"a'l,<li>mia's upurt,* ti"tiiw aw 
on natluul TV (he most 

Callternla ha* wtlli iwi* 
names Citte,* lt»e L» ,\ngeli»s, 
whit* means the city ot the 
Queen nt the -Anfjels. San Frtin'- 
ctacffl. Ihe city namrt l»r Satnt 
Franci* al Astiisi, San Ber- 
itanlliio. the city (or 
Satnt Beraardlne Berkeley. 
Ule city named after George 
Berkeley the English 

() h 1 1 s 1) h e r and S a ii 
CleRiinti', the Itame of Richard 

I "alitornta ha,s rilim with ph)'- 
tiliTi" ''tin-'* Ukr !,!'■'«' -vngelc*, 
lli'f ^rT'',i.ii ■■.,i"i ,- ' .!n """ II (he 

gj|\'- v,i!' il,",,,,r,!,i,,,, Ihe 

hrusti !i,re»'. Brrkele), the wl- 
le«e .sttideoli, and San 

".Iffry Bro*(>, who dat» a 
(:,iiniiu,>. rwk 'ii rolliiT and eal,» 

.i;i„. ''I,,'!, Ill-- ^<'^U1'..[ ! 

H.,i*,,iii,,'„i.i, ■.111.. 1'^ «,;i..\in ;.i'!' 
MS p,l|»'ii. a)ncrrnm|{i?t«'r|i!> tor 
tilt' ptr (,"alil<jrni'ii has nivrn 
m WM«lil KMg.ari, ' and I'll tie 
nk-e '. bul imly 'ralUomla could 
have elected' an .actor to I* 

Calilornia hai the p,tace 
known ai HoltywoiMl within it's 

iMtrder A.m1 Hollywood has 
liven AmerlM .idam-ll. 77 
Sunset Strip, and Marcus 


Calltormans need somrthing 
to. straighten ihemselve,* out 
Vou 'know what they need'" 
They need to live in Illinois 
near ih* great city nf Chicago 

Chtcagoan* have the ChifaRo 
t'uljs. Wtilte S(n.. B*ars.. anrt 

BuJlf ■ .■'!.ir!'"..ri'- •: I'- '!!.' 

'R'H'Iii-- ■ "!.'■ !■ - ' '!.i^-'''- 
Ralrt<T> ,'\ ?. arKji.aRffi 

i.'hiC'agoa»* li.ive Muddy 
Water*. .Altert and the 
Chicago Symphony Orch«»tr« 
ralifiirarans 'h»ve the grateful 
i »t-,...i ''ji:.- Heach Boys and Tony 


f'hicagraans have Michigan 
•\ve , the Hancock Building and 
1. 1' Hare .^trjHirt Calitomians 
have Highway tine, the letters 
Hollywood' on a hillitde and San 
Diego's air traffic control lers. 

Chicago has sunny days. 
rtlny days, snowy days, and In 
Jun Summ«r dayii Calitornia 
has •moggy dayis. iogjO' days 
and more •■naggy days 

tltlcago hm more down to 

earth [itHiple than California 
Perhaps, more down to earth 
people m Ihe whole t'oited 
''!.■((<"; 11 ralitornlans lived In 
i tiKdijii lhe> would lurn into 
real ptwple They v^ouid Sbed 
their image of taKM and 

HtiprhilK ("Micajifi will never 
see an iniluji o( CalHwrniiins 
iiii.migr»le here. Isn't one .lane 
Syme enough" And couM 
I'hicagoans handle the '(?tilis 
and White Sox tf they started 

Pertiaps if we were really 
lucky. Calirornia would fall into 
the San .A.ndreas Fault, or 
separate from America But 
then loo. that would make 
Nevada the new coastline, and 
Nevadians are a different ty|ie 
of people, maytie worse tlMOi 

Wouldn I it be nice to be rid ot 
Californians. and Caltfornia* 

Yes. isn't it pretty lo tliuik 





i>ti«l plaf«n emrywhtn. 
I be a stralibt pool 
Ml. OS Dec (. There 
«(» 1m tm pnie to Uw wiiuMT. 

<j«t IHiMt rMM attetidant (or 

THete wUl be a Uturp on 
campus tor the Holy Day Dee 
I. at noon In AlMa The 

eeMNrani wUI be Hcv George 
St., J«nwf Parish 
IS All facul 

ty. stall and students are 

welcome This is sponsored by 
Catholic Campus Ministry 


Well 'known scientist, 
e<iucator. writer, envlroomen 
talist and politician, Barry 
Commoner, will lecture at 
Harper Wednesday Dec III at B 
p m The :^ovembcr. IMU 
preiidential candidate of the 
Clttien's Part) will speak on 
the fuhiect of Energy 
Pollliiei. and Mankind 

Tlie leeliUT will be In BIdg 
JI43. Hariier students with an 
•cttrity card will he admitted 
tree. Public admission Is tt i>U 

For further information, call 
eil. MI 

The Voice 

The Voice newspaper, 
published by students In the 
toumalism program. wUI he 
available today The paper will 
be sold It various places on 
campus for 25 cents Papers 
are alio avaUable in the Jour- 
nalliin Department. BIdg 



Come and tem your baaket- 
ball skills at tiie Harper Hot 
Shot basketball competition 
The competition is scheduled 
lor December Hi from noon till 
1 p m in BIdg M Harper lee 
shirts will be given to the (irst 
four place* in men's and 
women's competition 


Curl htfu »u 


tor me Huver Vtilw Ptwlnc- 

-D«:.,lat«,. A, 

PWm* Crane 

The HarptT Community i:)r' 
fhrstra will |iresent a concert 
at Harper on Sunday. Dec 7. at 
.1 :Ki p rn in BIdg .iHi 
Featurei) W this prtigram are 
.itll BiUolti and .Pamela 
\(«n*i, iopramis, tx>th winneri 
III the VM-al solo ■uditiims held 
j't HarjKT College la(»( May 

;\amiiai<.m to itie concert is 
free t-'of further intormatiion. 
("imtart t.l\ir Harper Cillleg*'' 
Music r:>f'part..ment at .liT'Wm. 
I'M -m 

Censorship hurts 

Cmtmuml ftem MUe I 

(toe, is that Mr Gelcti Umieif disallowed menibtis of hli staff the 
rlg^t to talk to me on Ibelr own 

Mr Cub Reporter wis understandably (urlout wben he lound out 
what Mr Celch had done Now Mr Gelch has alienated an already 
suspicious member of the press 

What Mr Cub Reporter would like to ask rhetorically Is, "What 

was gained by not allowing anyone to talk about the Szabo incl- 

denf " Notice that read "Not by talking about the Incident," bul 

nol allowing anyone to talk" about the incident. Theae things are 

verv sensitive 

All the details on the Sxabo resignation - and there are many - 
won't be released until his court appeal with Schaumburg Two 
District M IS decided Siabo is hoping to retain his teaching job at 
McArthur Junior High, and It Is understandable that he not Jeopar- 
due his chance with remarks said about Harper 

Bul when they are and they will - I certainly hope that Mr 
Gelch can rise atiove the popular belief thai all Mr Cub Reporter 
wants IS a Juicy scandal Thai isn't what Mr, Cub Reporter wants at 
all. All Mr Cub Reporter wants to do is report the news - you 
know, who, what, where, when, why, and tow. 

(II course. If Mr. Cub Reporter runs into a .scandal along the 

^ „„. < -K. J * 

Grapplers face 

lltHi Cmeh Hmm Ltpttimn 

tougher season 

"I dMt mmt ttflB." lit mW. 
mMfimg, lo wnMl'len «tio <!«n- 
iMir a KTCftUng warkvenk to 
to M days and not S- 7 

"Bwidti, Td run them nut 
nyvay it they pulled tliat ktnd 

buMlacc b died to UxMe kind 
ol ilmininlfina - tiM ^intaitnft 
pannat,' m It irart. 'Wlii itww 
up i^adlcally. Ilit InallgMi 
wnatltri wtio can't haek II 

Ht'i liMtd about tlie trtpa to 
irandma'it lilt M-Immt IIii. and 
tlM mM-wMtr vacation But 
through it all, tovdact lm^y 
vorrM* about one tlilnt. wtio 
•wala' to vnatlt, and wnstle 

"it's ttw MUIM oM IMni," 
Lovalacc aald. donntng its 
outfit "Our standltit 
I on how much we want 

» Mit. Hardly anything more 
la K than that." 

Tlw Iccni has 'loat nearly alt 
ar tti :ioi)liaiiKM« pbtMMiia. 
■wal' notably Jay Evans. K4C 
Champ and Rettm IV Clump; 
Dan Weber, dllio: and Mt 
tKhart. NIC Champ and Ihtrd 
in llie fteglimala. 

"I ta«o to be boneat." 
tjotelare itglMd, "but tfct* year 
«e don't have tbe >aine kind of 

' l-ook, basieally these are 
touKh Ictds. (lon'l f,H me wrong 
*r have n to «■( untwtrt laleni 
Md I'm anxiou* to see what 
they can do 

"But If you mm what we had 
.wt year, w3l .it's hatd to 
-•.»y we can li* mm-h Mier 


1 enuplt taani' ha leetB will 
be IPniMMt mjpantnt* in- 
clude Trllmi and mPa«e Col 

"Both ar« getting a lot ot 
thetr rretlimen back, and it 
puts them in much tbe same 
pocllitM) as we were in ta«t 
teaaon. ' he pomls out 

l<o«etace say* that Triton 
Dould probably bt (be rabbit in 
IMa :raar'i dtvldonal race, with 
DuPafe and poaalbly Jollet up 

.At Mr the Hawka. ht ikela 
that two week* o( practice isn't 
enm^ to dttarmine )u>t where 
they're headed 

tW team practicas in a new 
nam icparated Fron the gym. 
as oppOMd to practicing just oft 
the gym's track at they had 
last year 

Lovelace feels the practice 
room will eventually help the 
Hiwks psychologically if 
anything, but as for now he 
doesn't think it mattert much 

"Heck, people still tend lo 
(hink that Harper is second 
rate I dan't know why. Pro- 
bably it's because we don't 
always have the inoiwy other 
schools have available to 

The money aspect of wrestt 
ing alio tie* tn indirectly with 
tbe team ro»ier It. as Lovelace 
llluatralet. a wrestler is a top 
competitor in high Ktatol. he 
most tilely will wind, un at ■ 
fourjear school instead ol a 
community college 

But .owe tn awhile, he eon- 
ttnutd, the aebMl will get a 
wMitlar who didn't get • 
nfholanhlp *»«» tn miv near 

tbe area, or whatever 

"But we didn't get anybody 
iUlt that this year." Lovelace 
laughs half heartedty 

When asked if that dtscourag 
ed him to a degree. Lovelace 
quickly shot back. "Heck no 
I'm used to working with only 

"We've never had numbers 
before, so it doesn't bother me 
at all" 

Going into Wednesday's meet 
at Concordia, the Hawks will 
participate In a round robin 
with top-notch ichaols such as 
Illinois State, Purdue, and 
several other universities 

Says Lo«<elace of the tough 
first meet ■It'll be an eye 
opener (or most of these lilds. 
that's for sure" 

Last season at this time, in 
]urie* were ahiwly creeping in 
to the Hawk line-up and 
gradually became worse This 
year, five Hawlis have minor 
injuries but .'ihould be ready 
when the whistle is blown to 
start the IMO-ii wrestling 

■ • Injuries. ' ' shrugs tbe coach, 
reflecting back an last year 
"They kilied us over time This 
■eaaon well ! don t want to 
say much, tiecausc we've been 
pretty lucky " 

The Lovelace philosophy, 
that is. work or get out. will be 
present in the Hawk locker 
room lor yet another year 

And. M l^velace keeps say 
tng,. •■Th..v ■.,... ...,„(), |,).(jj If vte 

sticli I'lc on lop, or 

near : 
One i{ci.= i.!jf '•Tliiig nit 

fliwkf wiU bt then* Somrhoi* 
Some wav 

iiymimsts eyeing top... 

Cmmmtl tan ptft f 
that slip in the way 

She could be a lot better it 
she would get totally serious 
about whut she is doing and I 
expect 10 see great improve- 
ment in all of her routines this 
year ' 

Sue guinn is another 
freshman on the Hawk squad 
this season and will be com- 
peting on the beam and the 

According to her coach, she 
has made enormous improve- 
ment on the bars in the last 
month and with a little more 
strength building, she could 
turn out to be one ol the beat m 
the high bars for neat year 

"This IS Sue's first ex- 
perience on the beam and it 
shows in her not being very 
sure ol herself." said Coach 
Mustan "She surprises me 
every day because I'll show her 
a trick, she'll say that she can't 
do it I'M <ihow It 10 her and 10 

minutes later she's doing it 
Just great 

"Sue has a lot of natural 
talent and I think that she'll do 
very well this year ' concluded 
Coach Mustan 

The last on the team is Oen- 
nise Brewer 

"Dennlse Is not eligible until 
next Remaster but she is one of 
our all-round players, " says 
Coach Mustan "She is a very 
strong girl in vaulting and 
tumbling and with a little more 
work on her dancing, she 
should prove to be a very 
valuable member to the team " 

•From what I've heard 
Triton should be our toughest 
rival 01 course they have an 
advantage of a much larger 
team but that doesn't mean 
that in any way they'll be bet- 
ter." added Coach Mustari 

The gymnasts open their 
seaaoB of competition at home 
on Thursday. Dec II when 
they'll host Wheaton College 
and Northeastern. 

Coming up 

The Harper College In- 
tramural Oepi IS sponsoring a 
table tennis tournament on Fri- 
day afternoon Oec IJ from 12 
noon to 3 p m in the 
downUtalrs hallway of building 
M There will be mens and 
womens divtstont and competi- 
tion will be in singles and 
doubles To compete, all you 
have to do is .ihow up at noon tn 
the downstairs hallway of 
building M Champion In- 
tramural T shirts will be 
awarded to all winners and in- 
tramural shirts for all nmners- 
up The format tor the competi 
lion will he determined by the 
number of participants signing 
m Bl 12 noon on the Iwelflh For 

• • 

Information, you may 
contact Wally Reynolds at ex- 
tension 2S5 or 467. any after- 
noon or evening All faculty, 
staff, and students are invited 
to participate The tables are 
available all day and evening 
lor recreational use. by check- 
ing out the equipment at the 
equipment room, located inside 
the mens and women's kicker 
rooms in building M 

There will be an informa- 
tional track meeting on Jan 20 
at ZM p m m Mtti For fur- 
ther information contact Renec 
Zellner ex I «iS or 487 In M 


Men off to quick start 

!*• ■••"• w it — l iM tmm ... . _ 

■n«lt'MiM'tiliiMitMiniiii.« — — _ •nd ny nan j«bii 

^-, 1 tiig a^mtaa »« 

via mm Lincolii in iMr ttm- 


•Tni WBily, really ptamwi 
with tJtr iwrftirmaiict nt hid." 

rour wtinnn« quiltliM tor 
tt» natiMiI m.tTt in Utrw 
mm Mike S«j«, Mark W»to 
MMw 2w»«rjtyii«k|', mi T«ld 
MiMitcll comWnnl («r i j: ss « 
in (h* 4i»-m'e<ll« wJav to 
ijiMlity tor the nJCAa liiwt 
"Tlnl Wis « CMm wt iiitt put 

Wak,j tn<J Sojt atita qiMllCied 

(»»%«»»« in a M»A ■«*. 

!«• ti ii m n aHft. ■'«&• ^THsllllw 
lur Iftr fi»-.(Rv »lt* • Kiw af 
;!*.# and lir m ■ ii n Hr> n^f' 

•••I, fWJ' »»>»._ 


til the l«j (r«e and im fly 
reipecUvel) Waks Uimcd In • 
time at nm MI under tlM> na 
ttoMi quaiifyinR Uim in the 
In*, while Soja w«nt ihf Oy in 

Tlie Hawks npener wm mmt 
mpreMve wli«n om* malbw 
thai ihrt* iwimiBCTs ■ Mike 
Sheridun^ Jim ,SoJa. and Mark 
Cou'fh ■ misied the meet Btrth 
Sheridan and Soja ire ineltgl 
hie. bill will tie able li> j«n the 
team in January Cough. 
meanwhile mtsacd hecnui* »( 
an Injured shKKililiir 

Dave Mailay. wltn tt nornal- 
If the lOO-breait nuin. ««nt Uie 
l.NO free In ll:l». pud 
•naugh for a victory TIm ).M»> 
(rw li Staidan'f Event 

"Dave had a gnod tunc. ' said 
Bill. "1 mm verji proud ot 

and Ry nan j«im Oayle 
Mvercd ttie SOD me In «:(B. 
And Mussell went the U»- 
bread in ) w and swam the 
Wtree relay right after Iht 

'«it of Omte mmm. im-ttm 

SprlMw Jim Currter was 
tourth In a(»(ree Thafs mH 
bad." Mid Eul. "(or never hav^ 
tag swam the event before " 

The wnnedley-relay taain 
lumed in the most Impressive 
pertonnanee of the meet, with 
a JO i«txind win over Lincoln's 
»lay squad. 

In all. Eul was more pteamd 
than impressed by his team's 
Initial pertonnance "Lincoln 
was not m our class." be said. 
"They weren't up to par For lit 
to heal them with such a crippl- 
ed team well, you know 

■We've got a lot of touglivr 
eompetllton akrag the way. 
Were looking (or national 
championship times, not Just 
qualUying times QaalUymg la 

And a iltuglitar )■ a 

Hawks, Goss otfto 4-1 start 

mm .._ 

lilt Havla MDtt 

.. ftoiudD G«i« 
,ar mm' pMiiis 'Mii • l 
Aaamr • Tlit Hawki wtn. 
,fc far. me Hawks Itaw 

Mmd n, n, m. n. ml m 

pnliMa hi: their first five games 
m ia f«*r, Cnty once ' in the 
ili ,gliait - have the' Hawks 
And III tn* M- and: e-pMiii 
OoM has, tctured S and' 
S pomii 'respectively 

tttm tlMi Ka«ki., who an 
CMHiiiltlad to llveaad/or die by 
lllt'liil,-lirtak,. an i^ i and i « in 

lia mc mm a ut mm vm 

•M- llliMit Valley ,iiindny 

flit Havfet. vlH' ha*» MM, 
traiM ■« haMin* ilto wwni. 
hwIM i^i a »:R MflliiH' lead' 
MoM' (he Apache* pulled to 
wtllln two points ea,r(y' in the 

Basketba l! 

The Hawks will hufl KC fne 

'"SlKLfil*''*-* *««i«l' 
mpii • lilt' N*ii,. 

Tilt Hawks were com„i:ng «l( a 
lougd n-n Um to Kennedy- 
K»g m lhe<h«mplonihtp ga,me 
nl the Harpec Thank'tgivlnf 
Clastic Saturday MRht, The 
Hawks had led l)j as mucit as 
ll-tT In ihC' rirst half, aed held 
an algUl puni Hamtme lead 

But the Hawks. htHlnd Ooaa 

and licmeiniis flaiites pulled 
away lo an M-n lead with les* 
tMin * minute to play Vality 

ni.ade it close with tliret iiMii- 
mgtesi bash,els 

I'm eMccrncd with Kennedy- 
King hetauie of their 
<)fiK:laiest, " said coach Ungtr 
.Itelinid litlnre ihc ,gMit', -ii 
■• can iMiidfc 'iittt pnamrt, I 

'The Hawks la,st'br«al Ml 
wwked perfectly in the finl 

hall against Kenaady-KIng,. but 
(ell ap«,rt tn tNt Sfciind halt 
"Tliej' Wfced us mt <if properly 
mnnliig our offense bv ciattMg 
•If faH-^reak, and' ■ ■■ 

Th«' Hawks also had a lough 
Itne stopping Kennedy 'King's 

Tyrone Moore Mioorv scored l« 
poMs all tn the second hair 
■s the .Statesman finally 
caught and tlien patted, the 

Hawki with sii minutes to play 

in the game 

TlH' ,nt||M hfitot*. tht Hawks 
had toeaten- l^wis t'ntveniiy's 
Jayvee stjuad. wyn. in a fir»t 
round tourney game Gaines 

led the Hawk* Willi t4 pcxntsi 12 

rebounds, five aaitsts and (tve 

But Ite i-loat-3 Gainei had 
trMhie tUiipini Uwit' utt 
iHM-'aa ,Slevt Aoekitra. who 
scored M pntnlit tn a toslng 


Yet 'the 'defense', which wa,$ 
■uppMtd to have been a pro- 
bUmi Itecause of the Hawk* 
lack or height, has had pro 
blent* only against nans with 
a good ouisidt mmm: like 
Kennedy King, because (he 
Hawks are forced to double 
team opponent '*, big men 

Dave Sirawn. whO' icmed » 
points laiMt Lewis, and Gom 
•ere named to the 'AH-Tourntr 


Gymnasts eye No. 1 spot in State 

Ow «avd It iiKitftt the right on thPouglHo her college *«wiiiiii l» Cdicli Muttari, ica«in wilt he Sandv Coi Ar<-™rrfi«« m r„.^h u,... 

Otit wottf tt 
Womens G' 
the !«»-«) 
"laieni' w'tlli acapliai "T, " 

AelMlly. If you're looking for 
m csact dcscri'ptian ot 'the 
temrn iw'd hav« lo uie Hit 
««rdii'esccpt,iona)talanl ' 

Last year's squad look llth 
place in KJC'AA Naltonals. 1st 
place u txMh the NJCAA 
itefion IV ReRionals and the 
I nvluuonal Tournament, while 
finialiing with a M recnrd Idr 
'tie Mason 

This .year's gymninla are set- 
!i,tig thdr sitfut'tn mm bigger 
ind belter t'hlii|a and wltliThe 
•bondance of talent that the 
'^quad possesses, the 
{.'KMSibitiiks are ktl Ibe more' 

According to Head Coach 
laUNta Muatan. 'I'm very pro 
nd of my tittle team this year 
ami I think that we'll do excep- 

UMdIng the team iiUo com 

ClUon (his year «tll',ht ratlim- 
•aphomore Umf IMb 

"'Mary Mh, wat very strung 
in Mgli MlMal and Mat earriad It 

right on through to her college 
comnetitton. ' commented 


Black finished 1st at 
Regloiiali last: year in the 
balance heam compeiiliwi 
•lack also is a very Strang 
competitor tn the floor dance 
S'nd displays great talent In 
(bat area as well. 

'M,ary Beth ha* added more 
difficult moves to her routines 
this year and if all goe* as plan 
atd. that could make her tctnret 
much higher." staled Coach 
Musian on Black s ruutlnes 

"The most ImportaM ele- 
ment in gymnastics Is form ' 
commented Coach Miutart. 
"and Mary Beth is one of ' the 
best at that ' 

•Other teams may do a IM of 
tnck maneuvers that may look 
hard btit without good form 
then they won't get good scores 
at all " 

"Miry Beth Is addtag, ionie 
very difficult tricks to her 
rMitlnt this year but If Hie 
doan't hatw gMid Idm while 
penonnlng iioae then the 
Iwlpt WWII g»*t her good 

Aecardinf I* Coach M'Uttan, 
Black Is one or the most 
graceful gyaRasts on the floor 
and * she looks )uct m gnod do- 
lag everything " 

Anothe'r wiphomore retuni'- 
tng this year to the team i» flO' 
dy Curtis, an outstanding 
tumbler, and, da,ncer 

"Cindy also hat added more 
difficulty u her rwltnes this 
year and this is alio the first 
time that iOie'll compete on the 
heam," saidCoacb Mustan 

Curtis qualified (or Nationals 
last year and she also finished 
1st Idr tht (tar corapeiition at 
the Refionals. 

Coach Mustari thinks that 
Curtis will perform iwelt on the 
beam once she gets used lo it 
but she 'ktw said that "she 'has 
never rompeted in that spot 
before and ihat could really ar 
(ect her the first few times " 

I think that both Cindy and 
Mary Beth are my most open 
girls at (ar as working on their 



lal returning 

ior the squad thii 

«riU he Sandy Col 
glaiier. an outstanding vaulter 
and bars competttor 

'Sandy finished W) last year 
at the Nationals ror the vault 
however her best routine is still 
on the bars and I hope to see 
her place much higher this 
year basidy because she has 
added quite a tew new things to 
her routine that have made tt a 
very difficult routine also.' 
commented Coach Mustari. 

'Sandy is lacking in con- 
fidence and thai is probably the 
biggest thing thai la working 
against her." stated Coach 

"Sandy if sometimes scared 
to try new thing.s and that can 
really hun, her tmi, to sum up 
the whole thing Id have to say 
that Sa,i>iJ,y doesn't believe she 
is capable of being as great as 
she could possibly be," con 
eluded Coach Mustari 

The four other girls that 
make up the squad o( seven 
girls are all lieahman this 

Kris Kandel will compete on 
the uneven bars this year for 
Haiparttais year. 

According to Coach Mustari. 

"Kris is at the basic stage ol 
the bars and she is also one of 
the hardest workers on the 
team She works .so hard that 
sometimes she just keeps going 
even when she Is In pain 

"But a lot of that hard work 
has paid o(( because things that 
she couldn't do at the he^nning 
of the season come with a great 
seme of ease now. "said Coach 

Kris didn't compete m high 
ichool gymnastics because the 
ichwil that she went to oflerei! 
none but she did conaipete in 
her Park Diatrict gymimstie 

Another frtahmanih.<i! :'. nfw 
to the squad this year 

"Mary does the bar-- ,,u,:'. 
and the floor dance, i.Tn 
fnentei;l Coach Mustan ,'-.hi; is 
s very strong tumbler on the 
floor and ii working hard lo br- 
ing her dance level up to thai 
point also" 

"Mary has a good solid 
routine with the exceptions of a 
few minor exccuthm errtm 



In 1 wrpriM move Hatper 
coieti SMiter !ititM> 
MMNtay citing -pw- 

wtiwii" Tile nio«« 

loHowed hi» lirtng from McAr 
Uiiir Junior Ht#i School to 

Siabo 'VfrlMllir rt>tpc«l )mi 
WtdDMitai. but hto renifnaiton 
dM MM tiMoinc ofdctal untit 
Mawtoy iirlwii He turned »n his 
MM of rMimatwi ID .l(»>tn 
Gelch At»«cti«« 0«an »l 

'i wm nwr' M < Harper i 
mtrnmiay aiMt I dwMM tn 
raitgB." Mid Siabo. «IM M 
the Bswltt to a S-M racwit tn 
hta two-year miijw 'Tlita t( a 
hard dcctttai l<> make." he ad- 
dMl I |uai want to MMrtOTtr 
I'd like to ctMch m' 

mum tmi tmu BmS from B.i» 
Oiftrki M laaehmg job 
liccaiiic iMf t-alM in itck on a 
damn wcasions " nccaswit 
vlUcli •etc used to coacti tite 
.■ccar laam Vk wa* tli« tint 
laMlicr itt IS yean lO' tie Ilreti 

im ttato liaa decliiail ti> i|^- 

peal t»r ■ bearing Mncernwg 
the Dirtrtet'9 decww and li«» 
declined (Urtber coBitnent on 

his raiignation (inlll alter tbe 

id Ufce to nay ionjetbtng 
IM aalil. "but 1 cant say 
inything until I've lalked to my 
■tiorney " 

Said Gelch Monday. The 
soccer ntngram Is off to a Ijwxl 
start Tbat ba* a lot to d4i with 
Sandor He's denwnstraleil 
Me t « BMd cnach I think be dM 
a helluva tob "" 

Siabo restgned hecauie hf 
had become increasingly 
dligiMed Willi Ibe athletic 
dei»artment (or what he 
tlMMiglit «aa a lack cit inlen^fl in 
tkc program He even 
acknowtodfed a* early as Oc- 
tober thai be wouldn t be retur 
nmg ifler this season They 
juiit dont give a damn. " he »»td 
after an eariv season practice 

Wh«o the cl«l|i» are down, they 

GeW 'deeltned' to cwm»ew 
00 Stabo"» criticism*. * I don i 
want 10 respond to cwmtnenii 
made eisem-herc." he said "I 
iliia't wani to in.anulacturc' 
aarthlngtnai is not there 

tieM added that a sutcestor 
would be looked lor m earlier 
lha«« neit s*m«ier 

tt has been rumored thai 
Siaho I* interested in either the 
Triton or Dul'age coaching 
Jobs "Of fourne I am. he said 

H* added that neither school 
hat yel contacted hire about 

SzalKi'i* resignation vt a sur> 

Players react 

ignation ii 



Two loccef playert that 
reacted to Sandor Siabo s 
resignation were disappointed 
hut nol surprised 

iti a shame. ' said goalie 
Steve Todd i think il s tern 
ttle In lime bed bring a na 
llonal championship 

Todd was a i»o-tmie .-Vll 
Stale selection as goalie, and 
was twice nomioatiid to the 
N.JCAA All- America team 

■It's a shame," seconded 
Jim Maiworm "It set the soc- 
cer program back five years 

He was a lough man to get 
along with, but as a coach there 
was no better 1 hope ithe 
athletic department doesn't 
pick some run-ol-the-mlU bozo 
intake his place." 

Had Stabo not decided to 
resign and return in 1181. he 
would have had only four 
returners trom Ihis season's 11- 
l-i team Rick Puis. Mark 
Mola. Mark Pislorlo and Keith 
Voss Mota and Puis were the 
Hawks Iwo- leading scorers this 


prise because it follows k> 
closely the end of the Hawks 
wason Hl» contract was to be 
up lor review before the 
athletic deiiartment oMicials 
lit is standard practice tor 
each coach to have his contract 
riviewed at the end of each 
season < 

The rwignatlon will surely 
letpniMr recruiting ellorls- 
llniy players have said they 

would come to Harper only 11 

Stabo remained tine area 
player said he would ■ follow 
Siabo any where' 

"It ithe resignation I set the 
soccer program back (Ivc 
year*. ' said one Harper soccer 

\shed if he would contider 
retJirnmg to Harper Sxabo 
,»aid. "Noway There's no way 
They couldn't pay me enough 
mooev " 

Stabo. a native of Hiugary 

wenl to Ithaca ' N Y i College 
where he was an A II- American 
selection three limes In 1967 
he was a I'l-round draft choice 
ol the NFl. Atlanta Falcons in 
the 1 JIh round He was released 
at the end 0( the preseason 

He hegan his teaching career 
in Dlstricl M where he's been 
since l»6H 

Siabo turned down two North 
.American Soccer League 
coachmg oHers to return to 
Harper for this past season 

ill u 9 tan. 
eyes top 


Gymnattlc coacb Linda 

Musun lakes her poatIMM 0( 
leaching the girii tbe same way 
that she takes her piMtian in 

tyn»»tlcs. very seriously ' 

"Next l» my litlte tioj and my 
MtaiMI el home. gym»a*l«« 
Is «IM I kme IIM' iWNt. " alalM) 

•in no other way am t putting 
down other sport* but in a lot of 
other sports If you were mta- 
laig »a.nMione you eo«ld always 
gilt wae one to f Ul in lor a ilay 
IMcoune they wnol be m good 
m dM reat of the team but mt 
cMtM still do sometMnc In 
gynmattk* you ]u*t can't .get 
linw one 10 IIU w and do a 
routine lor a day."" 

TW» year the icorinf in all 
0mna»ilc* has gotten a lot 
IMigher aceordtag to Musiari 

"The 'fnlted Slates Gym- 
'naatic I'edcral'ion had to revise 
tlwjf system batlcaliy because 
urn many lymnlitts were gel 
ting perfect: 'scortt " 

'■A« a 'result all prevlons 
routtaci had to be revised and. 
chMged to be harder and meet 
Ih* itandards Changing all of 
that take* an enormous amount 
of time a.nd givmg u» only one 
iHMitli to prepare is a*i«g a bit 

M'Mtan coniiMMNl by saying 
•in the liilut* I Im|»' tbai 
Harper wilt Mppl| ■iinaer 
practice' or some type o( pro 
grant where they can keep 
working out Because it tt Im 
possible tor these girls to com- 
p«te at the level they are 
ciMlilc ol with only one 'mmtth 
«i f lactlet before Ibe BrM 

o»eet ' 

■ • «ime type Ol turn 
„;,, , ..,- then tbe glrli 
could ■'.!<•:> Ill gnwl •bap* ■■) 
'veif kiof .AIM It tbat w«« 
ixwilble tM'ii itt iwel i*l «im- 
petllian Wild' 'he .MMJil Mghcr. 
htis 11 •ou.ld cut down an 'll» 
tiupibt-r at mimtim liecauK' as 
It Is. ( i!y«Ba»tlwi rank'i .iii'lhe 

...... «..».. :ffi.^ ^wfft i.ct'' .Mtinmrr; 

We lnr» !»tSh SChlXibi .111.1,1 %tilli» 
mt\rpn «ap»el H*"' i"'!'* l"» 

.■•ofiijiiir 'i'Hh wti Wite prac- 
t..-# M' ,.•■ 411,(1 m ,»!•«' €!»|ii«i:t 

A little coerced 
censorship hurts 


on sports 

DAW »TB A WN scoret two of bla » pomu agamii Lewli Unlver- 

Saaaaie TmmMa Goaa went naiiMd to the All-Twmey 
Storr. Pag* 7. (Photo by Lorl Uyiui Guy ) 

uinni to do 0Mid alil,_at the Mime m,-! enoniti prKttce time And 

tiiM. "* eonmienla lliiMiari,, 

Murtari takes Iht iptrt 'Dtrir 
•enouily iMi not m aermm thai 
Id* is, strict to her team, 

'"I care a lot, about the girls 
•nil tbe vpm ,«nd ti ran be very 
(rxintrai'liil to in,e »*'■•" '*«■ 
•Hin'i pi MllWfb t 
'ihtii|i»,i,he'.TH»i ■«!>., 

'■■|*r,i«,rtt(»l"Hi'ie,l*)c"i' ,ir'!i',- ' 
Uttoji, sIkii '>i*u need • tat fi i <! 

like iii ipeiil a,*"'" ■"'"■ ** '" * ' '• 

rtth |i,rt «( ": 

II fwiJif 'hitt»,«i|*tli«il!r *b«il 
IM wme girl, thai emild be « 
good 'If I could spend l*e time 
wlin tier to help bef learn." 

*> . -•viuitmt 'I'lirn 

■ >.■, ,,,...■ .■ . i-ucli) n,> imvi' 
.., I',,.., - '.,,■■ !.:r» (hat iiiiicb 
HiBiut u.ri,,ii il,»e'irip«irl. 

llM dMtat wonl in jour- 
nallim Is censorship NoUiing 
triggers the suspicious mind of 

the typical Cub reporter taster 

than "No comment " ' — -" 

There are. of course, many kinds of censorship, akin to omissWn 
of I ruth 

And this journalist, il you will, has discovered another type, 
allbelt an oldv i hut goody i , of censorship - coerced censorship 

While working on ihe Sandor Siabo story lasl week. I first ap- 
proached tmn Stansbury, Vice-President o( Student Affairs, Il the 
administration had any word on the resignation of Mr Stabo 
"Yes,' he told me. it isolllclal " 

DM the administraiion. as It had been rumored, ask for Mr 
Siafto'i resignation' "No. we did not,' said Slansbury 

Thai was a Wednesday, a day after Siaho had inlormed of Ills W- 
lentlofl looHiciallv resign Two days later, on Friday. I approached 
John (ielcH. .Usociale ttean ol Aihletics, on the subject of Mr 
Siabo's resignation He refused to comment on anythmg until he 
received Mr. Saabo's Ofl'loal letter of realpalmn , 
Fine,, again 

But. later that evening. I lound out. to my dismay, that Mr Gelch 
had told memliers of the athletic department stall not to talk to me 
about the Szabo resignation 

Sow. what do you tbtnk was Mr Cab Reporter's lint thought 
when he heard that Mr tielch didn't want anything said about an In- 
cident that hadn't yet become oflidal'* 
How does Harpergale grab you'' 

Please don't go gel Woodward and Bernstein, because there la no 
such scandal at Harper Just a UiUe coerced cerawrahip 

What has Intrigued Mr Cub Reporter, though, Is the nonchalance 
with which the athletic department let Mr Siabo go He can be 
abrasive and even arrogant, but he is a winner Or maybe that 
doesn't count. ^ .... >. 

It also Intrlguet Mr Cub Reporter that this isn't the first ttme Mr 
Gelch has asked hi* staff lo Ignore me when 1 came calling; lii fact. 
this is the third time this semester that Gelch has coerced een- 

Why, might you ask? Well, mavbe Mr. Gelch thinks Mr. Cub 
Reporter is juit an Irreuptinslble, scandal-seeitlng, no-good gossip 

spRMkir fBHii Mlite podMk ,s,lilh-grade rag. 

Ormaylie Mi Oelch thinks Mr Cub Reporter Is trying In uncover 
3 scandal In Ihe athletic department thai isn't there Or maybe Mr. 
Gelch thinks thai Mr Cub Reporter doesn't have sense enough not 
to gel involved mpemonalUes when reporting the news 

••«. Mr Gelch Is wrong My Inlent m going to Mr Gelch and 
other member* ol his «a(l was to get some reaction from some not- 
so-very-nlee Ihiitp Mr Stabo said about the athlet,lc department 

In respect 'lo Mr Sxibo. Mr, Geldi declined to eomment uni ii Mr 
Snabo's afnetal resignation was 'received , 


ii«i,ii, «(■<« M'r Mrti deeilnrt to eom,ment on Mr biabO'S 

, • ■-■.'■ '■■,•, ibi:'siet'l«rolrt«i,gnaliv>n,th,attoo 

; ' _. 1 -u ii,tve 10 talk to the pre*, 'It ti 
.'in ismlK 'liJiMil s. peKipti'vt to rem,»m if iW. about an incldenl 

Boi *li«i tin' I line. What IW'Ver w,«» fine;, and Whai will tiever be 

Cimttiima mi ttft s 

irfa mHiii iiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiili i iiiiii^Wi'ii 

Willnfn Rainfy Harper CoHigl 
Palatine. Illinois 

Vol. 14 No. IS 
Dicemlierll, 1980 

Harper loan default rate on decline 


AMMMiiiti Harp«r'* studeni 
'Inaii default rate nn livenmml 
liy It) ptmnt ovar the pMt 
!•«, lean imw-iiay later si'udy 
■«tli«il liai aft Mvtral 

ImllatliMi and' ht0i«r 
Mlltac " eiiclj are mjilimg it 
hanta' liir inaiiy tttudMits to 
r(|Mr iMn. Charivni! C'ltrMtii, 
nutwr, piiiilii awt ttiat Mt all 

«tllltottt> MaUll HI tMU. MMM 

imply largtl la* pMj Umm 

"Fram wluit I hk I iton'l 
thinlt tM the (tol'MiK rair t* ar- 
' -urate A lot ttt itudititi •?(> 

'■till w trtMdt Mil JUIIt (|lM"t 

■ ■-'■ "tne' 1(1 wwrt t<» p*>' it 
■•Iwtj rew«e anrt nisi 
to chanpr llwir jiit 
(liM*. fhn»t»»a»rt 

Anton J Dokfjs,, ijirwrtiir o( 
tto«K*. 'Mttt that the Xalkmal 
Dtawl Stinteitl l,«n *f.iiuH 
rate Kan »■,« piircenl Jarr ■■■ 
tf»M itrappMl: to iti 

AiKntor^ diictivewtl tlui 

iMrly mt ot Harperf NDSI. 
loan* had Ml ticM repaid Tht\ 
also nm-overed itwral if 

rcfularttin m itw h«iMiiig »( 
HarpKr't proirani. Ir 

rcgiilatitiH cll«] tnclitdc ovw- 
ptyiaciit^.. {atlurr to have Mies 
figiMid and awarding loans lo 
• rademirally Ineligible 

Bj ncglectmii »tana(ures, 
D'arfier ctwld IWC' tiMWttMli of 
loan dollars etch year 

"There has heen nmly one in^ 
stance thai a iwle has piited 
by railcge' offtdali mltMWI oil- 
laining • tliuatiire durmt tlie 
oast vear "niili'i's*.ii.i 

. If. 
lire -if l-'f|i;i. Sjitl that mil 
l.ei{« with * HI (M-reenl (lel»u)t 
rat* might Ik- dropped from I he 
loin prvgram tMrginnii'iji! wtih 
the IMMl academic vfiir 

,%Htoii.|(h SIDSt ioans ar* 
made dtrccll) by .wrhoob, t.hey 
'■"■ stuiranlewl' aail subwdtird 
( l)f .letteril lovcrnmenl 
- 'i'«»ls are supipoieii lo mttect 
pii.>il| imm itrevinus 

Mcndcrt and «el up a revolving 
loan tmtt lor luture borrowers 
Upon nt their 

MWcalMMi. Iiorrowers are given 
a Hint inonm .grare p«ru>d 
hctmt the flmt payment on the 

Tht bnmwiiii iMUtiitMn is 

reiiiwred lo eommunwate to the 

lender three ttnie« duriii| the 
grace period, a teller explain- 
ing the Truth and finding 
Ijws and Mher mtorraation is 
will to (he horrewer during the 
(Irti thirty days of the period. 
Tht Icitikr Alan rccetvei 
MtilcaiiiM m daiyB Mo llie 
f race perM aitd :» days hefwe 
ihepHiVmenl tsdue 

Chri.»ti»n ereiphainied the 
imipotttnci' o( stuiiJeni* keeping 
m toueb with Ha:rper after to- 
iitg on to («ir year iniilitullons 
and (iltmg out {inifier l'orm.i( 
nrfoTi* they liMivf 

I hi'i'r' ,<;■■■ v»>n>rjil ex- 
i'-!i'...'.r!K ■ :'i''..iiii:^!dii(:es under 
'alutJi tlu>> m> the 
prfiirii^lc need Ml tie paid and 
tntereit dii« mt accrue Th«e 

• the lender remains enrolled 
a* at least a part time student 
at an mstltuiton o( higher 

• the lender ti Involved In 

military »ervice. Peace Corps. 
Vista or another lorra of volun 

Penon* involved in a serviee 
program are eligible for a three 
year deferment 

"There have been many 
caiet when Harper has giine 
Ihrmigh the CDlhxtion: tmcccx 
and toiind out that the itudtnt 
qualified lor a delerment." 
t'hristin said 

.Acceleration «( the loan. 
demanding a payment in (uli. 
m.iy t>e a final »tep taken by the 
lending instltiitlon i.f the lender 
continua.lly ignore* payment ol 
the tan Christin that 
alter a lender misw!* sti 
payments the matter is 'iirned 
over to Van Ru Credit - 'in-'i ,i 
lion, a collection jjsni.'i 
tpccialttlng In collecting 

Sklptraclng, a new form of 
lollow up. involves record 
Checking to locate defaiillen. 
"We use social security 
numbers as well si tele|ilwM 
directories and other riiiMieial 
aid records, f hristtn said. 

Chnxtm said thai tradug 
defaulters through social 

.security numbers has proved to 
be an especially eflective tool 

In the locating pncea* 

The final alternative open to 

lending Instnutions is suing the 
defaulter provided that he can 

be found, owes more than I5mi 
and has assets that wUl cover 

t.he.«M.standlng debt 

Student loan oiftlclals suggest 

borrowing Iritm friends, fami- 
ly. emplov<T school, church, 
credit union, casiiing in a life 
insurance policy or appealing 
to a finance company lor 
students who Imit difficiilty in 
obtaining a loan 

Utile Aanmn Segal, age fnw' 
of weaithjr IligMand Park 

wnla Sania of hn Chrtainas 


and sent Kin the dark 

Pear Santa, the letter 
■larted lo read 
There's ■« much I want 
but to little I need 

I sireadf own a ten speed bike. 


that enleriatnt me at eight 

h stereo with t «M wialt my.., 
two electric guHara 
iind my own day camp 

Palatlngshy Dali 
line by bedroom wall . 
my answering service beept 
wken anyone calls. 

I o«t cnnipfilerlMiii mys 
tt' educate my brain . 
a walkinK unhrtlta 
for whenever it rains. 

A moped, a gun. a walarlwd^ 
and sw-niip.;. 
twopontet.. kiiirais 
and a .parml thai singi. 

Three luieilM:. atancra 
.■nd a 'monkey that ia.lkt, 
a tarn in the country 

Calvin Klein Jtant 
•ilh plenty of sweaters 
my own stationary 
lor my personal letters 

with rafts and (loats. 
a maid and a skipper 

Pew. and crayons and. 
plenty of bonks. 
sunglasce* with m irror* 
lor that rich kid look 

I havea chaulteiir that drives 
and' • gopher that gelt, 
a gardener who waters 
and a dog sitter that pcti 

I own stocks and bonds 

and an airp'lane that "s new ; 


with cheerleaders too 

I m prim and proper 

respectful and kind. 
Oonny Osmond looks 

and a shapely behind 

Groomed nBgemails 

and styled hair; 
private schools 
with the utmost care 

I have a Dad who care* 
and a. Mom that's lazy. 
an Aunt who's pretentious 
and a shrink that s craxy . 

with kindest regards, 
you know what I want most 
lor Christmas IBM 

Stuart T Jacobum 


u(ia.iH> la w 10. tik.'W.«i M.'IWi WO'CB vm 'iiiamMH.IMi i|t»'iiw'iiai wn'IM fai"liac'i«i.ili«'l«iiliii.Mtl!ii;iMUM]lia:« 

m. * 



New television location lacks foresight 



tiM ■IndiBl. Moat* ■rruigwl to hav* IM' 
lotlwIliilltoBrtoMiiitolBldg. F 

_„ _-■_ ^m th« ^mm ••>. 

11M mm NtMB Mr ttt imm rtm (iN|>laa! tm la tnoUMr 

h m wiMl (jwintl i n i i ji lw*qi»- ,»,«i,utty' The •«• » r««jiy >» 

■TtM 'Mi ■• nil Hlniii ^** Miiar mm Mm actiwtti dunig 

timmOf MM ! — !•■: » » MilflillttaMiM <■<'*■*•'*' 

Miy 'Ml *••. 'tin* fc ■» "iK' latairttM ra»«iW •'fP'J' *S 

■Mita IftMl t: «■: MlwMM tiKiMl oM durlnf anjr KlwduM. 

I to only namral Mr laiMt 


MM «- HtavWM *m«. WM tlw t*l«v4~ 

tliHiy .iM MmmM » •!» «l*W««rl». tUi 

. »-,; A K t«i« ««w*i — '^' — ^ —^ """^ 



■ antt' It k UMipi i«a<i*a buililMg • ■■>■<. utcry ol (lie «*' 
llMiiM|ilttl>«iKlin«MI )auii|*.«Ull««ilMii«<l 

ftnji t ia» t»»rio,(l ■tecimt" 

,;00 - »:«• 



AIL i f'-W'-f 

'-1 - e:» 1 H.Od 

J- 55 - 11:« 

9:0) - »:S0 


11:50 - 1^3* 

I «'j 

J: 30 

10 :« - W:» 

1Z-.00 - 12:50' 

T - R 
10:» - 1Z:0S 

!1:00' - n;50. 

I ■■ 10 

2:55 - 4:»0 








wmi»m Barney H»rper Cnln- . 

Algiinqiiln & RoBell* Roiid.v 

Aallne. II. f 

mmr-HhOtitl ,w«i«ljiWtntoih«k<- I 

SihUi Editor 
i%)teEdU(ir . 
iVMt nam editor 
BuMtim Miiiii|« 

J:M - S:?!- 

Ills - 5:00' 

T - n 

::2h - 3:«> 

1 ; 00 

7: IS 

mti- UP 



HicK Kohnke | 
l.«rf tynn (iu> 

K«thv . ' 

Dmiuela Sloiamm. Hottj I 

Km PKHwmlJUri. BUI Mif, I 

Jim MartaUi I 

MvtMir Dorothy Ptiwim I 

ItW HAHBtlNljF.R 11 Uie Itudfnl I 
MiUleallMi tor Uie Hirptr CoUe»el 

nnWia tnmmuMi) , punlttlicd wmmg I 
■M!«^ Airlna MMUyi >■>() lUui ea^f 
■■«. M aiftUMM tjii»em« me'imMi 
Hi me wKw mii lux «•««««<>»"*"• I 
Hi Urn emlHf*, H» iwlmlomralHi. I 
racult} KT niMlM' hoift Mveitlil«i| 
awl Iipy dradUiHt l> MMn ITrldcr (adl 
mpy It «i«i)«-l l» Kliung All Lell»<»l 
U>-Ui» KdltDr mull t» »lgn«l NamMil 
will be putttlllKl For turther In-f 
(onii«lion'.-«U3»7 wmeil «0 or 4(11 


»mflij'r«t Omi **:■■• • ■" " •* 

t'»ft» ^'piMM* t..O"'' 
w Harp'J 1^ -, ' 

«»»«TII«iN'T«MI*L'> ■••" ■■■ ■ 

2 M** a^trlma** (MBf '■■ ■'" '•* '** 

.„h"*MfgrOI«JW'fci'fflff ""*■■":*« V:,,^.' ™i 
•win*-? ""tT '"»' '«•* "" '*" **'■ "" 

C»«5'l;»l:» _ _ _ 

cnurt m«»' ».•<:•"• 1 '■"'-' •" •>••'" 

LittH'uH WU5.''if.,i. so.ifO ■(>"<■;••■••;'■> 

•SSHSli--*.— ^' 

i jni m* a— Wt »'»'>i '"• ■« ••" 

,- n..-» CI witon "*ri»' ••< »•'"" 
;,, :, ••»» "Wt ««•••• w« '<»■ ■"« 

Mowe o»» uite to hint 1 1.*™ i»»f 

• iljtrit i». L<»l»t "t l.i.irlt«^)<«n *.Ki>mii.n 
I V • KM* tr iMMwa Cal'l W "W 

iine««».iio*Tl c*«LO. OS n «. 

■T |<ml»itm'il»i««,ns. §««-»«'"•' "•'I' 
|0»l|.ca<»i|ltW..|ll*»' ••«'•«•« PI Ml 

nm uki M»iMf 1*11, ■'»*" tj* 

»»««« "" tind'Ot u««<l «•<■• « SI'* 

f(» S»ll 1 >>•<»•• '■' - 

•<•• Hi lin ».«"o li:' «■ ■■ 

ran Mil i»»jM' ^'•f,rM;:L"S';r 

• «••»» »"»ll« W iWt" HtiK A.>— — - 

'0« t«kE 

;(> w*'* ««»«) ^ «"•'('' 

fOtSAll l!jlllM|l«*«:«Bi' '<""•" 
mt« mo* lilt ntmm i»" •w" «« 

OS i)« ll'I 

0«<U»llllil'«OOS Dfj« I'i.ffW r< 

M1»tW Gb« »••»■». M>Hi'l« &•"> 

■idMU'iMiO li» Gam *■•«•«! J »' iW"* 
lit C»itW,>'i"1' 

aTTSMTlON B.,», '»»c>»n iluHiitn 





Pleasant phone work from our modern office at Algon- 
quin Road and Arlington Heights Road, Salary plus 
bonus Flexible hours. Approximately 4 hours ptr day. 

For more Information 

Call Mr. Frank at 981-0210 

Tlw HarMngM-, OKwnbtr II, ma, ftftl 



Th« molt cortifoftjibl* 
thlrti in tri« worldf 

'Moods' makes a big comeback 


At ymi ciifl plalnl)' am Im 
bock I dan't plan to haunt mv 
0)4 opponents Km long, w I'll 
makF my visit as tirt«( as pour 
bk Here are my tcip thn* 
ncord* «( 1MI> The albums 
lliat are tint are. tn my opi 
nMm. ttie best of iMi 

til TulkinK Heads Rnnaln 
In U|l)t, Last year in my 
estUiialKin Talkinf Heads 

released the album at the year 
tn f«tr ol .Mu^c. This year. 
once again Talking Heads 

have reiea.»ed the afdum ot the 


Rhythm is a ttuictlM of mtry 
himuin bvuif Rhythm ran ht 

hMUid m the hea.rtb«.at. piilie. 
brainwavM. and evm the 
natural net ol repmiuetion. It 
w( seem, m «m|>te, too ilm' 
pit ptrlMlpi, tn produce an 
dlMllt Kfelcb wwild contain 
MHy rhythms-poly rhythms 
Bui, the trtek tn working with 
polyrhythms is to inrorporate 
the polyrhythms into a general 
Ihtme without inlerferring 
with the theme The listener 
ttaould ml be bombardei] with 
nor slKMld the listener 


moods tor 

I* distracted (rom the ba»!c 

rhythm by th<; polyrhylhm The 
tit.tener itbould be able to listen 
to the piece ax a whole 

Talking Heads have In 
forporaled polyrhythms rather 
siiceesaMiy «i Remain in 

David Byrne has written the 
woiil otilslandinf lyrtes in his 
brllhanl career His lyncs en- 
cour,age us to eiamlne 
ourselves. Byrne asks lis 
aren't we all ]..ust houses in m»- 
ilon.'' f>o we ever know wtiere 
•e are at, or where we are 
beaded"' Do we reallie the 
value or life, and live lire to the 
tiiHesf It our sell-percept Ions 
a reriectlon ot advertising, or 
what we truly are"* 

Talking Heads, by the usage 
o( polyrhythms in each song. 


In Schaumburg, Golf & Meacham 

w.1^ • WMi 









V.,*i ■ . .V .■ ^ 






**0 Mmnmuim J 














I (Iff M»ll*.tt 
mm Im Ok. IMf ) 
fFm*!.! mud 

<•■ t STL ING 

C * It tqa r 6t»' 
T««m Awlvm#Mc 
ittm.«inii|.« iiw 
mhHwMv Iwllnwima 
•l*L FmMIiI m I 

' Hen Sound 

' Comfortable 


• Delectable 

Sandwicties i 

Other Edibles 




in thf 

Noo41i«ld Commons 

Shoppmi Center 

■ mi West of RT S: 




On any regularly priced 
album or tape 

With thto 1 



TiM dhr 4ms iwt 



Tiflcup Pass Shopping Center 
1211 Golf Ro«d 

may be sugKestiiig that life 
itieir Is complicated But. all 
ihene complications tit within 

Iht penon who realites his life. 
and his lire's meaning In 
nature, rhythms exist, but 
there is only one universal 
rhythm, and Talking Heads Re 
main In Light explores that 

2> Jon liassal and Brian Kno, 
Fourth World Music Vol I 

If you like your music com- 
mercial you II not like this 
album. It is not itale. boring, or 
filled with predictable musics 

Vol, I Is ii look into what 
should become the new music 
well into the year MW 

(Jur culture is .leamini Irom 
the Cbinoc pMlmophy of Tao, 
TaoMa piillfiiaiilty Is Itamliti 
to beeome or make things sim- 
ple. Vol I Is a complication ol 
thl» philosophy with m.uslc 

Onthu iJI.M- simplicity is, itn 
portani, Wr are given a 
simplistic theme, and the 
theme i.s cascaded with 
rhythms Once again, like Talk 
ing Heads Remain In tight, 
polyrhythms appear to rein 
lorce the simple theme 

i:>n the first listen, the 
listener will swear that the disc 
if a recording of African tribal 
mustc Africa is where thyihm 
has it's roots And Vol I is a 

combination of rhythms and 
electronics It is a combination 
ol the ancient world with the 

Vol 1 is a balance of yin and 
yang- another Chinese 
philosophy that is making 
waves In our society For that 
reason alone, the union ol yin 
and yang. Vol 1 is a master- 

The disc should be to every 
American home, but I realize 
that many are not ready lor it 
Therelore, it will sit in stores 
and warehouses collecting 
dust That is no matter, 
beiause those who understand 
the philosophy of yin and yang 
will survive the 21st century, al 
least better equipped to sur- 
vive And, those who don't 
understand yin and yang. wilt 
not survive 

SiRoxy Music, Fla^ and 

Bryan Perry has been Mtten, 
burned and scorned bv love af- 
lairs On Flesh and Blood, we 
wonder if Ferry has finally 
overcome the love affairs he 
has sang about so elequently on 
his previotis solo discs, and 
group discs'" Apparently, he 
has not recovered 

Once again though. Roxy 

Music delivers with 


i Weight Problem? 
I Loose Weight Fast 

I Whit, crosi lableM coniaini one o< ttw stronB«»t dl»t aidi avallam* 

■ M »Kr*«wt mooO and awartnmt. Not rKommendcd m i 

■ subtlltutt (or il««p Loot* unwanttO weight today. Easy and sim 

■ pt> without Iming a maal, 

ISafk whan ufMl M #r«c«Hr. 
Under •dolt MfMrvlslon 

, I Better and improved. 

I -^'rl 




P.O. Box 48177 
Niles, Iliinols60648 
Yes, rush me the White Cross product. 
Enclosed is my money order for $ 







60 Tablets $10, W Tabiets-$2S. 120 Tablets-130 
Postage and handling Includeci 

Mail Today for Fast Speedy Delivery! 




No Chart* f^trst ContultaDon 

T.W.Flynn& Assoc. 's 

Mtomeyi at Law 



J Traffic Tlckel ConvtcUoni 
WtU Suspend Your 1 

Drunk Driving 
ianl Estate 
Aaiautt t Battery 

Traffic Tickets 
Persona! Injury 
Worltment Comp. 
Marijuana Chargca 
Revoked Llcenam 


M Hour Aniwerlng Service 

OCllce Hours 

3:«)0-5:30pin DaiJySam ipm.Sat 

Attorneys at Law 



Top ten 1980 albums- Piepenburg's picks 

CM • Iji'wor'il* atlMtn? Bum 
■Mil tin bvwtto iliiumt* 

(Molt, that IS a toush ordrr to 
flUmuslcall} lh» y««r wain t 
IM ilult Over here m Amcnu. 
«t iDl to •alcli th« oldMiJTVKI 
(uminirKuliiatMo nf * ■•» 
•■«r ttM> Mimr group* ctium 
■af tm Itunr t m «tnw cam < an 
MMl DlMW M 'iMrMWdl' a:M 

i:riiet Surtaftttrn taM« 
t«cr|:«iiit inld ttit liW' CmiMo 
'KKk tan grew Mgner lliMt. 

Dtfwe'. tl*' i»nll-lMir»*" ■*mt 

Ml MMl JW. llMt to P»*"» )»« 
■n 'IMM-Iiii m ms. Are jihj 
ittit iMIlHig'? lien s tn> H*i. 
•rlJf i» •«!« rat 





MMsa ilw .iniiiiim witiioiii 
lMi«i« "-GaiiawVliilioiii Froit 
Mn" nttial Itiiw be«i in a 
cMli. CiHriff* *m$i trt 
)yrtt«tly ami mustcaHj *«« 
'MMl: ha th* iwri'ormaiMM art 
«« ciipHtitwi Mtf. Ilwrt 
ml Hint ilMciit miMK in iIm* 

TIM BnMOt-'T^o '■>* <*' 
PlaiUc-wtifflt 'Tlii' iugittat «»• 
OMMf D«»n«» «iid Trei-iir 
Mnrne. »lii> hkwI re«»ntly !»in- 
Kl -'VB'S. " Thii aHmm came 
Mil ill tto wtnlcr »n«) *i«it 
relrtiifdj i»«mc«l. "ViOm 
KilM the KmUO' Star" nas n 
■nii» Wt e»m*h*rf but in H»e 
l",s Ill's • I'un i'»«iril eluc- 
tiwiic pup mutif wttti emuHKiM 
prtiient. TWinnei arc (iHumilf 
•IK BiusK pap«.r called the 
BiiMgl** • ■■tatttape on ipiwl, " 

Mtce-XcnralM Mwnilatta' 
Thii ttand t>J«» car»cO 
«taBii«;lv«i a nil-he in rwk 

itittNc <% mtxtiinf of ncpe,. 
tlgH nwlcttnifttp. 'Iioarte 
vtcab ■■Ml KKMl Mi«f«rttiii|.. 
'TIm]:'w aimml 4it ■ mir and' 
J««liit«tn»r. w* tMip* tlwjr 
tmt |tl i*v c«nri4nt . 

Jllitt Prie*) Bcmish Slwl- 
yif,UiJt "infill,' Ki'tvy ittrtjii, 
l"*t dKHlrt., i» an rxpcrUfncT 
M IM' Wt hy tlM> iMMtl" VMI itai'i 

liancic to it. tm ym loei tws 
fw«i 'HMrir •( finrriO' »*•*« m 
)i«r H«t wMt «!* IJ|» >'«wr leg* 
Wten It tilt* .K'Hilf Head yo>i »ud' 
*nl>' feel nw« enenjrtk" The 
' RrtJhiiii! Che Law lide of ih* 
Briiislj i!(e*l i» *mw <it the ti««) 
heavy mtlal ' moil gen'UlM 
in>»av. ihiff own wroldad: 
Htjethi-r in Mhilte Ho« can 
you 'ij**t Ml ai'huBi with • tlite 
itlc -Cfinilw and "Mrtal 
(InBU*.*" FaKW-rock lor tun 

TalkwR Headv-iMnatn tn 
ijghi'MoK hiMli' mme but iMt 
turn (t* inlKllwcttiil and In- 
liMC'. Thi» nne w»tl take ym 
iMch 10 the |t«|l«« o« Alnca A 
w««<iiM> r«i»nJ hy a griw|> tJinl. 
•lit m» t0 *tak 

Dire Strills MakliiR Mmrtm- 

A iij!|iert> collectiiiin u( »ng» 
p«iiM<I by Mark Knopfler 

"Skateawav" ha* been rwetv- 
Ml heavy' raitln 'plajr, and 
(teiervedly in* Tl»i» one a eml- 
leetmu of two tjiw of mtm- 
"inartrtf itrnpliwiw rtte-up 
•ith frumbllhf Untiee' nod 
"" Mating M'ravia cmilaiM nmrr 
suMlllei m tme wmg, than in en- 
llrelvot the •"The River '" 

Devd Freedom iif 0»i«e-A 
great (Jamceable *lt>um » ymi 
t-M (orget abiMil Whip H 
voti'll love ■• Freedom i>f 
tlMMce" H'» a non-stop tour- 
de-torrr Incltidtng huihor 
Hmiin Ihete guy* are 

iwellectaal* ho« can they 

m.«ke ,mi»»ic-like this"* It's m 
»cary-'«tr»nge- strange- -wow 
I like It' 

Magaiine-The -Correct Vm of 
Snip Another iinnatleed ge« 
Tilts group deuerve* tome 
wcognition lor their unnjue 
Hund Good lynci catchy 
nclodle* ana good muMcian 
ililp What doei the Wit of the 

album have to do with 
anythtag"' A line from 'A Song 
From I'nder Ihe Floorboards 
-1 know the meaning of 
life, tt doetn'l help me a bit • 

Stuilt* The debut alhum by 
Chteag0'i own mutant Jimmy 
SkaBili After the sat meal fund 
of Joan Fan CtuI) were off a 
bil there l» plenty of good music 
Jroni multiple influences 
Otigracing thf Family 
Name' doe* the same thing as 
the Judas Priest album Tie my 
feel down before 1 takeoff! 

I couldn't think of a tenth 
choice No honorable mentions 

This it the last music column 
t)j yours tnily thai will appear 
in the Harbinger I hart written 
an indepUi ciiiicism of the 
The River" hul some geek 
stole II from the of lice A per 
lonal opinion isn't worth the 
paper it is written on If you're 
really going lo miss this col- 
umn' write me a letter and tell 
me why I'd like to know 

"Why do they also shoot the good guys'' 

I can 

{tcling I Mad when M.trti» 
Luthtt Ktng was- tIM It wa« » 
m painliat. M. K wm mtm- of a 
taint -tafldni- 1 iwiMnlMr atk- 
Mg ayiicH' why ii fciiiiwed 
.and I -didn't like the ««»w«r 

t imember now the teeltni 
I lM-l>hM nobby Kennedy »•» 
nhiil. t tm JHt woke uf. and 
nirjt mom i«M m.e alt alHMt It I 
atkjMl Wer. "Motni, mht do th*-> 
»lw.«-rt ihiw the good fuy» 

She Mid.. '"M-. 'I dmn't 

I can rtoMialwr 'Ihe lMlin| I 
:|uit Monday ttglM.. M«Mtay 
nipt. tlM «|M. -Midi 'l.«Man 
•M: MIlMi- mm I heart 'thai 
LtniMi *■■- UIM. • Mar 
mdiM down my (aiv. and a 
iiuan in m Ottmt prrv-enM 

WiMn- I woke up TMiMlay 
MMMag, I •cnt dlMClb l-Mo 
■I' Ultrlien My ni«n lM*«t 
Me- the paper . m ith ihc Maailllie 
thai re-ad. F.k Hentk Mm. 
LaiMni [ttail. ' ' 

'I mm 'the 'New* acmwil. sf II* 
traglir nigbl. and taikad' up- at 
«j m.ii«. 

I laid. '•Miom... wNj in tliitjr 
aMnayi- iio* the gjiod guyi"' 
ThMtdtrtibart-ards ' 

■Mi MM. ' 9m. I 'don't :kiw« 

"fm 'Mgic tout -III JniM- tjt»- 
nan la not' the flr»i blow to mj 
Ht:. The lira time wm wbeii. 
■f > Mat f rtanl Ralpli. «ai kill- 

Mpb 'Wit Mfftlng at an. a^- 



.prenlicr elnrloriao I'ln this 
oarticuHi' ilay Ralph •*• 
giiitfttg a trafl'K- light into Urn 
(our big iHilti 'iltat 'hold Uif' 
mgMl In piai* The crane that 
•«t iMMmg the ir»fH< mh-t 
iiNched a 'hi|l-m*i-tnn -wire. 
The eleffrletl'i' ••« nghl wio 
Halph •nwHf' 

ilMMi mi}' 'boM IM4 nm sbotd 
Ralph'* -ilealh ": tMili Mlfh. and 
t worked loi' the »me«ntipan> 
llifl. itiiie - l'»«»-lB'»l'nwli. 

To Itiii- 'lery day,. .1 MUt get 
elwfced up 'thlnklniil aboui 
RitltMi.. I miH iMfli. 'terty t 
Mlaii hit ':<omp«ni- I miM Ihe 
'hell 'raiMng *» did laie at ntgbt 

'IMai . 1 »i«» lie pfti*nii'e » 
Ma MCM iH 'biifh Ralpb ani 

mm up there Bin. if« hard ti* 
imagine 'thai I'll 'nti^er' mt or 
hear Inm litem -igatt Iwr the 

I h*ipe f*erjo«f get* the 
Clia-nce to 'i»-alch "It"* a 
W'ntidert'ul Lilt." -on WTTW 
rhnilBi-at K'vt tint uio*le„ m 
ntf npiinUM.. m Vm itmi -nwirtt- 

mati'tr I '••»- tt, I iihmk eon: 

ot all th.i»»e Irtwdii and 
-retaUi-et mm -iteparted" But. 
iMM« Of «H I think ol the value 
.pt lile Each of 'ihote ptopk 
that 1 mil*, valued their life, 
and had tt taken tnm them 

And. that ill- "-'hat Chrhtmas 
IS at) abrnu. li't not ihe 
prMMlii under (he tree If snot 
the stM-Un.g» hanging on the 
ftrtptoce '!'» not even the 

(MiMiat II mm. ma 
gMiwlll 'till.... II in pwice and 
.gmidwill. It It a-liw the iralw til 

Ltit It. mniv'iiaii HMMMy.. -•nil 

Juiw. Lenniti nnct wralii 
"'lB«gtne no'OAt-i'1 
wonder II ,yi>u *.*H''«i» need lor 
|t«d -iir h-wigrr - a 'b-rotheniuod 
mt ■''l(B.afUir -ill Ihe |m'- 
-plf - < i'luring -all tiw 'W'orl-d 

My -IrieiMl Rail* newer wiir 
riedi aihiit mioney,. bec-au** 

•heneytr 'he %M it. 'he diieni a 

tl Mif ' I -cmaH ttitulalt Ri 

•iiM- twnM!.. ay lite' 

VolM (MM- i..«iiniin onee -*ald. 

-V'-wi don't fhiink-* hirndf- with 

Mp-Mtyou-liiw " 
An<l 'Voko. lor -oof« im her We 

'had Mid 'MHiielbittg profound 

Ther»' it no oeed lor a rtytlc-il 

Mgn- of iDve or trtendiAlp It'-* a 

gunitl'itate ii » in your .heart, 
T«-U Ch,ri'itii»,iii and St* 

Year I. If II your hushii'nd, or 

•tit MP* m-urh 'they mew to 
-Mil y-nnr 'brotiheri and 

f litert how much ihey mean tti 
y«i. tell y«r frlendi how much 

It't 'the beat iireitiil y<» 

1 wHh 1 could tell Ralph bow 
mut* he 'meanno me IwUhl 

ctMild tell my grandmother hoi* 
much she means 10 me I with i 
could tell my uncle how much 

he means lo me J wish I could 
leJl John Lennon how much he 

meant tome. 
But. I can't 

Noise in Windham's 
class no problem 


Top tliree 19IM) albums - Simkus' picks 

MM 'dirMllir 
i«ry lt«' gullarMmMta 

I hato to wi. "i* f» 
Manilwl*. you'lHIkel" 
motd. "'Buttt'tititM il 
am. thai It not a 

IWt « painftit liw all ni 
bear a song that mninda. 


an oM >««* Dntm'i tt hurt 
■«M ym iMllit a l0ve adatr i> 
mK. one thai you, thought 

wMtd last fnrever" Of court*'" 
Ferry and company re-allie 
ait. and have sung ihetr dt* 
Jy'"s so B-ui, they haiMlle our 
dcUcaie feelings to well, that it 
miabct ua M gotiil to 'bate 
The- 'iiMp -are iMiablt. -that 

I*. If you like to ting along m the 
car. or like lo ilng along whM 

ymt'ft ni the shower, 'Tlilf 
album It everything that ttt 
Beatle* could have been, iHd, 
Ihe BeailetkefM thtilr tiamlaoiil 
of the hunlMM and, political end 
of moiic: 

iy«.. and unt.ll ntit tlmi,. take 

Who's Who MppMcations 


Stialniu who whM Wm to' h« 

rerognttHW III Hm "llii'il- ^Ht» A „ 

in Amertcw iuaW' CWltllt" IHf afffiV 

■HMUm an avaiiabtt no*, mil te dMdl-lM 
hr«Miiyia| u « p m W H n ni^ y. JHt T. IM 
Only wKtw^yeaf mUata laat iUlt hntf ettni 

■'inMiniiim oi « cred'Hti ieho,»i»«i«llt* 
.■ tmyymm tmrntm- eurrictilum are uligihlo Iw 
-emria 'for 

MailaMlt'ilaiidM. pail,iei|>aiinn andi Itaikniilij 
tt airrteitilar and < 

1 ciKMrriciilar actlvitiei,. and 

'H milgbt ht comforting lo 
•MMt itin don I «,i-«'l in their 
-lit ld,-or area of ini»re*t to litten 
to Betty "W'indham , Prwlewor-ol 

"In high' -Ktam. I did not do 
w-ell tn inatb.'" «he tald "I quit 
Uking It -ai the end o( my 
KipiMn-ore year I liked tbt 
•oencet. -thoitihl, eipecially 
■Ritgi', i* IKen, 'wiben I deeld- 
m m ■<ii]or kl. dttinMry in c«M - 

lege,. 'Ihiada'M of work tn mukr 
yp And as t ,gii<i «i<' 
tieetme eaiier 

-"II you like nom-etmni, ev<»ti 
If you''rr 'not gMd at tl„. you 
work at it and be«me better 
MMi'va'tMo .and a t'lkmg lor a 
particular subjiKi can help 
owrcoot inabii'lly , 

"A pemon doe* not have lo be 
a genius lo do <*«[■ in a oat 
ticular lield So when a tlutfait . 
who seemt lo be itruggling, all 
the sudden ««s the light and 
docs welt that makes me hap 

urindham enjoys tcienc* and 
teaching She also llket to do 
mwiarch wort 

.ftbout three years afo. ihe 
«at working in acoaittet 
research ai Sorthem Illinois 

Acouatlif- It a branch ol 

Shjilisi. dealing with sound." 
rindham said "tl wasn't an 
active field for awhile but with 
the puth on Ifte environmenl 
and Ihe fuvwwneni ban on 
noite poUtHlon. tt became more 



She It apptylni her rcaesrch 
to her cfaawit, 'The^ icteice' 
.dtpartnifol 'hat a syntheslxer 
and WlMHiw uiet ii 'tn, her 
clatM- to Ite*' 'Can, tlndy :ni>la« 

iaalilM- iMcHnc VMdtani 
It pnnrnii tllrtctnr tor • :Btw 

program. Plaget at Harper 
■ PATH) TfcgpwpOMofPATW 
IS lo tmntijfe iWdente reason 

mc ahilly and to enhance their 
.eMBnciB lor future academic 

The frograM It aimed 
low-nnf •■'•t:iiile«tt who enter 
college and want to iransler, 
but haven I decided a major " 
Windham etplamed 

We devite acUviiiet io tlw 
students are given op- 
podunlllcs to gel involved and 

rade Ibeir reasoning skilU 
students do most of the 
work " Windham »aid 

Aside from all her other ac- 
tlvlttes. Windham finds Umt 
lor Ihe National Committee on 
Um Education of Women in 
HlllKs. wbere she wMjuit ap- 
poMed chairman 

"tlte pvriMise of the commlt- 
lee Is to encourage young 
women to go into science- 
orienled fields We want to 
remove the biases from tex- 
tbooks that say women can't llo 
that type ol work 

In her spare time. Windham 
enjoys camping, swimming, 
golfing and cross-country ski- 

£*•* with her retpon- 
iltollttles at a teacher a chair- 
man and a director there's ttiU 
much more to the busy Win- 
dham, but as she says, "1 Jutl 
keep going" 

Tl^ tlllBlillWlMI 

Women. . . .oft to quick start too 

Tlw Womaa't baikctball 
tmm Has ■lan«d ttieir mmm 
itir to tiM (uiw of win, Win 
Mofc. Win BlR " 

Maybe that tune hutn't 
tMHlllli tlw Top iU llstinfi!! in 
the Mtdwcit yet but tt» Hawks 
■re hummmg It quite a bll after 
their ¥»cton« over lllmois 
Valley and Wrljiht College 

The Hawks started their 
seaami out on tite ri>ad when 
tbey travtM down to Illtmtls 
Valley's honie den lo take on 
Uit power house squad The 
recull - a 7t -SS Harper v ictory 

The girls then returned hntne 
and *atched their conlerenee 
record climb lo 2-0 with a Im 
pressive slaughtering nf Wright 
Colteie. 7+-«», 

The Wnght game Halted out 
slow (or the Hawki at they 
were unnble to get a good lead 
uti on the hoard With Wrtgtit 
leading It-S. key twikett by 
Sue llnday, Leeana Kow and 
Kim Flaiw put the Hawka way 


Harper oimtinued to play 
(wugii (or the remainder of the 
fint half and look a Mm 
maDdtng-l] nhalf tfne lead 

During the setond half al 

play the Hawk* increased their 

14 point lead to SO polnti. »-» 
Harper then coartad ai> to the 

win. 744§. but not betore the 

Hawki einptM their bench and 
put every player m the scoring 

Center Sue Hoday led the 
Hawks in scoring lor the game 
hy hitting for • lolai at a 
potnts Hoday I* a tough re 
«¥«r she isn't a« 
MC of ttic 'Other 
I the team. 

Hoday s V freshman out of 
Etk Crove High School. Is en 
pected lo be one ot the top re 
bounder* on the squad ac- 
cording to her enacli, Tom 

The other cewtart on the 
squid. Sue Mlschler and 
Leeana Rose, each iurnecf in 
retpeetable pertormances 
agalnat Wright. 

Iflichler had eight points in 
the contest and is one of the 
teams lo improve greatly 

■'Sue didn't play ball last 
year because she was transter- 
r»d in." commenled Head 
Coach Tenchner "She has a 

natural high jump and a very 
good shot I'm looking for her to 
improve greatly as the season 

goes on " 

Leeaita Hose collected six 
points In the Wright game all 

ol 'those In the first half of play 

••■Rose is a sophomore from 
Elk Grove High School." slated 
Coach Teschner "Leeana 
played tor us last year and she 
started quite a bit Even 
though, she is sKIl getting a lol 
better than last year and her 
defense alone has improved 
greatly • 

forward Kim Place had lU 
pints against Wright anit she 
hit tor U points against Illinois 
Valley days earlier 

Place, a freshman out o( 
Fremd High School. Is pro 
bahly one of the tiesi shooters 
on the team according to her 

Other top guards for the 
Hawks are Viv Weidncr and 
Mary Ann Lar"on According lo 
coaeh Teschner both are good 
shooters and very quick. 

Karen [lemoss and Dianna 
Dietier are' two of th«' teams to 
forwards ttiis year. 

"Karen is a very fine deten 
sive player hack from last 
year* team and she ha* also 

funnier and wilder. 



. . .It'll knock you oi-Jt! 

ciiNi Mtfiwooo -mi WHICH w*y 'lOj cm*' ■ sowcm* lOCkl 

|>|^ ftm* tt iM 


improved her ihol from last 

"Dianna scored nine points in 
the Wright game She's a good 
scorer and prababl.v one ol the 
best all around players on the 
learn. She ts definitely I he best 
guard I've ever had." com- 
menled Coach Teschner 

"This year we're trying lo 
run two separate teams of five 
player* each every five 
minutes." stated coach 
Teschner "Were playing a lot 
ol fast break this year Jollel 
jreit Triinn are both lough but I 

think that we 11 be right up on 
top fighting for the lead loo 

"The over all altitude of the 
team Is a lot better than last 
year and the girls are just (an- 
ta.slic They do everything thai 
I ask them to do and even more 
than that They work 
themselves harder than any 
other team and it Just goes to 
show how much they really 
want to Vim ' 

The girls play again tonight 
at home against Elgin The 
game will tip off at 5 p. m 

Swimmers tou&rh. 

Cmimual tram oifv S 

only Lady Hawk lo win si the 


Pam McEachem turned in 
surprise performances on (he 1- 
meter. and :j-meter diving 
events with third and secona- 
place finishes respectively 
Again, not bad, especially con- 
sidering Ihe sophomore hasnt 
competed In divUig since high 

Dana Odom and Donna 
Gawell turned In ribbon- 
performances with second- and 
third-place finishes in Ihe t«l 
IM respectively 

After Wednesday's Lake 


Forest meet, the Hawks won't 
swim again unlit the women 
host North Central on January 

The nejil time the men swim 

will be in the state Inter- 
collegiate championships al 
Chicago-Circle on January 9-11 . 

By then. Eul will have a com- 
plete roster And. oh, look out 


Wrestling a surprise 

What Kevin Rossdutcher 
didn't know, dldn t hurt him 

Rossdutcher won the 126- 
pound championship at the 

Khitewiler Invitallonal last 
SaitiT^av Bu(, said coach 
Xorm Lovelace, ""He was a sur- 
prise to me He wasn't suppos- 
ed 10 place." 

NonfthelesB. Rossdutcher 
went « while advancing to ihc 
champlonthip, and defeated 
Ihe tourney's No l si>ed in the 
first round 

All together, the Hawki went 
a-» al the tournament, which 
Included only one tm-o-year 
school • Harper 

■Its a tough lourney " admit- 
ted Lovelance. who has had on- 
ly one wrestler ww a cham- 
pkHtilllp al the Whitewater in- 

vite. "We're getting better But 
I had another kid quit on me 


Roger Baron won his first 
four matches in Ihe IM-pouml 
category, but lost to the even- 
tual champion. M 

Harpers Mike Relf, who 
doubles as Lovelace's asslslani 
coach, won Ihe l«2pound title 
with a H-2 win over teammate 
Howard Legget, 14 3. The 
Hawks almost pulled a 1-1-3 
sweep in the H2-pound class, as 
Paul Laskowski finished 

Saturday, the Hawks will be 
at the Rock Valley Open "It's 
not as tough as this tourney," 
said Lovelace, "but it s an Im- 
portanimeet ' 

Coming up. . . . 

C5 Mr 

The Harper College In 
tramural DepI Is sponsoring a 

table tennis tournament on Fri 
day afterrawn, Dec 12 from 12 
noon to 3 p m in the 
downlstairs hallway of hiilMing 
M There will be mens and 
vamens divisions and compel i 
tion will be in singles and 
doubles To compete, ail you 
have to do Is show up al noon m 
(he downstairs hallway ol 
building M Champion In- 
tramural T shirts will be 
awarded ta all winners and in 
tramural shirts for all runners 
up Thelormai (orthecompeii 
Hon will tie delermmed hy the 
number of participants signing 
m at 11 noon on th<; twelfth Kor 

more information, you may 
contact Wally Reynoids al ex- 
tension 2I>5 or W any after- 
noon or evening All faculty, 
staff, and .students are Invited 
to participate The tables are 
available all day and evening 
for recreational use. by check- 
ing out the equipment at Uie 
equipment room located inside 
the men's and women s locker 
rooms In building U 

There will be an info:niia- 
tiunal track meeting on Jan. Si 
ai J M p m m M223 For fur- 
ther information contact Renee 
Zellner e\l H» or 4fi7 in M 

— me Weight ROOM — 

,^.__ MtalthlFltiitMCtiittr 

C i mi' a ll m i l/mt tt IHlH— Sr tn^nduil mt IKlimtl M • nt* •(«) Itrpr trw M II) 
e:lu«iM*iw)>Ml<>«m«n T« Wp oMirtt mr nm 6tgwJ'0|iaiilii|, ■tm nm wnitl 1. « 
Ml', im-m' oimilcntiip.*! <ttpkM. 


Body Building Individual Programs 

Paver Lifting Aerobic E nerclM 

Spcrtit Stftnoth Triinlnf *liiel« Flrmtno 4 Toninfl 

C«0li»va»eJ»rTramirt9 W»l|hiLats 

G<)fwr»l Conditignlrvg Showwt 

Sl«vw» Lotktn 

Lockers Locaitf tt Wli'wiOH *»»• « Nl«ii« «i«. t" D'leti 

Diets wiltiw Cirt CliM W "W i»m, <Ni|nel M«i»M». I«l«* 

mm: Hm.-fn »:■»-♦ « it* - <e oj-vKi fKim VU'WH 


Hawks fast-break past Wright 

«f joBKCxrr 

HmM. fiaWy UMd IMni' " ewM- DaciKtriiiail 

M Uw halliliM, MMiMr hat 
" IKIgUi'i'aciilf.Ot-M. 

lit Hawlit' mt wtmnd 
1B-W. MoM III' Hjirftr't 

r iMiKli at ti» H«wkt ««iM 
•■ttwiiitlif'ianie, ai-ST 

CuUtpt iiMJ 

DuMtm Galat* led Uie 
'Kmifes In icnrliig' iii boUi 
MMMI- AipilHl Viifht* 'GstaM 
tonffd 11 pottlll^. ttt 9§ llMM is 
flM.«MMHMMlf Ol Iht'faMt 

"'«■' 'Wft Itflai 10 get ciw 
Ml .UMMt Hi Danitim imtn m 
lilt MMiii half ami II M«in« to 
iMiit itUt nlf •tit." staM' 
itMi Coadi Itogtr BtclMd on 
Catnit' tuipniwtnifiii to at at- 

AftUM. Blwtit, Gaiiita Kortit 
II |tMt IliniiigllMil. Iht coarie 
il Iht' laiiit. and' it at ^thtct 

Tlni MiifTa)> 'had II 
•gatnst Etgtn and l« poSm In 

Tht other halt of tht Murrty 
Braihtta. Kffvtn, had. all potot* 
in Hat BlfUi oonttit While iiit 

mjlut li MMt agohiat 
Wflgii II ol tat In Ifw w- 

rtmado Goia collected eight 
ImMiM* in the Elgin cootoU and 
was unable to pla« a lot 
I al tarty ioul ifmiMt 

•)! M iwMt hi' the 

Wright glint. 

Daw Strawn hit tlit nti ftir 
Mtvtn notaits agamai E'lgln and 
IS poMi againal Wright- 

In Iht Wnght contest, the 
Haafktiwt all five of their itar 
Ihg Hue up in the douttle digit 
wonng colunin and against 
Elgin, all tiut one of the i« 
Harper players scored 

"At of now t don t think that 
•t'rt getting the respect and 
recognition (hat we deserve, 
i-omaiented Coach Bechtold 
•We re going to have to build up 
* tot of that on ourielves in 
order to get n-adv fur the 

Tmoa awd tMPagt 'pae* . 

One bad note lor the Hawlu 
this leasoo t« that t>emelrts 
Gaines will not be returning to 
the squad lor the lecand 
semester And that will be a big 

"I iiiot wlih that peoplt 

wrniM cone out to ice ua play," 
added Coach Bechtold We^vt 
got a good team and I think that 
a lot of people would be IM- 

The Hawks play tonight at 
hooie against Moraine Vallty. 
Game lime tips off at 7 30 p.m. 

Swimmers take Lincoln 


rme man Haipari Maiil 
warn Sola M lit Hawk* to • 

SItvt En) 
haa y«t It ootnptte with a com 
pMt malar. Yet Ms team Is i-o. 
haa a flralpla«:e trophy from 
the Lincoln Invite, and has 
quaWied In lour events for the 
national meet 

One can only shudder to think 
what will happen when Etil's 
roster i* complete 

■it was a real good meet," 
said Eul. We couldn't fill all 
the events so we were spread 
really thin ■ 

Mike So)a. Eul's original 
thin-man. swam seven dlf 
fcreni events «>-free relay, 
I Mi-back no-back, 200 IM. 100 
I.M and lOO-fly - and won them 
all The «<i-fr«« relay team, In 
fact, qualified for nationals. 
lotning the Wi-medlev relay 
team. IflO-fly. and HlOlree 
events. Of those events. Soja a 
in three of them 

One mustn't forget Mark 
Waki w(» joined Soja on the 
iw-free relay team, along with 
Tom .*mato and Mike Zv»eir- 
lynsky. Waks won the !i«-free, 
iWWree and the »o free He 
was second in the ¥») m b«hmd 
Soja Kol bad. considering he 
had never competed in the 

Another first was Jim 
Pingr) s first-place llnlsto Ui 
the 200- fly - an event be had 

never competed tn. "He 
craty." said Eld. 

Eul haa been without Mike 
Sheridan, his distance man. 
Jeff Knepper (breaststrokei, 
Jim Soja I Mike's brother I, ana 
diver Bob Olson 

"Jim Is just as versatile as 
his brother." said Eul "We're 
trying to cover the 500- and 
l,(H)i)-yard events without 
Sheridan " 

Sheridan, said Eul. could be 
his best swimmer, alongside 
Soja. Zwienj-nsky iwho Is also 
known as simply Z i and 
Waks They will join the team 
before neiit semester 

fa lor the women well, 

it was another case for the "Not 
Bad for a FIntt Tit" file 

The women, in their first 
meet of the season, took home 
third-place at the Lincoln In- 

'They looked real, real 
good. ' said Etil "To say the 
least. 1 was impressed with 
their performances ' ' 

Carrie Westdale went the 200- 
free In 2 17 1 ■ seconds off the 
national qualifying time - and 
won the lOO-free. She was the 


Basketball looking awesome 


II was just totally ! 

Laat Saturday ilarper gave out an em- 
B«ra«i.lng defeat to Elgin. 1II-S7. for tbOM' 
ol you that aren't considered a wii al 
niMi. that was ■ n prnni victory for the 

Tht amazing part of the whole slaughter 

tag 'was that it wasn't Harper's tirst string 
players that gave Elgin the hoaviest part of 
the pounding, it was the Hawks second. 

third, lou.rth, and maybe even (Ifth string 
MModa that hit the court hard 
When the first strtng squad wai on tht 

tmm. It looked as Uioi^h' wPaiit wa* tak- 
ing on a group o<' aecoMl grader* ttiat liad 
a one wwh ooitnc In *t>a*ic 
lltriaiiily. Il.arpcr looked lieirte.. 
and Just oveT'-all fantastic on the 
Mark Mancklon came into 'tlW' gamt off 
' ' 1tosc«re 9 points for the (lawks 
.Lawti. Keith Miller and l>ete 
1 ttch came into the contest to 
four points apiece and display how 
much depth Harper hai resting i>n its 

Jtnld! itwia canw into (lit gwnc and 
.ihnwtd tht crowd why Ms niei-name Is 
'"Miaglc " Lewis passed the ball rather et- 
Itctlvely tn tbe game, and really In- 
lUnidaied Etgtn with two of his -bthilMl the 
back pasMis' 

As far as Harper's ftnl string tqnad is 
uoaetmtd'. a good wort! to dtfcrihe their 
talent would b*' ' fauitfca*' 

'While m»st pla'yer*' arc ' to l*el 
tht 'latlgtit' anil weorlne'M of the »ix-ond 
half of play, Item'ftriiS CaintS' is Just star- 
Ihig. to eoRM' lilivf' Gaines mliltcled' w of 


his game high 17 points m the second hall of 
play Earlier tn the week. Gaines hit for IS) 
of his II points in tht second half against 

'Oemetns also reglste'red one of the 
games most exciting plays His tiam -dunlt- 
stuff in the final quarter of play really 
silenced the Elgin btnch 

Tim. .Murray, one of the best all 'around 
players on tht' squad, hit (or a polntt 
agalnit Elgin and played a fantastic dtttn 

Kevin Murray. Tim's brother teased tbe 
ntt fhr a mere six points Quite a difference 
from the in points he hod collected against 
Wrlgtit a tew days earlier 

Fernado Goss Now with a name like that 
y(M know he has got to be good Goss lound 
himself In early foul I rouble and had to 
leave the game early with only right 
points, all in tht (iret half 

Rave Strawn. the last of Harper's star- 
ting five, collected seven points In tbe con- 
test. Dave may not tx a scoring {lower but 
11 anything. Dave is the electricity that 
keeps the Hawks bulling right along, vic- 
tory' afti?rvictor>- 

This year Harper possesits a deep bench 
Ol talent and that will help thtm out when 
they run Into teaoii like Triton and Jollct. 

Okay. M ma'ybt the Hawks aren't 
•faultless' Kvtry team has lis lauti*herif 
and there and of fourse Harper has theirs 
Just give me a couple ol weeits an maybe, 
if I thtnk real tia'rd. I'li come up with one or 
two But just to bt on the sale side, please 
don't bold your 'breath I .could take a long 
llMt to find one 



.M .,., tL *^ J 



f f are 





Stod Surgical Shirfs at $13.95 or 2 tor S25 Postage Paid 


Account* _ 

EMpiration Date_ 







...'5 ,. M JL 





Video Studio puts students in spotlight 


rii* rantri tmmt ta 

^tjtmm ttt MiMriitiiig mmi 

•mm ttiv iMni Itittla am Mt 

lmr«Itll|| IrtM MC'f hMif H 

I !tMHrt*ei 

«<■• Kmifnts tow wrerv en 
s.sumwJ «Ii« II mif bt in* dkf lo 
N- "wii ttert," i:li« Iat» iwi m» 
i'-ir¥i«»n wrwm ima Uw" mnic 
iMg nMirsM tp i>v'«rv(m4*"s 
.iNNirta. MIywMcl HMy tir a lit 
tit out di mek, W. HtiTUT Col. 
I*tr \'m1co 'Sluilto I* a start. « 
iii*im>r*t>te«|Mf-ki«ce, aiKliiit 
iMlcb to (lit: tttiiM'liMil team- 


ttlMf tRIiS'l 

tai wtl'Kll 

\ v'unm^-mm dawitltog lo 
;n on iwf <rf itiMf w««tlng5 

it« (uw u( lit |i»rm*m'iit I'w 
tmm, m U'CMtocmv wrv .,»> 

Mmntam wm twid rvm 
WMllMMlay al ll:» in BMg 
rm Omck Sw« ..tuitew 
prf •(4m I ■ |>rftdu<- 1 ton ruar 
dtraalof ' menltoits tbm 
I m rKptftwrn't m ff< 
i$0it t» rW|Bir«l tlir; 
MW' 1*0 ,||tM>ral r«iylrein«>is 
to INKIWI* » infmt»r' i;tii*n«stt 

Th»» brinf the srccmd 
iwnwrter ltt«i the cJtib h4a ml 
ly Iwwi: In toll Mi-tiif, ■cairdiiii 
to $•«. tiM prmreti tu tie mm 
MWCliMM, M prfUfntly tilnfn* 
It « ilMcl a at U |«rt»clp«tin(i 
memhifri, tienmw- fMiteinmi 
U lie Untie I)' afftuent 
thinmgHmn mte'n tnvotv«>iin«ii 

Thf grwiou ic* itijt ttw 
ffoup IMS l«-kl«J (tiyf tar *a.» 
tdr nwt owert tipwl Imt 
luiinawr itWch n m'tadiiikil lo 
5r «r«l iomeliiiie in the rirm 
lulut* \ liK-ffll riJck band » ,ix 

calM' iiM Id iwrform. and >ti4> 
silow'f Imti was mme otliw 
tfcan Vtncwt ^'an ftiriin. wDmn- 
•wk an RJ and acttir Ha* 
ma* htBi well known in ih.- 

■■ '• ■ liiMwnt indu ■ 
drr such pr. 

« ■ " n » •» an mteii' le « •j.iih' 'on 
imman Phillii(i Vnm tn br 
imntrt liij Curt R«u, and ii 
,l>l,a«iieiJ lo bt sliovn afcain fair 

A »»«« wfclcli *as m prodtn:' 
IKim. hr BWiKto. and has l»rn 
dowly WiMrd hy (Dr Harjier 
ci'immijinf) was I tie Innfl 
awaited Chfrtlinas tiMK-ial 
Kelernsd to as Kir flatwr 
Vlileo Vtrifty >hnw, (>,K pm^ 
fram lurfnilril «»* ilnns a* a 
mafic*! att and .=. r.>m«!; 

Tfcwe ». no dMUt itwt ihii 
prevlifcin tan 'eManwniMmt (or 

•••U «■ tlWie *lw)m. »-irw tllf 
finmiMsd pTOlMcl, tumwer it 
Hii« aiM pmim in be «iucj|. 
ttnMlly itlmiilatiiui as wen 

If glvfii M amplf amount of 
tiiiM', ttie stiKtonts. iiistrmior 
and prwl'uctjon ilaff can t»lcnd 
tln»ir talfnts to trealr an edwa- 
itona! (ealure for a sp«.*ifle 
class Sludenls h»vc sewght iiul 
llM' video club in ttw past, .as 
means of constructing a project 
(or a »yr» in place uf tlie 
lypKil term pa»r 

h miBi rirsl W agrifed upon 
by inntruclor, ttudent and 
vtden clul) » tHal evervone has 
a lull undemanding as in bt* or 

Even' tlKiugli titt time needed 
lo romplele a vidim program 
i>i(i« turns out to lie i times 
thai at the imw invotvrt *il,(i a 
term paper, *liK;ti Swan tuimls 
nut, •h«M-TT4,,ti»jiy.rti(irt'i 

a* a twcklMjne lo a siudenft 
pro|«'i. addK dimension lo 

Iheir acailpmic alxlitles and 
goes rewarded with lar Mler 

Having progresied quite a t>il 
Imm where the cluh was. al Uiii* 
lime last year they have a 
»lile range at setettions In 
stow (or Harper, In a hopeM 
attempt to t>eat the pmt hotlday 

Some such ai*as up in air » a 
pmnlhle magjc and comedy 
special, alat piecei to promcile 
various cluti* on campus Bui 
rigW n*iw m an eKorl lo create 
a broader reputation (or 
tbemselvM, thev are ,l,ookin,K 
tor mellnw mstrtjmentaligis 
and tingen lo form bands for a 
iprtng procluciion Anv in 
terested parties ate encnurag 
ed lo ciinlaet them, their e»l,en- 
■ <: 'imtmuvd cm p*jfe ;»,i 

William Ramey Harpei Coil^ 
Palatine Illinois 

VDl. KNo 16 

kmarf 22. 1981 

Report recommends cafe overhaul 

iiiiwa,! tw'ert,a,u.i »i I'he 
\ Sifirlce Dii(hl«l«>enl .»nil 
■„'«ptm,Mm:, WMCM '&«» 
* Itaa tlKi.iM ta ilw 
i,»'ii tflrtlw ,»«i»ii. 'ta* iwMi, 
.'IWWMIM' liy • eiMMltnc 
hlr«l Ky tiM Barpw Boart 

' iillillifflBi', 

-"jit,„'lbr«rKt. IMcMl a,ih::l 
i:,i)t (wiB hirw) liy «.«'{'.-.•■. . 

MMMliliate th*' ongoing • ir ' : . 

Hpilrtifd Itald lerviicr-. ..■■.! 

I3S7 m> .111 *irriige «t tBMM 

utt year rti-sutimg the rout oi 

heal, l,l|tb! ir-' .•'.•.-.■ov .v,r HWHi 


TtN> (ir(i,i •,,,,, , i„r 
Vm rmm »lw:H naimm-* ttn- 
'«riaMMiMi:. tiMiKiai pn- 
toiaanfe' IirkI Mtr^lvv apera 
tttiM am), m,a,rl(euig ,aiiptctt M' 

Th» »»niiuH«nl,» found room 
(or tliiipn»»emrBl in every 
a«|>ert ol the opeciUon trom 
mJinageinenI lo menu to 
re«»rfantiat((w nt the iiicnen 

8«»" ■■' ■ ■ ■"BlllltniljltHM» 


».An.ii;. -.-, ... t'tJUlMMr buy 

• (,,,'ompelinve tHililiag o,n, 

• ,StatMtif iliiatiMi ol iwri ii>i 

• -iMlp^li' aiKt uplMlig nr 

• (WurMf iciwtMM, ilut ap" 
pal to HtidMit taitaa. 

• Mo,iiuor<ni:i iludent 
satiitiMrtnin and' HfM-turing 
<.er\n-»:< (0 aeet customer 

< I'MpMitog a »nack 
nar wiin xrinHMH (<«llip«lttlve 
• tththeraJWtflai, 

The ,r»p<iri. aliw iwiniw-t wit 
tiMI tlic eatiftrii;. ,h><". 
'Wrw iiaiKiard vt;..,.!.'. ,. 
Mialsto miritatmg txim ta 
itia ii|i«raii:ii« <Wic»l Tlie nm 
Mltaiit* bIsb' m"»mffl,eni(M 
•(aiitord, renpes la ne dirtwn 
'up: and followed to .,t,»nn" rcn 
■Mwt qiMltly 0,1 pr> 

Spectncally tht 

(Irm recii'mirn •: 

changr* tur !,ri. - . ■ ■; 

• Aifcil*!-, , -.TV (UK 

'•■(!#■ dwt(i,| «• 

• Slw uiK'mnii! ■■■ 
har M, the ,M'ronii 
vMe taiM' Iwid Miack ■ 

"(lie r...v.r- .,.....l.,..t ..... ,,,, 


•',* Hmi iji'pdirtrorM iiut |iru 
diaren i»«»r hanlMrgrr Wll 
MCft It .-»,.• .,,.,,„j,j||j„„, f^ 

haiahd! rfter t'oitrgt. 

I* iW'i tii)«".i,jr!T, 

has ,»^ 

lowf am], perform., 

f.) on 

' tnenl 


^« i u: ,y - ,f 1 1 I « i<, ■ I, r V «■" . . * r n n J m, ' ,i ,.l I 

pertorniamte expected. tm-D 

at operation!. 



• iiiT«iiiev»it 

• ■wilevw' al, 
plat «i«rgy aim iiiaii 
i:iMi:ie%"«l. (ir 

• Bi*alirvfn a( tiperaUiiM. 
nlu* energy and malntenamee 
level, pta ladireel eonl alloc*" 
tiiin level 

^Jncr Ibr ^■mvnm^ o( Harper 

'i,'es has Ml 
> prttdiaHto 
pa,n n( ibeMiKwl 

"1 *a» not on the bMrd ,al 
thai time.'" <iaid Brian Biarch, 
chairman o< a» Bmnt «( 
Truttees. "but (ram ttit time 
tHe ttillege waa ItMniM,. the 
fund leniee has 'baem ailMiiia.. 
ed w suppiirteit as a beneftt » 
the ttudeiM i,t has imiI been i«- 
III the pa«t vrar or uo wtwn 
tllimicr-. ■ , ■ .-titer, 

tiiai the - con 

reaponuMir tu itm ^tliimi.^ir.i 
linn imtti Iirtrinlx i ' > 

laill IK l.linr.< I) Crr' \\n 
pre-nden* o' jiini tii^.trative 

tu t 

M » < iflr phlN'-^iptli It 
lint u,ni w IS that tin* i dielrr'a 

Un' * t t r rn rt r kl 

I ■ 

nipprninis in the tixwJ 
•■ ilep,arti!ieni 
■Wr are dWAii better : much 

takes ut 
at I he 
rcwi nt,i'« 

'r> liinr Ttiry are 
ol |,h«' Mdlng pr». 
and the |,iljcin,u .il 

'" * ' I ^ uv j.lcj br wa,s ^ornw 

•viiil i><-rn, I'lKf 

■ :.. ,',.,|. ..(.,,111 Hiai 

111.: fff 

■'"■■' :,l'ie 

prwiirm, iiui apfurentU he 
re»»(v,*il an oBer be couldnl 


;be I'eal *|,anrtck 

rn,:ina,|i'ement ret»rt 
•"1 ,r#«ay wii» p,|,annin,|! ■ 

I r Jive " WiLfirr sji.ft 

IIIalMtjt-ilx ,' ,.,...: '., 

when fiiin-' ,.■■,,., : ' , 
lI'tlHwd Wf-mrt n»»niiird i,n i»r 


over a 

The re|wi1 was dynamite in 
tc^u•|^ of Mbai needs u> tM- dune 
l,l»e suggestKjns are all good. 
The i'ecom,uientJattons that 
were matie were in li,eeptiig 
•Ith pmteisiaiial IPod service 
pMllaMfthy " 

,A,a art,ide on the food service 
department which ,a:ppeared in 
the Sun Tunes In late 

■•< vl jinirnallstic 

■■ 'The article did 

not accurately e,iplai,n that tt 

' C'andnuecl ,cin trngv 3 1 

Deficit here, others okay 

'!>everai emffi,'uiM> coll«gn. 
•ttb frni nerviW' dperatutna 
itilllar to Harper I have 
,iiNinaied lo breali even nr keep 

Acmirting to Lu«-il,le .Sutton, 
land services tii,a,n«ger ,al 
Mm. thei* bai .never been a 
defleii al (.be eoll«ir since it 
apeaed >or iti year* agp 

"We have liever had a pro- 
btoiB We iMially run in ihe 
btotk cma with slw monUii 
tu*' Jiiiit. July, AucM and' 
(ipeeffffi*Hy . ^'' 'liif 

fitoiJ servtars manager Htch 
Archer at iniPage ('Vmnly rol- 
Ifge *ald their IWkI si'rvtce 
tries lobrea,li even 

"The past hUlory is that we 
haw Mm MiMe moiiey We are 
prinha,blj guing to lose a couple 
o( hundre<l doilan t>y the end ol 
ttie fiscal year 

".AtKMit H or 9 xean aiP, tm 
tat about t,ii,i iu"li2,im. Illiilil 
nti'W »e are in the procetf of 
evaluating the complete price 
a* our RieiMs, We have not in- 
trtiMicd iMir prkvs (or two 

years." ."Vrchersaid 

Triton's new twxl services 
itiAnager Howard Kllest admit 
led that the college had been 
lo«ng mnney befipn he was 
hired in June 

•■We did lose money. I don't 
km>w tjow much I'd rather not 
say. '"'he said 

I have lieen here since the 
first of June Ri|;ht no* w«'t« 
breaking even holding our 
own I hope we will break even 
by the end of the fiscal year." 

|«m.TlM' ' ' 

LEGES, Maipar'tliHlMfftwfeulMl 
I.M. (PtHtoby HDCES08») 



Activity cards more than paper now 

■ma tbttnkint Mlari, 
!■ Ictttng people 

I on ttm drawing boarC Stwlest Senate 
perionnei (taally made ar- 
I lo have aa explanatkm of (he mandatory Ma- 
4aa( aetlvity fee printed on Ibe back of the ttudent aetlvl- 


Ite aaii- 

ooly flip 

Its avaialtte to 

lo the Student Ac- 
phone call to the otflce. 
at lust the lUck of the 
'biiaaAil .IgnoraiM*" on the 

.Now, at loni last, tt Is 

Senate provides 
free service 

SiMtnit taiaiv >• pnvuing 

iMt Itful ndvlct fn» pniAtc- 
lag, attomey* to tull and' part- 

llmi ftiHtats wlKi piy an ar- 
IMty tt* Ttut icrvlce is 

tacttcd III Uw Siudmt Ac 

ll<«MH«0ltM9e. iUg. 'A», adijl- 
<tal iO'llie'OaaM'.iiiMM- 

.Aa attwntf vlll be avaitaitlc 
on WwlMMtay aftcroiiotB (ratB 
t to < » piB The jiervk* 
tMglni' Ms «Mli iind will ciin- 
"*""■" the s«inMt*r 
eictpt an 

Ml ilHKilil mak« an ap- 
W, In ailvaiK>e. by eail 

iMlir 143. or by cwamt Mn 
lilt SladMt Activ'itiet OfIk« 
StademS' wiltoiit aitpointiMnta 

cwi Ht' lite atlofiwy on a walk- 
tii baatt. time pemitilnfi 

Tht uncut of the aervlcv ts In 
Mlp educatr tiudtnii tii 
rwoKniie Ihcir legal prabirm 
ami lo (acilltate thrlr rmtlu 
tioi) Sludenls miM lie aware 
that [he aitwney will mi ac- 
tually provide tcgal nipresenta- 
Um tor itmu durimi ibe above 
hwiin iMteiid. th« altornev 
will answer questluM on 
whatmvr problem* tlie rtudcnt 
hat. and how rheir qiMS- 
ilM.'prabl«m can best be 

Fw further mtormatlon, em- 
tact Jcintie Pankanm. Md( 


Letters to the Editor 

''Got a car to sell?'' 

Use Harbinger Classifieds 

Studfnt rtaMified ads arc FREE. lNon-»tiidenl 
ad rale-SO f enl» a line* 

Activity Card 

What's new on your Student 
Activity Card for Spring I!i8i 
'besides the yellow colon'.' 
There now is a blurb on Ihe 
bael! eKplaininK what the card 
may be ujied for' Take It out 
and take a look! ! ! Further in- 
formauon m the student Ac- 
tivities Office A 3)6 

Student sounds off over prof's style 

Clear Mr Piiwell. 

Your class hai becti one o( 
the hardMt lor me to attend By 
hardest 1 mean most uncomlor 
taMr From the (Irst day I 
tnlcred your class you made 
the whole clasa uiKomfortable 
by telling us thai many of us 
alHnhl not b«' Mere and that you 
•anil lit happy to cut down the 

Otivtnuily. lollottinR your 

rai UK class began l« shrink 
•omsn wlm sat neat to m« 
never showed i|p afUa alter 
the dlcttowtry im( Icamae of 
enbarraaaneni. We. a i»w who 
care, jrieved lor h«»r becauie It 
la hin! enouilli to come back to 
1 M: atone find thai your 
er amem'i care ti ytw do . 
Dartni tht iiem:etter, tw>o 
'BMn ol Its aimoti dropped out 
■Ml only tlirvugh each othtr's 

encouragemenl w-ere we able lo 
hold on. 

I Cine back to Khnol lo 
learn 1 earn my grades 
throuKh a lot of hard work and 
wmellmes I don't understand 
why my grades arent what they 
should be If 1 can t unders- 
tand. I gft home and try in (Ind 
what I did wrong so that I won't 
repeal the same mistake I've 
never given up doing any task 
no matter how hard tt wai but 
have never come so cICMe aa 

I endUirad leWy auni. tor 
eight years and thought that no 
one could tx> meaner than » mm 
ai a lea€hi>r My lecllnii* 
toward a gooil teacher Is lliat 
whM I xore a low grade I haw 
uflemM hiM aa well as myself 
The«' *• no cm in you,r class, 
natning to grab onto, no mtt u 

go to tor help only a higniy 

perfecled form of sarcasm I 
had intended to lake a 

philosophy or poetry course but 
have been scared away from 
them A teacher Is lo mslUI l>w 
love of hi! subject nol )am it 
down sliidents th.roats 

1 have never lelt this strongly 
about a class lily huitiaiid l» a 
tea»;her at tta/per and 1 have 
■ome knowledge as to how 
clai* pnniaratlon and subject 
matter itwuld be handled, t 
read tome of the buaimiM 
essays my husband has to 
grade and can letl the dit- 
lenence between a well written 
eaiay and a biutly wrltltn 

TWt daetii'l gt«« me a 
llceniw to critktte but as a stu- 
dent t (eel a tremendous loss in 
not being able lo share In all 

thai wonderlul knowledge you 


As a class we could try to 
learn (o appreciate any (ype of 
literature If il's not beyond our 
reach To learn, knowledge 
must be a little almve us but nol 
so far that we cannot even 
louch it 

Somcttmc*. when a leachcr 
has taught many years, he 
forgets ine values ne nad form 
ed when he lirst began 
teaching .Maybe the lime has 
come (or reflecllunfi. for there 
are many young minib that can 
be awakcMHl lo the importance 

ol literature but only through a 
warm gentleness and Itrm 

Ftjrgive me as I shall try to 
forgive you 

Mary Pock 


WUlitm Hainey Hurper College 

AI|on<iuiii a Rowlle Roads 

Palatine, IL<aW7 


B<lilM-lf>-rM>f Wcwf-r WiekHlMkr 

i^tf 111.111.1119 1 vvronM aJjOux ^nmoriiia 

'Xkm Edllor, 
I'll re'iponse i" "■■■■ '*■■• "iniirt 
■•itH'oftheH..:':.. .' - ■■ '*l!i\ 
miiiiornilam* oeril ii» »ir.inth(t'n 
llMilltlf M iiMl:- 1 have Ihwl in 
Wtaimurl wtil %rv .It'll !i»". I' 

cfiient loi) tit itweol'ciUfni tlw 

.1 ti-unrt'i n( Iruit !i'..:ii ■ ' 
HI" mil* iiiwi u «;!'■■ 
lowjrt CalJIornti ; 

fof Tin" OlWpIr li' ■ 

vxn I frel privilriseil lo livi- 

.111. I 


The HarblriKiT ac'ccpl*. Icl 
icrs to "■■■ ■■■■ ■■ Irom all 

student:- -iml start 

meroix"!' - fiiust tw 

Mgned, '!''■ '■■^..Ts 

SUbmlllr ! -' ; ■ i.-' 

\«?W't Editor 
l» l:.rtllor» 


Him Koftnlif 

i,.«rl Lynntiuy 

C»rti»iiilitl MiHeGrotrh 

mat Jm-Kmi»!««riM, 

Mile Simltm. Kann Johnion, 

DsnMll SloJuwUf. lioll.v Kull<^^ 

Bm PNtHSlMrt. Bill KcU$ . 

ailfet H«ml>«(>i. Jm Martmn 

P««» Widiliiiiil, Curl Aikmiiii 

Mvtior thimttiy Pironno 

riHf H*R«INfiEH li tlw sty<v..,: 
l>MMKatw*ri «« tl*«^ M*rii*r ^'oiri-.. 

*:,Jlj'm|*W«JT.n:ii,;rii!\ i>ul)ij*rn-*l ■•^vi 


TlwHf W fU^r. ianwryllL *Wt. ^fil 

Campus suicides lower 
than previously thought 

iCKi SuicHlt Mmam an- 

l«g» ttudMits il' tMH' M llM) 
rcMIMly HiHl nHni tM: IMII. 

FIfl«rl9 (MVVtMlty IlKHIgllt, M- 

< .. -ot'mant'MiiA" 

luivt iMHi jwl • Dud nwk 

Aliirn J 
-..-(i**rti tmi CWltort a 
<tfi.a«r. mm Mutrt tkti ite m^ 
; I la net' or tU'(€i4e i» 

itigilfmntly tmm flimwig 

'■:>i.iifi 'iliiiiiiiS' iliwi aumif 
- i>ii4iiiMit]l»-tii>My«ir-aiib. 

Tilt (•MUMlMin' (tiultnfi 
canlrMlm mmt ptvvtwi* 

itudtat,. Kliicli liMWl tke 
utiMlil' CM HMf .iMMi ID 
be My wl wn 1mm l-l to tt 

tllBM lllgtMirr ttaffi 

ottHn of Uw 

I llHliiil' 

]tclii**rti.. ■ ptytlMirtM 41 
ID*' VHwslty df Roetietttr. 
MUt ttiat UiMratiw rertnc" 

(iM> "■ CMII|MClff dM'l |>«| li 
IMlUr lllflllMi aplMl: Mil" 

"HUN Urt M' IHMII «■!• 

r ti 

Calltn. dirac' 
r« p«grc:hia(nc 

"W'l M lurt U) know If 
iiillmlp" MW' a |W aiMi 
^oola tilniitlf,.'* Mys Valv 
^reUaUM Mutmn hrmttln. 
t^Mtttm lailaol • clitl te nay 

iiMte-n|M>rtliif Ml 'lulclilv 

Y« Ctabviru aiMf. Hetflrr 

Mmt'lMT'Midy It ilioiied 

• .HileMt rat* 'Hi men in 
i;«i,«w nmm it J in 
aiMni til •'tit-M jriar-^ldi - ti 
iiwirc aceyratc rhan itie 

Sen* art I tlJiniii earlier 

■ImMcs w«f» !!»•«) til ■ ""X""' 
llmotttiiMF "The 
I. tend to Mctir 
Ml nitmlM'r 

Caitipii* wicide*. In lact da 
tiMMi to Mint In iMincltcs A 
Olll**«tt:j Off New MeiJw 
MMMti prajcct ifila wtcid» 
togan early in IW after tiM 
t!NM Itonpltti staflers klllmJ 
Uwmttelv** within live mMths 
of tacit other In a t«f> week 
period (luring sprinj. I'm. 
Uiere weiw nve wtclde* ai the 

Tlwaa lilndi of slatlsttcsl 

""abMfinaltiiMi. " " sthwani 
CMUamla, help swell Mtimale* 
ar <nUage luiride rales Vale*i 
Amalein agrees "The actual 

nit' la atnaii. iiii.|)i«iMitile to 

Ilprt ant." ht ■*>•. II y«M 

cnviit one m dtinl: ciMnl Me., 
that iiuihe> a trcincndMi' dif' 

HctfflCf " 

.8ci«art.( alMi auriMia* 
prior 'Wii;iiw» aC hiKM MUega 
Mietde ratei la (he .kludi n* 
smnpmm winfiei Tlioie w>- 
tKMii rame (mm '"inlarmatton 
coiiiinf Iroifl *cih<wl» ttke Har- 
v.aril. Berlitlfr and Yale., 
where the rate*, are liif her " * 

But ArMteiii nays wicidc u 
umcominoii at. Y.«le i "We have 
one itimti every ffll.her year'"t, 
•hlle Har¥«rt*i Catltn di>e»n"t 
laoKf the llfuret. '"nMse ire 
tmi tl|tire» KhMls lend to 

Report food 

IHt' artlcia In ihe Sw TtiMit 
.MjMI tliat It waa alt ny tatilt. 
TUc pntmm higpi iMai. htlar*' 
I fat thaft. I «aa iNir 9mrt to' 
•wretiatfi " 
'fMrtaic of Ma pnceadati. 
■«r»a«ti la iMlemtni 
■a, :iHl lack m flnaiMca 
I. tt 'Mlnll to' 'iBipiciMM 
'Hi Iha 'r*«ai««em(ai.iiims. 
•alii Waiter 

■"t think the tnaro ihoiiii) a*k 
I ttir tKwnl: where f he :rca|iaii- 
I alUlity II The piiMIC' «MI«: to 
what kind III naiMlMll% 

I the iMard had. TUc nvact hM' 
we wert M :i|iiig a M. at' 

»i»i mal itMMl Hfnfc*. 'The toad 

icrvwe due*' Mt operate m a 

'Mr*, Betty Leult i» the W" 
tinf. iHMl scrviceai, director' M 

A march eiiai'Mt'tee, gimI' 
■MNi «t Mn. bcvlk. Dr 
C!h«rlt«' T Hamngliw, 'deaa ol 
'iMttrtKilMi. 4ntoo A 'telet*-. 
d'treetor of finanfe.. Lmt 
BuchtmU. iMDctiit* iHtnietor' 
ot (Ml tw^icM' amt IV': OhmM 

.1 .. 9PuiH» fMntieniMiK CM .mniia^^' 

neni a nmmliy Madudlai 

Several camikWes were !■■ 
tervtewed a.n4 :» (ktiwon »'lll 
pratiaUy tie made in ihe iwat 
wMk or m, mitt Ferry 

.Mlwr (lie wiuxh (« 
'nukes ' ciioiee, the hoard ol 
tnctees mahtt' the final 4ett- 
w» M: the candidate 



CaU now. 

(312) 3724>080 

In ebloiiag 'Hut 
suicide rates aren't really dlf 
lerent (rem ihoae o( other peo- 
ple of the tame age group." 
Schwarti It conttataM with a 
growlag tuiplflon that 
itreaaltil acadcntlc prcsaurea 
may not he at emodonally 
diiliguring aa prtvioualy 


"'It reaU.y iitn't lair la IB' 

.p|.lcaie the univeriHy con- 
.pletely." says L Thomas Cuiii' 
mingii. Arliona State's director 
n( stadent mental health ler 
vicea.. .He says academic stress 
is more a "validating tactor' 
tkat a ■ priniar)f ■ motive lor 

Why not try the Game room? 

So you've got ctMe to 2 tmin 
to kill bdare' your neit ciaaa 
hagiiK. If .M'''re like nany.. 
'«ha lta««n' t yet eauglit Oit' 
alchf ol tackling Chicago 
wind*, and n would railier 

rup IJial trip to Mctkinald'* 
luneh. .and have sur- 
.nwlerMl to Ihe idea of "once 
aipln" ■tiMlyinf, .and are even 
an cried oiil over '"All My 
Cliildrfn." what elie dwt 
ttatiM* have up it's steewe to 
caier to ihoae hard wirking 

Why Ml try yotir haitd at 
playing, a little pool or a game 
il' 'CMia In the game room. 
IncaM at 'Ihe upper level In the 
A bldg . Join over W' people each 

day, of whoiB approximately 

1D% an female iiudeitta aiul 
'tlw nwjarlty of all play'en are 
cdnaMcred replara 'To avoid 
the crowd*, ymi should .pro- 
hahly count on getting, there 
hefore II or after I. as belvreen 
thoae l^min it looks more like a 
Saturday at Woodfleld mail 
since a good portion ol students 
liave atlolled thai ll.m<€ In Iheir 
)(iir lunch. 

Hours are M MonAiy thru 
Ttwriday and hmn of »-! «i 

Friday . Xo ctarge lor chess set 

rentals It re«uire«l. howwer.. 
your student act'ivity card will 
.tie held 'With an eni.ployee dur- 
ing that tiae yuU' play. TMere ti. 

a lee of ti M an hour to all pual 
playen AmlnlmttmofZpcapla 
must he ai each lahle. with nn 
more than 4 players. Your 
money will be going directly 
back into the game center. 
Itimugh the salartes ol thoae 
employees and towards the 
maintenamre of lis equipment 

Although, some lake n rather 
wlouily, ollitn have lound it 
to he an cafwclally great way ol 
meeting people The freezing 
temperatures may also put a 
temporary freeite on your 
brain, w II you want to escape 
lor a while, come and relwi at 
the game room. 

Harper deficit solvable 

li ContlnuMl iNan pve t ' 

Elgin C<MiiiiMiiltv (.'allege 
■will 'from a 'IM.IM kiat. in two 
.yean W ■ pl« Of allMM tlW'.lW 
'am Ml Mia. mmm ot iMd 

■"■Two years, previous to the 
laat 'tlncal year. 1 inlicriM 
about a t3i»iiMdcbl one year 
a little over tM.Wi and another 
year a tlHte wer tlU.Wi." he 

I jiat year «c dlil ■ tot of 'coct 
•iwltet and menu Mudiet nn 
tbe fiscal year ol ■»«)i' We 
came out in the Mack a Mile 
below 'tia.m 

""The 'Vice Presideril of 
B'Uaimtai Administration and I 
•ilaMWwd our own accountiiig 

'Kuto"> experience in htitcls 
and ctialnt also helped him In 

"We have 'reduced pricca a 
little this year to get (he coat nf- 
(ecitvencaa back to ttie student 
Our goal • financially 1 Is tero to 

In addition to the cafeteria. 
Elgin has a mack bar wblcli 
serve*' hamburgen. hot. dap, 
■nacki and chips. 

"Our snack bar loses, hut we 
view the snack bar as a service 
lor the collide community " 

Strong controls and a waicli 
M mrrchandisinf and pratno- 
tion are the secret to profits, 

"1 might add." he said. "In 
dttase of Harper and Cliff, 
fliat It really is a hassle to run 
tlie (ood service Community 
colieges have a harder time 
because they don't have a cap- 
tive audience " 

-IVwa Nortoit- 

Harper video stars 

CMitinwif tain page ')•' 


'".B'aitcally . menbe'r* arr 
supposed to CMiirtbute $.1 but 
lliai waa rea'l'iy 'iiever orfawi'- 
'14" iliW' 'Jim Bulka, facility 
advisor. "'We are funded 
Itintugh .student «cti»'iue« Irom 
'Which «■» receive approximaie 

1) lam lor the entire year '' 

.lust I'lke a picture b worth Id 
'thousand 'wonis, .nothing cou.ld 
'DC' 'M' Inlom'atlvi' or chatleng- 
m$ m an experienc'e with the 
Harper Ctillege VA-o Sitidlti. 

»■••«. T1W MWMM«V. Jmmmtv It Ml 



it: U-M «.«. In Uw 'iwinge. 
'It ■ jut^tr and 
'«|WM vork IS 
_ I cMc tiB. lU ■ |ug- 
pir, Ik 'HHb MraonliMiry Im- 
pimtHthMl tMUiMt M m- 
ptmt mmk ■ creating ■ mm. 
dMrmgraplilc km Uiil talm 
Ms >r< iMTonil the llnitts of 
tradHton Juggtint to ■ rcper 
lAire mat rmget trom 
Tdtaikof Illy In Om :Btatt«, lie 
literally liiler|irMs ttw tmmte )n 
• vrnmn of imovaUvt wayi 
AdMmMw Is tnt SponMred 
If llM Prvgram Bmt€ 


«tU be a ski club 

itUicrM.. Satt'..iaB&tt3 
MmnatiM m up 
; iill trip* will be 
fts always tlierv will 
iMvalli-takuit ski ram 
.. Now la 'tlie time to be 
I up Km tiR'llcl: tttp$ aince' 
'Uwro art wily llmtM' spacat 
available Mnre inf0rmatlMi 
avallaMc in the Student Ac- 
twiiief onice. A MS 


Prtor IK) etiteriug Ibe l^gal 
Technoliio Program pr«i|iec 

Uw MimImIi mail pa« an m- 
Iraace nam Tbe next eiant 
will be held an Tharsday. 4m 
ttatttam inBldf A.h; 

Alter eo«pietin« tlie Harper 
CttUttt admtMMm application. 
imiltiled Individuals tluMld 
wHaei Ibe College Testlnf 
Omter, eil Ml to register lor 
(lit esain On the sclieiluM test 
dale. ap|>licanis must submit a 
written resume and a stal« 

THe LepI Techmilmgy Pro- 
gram, accredild by tbe 

Amcncan Bar Asauclatlon, is a 
slalawMie approved program 
aflMug cooperative extenslMi 
emwiat at other commwitty 
colleges Trained to becwae 
lecblcally i}uallfie4 anststanls 
to lawyers sludenls are tauglil 
thel>astc skills needed in an el- 
imive working rvlatlootblp 
with a lawyer as well as an in 
depth knowledge In a ifMCialli 

liMler' the Mipervlatiin ol a 
lawyer, tbe legal technician 
may 'Coltet data, rnnduct in- 
tefvirws or research 

dDcimeiiti The technliian 
may alto organlie data and do 
detail work in a .ipectallted 
area He ur she may also draft 
Icfat documents and tollow 
Ihrmgh wim legal (wucedure*^ 


Tectetiques for wom«n to live 
their prime time now, 
whatever their ages or 
lireatyles, will tie the locus or 
Prime Time Women an the 
Move, a warkihop conducted 
by tJie Harper College Women » 
Program on Thursday, Jan 23, 
tram»am to :1pm inBldg A 

Tbe workshop includes exer- 
cues m releaiing crealivlty, 
body movement, life planning. 
dKtsion making and women 
supporting one anolhei Par 
ticipants will view a ttim by 
Faith Hubly, "Wowen ol the 
W«rld. depleting the image of 
woman Ihrnuglioul bistorv 
Hena Trevor coordinator ol 
the Women's Prnfram. will l« 
lure on "The Emerging 
Woman" and Rita Michalak 
will conduct eitertises designed 
to tlimulaie creativity 

Fee lor the workshop, in- 
cluding lunch. IS tH.W iKM 

lor senior cit liens i aegister by 
calling tbe College, ext 4II>. 112 

or nil ReiervatliMts can be 
nailt litr child care for a fee 

Call ext MI 

The Hat|ier College Wo,men s 
Program m offering an all 'day 

"I've (Jot 10 Gel 
Organlied." on Thursday. Jan 
» frm lam to » p m Tbe 
kKalion will be BIdg 242a 

Rena Trevor, coordinator of 
the Women's Program, and 
Audrey Inbody. Harper 
counselor, will lead this 
workshop designed lo help par 
ticipants with home time, and 
money managem<*nt Tuition ii 
IH » iW 90 for senior cltizent< 
and includes lunch 

Register by calling the Conti 
nuing Education Admissions 
Office, ext 4Ul.4«,or»l 

Point of View 

Material lor 'Point of View," 
Harper's literary magaiine is 
now being accepted Tbe 
deadline (or all work Is Feb 16. 
Submit work to Frank Smith. 
engiiih department, or Bill 
Fault, art diepartmeM 

All malenat Mill be judged by 
a panel of readers on the basis 
of originality and qualllv 
Anyone interested in tx'ing a 
reader should contact Karen 
Langer. student editor. Smith 
or Faust 

• Pout if View" will Include 
poetry, artwork, photograpby 
and short llriion as well as 
dramatic pieces and music 

composed by students. 

For more inlormallon con- 
tact tbe Student Activities Of 
lice- BldgA3.16. cut 242. 

Cruise meeting 

A meeting to explain 
Harpers upcoming summer 
Baltic cnjlse will be held on 
January 11 at 6 Ml p m In the 
BIdg. A board room 

The cruise. June S-20, will 
visit Holland. Norway. Sweden 
Benmark. Finland. Poland, 
and Russia The cost varies 
from ItiW to $1986 depending 
on the type ol accommodations 
requested on hoard ship All 
rooms have private (acilities 

Anyone mterested In the 
study lour, which can be taken 
lor credit, is urged to attend 
this meeting 

Detalte on the study tour are 
available Irom Martha 
.Slmonsen at -ext 285 Since 
space Is limited, early f*gliira- 
mn Is essential. Tbe tour li 
open to the public. 


students who qualify for a 
degree or certificate for the 
spring 1981 iwmester must peti- 
tlmi for graduation by mld- 
lerm. Ma«h 6. IMI Gradua- 
tion petitions can tie obtained m 
ibe registrar's office m 
Building A room 2U. 

''Altered states'' a new science fiction thriller 


I've Mti' tlit«nd. and bdicve 
me, whM: It's alt over there are 
no pearly gates' Actually, what 
I really saw was an interpret*' 
(MM of bow ■' It all emit" 
ttMugh "Aller«d Statw" anew 
liln directed by Ken Ruiiell 
I •■Tommy". "Women tn 
:i«ove"- from a Ptddv Chavel 
sky ! "Network,''" "'fbc 
Hospital" i screen play 
"Altered Slates" is not »ley 
about where we go after death 
la lact tbe after death is only 
«M ol many implied tdealj 
within the film Alst 
ftpreaenled is Hell, Heaven 
Adam and Eve. and primai 
man amoitg things. 

"• .Altered Statna"" ii, the story 
Ola Harvard 
pycbofthysMilogist profesMir 
Eddie J«iup. played brilliant- 
ly by unknown William Hurt 
trbo with the help ot a drug im 
(Mrtcd irom a Mettcan Indian 

Film review 

tribe, an iwlalion lank, and 

after conning the help ol his 

puiiled wile i Blair IJrowti i and 
a couple ol Harvard colleagues, 
goes oil on a trip to tind 
amiawi lo life's "unanswered 
i|uestions " What results is ihat 
Dr Jesaiip has com,e across a 
lantastic discovery. This 
discovery proves lo be ffl,u«:h 
more than |ust another *elrd. 
paychodeltc "bad trip' ' Irom an 
overdose of Mein-an 
RUilirwms Apparently Or 
Jtsaup has come across 
another' dimen,slon. a dimen' 
SM thai Mds the secret.s of 
life, death and the evolution ol 
man What's more bl/nre is 
that Dr Jessup brings this ex 
perience back to reality with 
bla. This dimension, or power 
or whatever II is, al«> produces 

No Charge F lr»t Consultation 

T.W. Fly on & Assoc. 's 

Allofncys at Lam 



I Tratllc Ticket Convictions 
'WDt: Sui|MiMl your .Ucense 

lantastic amounts ol energy .to 
powerful that the others m Dr 
Jessup's experimenting group 
also experience the 
ptMiomenon, though they are 
not always w lU Ing lo admit it 

Russell handles the transl^ 
lion ol tbe plot in the special ef- 
fects ol the iranslormallou" 
masterfully The film Is also 
strmiurnJ so thai many sur- 
prise* present themselves 
tbroughoul the story To 
divulge these surprises might 
rum some of the iniiial shock 
tor the viewer, but a big clu*- is 
genetic regression , 

What IS important for 
viewers of "\llered Stales" is 
to not try lo ttereotyp*- the film 
trim the onset, .Some of «ie sur^ 
prise* may have the viewer 
Iwllevmg he is in store lor 
inolber of thoK awlul borrt-r 
or suspense lllm,s that haie 
plagued Ibe ;*c,reen in recent 
moittfci This IS not at True 
there I* an element ol horror in 
the film The sam,e is true lor 
«i|N»ie, But there is also the 
clamlc tmy of the hamtsome 
young sirienfw who let* his 
seemtBgly evil work take over 
hit entire We, ,And there it ih* 
tow story of Dr Jemup aid Us 
■'tilt and: liow ,J«tMip"s ailaiMut 
ittifwle (itwHil bis wwk tagiw 
I.I !r,,- ,■■.,•,■ '■<flation»bii>a|niri,. 

bin u,,ii-!,,ir,|_v Ijrlngii lh(Wl 

laboralion. which apparently 
wasn't always roses during the 
lllming, hat conceived a 
brilliant film, one ol near equal 
calllier lo Stanley Kubrick's 
ll»l The (Urn is ultimately 
Hisicirs Russell repta«!d Ar- 
thur Penn as director and 
reportedly changed the original 
screen play so much that an 
angered Chayelslty changed 
Ms name lor the credits 

The film is extremely fast 
p»«d lo the point where 
viewers may think they have 
been silting only a few minutes 
through the standard length 
feature However this last pace 
might be tbe only short coming 
in the film The slory Is siippos 
eil to email a priod ol a <lo,een 
yi>.ir> hrfiimiing in Ibe lale 
''"■ ■ ''tT'f, coslumesor 

^■' ctiiinge liille 

Ihriiiigh ifiis iequence and age 
uncoovincmgly Still more 
jamaging may be thai some ol 

-| , ,,,,,i|%ciplt=,^ 


the scenes trom the early days 
are shol in the street where the 
surroundings were nut made to 
look late I<l6(i .s or early t970is&. 
At one point in the liini which Is 
supposedly 1972 or so, a 197S 
Cadillac drives by Still the film 
IS so last one may not notice 
that until an inevitable second 

The lilm easily overcomes 
the time problem with outstan- 
ding, mind boggling visual ef- 
fects and with superior acting. 
One may get frustrated with 
trying to comprehend parts of 
the dialogue or one may derive 
different viewpoints about Dr 
JeMup's trips, but no one will 
leave tbe theatre di.sappolnted 
One will probably find 
themselves thinking and talk 
ing about this lllro for a long 
lime lo come " Allered 
States " which is raled R opens 
tomorrow iii Uuodfield and 
throughout Ihc Chicago area. 

Put your 
iiKMMv where 
your Heart is. 

Ohio* fc-mnt. 
Rent EMiM* 
Aiswiit i B«m>r»' 

Trait I, 



M Hour tosweiiiiiit sieirvice 

Office Hours 
3:i»-3:;Mip m. Dally !1 a nn,-I p,m. Sat 


Atturncvs ji l.,;ivi 

closer logelhcr' 

'Tbt Russell CllilycS 

•ky col- 





,A'F '. • 



On any regularly priced 
albufn Of tape 

with thto coupon 

This oNar 4on not (nclwit 




Tificup Pass Shopping Center 
1211 Golt Road 

- I. 

TtwH«r«tln«ir,JwitMryB,1«n.f>aa*t —I 

mmmm m rucmn scmmui roi. maw* cctupa studmiw, rmiirt^ 

(■.». IMiiiii-adt 
1« tMlKMM MMCa T 

C f«i*lliM' 

Tu«*My I 

12-1 (m 

l-» a* 
1.1-1 !■ 
TtlO-'fiie pi 


U-1 'Pi 

nmwOmf : 

11-1 la^ 

T:10-fl» fai' 

rtx*m < 

11-1 Pi 
7-» pm 

•atHfidav ■ 

i-<l ,pi' 

awlMPinf Voal 

Ncndav t 

13-1 pi' 
lI-lilO pi 
J-« pi 


11-1 Pi 

ftnitMlay : 

11-1 t JO pm 
l-« pi 

rrlday > 

11-1 pm 

Saturday : 

1-4 pi 

Indoor Trac 




ll-l pi 
13-1 pi 

Tiio-aiio !■ 

11-1 pi 

flMraday ■ 

la-i m pi 


11-1 pi 
1-9 m 

■atufday : 

i-« pi 

lltl«l>t Moca 


3:10-4:30 IW 
1: 10-4: 10 .|B 
T,JO-»:M m 


ll W-4:]0 fB 

l»ur»day t 

ll)0-4iM IB 
7:10-9:10 pi 


13-1 pi 

tattttflay = 

1-4 pi 

paegtftaall. ■Ha.rpat (•cult,. »tafl and •mdamta say atfn up "» a Htm earn, 
Ufiic Mrvwl 'tmait f«r <*•• of tha ranpatliall eewtt. at a rad'^ead rata ot 
»S.(» |ia« ln>uf at tM loll«iB<i' tiaat: 

Tuat*i» t ■»•«»*••.' :■ ? ■ iP-» : » pa 

Pitday :. ,":■-.) lOO fa, »:«>-»:« pi 

Sat'wday l l".,-4i00 ,pa 

Alao. l»y payinU' a tlO.OO faa. »arp»r faculty, ataff and •tudant.i nil hmtm tna 

fjfllit to tala|i*K>i>a raflistar lot eomti. to laMrw couiti toi Tuaaday and 

Tliaraday. call (fctnday ff«i' *:00 - ».:«) pi. Ta laaarva eo«rti lot rnday and 

Saturday, call thur'iday txtm tutm - ftOO »•.. <J»T-1000. ant,. 4ft7> 

Court twaa .ara maarvad on att howJy Haala- For fwthar inroniatton,, »to|t by 

tlaa racraation otnca on tha ••cond tlaai of auildm* M. or e«Vl »7-1(K)0. ant. 4»7 

•Tl>a oynrtaalMjii ■111 l» eloaad dua to conflict* and atklatle onataat-a on tM. 
toliiw'irtfl dataai 

Tvaiday, Jan. J0--7!.M-'»- » liOi Thitraday. Jan. 23--T . Ki-9- iO fm> riidaiy. Jan,. J3-- 
Ml day and •awaninfli TH««»day. Jan. 1»— '»,, lO-t; » pii satuiday, Jan. 11 — all day, 
TtiMtiday, ral>. S— 7: JO-'».'.lCi t»r Satui-day. ral>. 7— all «iy: Tiiaaday. rati. 10— 
7,10-».» *■.> Tttviraday, ftb. ll-aU day: Saturday, fab. i4-aM dayi tiiaaday. rati. 
>•— 1 !• »-••:.» in,; Thuraday, rati. 3»--7:10-»', » |a. 

(•::,. i »::; bj eloaad - rab. JO-SI 

*:i i »£■ 1 1 1 1 i.a* eloaad - rab. M - UwoIb'i nrltiday 



The Hariwr CoUeRe Theatre 
announces audUliHU (or vtm 
musical. -West Si* Slorj' " 
AudltMm dales are Friday. Jan 
M at 7 p m . or Saturday. Jan 
Slatlpm InBldg A13» 

All thow ■uditlMiing should 
prepare a song to sing, 
preferably from -West Side 
Story "A pianist wll 1 be provid- 
ed Production dales are the 
llrsl two weekends in April, 
rehearsals will begin tm- 

See Mary Jo Willis. BIdg 
AIB. ext 448 or ZKi (or add! 
Ilonal informatlaii Auditions 
are open to all Interested 
students, start, (acuity and 
adult Riemlien o( the com- 

CPR Classes 

The Class of 1977, as part o( 
111 class gift to Harper ( ollege, 
allocated monies to the Health 

Service lo he used to purchase 
inaRikins for CPR classes 
Because of ihls gill, the HeallJh 
Service will again be oirenng 

free classes during Spring 
Semester mi These classs 
will be held on Wednesdays 
during Spring Semester You 
must, attend two owiseculive 
classes, t hours in length, in 
order to ouallfy as a certified 
rescuer The ttrsi session of 
these classes will begm .Ian a 
Registrations will be on a "tirst 
come, first served" basis and 
will l>e taken in the Health Ser- 
vice Bldit A .162 or by calling 
nt MO 



Board & Paper Products 
Color & Painting Mediums 
Drarting Equipment 
Airbrushes & Accessories 

Pressure Graphics 
Pens. Markers, Ink 

Paper Cutters 





Wax Coaters 

Th«big nome Inarf supplies 

. ■■;, supplies • 



.Spring semester student ac 
tlvity calendars are available 
They will be distributed In 
various lounge areas on cam- 
put, or may be picked up lo the 
Student Activities Office, MM. 
at any time These helpful 
calendars list all Hanier- 
sponsorad activities (or this 
semester, including concerts, 
lectures, movies, plays, 
athletic tournaments, and 
special events Take advantage 
of your student activity card 
and get free or reduced admis- 
sion to all these programs. 

Game Room 

The Game Room is open 
from » a m » p m . Monday 
through Thursday, and Fridays 
» a m I p m Students are In- 
vtled lo play pool for only tl 50 
per hour' Look for your coupon 
worth ':• hour free play in this 
week's Harbinger 




Construction suit 
under study 

Noprogrws has been reported lo date iii a suit filed by the Harper 
Board of Trustees dealing with faulty construction of roofs on 
Mveral campus bulldtnp 

The tm,m suit filed in the Cook County Circuit Court is ^ 
parently ■being developed turther ■ by college attorneys tccordlnf 
to Brtan Barch, board chairman At this point the Board Is ittU 
•waiting word from the legal counsel." Barch said last week 

Barch stated he did not know as how the suit will be distributed 
among the plamtiffs Included in the suit are the contractor and ar- 
chitect of the bulldlnis. the original roofers, and two material com- 

The suit was lil«l after the college hired the consulting firm of 
Aicro* and Associates to look at ihe roofs of buildings A.C. and P 
after several Incidents of cracking, leaking and even spandrel (all- 

•Ascrow and Associates were brought in to look at the bulldinp 
and offer imput to he used in the suit, Barch said At this date 
repairs ar«; still beuig compteled to several areas on the roofs. 


Tills coupon enmles stutlent /bearer lo a halt hour of 

free play in the College Center Game Room i third 
noor of Building A I upon presentation of a student ae- 
livit) card Cotipon valid until Feb. 6. 1981 , use i»ly 
between I :M p.m . and 9 :(» p m 

Pmil loom ii open tieiw^een » « am. and »:!» p.m.., Monday 
ihrauilh Thursday, ami belwern » ■ » a m,. and I ■ 39 p , m . on Fridays. 
t ;i« II 11 i» per hour ordinarily Only one coupon per student. 

l-i.lflosl. H"U 

■ ',"' "'' ' " 

II ■ ■'■: 

ii:,Bi«**mp.iH«K( ■Gael": 

tf t 30S9 

rm WLE &ri|il<.«: EtKithiif Iv car. M' 

the rnm ti»t m« •" *>< tar »!»(» mtf *. 
%.€.•"«.«»••»«'» ,, __ _ ._ _ 

*»»« aiiaSiii. iSn i »>« 'i «w» 

vwu ■ I' .i*i»i# from my hww't !t#rtmrtiy 1 

■nim" "Ii' ' M>«,.l>l» U't-ta!,!, 

e«0««W~,iOUD'~Hi>'f!iu (ii Good 

See it all in Berkeley, California 

I mmma Ikai I'ni liicli)r 

iMiciiMl' |M: M' tnnH wcnm te 
linlM SUIM ami hmX aany 
tunes Bui. after my last trtp to 
Berlietej, Callforoia, I tJiinlt 

B*rliriey, •■jrwtuuiw is hip 
pie heiivvii All good hippies |i> 
(tiere if they've imm. load hip- 
pies all »( iMr llle Socne peo- 
ple say ihtt Berkeley i» artual- 
ly hippie hell, but I would haw 

Anjurlitre in Burlteley. you 
can Itad any type ol drug your 
btpple heart desires You can 
even llnd some drugs that some 
hinnlw lH««ii't (rtad, only 
tuemm :HMM oUmt ll:i|iplet 


Oh. ym my that I'm being 
tm eriUeal of my leliow man 
you ny. that |u*l because I 
htm short hair, and the hipplet 


. . .abstract 

have long nair my opIntOH of 
hippies are un)uctllled Well. 
II snot true 

■ Hey. man Can I use your 
John?" Said a bleary eyed, 
wabholing hippie to my Inend 
who •*» sttting on the (ront 
porch steps o( the house, where 
my (rlen<i rents a room, to go to 
tchoot at the University of 
Calltomla -Berkeley 

"No. I rent a room here, and 
the owner has house rulea, 
'•wM my IrHnil. very curtly . 

The hippie continued to wob- 
ble tn front of my friend The 
hippie didn't say $ word, he Just 
stared I suppose stared is not 
the right word The t>est word 
would be somnambulatMl > 

"Hey. what the hell do you 
want?" said my friend aniMiyed 
by the wobboltng hippie 

"Hey. man Vou wouldn't 
mtnd if 1 peed on the stdc of the 
house, would you man? " said 

My Irtend was speechless 
My frtend was alien to this type 
of behavior You Imow. you Jusi 
don't tee this type of thing on 

After much thinlimg tiy my 
friend, he uttered to the hip- 
pie." You belter get the hell out 
of here " 

The hippie said softly. 'Be 
cool. Be cool." 

Ah. you say that's only one 
case. rlKhf 

t took a walk down the In- 
famous Telegraph Ave A hip- 
pie stopped me and asked. ' Got 
adime, nickel, ora quarter'" 

Very quickly I thought how 
much it would cost me each 
time I gave any hippie on 
Telegraph some spare change 
I decided that the loll was too 
steep, and resorted to my 
favorite retaliatory phrase 

I usually use the phrase when 
being houndetJ by the moonies, 
or the hare knshnas in the air 
uort* And the phrase, nine 
limes out of ten. works 

I said. " How do you sleep "* ' ' 

The hippie pointed to the 

I was dumbfounded. What do 
you say to that' Ah. yes, the on- 
ly thing you can say. 

1 aald. "K yoa i«at my urine 

tor diabetes. I've got a nickel" 
" The hippie said, "Whaf Are 
youcraiy. man''" 

Okay, so you're still not con- 
vinced, righf Here s my last 
piece of evidence 

tndernealh Sather Gate. 
(The entrance to V.C >. a man 
dressed in a Nari uniform was 
practicing his nazism 
speeches He said things like 
'Dis is de end Only you can 
stop Trotsky " 

Perhaps you didn't know, but 
Trotsky has been dead since 

Well, I'm glad I'm back 
home I'm glad I go to school at 
Harper, and not the Unlveraity 
of California- Berkeley 

Vou know. i( the Russky's do 
drop the bomb, like Ronnie's 
people are telling us that they 
will, let's hope it's on Berkeley, 

The Kings fare well with debut album 

ry^^^ iSaff 

With the release of the 
"Kings Are Hert." the double 
■ong hit- The Beat Goes 
On/Switchln' to Glide has been 

I M lit isliartt ever 
■re 'David 
■ntummO,. StmfltiKjfm. Aryan 
Zero and Man Styles 

Until recently discovered by 
loll' Eirin.. who took it upon 
MiBitK to produce their 
pMMlerr altniin, this Canadian 
P«ip has been performing in 
Ears and nlgtitclubs Kirin had 
tpl IMillMl working on Pink 
'rkqii'l "tl» Wall" when he 
' In ehance by when 

Curt Ackman 

.on music 

Itie Klnia were nhearsliiR in -a 

rHdin fiudM). Me asatited' 
pramp' with, hla creative 
inm and' In aiMlai' Iht' right 
Mwlqwt'llMit li' so apparent 
1 llslinMl lit the Kings 
t from questions being 
tnm an over eager 

3ie radio cwwd at the 
a Radio National Con- 
ference held in November 
VUli tape recorders m hand the 
hyper college beings fired 
I silly and repetitive 
David Diamond, the 
r of the group, re«p«NM 

mildly saying ihat he lell great 
that their album was doing so 
well that, yes. Beat mm 
On/SwItchin' to Ghik was plan 
Md to be released as a doubli- 
song mix and timt they will be 
going on lour in January 11 
these questions were not 
enough, some geek In the back 
of the room just had to ask 
them if the group "parlied " 

Their music is described as 
"beat rock" and it seems this 
term seems to fit aponprlate 
ly Other cuts on the album that 
deserve praise are 'M> Habit " 
that tells of their urging desire 
lojplay and perform music and 
"llin Shoes Running' another 
harnMolMs heavy that chants 
that we are in a race with time 
and society 

Watch for their next album 
and if it compares with the 
first. 1 believe the "Kingn Are 
Here" to stay. 

Want hired help? 
Need a roommate'' 

Looking for a uised book. 

a Mereoipealter. a concert tlckel? 

Use Harbinger Classifieds 

student clasatfled, adi are FREE. 

Non-stwleiit ad rate 

50 cents a line* 

"M mknlniiiin 

1-D.w DtamoBd. S«H|y K«»«^ Maai style* and AryaaZ«» (Ptiot 

qpost v-^ofpiias^^- 

{ DO **0 THINK or MY 


plRSt Oe ALL, THE COl.O«5 ALU WROMfr,! 

XT5 too SMALL, THE CO»*O«j|-Tl0W5 OFF I 

D*6iNER*T£, hM> ROTTEtJ. VKT All *•/ j 
I All XT 5 tNOu&H TO Cr*'^*j!l*£223>' 



TTMEY wA*^ TO Pot me /iJJ 

ThiHarMnfar, January ami. !>•••' J 

Dynasty ahead for E„ll - maybe 

Mmpm Miy :niialiy iia«« a 

■■■■ - - -fti„lia*«i«. 

my Omm 

M ■» fH iMlM the 

'," ■• unlainlllar 


:KMWIV 1 lliVWiMp 


. on sports 

tm wiMiiilar witli ttw nmnl 

tniailfirla. iMIll^ 

•d H "• powfrtw group or 

TBt lil«ii»lp*«l Ctniilleni ire 

Thi Bute aft n»ta«tjfiiMiy.. 

nt i«Mmi CaMIe* art a 

ThePtitlMleliilit* TS'er* a» a 

Jtamy Carter !• not • «tj»naa 

Jotin retell trtM to tM a 
dynauy iiorry- I coMMtot 


ntCUiM art^ imt a dynaity . 

Tlw Whilt 8m ani ml a 

Tlw Ntw Vnrk VankMi art a 


The Gnen Bay Paelien uacd 

Tlw PtttiburKh Slaticn at* « 

dyuMty itmtnrt 'tlUa 
Black 'Hawln art »«t 


Aneitnt Ramt was a dynasty 
Qkty now that dynasty has 
hwn sutflclently defined In Uw 

i|Mrtlii| Mnac, I «1U conliniw 
my t:h«Mli, «MI«i mi: Marvcr 
may fliittlly haw • aiwrUng 


Tliat dynasty, or pMentia) 
dynaaly, ts tlw mea^% iwim 

rtrtt-ytar c«ach Steve 
IB Mi iMin at M m dual 
I m tar. phii a tinh pljicv 
team (Inlih the state Division 

II] iwlmminK ehamplon!ihl|)s 
not bad for a two year 
NJCAA's-meratwr cooununUy 

It mifM be eonstdered Im- 
presiiw even ironic, a (irst- 
year program turning in such a 
remarkable performance 
under a (trst-year coach 

II is not, however Successful 
(tnt-year pragramt are no 
Intieranovetfy Neither Is that 
of luccessful first year 
coaches In fact, it is becoming 
a llmrworn theme that Is los- 
ing Us singularity 

Uit year, both of the two 
llniyear coaches, one from a 
first year program and the 
oUwr from an established pro^ 
gram, turned in very im- 
pressive first year miaiben 

A brief review 

Soccer coach Sandor SialM. 
Ul his first-year, took the first 
year soccer program to an 1 1 4 
1 record, runner-up in the stale 
playoffs and an NJCAA 
Midwest Regional playoff 
berth It was. at that point in 
Harper sporting history, the 
belt performance by a first 

year program, 
first-year coach 

Mitirai) and Qaiy SalNi 


wMf the Pa€k 

WW ■WW j^jr WP mw^^^mO 
JPS ■•'■■Mi "flP ■P " •P^PWw i* ,.— , a flitf 

^4 gmMk 

as wtl ai a 

Enter Wally Reynolds. 
baseball coach Reynolds look 
a freshman oriented squad to a 
14- 10 record i overall i In his 
first year as a coach At that 
time, It was Ibe best record 
(overall > for a first-year coach. 

Now there Is Eal. M and a 

Division HI title In bis pocket 
The \.ICAAs haven'l even roil- 
ed around yet The anltcipatlon 
of what Eul could still ac- 
compltsb this season Is stagger- 
ing But is Is only a beginning 

Time has a way of replacing 
enthusiasm with cynicism The 
novelty wears off .Suddenly, 
there are weaknesses found In 
what seemed an invincible 
sporting machine 

So was the case this fall when 
the soccer team breezed 
through an undefeated regular- 
season and fell flat In the first- 
round of the state playoffs 
These were the preseason 
favorites to win the state title, 
and suddenly - nothing Admit 
tedly. It wasn't entirely unex 
pected But II was so sudden. 

Eut does have the Ingredients 
of a junior college twinuning 
power, only three other schools 
in the entire state - Dupage. 
Lincoln, and Wright - compete 
In swimming. Eul also has Ihe 
benefit of a Jewel of a facility, a 
Ion of local talent to recruit 
from, and. yes the novelty of 
having a successful first-year 
program That novelty Is a nice 
Intangible - none of the 
esUbllshed swimming powers' 
know what to expect from 
Harper - but Eut won't have 
that again. 

A final Item, that will pro- 
bably work in Eu'ls favor: 
Harper's athletic policy im'l 
whMber you win or lose, but 
how many athletes from area 
high schools got to play This 
will be, in (act, an advantage to 
Eul. who will be able to recruit 
freely from what is debatably 
the best area In the Midwest (or 
high school swimmmg 

Now. with the moal Impor- 
tant ingredients gathered. It 
will be Just a matter of time 
before Eul has a dynasty - 

Students still think campus 
protests *have a place' 

<CPSi-A survey of students 
al 153 colleges and universities 
nationwide suggests the 
American student body still 
believe.? cimpus pretests of the 
sixties were worthwhile 

Of the »37 responses to the 
survey sponsored by Emharl. 
Inc . a ■■manufacturing'" firm 
based In Connecticut, M per- 
cent agreed that a 'tangible 
gain was achieved by the cam- 
pus protest in the ISflOs " Over 
M percent believe that student 
demonstrations "have a place 
on college campuses today ' ' 

In terms of their own futures, 
the respondents generally look- 
ed forward to the new decade 
Only two percent expectd to be 
unhappy in the next few years, 
while 83 percent said they ex- 
pected to be happy in the \m» 

John Budd. an Ambart 
spokesman, said he was sur- 
prised to find that students 
were not as conservative as 
other reports have indicated. 
He noted thai 73 percent of the 
students feel that large cor- 
porations have "too much in- 
fluence" In the United States, 
and that over half think that 
large corporations should be 
regulated more strictly by the 
federal government. 

Emhart's questionnaire, 
developed In conjunction with 
the Foundation of Student Com- 
munications in New Jersey, 
was sent to 200,000 students, 
most of whom were upperclaaa 
liberal arts majors. Budd had 
no explanation for the small 
response of only 937 to his 

Men's Basketball Schedule 

H.M.rpef' VI 
Harp«r vk 


Haipwr VH 
llif|Mr VII 
HariMtr vh 
llar|M-r vt 
Hftfpcr VI 

Illifkol»VaIlc> •Ian 33.7 SOpm 1 
KlihwaukM, Jan H. ZOOpm Awty 
WrtflilJan 27. 4 00pm Away 
Rock Vall«y. Jan » 7 aepm Hooh 

DttPtft, f •<) 3.7 3Dpni Away 
Itiarnton, Frh y 7 wp m Homti 
Joihst. r«b la. T aopm Hom* 
Triton, F«b 13, 7.10 p tn Away 
Lake CoiKRiy. F«ti 14. 7 3Q p m Awty 
MalCQimX.FtO M.7 Iftpiii Away 

Women 8 Basketball Schedule 

H,«rp»rv». iyil»HV«lle.y.J»n JS.JOepm Horn* 
Htriifria Wrtiht.Ju 17,1 iNip.m Avay 
Hifiwrvi HiKk v»n»y, J«n JS.SOOpm Home 
HaiftT n r>u,Pa«c.. Ftb "J. li » p m Awiy 
Htriwt VI Tlumtm, Ff D S, S W) p m Home 
Btrperw Ml»l, F* IK, S (Ml pin H»in€ 
li«rii«r v» TrtKim, r«D' IJ, J •) p in Awiy 
Maciwrn KMionliM. ral> a,«:illlp,in. Away 


Health ft FitnesiCtnter 

CalMriNii ) Msn In butlmu in ttpimnt w iKiimn l» < km an<i tarp 

>'*>•• 'Is l» 

c'udi W^' m^ m6 wome^' '^c **to cft«ftf »tff ouf nt* Grand OwwN. i^'- can wrail on,a i 

Mt. '»t »tar »»it*tr*,» »• Vi prtn 



ftcMl^ ft«Hd"'r»«* 



J . .'- ■ ■:> Mwici' 


-;■ < LOM 




L'X ^e"-;, 

t(jc*. ^' - "'Wi'** *•*#'■# '"- ■' :. 

0." <.',. 

Diet' ,,:;.,..., 

>•'•• ■ ■ ■ ■ •' 

■ "mM'. 

[•> »•§•«. TM 


Harper welcomes Triton with blistering defeat 

L«M HmMtojf nijllit Itie Tritin 

TiwjiiM cam* ta HiiiTer to |>lty 

Tlicy unit villi tMr putm^ 
M IM Kcwrd tM mrtk* fitr 
ilMlf , and riltier loudly tM 

T li « jf t»m* vnk »n 

■ ■ ■ ■ ■ M 

llltji' «•«# with a (irm grtft 
on flnt ntace tn Utv NC Md 

'iMfW «f • oMilcRnce diani- 

wWi iMr lam, 
patcntt, studMt*. trmuM iimI 
miwr alllM Hull would M|) 


'Thty' came wiA itaiHIitt 
'mat iMtltiig. BHiMr 'MmM 'Iip 

Tlwy' came ,fii«t «w i 
rwon came to M*rj)er itwfil 

.immMis >flO' in * talltMH |MM' 
•tirrr Harpifr wa* MfllMiml: lit 
bam ovri- ami M tM TrntaM 
mm. Bui tltrp«''r <Mn"t iMiw 
«¥tr and: tl»> pulW off mm «»( 
UtC' toljpHt. u|Mtts in thC' acaiM 

And |W, MM aiato Trtiaa 
cane to tiaiper in atiemiii'ii of 
twalitng » team itat thry wtrrc 

*gatii Dariwr ««t 
til: pull ulf aMtiicr 

Mar|i«r mnmt t» m» ti it> 
I 'MffafinaiHcva' ail naaaiSii 
iHidlm Trnot MM lit 

TniMi wf ar natty .mmiciI' im 
It M' llM' gMM' at ail. at kHt 
UW' Hawfta Mad* ii :iMtiit tliii 


lliraaglMiil llw murw of IN> 
pine. Hariwr mit ras, rt- 
tMwiitdwd. iMMMi, liMil. and 
mist of ail. Ml daiwd tlm 
ti¥(irtd Trajans 

Sw Kiiday, kcfit tlie Hawkt 
on lop tn Itic imt i|uarter by 
CTMirwwUiii & af Harpm IS 

Manaiui l.anim may have 
tamed li tli« fweit pet 
{armaiMW of Iwr canerr igaint 
TrllMi LarMNi pumped mm 

ftolnt* ttiroufili l)Mt net tn (he »■ 
ewd quarter to give the Hawki 

an fnjoyat>t# in point lead at 

tacnfaiKd tlieir lead 
I in ttie third ouader 

M hey baakcli try May. 
t^ryt O'llara and Oeama 

Haiper iM:iii«it to ilach oft a 
Mt tn tlw fwrtti. quarter tai 
wtMt you're wtHini Uy 3t 
;piiMt, lis rallier lta.rd: la kiMp a 
ktllcr ustiM't to iimre'. 

ttoday lead Itarper In Mo-tag 
wltH t7 pMnlii. llodaiy «*•. alM 
a mery |9baHMi wrprtae on tlic 
CMirls alter .imiiittni ant. on 
Mime game* doe to m iIImm* 
Hoday liuHtM up .and dovn to* 
emtrt and lead Mh lean* la .re- 
MiM^aim Larwm played wM. 
tiC' called an mcellent 
Her II potnta dlaplaycd 
Larura can atw icon* 
jutt the (teady retwuii' 
ttai itm turn iMten k.Him 

tiiai I 

putnt* after comlnR tnio tlic 
eoniciit (Iff »l lite tiencK For a 
le« nitffiute* in tlw wcond 
naarter. O'Hara had (our 
potnti, tHie afiiiit. tun* re- 
bwuiidi and fiiur iteal* 

tteanna Deltier also turned in 
a exwtlent pirfonnance br- 
inginc It* ball down the court 
and ietdtng the team to several 
hey Mores Dietier adiled 10 
potnts t« Ihe Hawks effort, and 
alio had le'vcral anisti 

Sue' MtiSchJer put (oor point* 
up on the tmards tor Harper l>ut 
her talent In the r«tM>u.nittn.K 
dciiartaeni Mimn) the Hawkt 

Karen Demosi aiiMted wtth 
talent to the Harper' wis alM by 
adding seven pointi and 
sever ml aitists 

h wrprtcing note fur tlie 
flaw'ki in llie lamt ti that Kim 
Place ta«" a tiiaitad tiiiit of ac' 
tiM.. Flace I* one 'M the Hawks 
lop seoren and atl-amund 
playen and her a.tsstnK from 
the Itae-iip ciMild .really 'haw 

"1 itoii't peaHy kiio* why 1 
didn't play .more. ' ' commenird 
Flace m her absence from the 
game "My shot 'wasn't on ei' 
act target and I think that may 
liiive tiern the reason ' ' 

hs oi ■mm the lemate Hawki 
arc in (tie ume tituatwn •■ 
Uiclr ally m..ale Hawks. Both 
HMd to ;go undefeated in thetr' 
CMtlcifMice for the .remainder 
if 'Ilia 'Wamn. 'in order to clinch 

"I th..iBh Ihal we 'can win the 
conterence If wr jutl play as 
gnod: as we did last nlitit.' 
cii«:menled VW Weidner. "We 
kMlw that 'we can heal Jnltei 

"ITS THE UOif laiMa .fi* 

WifyaMi LaiMn an har 'It 


even though we ioct. we »l.lil 

should have won that game 

"Our onlv real p'rob'lem 'is If 
we have tn>u.hte wtth Jatlet but 
Mtitde of thai I think that 
we're on our wiiy." »a».(l 

•jgygl aM|i|||||^ga|p|y^ ini U!|UMyHV''\|| MLJU ifjyiiK 


Thtinday night the girls will 
play at home In a conference 
game against lUtnots Valley 
The game will start at i W 

way. .imf'. cwnmeraieu W.IT weraner. we o«»iar m umi i <."■.■>. 'u...i. wr~~ ■ j., ., 

Hacptr«iitro«efl-*"r' Clieryl O'Hara pumped to 11 'know that 'we can heal Joltei we're on our wiiy.' satd The game win 'St^ 

Gymnastics teams strives lor perfection 


StriW'lag IkiT' pe'rrccuon It tlw 

Harper be,|.an tbeir strive 
last Friday » their first eon- 
tannce meet of the 'season 

.Despite shining per 
famiance'S by the Haw'ks. 
Harper finished behind Triton 
in Uie meet. » to W Dupage 
flntHiedi tlitrd tn Ifce con:lerence 

The main factor thai hurt the 
Hawks and forrnl I hem 'to 
Imiih m second place rather 
than firsi:. 'was the rule that 
makes each team enter four 
Mrli into each event Since 
iarper'a raater was recently 
cut down to just five girls, they 
ire forced to take 11' s In events 
■ml that effects the score 

Mary Keckert and Denise 
Brewer, both freshmen from 
area high schools, were forced 
In raalgn from the talented 
■qaai! days before (heir lirst 
.niMt 'because' of requirement 

Of the 12 ribbons given out In 
the meet • three different place 
rlhlMint in four separate 

evenlii. Harper' walked away 


•lUi five of Mem 

Saii#'Col:glaiter. a reiurnlng 
HlllNiiinre from' last year's 
squad, placed second in the 
vaulting compelttloti with a 
vault scoring a 6t by the 

Colglaiier placed first tn the 
uneven bars 'comfietll..lon. Her 
score on the bars was a'6.5. 

Mary Beth Black, one of the 
most graceful gymnists on the 
team, placed ftr»t on the 
balance beam compel It iuns 
1 jitt year B'lack went to the na- 
tional championship for her 
performance im the balance 
tieam and this year seem* to be 
showing Improvement over the 
championship work from lait 

Black al«> finished third in 
the floor competition Black 
received a score of J.ffltt fmr her 
performances ai a floor 

Another returning 
sophomore for Ihe Hawks this 
season is t'lndy Curtis Curtis 
also went to the national cham- 
pionship last year but her per- 
formance was In the fluor 

Curtis took second in the floor 
show wtth a score of S .8 . 

Both Curtis and Black wwiM 
have received higher scores lor 
their performances In the floor 
routine but the change in rules 
has made the scoring different 
This year the judges are going 
according to Olympic rules 
which state that certam moves 
and maneuvers must be con- 
tained in the routines and in 
certain order 

This Is Curtis' first year on 
the balance beam and ac- 
cording to coach Linda 
Mustari, "she is improving all 
of the time ' 

Harper wtil compete tomor- 
row nighl when lliey'II travel to 
Triton to lace Uie Trojans in a 
rematch Also appearing in the 
meet at Triton will be Oakton 
and Waubonsee 

.^fter the Triton meet. 
Harper's gymmsts will have a 
week off and then travel to 
Oakton to face Triton once 
again and Truman college. 

Ttie Hawks will tlien travel la 
Kishwaukee on February fi to 
face Elgin and Oakton 

The NJCAA Regional Cham- 
pionship will be held on 
February H The exact place 
has not yet been determined 

Basketball leagues forming 

The Harper (College In- 
iramural IJepartm'ent is spon- 
■oring two su-team men's 
baafcelball leagues this W'lnter 

One taagiie will he on Tues' 

day aad 'Thursday evenings at (> 
p in and the ot.h»r league will 
lie on Friday allernoons at i 
p.m. Duelofacillly availability 
we can. only 'have %n teams In 
each league lor a total of 1.1 
teams. The first six teams to 
turn in their «»ter for each 
league will be accepted into 
Uiat league. After the leagues 

are full, other teams will be put 
on a watting list Eoster forms 
•re available In ihe fE and 

n.ecreat'lon office in Building 
M ln4iv.idual players may s.ign 
up at the office to have a 
chance to he added to a team's 
roster All pa'rt.tctpants must lie 
Harper College students, facui 
ty or staff. 'Each leam mtisi 
designate a captain Van>ily 
'players are not eligible 

The Friday afternoon league 
will begin on Friday, January 
:u inei. at 1 pm. with the 

Tuesday Thursday league 
beginning on Tuesday evening 
Fetiruary 17, iWl al ti p.m. 
Eules may also be picked up in 
the P E A R office in Building 
M There will be a mandatory 
meeting of all leam captains. 
or their representative, on 
Wednesday afternoon January 
28 MI at 'J p m. in the con- 
ference room of Building M 
I M-213 1 For more Inlormatlon. 
wntact Wally Reynolda in M- 
aBorcaU»7-llO«l.»l 4*7 

Committee blocks Senate stop sign proposal 

AllfmfXs t>.v tiir Stwiriu 

Senate to talall' a stop sign for 
outhouml traffic at tlw iSoulti 
mtrancf »( the eampus have 

twn itulM while m invMtiKa- 
liwi (It (he i»c«»il)' of sufiT a 
stgn is cMductnl by the Kn- 

viftmmental Salftv' Commit- 

The propwal (or the sign wa» 
sadF hy Stadeiit Truulee John 
Mjiiltowski after heanng com- 
plaints tmm sluctonls atwut 
traffic backing up aloog 'the 
pcnnetrr nail during prak 
traffic hours This bacElng up 
(Kfurs wtipn cars * ishing to r%- 

It the campus via tlw- pcrinif t«r 

road arc torcpd to wail for on 
ciiminii traffic whil<> attrmp^ 
ting to turn Into the south en- 

trinct" Traffic is simultaneous 
ly busy at this lime wtiilr cars 
are wiwing and leaving Algtm' 
qiuin Ftnad The proposet] sign 

would in effect create a three 
way Mop. idrnttcal to lh<- one at 
the Euclid Avenue entrance. 
where presently only cars on 
the perimeter road are forced 
to stop wilt) sigli», 

The Senate polled students on 
the proposal throuffh a (wll 
distributed by each division of 
ficf tiut .if 121m respiiues. 790 

sfudents approved of the mgn. 

2K were' opposed and in were 
indifferent Malkowski felt that 
the indifferent responses were 
made by students who rarely 
us<", or siniply did nil use. the 
.'Vlgoo<iuln entrance. 

With results of the poll in, 

Malkowski i;oi!tacled ttonald 

Misic, Director of Biiil(!in« and 

t; rounds, whi' ' 

t,hai a stop sii;: 

.sion o( his depamni'm aiiti inai 

the installation w-ould 'be no 


The Environmental Safely 
I, ' o m in 1 1 1 e e , a j o i n 'i 

adm in isi r at iv e - student com 

mitlee. has questioned the need 
for the sign stating that the 

traffic lights at Algonquin Road 

at the campus entranci* had 
been recently retimed, with 

presently, more time alloted to 
drivers exitiitg the campus 

T h e r o m m 1 1 1 f e a n d 

M.ilkouski arcpre,«'nll\ sludy 
■ : I he situation tn iiiore detjtil 
Malkowski doutttsthal the 
.,.!■ rtiiinsv. in ih.,. iiehts has 
(lone litili , itie pro- 

blem I ,. .■ ■ ,:irea'one 

evenints and lound vurs tjacked 
up tn j Building," Malkowski 
said He contends thai the 
situation is also rau^iriK utht'i' 

problems I discovered that 
some drivers are disobeying 
existing sigrs all together. pn> 
liably due to the frustration of 

waiting for an opening in the 
traffic" Malkowski stated 
This means that some drivers 
are "racing" oncoming cars to 
the intersection 

Malkowski Is conv inced thai 
a majority of sludenls are 
aware ol the proposal for the 
sign tint he admits there might 
be a handful of complainers 
when and if such a sign is con- 
structed I tielieve a large 
(Wpulatiiin of sUidetitsi knows 
thai a sign tias been proposed." 
M.ilk"»ski ,said 


Williafn Ratfiey Harper Collegfc 
Palatine. Illinois 

Vol H No, 1/ 
lanuary 29. 1981 

1400, largest concert crowd 

Harpers Student ,-\ctivities 
had a record shattered Friday 
night »(jen 1400 people attend- 
ed the concert petormed by the 
rock group Survivor It ' had 
Bwn ll« 'Second time Student, 
ilGlMtJe* had planned' an even! 
in BMh. M. Since the building's 
ofmum last year. With the add- 
ed eniNictty ttoi a BIdg M pro- 
gir» nittld acm,mmodate. 
Hlitfcr cmitd very well shatter 
every estlrttiig record for Sta- 
iltnt ,Act,i¥|,tie» events lltte y^mt 

Ticket sales were verj gMMl 
all ta»l week. Twenty -five 
m'tmites befmrt the coneert, w«» 
to begin, the tlbmi' mm deeterad 
a icJl out. Rrit ,l*lepeiiburi of 
Pngran tmM Mid, "W'e 
Program Board ,i derided that 
we would eut-att tickets at 
l«M " 

,At Non as the iWi tickets 
were sold. Kevin King. Public 
Safely, hegan to close oft entry 
to the Harper parking lots to 
people who did not have tickets 

Up until this year, most ,Stu- 
dent Activittes had done 
modestly *«ll. Tht» year, 
almort every program has 
done better th*n expected 
Fred W'Bters, student arttvities 
program director ,said of the 
continuing successes ■ Ifsiiue 
to the combined efforts i>i ail 
the students involved in student 
activities, II wouldn't have 
seen po«sih,le to have been sue-' 
cessful without the eftorl* of 
(hose on P,rograin Hoard 
WIICM. and the Hart«,n,ger It 
hat been a I w<*. etton i»v all 

Siirpirtstogi-, i , '■ • 

in attenduce were from area 
high schools, Stan. Smith travel- 

•4 fn>m tijenl!;irfl '^fiiilh l.i 

come to the i', 

'1 like the .i; 

Harper Irar a eowcrt It's tx>t 
'ler. and bi,ijcIi ufer to come 
here Ibsn 'go to Chicago, And 
Imities, it doan'l MMnd Vm 

Cwtil B-erg, .sophomore. 
lUmRlii thM tliere were too 
many outsiders. She said, "I've 
seen many burn outs I 've seen 
a couple of punks They 
couldn't he from Harp«'r. roulil, 

Pam 'LfKkf. sopl'io-miire, ex 
pressed her enthustam (or a, 
H'arper event which generates 
large crowds, positively, as did 
many other Harper students 
■■It's great We should irv ii 
again, fd like to see- an oi,i(.M:lr 
concert this spring ' 

One of the reasoni, for the 
huge iwieceM Fndty niglH was 
because the group Survivor had 
lot-aJ radio airplay with their 
hit single "Somewhere m 
America " 

Jim Peterlk. Survivor 
guitarist and keyiMnrdist. said, 
"Look. Sinn ttie drinking age 
wai rttied to 21. the under iVs 
have M place to go to see an up 
and CMiing ban*i ,And. one of 
ttie largest groups of under 2i 's 
are the area college students ' ■ 

Another <rontrl:buti,ni factor 
to the iuccens was that ticket 
priees w*re very eismomical 
Price* w-ere ,jet at ts lor a stU' 
dent with a tfsrper ir», and $4 

im |i«i|li«tiiiididjhe rancert la»t FrWay by Suf»t»or. II «n tkt iMint 
int. I Piwlti *""" — ^ ■ - -'^— .> 


QOWw fW'lHr A Hupcf 

Michelle tJest^liadelets 
freshman, said ■■fll come 
again and again Vou can't beat 
t,be price 

Throughout much of the con- 
cert by .Survivor last Friday 
mght. Public Safety made t,heir 
preience ,feit 

M imn as ticket liearen 
entered, B,|dg M '►'•"■■ -vere 
greeted by thr»-< , !ciy 


Emm lit (lie wt.<k ad 

niiiiisiranon and program 
board oKicials decided that 
public safety couid screen peo- 
ple enterln-g the concert for 

! I e g a I 

111 "on 
is ap- 

alcohol or any 

substances "Bul ' 
K ing of Public Saf el > 

ly If probatile cause 
parent ■' 

King said later that only 90 
individuals were screened, and 
that no line was d€4ained from 
entering the concert 

"The crowd was verv order- 
ly ' .said King Throughout the 
entire concert a few public 
safety oflicials were w alking on 
the main floor Public Safety 
placed I-t oflicers through 
strategic positions in case of 
any accwJents, 

As one otfieer put it. ■The 
crowd numbered l-l(Ki. we 
numbered U And, ttiere were 
no problems Not even one 
hitch •■ 

Matinr rapvttmeMl • If porMOt HicnMt In 

Registration up 
once again 

term as con-spared whA Spna( 

• '■ vtuilenlheadttiunt 

,■• if! n. *il! protmbly be 

That i« a 16 perccnl in 

*hi-ii compared against 

(ro-m Spring' '». 

jtlin. Actmg'Dtrec- 

li>: I.' MiinisSiOns 

Hr ,Ii:'hn Lucas, iJirectorof 
I'lanning and Insiilulional 
Heseareti made ihe projections 
liased upon the enrollment and 
luial enrolled credii tiour 
ligures that have tuien compll 
i-d tfiu-s far, ■ ' added t^atltn 

There has lieen a I J It percent 
increase m Itie total number of 
enrolled credit hours when 
compared to the same figures 

of Spring ■'» -Vnd there has 
also been a 10 lo n .percent in- 
crease in the amount of full 
time students 

■•Were still hypothesizing 
that the ectmomy has caused 
more people lo cxime to Harper 
It s interesting to note the In- 
crease of full time students II 
could mean that more students 
are slaying on here at Harper 
longer tiefore transferring to 
another Institution It could 
also mean that many people 
can t find jobs, and when that 
happens, people frequently 
come back to school to get re- 
trained, or to learn a new field 
entirely. ■ ratlin said 

'Pap 1. Hw M trtliip r . immmv it. mt 

Audit resolution a step iu the right direction 

Hey. THIS 


/n,Gfec»so H 

fey mENinr winksuukb 

TIM MWiMtar U yvmg and (or the most part everyone 
It nfortlng and iMytilB » they stutuld But when the go- 
ing gals iMgiitlw^lMigli don't always get going. 

If a alnliWl Unit 'tliat he Juat lan't gotag to mate the 
graila toi iMff ^iMlia to withdraw (rom claaa. But more 
mio carad to look thmitfi the itudent 
another out : the audit. The current audit 
ptfUcy allowt atudaits to audit a cource up to the last day 
of tlw fMMatar. Thus, the student doean't have to tato a 
lalUng grait and doesn't have a withdrawal on hia pcr^ 
oMUMiit tranacripts. 

RMlWiig that the current pulley la out of Una, the Facu- 

ty SiHltneflntly praiKMed that Harper establish a more 
ennttamioiial audit policy that would let it keep step with 
major learning Institutions. 

The proposed resolution would demand that a student 
dedara hit Intent to audit the course at the time of 
rtglitratlaii or get specific pennlaaion from tlie instruc- 
tor of the d^Mutniaiit bead. Unlike the currant policy, the 
resolution would tvqulre a student to attand the daaa and 
that the tnatructor assign the audit grade. 

Thla tiglilaiiing i^ of the audit policy is eaaentiai if 
Marpar to lo Imp pace with rlabig educatloiuU atandards. 
BIHnliMitliU an easy out that doaan't cauae the student 
any harm win not only bring Harper's standards doaer to 
thme of four year institutions but could possibly make 
atiMlents take courses more seriously and seek out Uk ex- 
tra help that can liooat them over hurdles encountered. 

Auditing a course should not be discouraged, many 
wish to attend class solely for their own baoaflt anil do not 
want credit (or It. But. as with all systems, lOiBaaw (tnds 
a way to do It lo the disadvantage of the rwt of the com- 

Faculty Senate president stand up for prof 

Lethr^ ti> Ihf lMiitt»r 


Far llw HarttUfw in «lt(i« 
ilmrtt to ttecoitiK tlw ■|liiiillliw«» 
«l (Mf itlitf ruiitM M ■ miMJkif 
'IV ciMiiptJiint* of a tfueHmt 
■iMiiil Ills or htr tfurttrr Iw fc«| 
lW««r«i Hl« l#«"lirr *«l that 
iimtmi K'acft u( w wiirthei" 
.Klillfnt m trichrr. *"wrv« 
til* r#si|i«t <>l ih» (iri'»» »rMJ tijr 
MarUlnitr MSI rrrrd' tn (tnntmg 
l'ai«(««fli*«Wi«»rii ■ • " 

To iht Bwrtlii '■: 1 

tm nmgvaA Mii • if* •* 
tncriff. Anil M^ofi* » t«i||lN!r 
m mdien tliM iUMl)M>:r MM o( 
Mir Ilk. To rxplMi why IM» 

I'awtll i» a tma ttkjwhtrr n not 
iti)' attii *■-■■■ mtny 

ilwlrrii - • arc 

Ir.i. !!■: . ■''';:i.'h[ ,i 

(Clr.rr ;.. ,. -.rLiilrl.:,:., 

■IT wrtl Kiit:i*n ,\ coyplf ut 
yrari lip wMM Mi wm cKk. 
til* ulC'k* ■•• .(J<(>tit?«i>""i >*"h 
(tiiifeiiti asking atx' 
ilial time, idoh* oI 
• BliwJMr ihiwHl w 

nut MM)' WMriMn wet gimi 
teMton tn tlw clMiriwni, w ts 
Boll Pwmll. Wkat m wtitwn 

dug alNWi Bi:iti, I ikmk a* a 
fellitw MaC'lM'r. ii tiis alillily Ici 
(•lieti .otter tradwrs »b<nit 

)•- «?<t»lain I rami? to 
|j.irp<'r with an fxcelUfnl 
dctri* with a concentration m 
•> "■"•trtnlh f«'rHiiry British 
■ ratuin?. I waltt'wJ into th*> 
o.*r<w:m. and wii» Utrti wsth 
,iluil«il» iiIAt tHiin ■■ 
suiny year*, ttu(i(>nls '• 

louido I v» r<t.<> I »,!>> tiMtnd I 

mm ftranter In a Slrange 
Uim} I'M" clws Boti rewtrll w;af> 
my cti»tmi.iin ihrn and he itMik 
me ail*', witlioul my ttn 
knowing II , and stowed m« how 
(0 Ifach Wl»"n 1 was over 
tagrr ' ■ ' -I'd When I 
*«(!• '^as impossi 

Wf ill!.. ':'-iti€d till? over 

my aJwintlotimrnl mi respon- 
sibility in the name of (r««doro, 
I'm not a greal luactier. but I 
have Kimie good points. And Powell had tiie palien.ce, 
1. aiMlthecommitmenl lo 
. ',in% a* a prolession that 
allowed tm to develop 1 will 

rememter IWi I'owell (or thai 

1 watn'l going to respond to 

last week's lelter. as il spoke 
for Its own nieriih But 1 want 
HOI 10 ttiasliM' ii'ic Harbinger or 
attack Ms. Pock or whatever 
her name really It Last week's 
ieller is simply an excuse for 
me to go publK- with a pr:- 
deM 1 ihank you Boh Pn. 
(or hetng a teacher ol teachers 
aiwdlat of students 

'S' Karen L Ken* 
..Asal Pro! ol 
Composilion and Literature 

Apathy not only affects students^ 
facultv suffers from disease also 

Puf Itmm at j«i who haven't 
heard.,, ttitrc' ralgiil tie a fl.op 
sign tpiiliig tip on .Perimeter 
Soad 11) the fpring. 1.1 yiM arc 
■» aware' of that, >iw Meter 
iii.tght be the fault 

Tl«e Studnl Stfiatt gave 
each D'lvisiM OlDct i]iieitlon- 
naires which the)- lorwanled to 
their faculty There were a.p- 
pro»tm»l#ly 5«* copies handed 
Ml hut the shdcMni point » on 
ty SI we rt returned 

Th«' .Senate appreciate* the 
cooperation thai *«> did 

reetiw, a thMk yw » dw to 
eadi: dtvltton and their (acuity 
thai did remnd. bui what 
•bom the W% that dtdh' t '" 

It ha* been said all loct olten 
that itie Mudent body is tut) o( 
apathy. I think the (acuity iuf- 
lert (ran the tame d<l.Ma«>' 

The students are i^ulte pnwd 
of Ihe teaching s.ta.ff here at 
Harper Xt. teachers they're 
fantasiic. bui Is that ihtir «ae 
purpose"' I ti.eHeve thai answer 


Mrmw are patiwd out telly 

•■Mtn thli colieee. wrae of 
which should 'he read to the 
students. It might be lorgd- 
lulness. or misplacing tt, iml 
they just are not read In moitof 
th* classes on this campus.. 

tlaraniny is a nwMttt.y In a 
home. You can't telp Dal flat a 
leaky faucei on Saturday l( you 
ilon'l hear about it earlier m the 
•«k Lite home, w fan'! 
have pride m where »(■ nvc i( 
we dM'i know' what's going 

Put your 
money wfi«i« 
your Heart it. 




Correction Harbinger 

In the last issue ol the Harh' 
inger a I«>H»t. 'Student sounds) 
o« over prof's style, " was slfn- 
e<t by Mary P«l« In actuality 
ihi- leiier » us wriHen by Nancy 


The HartmiKfr accfpts lei 
ten to tl'M- f'liiioi ::'''mi ,.n 
ttudenls. lacult'- .:r 

memtjers .-\ll lei^ '■■• 

slgne<J. any unsigntcl Idlers 
suij'miltetl u'lll 'be tiisregarflert. 

trtiers •'■'. 
SUl'lJCfl to . 

»ho.ulil besi,' 'I" Har 

tmiger otii' iST m 

later than ' - . .'..londay 

t'«;tore public al ton 

William ftainey Harper (..;ollet« 

AlMonqum t Koselle Roidt 

PalHtme, iLfi«l«; 


K (Ii> M .m .* "hiH W«*(Mly Winkt' ! ; . . . ^ . 



'Sl«H JwHil'W . . 

lj.Mnl4rU SU»]jm)VK. Ilrilly Kull«r 

'!''...' ii...iHii.N<'in-. li ilK siudm 
pijhlu'ttimrj liir lie HMpvt i.'()ll*ff«" 
i-mnsmit€<}mnuMiittf, 'publlM'fw<l wvekly 
ff:N.ff-(>i tuuua iKiltdiyfc antJ Imai et 
j»r' "'" (-mjnwted «JT ■■ - 
' «H»«»i»»rih :' 
ir» %j'*mmuvnj' 

. .\.1\t-ni*in|( 

.': l'i'JilJ\ rniti 

*^ii[inii .,\JI I.«u«rv. 

I'. .-.t iMf siEMSl tttmm 

'..> ' -rt for Hinnw tn- 

Tlw M«f »«#•«■. Mnuty If. t»«l. P»B« ' 

Subiective distortions won't change stable attitudes 


tit' paluitMf atitwH on iim> 
€»■«#<•*' «« tittmn Pttwrti by 
« ••nary r«»" » y'>w 
iMMfy' M 'HiiMiftr nwi Iw 
olttnim !• •••'Jf «••»•';■ 
MMMiacd a( tven a •i»l» 
MWiirt of ral.wiuUty aiMl 

With w lactt at her «s|wial. 
Uw »Tit«r rtnifctw (rom In 
hmmId in imucnio. ptmim 
mm tiw «*y' <<>■' " ^** ^'''" 

aitverttemniis K« arc wkl. 
(w «*inpl«. lh«« ■ *<ar> Pocfc 
had can* » ichnol ' i«» '••m 

n-l ev«nr<Mt" Wf art aiw 

_„ (Hit !»r nwliaiMl te a 

tMClwi at Harper i a surf act' Ir^ 
relevancy, liut pcrtiaps his rote 
m tliK shanieW mcitkiH and 
hw iBBtwii* *mt mme l«*tng 
l«(ti. art that ai a result o( 
Ukmg Mr PowHI's cta«., iHe 
'has been "scarrt a*aj tmiB"" 
a i*atMi«)|)»iv or poutrj wmr* 
that she planned to takt Why 
mi two c«iun«.. antf why only 
ttim two'" fan n asiunw that 
tiMf wTltw has nm txwn wared 
a*'ay fnim courses m, tay. He 
i\m or history'' Wttat ol a 
course m logic" Or perhaps. 


•■■Hary Pock" tiio injoniw u» 
Uia! Mr Powell purposely set 

out to mhxt his class sue yet 
we leant o( only onr ^tu*'Hi 
wtMi dr'Oppe<l th.- ^-..'.ii-..' ;i['ter 
an efnUarrasM.' ^- .!:■ M'marv 
t»tt-'*hi'le«er ihiii i> (»t> 
|>wie)l is a vrry capable 
Icaifter. ■«! I'm sure that tf he 
-#1 out t'l ijeclmalf a class he 
wmild <Jo a better job ot >l than 
Itiis, Ot course, th<' aiwrtMm 
('hat he would, attempt such a 
IkWf is absurd, as is the rest of 

1 kilo* B<* Powell to be one 
at the mail dwlkated and 

respected professionals tha,t 1 
ham ever worked with 1 know 
ttiis from ottscrviiig the at' 
tiiudes o( other teachers 
toward him and (ro'm persimal 
observation You see, t have 
stiared an office wrth Bob lor 
'neven yeare. and m this time 1 
have (earned Irom him inii 
watched his students lea'ra, 
fnin'i him sn the wo'fk that he 
has careluily chosen, the 
testing that he has carefully 
devised and In the in 
numerable hours of ofttw time 
that he has spent with them In 

No sut)j«tlve distortions that 
a ■■Mary Pwk" could write 
iHwui Hob Powell could ever 
lower his colleagues' respect 
(or him Nor cmild they 
possibly change the attitudes ol 
the thousands of students 
whose lives he has intellectual' 
h romrished 1 wonder what 
prompted The HartJinger to 
publish such drivel in the first 


sURovJ Mottia 
l^ommunications. Humanities 
I Fine Arts Division 

Letter borders on character assassination 

> to ilw January IS 

MM re«ar*n| Mt ,Roli«rt 
PiMifll 1 «ouH Itke to cum 
mma on the quMiionaMe J udg- 

mmi m 'tit p*n: of those 
lir detenmnlag 
hawbl be prtntcd 
IB, itMT mam. I atn cert,atnly 
•^^ rnfort the prln 
■ olllrwiiMB-Uiiialw 
■ rnn ii g t«, m^ipmi Itie rllht of 
IlifyPack ta wrllt ncti a m 
m m qpite of 'Ike fact that I 
queattoit many of her 


Your paper. atoii| with its 
tree press rights, also has the 
nsqMMibitity to present a 
reasonably valid portrayal of 
the imll¥«uals abort whom 
your arllclet are written As a 
long lime faculty member and 
participant In the affairs of this 
iiMWHUton. 1 have come 10 
mard Mr Powell as om o( oui- 
most effective and dedicated 
Instructor* U yoor staff had 
bothered to coixlurt any ki«l ol 

reasonable sampling nmong 
faculty, administrators, or 
studeo'ls, vtw would have lound 
tMal mv ' as*e«nient ol his 
capabilities and nertormance 
IS widely supported. 

He has served this liwtltuttcm 
long and well and continues to 
(io « To print a single tetter 
which portrays him a* 
iomething else borders m 
eharider aiiia,salnalion, II is 
analagms to presenting a 
character portrait ol Jimmy 

Holla by print Ing » single letter 
written tiy his mother entollirig 
bis virtures as a family m,an 

It would l>e a simple matter 
lor your publication to find and 
pritil a similar letter regarding 
any faculty member who has 
laced literally thousands ol 
students over a time period and 
who teaches a rigorous course 
This would certainly produce a 
ipeclacular. i( inaccurate, pic 
till* of a hard hearted, uncar 

I hope your paper entends me 
the courtesy "t printing this let 
ter since it is ihe first lime 1 
have made such a request in 
my eleven years here While I 
ctmtinue to support the concept 
ol a free press, your failure to 
esercise the principles of fair 
play, good judgment, and good 
journalism earn you a D- in my 
grade hook 
Associate Professor 

Letter meant to remind 
of joint commitment 

To tl»e editor 
Ai Ihe husMmd lit ■■SliJll«t 

■MiffldB off over profs 'Style" I 
•mild like 10 set the record 
stratgtit regan&ng the letter 
pulilMied m last week's puftr 

I fell that her personal Wier to 
Mr Powt'lt was well written 
aiMt CMtatned an open, honest 
admonition which could he 
shared with all laculty Briefly. 

II aaka them to reflet't on fheir 
leichliig styles posiihl) 
ttinpertng intellectual ccmteol 

1 sent this letter without her 
tMM'Miie and, stmiftted, thai 
ti IM' |Miil,WMi as an 0|>en letter 

10 all professors omitting 
Mune* Vou eleii*d not to 

lotlow my suggestion antl 
therefore caused embarrii*; 
mcnt for both Mr Powell and 

nty wife 1 also believe the im^ 
uct Ol this letter was ,dl,lul,ed 
since most, readers ignore a «■■ 
ter artdiesaed to s particular in- 
illvlikill The purpose ol shar 
Ing tail :NteT with the campus 
was dtllBitely not to single out 
Mr FwweJl byt rather to re 
mind tH ol US.OI mir )oint com- 
mitment to each other ■ to leach 

SI CarU' Poch 



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Harper's literary magaitne is 
mow being accepted The 
deadline for ail wnrk in Feb l« 
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MglM department, or Bill 
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a panel ol readers on the basis 
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*S0f ...frV;, !|«|.~4ffl«. ^,#T .-'ftW-JiB 

'!' MC 

■ B u imim :. r TKi iir t saamtx roi iiitiiw:.i raiAECE irunoiTS. fac>3i.Ty »m stmt ' 

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liBCOlri's iiltbday 

Tlw HarbMwir. Mmart », tMi. Pag* i 


What's so great about rock concerts anyway? 

-'Ml, Mlt IM«' >rt yoi* 
Ch'1 Imv im,. ■ IKtl* htOm 
aeimm'. TaJi. 'tttr td* nuitc* 
acMtm: H«f . 'jwrt umng to 
my wat. ymi wtraiw gel <mii «< 
tl? ScMim' My mn are WUm* 
nM. I piM inr Ml*. But yw ■«< 
ti>:Mifcit ■■ 

Miyl>«' th'tfi not rigW 
MayH* tlwt IS wX' «tiat rack 
cmKem »r* IA» 

-He}-. wD« •» ymi <tmg^ 
Drug*. t»t«, colli**. lUKl 
valittn. Oti LMk at t»«t How 
tmM Hie w«M tlum |>Mt»" 

TJiev IP*. ■» mm, »«*)f ••»« 

«v«ry .iaift' «( .iw uodr Of. 
(Ml: liar :Mi « (|Ml- Fart]'. 
iii'ilMf^iMi^party t" 

. b me 'M«fc'««iietn wnipltttT 
Bio miW' iHiiiiiiii liiiiifiMltiiWi ts J* 

iHtf, or II' HMM lilt a:!*!!!!! IB- 


i Mile 


f Simkus 





Am 1 mtalfH! tlw pomt' Hmm 

Ltd ZtpptUn I Ml nlttp. 
Tl»« Who ■■■ car ilam,*|e, 
KliiMl. Y<Bi-c«n"t remember 
M;ytltlii| tttout It. Qunfi-Mll 
Ml, I'm MM Miking alXHit 

iiciw» ac/k; ~ I'M 'iwii 

Omm bntDft, I tbUik tli«y »r» 
CilM tlie Jlwl Hendra En- 
Ktfi - mm. tlijil **ii 

to l>t giiMd. Just Imiil LctUMB 
flruiit ilmr pMnn plugged In- 
to their MiTili'itll »n»|». terwmn 
into • mlen>phaiio ptagand Ms 
»pa th«t thrwwi Mt 1» A.b.'t 
of miM, and tn« cru'wd will lO'ct 
thMi. II h«l:pf If thf tend could 
MiMtiti!' iir H|i-*yneH ■ »ii| 
laminar iii tMc cn«d:.. but it's 

AM a Iwnd. Th«y ikm't haw 

r«el iht baii. rwl tt hit jwif 
rlMl 'BWM BOOM, Maw can 
ymi sit siitl Vw gDCta mtm. 

H'l'vt I given up on 
nicli''n'roll'' N»«. me* Ok«)'., 
I'll fesf' up, I havtn't .gone lo ■ 
r<Kk'ii''ra([ 'ihow tn ■ vtry long 
lltiic. 'My lait nnerrt was Kits 
But. !>« iMWn Talking 'Heads. 
Elv'ii C««i«II#. Dtva. an(J Rmy 
M'Uili' at nlglti clubii. docs that 

Iggy PiEip Mid tt twKl. "I'm 
(MM? I*» tilt Chairman of iht 
Itowd!'" I am tlie«l»alrro«n. at 

HdiHig. iMirlng. tortng. 'Each 

group stand* up ttieiv in Hit 
ilige and prettndi The lead 

guitartei pretends he'» every 
guitarist that ever lived He 
stands a Mt knock Icneed. and 

hrs mouth swelli when he's 
playing lead The lead singer 
iwnys. this way and that, runs 
his hands thru his h»ir, 'rans his 
hands aniss his twdy. and Up* 
hi* mtcniiilMK. A ptiatlic sym- 

I admtred KJut At least they 

came mt and Mid. "I want 
vour miiney I love your 
mamry " These late liJols o( 
ihe nWli concert culture. liaM 
astly. verv slyly, conceal their 
greed Bui. Ihai i» *here 
thev' real, money Money t>uy» 
Mailbu houiti, l»»t cam. easy 
women, drugs, bee'r*. wfffits. 
aiiil Valiums 

If you've gffi the record* al 
home, why gi> to a concert only 

lo complain ahout your 
headache becauiw "the l»and 
played too IcMid last night ^ I 

haven't seen or heard one 
group Ihal «i»i better In con- 
cert than they were on their 
records There is one cxceplion 
though. Talking Heads dtd do 
three songs ailferenlly. I'll 
cnunl that 

Kepr It IS, my n^stgnation 
irom the rock concert world 
Thais It, no more loud 

Perhaps. Ill give my WW rock 
albums away Then I could 

retire allogelher (rom the 
rock n'TOlI world 1 think 1 will. 

Ive gol Handel. Suppe. Bach 
and Copland at home, who 
could ask for more* And. 1 live 
only Iwenly five miles from Ihe 
worlds gretteat symphony - 
Chicago Symphony Orchestra 
You cini beat that 

EO speedwagon doesn't ''roll with changes 


l.t-year oMt ■haul their 

HlglMClMl ■■■ lOlilll*' ■Ml 


Thtji :Mfl lefflret ot aitiiiii* 


, ToiHO H«tlo play* iteiT 
releate slnglM medMxtk'ally 

Curt Ackman 

on mustc 

WlMl Dgaiittc ffmiti ts thii* 

I Need you ask* Why tt u mm 
i other than RS:o SPB'B'U- 


I really tried to be objective 
when Usten'tog to the group's 

new album, ■•'Hi-lnlideltty I 

trW to listen to like I had never 
bctorc But the problem was I 
had llKlened to It for the last 10 
yean. Alter thai span o( time, 
.one. t0M 111 Oh Ik* tanie lyrki 

and rhythm* 

"This group t* all hype. Thty 

'prey like vulture* tn tn aban- 
doned desert on our better 
judgement They have 'Stuck 
with the success formula 
While ToH« radio pushes the 
airplay of this candy-sweet 
mush, they know they'll have 
llsten««r» While record promo- 
lions. pu*h their albums they 
know they'll ha've jobs. 

1 honestly believe if REO was 
to record an album of garbage 

caiw 'rull:liii. dMwn an alley, il 


II (hit isnt enough, other 
groups are taking KEO's lead. 
Styi. a one Itme lavorite ot 
mine. Just recently recorded 

Paradise Theater " It Is 
remarkably surprising how one 
ol the cuts sounds enactly like 
the single. For the First 
Time" oft their Cornerstone 

Olher lets lignif'icanl groups 
are making some surprising 
enrodes lo the music wo'rtd. 
Sector 27, Tom Robinson's 
Band, a rock, progressive 
group that really moves out 

mythmlcally with 'Cant Keep 
Away" and "Invitation." Th.i» 
group, otjscure lo the Tiifi-40 
world ol plastic, sells me with 
their sound Another heavy Is 
■The Dammed" with "Dr. 
JekyllandMr Hyde" 

This column is not necessari- 
ly to cut down and make fun o( 
certain groups, rather lo make 
one think o( what they are 
listeninK to over the airwaves 
and why they are doing so If 
one was to critique everylhing 
we heard we wouldn't have 
groups like REO playing the 
same drivel 

I TMIgES «orT«f4«r M>MC 
le0OtA''«MAl_T»«aW TMC 
ltCCTU«f ...H*H«.& 

IcoMC IH ANP rMi.i«**teN 
lTHetA«.R. lOtiNO «-"■ 


WMII.K WS, TMC lHimi.5'Siar«kftl-C 

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tSmSi ii'n'i'l" sir* '«.««••• i 

..rn a »>iiMU)M.i '•MM* E'lliill, iMfX. ' 

f^i tNt,t:» ^ flu*''*'* W«P«*, Mffla»«**BP- I ,».««.. »- I 

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ftm*' HnWirWiiti*. Mmim'f It. mt 

Brighten up the gloom of 


III 13 f 4 

Yourt'ir »(..>■■ ■ •'■■•' 

fmger* itwi'' ,,..,• 

tirwl o( (trruiie tlirouitn m.* 
stostt m gitilmit on tte let ihul: 
Ktnier bf(ng« Instwd <»l com- 
flAtuiil Ktout the ba<i »<lt> »( 
wtoHr you ran rtart wjos'iag 
ttw |«j«)d: M* «( It And you 
don't even hnvt tn he m (.''alilor'' 
riHor Ftornlii durmg the winter 

fln*' w»\ K« K<?t <»l n( ''•* 
winier "rut" )*. u> |« tnlo 
winter ipiirii Skalmf, rfaJ- 
dinw. ana sl»,(m({ are iu»l «mtf 
at lh« (un riilfd jictH-mtt 
tvttlitiit lc» j-ou «t low 

Spend sonielinie in the great outdoors at 

a local skating rink on a cross country 

trail or on a sled hill 

The fimt tn Ift. «tt«»if' " ''»• 
U* pam dtoirtct* »nd lort;»l 

CE»ww Cw*. Duf l|f. UMl 
,|» C«K)' F»rw( PfMi-niai 
(liter mmj l«»»i<)tB (»ir «H)<!- 
'Ming, Tlww iirt many «reiU' 
AMfniM for «l*ililin(.. «■■■■ 

Cm*. Cauiity Fftr»»i Pwnifrvf . 
liul any fitli wtti do McGmnty 
Mint i!«l*f * ihmiU ■rrmeni'.ber 
to mitt» sure therr *ii" no 
iitBtiKln. don 'I go iiliMUiiiig 
war nmh ■mi ftignvay* mH 
moit mportMtl), dM;i ■*• 
down ttillK w:iMrti. iH-op'tf art 
nmtnf 'ap 

Parli distnrts »«( toi»»i 
DM«rir«i offer outdnor 'ikating 

WitHIrs when weathfr 'per- 
mJt'i 'Some offer llghtaf «nd 
»«|ifT\i»fd rmns tor both 
iftailng and ice hwfcey- For 
I|MM» «'Hi» (irefcr indoor skalmn 
there b ii'- . "■ ''VtwJfteW 
Iff firrna m-n llitly 

• •irlrt nllHf- .i ffflr tWte 

,; ••i; ■ ' ■: -'S* ('air 
<tt »*,«l« lur KMiurt Uirt*. a 151 
|i«lr will .«ervi' yimr '(nirpO'Se.' 
uxt Jim Whiw. sM|»rvi»oi al 
W<wlfi«l<l Ice Arena Top UMii' 
t;v lM«» coi*W cost 0*fr 1300, 
tie aiWed. Wtolit also iireinnJ 
tte importance «( wearing 
looM' and comfortable clothini 
wWle rtJtlng "Vtm mttlenf 
wctie you (alt. " He iaid, 


rook. DuPage, and Lake 
tminiy Forest Preserve* are 
fUM wUtt unmarked areas 

where cr«» wuntry skiing is 
penBltted Marked trails are 

also avitlabte It ynu're plaan- 
ing on using ttt« trail* at the 

(»«•» preiervei. you will need 
wme iliti. fince no rentals are 

available An average pair ol 
skis, according to Jotin 
Ptatsch, asslstanl department 
managers! Herman'* Sporting 

Goods. 'Will run between 'IIIO- 
II « Pfatsch adviaed the skier 
to wear wiinn, entiilortaWe 

Tlte nort-hwesf suburbs. I* nnt 
etactly a fkiers paradis*. but 
iniinj quality hills are a 
rMKiiwbk drive away m 

ntt|M»rln,g Wisconsin, Cio«r 
to home li ViUa Olivia m 


Mo*t resort* offer rental 
equipment, but if you want to 
purchase your own, you should 
plan on spendinK about ti40 lor 
an average pair ol skis, bin- 
dings, and poles as well as an 
addilional $a(>41» tor hoots. 
accnnJingtoPlatsch For extra 
safely Pfats«h suggests paying 
more tor bindings and boots to 
msure better prolectlon All 
e<juipmenl should be given a 
lune-up before use and a hot 
w ax at the end of the season It 
IS also a good idea for a heginn 
Ing skier to take a few lessons 
before ' •hitting the slopes. ' ' 

Some forest preserves even 
offer facilities for tobaggoning, 
snnwmobiling. and lublng 

When it slarts snowing and 
grtlingcold. get out your warm 
clothes and look lor ihe nearest 
ff 'est preserve or park disirici 
to Iwighten up a sleepy winter 

Students feel National College Budget squeeze 

Liiur-' "If 

spring term ;in ', ":,»n'tdilM' 

Women's t'lillege this mimth to 
ttmi that theft n»,ai be no mcH 


OrattR iMMtgfl cuts prnfiosed 
over tnt ixatiMi ratlecl lor a 'Tii 
pfrwui re*i»'I»n » larutij 
aim Bie-enili of intwi course ol 
hrtnif ,aiiil ifuctal program*, 
Mcluiiiig llM- Mepemleiii pro- 
gram ¥o»t rfquire* (or lier m,a- 
fit. piano [lertormarace 

Rveii If (h« school nianaiM' 
to operate ttiniuitli the tintil 
With only a skeletim st,atT and 
carricutum, the senior 
tfttmates that she will not 
graduate Tlw prr.i.---i.i'' «iiti 
•hom lilie tludiC'S ■- '•••' ''• -t 
,>!,*. along with ii m me ;to m- 
ilruetori previouily wattim 
(yiJ-ttme 11 is too late (or I»»r lo 
transfer itwi the New Kng land 
CoMenatory ol Muue, vlticb 
hasproinUieii h«r a tot) lor wx' 
Mt. has trilmmed 'her that tw 
j0 amj itiisappwar as 'i|u,icfc:,;. 

% (tiwre is lotag to ttt ir^ 

reparabh harmed i>y all this,' 
V«t moiirn,*, I'd like to nail 
ih#iiniwr*«»toi:hewall " 

1,'ail lit «b" «**■ *" <"'"'''■ *"■' 
.,(«,#.. ].if»..i,...i, IV. ih» draMie 

(w,)t, i.-je ,\ii 

ran. •■nW*ir- 

milory morig.»gi»,> turrrd the 
ioanl ol TrusiM-s lit <ktUm. 
rinaneial emgencj last <k- 
toher, and lelt we artminittr* 
tiM ih* problen ot cutttng 
iJim liiiH trtim the rurrent 
budget >o mil the monry iiwy 
he used (or drtit ,payment 

Although th« illiMUMi al 
fWC » dtamaiic It is hardly 
iimisual these days The iwig. 
iwaiied' itai,lMi,al twdgei crumch 
•• hftiugitt oit by declining male 
lunding. rising costs, and 
enrollment decreases liai 
(inaH%' started to hit 
Ei'eryttiing Inm preildeiits' 
ularif* to grounds 
inatnienaKc la Mttag cui at a 

Harden hit are those school-. 
■ hat have kitl stale funids dui 
tag 'die pail year .Suffering 
Iintraclally h«',au»e ol the 
dfcllte Of its auto indwiry 
*liciii.g»n has impoaed' mmm al 
the mosi letere cuts, a«or<»H« 
. (or the 
-:M Aawctaoon of t'ol- 
,rt;rr. and I'nl V el siile'S 
M.ichigan State t,'niTef»il» 
f.i.,ifH i!) iniTi thi' [iriihlem. Willi 
. .1 ..Tday layof( 
;ii!.i .. nvf iieri-rnt redMCHuo In 
Ihe budget ol es'try depart 
ment The layoff aldn* is en 
pe(,::tedlo».avf Jl Imillioi- 
Wjivn*' Miitr fniver-. 

,t)e(:rtni li,js ciil Pretideni 
•n»iiu,s Bonner ? 'tatary to 
«B Sipi lro.|ri iTi,mt yeart'y 
Other MlminMtrators ,at liMr 
univerilly have taken call tif 
iiiptoelglii (lercenl 

,Al fffllral Connecticut State 
College, the maney-iavwK 
,i«y«f'jt of ftwlmt...' llkrary- 
eiaiiloyeet in .^liigiicl pmniMtil 
« stialent protest in (Wotter 
The college has also made cuts 
HI Hi servtrei campus swrurt.- 
||, (or exa.m.ple. no* operates 
with a studeni staff ol sewn in^ 
stead 0(4.) 

Still other kinds ot services 
are lRi,periled by the national 
tmancial cnsii For eiample. 
mmontv programs are neit in 
■ ■■■,<< hiitclx-i, at Northern 
I ntversily \orm 
nrm: iiean o( students, says, 
the colJefrt. Black Sludenl Ser^ 
tlces has,v lout one ttill- 
ttiiie *Ia(ler, white another wilt 
mm wo.rk only part"tim.e 
Together the cuts will repre 
sent a savings of wer Ill.Wi 
'Hefke said programming and 
admiision,» would he most at- 
(eeledby !h«"ch;inB»'s 

tiespil- ' ■■ ■ ■ •'■> student 
:«ervtcr» "^'* how 

risen taiiiir. .(.,■*. ..;..- rale of In- 
ttmnm thwilllwiit ihe country 
i-.j.f1»''iie ttoard slalisttr^ -thow 

10 I percenl .in the I'mtetl 
Slates Total cost- however 
roue It .:> perrenl. as compared 
to * rise in lola.1 coil.s o( 11.7 
l>ercent al public KhMto 

IM-reastng enrollment com- 
pounds money problems II the 
number of college students 
peaks neit (all. as i.s predicted 
hv the fialional (enter for 
Education Statislifs. there 
would be an approximate 
decrease of l»l.(W«i students in 
four-year •cbooli by t!«». As 
many as »« setiool* will not 
■survive the combinalion of a 
diminished enrollment and 
higher costs the Center's 
re'pt>rt says 

•■Eiirn.tlm.ent decline means a 
(ail-off m re'vemie." .siys Jacob 
Siampen ol Ihe AmvTlcan 
.%siocljitioii of colleges and 

Cnwersltie* When you co-m- 

btiie these (actors with a loss of 
stale (undlng. a lot ol public 
school* are caught in a cost 
Mjuevze All this will make the 
•»ns 11 partlcultrly tough 
decade lor American .schools •' 
Colorado W.omen-s College 
suffers (nitn this same com- 
itiinatian of factors, althou-gh ii 
^m^ a loan rather than state 
funds 1,'nder a proposal an 
noiin<*d by President Sherry 
Manning, faculty reductions 
will e*mpeniale for izvi.ixhi at 
the lo*f., while' an additMHial 

tri> w« has already been cut 
(rom administrative and 

"other t>ud.gel...s 

Students and faculty 
members lesponded angrily Ki 
Mannings plan Within 72 
hours of the announcement. 
students Florence Phillips and 
Marilyn Wrighl tiled (or a lem 
porary restraining order on 
behalf ot over :» student.'; The 
request was laler denied, but a 
lawsuit still pending charges 
the universil\ with breach o( 
promise • The sun demands 
Ihe proposal be shelved 
because it denies students 
courses and programs 
previously promised them in 
the course manual 

The faculty has also filed a 
••hreach o( promise" suli 
against Manning and the 
school Teachers contend their 
Jobs were guaranteed to last 
throughout the school on a full 
time basis Thus far. Manning 
bus onlv otlered lo rehire eighi 
of the K jobless on a part-time 

Sludenl sentjmeni run* 
strongly against the ad- 
ministration Sophomore .tody 
Edwards points out that there 
was no problem gettrng 32 
sludenu lo consign as plaintiHs 
in the lawsuit 


Tl» HarMnoff, J*nu«rv If. mi. Pag* 7 

Behin d scenes feudal Superhowl 

r'««m'n«<kMttt'i*v MWM «<i iiiieasj viclorj <«« unJrrilM Kiwfile A! ruu^ th- ,»•„... , ._. .. 



hi •ttnut mow 


PI»H*<Jelphiii Eajdn are ilckinji 
tlietr wounds and \mikini batS 
10 tte conlerenif* diampion- 
1119 PM .■Caiinii Dnlto and 

an wliiumg iDry would tia*f 
l«itl Tlwl w«y Datta* cmM 

tovt htm MuinitoM m tnmt 
ol tilt enlw *«rW b» Oaklanii. 
tn a nttt tnirtf wiih 
itliast<>r$ jiftit an)iwrri>il 
pntjwrs thf (laWmd Rtidern, 
wtjtch arir refcrrfd to t»> m«nj 
as the tV* || * team. Wrw XY»n 

MWie tdi Ml easy vnior> ocrr 
Ihc FJiiladif tptila VTvm% 

The dtMslers thai llliMi tati 
w*»k »we the i:nau)turati<w m( 
our new prwiAtil and «(w wav 
the tfjirpfr Hawk a put 
tlM'iiiselvw out of l,(M» ««. 
Iti-encf running tor a dw,nr 


Tte anwffrt pr«v*r» that 
(Hied the week were SJ 
separate prayers thai alt came 
home alter a jear ami nwrvof 


lW>e rerfainly has Ui gtve Jim a M iif rmtii After 
all he »as tuppoied to Iw 
waited up a loser and an 

Coach Uada MMttr,. gw^MB m nm II 

Ctartl* (itainteig), aail Itey BMh ■adi. (iMtliit}. 

Conierence hopes lost 


THlUng hopes o( a coil' 
jnnp»nship wen- all 
uu., ...Liut-reil last week wIikh 
(he Harper Hawks fdt (• II- 
liimb Valley in a «ry d«|tr«H> 
tug game DefirMsiiig for the 
Hawli at. they ouiacorwl I.V 
from the held t)y it points hui 
toil at ihev were outttot (rom 
the free throw line. Ultnofs 
made an incrwltWe a <i{ 31 
tnm the canty strtp aad won 
the game 

Dave Strawiii had ait mtmm- 
ding game wtlh It'poUili III Hit 
Haw Its ioiing effort. 

Earlier m the watk tkt 
Hawk* txjweil over to the Trtlno 
Trojan» m yet another give- 
away of a ewiteat,. The Hawk-i 
had a cwiite nOmat that put 
■ wiMMiipiiig iM point! up on the 
biiard, tiijt the Hawks deleiMe 
dMn'l seen to be in the .ga'tne 
m tHaji gfw up » pttiMi audi 

'Tilt Miirfay led' all neoreri in 
the game with » pdintt while 
ftmado CoMi tratJed dimely 
with M poteta. The rent m the 
Hawks icorinf., wtih the e«t*«p- 

ttnn of D«¥e Strawn i ij p«inis. 

wa$ dMidea amtng the othw 
IJla^yeri rather evertly 

So J'lw what arc the Hawk* in 

Ha(p«T' has a M conference 
rewird gMng into last Tuesday* 
ga:iiitaptniit Wnghi College 

H the Hawks can manage a 
couple ol nuitk wing hetore the 
planfn come around the*' 
(Mild go into the games with a 
lull head ol steam and Iwlter 
h<j>e» than they Te holding now 

Lad week the Hawki] ithe 
player* only ii . held a meeting to 
dlKlH the problems with Ihe 
imm. A tot ol It had to do with 
the lack of the type of spirt! that 
teams imtd to win games 

* change should bm miliced in 
the future a\ soon as the Hawks 
realne that the season i*n"t 
orer until iheyTe eliminated 
Irem playoff pictures It 
Harper can put their mmd to it 
they cottid t>e a dingerous team 
m Ihe pJayofts and Ktrt could 
alio play a large role tii deter' 
ntlnlng «hi» will win the con- 


Iteifltf all oif tbiMe aceuM' 
tiona,, PlunfccK deln-er«l otie ol 
the I'tnest performances oat of a 
(Hiartcrhack in Super Buwt 
hislorj Don't lorgrl (hat 
PlunkelJ. was working again-' 
the top defense in the \Fl. 

Actually 'the. Eagles learm-d .< 
i.-at«al(te lesson, ,l,>on't go to the 
Dig one unless ymi'n- readv lo 
ptay gCMd 'fooi.tiall and not t,ht' 
slo(i(iy luck that has kept them 
going all year 

Despite the Uakland vjcton' 
Ihe real )ms came afier the 
game and If w'a.m'l the Kaglet 
that took the painful blow the 
punch this tune was fell by 
\Fl, toin'missioner I^el'e 

KiMelle ,-Vll'::ians the owner ot 
the Haiders, made RiMeite 
rath»T untomlorliihle at (be 
giving ol the Su|>er,Bowl Irophv 
and that »a* a vwv cnlenaii'i, 
inj! little tut (>(' I' telt-vi- 

'"=!■ ul \(»u thai diflii t 
^■r I tie MR-fcer n»m celehraiion 
with the ,Oavl,s vs Horelle con 
(n'mlalmri oirUirt- this .John 
'•'I' • Bambairh 

ih' 'far award 

aiw in injj to ,Kffp a smile all 

41 Davis and his i"',iakland 
Raiders pyt a thorn into Roielle 
and no mat,ter what he tries to 
do. Big Pete and all his men 
can 'I do a thing about it Ana 

iiiin I be surprised it the 
Raiders M.iri r.jihne Iheir 
home l|»w,n !..» .-\n,(ieles. as 
iom as the courl tiaiHe is over 

It isn'taprHl\ ihuijj to savor 
I" t'len think jtMnii at U-asi lor 
'hi- till! sii>^ tn (harp" Bill is 
Miir !■- ii lijl 1)1 fun to »alch a 
bunch (If underdogs that aren't 
liked by anyone ciKcepi their 
mothers t>eal Ihe snot ijui ol a 
team '« tut h v. as supfmsed to tn- 
better And it sure is (on U) 
wak'h a ((Milball leam owner 
slick the commisMoner with a 
simple smile 

,:\t least II feels gmid for us lit 
tie guvs to t)e able Ici .strilte out 
you home run hiliers like 

Gymnasts fall to Triton 
victory getting closer 


T!ie gtrts gymnastic* squad 
(eti to defeat once again this 

year and once again thev fell to 
the Trllon Trojans 

"'Every lime wc pi.j\ 'Tninn 
we grt cloter and i loser ar"» 
next lime we play them 1 think 
that we'll win," sa,id Lmtla 
Mustan, head coach of the 

Uning hv only five p<iinl» and 
having lo take two separate 
I'erns in separate events reaih 
elteetei'l Ihe meets outcome li>r 
the Ha'wki 

'"We"ve picked up another 
girl tnd that will take jiwiiy our 
,/pni,-. in those evenly ' ;nl*V<l 

■ ;■; il Wf onl> a'-"' i«'i 
poi,nls mour events, it wiU stiti 
help u» win our 'm,«tels,'" staled 
«i|*omore ,Sandj I'olgteier on 
the new addiiMm lO'thtsipad 

The new addilitm 'to the squad 
w,iIJ come in the torin of Chervtl 
Muller. a freshman oul of Bui 
lain Grove High School 

Muller will be co:m|ieling in 
the uneven liars compeldlim 
and the floor compel il ion for 

'the Hawks 

Lasi week against Triton the 
female Hawks placed well but 
'■"•uldn't pull the meet off with 
:he empty spacei, Mar\ B,elh 
Black was the only H,awk to 
platT in more than one event 
(or Harper Black placed first 
on Ihe balance beam and Ihird 
in Ihe fitwf coinpeiil ion 

Sandy C'olgla^ier placed se^ 
cond on U'le unevm tiars and 
improved her fl«,>r routine to a 
'HI' i>iii ,slill not gwMf enough to 

find}' furtis placeil second 
on the fk»r routine with a si-ore 
>t '. ;,:'! 

Nhowing CDBitanl im,prove, 
ii'si'iil on the sciuail lias i'>«»n 
Kris Kandell ,i ,tiri 

both helpful II.. ifie 


'"Sue IS improving everyday 
but she si ill has a lot to learn 
about Ihc ",: ' ' 'Mill 

in meets , ..n 

"Sue throws mings intu ner 
perdirmances that she dwtsn't 
think the ladurs ^ill sei- but 
IHf 11,-V 

takeoff lor them " 

"The judges will also take nlf 
(or something if you don I have 
certain tumbles or things in 
vour routine and that has also 
hurt Hie squad this \ear 
Muslan added 

Even though the girls isnisli 
ed second lo Triton and one 
pla»"e over Oaktiin Ihe i-«n- 

The Hawks v 
week o(( but 'aui iravei lo 
Kishwaiikee next week lo lace 
Oakton .and Klgm in another 
foufMav m«*i 

H'lth the added K\mnasl lo 
Itie squad. Harper should im 
prove their learn icore and 
their fomiwiilion finishing 
Wheiher or not Ihe girls are 
successful throughout Ihe re 
mamder of the 
deiiendenttyuplii •• 

Hopelullv with ;... .,,,,;.ij,- 
Dip (i.vmnasts liavi- and with a 
IHUe link the\ 11 tH' returning 
to the Vaitonal I'hanipionships 
(or the s<:-corul vear in a row to 
repre.v'111 Harfwr as a real 

Stoma mm; Cant 

Mt to mnt, nrit row. Sandy Parks. Chrti Mmtr. Umia Ptmoertm. 

till. th. Ha.*, tm, Mi^i^a:^-^!!^^. -''? p''*"^^ *=f^ ""^ ^* o"*^ ». 

mm am W «W | ig^ M I wm* iialMl Ttwrntwi. tiie rheerlcMlm «1 eombte iritk nemlMn ol 

( Pnoto Hy Lad Lyna Guy ) 

■I'M "nudiLliAtuailtiimtatK^ Ii^iMi. .miji i iMH ■■mi 

Attitude puts Strawn in winner's circle 


M'tvr a liMUnr o( <lr((at. 
Oaw Slnwn mil}- MW IMHIJ 
Mttiwlf « wianing tnia at 

•*1 hatr losing, ' mys basket, 
bull slar !tiraM-n "Iti 'tugtt 
whtMil I went to Hoirman 
Eilit« «.Jid my (ram wm 11-73 
jD itw liMir yvin (H>it I playnl 
then " 

••rvt wiin mmt giiers h<prr 
tt Haiper than I've *oti m totir 
>'(in <il' btiilcrtbail ill Holl 
i«n,," Slrawn HminwU 'In 
tmn I tmM •■» mmt game 
(hi* «>iis«ii titm I've won in siv 
mUrelile ' 

Slrawn'* lite •« a kmr twgan 
tn Ihirt tra* wim Iw jMntn) 
lli« tatteti)«li Mams ifumMral 
ht Ml nark tftatrHl Str«*n 
MWiNl mnt iKUiitj. thrt yeir 
and WJ JO' ih«f i»ttoi« <>J ito 

in mv wm year in that 
'Mint ItaitiM'. I M <>vi^ryim<> In 
awmg with W points and m> 
!•■« won the champiniuhip 
Tnat ma* thr lavi rhjinipJonsHtp 

iram that 1 »iis on. »yi 


'Whfin I playeO at ItoH'ntM. 

a lot 0( th#' |Uy» 0«l th^ te;im 


I'lto* 'W'fTf ftfltllK ' 
Thilrrail'. '.!i-->-! vir !j«'J.usr il 
liBl tin t " ■ ' > I ''■ »iMim»liP 

SlKI'III'll g«.l >>'ilt>^ ((.DlilV 

i never go mtii a ganiii"' w«h 
the atlitudr that I'm gninff tci 
^me." tjitil .S'tr»« 

"Even tlwuBh I'V'f liail a 

rr.,'i-':' '■ '' '" " ■- "-■■■■ -i-"'--'-r' 

1,,..,.^ , , ' 

titmmt yew al Ikillrnait 1 
playiMj alMwt (kriK mimitn in a 
guir agaimt ScbauiTitiuri(.aml 
1 wa> taken out ol Ihr K"'")* 
Willi atJti'Ul ;»i secoitdt to go 
bwausf* I maili> a liail pa!.sitial 
tirlp«il us trnw anotti*-! game', 
Strawn recalls 

'■"Dial nighi I rtayiMl' up all 
otglil and M » IW of thinKlng 
about t>asl»«l>a:ll and «M.hiT 
or not I should unit the Ipam 
*n() the (.tit'ii- 1 ItMMghl th«'t 
mMvtt*' at tl^al time. iMtaft jill ii:t 
thasr gamn a'lid all that I 
mighi ha^''' 'siarlni to ukr <:m a 
dciraliiil Jititudf at>aut 
myiMfH " 

"My (I«l ('Bnawewl me ■ tot 
dunng ra>' ttte and I 
rMBemlwrrt that hr *(«ild 
al'»ay"j irll mv 'neiw be a quit 
'l«r' I def iitod that smre I hail 
Cdine l;hi» far Ihat I mlfht as. 
*rit ^tit'k ii mit the resi nl tfte 

wason ' ' 'Strawn aiMed 

'From then on I went «jl to 
ptay OTt a* Xtme as I tad tieen 

•M t iktma am rwas pmit 

tfi hiiv« im whether I w«i <tr 
■ -ted a d«fl*niiined 

i<' ' ' ' •• wnd legend. 

H«> ■'■' ' tiJKt an impair 

tiint I ihe determlna 

lion <>l Dave strawn to continw 

'"'in m>' first da,y o( (,»ask.ettMil 
c' my tram mm playing 
and iittce *'t had six |uy» (in 
the team we h*d t«i ««Urh in 
and iwt i»;i wr nwld ill plikv I 
went to jw'itrh out and Ra> 
.Meyer came out on the nmri 
and lO'ld nie to tlay in the game 
and play He sjiid that he 
'Wanted me to lead Ihe oflenw 
and Ihe iMense H was ai'i<>i.ii ;*i 
degnnrt chat day and i '*ds 
■tad tlriNt hy night t ime " 

■'Ttait .night Coiich Meyer 
rasit ^^ to ifie Mid told me ihat 
he thought I was g«M)' and that 
he 'llwuighi I cMiM he giMNl 
nimeday He taught me a lot: 
ah«Ml my ihixitlng and :ttrlpe«l 
iine ihipwve my duMiing IrO'in 
ia% at the time to alMwt tt.)%. " 

"•••r pe<»ple that have 

: niy life was a couple 

.■I iin I. Id cMC'he* Da've my wphomore" '.•■:'!'. rnac b. rieV'er 


me O'Ut and lie 

U, '* r 


"-y not her 


», ray Irartc 

M<-t;m(iht me 

■ .•'iiiing tad 

i-'l t'i:ir(.l 

rwurtti tli'il 



receive it 1 ji; n.i 

myself in my seim.i jr... y,itvn 
I went dim state in traelt." 
TOmm.e'M«»d St:rBW''n 

Strawn quallled 'lor the 'State 
competition m his senior year 
tar I'lte *« and ttuu relays both 
are ichiml records 

Tte wawin Strawn t» a 
sophonion' .il lUrper and lia* 
twe'n tt'w m'lh player tin itie 
■itfuMi thjl has slartird every 
game ihu seasiim 

'! came here last ye:'t- •■-'' 
every one elsf- had trf>i 
i.j| dillereni things li.k' 
conlere'DiT m ihiaiss like 'i...tu( 
The ('<»K ihme I 'Iwd giung Cor 
me «'••'■ '" ...I my team 'in 
my '• .," and s.heer 

(tewf' ■ itif ihat 1 ui'!, 

a pleasaoi •■■:: I'l ,..' ■..!*• ,rjr 
iind that ttir;. .'.n-.'- ;i..,n,i.,; '.y>r 

ward 10 wtrrku'ig wiin me this 

ieastm. slated strawn 

("umpared lo high sclw' 
trowrfs at liasketbalt names, 
the cru*ds at Harper are much 
smaller and l..h<* playen may 
find It difficult to create energy 
I'll pliiy without the roar o( the 

"When I f'ira started play.tng 
here Ihe lack ol fans txithered 
me and it taught me that I had 
to generate my own excitement 
and .1 had to get mysell up for 
Ihe games." com..mentd 

Being the lea*T ol 'the iieam. 
(lie other players have given 
(t.n'r itii> (iitmK nicknamr of 
( Kln..iru' 

"One (lay some ol the guys. 
ilart«l calimg me 'jienerai' m 
pr;u-Iiri- ami when they .saw 
'' • : ti.iil i-jlled rri*' 

.. i.)( the u-jii'i 
itK-y -.l.irt>-<t calling me 
g«'-iieral ele<:'tric' " explamed 

I like tt'K- 
l>ein.fEa lead*-! ' i • . - ' 
"I'd rather tie us a kaderstiip 
rote than a riHt irf a Wtower... 
that w.iy If soiwthtKg giM 
w.-rong, I'll .get ttie blame and 
not '10inenn.p eise " 


me lo tj; 

'lo.nng hy MIC jKjini ni'M I « . ' • •. ' 
the (rre-throw Itiw witii 
uTi'imi*. left fin the cloi-k I ti^; 
W..I1. ^1.- .:.ii::r would (all on 'my 
shi'.jiiii'i s ji'iil nut anyone 
rise. ' iaysStra'wn 

I fec'i that I've played the 
I'lest this year ttian 1 ever have 
played tK-lore ' " added Straw'n 
"Ho[»elully I'll improve on 
many lliingit Jumping and 
i)Uickn<ess along with my 
shiKiting could all stand tor im' 
provement 1 tietleve I have the 
potential l« h<- very goi«l. now 
wliettwr or nol I uw it or not is 
til tjifpendlnit on mv own fi- 
lm' '■ ■ '. .' . ' ■ =■■ '.'. .'iicluni! 
ji. i I in 

fin; ...,- .,_ -..:: ;..:•. ,-.- .'n.i( 
them ii'Ul in lime it should come 

"I came into this year Ick'* 
ing tor a icholarship t:o » lour 
'v»>iir 'Whnol « I'll he able to 

iiiLmue my carrer in law 
i":lucation rinrt I 'would 'also 'fi'ke 

iti jilii'. ■■ 


Iflen I'd •tiM' Ut ur ainr U.» nm*. (i 

B kiiis teana when I grow up," 
said Strawn 

i go into every t. • ■ 
tng that !"m fh> 
athlete and Ihat I'm going i<> 

0ivt Strswn putt In two ol bb tl poUiU •iiUift minoli Valley 
Strawn't efforts weren't enxigti as tbe Hawfca (dl lo ■ 4-1 «ian- 
(tr«nc* record ( Photo by Um Lynii Guy ) 

will I lion t get intimidated t>y 

ariyo'iie ' 

I I'lair losing; Losing as much 
;is I ha> • has taught me lo ap 
preciatr winning.. After my 2 22 
record in my last year at Holt- 
man. I've 'learned to savor 
every win we have here. I've 
also 'never taken winning tor 
granted and I'll never take any 

aiMete or game lightly. ' ' addc 


"Winning means too much to 
me to not take it seriously 
co.ncluded Slrawn 

If the talents of Dave Strav^i. 
ever match hii attitude towari: 
the game or hw fellow athletes 
then he'd be ■ very lucky anrt 
.Kifled player 




Sl) '— 

Oil burner! ihould he dieclied lor ihtir ComlHitiion 
Cftwwncv mting itnc* an improvement of about ttn 
pomti may laiti yoti Ian ficrcanl on your oil bill 

Determination boosts wrestlers over obstacles 


It '!!•» be«i said tlwre is 
slren.glh in numltfrs tnit lur 
the l«l Harjutr W.restlmf 
H»w-h». itrtngth lies m deter 
m.ination and good old 
'liishloiml hard work 

''We don't have the 
fiyuibers. " '»tatrt t'oath '?4orm 
-Lovd-ace. rrlerring to the low 
'team turnout this seaso-n. "ttul 
the kids we do have weri' most- 
1% slate i>iai.-r *iniirrs in higji 
Khtwl ..'.I' >{:t wilMiig 

to work •■".» irnpnt- 

la:« lactiH' trial n.i« held the' 
team close toicther aJt neiiiiiit 
aiwl prvdiiced an ew«n|itery 
'l.e*m spirit of which tlie Harper 
fMlege cam.muniiy •hould be 

Paul 'Uitlowske. lonner 

standoiii »'rii!it.l 
High *■■■*''«'••»ti'"- 
"()« i.'>...i 
mg In :ii' 
thai tti-'- 
team "■ 
«:hiri-l ■!.'■ 

(r M 'F' 



me li".im 
Joe t*iiM''.'' 
at m l'b» 
that.. "By thifrnd ttl the «'as<.«'i 
when It's time for the con 

'feretU"*" mrrl ^r'rr Hi be'ttcr 
CdlMlli' ''ir 

cdiil't'- 'i'-> 

baa co.m(.«-If'i.l .m nrfsu-HK. 
imytwM included 'will tell you 
that denteation pti»v ^ -■ '•■''^ >•"*» 
in evebt-ual »u«f- ■n 

Rosideulcher U'o - 
takes 11 a step fu 
jumor college le'i • 
diegree ot swce'S.- .. .....v* ., „ ,.. .. , 

ill* You have to rtally 'Sttck 

!. -th .(f ^n.i tl's i'l#«f'miteiv a Idl. 

•'"■■■<>' the hard-worHlng 
itrstuug Hawks rec'O'rd ol 2-2 
m. fO'iitrrenre ami <i- J overall is 
"'■■spell able at tirsi glance, it 
'■oMiiM outstalldllig W'hen one 
-rallies th.i'i' ihrv surrender )2 
team p' rv m'eel duis 

tol-orfr.:' --irthl'entral 

invite 1-asi wwfuei'id. the teatti 
priMtiK-ed a fourth place show- 
ini> ii'-fi tvi r.iniain .Howard 
I • -ti'txiii pcr- 

I' ■ - . owner ol a 

inerf .'f'i 1 rci-oni.l this year, pin- 
ned hi.» firsl-.see<Motif)0(ieni in 
■ h,. (.,■,,(, at 1-13 Cither Hiiwk 
'■vlnners wrre Rich 
"';. < l:i-;>i who tat ■ lough 

((■ i| bout in overtime ol the tinat 
round .at l''li to rtaiin 'Imi place 
and Ken t'-.:'.-': ;..; li mi .,<. 

ITl.pOUItll:' ";,i'l .'.I ■■''■! i.'I- .lu 

tng Uieir part to contritiute tu 

tlW' spirHed team ellort .. along 
with 'l.,askow;ske and '('(.■^^•h»'i' 
Cher M.ere Itofier B.-ii 
at I.'l-I Kevin Miirrav 

I«7. and Charles Boyd til l» 


This rnrtay night, at S p m 
m M Building, the Hawks face 

a very lough opponent n 
Trilon. ahing with Lincoln an- 

Madison Tech. in what pre 
inises lo I* a verv cuciting 

M«'n's Basketball Srhfdule 



-.11 1'.-!- .- i ,k.i, ■,, ,i,,.„. 

I'fh ly. ; Mipm tiamt' 
Frii a ; lup m Awjiv 

Women's Bu>k4-il)aU Schedule 

HjiiTwr *i'!!i M-tiwr* i. .■ ■ ■• .■> mu r^ Honn.*' 

.HitrtMT *!'■% |>iil*(ntt ; . :. ., '-■■piTi ii\W'iii|i 

Miwrper ii!ii> J#l»rt F'H> 10 S (Mip m llomt- 
♦lariWHi' V i, ftntm f' »•(■. IJ 7 (NJpm \v.»y 

Acting not a sideline but 
part of life for local talent 

IV wrmm «wicblmjuc.e 

\,<;lormn(1 .irtresii»8 

Tl'ir' mcrr 'j-nnH fonjuw up 
wi«ir» ul iiliitfO' Broadway 
ptrt^bi. 'toowMning wtili me 
rilDlt |M«I|>I*« (■>>■« »t*d tiirtUMr 
■sd •«ta|lii" IWlywtiwI bikttm. 
.. Mt • l>rt#« Sctoymbitrg, 
$etml ««cl»rr ami * retitmi 

S«>iM!i,Wtt*, tiut IS nmUy 
vfcBl P*iB Gtw »nti Michiifi 
eitm mt Il<n;h ■•r* tum-ntlv 
iUcrmg in t'^<> Tti'iiln' on 
W'imi' '(>n«Jwlnm "Jt "I l)<i' I 
lit'" Alth«n{h H » iwJv !»«• St- 
rood timr |N> ifroup has louml 
in*' arra nfil'tw t« it «tranBfr 

f . 

Ulfau-f (jrtrfui: lions' according 
t» VBWghn Jarmke, itean i»r tlie 
Sktawl <H Fiw Arts at Ka*l<TU 
»0yM, g,r»dl«tnl tn^ir; tnc Col 

mawa. bovna Mid Ptg cte »t«r in tbt m»ut onw^ p»; 

rl^:. {fMtflHmv if 'ThMirt te Wiitp > 

Student suspended 
for plagiarism 

-jfpfT rulleif rtwllWt, 
v.i~ ..(iieiils tttmmi i<> t*w- 
tlly, tei« btim »i«p«i>*Nl lor 
pl«gl«rt«« a(W« tlf WW"" 
iTMMKiatlon ul lh» siiulrriJ Cm 

'The MBHiiinimi* r<'.'-?!'.--'" 

(tallWl dl tlW WlUfr :i-'. ■* .■- 

on* yieur i«ii|i«in»n - tn.i: -t),' 

itwjtm wwtld. hr eUgil*' lu 
rtmn IB the M»nin M ISIB. 
tslil. Dimn B st»nrtiiirj. V'tw 
■preitdrnt rt si,u*ttt Altttr* 

vwimmii «i t : ■'"''"'■■' 

tmJe Am ■■• ■ '' "■" 

duct '- 'V«l b) 

iinj.«.. ■'»!>' or 

Stltt 1.11 irr- I, a-.«: ■■ "■''■^' 

(llflli Conrluct ("iiiii" 

Thf* ' ■ 
Siiulh, .iiiistaiii pfofWiiwr 01 
t.ii|:it*li KlmtiiM'cl. (M ailuiMni % 
'.i"i:trit JH piiietirWB ilniiMt m 


. - fsp^'futiitrd 
nin;*lty Win! (Br 

■ , , iiif ninii# chiirittr 

tMt IBit *twk'nl <"*i*ii Hff'' 
i:to(," Slid Smith 

"I kmr* th4P .mwJi'M nmuto i 
•ttl» H ««* tnt JiteHil an himi 
til ('Mid the original l ■■•■ ■<■■ 
iBBiikar '*nh It H i ti...-. ::■■-• 
(MMl It I w«kl have ..-.(w-d 
tTomd H(l Mlltninr t'tw MotiUl 
hiw Ifflumd. the rel'trrnw," !» 

Sm* f*ld^ the rtiMlHit intmjt 

' if Mid h« h*l iJmir ii m 

Irai) me tMrcaiiiw Iw llmtlii t 

W1K •mtair 4iid'h« *ailM 111'*** 

crrmlwui hiS'jiti 

■ I *js »n:|r)' alxiut Ih^'tnniis 
wifh 1 m v«*f\ i"v'iiM'ti ciwcf 111 
»«!jlil>ewt *li.>' I'"' 'I'-'i-T!'-'-''! :- 
ttoing tu Ihr '..iiw ■■' i!!'' 




•"St^mi- is*''fnm* f'Or^' 

SwtUi t-ritK-artl th» ncWiml 
(wlm III hMidlmg *(;ii«l«mi: 

Til,. ,ni,,!ri,.r, :■. 
ui[j i! thr .;;.i;; ,i. : ■■ 

sl'Wli^rt that ff i>.i 
■ItMiiMt Wtn, h»' ■• 
nitt> ^itMriw. 
miftoii'i |:»'ir.«" 

Pixl <M I h#' trrm , ' ttr wt ul 

"11 tit.-" 1 .■.•'■■>. If .' = 

hr ha» ;i 


.1 mimlwr u( m 

Oh ot tlw tttmt* tO't 
ilitt tlie itwtenl iliii»f«l. iiii'ti»- 

Mnprs. the tiirr«i»,|B l«'i It'"' 

•.i,iid»iii t'lmnnii, (■■(iBiiiimiNf. 

.MlMiiil iJ'K'l't' fTf IHl •ijrl'ttlllc 

■■TIwi -.■.■■■■■ ■ ■ ■*■■ 

» i|»t the triUl'i !•" 

"Vw can' I i;J*privi> iw:«p*e at 
;n|)ii» «i«l! ■«!ca» ihr"> ■■< '"■■"(.' 
lUilKy until they li.i . 
Inc. If (lM9 n? iwi ■ 
•(Mid IIS|Mltl> « (x-tuil'i uii 

"'Ptactensn It t ditU'ii'ult one 
III pom normally W<t imw 
Hwr Mad. a Mtrlnf More imr 
tttl* " 

l«|e nl St Francis with a 
baclKtoriol tlwaterdeKree and 

tai (Wiir«il all tws ewrgy Into 
»•«»« facrtMl the tta'atw, 

AltUiMith she has starred In 
ttutin-row jiTWtaeliiws,, Gire is 
iioi rt>w*rned with fame Isul 
mth th* creative outlet that «€■ 
t trig provides 

1 Hunk of it '*cliB::(i! as a 
ttoMiv amMW({h It IS not my 
iiiatri «wr«' tl tncoroe It's an 
im|*irt»nt aart ol «tiat I do 
Working, wkn (wiplf »*» ■» 
creattve is llie most important 
thing Skill is much more o( a 
concern than iM-ing famous 

"Voii get lnvol««l with other 
..f.,,.,1,. 1^ ji (jifrsonal way and 
Jiari" a greal (leal t»! 
■ vtiv something that Is 
(..rautituf and ongmal," Gire 
fonlinu«t 'i think thai it is 
realh crealine to start out and 
hulld annilwr diaracter. you 
slM» an audience the d«Dlh o( a 
character I think that i( you 

paiui Uiwt M to an audlenee 
you've accompllihed 
■»met,hlng crealiu- Vou can 
grow as a .person anti grt to 
know yo«i.rsel( 

"irsal&o a means o( (escape. 
You can do thing» on rtajie inai 
vou migjIM mX normally do. on 
kage sm see another p».r»oii 
and Kiw all «( ytw laDM 
tiuns " 

Working up ti> a level m 
crwtivity and a proper frame 
ol mind often requires the actor 
to put in a coniiiderable amount 
of time ijetore the per 

i usually need an tiour and a 
hall to iwo'bours in the theater 
before the show. " said Boyna 
■Then 1 know there Is a show 
cnmmg and 1 (orgei about the 
guy who cut me off on the 
highway the everyday gar- 
iMge tlial has happened Vou 
have t<! get It out of your system 

Ctmtmim) on pugr f ' 


William Ratnev Harpei College 

Vol. 14 No 18 

FebruafyS. 1981 

Policy varies at colleges 

student dlsnr"""" "t*--. 
from ow fomni i 

,Al CUkt";' ' -Lri..!!.,!;. i iii 
■lege the I'h.i'i.:.'" ttw 
■tudent by .> i»ru)l< immiber 
are hrougtit lo (he .aiteitlioti «•( 
John riomhue. Vice PreUdrnt 

'..I ■•I;,,,!. :• tl. ; .■ti'l'ini-nt 

riu .t.,.i'".' ..n .irceprilie 
; .iiTi I liikror ask tcir « l»«r 

i:ikr.n .ii!':«in.i«f 

lh<' ■> 

grade* Thi» usually reMili* m 
m ■".H"' era*, so ttr MiMtenl 
must repeal the fours'- 
TtM* studeiil m.i;. 

...... ■, .1 eomplntnl »rt«.t» 

call Iht stuileni ■ ' ■ - 
tnrinal esplicin^ 

alter .quciliMiitg the student.. I 
HIS. Ill make mine delermlna. 
,. ■. .anch '»«>u.ld, reiiitt in some 
sane Hon* such as, withdrawal 
trttm Um- course, support of the 
initructof In ftving a fa,j,ling 
grade, suspension or dismissal 
■■■ "We I'lave wit susperuted a 
itudenl m the live years in 
which I have been renponsfcle 

lives cutting 
.,ii :; , . r«»lalionship 

*iih" Uter a perHKi 

Hi out- .>■■■... "■» student may 
p*i,ti iiMi'lur readnilssion " 

- ■ *, ,torma) 'hearwig lnv»tv«s • 
coniniitle** comprise!) ol tacul 
ly and students who. « eff«t, 
acl a* • jury 

After Ihe findinns in i'itii«'r 
case Moriarl) said, the »lu 
dent may appeal to ifir prrsi 
dent or to the twartJ il tie 

1 find :■ ■• .» «'«■«■>' '■ ' >ludenl 

I |.,i Ifi.' If^s 

• .• !«■ rvasliernal lite 

■If.rtaity Mid, tHere 

ritfll tw« iluili"nt.s 


vtr*. M,argam 

- inrsenlalive in Stu^^ 

i .'s at the College ol 

, .„. , ..•iiv ili.«»re have lieen 


no IM 



•,re have twn no susiwi 
no plagiansm. no serious 


iHormally, shenBid. Han- 
drtph W'ehsler, the Dean nt sm 
dent Services ads as j ct.«)duu 
lor the student and the instruc^' 

■11 Mmiethmg serwus ™m« 
up. IJr Webster has him 'the 
student I sign a behavioral con 
Iracl which is m'gotial.ed bet 
••een the stude^nt and the tacul 
Iv memlier 

■ W" have nnt had any con- 
tracls broken." she said 

Kueenc Pint, Vice President 
of Student Affairs al Elgin €i>l 
lege rfj)i>ris that they do not 
have a lot of serious probteniB, 
although they did have one just 

■■We have a •student fud,icial 
code The majority of cases are 
handled through our mstruc^ 

lors or cou,n,sel.tng staff 

"If It IS a serious caw. it iii^^ 
volves our (kfans. llie vice 
president. Ihe iiistruttor and 
the dean of ttie area m wtuch 
ll'r student was enrolled 

"The situation we had in 
I,iece,m,ber was a ra^re on*.- , 

■■We removed Ihe student 
tnim the program The student 
was removed from the college 
with an opportunity lu reapply 
alter one year's leave ol 
absence "he said 

• w •- •11 '^.' ..I v^v siern which I im- 
.i^,^"^.. •. :r;.i'"nc'ly standard at 
mtifti >' he said 

-JVora Nortm- 

Inside the Harbinger 

Lrttf r*» lo th»' editor page 2 Film Re\ U'v> page 6 

Parking pmblem (Jassifieds — page 7 

so'wiwn P"**" 2 Basketball commenlary . page 8 

Bank system pagc4 


Towing only solution to parking lot problem 

mill o««r lflW'.|Wftiiii ipots aeatluvd «iv«r ttw eamput 

mmllcal (MrUng pmtam ta UMp dMr of' Uw iMilleal. 
parking artas. 
But a|>|Mraitl]r logic to Ml IrnnOnA ta parking M 

iMiiavlor. StTHWiili'WiiUlf cipaMa vl iWilwwg utr traa 

mm m ^etmammim mmmm to mi up tut 

9patM.^am U iw 'MMhp m'Wmik furUier out in ttie lot.. 
OMMily. tmOkai vama$ h Acre (or a reaaon. It 

alloiM liliMtfi iMhata Wm atftantait of twing able to 

)»ark dMMr M tlH'MWiigii. It rcducaa llw rfak tf tetlwr 
iniiiif by iMwiliMiHin tlw .hni walk Hiraiigli tta 'pikliig 
Tnit. tmrywm mata Ia pi M'IIom to' CM tniMlnp at 

M 'KMillwr. But that 

Ot III* pliyalcaUy im- 

tialrid. vMHar til nwdleal ar haiidlcaiipad pwklag 

! tilt poaM slgiw and. 
naniiigp 'h—m tit. 'Iiy Piutiic safsty. tii* 
departnMit. Iiaa tak«B to towtnf imaiitliodiatl eart out tht 

'!«■•' a«y iMiipaii' Umi una ti loa dtaatic a imiatire 
toktlakM' ttatvMtaloiailiMitilJiiit to givan a warning. 
Ilo««««ff. tito waratng ayataoi Iwi toan gotng tor quite 
•oowttniaaiMlliaa mat wllilllllaaiietiaaa. THUS, the only 
laaalblc .aaMMn aaana lo to towing tto iina.uttorlMt. 
WhUt parklBi.'lii Ik* iMlMr or (aeiity aactioaa dotan't 
i any ••fimi''proMaiM» imauttorlnil' iiarklng to tto 
" itftaae'irtioilaftottely 

Willi poMed atgnt and con- 
of the dlaatitetf, Itoo towtng 

Simoeseii-Harbiiiger not 
forum for grievances 

T«» lltr Editor 

Hie ««lnori«l »uii(ljirij.»(ii i(i« 
HaHlUiger reDrvltritit)- ImiIi t 
MM'ditr in titf i>i]i'<t«n. Vfl •In 
S A n>ii>{ioiiKittt<> MWnpufMrr 
4ot* ruH |i.rin.t Kumlnia mwi 
wmuiffiattm pmnmud iitLiicks 
mt^ at llttt 'ilrilNf n>i) i>y Ms 

S'lir l».» nrwpainT ■'-•■ :-■- ■ 
'perComiti tor «»lu*'' 
frtoi: jnrr i)(i>..iiMl An r 
i'of for iti initractofli» 
litt It utiriit » Q tir* BHW CiMfl • 
'Mil w.tjii ai H.iirp»r tor %!■■> 
flt^ to mit thm ite m.iv 

tiiMl>m.wi# nrr cUims ami 
nnwive a (tir hftrmft Tbf 
wiwklj' ni>i«it|>ai()*'r i* tUrMrlj 
mill, (h* vrWcle vhtrr snjch a 
hcartngcan lakf |>).a(>« 

Ttair nail}' mstiwton ami 
*tinl»»irt.s who rrganl Mr 
Pi>»ell »( iremrnilous 
r*«{MKl ami atlwIMii art »P' 
ptihHt by lilts jitwlmf's rash., 
•ilfffiitr*' .mil tltplaci"*! 

nminitininlMms DirWon 

Public Safety 
invisible at night 


Tti.ti pici If dlrMfld (w (iw 
pwlice, vihmt dlrtcHM w 
4lM|>«'r«.tiFly M!«M Dm M Ut 
INN Wf Um Mltttll IM .■! iMglM.. 

HtR-ntMlttliltlilil: lt'|.9;« 
M • WMkaiay iililtl. and • 
•t«ry crowd *>( studwi* aiMl tn- 
ttruetan dath ifie'ir way 
amiHU tlie Ualk down 'Uie 
Man, aeroai tlie lake, war- 
(ttaa iltrMigli lit» parking lot 
fur licir can. No time tW' 'Chat 
alMt Uie clHi. or comintnt m 
ItM Hill. TMMiflilB. an on .gft- 
tliii IMM' la 'tune' to enlif' at 
iMfl a imclow liaK Hour m tlie 
evenini before factan awM.lier 
lull da; of nork and sctwii, or 
perkepi |»ttiag tti an hour nf 
iNHiievork far lit* ncsi nislM't 

Iftt; IS and »»'■»« iMifid Mur 
can Brtialt off the mow qoick- 
i>. ltd (Iw di!l:n»si. and. »«'r» mo 
our way But ti»e attl* to tlie 
perlmetrr roaO u Uoched' with 
can Wall our turn. 

»:» - We're on the' perlmeler 
road. Rut where are •« .KOlni.* 
\« one'i movimt Therv's » liiw 

Letlrrs H> the Etlilor 

Letter to McGrath balances 
teetering grievance scales 

a( red. hrake Itictil* a* far m the 
e)<e can mt Thoughts are « 
(hlaeftii.ini"* |jh*ych'di«i tita 
- an ei;pertfflral with rat*, 'in a 
mac' i«a 'HI coo'trol and a 
fC'cHnc of helyl«Mne.i.| 
(nrf«-on»e» the ilrl'»eri' . 

i'»- Thif iMiljr thini to do t» 
get mean Wh«n ve come to .an 
alale, don't M .anyone cut In. 
After alt. :he'* probaMy tolog 
tame lo watch I'w got 
a term paper to finiiih The 
earlier contarailarle' of felteo 
'Mtidcni* It rtilimd to ««'• 

$M - KhI llKhtii are Mw 
naihtng and (he cloud of ri- 
haunt IS shlftlnft HaiperW 
police crew la on tlic scene to let 

open the trap dmron Uic saat. 
A |'iner ol iHpt .la. ranavwd 
a» •« check our watchec, but., 
alaa, MASH will be wer before 
I lei home, and I'm iwi tired 
(or the terai paper Mayhe Hi 
ikip el.a.t« lomorro* nighl. 
Xiaht Student 

To (he Editor'. 

LMt loeek wMf n l read Ms. 
Poch'* letter to (be editor con- 

ceremg Profeiior l"o*elt s ai- 
tttiide in claw. I wondrred if 
tbts was tbc opinion of 'one »t.u- 
ilcnt or ihe Bialnrity iif Fro- 
le««ot' P'iiw«ll"» rtudent*. I 
wonilered becauie I know Pro- 
leitMr Pmtll persoDatly ami 
.prolettiimally. and could not 
rwnncilf the opinions eipres*- 
ed' in tbe tetupr with the Pro- 
feiwr Piiwell I know and 

I *.»» pleased', thereriirc 
wihen 1 rweived an unsolielieil 

■■■■ '?-.?■-■=■■■■ 

letter ln»Bi anolher of Pro- 
t«»or Pu'well's gtudenti. I'd 
like 1.0 »h.aM> part ml that letter 

with ymt .«'»! llw jiK-;idenin: 
com.rounity ol *litch *'»• arc all 

"Mr PoiMll was l.hc otw « ho 
lta\e me the «ll i-onlidence 1 

needed to M.|(.r» up lor English 
KB. Mr*. P«*'s ch.iirRe of Mr 
Ptwell nni caring n Mmplv not 
irue Her leeling ul a 'ireinen- 
doui Idis m 'iwt beisg able to 
ahare in all the wondertul 
km* letlfip tie [Mttscsses' if. al'SO 
uotrur fA't-ry daii mp<"lmf[ l« 

an interesllni- 

Eni!l'i»h, t' 


Imiiih' iiursinu. tirtl titd. 


water %ato>.( IK. 

K,'.l< t" 

. *•":* !<»»««• .fUMir'" 



'liranied, Mr Powell's clas.<> 

IS demanding bul his demands 
are ml unreasonatale. I w^orfced 

harder lor my grade In English 
nil than I have in any other 
class and I expect to work )u*t 


"Mr Powell Is a 'very (air 
teacher and cC'rlalnly one of the 
hesi teachers on campus ' 

t am sharing this )elli>r with 
yo'U because tl represenls 
another point iil m<-« which 
itioutd tie prewiiifi) to the 
^turi^■^^l>. taculty iim) staff 



William Sainey Harper College 

Algon4|uin k Koielle Koads 

Paiatme, II.MIG7 


r«><>r..m.("l)lt>r WMMy WWItlMakc 

4iii i«T». 


r > . J.f.1, T 

'Trtiili i( >'W»ly |MiM and 
'MM' um'nl*. ~ Oicar W'ililf 


^fmrtm *:.iil1:«»r 
null) EtMori 


«I<M KttPl 

Likri Lynn Uuy 
M.ilie iSniKti 


The HJirtKOger accepts let 
lers to tbe eitilor from al 
uutlenl*. taciilty ami stall 
nifiiiiwrs All letters must he 

siRnt'd, M) inisignt'O letters 
s'Utim II ted w ill l»e dlsregardeil 

l.ellw» over «K> '*ords are 
tuhjn:-! 10 editing .^11 lettcre 
should l» s'ubmltted to the Har' 
hlnger nfticif .Bltig. AXT no 
.laier than noon (he Monday 
hC'lore puhlicat'lon 


M'VfM'waia M.U*Krt 

ltetnliul.lan .Mantiirf 

si»(t N«» Ni>f1.uii. Sroit Wttiotri 

Ii.iniifi.asit)]Mm<^ k-. H«illy liutlef 

Mthr Bambjit'ti Jim MndMIn 

Pete »'ii-Wunil- Curt A<.*m(ui 

Ailviitor limrolliy l*irO'Viiw» 

Tlw lUHKNGiiH I* U* mMkni 
puMk'iillDn In Uie ttMrpm Ctile$t 
campuft 'Community, putih^hwl *pflti> 
rm-vpl durmg fioiuWv* Ami tmui f"» 
rtms .^11 *it>mM*nii tJtpretwNl are iho*.- 
<>( \ t» ■» rut' md nM 'iMcmarily tn> . . . 
1)1 iM nlMge Id 
lieulty or «iudmi towdy Aav#rti*in|[ 
ami mpy ileadiint a mm yridav <MI 
va^y \» »ul>Ject io fUI!lnc( .^11 t.rller«- 
to.thr Eiliiof inu«l 1>« «|j>ie<l Names 
will tar piUilttliol For further m 
loninli>inMimT.«K»eil ««i'.rl6l 



CtMtnuvd ttmmpȤt l 

TI>»H«*llltir, F«6ru«ry i. «•». #«9»3 

Theatre On Wings 
lands on Harper stage 

or ]»« mm't iierfnrm wrtl Far 

ftiW an hottf I pacf and clear 
my throat I have Ihts phobia 
that I will K(> out to sinK a Mog 

aniT' have ■somethiiBf stuck m 
■nythnai " 

The cuncentration pai-it»g 
and incesiant jfum ctifumg 
tliJtl pre<T<l« a' pnlwmmicc 
hux p»iri oft for iKJth Biiyrtirs 
divers* acting cart?er incimfc-s 
portrayals of Charles in '"Pip- 
pij) " Murpt) in 'Indian Wants 
the Bronx,," \mkh m "I'w b\ 
T»o" and Keyiire in " Winnie 
the P t) ' = " " ' - 
iinderisraduiite * ■ 
Francis. Boyne p.,i., 
alMHIt 3D pnidlictiwks i,>;rt' 
eatmeil an, iniprtssive acimn 
fwtrt t,hriw|h her portrs'. ,i'- 
of :i*n,nie in ":\nnie lift ', . ,. 
dm.' Hodcl m "Flddlrf "r. 
The Ri)o( \imiie in 

't'ameiot ' jind Carrir 
FlfHtridgl' m Carousel " She 
alW' itarred km the Harper pro 
(luctioti of t'liiw and I,>(il,ls 

I'Ht a British 

■ Mr !n'r rtilt- m 

^ret," tme of (iirf,s ti,i(i 

^•-■.••- i,h,illen«r* was do>»iu,n,g a 

prairie ovsti'r" ■ i tlttataUf 


iivmr \nn 

cnmwtioB ol Worcestershire 
Miiee and raw eggs vH the 
htibliltDK broad Adelaide, a 

vivwrlous yet «>ine*hat in 
si»eure character, m '-Guys and 
floih " stands out as one of 
Gtre's (aMinlri'hiirartfr'i 

"I reall.v tikett \ileli,ii.l<- jusi 
twcau-ie I think that 1 am a lot 
tike her There are a lot ol pm 
pk like her hut they wiwWu't 
■illlltllott." i»,id, 

Anhmjgh h«th agn* that 
perhapi one of the nwst rewar- 
dins aspect,s o( the theater l» 
"T rapport that develops Ik'« 
■•en cast mem tiers it often 
iKes more than workln,^ 
to((eiher m a rigorous rehear 
Sal <che(tulf and actual fier^ 
(ormanres ut hrrng the cast 
.•ijelhrr It nwd not l* a plea 
■^.inI r\m'TK„TH'r !h,;it hnatly 

■ ! nal 
l> I'l-:.'!!.: ■■■:.■ 
lO'gether ■,,,<, ;, 
■Caliarcl ihj! H.,...-.- i-^i 
ticipated in 

■■'Wf had a pretty pwxl stitnl 
Ciis! tmt n 'tAasn t aii ■ 
pld> The stiirs Meiv 
the ordiesi ra the orvltr>i i ,i «.,■ 
had a Mftarate fn>|,in|i (,)pi*(iinft 
nijjht *e wert piekeled liy (he 
\mern-an Sail Party and there 
■Ajis J, h(jmt> lh,reat The dir«'c 
Iwr told us. «e had to put our 
cwtii m> and go (wtsitlr. We 
wi«f« Mitclde tor about half an 
hour and m^ost of the audienci- 
stu«-k around 

•'We went ttack Ih, we 
wanlirtl to sho* thein that we 
were itoins to do t:,h«! show It 

°F.?^ ^^^^1 "^ °" •"!•■ ""''^ ""y"' "^ P«« G"« •««• t""" "cOn* provide, both . 
matlv. outlet and aa escipe Gin hu (wrfnrmed on Harper* sta^ "> •Ctb.™?' and "Cuv. and 

(Ml( Both h'<" iii™«rf ix •)»4i»« ~.^.__ .1 ...-. .?_._ ——■'"• muu yjujtmaa 


^B^h have tunwd in iteriliig performances througlMNit their careers (Photo byLORI 

was most ful(>llinf( We finally 

.lil >';i»U'- ti'ufether The aii- 
- stunwd ■ Boyna 

\: irti' I'fiil o( tlie first srfii.- 

the caliarel owner Naluii-^ 
'Smi style: the amtienti- 
Allhotiflh attor% crave ap- 
plause, t,he silence that follow 
ed that seen*" was truly (soiikn 
to the cast 

"There was/-n«it,hmg. no ap- 

plausi', nothing The audience 

nd^ loijlty quwt We were in 

■;steni,ng and Roinf; 

telt so giMxt I'll 

I rrin-moer that, " ' Bovna said 

"The art ts perfect tor tit- 
secure i>e»<ple vnu gel to know 
people ri-jl[\ -.ii-li ui ,,, ^hort 
perit'Klof time I! , j uoldcn ii(,i 
porlunity to give somelhinR, 
\omelhinB you might not other givp.'"he said 

Although she has turned m 
many sterling p^'-rformances. 
Gire's acttru; i-~ -int confined to 
the stap- In her role a.s music 
teacher at lampanelli Klemen- 
lary School in Schaumburg. 
Ciirc accentuates many lessons 
with pantomime and general 
acting Hul the lad that 
teacher ts a "star"' is not dweir 


"H's not that I keep it trotn 
them I just don't plav it up I 
perform a lot with the kuh 
They Itriow that 1 am involved 
in the iheuler Kor Cabaret' 1 
had to wear lake fingernails 
awl grwn polish ami drink a 
raw egg and thev thought that 
was great " she said 

The Theatre on Wings will 
present "1 Ho I 1,K>" a story 
ofmarnwilite Friday, Feb IJ 
atHpm inBldg JU:( The pro- 
duction will then l)e presented 
at Hoffman Kstates High 
school Fetj 20, 21. 27 and 21) at 


This coupon entitles student/bearer to a half hour of 
free play in the College Center Game Room (third 
floor of Building A) upon presentation of a student ac- 
tivity card. Coupon valid until Feb. 6, 1981; use only 
between 1:30 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. 

Pool room is open between 9:00 am and 9:00 
through Thur.sday. and between 9 : 00 a m and 1 : 30 p 
Use is $1 50 per hour ordinarily Only one coupon per 

p.m . Monday 
m on Fridays 





'IK \*m 

I n^ht 


Onany regularly priced 
album or tape 

With tills coupon 








Tincup Pass Shop'ping Ctwter 

Want hired help'' 

Need a roominate? 

Have a car to sell'' 

Looking for a used book 

a slereti speaker. 

a concert ticket? 

Use Harbinger 

student classified ads 

Non siudent ad rale 
51 1 cents a line* 

*t4 iTHnimum 


"•Bi'ippni'' ** ■WW 


W»mrn.*» Outer 



•iHMMirf Cmatr 

Me ri». u Mn Froeessinf 

Mty' ~-.-^i „.. .._^,. ,. . 

f • m. It 4 f n TM 'tanMr ii 
■tallM *}. two r*!:llfllliil» 
■MMm itudtnti,. i»rt)' BAlcr 
•Ml' Ji»*ww Karmlk CuMw!. 

■ik an inmM Hr ■m ma 

UM atMMt Hj'ipar ti a«»K«M« 
« 11*11 M « mMMHtM •(- 

.Ski Wrekend 
sn crj«il aimimHiiii: m* 

M'Mllll •t*U»M« for I Hi* 

|»«« iKiWiMi IrmilWftttNiit. 
Mtfig. •iri.mtiMir**'' MI Ikir 
lilt anuHiilil^ l«i» prM naf M' 
C« |«W ri!»rr*iitl<»«l Mil 


tiw ■( 'Hmpm CWtate ii ollw 
m * mmmm tor .iniiiHitn 

■Mf tM|l|Wrl Mlllt Hi' wiRt |>m- 

tmmi tmixM -Wor* *» 
Ituney " II #111 'lif Iwkt « ¥tt> 
« (will. am. w »t ip.m. m 
iuMldg M, nmm m w ««' 
■|»il«M» timpm, «i|i>™«iiit» 

'Hit' 'mmnrnir win aciudr m* 
MWIIM ■»t HWor* M wwriJ 

triHllUonal to mo-:' 

•Ht liilitif»€»iM«A .«." ; : ' --.- 

S|Mrit«r« tm iMitnicHm m 
ttw OHiw 0* iWimiiiWnitiv* 


Tultimi IB m •fck* weluifc'i 
nialetiiab. liiiKlt and «»«'«■ To 


:IMV Itilllif 



■g a MIM' MMk. 

•dli. 11, to 'tilt 

M|,, A 'hmiiit. Tto MM) l»l>« 

|»nie««t» ttxm (h» uto wJB 
Mp luwl a Htmcy prDgram in 
OMiniatiiiHiM IstaiMl*. 

"I Do! I Do!" 

•M !>«>' 1 Di»; will be 
imeiMllM' a« H.ari«er Oy »• 
niMfe On Wiimi rrtilij, 
raferiHtr)' », at I p.n in itdg 

Fmr more inlttniialion coo- 
tart ide Studeni Acllvftlei oi- 
tict. »n Ml. 

Piano Diio 

IliW'fiaiiiM* ,)l*hta Stwter 
aiHl Si»nit.iiii Horn* til iMlt i*r 
tflrm al i; -■'■■■' 'oftm « 
TueidJ), f':' . ■ .'' '-P •» 

Tlltllf l»l» WW's '"•« P«" 
tonn!«l ifticflllifr sine* i»t m 
Urn tnltrt Statri, ("aittda, 
KunifiC'. fftiiral aixl teutti 
*ffl«fn:i Aiwrrteait. t-omiwiw 
Vtaltw Piiton iiJwltealM ti« 
c"«ic*ii«> tor Twi PtaiK* »«1 

Tti* eomert •HI *•■■ 
the CaJaUnt am^' ■ 
R«» l*»,, AlJiUKlKt" 
HNdlito iMiil FilMic «■ 
(Ml •II Wmw kiiKl'-f'- 

If ear'il 

stmim mm nmmm. «iii 
jita (ijiidui-I ii wmrtflwvp from » 

t or till ur in ■ : ms 

wirfcilMfi. nil ■ 



:H I'M i'lf irvl.Tl'^Iril 111 MU-. 

itlnK '«W'" 

(tetlrtirtolarsilJip iiwl, liui,:' 
S CliaimnKi. Rt"|>ff»#ittB' 
WOteirtei sta'.- i<-».-!..i. ;, .- 
o^H!rtl^i:4•c^' i«ih 
iir cwn. • 'il»|« 

.E. R,cvirw 

Fi»r ilww' pniiiiis drslrinf i,u 
laltr real m>ate«»ims wl»#<l'i»l- 
r4 HI Oliruarv , Harper C»!l»6«* 
IB Palallti*' IS iiCwrnig iwo 
writw iMHiiiani' Bwler » St" 
,.., U....1,,,, and Heat E«ate 
.. ip» Tl»<" Bn*rr's 
'1 horn Friday, ¥fb 
U ».,.:. :•• 'ii'-n in»l%,Jaa 
Tin- Hi' - t ■-•.,! !■ tiam Rrrtfw 
«li) tw «n >aturtai, Fed M 
Inm I am luS in W<Ik 

Th,.. .. . '.■ .tiiri will bt 
Pr«ir • 1 "■."'1 Pavi*. 

«i«irtlJ(i.i<.i''>.r III me Hral Estalr 
Pwiram ai Hanier Coltege 

ll.:.»n.t l)».l'l l'li"l.ll>«».n VCif.* I'lf l'» 

liMl'i! rral i>«^ enams. 

The »m.tMr w'i'll tx held nn 
Itie PaWltM' campus. BWg J, 

Rm 243 
Tuitmn >. %i''- »1'ii.i-0 im:ludes 

iTi . ■.( register, call :»7 

Xn ii2(»r»l 

rt„Ldf,iiLs m the <lwtp»lf<» 'lor' 


,f^(ipi|K'a«li>ni. are i*ittaWe m 
ttii> Onice o'l Financial Aid at 
Harper folliv, BIdg ..*SM. 

,A|)plltsl,i«;m lorms should b« 
«iiii|>l*ie<l awl «■«' '» ft^p 
Eiteaia * Ctiipman tw later 

IK.. .!! '('H 

, )i..-|.,<|-f . n;. 
"ff to llirrcl 

I «' Program 

...,...i.l..r. , ,i|)| f\\ ,»,! 


t.i III J 


I ,:-ti»:lf» mjieii.i 
tor itiC' Heal t 

imaltrlilK iiirtwanrt luinrJ 

\lalh Siiiiiiiar 

i\ wminar in K>'.«l«- 
■■ ■■■ " !»• oltrrcd. al HaiT"'- 

:. Saturday, Erb 
..:.■. .1 m, to 4pm Ii': 
wmiiiat wtH >»♦ i mMh rrv,ie* 
Id atil (iMMte fil,aming l,o take It 


'-■■ 1' s Gypsiv 
.-.111). :>av»i|.aWe(rji • 
irrj .« Harper College ■".■h">- 
ItiHi Will be tMMl M linatii' 

PTi»(erfOif(* will iMi' given, but 

not m;ind:it<)r> to sluileiWs 

■ . r'.raicd toward the 

. I "ompany relatwl 

icatinnG «r« .««'at.latile at 
■■'ft ire •)!. Kmatictal .ild.. 
iiklg ..'V:K4 IMadltne tor ap.. 
p,lic*l.ioni I* Feb 16. IMl 

McGrath gives bank system tentative ok 


A, pmtmM lo e>t.aMist>^ a 
l>«iifcmg-caili iliilMn on tbr 
Harper caiHpii^ few raectwiad' 
Icnlailve amiraval Inmi i>rMlr 
dmt Jaiivc* MfCraili 

The i-a,»h mta^ilom is a nysleiti 
stitiiliar «« the money maditfiw 
or •■S4-hi»ur teller" m.»dttiie» 
mm^ by man* l>a.nlw The itt- 
iw tt the cash staltiiti *tll 
_,„ Ji Imr ■tu.stoniif r» of ,a»y bank 
Hwi pi,r(^teipam in llw Cash 

Slaliwi Networfc,, not, |utl a sole 

Thf lunmMl to place mcIi a 
nation at Harper was aiituled 
ihmigh, the riilce of Dr, Jamt* 
Perrj, ^(♦■■presiilent o) ad^- 
mlbistraiiw afrvtcm, m ran 
liwtion *ith (he Mmml I'rti^ 
ipect ^tatp Birtk r'i-rr\ scril 

letter-. ' ' 


plaminttnt- »>■., t<,i uw s> wm 

^^^ . ' 

Mornett Hair Design 

(formerly Joan's) 

To^tal Hair Care For 

Men & Women 

Appt. Not Always Necessary 

23 Qolff Horn Plaia tS4-9Sfi3 




24^lMlws a day 
FiM literature 

iwaltable. m ^ 

Call now. 
(312) 372-0080 

al B.a.r|Mrr H.iJH*'^<^'i".. i.hii> thci 
hunt*, respondeil to ihf leiier 

Tbe fash Slat ion N<1*«rk is 
alreBdy In opi'rauiMi m several 
awai mmmi the country in. 
dutJiai operations by s«»ver»l 
Chicato tMnks T»><> Miiwit Pn»- 

,. tl.4nl. .i nr^wntly 


c!i. . . - "fr 

t."u,ttun«;r» are tsiue^tl a (n ■ ■ ' ■ 
ID card thai allowi ib-'^'^ 
male ■trtnsartionn ai anv >, <,.^m 
italion in the »y»tem, Tbe ctm- 
puiertH'd ■sytiem relays Ur 
traniacll'm "to the cmiamrn 
OWP bar* whrrr the i.rji"**"' 
■luin i» compWeri 

For sliKjrnw to u»e the 
iiyitem they wmiM (irst haw ti» 
go lu their iiidivtdMal bank,!) ,and 
apply lor an ttlenllftcation card 
and 'tiperiting number tVrry 
Mated that il w,ltl be up the in- 
dividual banks ,asto whether -ur 
nol a ,iiervicf charge would h<" 
pasisd on lt> i.'u.»to.iiier» The 
Mmint Pn>i(»ecl Bank»ent 
Iv .ii.(i« nnl charge their 
cusitroer* t.or !!-'"»• ""■ 

*fter the ciwlwi- ■ ■ 
Iheir card and they wtJi Ui use 
a cash sUllon, they insert the 
can) intn the machine an<t 
tiHtr their ID nuinb<T 1) all n. 

iti onlri the Ciuih station will 
activate tensor* at the 
ruslomem. perional place o( 
»a¥in.g». and the trawaclmti 
will be com.ptete<l II there is .a 
problem the card is fvjertwJ 
and no tianwictlon lahe» place 
CUitomcrs can complete 
nwit haste banking ofieraiton* 
ihrotifSh lb*" use ol' the cash rta- 
There are. 
».( limitations 
,iiy,j....H-. ■■ ■■•'■'•■ '" make 

deixjsitk ■ I'P '« 

|l«), an. : '""-s *l 

(:■{,•■• ■:■- involved 

m 1- : I'Kl within 

ca*n >u«n.,Mi"^ ^iiid v.*jlk'cted t?y 
mexwiiprs every day 

1( awl when a cash sliition is 
installed at Harper It will lie the 
(irsl iifiK- .1 s\s(em ha* Ixfn i..n. 
stailel at » public institution 

Administrators al Harper 
an enlhuilastlc alwul IN' pro- 
p<»al r)«m Slaiwbury, vice 
presu'lfnl o( rtuilent af lairs, 
aatd that m«t ol the ad- 
■mlnintratiion liked ihe proposal 
vwrvf..™.. t^jiowled rather 
:iji the iden," 

Pen- J ^ald that thi> proposal 

would lie ml "heoetit to both 
students and I'amlly" 
Siudrnt Trtftee John 


rn MJrcli tw Inst wn ticK is ilnji |litt "■ « »» ••'•'••t H*ki 
.,lUMJwiWM«tw.«i*isi«ili«iwhetsiiMiiiml _ 

Mh m wiMt \m ifit 

tIttS bll CM Stiiit: 
Ht Ivttr MUils UI 

V »i i....» ^1. 1 wai eijually enthu*- 

hofiing a lot of 

..<ild and will use the 

i\ stem ■ Malkowski said 
' The tenlallve location lor the 

cash statWm is the area .'w ihe 
mam door ol A building ,•.. n.s- 
frtim ihe vending miM't-n'^ 
Thesysfem wlllr-.- 
TTOlhing lnsl.all.1 
paid lor by the Mouin . . ..^j^-.. i 
Bank, who along *tni Cash Sta.. 
lion Incorporated, will he 
msponsibic lor nuiinlcn.inee of 
the machine sialion For mtier 
banks l» be involved in the 
system (t will cost each mslitu. 

•■■— '.»' t-. .««. The proposed 

iiirper will be 
•■e.ular camptis 

t'rrrv stated that the ad- 
ministralloh is ready to the 
estenl that we can move 
ahead' (MI the project 

Apparently Hie Board ot 
Trustees does not have to ap 
prove ihf project, Init, a<- 
cording to P«Try, ti there is j 
contract tetween the scho«>i 
and the banfci, which is ::k.-i> 
then the board would lu'-'- i- 
approve those contracts i^errv 
slaled that if everything goes 
- as planned installation could 
lake place as earlv as nent f all 


The \r,tngton Hnigiits 
WimH-n* Club IS offering « 
scholarship liir the Spring '81 

The crlleria for the scholar 

Ship is: the applicant is. a full 
ami- studeni degree of finan- 
cial need, academic achif^' 
ment Arlington Heigtiis r.■^ 

Applications are available In 
the Office 111 Financial Aid. 
BIdg MM 

Tht HafMnflw. ttbrvtry 1 «•». •*•§•* 


Papp Players seeks 
young people with music, 

theater or acting 

background. Work toward 

your equity card 

with a repertory theater 

group in the 

Northwest suburbs 

Phone 577-9755 

If no answer leave 

message call between 

5 and 7 p.m., 
calls will not be accepted 

before 5 p.m. 
or after 7 p.m. 

Pafttt TlwHafttMiflir, Nafwri 1 !••■ 


Wicklund picks up pieces, makes comeback 

At IHK tiltif ' ur •nittaT iti »ur 
H»» nf ■ (WW u prrrnd <i( criM* 
Durtnc ihi* timr «>iiini(i 
ii»iwl«i(ji>«ie»i »«♦«.« iMt 
fM IHW no tuck, uml tl ap" 
pttn (liiil M one iitisuin littn 
l*»l II, happritHl to !•«<■ 
Wlt*lM«l It l»Jip(tffn«! tn f'rtr 
•ltil«* lw> viis l*r»l g«ng. III 
ttarim » Hn.k m-cr .» jeur agu. 

Pttr IS inlMiMis ttt all Elwtr 
m thf H,i>fti««rr stall Iwi hto 
iliort story ^mU l» mji* tritu 
■ »li«ifl nmm II woitld tra-lutlr 
lliit iliiti* thi*' ■ 
irwiMtiiv iijtli H*!*"- 

lUPfr to tirrtTomr ^ix,.!.. . ... 

lilCT'Wtttrtr i:^r- 

PiM;* ll»lJ pnsitilriiw Willi «>! 
leg*. Irien* (amilj- j,i:iivrtf« 
« m. |» I <>■ 1 . ■ 

ttet In UlWm... 1 a.i.l,,....^ .. .■ 

ml t |»rt (It (H,ni«'ui|S tip A,s 
Ffie *«.vi "li's rtjx'tiHiK, 

'"I Unit ■ iliMtlllF KlMHir «l 

Di^'ittl. II WW m 'MtmlMtc 
rtjw Oi»' «* of «» t'*»>lM 
KlefMiJj wilh ^ ••'<le 

aiMillier swk oi y ' ^nit 

■drmto m WlK'ixisin w'ttr ni). 
i*«r)tm| i-lJiM N'o» tiwlrtiw " 
S*t(l I'we. w H>e (Iriving Deal til 
u W'HC'M iMit taifiibcrdMl 


1 Mike 
f Simkii?; 

Wmii? Ii- 

I.l k ... :. 


■luktii't, .11 

1 <li»f)Klltai 



.liifti II 

Hi- - .. 

Ill alt th<- n.i 

ilillttl!: 1 lirft. 

' . ■^i.'ii.i 

Mm- I 


r*;iln>nm'irh m^' 

"tl all sl«1(4 when I slwok 
handi wtWi tttr h\fjn sclicml prm 
<:i)Ml aitil (iM my dlpliima 
*»» •tT*pl«l 4t miiitj »C'h(»i- 
I itwl a gtoA mtmM record. U\ 
Itamntt Wntml' me to m Iv citir 
kft- 1 *■•«)'* tiil«ye<l 'playing 
« It'll (»«• irtieto *'ben I %u 
't'MWger , I kiwi (If Mtntiti). to 'lir 
iil'irr-tltWer *' 

Wtwt'i 1 tritil' rtt;. ()affn1'>.' 
I >»;iiiti''<) in tic 4 I'tri" Jifilitrr 
ttlf> MCTC «i,(KICkl"(t I twgiui to 
get pain* in m\ ^lonmcti," s*ii't 
Prlr >•■ 'V(Mlt»H*n"ti'i' 

Bilr* ' .m'M* (in, IVt- 

:Ditrtii|i t'lial .wmttier, I'etic 
W(frk«l i(ir M I'emftiig Ti'iimtiuir 
fompiity wliirli priimisrd 
lucrative t'tscal •llrrting*. nice 
can jiml an cnillts* 'Wpply (if 
I'to top l>e«». PHt says nww 
'"'Tliai iet> mmk tm det'iiic t.. 

% o I M n • 


iikii) " 111* (.' J' 
r«!"!:'l«,'l'i<infil hi' 

1 rt,r(.r 111 (lis 

.-.I "in- iiml 

::. ' ' ..' .: "i. i'.iil^ Hi'r'.ilil 

t'.'-r 'II ..[il-i ,i;r,l Ifuri t'il-.ll«-sl< 
.ll Uu- !iltl^;i-r nljlrl' 

IVtr then (ItTiiloi '.■ i.rcdinf 
a firr tiRhtnr Me ''«'k ■• i i.'^v i:i 
I'Mrarncdififn. al a local 
hrjspilal (IwriHi; last summer 
}{>■ s,n's '1 Rill li<ir<-il with class 
iiii* .1.i\ ■ I lliuflil 
li'iv w .r. t,. Mn- lii-i'^fiil il irji'.i'i,',iif" 



|)rt'-l ,11, .titcll'lli 

'I'cte'qiiiJt tiis j!i* l"t <<»■ '-pi' 
'■'(11, promisii. 
.jriide* Hut 

^ tun tnv'olvi-!!.! i! 

increaswd it Itr tircamr llif 

■%<?*'» Ettltur lor itir Hiirtitnjji'T 

I'iii'lMik (lit It*.' 

one wiith ilic i 

amittier ■< '"- '' ■ <. ■....: 

'"! re, '-iii^ 111 i.\i.f 

my IHM.' ' ■ * I start to 

rriax niorr u.i,Ui m) Inmdi at 

Prte Wicklund 

mil iiililul'tdblf •iR'.l »t llt» til' 

\\ everyiine krn,iw>, ilin" 
ihc 'St'trliig term siirini.' ..i. 
jn'.trs on ll'u:' I'l'Hlagf .n"' iin 
jj,,.,.«,. return In 'Ilarpri l ,.iki 
4ml .(> i-vi-fv rc'l lilixiilri! 
-\il|rn.,'.»n tM,i> kriims, Itn- I'liiriil 
mil nl Ideas ol tJirls in 
<\m$ suits, (ji>l cars sum 
,...! parties, ami ,ig;iiri »( Kirls 
m tiatliniij *uil-. T'-ii' *.i-, mi 

Splmg, ImA It's loll on Pete 

,.,l..l t.. ,„. 

nir the 

or a 

.iiltil til 

■ ■■. r..iiiri 

. l.l,,llt 

k hill- .jl H.<tp<-t 

,,. ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ !•■ Hurt. 

lit;.-: • ,>.l>tic 

ttl.ll ' , ■, u thr 

nimvliM' aii'l m.iK«' ^uiiir ilt'Cl 

i\s IVte [wt> It, I m ,g'lad I 
dill what I tlid I've (ttit a a«ni 
perspi*ctivp on ttie world 
Wow, thai - Hill wiirjilwiile ap 

fi(x>il Luck Pete 

Guest Column 

Columnist's concert ideas oft the wall 

■til" T'l-e rrt'iiritm Irotn 
S»lt,eeitai'iil, •ith friwh l*imj 
flOT-Mig In my veins M'lul «<• 
titar tim tWng l read, upon «« 
rnl'iirn"" I'h, Siiiiku*,"* laM, tot 
umn 'What's *» great 

atlriul I'tiir k, ' ■' ■■■-• - 

.Mi'!i»irt ' '.'1 
imatle sense 

Miti'erisi Irani JM wuu -ti.i 
t'^e *i*e» imini!' nt Ow hand* 
HI"'* imwii, CIB; ,»niiJtl*it Irvrt, »ir 
cntnii: ■■! ■' litil* ("liHuty 
|jil*e tiiolt ••!" ''lie fuc'k .i'wut'n'l 
c u " ' 


It '.' ' 


tiriitilwl ti'iei" rriLiv 
Ki(,"tir.ti'fi .111 iM,' 
jKi'Seur .% 



pimniy''' reriiiipi. 

,(i«rttnt«» last ,Frt(lBy iiii;lii .it 

Stages ' '"-' s,i(.,.,.| -["(It. 

ftitiKJ !•' Torn Kotim 

wii '* '--■, ■■■ni* .>t ..»u 

may nxM ilie «>■ 
Turn 'Rtilii n*«n i 

.rtiiiiiilitil' Uie 'Slant* -lielnre it 
bet'ann" •■•"'*«•. anil tw* ,.> ne* 
■|>pni>t. ' 

Suctiii , , liwi •( 

,Hlillllf *<,iftic*n,ii similar to 
(jfii'ry iwtil, but it is i bit 'more 
(iirliwic Ttie i-ii-ai ■'- hiL'liii. in 
I'ertiiw .'11'. ""*' " 
ctoneel'iii.:.:: ■ ,ii '.•■'■ 

'\l''i. «.:', ' .|.,' 
lIuMI, \liWi,' nl,l,i„l .,. ,. - 

, r.o|)tr 'Hal 'to'in ,Hot>H'i!i.«>'r' 
.'11" fl'-nfi! 'rn4l> that ill."-; 

, ;., ••,...'.. ,,rl,: I. . .•!,.. 1.' 

1 nad a (wsni've v*,''iicer'[ ci, jirrtsMnai ■e*,,jwf'('irnc« 

tlw> art 


ilO'log w,l'Mt nniie* 

111 l:)M>fii 'Mi-rtunf 

I 4i,(.ri(>» m,'iintatniag 

.;.;■. ,.' I . ''"V ami 

';..• '.: ' 1 '!.'",» that 

lliitotmit>n .iieHven«ct them on ii 

main convinced 

,\nil readers 

■per"'""i' '•' ' Thrn'was in"' 

'*"' itsteners *ti 

,.„ .,.„,,. ,.,^v 

in t, iiami uc-ln" 

,ir^ '1 tint fc 

aiiit . 1 A..n<'.i i)!i'i 

> 11 [iiiwei 1 

(irislage in Ix-K'" ' ■ 

111 make a 

S{),tas>li 111 Oil- 


i,' »i:irl(l 

a ll.- ' ' ' .I'l i..r ..>|.m-u...- 

, ,1, >..,,i ..,.,... 

.,4,,„.,,,j, „,,„r,. 

'Ba- '■ t ,!iml Kiiliinso'ii 

phoii 1 

1.(1 MIC 

*.'.l, , fi.iitli.ll! 


i-. '■. .ip 

|ickrt» ,■ 

'tln-m, till 

tri!llrJ«» l>a ■.,'-., aim tciinii-''; wiui 
dmnwiier Deri* Qotntim to 

1 ' 

i-fFjil,!-. .1 imii'icl'!'!. rtiv'llmi mh- 

..,MUl'ltl f I'tf'i ' 

.,•...11.,.. ( i,i: 

si,ru,n:Mt,s, di'i 

th.,» ^riii^H irn , 

\l,k. . 

in . 

"Scanners" ok to watch but nothing to think about 


IndranUenl filniBah' 

D*i<m Cwiititliwrg,, Ihr n"i,'it" 
•I taany Iwrrar irgM >-:■ 
Wtmi." "'HiifeM'" Md "-TtM-t 
CmW' rim WikiB" - ha> to 
eimiiiHftlal imattMnwi))' wiiti 
- ' Scanner*' ' . a 'vtiiia,II;y earlttiiK 
'PMvnlKt'll tmrm 

TB* ftory iJOesji't imw) I» Ii* 
tiplttiivd in 'detail 'Tlw T V 
MBSiiffriais pit tIm fcamc 
prutU'We to the movie so all fmi 
natttlO'do » sit twck ami emny 
Tli«' aiiiti i» iiwlnl'y alumt tw 
Siltk istng ("miif'C'M Vair to 
tlntl the leader -' " ""■■■ 
umk-'fimyinl organ, 
itatuie'ft ,* wai'ii-n' 
m<*n« •ho can lake «inip,i*i.e 
control Dset t'tir ptrwn'it 
tiMMIlAi,. iMMly awl ,Kims. 

'Tilt 'Cgiiwra i« KlalMirstely 
ttla|e<l in wnit*. nl gwal iw- 
Mw Jn idr t*|inB'ing <»i ijw 
lUry. Cameron \al:e i Stephen 
Liel'F ticpiiMn, hiRiM'il an scan 

Film rpv.e* 

tier Jtus rrsult-s in a ctiase 

scene up and rti»'*n the 
oicalaion, (iiMitc the ,flKmt'ng 
malt,, n'hlc'h minevt. wti'li » 
tifiwith., wtck fliw 

Cniii*b*rg*,i tine nl timW-iiiw. 
(!»«'» ■ (tmc'ilj' in wlilcti ilw 
breaking points snap at >.'■''.. 
with Hip co'n-setnie'nres, H 't>> 
couttieli " 
has the i- 

mpm. thiit >(.••:,"> ,'". .• - 

It* i(«lmi>'pn|i look In •'>''>•' 
«::(•»• there is a close up '.ii 

other 'pe'rsom' s tacT Ftwt (-li;".> 

ufi lade*, htit In • ,pt»»i »lw'i'' 
Valit'* (ace nverlap» t,he oll'i-": 
,p««i»n"s lice 

An»t;her «amp1r » .■ .'i"' 
Vale ttrappeiil onto ■ tn'ii 1 tirn 

■Here ^ j comhtniitinii nl ttlt- 
■.■r.'iii 'li<il> ..( Dixiplc i*alt(lflg 
iritii itji- n» ii'i'- 

' iit»-f 'in T, ' 

pan lit the }>r".,.l>. IMIIIMK lltlMU 

wtt a ,iihiit ol Vale inmptni; and 
tmtiwtng on the tx«d in a Iren. 
ilrd 'State overlapping the pan 
'Vale i» ,goti»g *iitl lie'caiisi' .if 
the voice* tie hears Bui tui'* 
,riiuld that tie when Ih;jt 

!•. . ii.,i'['iping shot rev'e*,led iti,.i' 
■■ ;if wii* saymg ,a *ttii 

■ ■ ' I..' iho'w that 

' '•• IS pretty. 

and he is aiiie ii> tiiiiidle the 

swry very well in visual de't,ail 

Huwcvef ti,i» 'iUfoess M'tnes 
In a hall in ftiw wrtttng The 
dialogue 1* 5f»mt'!imf,5 stily 
sometin.. ■ ■ 'ft 

l,.lhrs 111 ■ i If 

Kuth l-',.itiii« ......iiiiti,,'. 

i,|,M,-'akirig til Cameron, rant 
'.i-i'i..ii iicmXTiKp like " Uii", 

'I'l'I V«tu ,(€ 

I ml you go 

aroumi iniimiiK tin- ;i dereiic' 
!>o yiw know i»hat .vi'ki iirc 

■•iiu '1' 1 -i.'imwr 
\f'. !■: !i;r!|.-,> ("ronenberg 
has tiKMigtii 'Scanners' ' to ihr 
point where It's tnudi mciri- fun 
to *atch»iiti w.ur I.V..S and not 
yourinimi .■ bi'vond 

the ld(ta 'ii.,, ■ ik-i-iIs j 

ttoiKl 'scnpi ^Mi,i! .> !i<.fdeil ■ 
clean tiRhi lilmniakni,. 
'•"■tif'nall;. m il'ic '-ml '*heri" i.. 
'*ilil Aiih itif help ol 
.•■ill iiKikc up «'>tK >:■> Dick 
,'>mttli tllf man hehinrf the 
make-up rftec1,s m ' -Vllered 
,states"' ' tio to this roovip and 
en)uy,*aich. , cirjusl'scan 

Put your 
morwy where 
your Heart is. 





Tlw lla r Mmtr. FabruwY S. IMt. M|a > 

Harper splits with DuPage, Rock Valley 

bf MM KtltiT 
Harper sJwl six JWire fn* 
mr«>*» than Hficli Valley (ltd 
laat Thursday Ttw tropcirtjint 

thlni ««» t)i<> i'iirt thai Haqwrr 
madr liwr ol l»mt sli (we 
ain:i*s ami ttol ifrllfd ticIoo' 
titc the H«»t». 77-73, 

iMh (cm* stint Iw W iMiK* 

'nwi th* (ieW hui Hariwr'* f »■■ 
■ra (our pifints Irom the charity 
-trip "MTViMt «h«r puriMwr and 

Harper siartwl mt railier 
4ttaliry »iid W'Wti't abli* to M-ore 
,»» «II«llwlv s< 'hfv ('*('( 
apfnat Nac-'ti '• '-•"' '''•'' ' " '' 
tht >*ar. '^'^ "■>•• ti->iHiiM. 
Harper fmiinl. ttemwlvi's trail 

It) the Mx-omI liaH ol pla>'. 
Harper, with (te help <»( Tim 

Mmmy (ought (at* ml» the 
P'lM awl: fmally w«i Murray 

had :ia pijmis m the gumr (o 
help Harper improve its cmv 

leiencr recwrd l» :i 4 

Fernad0 G«m». <ine <i( the 
tradtiif si;orers tn the S4V Con 
tfr«i«!r was tiflt! '" )ibi i:.t 
point* In tliet''.ipf("*l 

tiavf strawn addet) 1 1 [Hunts 
tu the Haw»s e (tori white Marti 
MtmcUm ami Mt-ve Tndil vtm 
trihutrt seven pumt* api«;e 

Last Tuesd'ay, Harper 
nisn,i(i»-(j in grail onlv ihrei' of' 
■ • ■ ■- rclMHjntl* and that s(M>lt 
t-: ■;.■:,■,!! tor the Hawks aiiain>t 

■'We were trailing r- ■ ■-' ""■ 

mm," nM Hai; 

Ru«er B«*to|id 

outsrored m and mi(pta>ei:i ua 

and llUFir hig men reull v tiurt us 
under (he bashel ' 

This time il was the (ree 

thrown that did the Hawks in 

Harper -hot (or 11 (rre throws 
.■iitempted for a cold 
!t{e made lli «( their 

., ■ jitri.ifjis (or a c«:il SS%. cool 

f mnigh to win |.he game 

■DuPage held Hte lean lor 
m«»l ot the second half," said 
B«:hn>ld "We start:ed lo com* 
back when «f -.m'tc (liiwn ()>■ 
ihree (Kvli!' ■ ' ' tii Ipft 

in thf BJ'-' '.k!ht Itie 

hall ■■:• ■ r ., 


■■ it we woiitd have made the 
rfmt It cotild have been a dit- 
.ferent tlorj tmi slit) we had the 

opportunity to win and I tiwl 

very Inrtunatr to have had that 
chance.. ' " added B«-htoltl 

Tim Murray led the Harper 
scoring with XI points Dave 
SIrawn added H points lo the 
Hawks losing edorls while Fer- 
nado (ioss was held to Just 11 
pomt.s Mark Moticklon and 
Steve Todd (»th had eighl 
points in the loss. 

This toss lowers the Hawks 
record lo tvi in conference 
while [xjsling a l:» K mark tor 
l)if M-'iiMin. Harpi-r still has 
three conterence games re- 
nijinnik' that could put them in 
■ ' <p spots in the Xtc 
i:n(orlunalelj ncl 
nrvr piafr ihough 

Haqier plays again tonight al 
home against Thornton Col 
lege. The game will (ollow (.he 
Women's (iaskethall game and 
should start around T ' :ii;i p m 

If you're really in love- 
nothing's going to stand in your way. 

"On« o* rh« best films of fh« yeor." 

"On* of thtt most enioyable 
movios of th« year.' ' 

... Pel Cdlm. GOOD MOiNING .WMEW:...* 

I "Richard Droyfuss is first rate. Amy 
Irving i* equaliy good." 

Chariot CH<inplir< tOS «NCfifS tIMlES 

"An out-and-out crowd pleaser 

that should captivate audiences on 

o grand scale. In Richard Dreyfuss 

and Amy Irving it has the most 

appealing of romantic teams 

the chemistry between them is 

exceptional. Lee Remick is 


I ■!•««■*: ST .VlAi,.,'- 

Exciting, authentic, and a great 
deal of fun ... on honest love 


Do«,«in*tiit.. Mt'- 

^Richard Dreyfuss, Amy Irving and 

Lee Remick give wonderful 


latl Wa* ■**•'' '■•■ 



^wm^ktf hf JOa OlIANSKY and WlltlW Sa- • 


'ijinal SftiiK! Tr,), ■ 
■1 l*CA Bttwds *•■ 

(OiUMBI* PIOURB Preients 




'•^^ '■ by 1*1.0 SCMIFRW t.,ewt.»e ProdiKer HOWARD PINE 
■ :-vbylOaOl.lANS« Prodw:edb»WIUAMSA«HElM 
.'eciedt)ylOaOLlAI««Y Ftom RASTAR ODD 

G>ming soon to selected theatres 

FERNiUDO GOSS tvu (but 
dnva iMt M^ against Rock 
irilleyGMShad 13 points In the 


Help WantMi 

MfNM WOMENII Juki >" >•<>»• 
Awfif.if' Vwmm 1*0 »ii.pef'i.wmct rtOul^M 

m w ^mmr Stnij ii {» V Mofw**td« 
W*f »«. Owl J. •« '«« »o" *«9.l««, 
i»i»_i»(!ixillJ»J___ _ _ _ 

SiT.Tl5i~i«*.mirCn«»«t 'i.,r' »J W 
9m ilM %ivf*'» ft*triCt!|»« fli'1 "«' •«K* y^ 
imtu'ln' moi«ji«(>u<»«D"'« v**^t»- 
mm<* tr><«r MM# ctianQ* lor cutrwfWri 

l.«« tan) »«> •••» 9*n '• * (•» 
U'jMi ) u » m ' » ■» T luM»i m*nn 
» ,)C !.i; X t" «jipi» in teno" Blty :»• 

,.T wc'..cDi, piNtAti. I.HC le won 

""■.<,!.■ ■■ "A- Co^nw a« 13 * **«r 

PW' -.^'t . ' _ 

ITUDCNT jOfl dpoir^^rty PwrT r>fr^ M 

• mm. < i>n « lUf l)»i««»» "w *« irtl'lll 
•«![!>»■ Citi M J CliMwn, SijnM'd Cum 
pffl*w^ «i I13-3IMW ..__ 

|E or Salt 

POD MLI. GriDHic E«i>«)Wr Igr tat. \M 
*«*' :to"''^oi!wf*n'«*f tnamflwi'. Nfwlw 
(».« tqr J?i ' '» »« I tr*cfc ««Dt fiiVrv lor 
mt »vau«*. HMt ntt«» 4n boK w IW or bwl ol 

It- CliKO I'Oinw 

Ci« fO«~iilLt ^»7' C.B.v» Mtllki 
.ftytow'int *r*nfmlM*fln M*nwiJ brahtt in 

fOT'tAtT"'''™ Om^it Hmr imum 
mm •>»• umwt et<niu'»»«« M'nl M. 

MM a» h««' ««*' C»ll P«t» or J'W •♦"•r 4 

Omw «*u»'itii .»!.«§ *w i<if Pol 


PIMKI LtltONt i|>«i|i-i"<« X 
wt C«UIUl|>» 


■ItlMMi: tfTTtR JOtT 1 9»«'<"«* 

■»<•>• rallWiWK ruiumf Eil>tH. dMign 
«a. lyffid w ph(«flt|(j«Mi ifia pr*«t»d on 
»B»r cfaact *f «MI«y OWtr Hoc* tt 
glllMtttIXt ttm «" tt« iMtmi l»r»tct 
MKWwrtWrcH Al! tl«ttf», 'M.m«IM «vi'IM»ll 




Lom. x«liB». S*»fiw. mm*. *»«•" i™! 


JOUiNAUii UUMEl iOT'v. Wll M»t 
'0 •<«« • nummr ty »hi •<>. (rl lau far 


;6hN PMTYitlCI. Wui'rou. WW yM. 

Oij.yo-j Wu»yo u'WII' taf « K 

j6u«M*U*» Df 1^. I«<:i»' • * J 1. VH" 
»r«»IHm»«» PiM MatWaB'iwmly. I. 
Mil H- *'t you iwfy o" •*«" Y»ur M- 


Harper looks to conference championship 

Basketbal't Commentary 

TIM Wamtfi"* tii*k*tti»'l"l 
tMiii' at Harprr C'Mltft knows